Sichuan emergency notice: the wild scenic areas such as canyons should be guarded by special personnel.

  On August 13th, a flash flood broke out in Longcaogou, Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. At present, the number of victims has risen to 7.

  On the evening of the 13th, the Sichuan Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office issued an urgent notice, requiring all localities to urgently investigate the wading scenic spots and wild scenic areas such as beaches and canyons that are prone to multiple dangers within their jurisdiction, organize multi-departments to jointly carry out dynamic patrol, and implement special personnel to keep an eye on patrol at important points, make warning tips, prohibit any outdoor exploration and wading activities under extreme weather conditions, promptly discourage wild travel and camping in mountain valleys and shallow waters, and resolutely ensure the safety of personnel.

  According to the information published by the WeChat public account of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department on August 14th, the above-mentioned Sichuan Provincial Defense Office’s "Emergency Notice on Deeply Learning Lessons and Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Response of Local Short-term Heavy Rainfall" pointed out that all localities should deeply understand that the current flood control is in a critical period, and droughts and floods coexist and turn sharply. While preventing high temperature and drought, we must be highly alert to the possible disaster risks caused by local short-term heavy rainfall, further strengthen the bottom line thinking and extreme thinking, and do a good job in prevention and response scientifically and accurately. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the requirements of special rectification work for flood control and disaster reduction, and timely rectify key links and key tasks such as hidden danger investigation, risk aversion transfer and emergency rescue.

  "All localities should strengthen the coordination and cooperation of departments, improve the information notification and communication mechanism, and share information such as rain, water and flood dispatching in a timely manner. The upstream areas should take the initiative to inform the downstream areas of the incoming water and promptly remind them of disaster prevention and avoidance. "Notice requirements, in view of the current extreme weather sudden, short-term, local and other characteristics, it is necessary to establish a point-to-point notification mechanism, reduce intermediate links, efficiently transmit information, and effectively organize risk avoidance and disaster reduction. It is necessary to further strengthen the linkage of early warning and response, implement early warning and mass transfer measures at the grassroots level according to the monitoring and forecasting of rain and flood conditions, and ensure timely response, timely disposal and timely transfer.

  The notice also stressed that it is necessary to strengthen disaster risk reminders in key areas, increase the publicity of flood control and risk avoidance knowledge, guide summer tourists and outdoor explorers to travel rationally, stay calm in case of danger, and avoid danger and evacuate correctly.

  According to the report of Pengzhou Emergency Management Bureau, at 14: 37 p.m. on August 13th, Longmenshan Town of Pengzhou City received a weather forecast, and convective clouds were generated in its jurisdiction, which would be accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall. After receiving the report, Longmenshan Town Government immediately organized town and village (community) cadres, patrol members and volunteers to persuade the tourists playing in the water along the river in its jurisdiction. At 15: 30, a flash flood broke out in Longcaogou, Xiaoyudong community, and tourists who had not been evacuated from the river were involved in the flash flood.

  According to the news released by the WeChat public account of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department on the evening of August 13th, at about 15: 30 on the 13th, it rained in the back hill of Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, causing sudden flash floods in the Longcaogou area, causing people to be trapped.

  In the early morning of August 14th, Pengzhou Rong Media Center reported that as of 24: 00 on August 13th, three seriously injured people died after being rescued by provincial and municipal expert groups. At present, the disaster has caused 7 deaths, and 3 minor injuries have been hospitalized for observation, and their vital signs are stable. The reporter learned from the search and rescue site that the search and rescue work is still in progress.