"Digital Baby: The Last Evolution" released the preview of "Fighting Side by Side"

1905 movie network news Since the announcement of the introduction of the highly anticipated 20th anniversary works, the popularity has only increased. After the announcement of October 30th, it was even more popular, and it became the most anticipated movie to be shown in October. On October 20th, the official issued a notice of "fighting side by side", which ignited the enthusiasm and expectation of countless people after a 20-year reunion!


In the announcement of "Fighting Side by Side" released this time, the first generation of "chosen children" and digital babies all appeared. After the adventure was reopened, the whole new battle scene was overwhelming. At the end of the trailer, Yagami Taichi and Yagu Beast, who have grown up, look at each other as they first met 20 years ago. The agreement that "we will be together forever" has made fans feel moved and can’t help but sigh the changes and growth that have come with time. How the "first generation of children" will complete this final adventure is very exciting.


For fans, Digital Baby: The Last Evolution is not just a movie, but a review of youth, which is of great significance and should not be missed. Therefore, in order to support the film, talented fans drew a set of posters with feelings of "going back to 20 years ago", which brought a warm and unique texture atmosphere and made people relive the beauty of 20 years ago in an instant. The four posters show the scene of the first generation of children playing with digital baby, playing marbles, hide-and-seek, jumping houses and rubber bands. The cartoon characters of childhood collided with the classic games of childhood in the picture, and the pure and beautiful atmosphere came to the fore on the paper, which vividly expressed the deep feelings of many fans about digital baby.


"Digital Baby: The Last Evolution" mainly tells the story that Yagami Taichi and Ishida Yamato, the first protagonists of the digital baby series, have grown into 22-year-old adults accompanied by their respective digital babies, but their quiet lives have been broken by frequent coma incidents of "called children" around the world. In order to keep the world from falling into crisis, the grown-up leading characters will join hands with their digital treasures to meet new challenges again. In the face of strong enemies, how will they respond? We can only find out when we go to the cinema on October 30th.


As the 20th anniversary work of Digital Baby, Digital Baby: The Last Evolution not only continues to follow the theme song Butter-Fly of TV version, but also invites the team that created the first generation of Digital Baby to make it personally, and spare no effort to bring everyone back to the summer of 1999. The first generation protagonists who have grown up have ushered in their "last story" and started the "last evolution", and this 20-year adventure will come to an end.


After the film was released in Japan, many fans said that it was the best-looking theatrical animation in the Digital Baby series. While showing the brand-new battles, they also reviewed the stories of the first generation, and the classic scenes in memory unexpectedly earned many viewers’ tears. In the face of this 20th anniversary work with both blood and tears, domestic fans even shouted "Wait for the release" and "N brush to go", "Even in the past 20 years, I will still look forward to being the chosen child", which shows the fans’ love for the film beyond words and makes people look forward to it.