Changzhou Xingyue L Zhiqing’s price reduction is coming, with a special price of 152,700! Today’s juhui

Welcome to pay attention to the preferential promotion channel in Changzhou, car home, to bring you real-time auto market dynamics. At present, the high-profile models are undergoing a high-profile preferential activity. In Changzhou, a city, consumers can enjoy a car purchase discount of up to 7,000 yuan, which makes the already cost-effective Xingyue L Zhiqing model more affordable. The minimum starting price has been adjusted to 152,700 yuan, which is an opportunity not to be missed. For more details and higher discounts, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and take immediate action to seize the opportunity to buy a car.

The car system Xingyue L Zhiqing shows its side charm with its exquisite body proportion, and its dimensions of length 4795mm, width 1895mm and height 1689mm provide a steady body posture. The wheelbase reaches 2845mm, which ensures the comfort and practicability of the internal space. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, showing the combination of strength and elegance. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1610mm, ensuring driving stability. Tyre size is 235/50 R19, with exquisite rim design, which not only enhances the visual effect, but also provides good grip and mute effect for driving.

Xingyue L Zhiqing’s interior is exquisite and full of technology. The advanced leather steering wheel provides manual up-and-down and forward-and-backward adjustment functions to ensure the driver’s comfortable control. The central control area is equipped with a 12.3-inch large-size touch screen, which integrates various functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and supports voice recognition, making it easy to realize intelligent operation. The seat is made of imitation leather, and the main and passenger seats support multi-directional adjustment, such as front and rear, backrest, height and waist support, to meet the needs of different drivers. The driver’s seat is also equipped with heating and ventilation functions, as well as electric seat memory, which adds comfort to long-distance driving. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion to realize flexible space utilization.

The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which has a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 255nm, providing abundant power output. Matching with 3-speed DHT transmission, it brings efficient and smooth driving experience to drivers.

To sum up, Xingyue L Zhiqing won the appreciation of car home car owners by virtue of its high-quality design and inherent scientific and technological strength. He described it as "a standard car for a successful man", which shows that it can not only satisfy the driver’s pursuit of performance, but also reflect the low-key luxury temperament in details. With so many bright spots, Xingyue L Zhiqing has become a popular model, which deserves more car owners to experience and explore.

Hundreds of taxis gather in the square in Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province and suspend service (Photos)

    Taxi service was suspended, and tricycle business was booming.

    Master Li just bought a new car this year, and the dismal business has frustrated him.

    According to this newspaper, yesterday, more than 100 taxis in Zhouzhi County gathered in Yunta Square, the county seat, and collectively stopped operating. Owners asked relevant departments to crack down on the "black three wheels". Yesterday afternoon, the Zhouzhi County government urgently convened the county traffic bureau, traffic police brigade, taxi management office, taxi company and owner representatives to hold a meeting and decided that the traffic police brigade would start to rectify the "black three wheels" today. The reporter learned that as of 8:40 last night, the suspended taxis were still gathered in Yunta Square.

  More than 100 taxis were suspended

    At 11am yesterday, taxis could only be seen sporadically on the streets of Zhouzhi county seat. "It’s so strange, why are there so few taxis on the streets today?" said Ms Wang, who runs a restaurant on Taibai North Road in the county seat. At the same time, more than 100 taxis that were supposed to operate were collectively "stalled" at Yunta Square in the center of the county seat.

    "Due to the chaos of the taxi market, taxi operators cannot operate normally, their operating income is very low, and they cannot guarantee the minimum living requirements. We strongly urge all taxi operators, contractors, and drivers to collectively stop operating at Yunta Square at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I hope all colleagues will actively cooperate and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests."

    There are currently 217 taxis in operation in Zhouzhi County. A taxi operator said that at least more than 100 taxis have been suspended, and many taxis are parked at home and do not go out.

  Tricycle grabbing business becomes a fuse for outage

    Taxi operators put forward five demands in the proposal, the first of which is to resolutely crack down on the "black tricycle". Some owners say that there are at least 500 tricycles operating illegally in the county seat, more than double the number of taxis. Due to the low operating costs, these tricycles can at least get a 30,000 of diversified profits from the operating market in Zhouzhi County. A taxi owner said that because of the profits, people from the surrounding martial arts and Xingping also drove tricycles to Zhouzhi County to operate.

    Taxi operators say their profits are pitifully small compared to the illegally operated tricycles. Li Lianshe, the owner of the taxi, has calculated for the reporter that the taxi operation now earns up to 150 yuan a day, excluding the fuel fee of more than 80 yuan and the fixed fee of more than 30 yuan paid to the management department, as well as the driver’s salary of about 30 yuan, leaving the owner with little profit left. Taxi using natural gas is even more uneconomical. Since there is no gas station in Zhouzhi County, the taxi has to go to Yangling to fill up, so it takes at least two hours to fill up.

    The reporter learned in the interview that the collective outage of taxis is also related to the problems existing in the management of taxi companies.

The hottest survival show "Golden Game" Spice Girl contestant Olga interferes with her opponent with her tight suit!

The hottest survival show "Golden Game" Spice Girl contestant Olga interferes with her opponent with her tight suit!

2023-11-28 20:04:40.0 Source: China Net – Sports Channel

In the podcast bar alone "GoG Gold Game" with its 16 big-name players tacit performance, quickly won the audience love, audience rating rising. Unique game settings, entertaining challenges in the fourth episode of the program, hot, beautiful female contestant Olga ( in order to interfere with the opponent to wear a little perspective tight shirt, good figure at a glance, the program continues to create high ratings.

Interestingly, before the start, it seemed that the opponent had not been injured in the slightest, but the teammate couldn’t bear to look directly at it. The more happy the teammate smiled, the more successful the tactic was.

The fourth round of the game will be played by Jason Koon, the most powerful brain Fedor Holz, the crazy savage JungleMan, and the wily Williams, and the strongest finale of each team is approaching.

As the game became more and more intense, when JungleMan confronted Fedor Holz for a particularly crucial hand, Williams did not know which one was wrong and began to chat at the side, causing serious interference, causing JungleMan to think about the time to forcibly fold the card. This result made JungleMan point directly at Williams: Please don’t talk in the middle of the game, this is very rude.

Seeing this situation, the teammates in the lounge have been particularly nervous that the two will clash.

The exciting world’s first reality show "GoG Gold Game" is not over yet. If you want to watch the exciting survival reality show, you must not miss it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm "Podcast Bar" Exclusive Chinese broadcast, there is also a Q & A lottery, don’t be wrong.

Andy Lau is waiting for you at the Olympic Games tonight

  After a lapse of five years, Andy Lau will hold a solo concert at the Olympic Games at 8 o’clock tonight! The reporter learned that Andy Lau will sing here for three hours tonight, and will also present exciting musical clips, which will make fans addicted.

  Classic songs will have

  It is understood that Andy’s entire repertoire will be dominated by classic Mandarin songs, such as "Forgetting Love", "Love You for 10,000 Years", "Thank You for Your Love", "It’s Not a Sin for a Man to Cry", "Ice Rain", "Ronin Love Song", "Me and My Pursuit of Dreams", "Going to Have Sex Alone"… In addition, Andy will also bring his own new songs in recent years: "Heartfelt Baby" written by him for hepatitis B patients, and "One" written by Fang Wenshan for him. In addition to his hot songs and dancing, Andy Lau will also perform in musicals: when singing the songs of "Pastoral Flute", "Half-Life Fate", and "Acacia Causes Disaster", he will perform the life and death parting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl with his female dance partner.

  Two "sons" will appear

  For a long time, there were no guests at Andy Lau’s concerts, but since Andy Lau had two "sons", Ando and Hei Zai, these two little guys often followed their "mother" everywhere. At tonight’s concert, these two "sons" will also appear and become the only guests. At concerts in other cities, one of the two "sons" will sing "Infernal Affairs" with "mother".

  Go to rehearsal 7 hours early

  The reporter learned that in order to prepare for the evening concert, at 1 noon today, Andy Lau will secretly enter the Olympic Sports Center, first for rehearsal, then makeup and other preparations, until the end of the evening performance, even dinner will be eaten in the Olympic Sports. The hotel where he stayed will also prepare meals as required, and will be sent to the Olympic Sports scene by a special person. According to reports, Andy Lau stayed in the hotel room all day yesterday to rest, and the night before yesterday, he had a dinner with more than 200 of his concert creative team in the hotel.

  The manuscript in this column was selected and written by journalist Kang Yanfang intern Gao Jie

  3 ways to help fans prevent fake tickets

  The organizers recently specially produced a detailed diagram of "How to distinguish the authenticity of tickets" to tell the audience how to distinguish the authenticity. This newspaper also summarized three tricks to help the audience protect their rights and interests.

  1 Look at the anti-counterfeiting diagram in detail

  The tickets for Andy Lau’s concert are divided into three parts: the ticket holder, the ticket holder and the electronic chip card, all of which have anti-counterfeiting organs. As can be seen in the anti-counterfeiting diagram released by the organizers, next to the words "Andy Lau China Tour Concert" on the ticket holder, if irradiated with an ultraviolet pen, it will show a red mark; on the electronic chip card and the card holder, there are clear lines similar to those on the RMB, and the lines of counterfeit tickets are generally blurred.

  2 Purchase tickets at the designated ticket point of the organizing committee

  Outside the Olympic Games tonight, there will definitely be many scalpers selling tickets there, but in order to ensure the authenticity of the tickets, the audience is reminded again that they must go to the ticket office designated by the organizing committee to buy tickets.

  3 free ticket inspection points can be checked

  For the audience who bought tickets in the hands of "scalpers" at the scene or through other channels, the organizing committee has also set up a number of free ticket inspection points, so it is hoped that fans will go to these ticket inspection points to identify the authenticity before the final transaction, but the organizing committee also reminds fans that after the ticket inspection, they should prevent criminals from changing packages.

  (Source of this article: Chongqing Evening News)

Editor in charge: Cheng Chong

"Qi" birthday, Cleer × Ren Xianqi presents you a limited number of free birthday cakes!

June 23rd Qigi · 2024 Ren Xianqi Chengdu Concert is coming soon! Because it coincides with Ren Xianqi’s birthday, this concert has been given more meaning. As the acoustic brand endorsed by Xiao Qi for the first time, the international intelligent acoustic brand Cleer warmly congratulates Ren Xianqi: Happy Birthday! To celebrate Xiao Qi’s birthday, after last year’s exclusive seven-concert tour of Xiao Qi’s 5 cities, Cleer not only once again exclusively named Xiao Qi’s Chengdu station, but also sent birthday eggs and cakes in its Douyin live stream to celebrate his birthday with Xiao Qi and fans.

Speaking of Ren Xianqi, he was an indispensable part of 8090’s youth! Back then, from "The Heart Is Too Soft" to "The Girl Opposite Look Over", his songs accompanied countless people’s youth. As an international smart acoustic brand focusing on acoustic technology, Cleer is also a leader in the field of smart acoustics and has always been committed to providing users with high-quality audio experiences. The cooperation between the two can be described as a complement to each other, jointly interpreting the perfect combination of music and technology.

This time, Cleer brand once again exclusively named Ren Xianqi’s concert tour, which is not only a recognition of Xiao Qi’s musical talent, but also a deepening of the cooperative relationship between the two parties. On the occasion of Xiao Qi’s birthday, Cleer made an ingenious attempt to send birthday eggs and cakes to fans who had the same birthday as Xiao Qi through the Douyin live stream. This wave of operation not only showed their intentions and creativity, but also made fans feel the double love from idols and brands. I give full marks for this emotional card!

It is worth mentioning that for the birthday of the brand spokesperson, Cleer is still the first to send eggs and cakes to fans. It has to be said that the Cleer brand is really out of mind this time, and people can’t help but want to give Cleer a thumbs up!

What’s even more heartening is that not only is the brand giving benefits to fans, but also Cleer President Wu Haiquan personally went to Chengdu to attend Ren Xianqi’s concert. It is said that Cleer President will also give a mysterious gift to Xiao Qi at the concert. Although the details of this gift have not been disclosed, it has aroused heated discussions and speculation among fans. Guess what?

It’s not a good idea.Ren Xianqi’s choice, Cleer with equal emphasis on temperature and strength

Cleer’s brand can sit firmly in the acoustic arena, not only by the "warm man" temperament, but also by the hard power of the straightforward-A student level, which can be called a model of strength in the acoustic industry. Not only with its advanced innovation and design capabilities, it has won more than 60 international innovation and creative awards including the American Good & Design Award, CES Innovation Award, China Contemporary Good Design Award, German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, etc., which is simply the rhythm of "getting the award and getting the soft hand"! At the same time, Cleer has a deep accumulation of intellectual property rights in acoustic technology, industrial design and other fields, with more than 1,300 patent certificates. The parent company behind it, Guanxu Electronics, has been deeply involved in the field of acoustics for 27 years. It is not only one of the few first-class acoustic manufacturers in China with its own acoustic laboratories, but also ranks seventh in the world in the number of intelligent patent applications, closely following Apple (fifth) and Qualcomm (sixth). This strength is truly worthy of praise!

So far, Cleer’s business network has spread to more than 5,000 offline experience stores across the country, covering trendy chains, communication chains, book stores, audio specialty stores, etc., to achieve full coverage of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. At the same time, it is also exported to many countries and regions in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and has settled in international luxury general merchandise – Harrods general merchandise in the UK and Selfridges general merchandise; in flagship stores in many cities in the United States, such as B & H, Best Buy and other professional electronic specialty stores, there are counters for sale. Today, consumers around the world can easily experience Cleer’s intelligent acoustic products with both performance and appearance.

In short, the Cleer brand is like a low-key straightforward-A student in the acoustic industry. It usually doesn’t show off, but it can produce a series of amazing transcripts at critical moments. No wonder it can become the acoustic brand that the powerful musician Ren Xianqi cooperates with for the first time. After all, who can refuse a Cleer brand that has both beauty and strength, but also gives warmth?

It’s not a good idea.Ren Xianqi sports new partner: Cleer ARC 3 arc

Friends who often follow Xiao Qi Ge should also be able to see that Cleer’s new Cleer ARC 3 sound arc launched in April this year has become Ren Xianqi’s new sports partner. It is understood that the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc, as the flagship of the Cleer brand this year, has not only reached the master level in terms of sound quality, but also added a super algorithm AI chip, which integrates AI intelligent technology, which can provide sports enthusiasts with unprecedented comfort and immersive listening experience!

In terms of sound quality, the Cleer ARC 3 arc joins the world’s leading Dolby sound effects and Dolby head tracking technology. It is the world’s first open-ended headset certified by Dolby Atmos, allowing you to feel that the sound is coming from all directions, rather than a single flat sound source. Dolby head tracking further enhances this immersion. When you turn your head, the direction of the sound will be adjusted accordingly, simulating the real-world auditory experience, making you feel as if you are in the center of the music. For example, when you watch a movie, you can clearly feel the sound of raindrops falling on the roof of the car and planes flying overhead, as if you are in the middle of a movie scene, and the 3D surround immersion brought by it is directly pulled.

Secondly, in terms of intelligence, the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc is the first to integrate cutting-edge AI technology, including smart chips, advanced algorithms and high-precision 6-axis sensors. The combination of these technologies makes the ARC 3 sound arc a true AI headset, leading the open headset into the AI era. Among them, the ARC 3 sound arc is equipped with advanced AI chips combined with AI algorithms, which can process complex audio data and environmental information in real time. There is no need to wake up words, just "answer the phone", "next song" and other simple shortcut instructions, which can easily complete playback, pause, volume adjustment and other operations, greatly improving the user experience. At the same time, the AI sound environment can automatically adjust the audio output effect according to your environment, ensuring that you can get a high-quality listening experience whether it is on a noisy street or in a quiet library. There are also innovative AI somatosensory controls that answer the phone by nodding, shake your head to hang up, and even swing your head left and right to switch songs, making the operation of the headset more intuitive and natural.

Of course, the highlights of the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc don’t stop there, but I won’t go into too much detail here. It has to be said that the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc does meet the multiple needs of users for sound quality, intelligence and comfort, and redefines the new standard of sports headphones through its excellent performance and user-friendly design. No wonder it can become the new sports partner of Xiao Qi Ge!

In addition, if you are the lucky goose who has the same birthday in the same month as Brother Qi, then place an order in the Cleer Douyin live stream from June 21 to 23, and the top 100 friends will have the opportunity to get a free birthday egg from Cleer and Brother Qi! Hurry up and go to the Cleer live stream to get your own egg, cake!

Type: Advertising

"Silent Witness" Yang Zi incarnates as a "Super A beating girl" and beats Ren Xianqi

1905 movie network news Today, directed by Renee Haring, the film starring Zhang Jiahui, Yang Zi, and Ren Xianqi released a special episode of "Rip-resistant and Fight-resistant". Yang Zi changed her sweet image in the past and challenged the intense action drama for the first time in her career. In the film, she punched Ren Xianqi, kicked all the bandits, and turned into "Super A beat girl" in seconds!


Yang Zi turned into "Fighting Girl" Ren Xianqi was tragically "headshot"

In the newly exposed "Tear-resistant and Fight-resistant" special, Yang Zi appeared as a capable short-haired image, with sharp eyes and well-placed movements, full of "Super A beating girl" character. The forensic doctor Jolene she plays is not only stylish, but also more talented. One second, she kicks the outlaw, and the next second punches the gangster, all of whom are clean and neat. As an opponent, Ren Xianqi was killed by a glass bottle "headshot" by her.

And Yang Zi also said in the interview that there are many scenes in the whole play where she hits others, but there are also many who are beaten, and there are many "tragic" pictures of her being choked, thrown, and slapped in the special. Of course, fierce fights always lead to injuries. In this regard, Yang Zi joked that "the bruises on her body have never been down, this one is fine, that one is injured again, and the new one stacks the old one, and finally I get used to it." In the special, the scene of Yang Zi covering the sore part of her body and limping off the scene after a play is stopped really makes people feel that it is not easy to beat a girl.


The first action drama broke through the past, and Yang Zi lamented that "the challenge is quite big"

Since her debut, Yang Zi has participated in various types of works and tried different styles of roles. However, this time she starred in "Silent Witness", which required a lot of intense action scenes, which was a great breakthrough for Yang Zi. She admitted that the moves she had learned before were not real fights, but "good-looking" to win, and in this movie, it was a real fight with fists and meat. It required strength and ingenuity, which challenged her quite a lot, but Yang Zi also said that "this kind of authenticity actually allows the audience to experience the feeling of being there, and it will feel breathless when watching."

At the same time, against her childhood idols Zhang Jiahui and Ren Xianqi, Yang Zi, who is used to seeing big scenes, also laughed and said that "the pressure is very high". When talking about Yang Zi’s first action performance, Ren Xianqi, who was repeatedly "lectured" in the film, couldn’t help but boast, "After she threw herself into the role, she was very selfless, and her performance was great. She was a rare opponent. She could fight and was very smart, which caused us a lot of trouble.

The movie "Silent Witness" tells the story of two forensic doctors, Chen Jiahao (Zhang Jiahui) and Qiao Lin (Yang Zi), in order to protect the evidence and uncover the truth, together with the bandit leader SANTA (Ren Xianqi) and his gang, in the forensic center. It will be released nationwide on August 2.

Gao Yuanyuan acted in a movie with Hu Ge after 9 years, but the audience burst into laughter?

1905 movie network feature "Hello everyone, I’m Feng Liuliu’s actor."At the premiere of the film shortlisted for the "Temple of Heaven Award" at the Northern Film Festival, the high round suit was unveiled with a long dress, which was still elegant.It has been nine years since she last attended the premiere of a film as a starring role.

Returning to the big screen after many years, Gao Yuanyuan unexpectedly chose a light comedy directed by a new director.This is somewhat unexpected.

Also surprising was another leading actor.From the male god of ancient costumes to the male protagonist of literary films, "comedy" is also a field he rarely dabbles in.

In this way, when "Muse" meets "Male God", just when the audience thinks the style of painting will develop as expected, this "Stop and Go" will give you a 180-degree reversal.

In the first half of the journey, the useless screenwriter played by Hu Ge was full of embarrassment, causing the audience to burst into laughter.In the second half of the journey, life and family ties make people cry silently, and the harvest is full of healing.

Most of the first round of word-of-mouth was four to five-star praise, and "exceeded expectations", "surprise", and "dark horse" also becameclosekeyWord.Healing but not chicken soup, hitting the pain points and tears of "crispy youth", this light comedy "Stop and Go" starring Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan is scheduled to be an annual hit?

"Hu Ge should have done a comedy!"

At the opening ceremony of the Northern Film Festival the night before, "Uncle", who had worked with Hu Ge, learned that "Stop and Go" was a light comedy, so he couldn’t help but raise a big thumbs and bluntly say that Hu Ge, who is full of humor in life, should have taken the step of comedy.

The story of the film is very simple. Wu Di (played by Hu Ge), a screenwriter who has been working hard in Beijing for many years but has achieved nothing, decides to return to his hometown after being frustrated with his relationship and career.

After returning home, Wu Di has to face the need to rebuild "intimate relationships" with his family on the one hand, and also to find a new direction in life on the other hand, which has triggered a series of ironic daily routines.

At first glance, Hu Ge played a "North Drift" screenwriter after hearing good, but the two characters have obvious differences in base color.

Beijing "roll can’t move" and return to his hometown. At the same time, he also wants to fight again. He repeatedly sits up between lying down and rolling. Wu Di is more like every ordinary migrant worker.

Hu Ge also vividly interpreted the little death of this useless young man, showing a sense of humor that was once "visible" only to friends and fans.

The director revealed that many of the scenes are of Hu Ge, and his impromptu performances at the scene often surprise the crew.

Through this down-to-earth little character, Hu Ge’s performance is more relaxed and natural, with a sense of life. The rhythm of the comedy in the first half is well controlled, and the emotional surge in the second half of the heart-to-heart play is also delicate and moving.

The performance of the other lead actor, Gao Yuanyuan, was also full of surprises. If her previous roles were mostly "Muse", this time Feng Liuliu was closer to an ordinary "young woman in a small town". For example, the scene of eating noodles with Hu Ge on the roadside at the beginning was full of fireworks.

She also fully immerses herself in the role, and many of the "documentary" shots in the film were shot by the photographer in the play herself.

Not only Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan, but also the supporting actors’ performances were outstanding. In particular, the two "drama bones" made the daily life of an elderly couple "love and kill each other" real and cute.

The years of precipitation are all reflected in the details of the performance. With just one expression and one look, the audience can burst into laughter or tears.

In fact, it is easy to create such so-called "Chinese-style parents" in a rut, nothing more than a three-piece set of "urging marriage", "urging parenting" and "urging work", but "Stop and Go" tries to avoid this from the script to the performance.

This is also the style of the whole play. There is no chicken soup or preaching, and there is no need to be deliberately funny or sensational. The laughs and tears are naturally bursting out in the stories and performances of the life stream, with a light and fresh beauty that makes people feel like a spring breeze.


Going back to the title of the movie "Stop and Go", go and stop are not only "roll" and "lie down", but also "distant" and "hometown".We have read too much inspirational or chicken soup literature about this proposition.

But "Stop and Go" wants to tell you in a lightweight way that walking and stopping are the norm, and you must learn to accept your own ordinary and life’s shortcomings.

Wu Di Beipiao has achieved nothing for many years, and he has returned to his hometown to start "eating old", which is undoubtedly a loser in the secular sense.

But the life of returning to his hometown also allowed him to rediscover his family and himself, and to find the strength to start again.

Not only Wu Di, but Gao Yuanyuan’s Feng Liuliu, Yue Hong’s mother, and us in front of the screen have all faced similar choices.

Every path has its own gains and losses, and once chosen, it becomes the only path in life.

Just like my mother’s line, "No one’s life is perfect, and it’s normal to have regrets."

As for the definition of success and failure, there is no standard answer.If you are careful enough, you will send a video with a simple English title, "gold or shit".If it succeeds, it must begoldchildLife should not have such a binary evaluation system.

Just as at the premiere, someone called Wu Di a "crispy young man", Hu Ge responded: "Everyone loves to label a person too much now!Everyone may not have to take the path that everyone agrees with, and life is ultimately their own. "

He also said that he liked the ending of the film, where Wu Di and Feng Liuliu meet on a traffic-choked highway, and the two cars stop and stop on their own tracks, constantly alternating.It not only echoes the title of the film, but also the epitome of life. Stop and go, stop and go, cry and laugh, how many people have lived their lives like this.

This is also the most touching part of "Stop and Go". It is not artificial or pretentious. In this era when everyone wants to "go crazy", it reminds us that the most simple life has the longest flavor.

Wu Di’s favorite Japanese director said: "The so-called couple is the taste of this bowl of tea bubble rice."This is not the taste of life, dull but sweet.

Test drive all Lynk & Co models and experience the joy of acceleration and handling

New Beijing News (reporter, Chen Xiaobing)On April 21, at the first large-scale test drive meeting of the Lynk & Co brand in Beijing in 2019, reporters from the Beijing News experienced the driving control, off-road, and acceleration performance of Lynk & Co 01, 02, and 03.


Lynk & Co is a high-end brand jointly built by Geely Automobile and Volvo Cars. It has brought a refreshing feeling to everyone with three highly competitive models within two years, and the price of the joint venture brand has shown no less than that of the luxury brand.


This time, the experiencer will test drive three production cars under Lynk & Co according to different test drive projects. Among them, for the Lynk & Co 01 and Lynk & Co 03 cars, they both experience emergency avoidance after rapid acceleration of the site and high-speed pile winding.



Lynk & Co 01 is the first model developed by the Lynk & Co brand based on the basic module architecture of the CMA mid-range car. It is a compact urban SUV with good handling and riding space, and a good driving feeling. In the rapid acceleration and high-speed winding pile with limited space, the direction is accurate and clear, the body inclination angle is small, and the controllability is high, which can well complete the driver’s operation instructions. Although it is an SUV model, it still has a sedan-like handling feeling.


Lynk & Co 03 is the latest car product of the Lynk & Co family. It is equipped with the Drive-E series 1.5TD high-efficiency engine jointly developed by Volvo Cars and Geely Automobile and the high-efficiency power combination of 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission. The maximum power is 180ps, and the torque output can reach 140N · m at 1000rpm, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is only 7.9s.

It is also a test drive subject that avoids the ground after rapid acceleration, and the experience that Lynk & Co 03 brings to drivers and passengers is completely different from that of Lynk & Co 01. After stepping on the accelerator pedal, the rapid acceleration is more rapid and direct, and you can feel the surging power continuously pushing the body forward; the emergency braking distance is also very short, and the emergency avoidance after that is flexible and controllable. In the subsequent high-speed pile winding process, Lynk & Co 03 performed more flexibly and satisfactorily than its fellow senior brother Lynk & Co 01. The driver can maintain high speed and shuttle left and right between cones and barrels to change lanes, and the vehicle can be controlled freely and at will.


The Lynk & Co 02 that day’s test drive was an intelligent four-wheel drive coupe SUV. The test drive items were undulating roads and bilateral bridges, testing an SUV’s passability and four-wheel drive performance. For the Lynk & Co 02, which was equipped with BorgWarner’s fifth-generation intelligent four-wheel drive, the driver had to control the vehicle’s center of gravity by stabilizing the steering wheel when the vehicle swayed through simulated undulating roads. The rest was left to the intelligent four-wheel drive system.


Beijing News reporter, Chen Xiaobing, photo photography, Chen Xiaobing, editor, Zhang Bing, proofreading, Liu Baoqing


The construction of Hongmeng ecology is accelerating and is becoming the third pole

  In the context of increasing competition in science and technology, building an internationally competitive operating system is a key step in China’s independent innovation in science and technology. As a representative of domestic operating systems, Hongmeng is of great significance.


  Not long ago, the "Shenzhen 2024 Action Plan to Support the Development of Open Source Hongmeng Native Applications" was released. Shenzhen, Guangdong Province became the first city in the country to issue policies to support the development of native Hongmeng. Subsequently, the country’s first Hongmeng Ecological Innovation Center was established in Shenzhen. From the perspective of future development trends, Hongmeng system has broad market prospects. All parties expect Hongmeng to build an independent ecosystem and achieve wide application, fully releasing the characteristics of the Internet of Everything.


  Pure Hongmeng start


  In January this year, Huawei released the HarmonyOSNEXT Hongmeng Galaxy version of the operating system at the Hongmeng Ecological Thousand Sails Launching Ceremony held in Shenzhen, and opened the application for developers. This marks that the Hongmeng operating system will no longer be compatible with Android applications, but will fully switch to running Hongmeng native applications, opening a new era of Huawei’s operating system "Pure Blood Hongmeng".


  Since its launch in 2019, Hongmeng OS has attracted extensive attention in the field of intelligent end points with its core concept of "one development, multi-terminal deployment", which not only realizes seamless connection and collaboration between different devices, but also significantly reduces the complexity and cost of software development, becoming a key solution to meet the development needs of 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies.


  What is Hongmeng? Wang Chenglu, who served as the president of Huawei’s consumer business software department and the head of Hongmeng, previously outlined that the Hongmeng system is a unified language for different devices.


  The so-called native Hongmeng, in simple terms, is to delete the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code in the original Hongmeng system, no longer compatible with Android applications, and completely create a set of ecology independent of Android and iOS. According to Huawei’s vision, Android and iOS dominate the mobile Internet era, while Hongmeng system is oriented to the Internet of Everything era and is the "next generation operating system".


  It is understood that the Hongmeng operating system can be basically divided into two categories. The first category is consumer-oriented operating system and application development, led by Huawei; the second category is industry-oriented applications, handed over to the Open-Harmony open-source organization, attracting major professional software companies to develop for specific industries. Huawei is the core open-source contributor. Among them, in the consumer-oriented market, developers need to develop applications for the Hongmeng operating system alone. In the past six months, major APP applications have been joining, and all parties will start development based on the HarmonyOSNEXT version.


  Why is Hongmeng so important? At the beginning of this year, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of End Point BG, and chairperson of Smart Car Solutions BU, issued a full letter saying that 2024 is a critical year for the original Hongmeng, and it is necessary to accelerate the development of various Hongmeng native applications and focus on winning the two most difficult battles of technology base and three-party ecology.


  Ren Gelin, chairperson of the OpenHarmony Project Management Committee (PMC), told China City Daily that from an ecological perspective, in 2023, the native Hongmeng ecology ushered in the beginning year. This year, leading Internet applications have joined the Hongmeng ecosystem one after another. Huawei said that as of the end of January this year, more than 200 leading applications have accelerated the native development of Hongmeng, and the native application landscape has taken shape. Ant Group, China UnionPay and many other partners have opened up their vertical innovation capabilities and provided developers with a full-link power builder together with Hongmeng to further accelerate the development of Hongmeng native applications. From the technical side, Hongmeng Galaxy Edition does not rely on the traditional Unix kernel and Linux kernel, but relies on the independent Hongmeng kernel to become "pure Hongmeng". Of course, such a switch still requires a process.


  Dai Wei, deputy secretary-general of the Internet Association of China, said in an interview with China City Daily that only the development of the original Hongmeng can truly release the characteristics of the Internet of Everything in Hongmeng, thereby promoting the further development of cross-platform technology, realizing seamless connection and efficient collaboration between different devices, and providing users with a more convenient and consistent experience. At the same time, the launch of the original application development of Hongmeng will further promote the development of the Hongmeng ecosystem, attract more developers to join, and jointly create an open and prosperous application ecosystem, which will accelerate the application of Hongmeng in thousands of industries.


  Since 2019, the Hongmeng system has undergone multiple iterative upgrades. As of the beginning of this year, the number of devices in the Hongmeng ecosystem has exceeded 800 million, covering a variety of high-frequency end point devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, smart screens, and vehicle systems. In addition, thousands of applications and services have been connected to the development of Hongmeng native applications. Leading applications such as Alipay, Taobao, Meituan,, etc. have joined the Hongmeng ecosystem. Hongmeng is expected to continue to expand its market share in the future.


  Hongmeng ecological acceleration


  In the torrent of operating systems, the global giants flocked to, most of the failure, the final mobile phone market only Android and iOS occupy the majority share, now Hongmeng is becoming the rise of the third pole, the goal is to break the long-term Android and iOS dominated by the operating system market structure. Wang Chenglu also said that in the field of operating systems, 16% market share is a watershed.


  This autumn, the Hongmeng system will be upgraded to a major version. This version uses a new single-frame system design, which is expected to bring up to 30% performance improvement to Huawei devices, including the new small folding phone Pocket 2, while also increasing battery life. Behind this leap forward is Huawei’s in-depth independent research and development and optimization of the Hongmeng operating system. It is expected that by the end of this year, Hongmeng Ecosystem will welcome more than 5,000 native application development projects, with the goal of eventually forming a huge ecosystem of 500,000 native applications.


  Ivan Lam, a senior analyst Counter-pointResearch market survey agency, said that Huawei’s strategic shift is not only a challenge to the current technology landscape, but also a major test for itself. In the past few years, Huawei has continuously iterated the Hongmeng system and solved many functional problems. Especially in the face of limited chip supply, Huawei has accelerated the research and development of chips and operating systems to regain the confidence of the market and consumers. In August 2023, Huawei’s Mate60 series mobile phones equipped with its own Kirin 9000S chip were in short supply as soon as they were launched. Subsequent products such as MateX5, Nova12 series and Pocket2 also used Huawei’s own 5G chips, further consolidating Huawei’s position in the Chinese smartphone market.


  The relevant person in charge of Guotai Junan pointed out that historical experience shows that once the competition landscape of the operating system is formed, the opportunity for new entrants to turn over is extremely limited. However, if there is a new operating system that can seize the opportunity of the Internet of Everything and lower the threshold of combining software and hardware, then it is possible to cultivate a series of explosive innovative applications based on edge hardware, so as to grasp the industry ecology in the next ten or twenty years has the voice over.


  "As a leader in the global technology field, Huawei will obviously not miss this major transformation, but the gradual transition to’pure Hongmeng ‘still requires a process." A senior software engineer at SoftStone told China City Daily that Huawei has the confidence to decide not to be compatible with Android, which means that it has comprehensive preparations and supporting industrial upgrades behind it. However, the incompatibility between the Hongmeng system and the Android system involves multiple levels such as power builder, application ecosystem and developer ecosystem. Its operational compatibility and development compatibility progress need to be further observed. This is a gradual rather than overnight process.


  It is worth mentioning that Huawei developers "Yaoxing Plan" invested 7 billion yuan to encourage Hongmeng developers to innovate in Hongmeng native applications, meta services, SDK (Software Development Kit) and other aspects.


  In this regard, Shenzhen took the lead and released relevant policies and measures, with the goal of building Shenzhen into an ecological source and gathering area for Hongmeng’s native application software. "The reason why Shenzhen can take the lead in’making a move ‘is that its science and technology industry chain is complete, from hardware manufacturing to software development, with world-leading technologies and services, providing a solid foundation for the global expansion of Hongmeng’s ecology." Li Enhan, deputy director of the Token Digital Economy Research Center of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said that at present, the ecological long march of Pure Blood Hongmeng has just started, and it is necessary to make every effort to cultivate and build a software ecosystem. Shenzhen provides Hongmeng with all-round core support, which has strategic significance behind it.


  Head manufacturers embrace native applications


  Building a comprehensive and prosperous software ecosystem is the key to Hongmeng’s success, and the participation of leading applications is particularly important in this process. Today, Hongmeng has more than 400 partners in native application development, most of which are domestic leading manufacturers, covering various industries such as Internet, e-commerce, gaming, and finance.


  Gong Ti, chairperson of the OpenHarmony project group working committee and president of Huawei’s end point BG software department, pointed out in an interview with China City Daily that in order to successfully build the Hongmeng software ecosystem, there are two thresholds that need to be crossed: one is how to prioritize coverage of more than 5,000 high-frequency applications, and the other is to meet the long-tail needs of users about 500,000 small downloadable applications.


  Faced with the challenges in terms of technology and cost, what should Internet giants consider when entering the original Hongmeng market?


  On a technical level, Hongmeng operating system has significant advantages over Android, such as task processing optimization that makes the system run more smoothly, and will divide different tasks into different processing channels to provide a more iPhone experience. Gong Ti said that various applications have different requirements for the operating system, such as financial applications that pay more attention to security, and game applications that pay more attention to performance. In addition, application developers believe that the mid-to-high-end positioning of Huawei mobile phone users and strong willingness to pay have also become important factors to attract developers.


  Zhong Xiaolei, a research analyst at Canalys, a market survey agency, believes that the entry of Internet manufacturers into the development of Huawei’s native Hongmeng applications will be a mutually beneficial and win-win situation for both parties.


  Zhong Xiaolei said that Huawei’s installed capacity is still considerable, and it is still a valuable client base for Internet manufacturers. The development of Hongmeng’s native APP can further strengthen the binding with this part of the user base, and strengthen the stickiness and reputation of software providers in this part of the client base. The reason for promoting Internet manufacturers to up the ante Hongmeng is not only the current scale of Hongmeng, but also the market’s expectations for Hongmeng’s future growth. In addition, Huawei’s extensive coverage in multi-scenario and cross-category hardware also has a higher ecological hardware addition rate than other mobile phone manufacturers, which can provide Internet manufacturers with a wider range of traffic entrances.


  Zhong Xiaolei further explained that for Huawei, working with Internet vendors to jointly promote the development of native APPs can ensure the availability of commonly used APPs under the self-developed system, thereby alleviating consumers’ doubts about the self-developed system. In the future, it is also expected to see Internet Tech Giants play a leading and exemplary role, attracting more small and medium-sized developers to enter the Hongmeng software ecosystem. In addition, deepening cooperation with Internet vendors can also help Huawei create differentiated application experiences and raise ecological barriers.


  "At present, it seems that the opportunities for Hongmeng’s development outweigh the challenges." Zhong Xiaolei said that the main challenge is how to improve and stimulate the transition from the Android development system, so that more small and medium-sized developers can enter the Hongmeng developer community; how to create a popular Hongmeng exclusive APP and create a differentiated APP ecosystem experience that is different from other operating systems.

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