"In the Mood for Love" leads the 250 "most acclaimed movies in the 21st century" in the United States.

        American film website TSPDT is an organization specializing in film ranking and selection. "The 21st Century’s Most Acclaimed Films" is the ranking list updated by the website every year, and it has been updated to the seventh edition this year.

        This year, TSPDT is still under calculation, sorting out the 250 most acclaimed films from 2000 to 2013 from the list of various excellent films of film critics, film journalists and film scholars around the world (250 films stand out from 3018 competitors). Among them, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love topped the list, while Yang Dechang’s 11th and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were among the top ten.

        In addition to the above three films, there are 16 Chinese directors on the list: Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain ranks 27th, and Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 ranks 59th; Jia Zhangke, the director of China mainland, has been shortlisted for four films: Platform (17), The Three Gorges Good Man (64), The World (87) and Ren Xiaoyao (160). It is also a literary fan, and Cai Mingliang, who is based in Taiwan Province, has two pieces on the list: "Don’t come loose" (65) and "What time are you there" (166); Taiwan Province film director Hou Xiaoxian also made the list with four films: Journey of the Red Balloon (117), Millennium Mambo (129), Jiaxuan Time (144) and Best Time (204). China mainland film director Zhang Yimou was shortlisted for Hero (84) and House of Flying Daggers (141) respectively. Wang Bing, an independent film director in China, was shortlisted for the documentary Tiexi District Part I: Factory (55). In Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs (218), co-directed by Liu Weiqiang and Siu Fai Mak, made the list.

        Compared with last year, this year’s list has remained basically unchanged, with only nine "new films" on the list, including drama films "Drunk Hometown Folk Songs", "12 Years a Slave", "She", "Love Before Midnight", "Battle of Heaven", "Gravity" and "Frances Ha", as well as documentaries "Killing Deduction" and "Los Angeles Shadow Talk".

"In the Mood for Love" and "One by One" still maintained their high popularity last year, while Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon jumped from 12th place last year to 10th place. Unfortunately, The Story We Tell, american hustle and Adele’s Life, which were all hot before, failed to make the list, but they are likely to be shortlisted in 2015.

        In the opinion of TSPDT commentator Bill Georgaris, Taboo, released by Portuguese director miguel gomez in 2012, is the most impressive film he has seen recently. "This film really deserves a place in the’ 21st century’ list."

        In addition to the list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century", TSPDT also has a list of "the 1000 greatest movies in film history" which is updated regularly every year. Citizen Kane, which was directed and performed by the late American director orson welles in 1941, continues to sit firmly at the top of the list of the greatest movies this year, while Vertigo, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tale of Tokyo, Rules of the Game and Eight. Of all the 28 Chinese films on the list, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love still leads, ranking 58th (according to the website’s February 2014 data).

2014 list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century"

        Film title type director country


1. In the Mood for Love

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        2. Mulholland Dr Mulholland Road.

        Suspense david lynch French/American


Three, one one

        Plot Yang Dechang Taiwan Province

        4. Spirited Away

        Animation Miyazaki Hayao Japanese

        5. Whale Circus Werckmeister Harmonies

        Suspense Bela Tarr Hungarian

        6. Tree of Life

        Science fiction terrence malick USA

        7. There Will Be Blood.

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        8. Russian Ark Russian Ark

        Plot alexander sokurov Russian

        9, hide the camera Cache

        Suspense michael haneke French


10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

        Plot Ang Lee Taiwan Province


        11. Warm and contained light Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

        Plot michel gondry USA

        12, tropical disease Tropical Malady

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        13. Tell her Talk to Her

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

        14, private love disorder Punch-Drunk Love

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        15. Bless Blissfully Yours

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        16. Death of Mr. Lazarescu without medical reliability

        Plot Cristi Puiu French

Platform movie poster.

        17. Platform

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        18. Robot Story WALL-E

        Animation andrew stanton USA

        19. Dancer in the Dark

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        20. Les glaneurs et la glaneuse, gleaner

        Documentary Agnès Varda French


        21. City of God

        Plot Kátia Lund/fernando meirelles Brazil

        22. Lost in Translation in Tokyo

        Plot Sofia Coppola USA

        23. Far from Heaven Far from Heaven

        Plot Todd Haynes USA

        24.dogville, Dogville

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        25. Zodiac

        Plot david fincher USA

        26. History of Violence

        Plot david cronenberg USA

Brokeback Mountain movie poster.

        27. brokeback mountain

        Plot Ang Lee USA

        28. So is your mother.

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón USA

        29. No Country for Old Men in No Country for Old Men

        Plot Cohen brothers America

        30. Hurt Locker Hurt Locker

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA


        31. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        32. Le fils, the son of others

        Plot Luc Dardenne French

        33. A Separation

        Plot asghar farhadi Iranian

        34. Royal Tenenbaums, Genius Family

        Plot wes anderson USA

        35. Melancholia

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        36. Uncle Boonmei who can recall his past life can be recalled.

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        37. Life with a glass of wine Sideways

        Plot alexander payne USA

        38. Social Network

        Plot david fincher USA

        39. White Ribbon

        Plot michael haneke German


        40. Love Before Sunset at sunset

        Plot richard linklater USA

        41. Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        42. Four months, three weeks and two days in April.

        Plot chris Tiane Mungi Romanian

        43. Memento mori Memento

        Plot Christopher Nolan USA

        44. Lord of the Rings 1: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        45. Love syndrome Syndromes and a Century

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        46. Forward Youth Colossal Youth

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

        47. Turin Horse, turin horse

        Plot Bela Tarr Hungarian

        48. Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        49. Inland Empire inland empire

        Plot david lynch USA

        50. Angels love beautiful Amelie

        Plot Jean-Pierre Genè ne France


        51. Distant from afar

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

        52.Elephant elephant

        Plot gus van sant USA

        53. Pan’s Labyrinth, the labyrinth of Pan God

        Plot guillermo del toro Mexican

        54. Piano Teacher Piano Teacher

        Plot michael haneke German

Tiexi District Part I: Factory Movie Posters.

        55. Tiexi District Part I: Factory

        Documentary Wang Bing China

        56. Songs from the Second Floor.

        Plot roy andersson Sweden

        57. Paris ukiyo-e Code Unknown

        Plot michael haneke German

        58. Wanda’s room

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

2046 movie poster.

        59. 2046

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        60. Moulin Rouge!

        Song and Dance baz luhrmann USA


        61. eavesdropping storm Lives of Others

        Plot Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German

        62. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        63. Silent Light

        Plot carlos reygadas Mexican

Three Gorges Good Man Movie Poster.

        64. The Three Gorges Good Man

        Plot Jia Zhangke China


Stick to the movie poster.

        65. Do not leave.

        Plot Cai Mingliang Taiwan Province

        66. Hunting bin Laden Zero Dark Thirty

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA

        67. swamp Cienaga, La

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        68. Headless Woman headless woman

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        69. Love is a bitch Amores perros

        Plot Alessandro Gonzalez Inarido Mexican


        70. Donnie Darko manages Donnie Darko.

        Plot Chad Kelly USA

        71. Synecdoche, New York synecdoche

        Plot Charlie Kaufman USA

        72. Inglourious Basterds, Inglourious Basterds

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        73. Finding Nemo

        Animation andrew stanton/lee unkrich USA

        74. Grizzly bear Grizzly Man

        Documentary werner herzog

        75. Children of Men, Son of Man

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón Mexican

        76. Adaptation of the script

        Plot Spike Jonze USA

        77. love Amour

        Plot michael haneke German

        78. the rhythm of Ten periods of life ten

        Plot Abbas Chiaro Stamey Iranian

        79. superman story Incredibles

        Animation Brad Bird USA

        80. Infernal Affairs Departed

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        81. Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3

        Animation lee unkrich USA

        82. Winter’s Bone.

        Plot Debra Granik USA

        83. old boys Oldboy

        Plot Park Chan-wook Korea

Hero movie poster.


        Plot Zhang Yimou China

        85. Ghost World Ghost World

        Plot terry zwigoff USA

        86. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty

        Documentary Jonas Mekas USA

World movie poster.

        87. World

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        88. Children L’enfant

        Plot Luc Dardenne Belgian

        89. Irrevocable irrecoverable

        Plot Gaspar Noe Argentine

        90. Let the Right One In Let the Right One In

        Plot Tomas Alfredson Sweden


        91. mysterious river

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        92. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner.

        Plot Zacharias Kunuk Canada

        93. Black Swan

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        94. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        95.Hunger hunger

        Plot steve mcqueen England

        96. Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom

        Plot wes anderson USA

        97. Master

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        98. Travel Notes of Flying House Circle Up

        Animation Pete Docter USA

        99. Borat, Polat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

        Comedy Larry Charles USA

        100. Serious Man

        Plot Cohen brothers America


        101. New World New World

        Plot terrence malick USA

        Flight 102 and 93 United 93

        Plot paul greengrass USA

        103. Go forward Gegen die Wand

        Plot fatih akin German

        104. American Splendor is the glory of America

        Plot Robert Pulcini/Shari Springer Berman USA

        105. Letters from Iwo Jima

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        106. Hugo Hugo

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        Plot Bong Joon ho Korea

        108. Queen

        Stephen Frears, England

        109, whales and whales Squid and the Whale

        Plot noah baumbach USA

        You Can Count on Me.

        Plot kenneth lonergan USA


        111. Intruder

        Plot claire danes French

        112. Circle of life

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        113. The Pianist

        Plot roman polanski French

        114. Drunk hometown folk song Inside Llewyn Davis

        Plot Joel Coen/Ethan Coen USA

        115. A man without a past

        Plot aki kaurismaki Finland

        116, Anatolia past Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

Red balloon travel movie poster.

        117, the red balloon travel Flight of the Red Balloon

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian France

        118, 35 cups of rum 35 rhums

        Plot claire danes French

        119、Waiting for Happiness

        Abderrahmane Sissako France

        120. Holy Girl

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine


        The children are all right.

        Plot lisa cholodenko USA

        122. Summer Hours

        Plot olivier assayas French

        123, Paris commune Commune (Paris, 1871)

        Plot Peter Watkins France

        124. Circumcising the Dragon and Phoenix Fighting Moolaadé

        Plot ousmane sembene Senegalese

        125, Avatar avatar

        Fantasy James Cameron USA

        126. Gladiator, Gladiator

        Plot ridley scott England

        127, the death of the sharpshooter the assignment of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

        Plot andrew dominic USA

        128. Hunt down the freedman family Capturing the Friedmans.

        Documentary andrew jarecki USA

Millennium mambo movie poster.

        129. Millennium Mambo

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Taiwan Province

        130. King and Queen Rois et Reine

        Plot Arnold Desplechin France


        George Washington George Washington

        Plot david gordon green USA

        132. Fantastic Mr. Fox in Fantastic Mr. Fox

        Animation wes anderson USA

        Wendy and Lucy Wendy and Lucy

        Story Kelly Richards America

        134, out of order Time Out

        Plot lauren Gantet French

        135. The Artist

        Plot michel hazanavicius French

        136. In The City of Sylvia.

        Plot Jose Luis Green Spain

        137. Christmas belongs to us. Unconte de Nol

        Plot arnaud desplechin French

        Man on Wire, tightrope walker

        Documentary james marsh UK

        139. Waltz with Bashir with Bashir.

        Animation ari folman Israeli

        140, a slave for twelve years 12 Years a Slave

        Plot steve mcqueen USA

House of flying daggers movie poster.

        141, flying daggers

        Plot Zhang Yimou China

        I wasn’t there I’m Not There.

        Plot Todd Haynes USA

        143, elegy of love logde l ‘amour

        Plot Jean-Luc Ge Daer

Coffee time movie poster.

        144, Jia Xuan time

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Japan

        145, ordinary lover Les amants réguliers

        Plot Philippe Garrel French

        146. About Schmidt

        Plot alexander payne USA

        147. My Winnipeg Lake

        Documentary guy maddin Canada

        148, return to Volver

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

        149, she Her

        Plot Spike Jonze USA

        150. Beasts of the Southern Wild.

        Plot bayh zetlin USA


        151. Holy Motors

        Plot leos carax French

        152, Sexy Beast sexy beast

        Plot jonathan glazer Spanish

        153. There is still the sound of reading in the mountain village, Treet Avoir.

        Documentary Nicolas Philibert French

        154. The House of Mirth

        Plot terence davies England

        155, half dream and half awake life Waking Life

        Animation richard linklater USA

        156、Certified Copy

        Abbas kiarostami Iranian

        157. The Dark Knight in The Dark Knight

        Plot Christopher Nolan USA

        158. Almost Famous

        Plot cameron crowe USA

        159, the prophet A Prophet

        Plot jacques audiard French

Ren Xiaoyao movie poster.

        160, Ren Xiaoyao

        Plot Jia Zhangke China


        161. Kill Bill: vol.1.

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        162, unexpected edge In the Bedroom

        Plot Todd Field USA

        163. Inception of Inception Space

        Science fiction Christopher Nolan USA

        164. Sarah Bond Saraband

        Plot ingmar bergman Sweden

        165. Lincoln Lincoln

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

What time do you have movie posters?

        166. What time is it on your side

        Plot Cai Mingliang Taiwan Province

        167, 24-hour carnival party 24-hour party people

        Plot michael winterbottom England

        168. Munich

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        169. Escape from Argo, Tehran

        Plot Ben Affleck USA

        170. Gosford Park, Gosford Manor

        Plot robert altman England


        171. Divine Intervention of Cross Destiny

        Plot elia suleiman French

        172. Vera Drake, vera drake

        Plot Mike Ray UK

        173. Shrek the Monster

        Animation andrew adamson & Vicky Zhan Sen USA

        174. Paranoid Park, Psychedelic Park

        Plot gus van sant French

        175, drug network Traffic

        Plot steven soderbergh USA

        176, return to The Return

        Plot andrey zvyagintsev Russian

        177. Nostalgia for the Light of hometown

        Documentary patrick guzman French

        178, zombie Shaun of the Dead

        Plot edgar wright England

        179. The King’s Speech

        Plot tom hopper England

        180, The Fog of War

        Plot errol morris USA


        181, diving bell and butterfly The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

        Plot Julian Schnabel French

        182. memories of murder

        Plot Bong Joon ho Korea

        183, killing interpretation of The Act of Killing

        Plot joshua oppenheimer Danish

        184, The Aviator

        Plot martin scorsese USA

        185. Two Lovers

        Plot James Gray USA

        Carlos Carlos

        Plot olivier assayas French

        187. The Sun

        Plot alexander sokurov Russian

        188. The Descendants

        Plot alexander payne USA

        189, spring, summer, autumn and winter is another spring.

        Plot Jin Jide Korea

        I grew up in Iran, Persepolis.

        Animation Vincent Paronnaud & marjane satrapi French


        191, the raging sea: polar expedition master and commander: the far side of the world.

        Action peter weir USA

        192. The Hours all the time

        Plot stephen daldry USA

        193, crazy dating beautiful Les triplettes de Belleville

        Animation sylvain chomet French

        194. White Material White Material

        Plot claire danes French

        195. The Ghost Writer in ghost writer

        Plot roman polanski French

        196. Erin Brockovich, erin brockovich

        Plot steven soderbergh USA

        197. Morvern Callar Morvern Callar

        Plot Lynne Ramsay England

        198. Together

        Plot lukas moodysson Sweden

        Good night, good luck, Good Night, and Good Luck.

        Plot George Clooney America

        200, Gary Gerry

        Plot gus van sant USA

        201. Love Before Midnight.

        Plot richard linklater USA

        202. Mysteries of Lisbon

        Plot Raoul-Ruiz Portuguese

        203, Bad Education.

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

The best time movie poster.

        204, the best time

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian Taiwan Province

        205, Gundam Divine Comedy Notre musique

        Plot Jean-Luc Ge Daer

        206, brilliant life The Best of Youth

        Plot Kyle Tullio Giordana Italian

        207, Police, Adjective police, adjective

        Plot Corneliu Porumboiu Romanian

        208, black book Zwartboek

        Plot paul verhoeven Holland

        209. Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine

        Plot jonathan dayton & Valerie Faris USA

        210, desperate driving Drive

        Plot nicolas winding refn USA


        211. Half Nelson Half Nelson

        Plot ryan fleck USA

        212, carefree Happy-Go-Lucky

        Plot mike leigh England

        213. Battle in Heaven

        Plot carlos reygadas Mexican

        214. Le Havre, le havre

        Plot aki kaurismaki Finland

        215. The Wrestler in The Wrestler

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        216, Minority Report minority report

        Science fiction Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        217, 25th Hour 25th hour

        Plot Spike Lee USA

Infernal affairs movie poster.

        218, Infernal Affairs

        Plot Liu Weiqiang & Siu Fai Mak Hongkong

        219. Columbine Campus Event Bowling for Columbine

        Documentary michael moore USA


        220. Oasis

        Plot Li Cangdong Korea

        221. Once

        Plot john kani Irish

        222. Kill Bill 2 Kill Bill: Vol. 2

        Action quentin tarantino USA

        223. Offside offside

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        224. Gravity

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón USA

        225, free La Libertad

        Plot Lisandro Alonso Argentine

        226, Fahrenheit 911 Fahrenheit 9/11

        Documentary michael moore USA

        227, Crimson Gold

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        228, sister erotic Fat Girl

        Plot Catherine Breillat French

        229. Monsoon Wedding Banquet

        Plot mira nair Indian

        230. Los Angeles Plays Itself

        Documentary tom anderson USA


        231, the Evolution of a Filipino Family evolution of a filipino family

        Plot lav diaz Philippines

        232, Silver Linings Playbook behind the dark clouds

        Plot David O. Russell USA

        233, Capote Capote

        Plot bennett miller USA

        234, Take Shelter

        Plot Jeff Nichols USA

        235. Django Unchained, Django Unchained

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        236, loop Pulse

        Horrible Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Japan.

        237, curse Tarnation

        Documentary jonathan caouette USA

        Spellbound, spelling bee

        Documentary Jeffrey Britz USA

        239. Bamako Bamako

        Plot abderrahmane sissako Mali

        240. The Devil’s Backbone in the Ghost Children’s Home

        Plot guillermo del toro Spanish


        241. Margaret

        Plot kenneth lonergan USA

        242. Another Year.

        Plot mike leigh England

        243, Dogtooth dogtooth

        Plot yorgos lanthimos Greek

        244, Moneyball moneyball

        Plot bennett miller USA

        245, Frances Ha francesha

        Plot noah baumbach USA

        246, supermodel Zoolander

        Comedy Ben Stiller USA

        247. Gangs of New York

        Plot martin scorsese USA

        I want to go home I’m Going Home.

        Plot Manoel de Oliveira French

        249. Oriental Promises

        Plot david cronenberg USA

        This is Not a Film.

        Documentary Mojtaba Mirtahmasb & jafar panahi Iranian