The New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou!

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Blessed are the citizens and friends who spend the New Year in Fuzhou!

"the heart of Minjiang river"

Fireworks+drone+light and shadow

The "New Year’s Drama" formed by integration

Officially booked New Year’s Eve

Fireworks drone show is divided into

Good fortune and successive years of happiness

Long Teng Sheng Shi Fu Man Men Ting

The blessed state of Hester’s portal

Sustainable development benefits the people

Four chapters

On New Year’s Eve, Fuzhou is blessed, and the Year of the Dragon is a blessing!



Light and shadow show is divided into

Step by step in Long Xing.

Happy on every occasion

New chapter of sustainable development spectrum

Climbing the Peak by Light in Fuzhou Year

Four chapters

I wish Fuzhou citizens.

Harvest happiness and happiness in the bright light and shadow!

The performance time is

February 9, 20:00-00:24

Specific as follows

20:00-00:00 Light and Shadow Laser Show +MAPPING Blessing;

23:50-00:00 UAV performance;

00:00-00:24 Fireworks drone light and shadow show;

Suggested places to watch: Jasmine Street and Youth Square.

The Year of the Dragon is coming, Xiaoxin wishes everyone.

Long Xing snipe (dá) snipe (dá)

Happy New Year!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou! 》

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