Positioning the flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30.

  Chery Tiggo 9 will be officially launched on May 30th. The new car has been pre-sold, and the pre-sale price is 155,000-175,000 yuan, with a total of 3 models. Tiggo 9 is based on the Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, which represents the highest standard of Chery Automobile and is also the new generation of global flagship SUV of Chery Automobile. Tiggo 9 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with five seats or three rows of seven seats, equipped with a 2.0T and hybrid system from Kunpeng. In addition, CDC "magnetic suspension", 24.6-inch curved screen +50-inch AR-HUD, L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system and 10 airbags including remote airbags are all embodied on it.

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  As the flagship product of Chery, the front face of Tiggo 9 adopts a big mouth shape, and at the same time, the grille is replaced with a polygonal outline, which is particularly exquisite with a straight waterfall chrome strip. Tiggo 9 headlights are not the kind of split-type design with small squints. The traditional heavy eyebrows and big eyes are exchanged for an awkward appearance. For such a tall SUV, the higher light group is actually a simpler and more effective way to get better lighting at night.

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  The side lines of the new car adopt a smooth design like a yacht, and with the suspended roof, the visual effect is very slender. The new car also uses a hidden door handle and a 20-inch rim, which is full of details and texture. Tiggo 9 has a length, width and height of 4820/1930/1699mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, respectively. The rear of the new car has a distinct sense of hierarchy. The letter "CHERY" is embedded in the penetrating taillights, and the rear bumper is integrated with a bilateral rectangular exhaust design, which highlights the sporty texture.

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  The interior of Tiggo 9 will bring you freshness from the color matching first. The clean and home-style light-colored interior has never appeared on Chery models in the past. The wood decorative board, zigzag air outlet and black paint panel in the control area are used, and the color matching and overall material embellishment further enhance the cabin luxury.

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  Almost all the functions and operations are completed through the 24.6-inch dual screen. The built-in Snapdragon 8155 chip has excellent fluency when sliding the large screen, and the rich and practical APP can be described as the mainstream level in the industry. There is also a 50-inch AR-HUD in front of the driver, so that the driver can try not to bow his head, and important information can be directly projected at a glance. In terms of space, the front queen’s co-pilot still has it. The electric leg rest and massage mode have raised the comfort to a higher level. In addition, the configurations including fragrance and rhythmic atmosphere lights can also form high-quality cockpit enjoyment. Good relaxation requires not only comfortable seats, but also a set of surround sound system to help out. Tiggo 9 is equipped with Sony 14 speaker sound. After the optimization of the interior space layout, passengers in each row are not treated differently, and the immersive audio-visual entertainment experience comes out at once.

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  On the basis of a long wheelbase, there is no need to worry about the performance of the rear seat of the Tiggo 9, and the backrest angle also supports a large adjustment. When running long distances, it is no problem to lean back, and the central floor is completely flat, so the flexibility of riding is greatly increased. The configuration of the back row is not the same. The functions of independent air conditioning, seat heating, charging port and sunshade, which can enhance privacy and grade, are all fully equipped. Another advantage brought by the five seats is that it has an oversized trunk, and the internal layout is very regular. When the back of the rear seat is laid down, it gets a fully flat trunk, which increases the space utilization. And a large storage box is cleverly designed under the cover plate. If you are a space storage controller, you will never be allowed to waste every inch of space in this car.

  Tiggo 9 comes from the self-evolving EEA electronic and electrical architecture, with Gigabit Ethernet as the backbone network to build a vehicle data highway; Based on AUTOSAR software architecture, the software can be separated from the hardware and software, and the software can be iterated continuously. The 44 controllers of the whole vehicle support departure, reservation and remote OTA upgrade to meet the upgrade requirements of users. In addition, it also has the Chery Pilot L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system, which can fully perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle and achieve 360-degree full coverage with the blessing of 28 high-sensing sensors (including 6 forward-looking and around-the-clock cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, etc.). In addition, it also has 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent driving functions. The Tiggo 9 high-profile vehicle will be equipped with CDC "magnetic suspension", which can realize global vehicle chassis adjustment and verification, so as to match the user’s expectation of balance between handling and comfort. Its advantages also include: real-time collection and monitoring of vehicle attitude information through vehicle state monitoring sensors, stepless adjustment of damping through unique AI algorithm, accurate control of vehicle attitude, and keeping the vehicle elegant and balanced.

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  Tiggo 9 also adopts steel-aluminum mixed+die-casting body, which has appeared in many new models before. However, whether it is a multinational brand Tesla or a China brand Weilai, the models are in the range of 200,000-500,000 yuan, and the brand-new Tiggo 9 also has this series of "advanced" technologies, plus 85% of high-strength steel applications, which has established a foundation for building a more passive car body safety.

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  The Tiggo 9 is equipped with a 2.0TGDI engine from Kunpeng Power and matched with Aisin 8AT gearbox. The maximum output power is 192 kW and the maximum torque is 400 Nm. It is worth mentioning that the new car can only be filled with 92# fuel, and 95# fuel can bring more powerful power performance. Tiggo 9 is also equipped with a full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system. The hybrid model accelerates for 4.5 seconds in 100 kilometers, and at the same time, it can achieve a comprehensive battery life of 1,300 km+.After charging for 18 minutes, the power can be charged from 30% to 80%. Tiggo 9 not only provides the "Kunpeng Fuel Power" version, but also provides the "Kunpeng Super Intelligent Hybrid" version for users to choose from. (Photo courtesy of Chery Automobile)