Good scenery on call. Which is better, the Great Wall King Kong Cannon, the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck? The Great Wall Brigade is equipped with guns to satisfy you.

Is there a photo in your mobile phone that makes you feel incredible? Have you recorded the story of traveling on the road, the scenic life along the way, who you spent it with, and whether you have a firm partner with you all the time on the road of pursuing freedom? TA, perhaps it is to accompany you to explore the unknown scenery and unlock the possible mobile villa of the Great Wall-the Great Wall Brigade Gun.

Many people choose to do their favorite things in their spare time such as weekends and small holidays, such as camping for short trips and getting close to nature. For many camping enthusiasts, the quality of taking photos is the key to determining the mood of playing, so most people have set off early to grab an excellent scenery, which will inevitably bring a sense of fatigue during the journey. In this case, the requirements for vehicles are higher, not only to be able to hold a lot of things, but also to alleviate fatigue, but also to have a certain off-road ability and so on. It is not easy to put all these conditions together in one car, but the traveling gun can do this. It can meet the triple needs of eating, living and playing outdoors, and even make your camping life very petty and comfortable.

The caravan gun was jointly built by the Great Wall pickup truck and Yunliang off-road, and the cargo box was partially transformed into a caravan suitable for outdoor camping. The whole vehicle has a simple shape and a light body, which greatly retains the function of RV-big bed room while ensuring good passability.

On the road, there is no need to have a meal and stay in the rain. The traveling gun is equipped with a pull-type stove, a combined washing sink, a 100L water tank and other facilities, which can be transformed into a wilderness kitchen at any time to meet the diversified hot food needs of users such as BBQ and hotpot. It not only ensures the cooking space, but also avoids strolling in the car, which makes the "picnic" more secure.

If you have both goods and materials, you can leave, and the free soul will do its best. Car replenishment, peace of mind to play, car refrigerator, combined washing sink, push-pull roof tent are all available, food, accommodation and transportation are clearly arranged, and you can start at any time.

The scenery in Lu Yu is safe everywhere, and the parking account is "wild and extravagant", which is protected from the wind and sun, surpassing "Versailles". The traveling gun is equipped with a side curtain, which can prevent ultraviolet radiation, put tables and chairs under the sunshade curtain, read books and play cards BBQ, and open a pleasant leisure time.

Call at all times when you are in the "wilderness", immerse yourself in the starry sky and enjoy romance. Solar panels can be installed in the tent with the roof of the traveling gun, so that you can be online at any time when you live in the wild. Lying in the tent and looking up at the stars, you can gain an immersive stargazing experience.

The storage battery of inverter is installed inside the container, with foldable metal bracket, adjustable balance support legs and YSP4.7L small liquefied gas cylinder outside the container, which can meet the travel and camping needs of users. It can be called a mobile villa, and it is a very good choice for people who love outdoor life.

The large storage water is exhausted, and the double bed enjoys a deep sleep. Traveling guns are equipped with simple shower curtains and parking water heaters, so it is no longer a dream to take a bath outdoors. Extra-large double bed and "landscape room" everywhere, so that you can have a good night’s sleep during the trip. A 1900mm*1800mm extra-large double bed can be built on the side bed of the cable-stayed structure in the car. By expanding the visual window of the cabin by flipping, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while bathing in the sun, and the comfort is equivalent to staying in the "landscape room".

In midsummer, stop at a scenic spot, let the Great Wall travel guns accompany you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the mountains and lakes, and the vast starry sky, and experience the exquisiteness and comfort of "poetic dwelling" during the journey.