Popular science | spring is well covered, and the disease goes around! Don’t wear too much spring clothes, these four places are enough.

The temperature rises gradually in spring,
Make everyone feel comfortable.
But the cold air kills a comeback from time to time,
Let the temperature rise and fall.
I just took off my long pants and found that it had cooled down;
I put on my winter clothes again, but I was sweating from the heat.
This cold-hot change,
People will get sick if they are not careful.
As the saying goes, "Spring covers autumn, and old people get sick",
In spring, you still have to cover it!
Spring covers everywhere, miscellaneous diseases are not born.
Cover your wrists: keep your whole body blood.
The heart is in charge of the blood vessels of the whole body, and warms the whole body by conveying qi and blood, while the original point is the point that is in charge of the vitality of the viscera and the motive force of life.
Shenmen point, as the original point of the heart meridian of hand shaoyin, is the first key part of spring cover.
Location: Shenmen point is located on the wrist transverse striation, on the inner side of the tendon below the wrist on the little finger side of the hand.
Health care method: Press Shenmen point repeatedly with the thumb tip for 30 times when it is normal, which can remove irritability and calm the nerves. When pressing this point, you don’t need too much force, and you don’t have to pursue a feeling of soreness.
Cover your waist and back: Everything will be fine if your kidney is good.
The root of yang in human body is the kidney, and the waist is the house of the kidney. When the kidney is yang-deficient, the waist will be sore, afraid of cold, frequent urination and prone to fatigue.
Massage the Shenshu point on the waist, which can nourish yin and strengthen yang, tonify kidney and strengthen waist.
Location: Shenshu point is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra and at the width of the left and right fingers.
Health care method: you can make a fist with both hands, put the protrusion of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the index finger on Shenshu point located on both sides of the waist and back, first press and knead it clockwise for 9 times, then press and knead it counterclockwise for 9 times, and so on for 36 times.
Hot compress or moxibustion with hot water bottle can also warm kidney yang.
Covering feet and calves: gathering yang, causing pain in one year.
In spring, many elderly people will have migraine or small abdominal pain, even nausea, vomiting, eye pain and other manifestations of liver-yang deficiency.
This suggests that we should focus on protecting the feet and calves, and applying more hot compress to the point near weeping on weekdays can improve this discomfort.
Location: The point of Zulinqi is located on the outside of the dorsum of the foot, between the metatarsal bones of the fourth toe and the little toe.
Health care method: place the thumb and finger surfaces of both hands on the point near the foot, press vertically, press down and rub it, then slowly flex and stretch the toes, so that the stimulation can fully reach the deep layer of muscle tissue. After 20 ~ 30 seconds, gradually relax, and then gently rub the part. Repeat this operation for 5-10 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Cover your navel: nourish yang and help you live longer.
Traditional Chinese medicine calls navel Shenque point, which can inspire spleen and stomach yang. Especially for people who often have cold pain and diarrhea in the stomach, special attention should be paid to the warmth of this part.
Health care method: massage method can be used to maintain Shenque point, that is, on an empty stomach before going to bed every night, rub your hands hot, put them on your navel at the bottom left and top right, and massage them clockwise for 360 times each time.
These people have to "cover up"
Gastropathy patient
Low-temperature stimulation can cause capillary contraction, affect gastric acid secretion and blood circulation in the stomach, thus causing acute stomach spasm, gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis and so on.
Such people need to increase or decrease their clothes in time to prevent their abdomen from catching cold.
Pay attention to warm and nourish the stomach, drink more hot water, eat less cold food and eat on time. Exercise in moderation, not too much exercise and sweating.
Arthropathy patient
The recurrence of most joint diseases is related to cold.
In the early spring, when the temperature is changeable, patients with arthropathy should pay more attention to protecting the important joints of the whole body to avoid the invasion of cold air.
After cold air stimulation, it will lead to decreased airway immunity and impaired function, and then increase airway responsiveness, causing cough, chest tightness and even asthma and dyspnea.
Therefore, when the temperature drops suddenly, patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis had better go out less. When they have to go out, they can wear masks, add clothes, and pay attention to keeping their head, chest, back and feet warm to avoid catching cold.
coronary heart patient
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "blood coagulates when it meets cold", which means that cold stimulation will cause blood vessels to contract and spasm, and the blood flow will not be smooth, and at the same time increase the burden on the heart, thus easily inducing cardiovascular diseases.
Therefore, for patients with coronary heart disease, it is necessary to keep warm the chest and back at this time.
In addition, rational medication is needed to control blood pressure. If you have chest tightness, dull pain or palpitation, even if the attack time is very short, you should pay special attention.
Patients with cerebrovascular disease
Spring is the season of high incidence of cerebral infarction, especially during this period, the large temperature difference between day and night, low air pressure and high humidity are easy to stimulate the nerves that control vascular activity in the body, resulting in continuous spasm of arterioles and sudden rise of blood pressure.
Therefore, for middle-aged and elderly people, once they find symptoms such as numbness or weakness of one limb, numbness or skew of one face, unclear speech, dizziness with vomiting, they must be highly vigilant and should go to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately.
Matters needing attention in spring cover
Whether it is covered in spring depends on the weather. Generally speaking, the temperature difference between day and night is large in spring.When it is cold in the morning and evening, cover it properly..
Clothes can be reduced appropriately when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius at noon; When there is a "cold spring", we must abide by the way of "spring cover"; When the "warm spring" comes, that is, when the maximum daily temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius for several days in a row, it can’t be "covered".
If two kinds of extreme weather alternate, you should dress and undress more frequently.
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Have you been to the "online celebrity" beaches?

Sunshine, riverbank, beach … Chongqing, a city covered by traffic, has hidden these hot free beach paradise. Did you punch in?

Many netizens ridiculed that "Chongqing people can play and abruptly turn inland cities into coastal cities". Come and feel it together!

Dadukou Niulanba

In the Year of the Ox, Niulan Dam at Dadukou "caught fire" with clear river water and golden fine sand. In the spring sunshine, the sky blue water is bluer, and a sense of leisure for a holiday arises spontaneously.


Source | Yidu Wenlv

The family set up a tent, blowing a breezy breeze, adults sitting by the river chatting, children playing in the sand with shovels and buckets, and having a good time on the beach … What’s the reason not to love such a cowshed dam? !


Source | Yidu Wenlv

Walking along the river, the cheerful atmosphere can be felt everywhere, and men, women and children can find their own happiness here.


Source | Yidu Wenlv

However, after a large number of citizens and tourists came here, problems such as security risks, garbage throwing and parking difficulties also appeared and were put on the agenda.

It is reported that in order to make more citizens come back with satisfaction, the government of Tiaodeng Town has quickly introduced corresponding countermeasures around garbage disposal; At the same time, in view of the difficulties in parking and hidden dangers of trails, public service facilities such as parking lots and trails are planned to start construction next month.

Address: Dabin Road, dadukou district

Self-driving: navigate "Niulanba" to get there.

Bus: Get off at Xinshancun Station of Rail Transit Line 2, transfer to Bus No.477 in Hong Kong City to Niulanba Station, and then follow the crowded direction along the road.

In addition, there are other tricks near Niulanba, and the colorful rape flowers in Shipan Village, Baodaoling, under Jin ‘ao Mountain should not be missed.


Source | Yidu Wenlv

Being in the splendid sea of rape blossoms, the fragrance flutters with the wind, and the beautiful spring scenery is the best gift of nature.



Source | Yidu Wenlv

Address: Shipan Village, Tiaodeng Town, dadukou district

Self-driving: navigate and search for "Shipan Village, Dadukou" to go there.

Bus: Take Bus No.235 and get off at Shipan Village Terminal.

Golden Bay Binjiang Park in Liangjiang New Area

Golden Bay Park stretches for 16 kilometers along the coastline of Jialing River, with mountains, water, lawns and such a beach.


Photography by He Xiansen

Here, you should not only visit the park to enjoy your leisure time, but also experience the sand by the river.


Photography by Jingmo

You can bring your children here to play with water, sand and sunshine.


Photography by qishier


Photography by Jingmo

You can also set up a tent by the river, have a delicious picnic, or rent a bike to ride around the park, all of which are very comfortable.


Photography by qishier


Photography by yinuo

There is also this lighthouse in the park. Although it is not high, the white walls have the feel of medieval Europe. Wait until the sun sets, and the glow of the sunset is dotted behind it, knocking beauty.


Photography by He Xiansen

You can also go to the nearby Fengxituo Wharf and take a ferry from Dazhulin to Chaotianmen for a crossing trip.


Photography by yinuo

(It is reported that due to the construction needs along the line, the sightseeing ferry route from Fengxituo to Chaotianmen will be temporarily suspended from February 24 to February 25, and the sailing time will be announced separately. )


Photography by yinuo

Address: Binjiang Park, Golden Bay, Dazhulin, Liangjiang New District

Self-driving: navigate to Golden Bay Park.

Bus: Take bus No.643 and get off at the west section station of Tianshan Avenue, and walk for about 6 minutes.

Jiangbei District jiangbei mouth

In jiangbei mouth, Chongqing, a piece of "online celebrity Beach" is sought after by the citizens. Many citizens take advantage of the sunny early spring to bring their relatives and friends to play.


Photography by Jingmo

This beach was submerged under the water surface during the impoundment period of the Three Gorges Dam, and only emerged in the dry season. Children have fun playing beach football, building sand castles and surfing on the river.


Photography by Jingmo

Backed by the magnificent scenery of raffles city, this little-known beach has become a "online celebrity" beach. With the spread of friends, it has also attracted many foreign tourists to "punch in".


Photography by Jingmo

Address: Dayuwan Wharf, near the Grand Theatre on East Wenhua Street, Jiangbei District.

Self-driving: navigate to the Grand Theatre, and park in the Grand Theatre or the parking lot of the nearby Guojin Center Shopping Mall.

Bus: Rail Transit Line 6 gets off at Grand Theatre Station and walks for five minutes.

Tips:While enjoying the sunny beach, everyone should pay attention to safety and care for the environment. Please take away the generated garbage.

Original title: Have you punched in the "online celebrity" beaches in Chongqing?

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"In the Mood for Love" leads the 250 "most acclaimed movies in the 21st century" in the United States.

        American film website TSPDT is an organization specializing in film ranking and selection. "The 21st Century’s Most Acclaimed Films" is the ranking list updated by the website every year, and it has been updated to the seventh edition this year.

        This year, TSPDT is still under calculation, sorting out the 250 most acclaimed films from 2000 to 2013 from the list of various excellent films of film critics, film journalists and film scholars around the world (250 films stand out from 3018 competitors). Among them, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love topped the list, while Yang Dechang’s 11th and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were among the top ten.

        In addition to the above three films, there are 16 Chinese directors on the list: Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain ranks 27th, and Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 ranks 59th; Jia Zhangke, the director of China mainland, has been shortlisted for four films: Platform (17), The Three Gorges Good Man (64), The World (87) and Ren Xiaoyao (160). It is also a literary fan, and Cai Mingliang, who is based in Taiwan Province, has two pieces on the list: "Don’t come loose" (65) and "What time are you there" (166); Taiwan Province film director Hou Xiaoxian also made the list with four films: Journey of the Red Balloon (117), Millennium Mambo (129), Jiaxuan Time (144) and Best Time (204). China mainland film director Zhang Yimou was shortlisted for Hero (84) and House of Flying Daggers (141) respectively. Wang Bing, an independent film director in China, was shortlisted for the documentary Tiexi District Part I: Factory (55). In Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs (218), co-directed by Liu Weiqiang and Siu Fai Mak, made the list.

        Compared with last year, this year’s list has remained basically unchanged, with only nine "new films" on the list, including drama films "Drunk Hometown Folk Songs", "12 Years a Slave", "She", "Love Before Midnight", "Battle of Heaven", "Gravity" and "Frances Ha", as well as documentaries "Killing Deduction" and "Los Angeles Shadow Talk".

"In the Mood for Love" and "One by One" still maintained their high popularity last year, while Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon jumped from 12th place last year to 10th place. Unfortunately, The Story We Tell, american hustle and Adele’s Life, which were all hot before, failed to make the list, but they are likely to be shortlisted in 2015.

        In the opinion of TSPDT commentator Bill Georgaris, Taboo, released by Portuguese director miguel gomez in 2012, is the most impressive film he has seen recently. "This film really deserves a place in the’ 21st century’ list."

        In addition to the list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century", TSPDT also has a list of "the 1000 greatest movies in film history" which is updated regularly every year. Citizen Kane, which was directed and performed by the late American director orson welles in 1941, continues to sit firmly at the top of the list of the greatest movies this year, while Vertigo, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tale of Tokyo, Rules of the Game and Eight. Of all the 28 Chinese films on the list, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love still leads, ranking 58th (according to the website’s February 2014 data).

2014 list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century"

        Film title type director country


1. In the Mood for Love

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        2. Mulholland Dr Mulholland Road.

        Suspense david lynch French/American


Three, one one

        Plot Yang Dechang Taiwan Province

        4. Spirited Away

        Animation Miyazaki Hayao Japanese

        5. Whale Circus Werckmeister Harmonies

        Suspense Bela Tarr Hungarian

        6. Tree of Life

        Science fiction terrence malick USA

        7. There Will Be Blood.

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        8. Russian Ark Russian Ark

        Plot alexander sokurov Russian

        9, hide the camera Cache

        Suspense michael haneke French


10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

        Plot Ang Lee Taiwan Province


        11. Warm and contained light Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

        Plot michel gondry USA

        12, tropical disease Tropical Malady

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        13. Tell her Talk to Her

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

        14, private love disorder Punch-Drunk Love

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        15. Bless Blissfully Yours

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        16. Death of Mr. Lazarescu without medical reliability

        Plot Cristi Puiu French

Platform movie poster.

        17. Platform

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        18. Robot Story WALL-E

        Animation andrew stanton USA

        19. Dancer in the Dark

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        20. Les glaneurs et la glaneuse, gleaner

        Documentary Agnès Varda French


        21. City of God

        Plot Kátia Lund/fernando meirelles Brazil

        22. Lost in Translation in Tokyo

        Plot Sofia Coppola USA

        23. Far from Heaven Far from Heaven

        Plot Todd Haynes USA

        24.dogville, Dogville

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        25. Zodiac

        Plot david fincher USA

        26. History of Violence

        Plot david cronenberg USA

Brokeback Mountain movie poster.

        27. brokeback mountain

        Plot Ang Lee USA

        28. So is your mother.

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón USA

        29. No Country for Old Men in No Country for Old Men

        Plot Cohen brothers America

        30. Hurt Locker Hurt Locker

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA


        31. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        32. Le fils, the son of others

        Plot Luc Dardenne French

        33. A Separation

        Plot asghar farhadi Iranian

        34. Royal Tenenbaums, Genius Family

        Plot wes anderson USA

        35. Melancholia

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        36. Uncle Boonmei who can recall his past life can be recalled.

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        37. Life with a glass of wine Sideways

        Plot alexander payne USA

        38. Social Network

        Plot david fincher USA

        39. White Ribbon

        Plot michael haneke German


        40. Love Before Sunset at sunset

        Plot richard linklater USA

        41. Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        42. Four months, three weeks and two days in April.

        Plot chris Tiane Mungi Romanian

        43. Memento mori Memento

        Plot Christopher Nolan USA

        44. Lord of the Rings 1: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        45. Love syndrome Syndromes and a Century

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        46. Forward Youth Colossal Youth

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

        47. Turin Horse, turin horse

        Plot Bela Tarr Hungarian

        48. Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        49. Inland Empire inland empire

        Plot david lynch USA

        50. Angels love beautiful Amelie

        Plot Jean-Pierre Genè ne France


        51. Distant from afar

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

        52.Elephant elephant

        Plot gus van sant USA

        53. Pan’s Labyrinth, the labyrinth of Pan God

        Plot guillermo del toro Mexican

        54. Piano Teacher Piano Teacher

        Plot michael haneke German

Tiexi District Part I: Factory Movie Posters.

        55. Tiexi District Part I: Factory

        Documentary Wang Bing China

        56. Songs from the Second Floor.

        Plot roy andersson Sweden

        57. Paris ukiyo-e Code Unknown

        Plot michael haneke German

        58. Wanda’s room

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

2046 movie poster.

        59. 2046

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        60. Moulin Rouge!

        Song and Dance baz luhrmann USA


        61. eavesdropping storm Lives of Others

        Plot Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German

        62. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        63. Silent Light

        Plot carlos reygadas Mexican

Three Gorges Good Man Movie Poster.

        64. The Three Gorges Good Man

        Plot Jia Zhangke China


Stick to the movie poster.

        65. Do not leave.

        Plot Cai Mingliang Taiwan Province

        66. Hunting bin Laden Zero Dark Thirty

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA

        67. swamp Cienaga, La

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        68. Headless Woman headless woman

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        69. Love is a bitch Amores perros

        Plot Alessandro Gonzalez Inarido Mexican


        70. Donnie Darko manages Donnie Darko.

        Plot Chad Kelly USA

        71. Synecdoche, New York synecdoche

        Plot Charlie Kaufman USA

        72. Inglourious Basterds, Inglourious Basterds

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        73. Finding Nemo

        Animation andrew stanton/lee unkrich USA

        74. Grizzly bear Grizzly Man

        Documentary werner herzog

        75. Children of Men, Son of Man

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón Mexican

        76. Adaptation of the script

        Plot Spike Jonze USA

        77. love Amour

        Plot michael haneke German

        78. the rhythm of Ten periods of life ten

        Plot Abbas Chiaro Stamey Iranian

        79. superman story Incredibles

        Animation Brad Bird USA

        80. Infernal Affairs Departed

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        81. Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3

        Animation lee unkrich USA

        82. Winter’s Bone.

        Plot Debra Granik USA

        83. old boys Oldboy

        Plot Park Chan-wook Korea

Hero movie poster.


        Plot Zhang Yimou China

        85. Ghost World Ghost World

        Plot terry zwigoff USA

        86. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty

        Documentary Jonas Mekas USA

World movie poster.

        87. World

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        88. Children L’enfant

        Plot Luc Dardenne Belgian

        89. Irrevocable irrecoverable

        Plot Gaspar Noe Argentine

        90. Let the Right One In Let the Right One In

        Plot Tomas Alfredson Sweden


        91. mysterious river

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        92. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner.

        Plot Zacharias Kunuk Canada

        93. Black Swan

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        94. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        95.Hunger hunger

        Plot steve mcqueen England

        96. Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom

        Plot wes anderson USA

        97. Master

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        98. Travel Notes of Flying House Circle Up

        Animation Pete Docter USA

        99. Borat, Polat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

        Comedy Larry Charles USA

        100. Serious Man

        Plot Cohen brothers America


        101. New World New World

        Plot terrence malick USA

        Flight 102 and 93 United 93

        Plot paul greengrass USA

        103. Go forward Gegen die Wand

        Plot fatih akin German

        104. American Splendor is the glory of America

        Plot Robert Pulcini/Shari Springer Berman USA

        105. Letters from Iwo Jima

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        106. Hugo Hugo

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        Plot Bong Joon ho Korea

        108. Queen

        Stephen Frears, England

        109, whales and whales Squid and the Whale

        Plot noah baumbach USA

        You Can Count on Me.

        Plot kenneth lonergan USA


        111. Intruder

        Plot claire danes French

        112. Circle of life

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        113. The Pianist

        Plot roman polanski French

        114. Drunk hometown folk song Inside Llewyn Davis

        Plot Joel Coen/Ethan Coen USA

        115. A man without a past

        Plot aki kaurismaki Finland

        116, Anatolia past Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

Red balloon travel movie poster.

        117, the red balloon travel Flight of the Red Balloon

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian France

        118, 35 cups of rum 35 rhums

        Plot claire danes French

        119、Waiting for Happiness

        Abderrahmane Sissako France

        120. Holy Girl

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine


        The children are all right.

        Plot lisa cholodenko USA

        122. Summer Hours

        Plot olivier assayas French

        123, Paris commune Commune (Paris, 1871)

        Plot Peter Watkins France

        124. Circumcising the Dragon and Phoenix Fighting Moolaadé

        Plot ousmane sembene Senegalese

        125, Avatar avatar

        Fantasy James Cameron USA

        126. Gladiator, Gladiator

        Plot ridley scott England

        127, the death of the sharpshooter the assignment of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

        Plot andrew dominic USA

        128. Hunt down the freedman family Capturing the Friedmans.

        Documentary andrew jarecki USA

Millennium mambo movie poster.

        129. Millennium Mambo

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Taiwan Province

        130. King and Queen Rois et Reine

        Plot Arnold Desplechin France


        George Washington George Washington

        Plot david gordon green USA

        132. Fantastic Mr. Fox in Fantastic Mr. Fox

        Animation wes anderson USA

        Wendy and Lucy Wendy and Lucy

        Story Kelly Richards America

        134, out of order Time Out

        Plot lauren Gantet French

        135. The Artist

        Plot michel hazanavicius French

        136. In The City of Sylvia.

        Plot Jose Luis Green Spain

        137. Christmas belongs to us. Unconte de Nol

        Plot arnaud desplechin French

        Man on Wire, tightrope walker

        Documentary james marsh UK

        139. Waltz with Bashir with Bashir.

        Animation ari folman Israeli

        140, a slave for twelve years 12 Years a Slave

        Plot steve mcqueen USA

House of flying daggers movie poster.

        141, flying daggers

        Plot Zhang Yimou China

        I wasn’t there I’m Not There.

        Plot Todd Haynes USA

        143, elegy of love logde l ‘amour

        Plot Jean-Luc Ge Daer

Coffee time movie poster.

        144, Jia Xuan time

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Japan

        145, ordinary lover Les amants réguliers

        Plot Philippe Garrel French

        146. About Schmidt

        Plot alexander payne USA

        147. My Winnipeg Lake

        Documentary guy maddin Canada

        148, return to Volver

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

        149, she Her

        Plot Spike Jonze USA

        150. Beasts of the Southern Wild.

        Plot bayh zetlin USA


        151. Holy Motors

        Plot leos carax French

        152, Sexy Beast sexy beast

        Plot jonathan glazer Spanish

        153. There is still the sound of reading in the mountain village, Treet Avoir.

        Documentary Nicolas Philibert French

        154. The House of Mirth

        Plot terence davies England

        155, half dream and half awake life Waking Life

        Animation richard linklater USA

        156、Certified Copy

        Abbas kiarostami Iranian

        157. The Dark Knight in The Dark Knight

        Plot Christopher Nolan USA

        158. Almost Famous

        Plot cameron crowe USA

        159, the prophet A Prophet

        Plot jacques audiard French

Ren Xiaoyao movie poster.

        160, Ren Xiaoyao

        Plot Jia Zhangke China


        161. Kill Bill: vol.1.

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        162, unexpected edge In the Bedroom

        Plot Todd Field USA

        163. Inception of Inception Space

        Science fiction Christopher Nolan USA

        164. Sarah Bond Saraband

        Plot ingmar bergman Sweden

        165. Lincoln Lincoln

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

What time do you have movie posters?

        166. What time is it on your side

        Plot Cai Mingliang Taiwan Province

        167, 24-hour carnival party 24-hour party people

        Plot michael winterbottom England

        168. Munich

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        169. Escape from Argo, Tehran

        Plot Ben Affleck USA

        170. Gosford Park, Gosford Manor

        Plot robert altman England


        171. Divine Intervention of Cross Destiny

        Plot elia suleiman French

        172. Vera Drake, vera drake

        Plot Mike Ray UK

        173. Shrek the Monster

        Animation andrew adamson & Vicky Zhan Sen USA

        174. Paranoid Park, Psychedelic Park

        Plot gus van sant French

        175, drug network Traffic

        Plot steven soderbergh USA

        176, return to The Return

        Plot andrey zvyagintsev Russian

        177. Nostalgia for the Light of hometown

        Documentary patrick guzman French

        178, zombie Shaun of the Dead

        Plot edgar wright England

        179. The King’s Speech

        Plot tom hopper England

        180, The Fog of War

        Plot errol morris USA


        181, diving bell and butterfly The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

        Plot Julian Schnabel French

        182. memories of murder

        Plot Bong Joon ho Korea

        183, killing interpretation of The Act of Killing

        Plot joshua oppenheimer Danish

        184, The Aviator

        Plot martin scorsese USA

        185. Two Lovers

        Plot James Gray USA

        Carlos Carlos

        Plot olivier assayas French

        187. The Sun

        Plot alexander sokurov Russian

        188. The Descendants

        Plot alexander payne USA

        189, spring, summer, autumn and winter is another spring.

        Plot Jin Jide Korea

        I grew up in Iran, Persepolis.

        Animation Vincent Paronnaud & marjane satrapi French


        191, the raging sea: polar expedition master and commander: the far side of the world.

        Action peter weir USA

        192. The Hours all the time

        Plot stephen daldry USA

        193, crazy dating beautiful Les triplettes de Belleville

        Animation sylvain chomet French

        194. White Material White Material

        Plot claire danes French

        195. The Ghost Writer in ghost writer

        Plot roman polanski French

        196. Erin Brockovich, erin brockovich

        Plot steven soderbergh USA

        197. Morvern Callar Morvern Callar

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        198. Together

        Plot lukas moodysson Sweden

        Good night, good luck, Good Night, and Good Luck.

        Plot George Clooney America

        200, Gary Gerry

        Plot gus van sant USA

        201. Love Before Midnight.

        Plot richard linklater USA

        202. Mysteries of Lisbon

        Plot Raoul-Ruiz Portuguese

        203, Bad Education.

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

The best time movie poster.

        204, the best time

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Taiwan Province

        205, Gundam Divine Comedy Notre musique

        Plot Jean-Luc Ge Daer

        206, brilliant life The Best of Youth

        Plot Kyle Tullio Giordana Italian

        207, Police, Adjective police, adjective

        Plot Corneliu Porumboiu Romanian

        208, black book Zwartboek

        Plot paul verhoeven Holland

        209. Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine

        Plot jonathan dayton & Valerie Faris USA

        210, desperate driving Drive

        Plot nicolas winding refn USA


        211. Half Nelson Half Nelson

        Plot ryan fleck USA

        212, carefree Happy-Go-Lucky

        Plot mike leigh England

        213. Battle in Heaven

        Plot carlos reygadas Mexican

        214. Le Havre, le havre

        Plot aki kaurismaki Finland

        215. The Wrestler in The Wrestler

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        216, Minority Report minority report

        Science fiction Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        217, 25th Hour 25th hour

        Plot Spike Lee USA

Infernal affairs movie poster.

        218, Infernal Affairs

        Plot Liu Weiqiang & Siu Fai Mak Hongkong

        219. Columbine Campus Event Bowling for Columbine

        Documentary michael moore USA


        220. Oasis

        Plot Li Cangdong Korea

        221. Once

        Plot john kani Irish

        222. Kill Bill 2 Kill Bill: Vol. 2

        Action quentin tarantino USA

        223. Offside offside

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        224. Gravity

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón USA

        225, free La Libertad

        Plot Lisandro Alonso Argentine

        226, Fahrenheit 911 Fahrenheit 9/11

        Documentary michael moore USA

        227, Crimson Gold

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        228, sister erotic Fat Girl

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        229. Monsoon Wedding Banquet

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        230. Los Angeles Plays Itself

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        231, the Evolution of a Filipino Family evolution of a filipino family

        Plot lav diaz Philippines

        232, Silver Linings Playbook behind the dark clouds

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        233, Capote Capote

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        234, Take Shelter

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        235. Django Unchained, Django Unchained

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        236, loop Pulse

        Horrible Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Japan.

        237, curse Tarnation

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        Spellbound, spelling bee

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        239. Bamako Bamako

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        240. The Devil’s Backbone in the Ghost Children’s Home

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        241. Margaret

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        247. Gangs of New York

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        I want to go home I’m Going Home.

        Plot Manoel de Oliveira French

        249. Oriental Promises

        Plot david cronenberg USA

        This is Not a Film.

        Documentary Mojtaba Mirtahmasb & jafar panahi Iranian



Comment on Exhibition | "Old Man Older than Us" Where did Huang Yongyu’s early optimistic innocence go?

[Editor’s Note] The column of "The Paper Art Review" comments on recent hot exhibitions with personal exhibition experience and independent perspective. The critical exhibitions include "Huang Yongyu Zodiac Art Exhibition" in National Museum, "Peng Wei’s solo exhibition: I think of you" in Suzhou Museum and "Song Dong: I don’t know destiny" in Shanghai Bund Art Museum. Contributions are welcome in this column, and the remuneration is preferential. It is required to express feelings, have substance in words, form an article or speak in a few words. The submission email address: dfzbyspl@126.com, and the email title should be marked with "surging exhibition evaluation".

Twelve Twelve Months: Huang Yongyu Zodiac Art Exhibition

Venue: National Museum (Beijing)

Time: January 19-February 12, 2017

Ticket price: free of charge

Comments: First of all, Huang Yongyu, a 90-year-old painter, should be congratulated for holding an exhibition. Besides, Huang Yongyu’s zodiac paintings do have a unique sense of humor. Huang Yongyu’s most famous Zodiac paintings are the monkey tickets for the Year of Gengshen drawn in 1980. It is said that there is a huge room for appreciation. Huang Yongyu’s subsequent painting market is also booming, becoming an old man with much more money than "those old men who are older than him". It seems that an exhibition will be held in the National Museum every year in recent years. However, congratulations go back to congratulations. Some of Huang Yongyu’s Zodiac paintings are really talented and ingenious, but compared with his Gengshen monkey paintings, they lack an inherent simplicity. In the final analysis, these Zodiac paintings on display are still just cartoons, and most of the satire lacks connotation and aftertaste, and the calligraphy style of the inscription is artificial. For example, in the painting, a fat pig is painted, and the inscription is "People lose weight themselves but are afraid that I will lose weight", and the mouse is pointed at a cat with a big belly and pregnancy. Compared with their early paintings, these paintings are bright and simple, which makes people sigh!

Huang Yongyu’s early woodcut works are full of talent, folk decoration, and an optimistic innocence, which was once admired by Wang Zengqi. When he was young, he was very friendly with Wang Zengqi and Huang Shang, and developed in his later years. It is said that he loved to show off and his pen and ink seemed to be frivolous.

澎湃 star rating: two stars

Poster of Huang Yongyu Zodiac Exhibition

On the eve of the Lunar Year of the Rooster, Huang Yongyu held a "Zodiac Painting Exhibition" in the National Museum, in which he showed 168 paintings of the Zodiac in the last 12 years (12 paintings of the Zodiac are created every year, which are assembled into a monthly calendar, plus the cover painting and the explanatory text of Huang Yongyu’s calligraphy, totaling 14 paintings every year).

Huang Yongyu painted the zodiac monkey.

Peng Wei solo exhibition: I think of you.

Venue: Suzhou Museum

Time: January 14-March 12, 2017

Ticket price: free of charge

Comments: As a young female artist, Peng Wei, who is obsessed with ancient charm and physical properties, has a kind of aura, which can be felt from the exhibition itself in Suzhou Museum even if she doesn’t look at her works. Wu Hongliang, the curator and director of the Art Museum of Beijing Academy of Painting, has a kind of persistent thinking about the presentation of the exhibition hall effect. As he said, "Your (Peng Wei’s) works often give people the impression of being too clever and too relaxed. So, I was a little worried at first when I looked at your paintings, but I got in touch with you, listened to you, and understood what you were thinking. It turned out to be really like this, and I was relieved as a friend. Therefore, this exhibition, just do it with your heart. " It should be said that this exhibition has achieved Mr. Wu Hongliang’s goal, and the ancient charm and modernity of the paintings are also in good agreement with the atmosphere of Suzhou Museum. However, going back to the painting itself, Peng Wei’s strength is cleverness, and her weakness seems to be cleverness. As far as landscape painting is concerned, the lines of pen and ink still need to be improved, and the pursuit of Mo Yun and artistic conception can still be deepened. However, the artist is still young and there is still a long way to go.

澎湃 star rating: Samsung and a half

"Peng Wei solo exhibition: I think of you" exhibition site

After the Renaissance sketch exhibition in the British Museum, the modern hall of Suzhou Museum has once again undergone a poetic transformation. Peng Wei, an artist, with more than 50 works in the past five years, has created a dialogue field that blends Chinese and western cultures with ink in the garden space designed by I.M. Pei.

Installation works

This exhibition, curated by Wu Hongliang, deputy director of the Art Museum of Beijing Academy of Painting, is the first appearance of Peng Wei’s new series "Ya Yi" and the boldest exhibition of Subo Modern Hall: the whole space will be wrapped in translucent materials and divided into continuous spaces, based on the texture of the silk used by Peng Wei’s well-known "yes man", inspired by the twists and turns of Suzhou gardens and the geometric straight lines designed by I.M. Pei in Suzhou Museum.

Song Dong: I don’t know my destiny

Venue: Shanghai Bund Art Museum

Time: January 21-March 26, 2017

Ticket price: 30 yuan

Comments: It is said that this is a grounded exhibition of Shanghai Bund Art Museum. The mirror that permeates the walls, the window frames that make up the room, and the slogan "Don’t do it for nothing", Song Dong used these daily things to occupy the whole exhibition hall space. At the opening session of the exhibition, the artist invited guests to eat the whole city made of biscuits. However, I heard that there are many rats in the Bund Art Museum. In case a diner sees a small footprint on a half-bitten wafer, how to react at this time may test everyone’s wisdom. As a performance art, such "eating a city" may still be a gimmick.

澎湃 star rating: Samsung and a half


In the art season, Song Dong is decorating a biscuit house, and "Eating a City" is one of the opening activities.

When the curator went to greet the reporters attending the press conference, the artist Song Dong still stayed in his biscuit house, and built a tall building with sticks, pizza and waffles. The whole building of the Bund Art Museum was filled with a strange smell of cream. Song Dong filled the Bund Art Museum with his 66 works, which also made this space, which always seemed quite cold, lively.

Exhibition 6 th floor space

This is perhaps the most grounded exhibition in the history of the Bund Art Museum. The mirror that permeates the walls, the window frames that make up the room, and the slogan "Don’t do it for nothing", Song Dong used these daily things to occupy the whole exhibition hall space. On a certain floor, the audience will face the queuing guardrail that is often used in public places, which is covered with daily propaganda slogans. It takes a long time to walk around the guardrail before entering the end of the room, where there stands a square monument without words. In a thousand words, or without a word, daily life invades the space of the art museum, calling for wisdom from Chang Min.

Although the contents of the exhibition are uneven and polymorphic, the artist himself has not made a condescending gesture. In "Thirty-six Calendars", he tells his own story frankly, such as growing up, falling in love, the arrival of children, attending exhibitions, and his mother falling to save a bird. In another place, the artist hangs his own photos in a small space, as if it were his own living room, and 50 enlarged dolls show the artist’s self-disclosure.

A calendar in "Thirty-six Calendars" tells that my mother fell to save a bird.

Each floor of the art museum has been turned into a theater with an independent theme, and at the same time, some spaces are connected with each other. Artists have also made some arrangements in the unconventional exhibition space of the art museum, and the audience may have some special experiences.

More exhibition information:

James Terrell retrospective exhibition

Venue: Shanghai Long Art Museum (West Coast Pavilion)

Time: January 22–May 21, 2017

This exhibition covers the artist’s works of art in the past 50 years, including his representative lighting and space installations and selected photography and printmaking works. Terrier’s brand-new site-specific works based on the spatial design of the Dragon Art Museum will also be highlighted in the exhibition.

Auspicious Antai: Exhibition of Welcome Paintings and Calligraphy by Famous Maritime Artists

Venue: Duoyun Art Museum

Time: January 18th-February 8th, 2017

On the occasion of resigning the old year and welcoming the new year, Duo Yunxuan brought calligraphers Liu Xiaoqing, Liu Yiwen, Zhang Weisheng and Ding Shenyang, painters Gong Jixian, Yang Zhengxin, Che Pengfei and Le Zhenwen, seal engravers Lu Kang, Sun Weizu, Wu Chengbin and Yuan Huimin with auspicious and auspicious paintings and calligraphy exhibitions. I wish you good luck and peaceful future!

It’s warmest here in the New Year.

Venue: apparent horizon Art (Shanghai Red Square)

Time: January 21st-February 15th, 2017

In this exhibition, courtyard furnishings, desk ornaments and modern sculpture installations are displayed side by side. Among them, two huge sculptures show the artistic features of the artist Pin Mi, and there are also works by Inoue, Ding Xiongquan, Ding Liren, xia yang, Yao Xingwen and Qin Yifeng.


Buddhist Biography in Vietnam and Southeast China: Buddhist Events, Scenery and Relic

Venue: Gushan Hall, Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Time: January 13-March 27, 2017

The 111 pieces (groups) of Buddhist relics exhibited in the exhibition are mostly from pagodas, underground palaces, kiln sites and tombs in Southeast Zhejiang Province. Most of the gold and copper statues unearthed from pagodas in the period from Wu Yueguo to Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, as well as other Buddhist statues, scriptures, relic containers, and Brahma bells and chimes used in temples, especially the gold and copper statues in the period of Wu Yueguo in the Five Dynasties have the largest number and the most content.

Let go of the hills and valleys: an exhibition of landscape paintings by Xin’ an painting school

Venue: Wulin Hall, Zhejiang Museum

Time: January 21st-February 19th, 2017

This exhibition will display 70 pieces (groups) of Xin ‘an Painting School’s works from Anhui Museum and Zhejiang Museum, showing the artistic style and development process of this painting school. The exhibits include Sun Yi’s "A Picture of a Creek", Cheng Sui’s "Walking Alone to Autumn Mountain", Jian Jiang’s "A Picture of a Happy Forest" and Cha Shibiao’s "A Picture of a Landscape Imitating Yuan People".


Happy ever after: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ancient Life Exhibition (Art)

Venue: Tianjin Museum

Time: January 20th-February 19th, 2017

This exhibition is jointly organized by the Capital Museum, Tianjin Museum and Hebei Museum. More than 190 ancient artworks collected by the three museums will be exhibited, including more than 90 first-class and second-class cultural relics, presenting the artistic life and spiritual world of ancient people in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The exhibition shows literati paintings, porcelain, lacquerware, and unearthed cultural relics from kiln sites in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.


Art Home: Hidden House inshow Art Collection Exhibition

Venue: Yinshe inshow Art Center, Shenzhen

Time: January 18th-March 10th, 2017

In addition to the works of Xu Hongfei, Hu Jiefeng, Lu Zengkang, Gu Cunyan, Matsuo Ichiro, Xu Yuling, Matsui Kakuko, etc., this exhibition also presents modern epigraphy and calligraphy of Qi Baishi, Chen Julai and Wang Fuchang, aiming at guiding urbanites to learn, appreciate and collect their lifestyles.

New Zealand:

Zeng Sankai and Wang Li’s two-person exhibition of ink and wash at the stop of the sea

Venue: Blue Butterly Art Space, Auckland, New Zealand

Time: January 18th-February 20th, 2017

This exhibition is planned by Jin Jiangbo, an artist and curator, and shows more than 40 works recently created by two China artists. Among them, Zeng Sankai used books to paint, and he was good at exploring the true meaning of China landscape in brushwork; The characters in Wang Li’s works are quite interesting, which shows his artistic ideal of lifting weights easily.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou!

Southeast Network is the official news portal of Fujian, which is headed by the Propaganda Department of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and sponsored by Fujian Daily Newspaper Group.

Blessed are the citizens and friends who spend the New Year in Fuzhou!

"the heart of Minjiang river"

Fireworks+drone+light and shadow

The "New Year’s Drama" formed by integration

Officially booked New Year’s Eve

Fireworks drone show is divided into

Good fortune and successive years of happiness

Long Teng Sheng Shi Fu Man Men Ting

The blessed state of Hester’s portal

Sustainable development benefits the people

Four chapters

On New Year’s Eve, Fuzhou is blessed, and the Year of the Dragon is a blessing!



Light and shadow show is divided into

Step by step in Long Xing.

Happy on every occasion

New chapter of sustainable development spectrum

Climbing the Peak by Light in Fuzhou Year

Four chapters

I wish Fuzhou citizens.

Harvest happiness and happiness in the bright light and shadow!

The performance time is

February 9, 20:00-00:24

Specific as follows

20:00-00:00 Light and Shadow Laser Show +MAPPING Blessing;

23:50-00:00 UAV performance;

00:00-00:24 Fireworks drone light and shadow show;

Suggested places to watch: Jasmine Street and Youth Square.

The Year of the Dragon is coming, Xiaoxin wishes everyone.

Long Xing snipe (dá) snipe (dá)

Happy New Year!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou! 》

Read the original text

Man-made vs natural diamonds, is the myth of love century shattered?

Text | Silicon Valley 101

Love is expensive.

On February 14th, International Valentine’s Day, shopping sales in the United States exceeded $25 billion. In Valentine’s Day gifts, more than one-fifth of people choose jewelry.

In this issue of Silicon Valley 101, we will talk about an industry closely related to love: diamonds. How is it priced by international interest groups? How is it deeply bound to love and marriage? Now, is it pulled down by the breakthrough of artificial diamond technology in the laboratory? Besides love economics, we also found a market with more potential for diamonds in the future. …

Where does the Lab Diamond come from? 

Diamonds have been regarded as treasures and precious symbols in human society for thousands of years, but it was not until 1772 that Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, a French scientist known as the "father of modern chemistry", put a diamond in a closed tank filled with oxygen and burned it with a huge magnifying glass focusing on the sun’s rays. It was found that diamonds, like carbon, form the same amount of carbon dioxide per gram of material, and thus human beings realized that.

Since then, human beings have started the exploration of artificial diamonds. And this exploration is hundreds of years. It was not until the 1950s that the first technological breakthrough suddenly occurred.

In 1952, Union Carbide, an American petrochemical company, produced miniature synthetic diamonds by chemical vapour deposition (CVD for short) at low pressure and relatively low temperature.

A year later, in 1953, ASEA, a Swedish general motor company, successfully developed HPHT technology, which is short for high pressure and high temperature, with another technology, and synthesized diamonds.

Then, in 1954, scientists from GE Company in the United States also made diamonds in the laboratory through HPHT technology.

Seeing this, are you curious: Why do companies like petrochemical, electric machinery and general electric study synthetic diamonds? This is because in the 1950s, just after the Second World War, diamonds were widely used in industrial applications. The governments of the United States and many other countries believe that industrial diamonds are very important to manufacturing, so they define industrial diamonds as strategic reserves.

However, although millions of carats of synthetic diamonds are produced every year, no company can make artificial diamonds large enough and of good quality for the jewelry industry. Why? Let’s take apart these two methods of making diamonds: HTHP and CVD.

HTHP method uses graphite powder as raw material and metal catalyst powder as catalyst, and establishes a high temperature and high pressure environment through current heating and hydraulic device to simulate the crystallization and growth environment of natural diamond, so that graphite undergoes phase transformation and forms diamond crystals.

Thermodynamically, HTHP mode is the most similar to the growth mechanism of natural diamond, which is to recombine carbon atoms at high temperature and high pressure to form a regular tetrahedral diamond structure with sp3 C-C bond.

However, during the growth of diamond by HTHP method, impurities such as iron, cobalt and nickel in the pressure transmission medium and raw and auxiliary materials will continue to enter the diamond crystal, forming various defects, and the diamond produced will be yellow or brownish yellow, which makes the purity not ideal, and the effective growth space of diamond is also limited. Moreover, the energy and equipment used in the early HTHP method are also very expensive.

Another method, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), refers to activating (CH4/H2, CH4/N2, CH4/Ar, etc.) carbon-containing mixed gases by certain methods under the conditions of high temperature and low pressure, so that carbon atoms in them can be stripped from carbon source gases and deposited on appropriate substrates (such as Si, c-BN, SiC, Ni, Co, Pt, Ir and Pd, etc.). It’s a bit like when it snows, snowflakes pile up little by little.

Because CVD method does not need to add metal catalyst powder, there will be less impurities, but the early technology is not mature, which makes the quality of the diamonds produced different, and the color is not easy to control, and the cultivation period is long, which makes the cost very high.

However, it is a bit like practicing martial arts. As long as the secret of the book is right, as long as you use time to polish your skills, you will be able to practice it. In the next few decades, both HTHP method and CVD method are rapidly iterating.

In 1971, General Electric announced the creation of carat-grade gem diamonds, which were polished and sent to GIA, the American Gemological Research Institute, for identification. But at that time, these diamonds were easily identified as synthetic diamonds because they could be observed by optical microscope.

De Beers, the leader of the diamond industry, couldn’t sit still after watching the development of synthetic diamond technology. In 1959, it announced to join the R&D corps and began to produce synthetic diamonds for industrial use commercially in 1961.

In 1987, 26 years later, De Beers synthesized a gem-grade diamond of 11.14 carats, and in 1990, three years later, a diamond single crystal with good quality was successfully synthesized, weighing 14. 2 carats.

Since then, Japan, the United States, Russian Federation, China and so on have all started to rapidly increase their technological research and development in the field of synthetic diamonds.

One of the important milestones in the industry is 2012.

Has a new era arrived?

Earlier, we said that the color of the diamond produced by CVD process is not easy to control, but around 2012, CVD diamond manufacturers found that changing the gas in the growth chamber and using the "higher purity" synthetic diamond called "Type II A" as the seed crystal plate can improve the color of the finished diamond and accelerate the growth rate by five times. At the same time, the manufacturer found that the subsequent high-pressure and high-temperature treatment can improve the color, make the diamond colorless and gem-grade, and also cover up some iconic visual features of CVD, thus making it more difficult to identify.

Therefore, in March 2012, Gemesis Company, located in Sarasota, Florida, USA, began to sell colorless synthetic diamonds produced by CVD process.

The researchers of GIA, the American Gemological Research Institute, smelled the wind of the market and immediately bought 16 diamonds from Gemesis and began to identify them. They found that 15 of the diamonds were cut with round brilliants, weighing from 0.24 carat to 0.86 carat, and most of them were nearly colorless. On GIA’s 4C rating of diamonds, the color rating is from D to Z, and D is the closest to colorless. Most diamonds bought by GIA from Gemesis are rated as F and G, which are quite good in color, three of them are rated as I and J, and the largest 0.9-carat rectangle cut diamond is rated as L. In terms of clarity, basically all the diamonds bought are at the higher level of VVS or VS, and one of them has reached the top purity of "flawless inside".

Dr Wuyi Wang (Wang Wuyi), director of research and development of GIA at that time, immediately led the research team to conduct a series of extensive tests on synthetic diamonds, including complex spectral analysis, as well as examination of characteristics such as inclusions, texture patterns and ultraviolet fluorescence reaction, and the conclusion was as follows:

In the past decade, the quality of colorless to near colorless CVD grown diamonds has been greatly improved. These samples show that it is necessary to use advanced spectral technology to distinguish these synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds.

GIA’s research team published the conclusion in the summer of 2012, which exploded in the market in an instant, causing great controversy. Jewelry industry organizations strongly call for greater information disclosure and punishment for those producers who fail to disclose synthetic diamonds.

At this point, the laboratory artificial diamond formally poses a threat to the natural diamond market. Many artificial diamond jewelers and laboratories have mushroomed into the market, and the sales of artificial diamond jewelry have started to soar rapidly, and people’s acceptance of laboratory diamonds is also increasing. Natural diamonds previously known as "rare and precious" were suddenly pulled down from the altar. It seems that a new era has arrived.

In 2016, the International Synthetic Diamond Association (IGDA) was formally established, headquartered in the United States, aiming at better communication and publicity on the technology and development of synthetic diamonds, and at the same time, conducting more unified and standardized terminology and behavior guidelines, thus promoting the development of the entire laboratory synthetic diamond industry.

Next, let’s answer a question: In recent years, have synthetic diamonds really pulled natural diamonds off the altar? Has the myth and monopoly of diamonds really been broken? To answer this question, we must first look at how the pricing system of natural diamonds was first established, and the story is particularly funny and bloody.

Let’s turn the clock back to the 19th century.

The Rhodes era of 03 De Beers: becoming a diamond monopolist

For a long time after being discovered, diamonds were once only symbols of the royal family and nobles and ornaments of wealth. They were really scarce in those years until a large diamond mine was discovered.

In 1871, the De Beers brothers in South Africa discovered a huge diamond mine, which was soon bought by British businessman cecil rhodes for 6,600 pounds. Seventeen years later, in 1888, De Beers United Mining led by Rhodes was established. With the support of the British colonial government at that time, the diamond capital war was started by constantly annexing other diamond mines to monopolize the market.

After capital annexation and melee, 3,600 diamond mining licenses in the market were reduced to 100, and the diamond mining rights were further centralized. In 1900, as De Beers of Rhodes defeated Kimberly Central Diamond Mining Company, the biggest competitor, to become the dominant player in the industry, De Beers not only established a monopoly on diamond mines, but also controlled the diamond sales market with one hand and had absolute dominance in the pricing of diamond market. By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers, which he built, controlled 90% of the world’s mining and sales.

But for any monopolistic business behavior, it is difficult to lay down the country, but it is even more difficult to hold the country.

The only risk for De Beers, the industry overlord, is that a huge new diamond mine is discovered. De Beers’ coping strategy is: if a new diamond mine is discovered, I will buy one, if another is discovered, I will buy another … so as to maintain the continuous monopoly position in the industry. Just as Rhodes died, a great event happened in the diamond industry.

This year, a super-large diamond mine was discovered in South Africa, which is the famous "Callinan Mine", and it is also the place where the world’s largest original diamond record was found: the "Callinan Diamond" with a weight of 3,106.75 carats.

However, the owner of the Callinan mine was so contemptuous of the monopoly trade mechanism created by Rhodes that he refused to sell it to De Beers and sold the mine to a German Jewish businessman named Ernst Oppenheimer.

De Beers immediately fell into a panic: at that time, the diamond reserves in Callinan mine were almost equal to the sum of all mines controlled by De Beers. If Oppenheimer quickly pushes the diamonds from Callinan mine to the global market, it means that the retail price of diamonds will collapse, and De Beers will lose its monopoly on the diamond market.

To make matters worse, Rhodes, the founder of De Beers, has just died, and the company is in a leaderless state. Oppenheimer, on the other hand, is an extremely shrewd businessman, backed by big consortia such as JP Morgan, and he knows that De Beers must buy the Callinan mine, but because of this, the initiative is actually in his hands.

In the next few years, Oppenheimer bought shares in De Beers while buying new diamond mines. In 1926, De Beers, whose market share was continuously eroded by Oppenheimer’s subsidiary "Anglo American PLC", took the initiative to find Oppenheimer to negotiate.

For Oppenheimer, the time has come. He told the board of directors of De Beers directly that he would neither leave with a bill nor fight with De Beers. He proposed to merge with De Beers and serve as the chairman after the merger. Soon, the leaderless De Beers board agreed to Oppenheimer’s proposal. In July 1926, Oppenheimer used all the shares of Anglo-American Resources Company to obtain the control of De Beers by replacing the shares. Three years later, Oppenheimer became the chairman of De Beers Group.

Remember that the original owner of the Callinan mine sold the mine to Oppenheimer because he didn’t like De Beers’ monopolistic behavior? As a result, Oppenheimer, who annexed De Beers, became a monopolist who believed in profiteering even more.

The Oppenheimer Age of 04 De Beers: Top Marketing and Century Advertising

Why is Oppenheimer a businessman who believes in monopoly more than Rhodes? Through his handling of several incidents, everyone can appreciate it.

On October 24th, 1929, just as De Beers was preparing to enter the American market, the new york stock market crashed, and 11 bankers committed suicide in one day. At the same time, the United States entered the Great Depression before the Second World War.

Who would want to buy diamonds during the Great Depression, right? In the face of the weak demand market and falling prices, Oppenheimer thought of three vicious measures, which laid the foundation for De Beers to sit back and relax and continue to monopolize the diamond empire for decades to come:

First, control output.

The demand-supply curve of the introductory course of economics tells us directly that when you have a significant impact on the output of the supply side, you can adjust the price of goods, especially monopolists.

Just like OPEC, which has more than a dozen member countries, for oil prices, every time you watch the news, OPEC will reduce production or increase production, which can directly have a very huge impact on oil prices. In the diamond market, De Beers, a company, is equivalent to OPEC.

First, De Beers shut down almost all diamond mines in South Africa to reduce production. In 1930, De Beers’ production in South Africa was 2 million carats, which was reduced to 14,000 carats in 1933. New mines in Namibia were also shut down, and the production of Congo and Portuguese Angola was directly taken over by Oppenheimer’s London company to prevent them from appearing in the open market. But the situation is still getting worse year by year. By 1937, De Beers’ inventory had increased to about 40 million carats. What is this concept? If the market demand is about 2 million carats per year, it is equivalent to 20 years’ supply.

There are even allegations that De Beers threw a lot of diamonds into the sea to control the overproduction of the market and maintain the price. But it should be noted here that the evidence of these allegations is limited, and De Beers has never confirmed such allegations. But it also shows that De Beers’ influence on the diamond supply side has been very direct for many years.

First, in 1934, De Beers established the diamond CSO agreement, the full name of which is "Central Selling Organization".

De Beers signed an exclusive market agreement at the front end of the diamond mine, and after buying these diamonds, it calculated the best market volume every year according to the market situation to better control the supply side. De Beers signed CSO agreements with about 125 dealers around the world. Every year, these 125 dealers regularly go to London to see rough diamonds, and then they take them to all parts of the world for cutting and selling.

In the whole CSO network, although De Beers is a seller, this seller is very strong. At the ten fairs every year, the price of diamonds below 10 carats is fixed, and the price above 10 carats is negotiable. Three weeks before each inspection meeting, dealers need to submit a list of requests. Then at the inspection meeting, De Beers directly sells the dealers a briefcase the size of a lunch box, which will contain diamonds of different sizes and qualities. This briefcase is called "allotment", which will contain diamonds applied by dealers, but some dealers have not applied, and dealers can only accept the price and delivery set by De Beers in full, and there is no room for selection and counter-offer. The list of CSO CSO125 dealers is dynamic, and it is reviewed every three years. If someone does not perform well, they will be deprived of the right to see the goods.

Have you never seen such a strong seller? Just because De Beers controls the upstream of rough diamond mining, it also monopolizes the right to speak in the downstream of diamond field, such as sales.

At the same time, I would like to mention that in 1953, De Beers and GIA, the Gemological Institute of the United States, jointly formulated the diamond 4C, which is the English initials of color, clarity, cut and carat we just mentioned, and GIA issued the appraisal certificate, which became the benchmark of global diamond pricing. In this way, 4C and GIA appraisal made the rough diamonds controlled by some "irregular legions" of diamonds-for example, warlords after African countries began to break away from colonial rule-not recognized by international sales networks and consumers, but had to bow their heads and cooperate with De Beers to join the CSO system.

Third, in addition to controlling supply and sales, De Beers also began to "brainwash" consumers through marketing and advertising, creating soaring market demand.

Oppenheimer sent his son, Harry, to contact Hollywood movie stars, and used diamonds as a sponsor of Oscar and other awards ceremonies. Soon, diamond ornaments became popular among Hollywood stars. At the same time, De Beers hired NW Ayer, a well-known advertising company headquartered in new york, to reformulate its marketing strategy. After market research, NW Ayer concluded that the strong combination of diamonds and love can really trigger and stimulate market demand.

So in 1948, "A Diamond is Forever", which is translated as the well-known "Diamonds last forever, one will last forever" advertising series began to be widely introduced to the market. In advertisements and various movies, men bought diamonds for their favorite women who were crying with joy and immersed in love. As a result, love, a priceless treasure that everyone yearns for, was strongly bound together with valuable diamonds.

De Beers immediately introduced the concept of diamond engagement ring, and the promotion of this concept was undoubtedly very successful: not only Europe and America, but also international regions such as Japan began to pursue engagement rings. In 1966, only 6% of Japanese brides received engagement rings, whereas in the past, it was often in pearl style, and only 1% received diamond rings. In the 1990s, 90% of Japanese brides received diamond rings when they got married. 

Moreover, there are several advantages to strongly combine diamond ring with marriage. First, it has become a hard demand for every newly married couple. Second, since diamonds represent love, second-hand sales are regarded as a great blasphemy against love, so not many people sell second-hand diamond rings, and even if they do, there are few buyers. After all, who wants a diamond that represents the love of others? "The only, permanent and beautiful one is mine."

This means that the market demand for new diamonds will rise steadily. Therefore, after controlling output, controlling supply chain and sales, and launching century advertisements to "brainwash" consumers, De Beers strongly knocked on the door of the American market, and such stable demand and market monopoly continued until the 1990s.

Monopoly breaker: the disintegration of the former Soviet Union

In the 1950s, the former Soviet Union discovered a huge diamond mine in Siberia. De Beers, on the other hand, returned to the classic old problem: to maintain its monopoly position, it is necessary to control the diamond mining in the former Soviet Union. So De Beers said to the former Soviet Union at that time, I took all your diamonds, so they immediately signed a secret all-sale binding contract.

In the 1990s, the contract with the former Soviet Union became the source of the collapse of De Beers’ monopoly diamond empire for decades. In 1991, the former Soviet Union, the second largest diamond producer in the world, disintegrated. De Beers could not continue the previous agreement, and Siberian diamond mines and many governments began to bypass De Beers. Soon, in the late 1990s, the number of diamonds sold outside the agreement was increasing. At the same time, Australia and Canada have discovered world-class diamond mines one after another, and the global diamond shipments have gradually exceeded De Beers’ capacity, so in the end, it can only give up the traditional strategy of all acquisitions, and gradually, De Beers’ share of diamond supply has gradually declined.

On the other hand, De Beers began to face anti-monopoly investigations by the United States and the International Department of Justice in the 1990s, which completely dashed De Beers’ hope of regaining its monopoly position. In 2011, Anglo American, an Anglo-American resource group, bought 40% of the Oppenheimer family shares for $5.1 billion (3.2 billion pounds), increasing its shareholding in De Beers to 85%, ending the Oppenheimer family’s control over De Beers for 80 years.

With the improvement of technology, more and more countries begin to mine and polish their own ores. In 2016, De Beers’ market share decreased to around 35%. In recent years, Alrosa, a Russian diamond company that has been closely followed, has surpassed the output and lost its position as the industry leader.

06 checks and balances and competition between old and new forces

So let’s go back to the question we mentioned at the beginning: Have natural diamonds been pulled down by artificial diamonds? The answer is, unfortunately, not yet.

But let’s take a closer look here. Since the first quarter of 2022, the price of natural diamonds has been falling all the way. De Beers lowered the price of rough diamonds by about 10% in this year’s first auction, and continued to cut prices after last year’s decline.

However, if we go back to the St. Louis Fed’s gem-grade diamond import price index, and then lengthen the time axis a little, we will find that the current decline in diamond prices has only fallen to December 2021. If you stretch it again, you will find that it is far from falling to the low point of the 2008 financial crisis. We also interviewed an international analyst who has been tracking the diamond market for many years. He believes that the current decline in natural diamonds is mainly a revision of the rapid increase in diamond prices from 2020 to 2021. At that time, during the epidemic, because of the international supply chain problems, there was a shortage of diamonds, which led to a rapid increase in prices.

Paul Zimny, senior independent diamond analyst/consultant.

Our demand for natural diamonds set a record in 2021 and 2022. The current trend is that the demand for diamonds will decrease in 2023. I mean, it affects the price of diamonds. In the long run, the price of diamonds will be relatively stable. Therefore, you may not see much price change on the jewelry counter.

And we see that since the end of 2023, the overall diamond price has begun to stabilize. However, analysts believe that synthetic diamonds must have had a certain impact on the natural diamond market. After all, they are the same substance and the price gap is so large. However, he believes that the price correction is the main reason for the recent decline of diamonds, not the impact brought by laboratory diamonds. There are the following emerging phenomena.

First, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are not eating each other’s markets, but two completely different markets and tracks. Synthetic diamonds, because of their low price, attract new price-sensitive consumers who didn’t buy diamond rings or diamond jewelry before, and attract people who would have bought natural diamonds to try to buy artificial diamond jewelry. However, the relationship between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds is not a zero-sum game, but it enlarges the overall market cake. This forecast chart of the American market from the consulting firm Grand View Research can illustrate the problem very well. The overall market scale has become larger, and the separate markets for synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds have become larger, rather than eating into each other.

Many consumers who buy laboratory synthetic diamonds may not be consumers who buy natural diamonds, so this is not a zero-sum game. I think a lot of demand is driven by laboratory synthetic diamonds, which is a new increment, but it is difficult to quantify this accurately. But I think, on the whole, volatility and the price of natural diamonds are more related to the cyclical nature of the industry.

Laboratory diamonds have not broken the strong bond between natural diamonds and love and marriage, or even the jeweler’s insistence on natural diamonds. In addition to De Beers and LVMH, the heads of luxury brands, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, Shangmei and other jewelry brands, have made it clear that diamonds cultivated in the laboratory can not be accepted by most high-end jewelry consumers at present.

At present, the diamond trade is divided into five levels of distributors:

First-class dealer: mainly responsible for selling rough diamonds and diamonds that have been cut initially.

Second-tier dealers: buyers of big brand companies

Third-level dealers: high-end collectors purchase the best and rarest diamonds.

Fourth-level dealer: ordinary commodity-grade diamonds are sold to general jewelry manufacturers and small retailers.

Fifth-level dealers: face consumer commercial channels (D2C) and provide personalized retail services.

It seems that diamonds cultivated in the first to third laboratories cannot enter, and the fourth and fifth grades will be the main expansion markets. Therefore, we can see that the business models of pet hair cultivating diamonds, ashes diamonds and so on are all narrative and promotion that artificial diamond dealers are trying to do at present.

For the first-class to third-class diamond distribution channels, De Beers is still a very influential player in the industry, although its monopoly position is no longer. The perfect diamond trading system built in the past 100 years and the binding concept of natural diamonds and love are still being used. Therefore, natural diamond giants such as De Beers can still control the quantity and price at the source of mining and keep the price of natural diamonds at a high price.

If we look at the supply of natural diamonds, I think the supply will be relatively stable or even decline in the next 5 to 10 years. I think we will continue to see that the supply of diamonds cultivated in the laboratory will actually increase rapidly, and the production technology and production capacity of large manufacturers are also constantly improving, so the production and supply of these two products are very different.

Whether it is synthetic diamonds or natural diamonds, a large part of them are used for industrial purposes. When discussing the change of market share, we must discuss jewelry-grade diamonds and industrial-grade diamonds separately. And many analysts believe that the future potential of laboratory-cultivated diamonds, or synthetic diamonds, must be in industry, not jewelry.

In October, 2023, WD Lab Grown Diamonds, the second diamond producer in Ushizo, filed for bankruptcy in Delaware. Mike Grunza, CEO of the company, said that in the early days, jewelry-grade synthetic diamonds were still a very profitable business, but now the situation is that a large number of synthetic diamond companies began to produce jewelry-grade diamonds because of the maturity of technology, but the market demand could not swallow such a large supply, and the oversupply made the synthetic diamond market start to price, especially the price pressure from China manufacturers.

According to global market data, the production capacity of jewellery-grade cultivated diamonds in China accounts for about 50% of the total global production capacity, of which 80% comes from Henan Province. Under such a price war, the price of synthetic diamonds plunged by 80% in just one year, and even fell below the price that can be profitable. The cost of producing diamonds exceeded the company’s income from selling diamonds, which made the capital chain of the second Ushizo diamond company in the United States break and eventually went bankrupt.

It should be noted that WD jewelry business closed down, and WD Advanced Materials’ advanced materials department was spun off and re-appeared in public. The person in charge of this part told the media that it is not the purpose of the enterprise to use artificial diamonds as jewelry. Although they may sell gem-grade diamonds to get cash flow, just making jewelry is not the scope that the enterprise can bear in the future.

Similarly, Diamond Foundry, an artificial diamond company invested by Xiao Lizi Leonardo DiCaprio after filming "Blood Diamond" in 2005, has also changed from cultivating jewelry-grade diamonds in the early stage to cultivating high-precision industrial-grade diamonds, including AI and cloud computing chips, new energy charging, wireless communication chips and other fields, but their website home page does not mention jewelry diamond cultivation.

However, analysts believe that the cost needs to be reduced if the diamonds cultivated in the laboratory are to be used in industrial applications on a large scale, especially in high-precision manufacturing.

Just like high-tech industrial applications, if you want to use it as a component or equipment, it needs very high quality, and I think the price must be very low to make it economically meaningful for the industry to use it. This is why we will continue to see that the prices of materials used in all laboratories to make diamonds are falling, because other manufacturers have the incentive to lower their prices, so that they can sell materials to these high-tech industries, all of which are larger than the jewelry industry. So I think there are many opportunities to make diamonds in the laboratory in the direction of precision industrial manufacturing. I think in the next ten years, I will see important news about the diamond manufacturing in the laboratory, which will play a role in these high-tech equipment and applications, such as what most people have, whether it is mobile phones or electric cars, so I will continue to pay attention.

Finally, let’s talk about the controversy over synthetic diamonds. The mining of traditional natural diamonds involves ecological destruction, waste of water resources, and huge carbon emissions. Coupled with the immoral mining chaos behind "blood diamonds", this industry has always faced many criticisms.

However, there is another argument that laboratory-cultivated diamonds, which look more "green", "sustainable" and "transparent" in process, actually produce much more carbon emissions and carbon footprints than natural diamonds: producing a laboratory-cultivated diamond also requires a lot of energy, and requires the division of production in different countries and regions around the world, which also produces a longer carbon footprint than natural diamonds. In addition, the natural diamond mining industry has actually helped and improved the quality of life of residents in many poor and backward areas in Africa, and contributed stable economic income to many areas. If artificial diamonds completely replace natural diamond mining, the economies of these areas will bear the brunt. Therefore, there are also voices questioning whether laboratory-cultivated diamonds are more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds from the perspective of sustainability, which is really open to question.

In addition, because of the endorsement of luxury brands, the entire 4C pricing system and GIA certificate appraisal, natural diamonds make consumers think that authenticity, quality and process are more transparent, but the artificial diamond market is still mixed and the appraisal ecology is not perfect, which also makes some consumers afraid to start, but prefer to buy more secure natural diamonds.

So, let’s sum up:

1) Synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are two different markets, which may overlap, but the mainstream consumers do not overlap too much at present;

2) In the current situation of the industry, the price war of synthetic diamonds has not directly impacted natural diamonds, but has been involved in making synthetic diamond companies go bankrupt;

3) In terms of development potential, jewelry-grade diamonds are not a fancy market for many synthetic diamond manufacturers, but a larger-scale industrial-grade high-precision manufacturing industry, but the cultivation cost needs to be greatly reduced;

4) Finally, the "environmental protection" narrative of synthetic diamonds has not touched the consumers in the market, and it will take time to verify it.

Maybe diamonds are not eternal, and they can’t be circulated forever. Monopoly business empires will also decline one day, and industries will disappear one day. Everything is unknown, but the only thing is that human beings’ desire to pursue love, beauty and faith is constant and eternal.

Even if one day, the diamond is really pulled down from the altar, I think there will be a new symbol to replace the diamond, and people will give it a new symbolic meaning. Whether this symbol is another substance or a virtual immaterial, we are also curious about what it will be.

Musk, the richest man in the world: Being fool in love in the love affair with "Crazy Beauty" Amber.

The women that Musk, the richest man in the world, likes all have the same characteristics, they are beautiful and have high IQ.

Amber Heard, a Hollywood actress, has a perfect face, stunning appearance, clean and cold temperament, and a bit like a girl next door.

Musk couldn’t resist such a beauty and plunged into the love affair with Amber.

He only saw the beauty of Amber, but he didn’t know there was a crazy soul under the beautiful skin.

Amber is a typical crazy beauty, which makes him eat up the pain of love.

In 2013, Musk met Amber. At that time, he had the idea of pursuing beauty and invited each other to dinner.

At that time, Amber and Johnny Depp were madly in love and didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

Depp, who starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, became the top stream in Hollywood and got the title of captain.

Amber and Depp got married in 2015, and after only one year of marriage, they got divorced.

Amber looks like a girl next door on the surface, quiet and beautiful, but in reality it’s crazy.

In terms of feelings, it is not uncommon for her to eat for all ages, for both men and women, and for her to tread more than one boat.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they were accused of excreting in his bed.

I should know something about Amber’s crazy Musk, which didn’t scare him off.

These are not problems for him, but a little crazy can be used as a substitute for life and make life more interesting.

When he entered this relationship, he found that Amber’s madness far exceeded his imagination and brought him great pain.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they walked down the red carpet once and met Musk by chance.

Seeing that Amber was alone, Musk took the initiative to go forward and ask questions.

In this chat, the two exchanged contact information, and Musk began to pursue Amber.

Musk’s way of pursuing beauty is as domineering as the president in Ba Zong’s novel.

Amber complained to him that Depp had domestic violence.

This aroused his strong desire for protection and provided her with 24-hour uninterrupted security service.

As a science and technology madman, he thinks it’s romantic to show someone he likes high technology.

He took Amber to the launch site of Rocket Falcon 9.

Musk successfully caught up with the goddess in his heart.

There are also many happy and sweet moments between them.

Have dinner together happily, walk hand in hand in the street, kiss and hug in public.

In order to make Musk happy, Amber tailored the costume for him.

Happy moments are just embellishments, and the main tone of this relationship is black and violent.

No one knows what Amber thinks in her heart. In this relationship, she especially likes to create chaos and sabotage.

She and Musk often quarreled, and they quarreled all night and endlessly.

Such a day is a kind of torture for each other.

There is love between the two people, and they torture each other, sometimes breaking up and sometimes getting back together.

Musk said that Amber broke up more times than he did.

He really loves Amber.

He is reluctant to leave each other, but it is very painful to be together. This relationship makes him feel "too cruel".

Musk’s relatives and friends don’t like this tossing Amber, saying that she is the most unbearable of all Musk’s girlfriends.

Musk’s younger brother thinks that this woman is "too poisonous", which makes his brother suffer greatly but can’t stop.

This relationship is also quite strong.

The two broke up after dating for more than a year.

After breaking up, Musk often locked himself in a dark room, and the whole person seemed to be in a coma.

This situation lasted for a year and a half.

When Musk told others about his feelings during that time, he said that it was the most painful moment in his life, which was unbelievable.

When the relationship is over, Musk still can’t forget Amber. When he meets the opportunity, he will come to a hero to save the beauty.

After Amber played Hai in Warner’s Neptune, the film received a good response.

The divorce case between Amber and Depp was raging and their reputation was greatly affected.

In 2021, when Warner filmed Aquaman 2, it didn’t want to use Amber any more for fear of affecting the box office.

As the ex-boyfriend of Amber, Musk was very dissatisfied after hearing about it and gave a letter to the film producer.

The general meaning of the letter is that if Amber is not allowed to participate in the filming of the sequel to Neptune, he will burn down the house.

Who is not afraid of the threat of the world’s richest man and scientific genius, Musk has this ability.

So, people saw Amber again in Aquaman 2.

When Musk’s biographer asked him why he fell in love with a woman who was "mean" to him, he replied that he was a fool in love.

Extreme success must be accompanied by extreme personality.

Musk has indeed achieved extreme success in his career and technology. Of course, his personality is also extreme in some aspects.

I often do something that looks silly in love. If I don’t have the aura of the richest man, I will be really stupid in people’s eyes.

Wallace Chung’s "Jin Xin Si Yu" and "Unstable End Water" The Duke opened online.

Produced by Penguin Film and Television, Huacekerton and Kuangan Media, and starring actor Wallace Chung, the inspirational emotional drama "Jin Xin Ru Yu" for women in ancient costume houses is being broadcasted exclusively by Tencent Video, with 2 episodes updated every Tuesday, Wednesday and 20: 00, and members are the first to watch it. In just four days, the number of broadcasts on the whole network exceeded 400 million. Since the beginning of the drama series, netizens have been enthusiastic about following the drama. When Xu Lingyi, played by Wallace Chung, appeared, she staged a scene of high-energy "unstable water", switching freely between cold face and enthusiasm. The superb acting skills made the audience hooked up, and netizens collectively turned "tap water" to call the Duke. However, Wallace Chung substituted Xu Lingyi for Ben Yi and sang the ending song "Ink Drop", which triggered fans to urge "Singer Clock" to release a new album online.
The strength is multi-faceted. The duke should be cold and hot. Xu Lingyi is "unstable at the end of the water"
In the play, Xu Lingyi, played by Wallace Chung, not only has multiple identities, but also has "multiple faces". When he was "at work", Duke Xu was in high spirits and published a lot of state affairs. Duke Xu, who came home from work, was listless and uninterested in everything. Should have become the "master of water-carrying" at home, the rain and dew are all wet, but I didn’t expect it to be unstable and increase my troubles. With regard to the attitude towards Eleven Niangs (Seven) and Qiao Lianfang (Viva), Xu Lingyi, who is fair and impartial, also started the "double standard" mode of hot and cold. In the face of the Eleven Niangs, she smiled and gave gifts on her own initiative, but in front of Qiao Lianfang, she gradually cooled down and became a poisonous tongue "tea master" Xu Wei, and netizens all said that "the double-standard duke is a real hammer".
Suspected by Xu Lingyi’s "hacking" online shouting "seeking dignity"
During the hit of the drama series, Wallace Chung wittily shouted Seven, the eleventh mother. "Can you give the Duke some decency?" I also dropped a soup kitten expression pack, and the "humble duke" made netizens feel distressed online. In the drama broadcast last night, Xu Lingyi put on shoes made by Niangniang, and even walked carefully, which caused fans to open their brains and contribute fancy expression packs. Wallace Chung, a front-line 8G surfer, lamented Weibo, "Good citizens are so talented, and Xu Lingyi looks like me who bought new shoes." Xiaowa, who is actively engaged in business, was teased by fans. "Brother, have you been hacked by Xu Lingyi?" Blink if you are kidnapped.
Wallace Chung, a singer who deeply sang the ending song "Falling Ink", "Yi Jian Fall in Love"
Wallace Chung, who incarnated "Xu Ling Yi Ben Yi" on the social platform, sang the ending song "Ink Drop" for "Jin Xin Yu" with deep affection, which surprised fans. Its gentle and mellow voice slowly tells Xu Lingyi’s inch-by-inch lovesickness. "If you can’t say it with deep affection, I won’t hide at the end, and I am in the dim light of your lamp …" The delicate feelings touch people’s hearts, and at the same time, it also outlines the tender side of Xu Lingyi, a brave general. Netizens have expressed their "falling in love with the singer Wallace Chung" and "looking forward to the new album and concert".
Xu Lingyi’s long journey of "carrying water" has already begun. What interesting stories will happen in Houfu? Every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00, lock Tencent’s video "Jin Xin Si Yu" and unlock the Duke’s "decent" progress bar together.
Source: Beiqing Net
Everyone is searching.
Wallace Chung Jin Xin resembles jade Jin Xin resembles jade Wallace Chung takes screenwriter Wallace Chung Jin Xin resembles jade acting Jin Xin resembles jade Wallace Chung stills Jin Xin resembles jade decent Wallace Chung Gu Xichao.


The lonely shadow is deep

Wallace Chung is so handsome.


Inner Mongolia




extremely handsome




Love plus 20

I’m chasing "Jin Xin ru Yu". It’s beautiful! Wallace Chung accurately shaped Xu Lingyi, making this character more three-dimensional and full!




Shi Yunbei

Wallace Chung’s acting is good.






It’s really good to watch the drama and chase the big night. Wow, it’s wonderful.




Kong Guang 7l

Wallace Chung’s acting is really great.





Wallace Chung played well! Chasing plays every day.




Cats listen to the rain LL

Xu Lingyi is another successful classic character in Wallace Chung. He loves Xu Lingyi, who is literate and capable of martial arts. He controls horses with one hand, rides horses and shoots arrows, and plays drama as always. His eyes and inner drama are also very delicate. Ancient costume male god, omnipotent Wallace Chung.




Kuang Yingchu 5l

Wallace Chung’s acting skills are amazing.




Small cherry 2011811

The duke of Wallace Chung is charming, handsome in riding and archery, beautiful in heart, charming in coquetry and cute in costume, and has a first-class acting skill.





Call for Xiaowa




Don’t cry.

Update only three days a week? Oh, my God, it’s so slow.









Ling Jianzhang DW

Looking forward to the update





Xu Lingyi of Wallace Chung is so charming, and riding a horse is so handsome.




Kong Guang 7l

Really handsome




Fff Lolo

I really think it’s beautiful. I couldn’t watch this kind of house fighting drama before. The more I watch it, the more interesting it is. The more I want to watch it, the more I can’t get enough of two episodes a day.




Chao Xiang yun duo

The wrong time is 20 o’clock every Tuesday, Wednesday and Wednesday.




Zhiai zhlww

crying of a child




Zhong hei Hua love

Love with you




Chao Xiang yun duo

The wrong time is 20 o’clock every Tuesday, Wednesday and Wednesday.




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It snows in Guangdong!

Snow, snow!

It snows in Guangdong! !

The first wave of strong cold air hit in 2024.

Qingyuan ushered in the first snow.

According to @ Qingyuan Weather: This morning, the first snow in Guangdong in 2024 started in Qingyuan, and there was snow or road ice on the Nanfengyu road in Lianzhou.

"On Guangdong people’s persistence in watching snow"

No matter how cold the weather is

Can’t stop Cantonese.

The enthusiasm for going out to see the snow at 7 o’clock in the morning.

In addition, it snows in other provinces in southern China.

According to netizens’ photos

The snow in Jiangxi is really heavy.

Photo courtesy: Gao Mei.

It’s snowing in downtown Hangzhou, too


Yellow warning signal of cold in Shenzhen

It’s taking effect!

Central Meteorological Observatory this morning

Three warnings of cold wave, blizzard and strong wind are issued simultaneously!

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave blue warning at 06: 00 on January 22.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow warning of blizzard at 06: 00 on January 22.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a gale blue warning at 06: 00 on January 22.

Multiple cold warning signals come into effect

As of 7:25 this morning,

Guangdong province has a total of

230 cold warning signals are in effect.


Cold red warning 12

82 cold orange warnings

136 cold yellow warnings

Future weather in Shenzhen

It is estimated that there will be scattered light rain on cloudy days in our city today, and the temperature will continue to drop to around 9℃, with the maximum gust of 7-8 in coastal areas, highlands and sea areas;

There was light rain from the night to the 23rd today, and the temperature continued to drop. The lowest temperature dropped to about 5℃, and the highest temperature dropped to about 8℃, which made me feel cold.

At present, the temperature in Shenzhen is about 13-15℃, so friends who go out can use onion dressing method.

Suggestion: thick coat+long sleeves+bottoming, not afraid of cold friends suggestion: thick coat+long sleeves. You can take off your coat when you feel hot indoors.

Some sections of Beijing-Zhuhai North Expressway are closed

On January 21st, affected by strong cold air, the temperature in the northern section of Shaoguan of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway dropped significantly. At 20: 00 on January 21st, the road surface temperature was 0.9℃ at Yunyan section of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway.

In order to ensure traffic safety, according to the emergency plan, the No.1 Brigade of Traffic Police Detachment of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau, after consultation with Beijing-Zhuhai North Company, the relevant departments decided to take temporary traffic control measures on some sections of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway:

First, the control time: it will be implemented at 0: 00 on January 22, and the time for lifting the control will depend on the weather changes.

2. Control measures: Meihua Station of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway is diverted to Guangzhou, and Daqiao Station is diverted to Hunan; The entrance of Meihua Station to Guangzhou is closed, and the entrance of Daqiao Station to Hunan is closed.

Blizzard is coming

Everyone must pay close attention to the weather changes.

Pay attention to cold and warmth and travel safety.

(Source: Shenzhen News Network)

For more exciting information, please download the "Jimu News" client in the application market. Please don’t reprint it without authorization. Welcome to provide news clues and pay them as soon as they are adopted.


Remind! In 2018, the timetable for research was released, and the "gold content" of these 10 certificates was super high!

  CCTV News:Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice on the 2018 Professional and Technical Personnel Qualification Examination Plan and Related Issues, announced the 2018 professional and technical personnel qualification examination work plan, and made arrangements for relevant issues.

  The economic professional and technical qualification examination is fully implemented by computer examination.

  In 2018, the economic professional and technical qualification examination (primary and intermediate) will be fully implemented by computer, so please prepare for the corresponding examination.

  The tenderer will conduct a one-time final exam.

  The State Council has cancelled the professional qualification of the bid inviter, and the 2018 bid inviter exam is a one-time final exam. Candidates whose qualified subjects are still valid as of 2017 can sign up for the exam. After the end of this examination, those who have passed all the examination subjects will be awarded the professional qualification certificates of the original tenderers in accordance with the Interim Provisions on the Professional Qualification System for Tenderers (No.19 [2013] of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).

  The certificate can be used as a certificate with corresponding professional and technical ability and level.


  The national vocational qualification examination has a unified outline, unified proposition and unified organization, and qualified professional and technical personnel should obtain corresponding vocational qualification certificates through the examination. The majority of candidates should register and take exams through formal channels according to regulations, and do not believe in false propaganda.

  At the same time, the state has not designated any training institutions to carry out vocational qualification examination training, and those who cheat or organize cheating on illegal training institutions under the guise of "guaranteeing" will be seriously investigated for their legal responsibilities according to law.

  These 10 certificates are very valuable ↓

  1. Certificate of Certified Public Accountant

  CPA(Certified PublicAccountant) is the abbreviation of certified public accountant. In large and medium-sized enterprises, most of them need to hold a certified public accountant certificate to recruit positions such as chief accountant, financial manager, chief financial officer and chief accountant.

  CPA is the highest-level certificate in the accounting field in China, and it is also the only official certificate with "signature right". Therefore, if you want to be a certified public accountant, you must first get the CPA. According to the latest data of AICPA, there are 235,398 registered accountants in China, including 104,913 practicing accountants and 130,485 non-practicing accountants, but they still cannot meet the social demand for senior accountants.

  Registration conditions:Have graduated from a junior college or above, or have intermediate or above technical titles in accounting or related majors.

  2. Legal professional qualification certificate

  According to the provisions of the Judges Law, the Prosecutors Law, the Lawyers Law and the Notarization Law, newly appointed judges, newly appointed prosecutors, applicants for lawyer practice and notaries must pass the national judicial examination and obtain legal professional qualification certificates.

  The national judicial examination can be regarded as the entry threshold for practitioners in the judicial industry in China. It is extremely difficult and the annual pass rate is about 10%.

  2017 is the last year of the national judicial examination. After that, the judicial examination system will be adjusted to the national unified legal professional qualification examination system.

  Application conditions:Bachelor’s degree in law in colleges and universities, or bachelor’s degree in non-law in colleges and universities, and have legal professional knowledge.

  3. International Certified Public Accountant Certificate (ACCA)

  ACCA, a chartered certified accountants, is also commonly known as the International Certified Public Accountant in China, and its popularity is second only to CPA. With the characteristics of all-English exams, many subjects, great difficulty and high gold content, its position in the accounting field is unshakable. At present, it has more than 20,000 members and more than 40,000 students in China, especially favored by the College Students’ Textual Research Party.

  ACCA applies international accounting standards. With the accelerated development of economic globalization, many foreign companies in China and state-owned enterprises going abroad need ACCA holders. Accounting firms also need ACCA holders who are familiar with international accounting standards when auditing listed companies such as US stocks.

  Registration conditionsYou can register at least 16 years old. ACCA is a certificate that only a few freshmen can apply for and finish their studies before graduation.

  4. Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate

  CharteredFinancialAnalyst (CFA), also known as "Chartered Financial Analyst", has always been regarded as an MBA in the financial investment field. CFA qualification certificates are awarded to a wide range of professionals in various investment fields, including fund managers, securities analysts, chief financial officers, investment consultants and so on.

  The examination content is divided into three different levels, namely LEVEL Ⅰ, LEVEL Ⅱ and LEVEL Ⅲ. Examinations are held in all parts of the world, and each candidate must complete three different levels of examinations in turn. CFA qualification examination is conducted in English.

  Qualification certification:Candidates are required to have a comprehensive and profound grasp of financial knowledge and have four years of relevant work experience.

  5. Chinese actuary certificate

  The actuary is a profession with an annual salary of over one million abroad and a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan at home, which is called "the golden collar among the golden collars". In China, it is said that there are only more than 400 actuaries at present, but there are less than 50 actuaries recognized by the world insurance industry. The market demand for actuaries will reach 5,000 in the future, and the number of people applying for actuarial examinations will also increase year by year.

  Application conditions:The test is divided into two levels: quasi-actuary and actuary. Applicants for quasi-actuaries need to have a bachelor’s degree or above, and applicants for actuaries need to have the qualification of quasi-actuaries in China.

  6, practicing doctor certificate

  The qualification certificate of medical practitioner is the most important criterion to judge whether a doctor has the qualification to practice medicine. The so-called "doctor" who has not obtained the qualification certificate of medical practitioner belongs to "illegal medical practice". The country’s requirements for practicing qualifications are more and more strict, and legal practice, the sooner the qualification certificate of practicing doctors is obtained, the better.

  Application conditions (meet one of the following conditions):

  Having a bachelor’s degree or above in medical major in an institution of higher learning, and having completed a probation period of one year in a medical, preventive and health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner;

  Having obtained the practicing certificate of practicing assistant physician, having a medical college degree in an institution of higher learning and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for two years;

  Having a medical degree in a secondary specialized school and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for five years.

  In addition, those who have a medical college degree in a higher school or a medical college degree in a secondary specialized school, have completed a one-year probationary period in a medical, preventive or health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner, or have studied traditional medicine for three years or have expertise in medical skills for many years can also take the qualification examination for medical practitioners.

  7. Teacher qualification certificate

  Teacher’s qualification certificate is an essential certificate for teachers in the education industry. As a statutory certificate with nationally recognized teacher qualifications, it is uniformly printed by the education administrative department of the State Council. Since 2015, the teacher qualification certificate has taken the form of a unified national examination.

  8. Certificate of Human Resource Manager

  The human resources department, the finance department and the marketing department are also called the "troika" that drives enterprises, and human resources management is one of the few occupations that continue to be bullish.

  There are four levels of human resource managers, namely: level 4 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 4), level 3 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 3), level 2 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 2) and level 1 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 1).

  9, psychological counselor certificate

  With the increasing attention to mental health in China, the psychological counseling industry will be paid more and more attention. Persons who have been or are going to be engaged in the profession of psychological counselors should receive special vocational training and obtain the "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Professional Qualification Certificate" issued by psychological counselors nationwide before engaging in corresponding psychological counseling activities.

  Application conditions:Psychological counselors are divided into one or two grades, and the standard conditions for entering the exam are different. Educational background in psychology, pedagogy and medicine is generally required.

  10, the national translation professional qualification certificate (level)

  As a national evaluation system for translation talents, the Translation Qualification Examination has been praised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and senior experts in the industry for many times. The leader of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has said many times: "We chose the Foreign Languages Bureau to organize the examination correctly … … The examination has had a good influence at home and abroad, and it is one of the most successful projects in the national vocational qualification examination at present. "

   Application conditions:Anyone who has a certain level of foreign language, regardless of age, education, qualifications and identity, can sign up for the corresponding language level 2 and 3 exams.

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