The first in China! The immersive experience of "Holographic Zoo" appeared in the Natural Museum!

Life scenes of ancient creatures

What’s it like to be close at hand?

The First Holographic Zoo in China

What are the highlights of immersive experience?

On February 24th, the "Holographic Zoo" immersive experience project in Shanghai Natural Museum was launched in the b1 Pro Exhibition Hall. The audience can immerse themselves in the life scenes of various rare dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex growling at you, pterosaurs passing overhead, little dinosaurs breaking out of their shells and confusing dragons passing you by. Let’s have a look.

Walking into the 19-meter "Holographic Gallery" in the Holographic Zoo, the scene of paleontology life in front of you has a visual impact instantly. The huge creatures in ancient times seem to be in front of you. Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterosaurs and other creatures will suddenly run in front of you, and even feel their snorts and experience an unprecedented sense of presence. The audience will then become time travelers and travel through the ancient world.

"Holographic Zoo" of Shanghai Natural Museum

Project coordinator Zhou Ming introduced:

"The Shanghai Museum of Natural History has more than 280,000 exhibits, of which more than 8,000 are paleontological collections. In fact, there is a big difference between paleontology and living organisms. Their active period is too far away from us, which may be because it is out of reach, making it more difficult for the public to imagine or grasp their living habits and body characteristics, including their living environment and their relationship. The immersive experience of holographic zoo is mainly to make the collection glow with new life through advanced digital technology, break the gap between time and space, bring distant paleontology to the public, and let the audience get in touch with them at close range. "

According to reports, the "Holographic Zoo" project adopts ultra-short focus holographic projection technology, includingHolographic Theater, Holographic Corridor and Holographic FenceThe three sections lead the audience into the mysterious ancient world from a new perspective and get in touch with prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs. In the "holographic fence", the audience can overlook all kinds of dinosaurs and insects 30 meters underground, and observe the living habits of dinosaurs and reptiles of different sizes at close range.

Zhang Xuebing, founder and ceo of Shanghai Youliyun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. said: "The Holographic Zoo uses our projection technology of the world’s leading holographic corridor, which is actually one of the best invention awards of the year selected by American Time Magazine in 2023. In this holographic zoo, we use a comprehensive holographic projection, coupled with the dynamic tracking technology of the position, which can let our audience have a full immersion experience of perfect angle. "

It is understood that the project was exhibited in the Australian Museum, and this is the first exhibition in China, allowing the audience to feel, understand and care for nature in a more diverse way.

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