"Dune 2" exposure role poster sweet tea Zendaya appeared in Sao Paulo Comic-Con

1905 movie network news The Hollywood sci-fi giant directed by the new godfather of sci-fi movies (provisional translation) released posters of ultra-luxury lineup roles, and all forces appeared. How does Paul, the "chosen son" from the Cui Di family, integrate into the indigenous people of freeman on Dune Planet after his family was wiped out? What kind of secret weapon will the brutal Harkonan family use? What kind of shocking conspiracy is the mysterious sisterhood manipulating? The appearance of the emperor and princess pushed the trend of the universe empire to a more complicated situation.

The film is based on Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi novel Dune, starring,,,,,,,, and so on. It will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

The luxury character lineup has been upgraded in an all-round way, and the battle of ultimate fate has officially begun.  

In the eleven posters of the ultra-luxury lineup released this time, the main characters and brand-new characters of this series all appeared. The sandstorm rises, and the tonal vision of yellow sand all over the sky perfectly shows the iconic characteristics of sand dune planet desert and spices. Directed by denis villeneuve, the aesthetic style of Dune 2 will continue to add a lot of color to the big screen.

Paul (Timothée Chalamet), the chosen son, and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), dressed as the Virgin of freeman, seem to have completely integrated into the life of local freeman people. Mother and son, like freeman, an indigenous people of Dune Planet, have blue eyes caused by inhaling and eating spices. Paul’s lovers, namely freeman’s female warrior Cheney (Zendaya) and freeman’s leader Stig (javier bardem), look grim and ready to go. Will they and other freeman people follow Paul and embark on the battle of fate together? Elder brother (josh brolin), the valiant soldier of the Cui Di family, is also pleasantly surprised to return, and her messy long hair is even more tenacious.

In the poster of the villain Harkonan family, the baron (Stellan Skarsgard) lurks like a poisonous snake, while the beast Laban (Dave Batista) growls angrily. The new character "Killing Machine" in the Harkonan family is also the opponent of Paul’s fate — — Fidel Rosa Harkonan (austin butler) makes a positive appearance, with a grim and evil face like death arrival. Emperor Padisha (christopher walken) and Princess Ilelang (Florence Pew) dressed in luxurious royal costumes look serious and contemptuous, symbolizing the supreme power to control the empire. The most mysterious one is Lady Margot (Léa Seydoux), who represents the sisterhood. Only they know whether the birth of the "chosen son" and the direction of the cosmic empire are a fate or a conspiracy. What will be the outcome of the battle of fate?

The director of Dune 2 (tentative translation) came to the exhibition in Sao Paulo with a surprise, and the atmosphere was warm.

In 2023, the exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil officially kicked off, and the major booths were carefully built, and many Hollywood stars appeared. Among them, the most eye-catching scene is the appearance of the creators of Dune 2 (provisional translation): director denis villeneuve attended with four leading actors, namely, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, austin butler and Florence Pew. The four young stars are the most popular young actors in Hollywood at present, and they are also high-quality actors with both face value and strength. Both Timothée Chalamet and austin butler were nominated for Oscar at a young age, as if they were fated "chosen sons" in and out of the play.

The atmosphere was warm, and four young actors appeared one by one with the role posters appearing in turn on the big screen, which brought the audience to a boil. Comic-Con showed a feature clip of Dune 2, including the shocking picture of Paul’s first attempt to ride a sandworm on Dune Planet! This classic scene made the audience stunned and ecstatic, and looked forward to the day when the movie was released on the big screen. Director denis villeneuve said that the audience was the first audience in the world to see the content of the feature film.

The Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece Dune 2 (tentative translation) was jointly created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Exploration Group, and will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

[Asian Games Watch] The world record has been refreshed again, showing the strength of competition organization and sports charm.

  The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou is in full swing, and athletes from all over the world are amazing. From 24th to 25th, two days after the start of the competition.Sixteen events broke the Asian Games record, 10 events broke the Asian record and 3 events broke the world record.. The emergence of these new records not only reflects the level of competition organization, but also highlights the unique charm of sports breaking through itself and exceeding the limit. It is this unique charm that makes sports widely concerned and loved around the world.

[Asian Games Watch] The world record has been refreshed again, showing the strength of competition organization and sports charm.

  China’s 18-year-old Sheng Lihao set a new world record and won the men’s 10m air rifle individual competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jia Haocheng photo

  The three world records are men’s 10m air rifle individual and men’s 25m pistol rapid-fire team, which were won by China. Men’s 10m air rifle team, won by India.

  Zhu Qinan, spokesman of the Competition Command Center of Hangzhou Asian Games, said at the press conference held on 25th that the current competition operation can be summarized in eight words: "Smooth, wonderful, harmonious and thorough".

  "The first is smooth. Hangzhou Asian Games is the Asian Games with the largest number of events and the largest number of athletes in previous Asian Games. Since the start of the game on September 19, various projects have been carried out in an orderly manner according to the event plan. " Zhu Qinan said.

  Zhu Qinan said that the second is wonderful. Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has always maintained a positive attitude, always adhered to the concept of taking athletes as the core, kept close contact with Asian individual sports organizations and the Olympic Council of Asia, and constantly improved the technical requirements of each event. Through joint efforts, Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee gave full play to the level of participating athletes, left the most exciting story in their careers, and created an excellent and excellent competition environment.

  "Harmony again. The Asian Games is not only a sports event, but also a platform for friendly exchanges between countries and regions. Since the start of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the organization of each competition project has been meticulous and rigorous, and the process is transparent and controllable. Technical officials are impartial in ruling and fulfilling their duties; The majority of athletes strive hard and respect each other. The audience and friends in the stadium kept cheering for the athletes, and this wonderful moment vividly explained ‘ Faster, higher, stronger and more United ’ The Olympic spirit. " Zhu Qinan said.

  There is a famous saying in sports, "One minute on the stage, ten years off the stage". Zhu Qinan said that the wonderful presentation of the Hangzhou Asian Games not only included the wonderful performances of athletes, but also included a series of meticulous and meticulous organization and management of events. "We have set up relevant competition information service desks in the Asian Games Village and each village. Since the start of the competition, we have completed and handled about 5,000 consultations for delegations, effectively solving many competition issues such as training reservation, information consultation, result release and reminder, which provided a strong guarantee for them to achieve excellent results."

  Every Asian Games will produce countless new records, and athletes from every country and region are striving for honor and breaking personal limits. The birth of these new records is not only an honor, but also the best reward for the athletes’ hard training and hard work. With their own strength and efforts, they have won glory for the country and made great contributions to the development of sports.

  26th is the third competition day after the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and 31 gold medals were decided today. In the women’s and men’s team cycling qualifying competitions that ended in the morning, both the men’s and women’s teams of China won the first place in the group, both of which broke the Asian Games record.

  The birth of the new record will inspire more people who love sports to pursue Excellence and break through themselves. Whether participating in competitions or watching competitions, everyone can feel the strength and charm brought by sports. Let’s cheer for the athletes’ achievements and encourage them to continue to create new records and glory in future competitions! (Reporter Liu Xiyu, Zhang Xiaorong)

Shanghai International Beauty Festival opens, bringing together new trends of global beauty products.

On May 11th, the launching ceremony of "2023 4th Shanghai International Beauty Festival" was held in moho Outdoor Plaza in Jing ‘an District. As one of the important activities of the "May 5th Shopping Festival" in Shanghai, the "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" is one of the important engines to promote consumption and steady growth, bringing together new global beauty products, new trends, new scenes and new models, which will help shape high-quality brands and stimulate a symbolic activity platform for rich consumption supply.

This year, the theme of "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" is "Beautiful New Order, Foreseeing the Future". During a one-month period, well-known beauty brands, head e-commerce platforms and high-quality commercial carriers will be invited to gather together and resonate on the same frequency. By adhering to "government+market", we will gather "international+domestic", link "brand+industry" and integrate "online+industry"

Focusing on the first economic "innovation", "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" actively builds a global beauty brand gathering place and a consumption innovation place. Major well-known brands at home and abroad will launch concentrated new products with high frequency and high energy level. At the launching ceremony, 11 international and domestic brands jointly brought a variety of new products launched in the world or the whole country, including ud meteorite powder, Lan Zhi Golden Three-tube essence and Dorset skin care gift box set. From May to June, L ‘Oré al Group will bring with it more than 20 characteristic brands, including the world’s first store, two new consumption scenes, three major beauty technologies, four high-end services and the first five-color product environmental impact disc in North Asia, including the world’s first flagship salon of L ‘Oré al pro, which will be opened in Tongren 88, Jing ‘an in mid-May. The first virtual human Tik Tok shop and virtual idol meta-cosmic tide makeup created by professional makeup brands in reverse color. Fresh Frestech, a high-end skin care brand under lvmh Group, and Tmall Black Box are working together to create a new product debut show for young consumers through big data empowerment. The first overseas laboratory of Clarins brand in Jing ‘an, together with the French headquarters, made renewed efforts to jointly develop and launch the world’s first new product, a brand-new lightweight version of Essence Dew. The new domestic skin care brand Youshiyan launched the new anti-aging product "Black Gravity Essence 2.0" which is more suitable for Chinese skin.

"Shanghai International Beauty Festival" will empower the innovation of consumption patterns, mobilize key business districts, carriers, brands and platforms to the greatest extent, and actively carry out business district linkage, live broadcast, community marketing and experience sharing. Online, Weibo, spokesman of Tmall, and Li Jiaqi, the anchor of Super Head Talent, were invited as "the recommender of good things in the 2023 Shanghai International Beauty Festival" to carry out live broadcast, and mk- Liangliang, the anchor of Xiaohongshu’s head, was invited to release a special live broadcast. Off-line, the trend art installation "Nature in Wonderland" was placed in moho outdoor square and new products were exhibited to attract young people from "punching cards in online celebrity" to "draining consumption"; At the same time, the major shopping malls in Jing ‘an District were linked to launch a number of theme festivals and special consumption promotion activities during the Beauty Festival.

The relevant person in charge of Jing ‘an District said that "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" will actively create a new scene of international consumption gathering area on Nanjing West Road, accelerate the construction of Jing ‘an "global new product launch demonstration area", and help Shanghai build a global beauty consumption highland.

The reporter learned from the ceremony that Jing ‘an District has attracted a large number of well-known domestic and foreign beauty companies to settle in for many years, with many well-known brands and strong strength. The concentrated development of beauty industry has become a major feature and highlight of Jing ‘an District’s business. The beauty companies that have settled in Jing ‘an cover makeup, skin care, nursing, beauty, functional beauty and other fields, with complete series and rich categories. In 2022, despite the epidemic, 11 major cosmetics enterprises in the region completed a total retail sales of 34.109 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.84%; The 14 major cosmetics enterprises in the region have achieved a total sales volume of 81.282 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.59%; Nanjing West Road Business Circle attracted seven first beauty shops, including one in Asia and two in China.

Author: Tang Ye

The China Housing Society suggests fine-tuning the current real estate regulation and control policies.

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  "It is best for the real estate industry to prepare for the’ winter’." After the rare "cold snap" attack in the first half of the year, the top management and scholars in the domestic real estate industry generally maintained a more cautious attitude towards the market in the second half of the year at the "China Real Estate 30-Year Summit Forum" held yesterday. However, there is also a good news that makes the real estate industry feel a little warm in the "winter".

  Zhu Zhongyi, vice president and secretary general of China Real Estate Association, revealed that in view of the current situation and trend of China real estate market, China Housing Association has reported relevant suggestions on how to maintain the stability of the real estate market to the central authorities, and the suggestions on fine-tuning the current real estate control policies have been taken seriously by the central leaders.

  And more real estate developers began to "save themselves" at the "crossroads". The giants in the real estate industry also opened a series of "prescriptions" on the forum.

  "Short-term hardship and long-term optimism"

  Recently, the real estate industry is expecting the government to "rescue the market". However, at yesterday’s "China Real Estate 30-year Summit Forum", Dr. Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, reminded domestic real estate giants: "The real estate industry had better make full preparations for the winter."

  However, when talking about the trend of the real estate market in the second half of the year, Zhu Zhongyi is cautiously optimistic. Zhu Zhongyi summed it up in three sentences: First, it is difficult in the short term and optimistic in the long term; Second, there are great regional differences, which cannot be generalized; Third, there are two possibilities of getting better and getting worse.

  Zhu Zhongyi believes that the development of the real estate market is likely to improve in the second half of the year. Under the circumstances of reasonable pricing of enterprises, moderate adjustment of policies, guaranteed loans, moderate stimulus and support for consumption, the market will develop in the direction of basically balanced total volume and basically stable prices. With the care and support of all parties, there is a great possibility of a good trend.

  The proposal of the China Housing Society is not simply to "save the market"

  At yesterday’s forum, Zhu Zhongyi revealed to the outside world for the first time that the China Housing Society reported to the Ministry of Construction, the General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on how to stabilize the real estate market, and its opinions were taken seriously by the Central Committee.

  Reportedly, the China Housing Association suggested that the government should make appropriate adjustments to some control measures based on the current changes in the domestic and international economic environment and the real estate market while maintaining relatively stable macro-control policies.

  However, Zhu Zhongyi also hopes that the proposal of the China Housing Society to stabilize the real estate market should not be simply regarded as a "bailout" proposal or understood in words and phrases.

  "In view of the significant changes in the economic and social environment at home and abroad, more significant changes may still be brewing." Mei Xinyu believes that "it is reasonable to adjust the orientation of macro-control in a timely and moderate manner, and the key lies in the timing, intensity and prevention of deviation."