The spy war film "Target No.1" exposed the theme poster Angel’s comeback.

"Goal One" exposure poster

    A spy war blockbuster directed and produced by Chen Guofu and starring Angel, Liu Xiaofeng, Sun Xi and Zhang Yao will be released on May 23rd. Recently, the film officially exposed the theme poster of the film, and the relationship between the characters in the poster began to show signs, and the atmosphere was tense and suffocating. With this film, Angel officially made a comeback, and staged many wonderful opposite plays with Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker". The first cooperation between them was teased by netizens, and Aunt Park Sunseeker met Queen Chunyuan.

"Goal One" Exposes the Mysterious Theme Poster

    The exposure of the "Goal One" poster is set in the streets of Nanjing in the 1930s, and the three main characters are presented in turn from far to near. The woman on the left is wearing a blue printed cheongsam, with a graceful figure, a handbag on the left and a spear on the right. The true face is dense and not leaking, and the mysterious spy war atmosphere is rendered; The silhouette man in the middle, wearing a hat and a suit, is tall and straight. Who are they and what are their identities?

    On the right rear, Lu Yiran, played by Angel, leans against the car door, dressed in a long trench coat, and Leng Yan is dazzling. It seems to be quietly monitoring the emergence of "No.1 target". The whole poster outlines the overall character relationship and the background of the times, and at the same time successfully conveys the atmosphere of spy war, which is full of mystery.

Angel plays an agent in Target One.

Angel’s "Goal No.1" came back to ridicule the role like a mouse

    Target No.1 is Angel’s first spy war movie after her marriage. In the film, she plays the role of special agent Lu Yiran, and is called: "The characters who can scare women, fight men, play tricks and plot are great challenges to their brains and physical strength." Angel quipped, "In the movie, I am an agent, and my task is to monitor the target 24 hours a day, ‘ Special agent ’ It sounds quite scary, but I have to stay in a dark little room every day. This kind of character lives like a mouse. "

    When it comes to the reason for accepting this play, Angel said that she has been waiting for such a role. "This is different from the role I played before. I don’t need to be beautiful or glamorous here. I am more looking forward to this kind of creation. I have been waiting for a role I like, not to satisfy others, but to entertain myself. Lu Yiran resonates with me very much. The calm surface can’t hide the inner waves. She is full, three-dimensional and has her own spiritual world. I hope everyone will like her and I hope that my shaping will satisfy everyone. "

Sun Xi joined Goal One.

Angel and "Aunt Park Sunseeker" meet to play the enemy.

    The "Queen of Pure Yuan", which is widely heard in Empresses in the Palace, is the love of Chen Jianbin, the "emperor" in the play. As the wife of Teacher Chen Jianbin in real life, Angel was elected as the most suitable "Queen of Pure Yuan" by netizens. Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker", also revealed to reporters that the original "Zhen Xuan" production team also warmly invited Angel to play the role of "Queen of Pure Yuan", but unfortunately it failed to come true.

    This time, the gathering of the two in the movie "Goal One" also attracted great attention from netizens: "The Queen of Chunyuan finally got together with Aunt Xi." "Is this really good? What do you think?" "Ask Teacher Chen Jianbin to take a group photo!" Talking about their cooperation, Angel said, "Cici is more familiar with my husband. This time, the two of us are the feelings of the needle tip to Maimang. It is a pity that Chun Yuan and Xi Xi are not on the same front this time. "

    Sun Xi also revealed to reporters that she is one of Angel’s leading roles in Goal One, saying: "My role is somewhat similar to that of Park Sunseeker in Empresses in the Palace, both of which are calm on the surface, but it may be necessary to show some inner things of the characters here. This time, I was very happy to play with Qinqin, and finally I met the real Pure Yuan Queen, which really fulfilled our long-cherished wish in the crew. "