Smart and simple media integration, value innovation, Huawei’s new technology empowers media deep integration.

Huawei will continue to invest in the media field, with the core value of "spreading the mainstream, integrating wisdom with simplicity", combining with the judgment of cutting-edge trends and understanding of major scenes, and by innovating new technologies, building new capabilities, improving new ecology, joining hands with industry partners to serve the deep digital transformation and intelligent development of the industry, and jointly promoting the continuous evolution of the media in the direction of intelligence, minimalism and integration.

On November 24th, the 2021 China Online Media Forum, co-sponsored by the Central Network Information Office, the Central Radio and Television General Station and the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Network Information Committee, was held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province with the theme of "Development and Order, Making Large Traffic Surge Positive Energy". This forum, focusing on the topics of online media content innovation, technology empowerment, industrial development, responsibility contribution and Greater Bay Area, thoroughly explores the new situation, new challenges and new topics currently facing, promotes the innovation, integration and intelligent development of online media, and jointly plans new ideas, new directions and new paths for the future development of online media.

At the same time, Huawei co-organized a technical sub-forum with the mainstream central media people’s network, and displayed three exhibition areas of "new creation, new experience and new live broadcast" with the theme of "wisdom, simplicity, media integration and value innovation" in the exhibition area, with a total of 12 exhibition points. Using technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and AI, Huawei’s latest technologies and application achievements in the media field were comprehensively demonstrated in innovative technologies such as digital content production, HMS Core3D modeling service, digital content copyright protection, AR, VR, digital person+real-time sign language translation, artistic works creation and distributed live broadcast service based on distributed capability development of HarmonyOS system. Promote the integrated development of "quality content+leading technology", enable new technologies to empower the media, and open a new chapter in the development of the media industry.

Smart and Simple Media Integration, Value Innovation, Huawei's New Technology Empowers Media Deep Integration -DVBCN

New technology and new scene

"Committed to bringing the digital world to everyone, every family and every organization, and building a smart world with the Internet of Everything." Corporate vision and its mission have made Huawei a source of new technology supply in the era of smart media.

Technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and AI are the important cornerstones of building an intelligent communication system. Huawei gives full play to its own advantages in cloud computing, network, terminals and ecological construction, and empowers technology in the process of promoting deep media integration and building new mainstream media. By changing the partner system, Huawei has formed a new eco-partner cooperation mechanism, innovated and developed with its partners, constantly established new scene applications, and jointly promoted the development of media applications in the direction of intelligence, minimalism and integration.

Ubiquitous cloud native services help build an intelligent communication pattern. In the process of intelligent media construction in China, Huawei, with its outstanding cloud service capabilities, has become a solid technical cornerstone for the construction of intelligent communication pattern in China, enabling the intelligent transformation of institutions and promoting the upgrading of media business. Huawei Cloud provides two kinds of solutions for the media industry, one is a business-oriented solution that provides specific business support, and the other is an institutional solution that enables media integration and transformation. Business-oriented solutions are the embodiment of Huawei’s cloud-based capabilities, and cloud infrastructure and computing resources can support media-specific business needs. Rendering solution, digital marketing solution, fast video solution and cloud VR solution have solved the problem of investment threshold for media high-performance IT infrastructure. For example, Huawei Cloud provides Mango TV with video-on-demand service supporting T-class bandwidth peak. The institutional solution demonstrates Huawei Cloud’s advanced empowerment of industry organizations, and is committed to the integration and transformation of media organizations on a macro level. Huawei Cloud’s "Converged Media Solution" helps the media to realize the cloud transformation of "collecting, editing, sending and storing" quickly, and the "5G Media Solution" solves the problem of media 5G network adaptation and supports the optimization of complex mobile application experience.

Leading the global 5G technology and providing "full chain" technical services for intelligent communication. Entering the intelligent era, Huawei is gradually becoming a "full chain" technology service provider for intelligent communication. In terms of network coverage, Huawei continues to promote China’s network construction with communication technology. The "RuralStar" solution can quickly provide high-quality broadband services to remote areas, promote "digital inclusiveness", and further expand the network "Zhilian" picture; In terms of network transmission, Huawei’s 5G technology provides basic technical support for high-quality high-speed network communication, and now it has realized the comprehensive opening of end (terminal), pipe (network), cloud (cloud service) and core (chip); In terms of network deployment, Huawei introduced AI and other technologies, and launched "intelligent" network applications such as "iMaster MAE" mobile network automation engine technology with open architecture and "5GtoBSuite" network automation management platform to improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance. With the increasing demand for wireless networks by end users and vertical industries, the 5G industry has become a new engine for the growth of the wireless industry. Through end-to-end innovation, Huawei has built a 5G network with excellent performance and energy saving, providing strong technical support for opening up the "last mile" of communication.

Construct a "1+8+N" equipment circle to form an intelligent communication ecosystem. From terminals to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Huawei redefines the experience through AI, allowing consumers to get the ultimate personalized "full-scene smart life" experience in the whole scene of home, travel, office, audio-visual entertainment and sports health. Huawei’s "1+8+N" device circle takes smart terminals as the main entrance, tablets, PCs, VR devices, wearable devices, smart screens, smart audio, smart speakers and car machines as the auxiliary entrances, and pan-IoT devices connect the digital world, and create a smart life experience for consumers around five scenes: home, office, travel, sports health and audio-visual entertainment. In the future, HarmonyOS (HarmonyOS System) will become the core link of serial devices, and also provide a guarantee for the realization of wider intelligent communication at the user level in the control of the underlying system. The cross-device information transmission and sharing of Huawei terminals has broken through a single scene, laid a foundation for accumulating more data for itself, and provided an innovative soil for partners in the media industry in yowza.

From multimedia communication to all-media product technical services, Huawei has been deeply involved in the application and continuous innovation of media technology for 25 years, providing solutions for partners in five major areas: ultra-high definition, media convergence, film and television, smart publicity and smart radio and television, hoping to promote the development of the media industry in the direction of intelligence, minimalism and integration and promote industrial upgrading.

New creation and new live broadcast

In this forum, Huawei’s new creative exhibition area focused on the digital content production line, HMS Core 3D modeling service, Huawei information flow engine and petal chain innovation platform, while the new live exhibition area was a comprehensive presentation of Huawei’s multi-perspective, Huawei cloud free perspective and distributed live broadcast.

Huawei cloud digital content production line mainly solves the problems of content development and production efficiency and cross-regional multi-team collaboration, and works with users in the media industry to create an industry technology ecology. Relying on the four capabilities of cloud production, cloud rendering, cloud desktop and media AI, this production line provides industry users with full-process technical services from virtual shooting, film/animation post-production, variety post-production, digital production, lightweight cloud live broadcast and other film and television production and release.

Smart and Simple Media Integration, Value Innovation, Huawei's New Technology Empowers Media Deep Integration -DVBCN

In the field of graphics and images, Huawei’s 3D modeling service is based on Huawei’s self-developed algorithm, which can provide users with the functions of 3D object modeling, material generation and motion capture, and realize efficient production of 3D digital content. 3D object modeling greatly reduces the threshold dependence of hardware. Users only need an ordinary RGB terminal to generate high-precision 3D geometric models with one click. Material generation is to highly restore the light and shadow effects of objective world materials in mainstream rendering engines by shooting one or more RGB pictures and using AI-assisted material generation tools, so as to enhance the scene realism of materials. The ability of motion capture can be applied to scenes such as virtual character driving or behavior analysis. The model reconstructed by 3D Modeling Kit has no background, and the edges are clearer and cleaner, which can be widely used in the innovative development of product model making, teaching demonstration, game animation making, short video making and other fields.

Huawei Newsfeed Connect (HNC) is committed to providing partners with a one-stop business platform, which not only serves the content creation itself, but also helps partners understand the target users and the data performance of the content, so as to optimize the content more pertinently and gain more users and higher commercial value. At the Huawei Developers Conference (HDC)2021, HNC opened up 25 kinds of content creation capabilities, empowered content creators in all directions, supported multi-role login in the background, and centralized management of multi-account registration, which brought convenient operation experience to creators. In addition, in HNC, creators can also create business news, and get higher commercial returns through high-quality content "bringing goods". HNC, based on AI technology and big data, creates "precise, beautiful, fast and accurate" content production and distribution capacity support, and cooperates with creators to provide users around the world with a trustworthy, valuable and positive information experience.

In May 2020, Huawei launched Petal Search for overseas users, which can provide users with more than 20 vertical search services including shopping, tourism, local life, App and education. In addition, petal search has also built three ecological platforms based on vertical fields such as shopping, tourism and local life, aiming at completing the connection between people and services with smarter search and realizing the closed loop from information acquisition to service. Petal search has built a complete vertical ecology through the root technology of open search field, in order to achieve a better vertical search experience and technology upgrade path. Relying on Huawei’s HMS ecological and search root technology engine, Petal Search provides partners with vertical search services that are more in line with the local market demand and meet the characteristics of the industry, and provides partners with a platform for "borrowing a boat to go out to sea". Through the continuous polishing and experience improvement of technology, Petal Search provides vertical search services with higher accuracy and transaction rate for industry users, and provides more innovative technical support for partners.

Petal chain innovation platform, based on Huawei’s self-developed blockchain technology, is committed to building a credible internet and an open platform to improve industrial efficiency. The platform effectively solves practical problems in the industry by linking various industrial networks. At present, DCI copyright service solutions and traceability service solutions have been provided.

DCI copyright service is a full-process digital copyright service based on DCI standards, which is provided by Huawei and China Copyright Protection Center for Internet platforms by using blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies. It mainly includes three core copyright service capabilities: ownership confirmation, authorized settlement and rights protection. DCI copyright service is aimed at all kinds of digital contents such as images, characters, audio and video under the digital network environment, and it is open to platforms and users in all vertical fields of Internet copyright ecology. The traceability service is to use Huawei’s self-developed blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of traceability. By building a traceability service platform for merchants, it provides customizable and open traceability management services from brand to batch to commodity. In practical application, petal chain has joined hands with ecological partners to solve many trust problems.

Smart and Simple Media Integration, Value Innovation, Huawei's New Technology Empowers Media Deep Integration -DVBCN

Huawei Multi-view provides more personalized perspective choices for shooting with the help of 5G technology, bringing more immersive content. Multi-screen and multi-view can bring users a multi-dimensional, self-customized brand-new audio-visual experience, and also provide operators with a new business model of differentiation and payment on demand. Users can watch multiple perspectives of the same game, variety show and other activities on the screen at the same time, and can choose their favorite perspective to watch. Huawei is the first in the industry to promote the application of 5G+ multi-perspectives. At present, the existing cases include the Music Pioneer List Awards Gala, the Super League football match between Henan Jianye and Shanghai Shenhua, and the Jiangsu Lishui Marathon.

Huawei Cloud Free View Service can be used for artistic dance performances, sports competitions, film and television variety shows, online celebrity performances, photo taking in scenic spots, live broadcast with goods, exhibition drainage, action teaching and other scenes. Relying on Huawei’s cloud native media network, it integrates various shooting schemes, supports professional camera shooting and simple terminal shooting scheme, and provides the industry with the ability of free-view live broadcast, on-demand and wonderful moment generation quickly and agile, and at the same time provides an easy-to-use playback SDK, which realizes a novel viewing experience with free choice of screen angle at the playback end.

Huawei’s distributed live broadcast application scenario is that the anchor uses the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS to transfer a single terminal service to multiple devices. Realize the remote control of live broadcast, close-up shooting of co-broadcast products, large-screen anchor and product confluence display, and real-time data kanban function respectively.

New business and new experience

In the all-media era, technology plays an important role in promoting the development and change of information dissemination. Every new technology stage will bring new information dissemination forms and modes, and also form new business models. The new experience exhibition area focuses on new business experiences such as unseen, VR Changyou, HMS Core sign language service, HarmonyOS Zhilian, AI portrait gallery, etc.

Smart and Simple Media Integration, Value Innovation, Huawei's New Technology Empowers Media Deep Integration -DVBCN

"No See" is a newly developed AR product focusing on entertainment and socialization. Users can be in it, explore AR gameplay, create their own AR world, experience a new AR social model, and express themselves with AR. "No See" is the first innovative product in the industry that integrates AR scene co-creation, AR socialization, graffiti and other functions. It makes the real world more interesting by superimposing virtual information based on the characteristics of location and environment.

Smart and Simple Media Integration, Value Innovation, Huawei's New Technology Empowers Media Deep Integration -DVBCN

VR Changyou is an innovative practice based on human posture recognition and virtual reality technology. It defines interactive semantics by extracting the human skeleton features in the collected video stream, and combines the preset panorama and virtual 3D model to create an immersive VR interactive experience, so that users can experience the remote scenery without leaving home.

Huawei’s sign language service is based on Huawei’s self-developed pre-training language model, machine translation algorithm and multi-modal digital human action generation algorithm. At the same time, it cooperates with authoritative institutions such as Information Accessibility Research Association and Education Department of Beijing Normal University to achieve coherent and natural sign language body posture, gesture movements and expressions. Huawei’s sign language service has a wide vocabulary, covering more than 10,000 sign language vocabulary, which can fully meet many application scenarios such as life communication, education and learning, and social information acquisition. For example, in the scene of children’s education, the text in a specific book can be translated into sign language to help deaf children read and learn.

The AI Portrait Gallery is another highlight of Huawei’s booth. AI algorithm can create works of various artistic styles by learning works of art many times, avoiding the inefficiency, high cost and confusion of manual workshop-style creative design. With the help of Huawei’s cloud computing and large bandwidth, Wenchuang Company can use AI to produce the style elements it needs on the cloud to fill its entire works, and can also use this technology to make stylized templates and share them on the cloud, providing infrastructure empowerment for the refined division of labor in the entire cultural and creative industry chain.

In addition, Huawei’s smart full-scene ecological strategy started the upgrade of hardware ecological brand, and HUAWEI HiLink was upgraded to HarmonyOS Zhilian. This exhibition area focuses on Huawei IdeaHub, which integrates intelligent writing, extremely clear screen projection, video conferencing and open office applications. This technology can meet the smart office needs of corporate meeting rooms, open office areas, manager’s offices and other scenarios, and help the digital transformation and upgrading of corporate office.

New ecology and new value

At the technical sub-forum on the morning of November 24th, guests and representatives from the competent authorities, mainstream media, commercial platforms, Internet companies, experts and scholars conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme of "Innovation: Technology Empowerment". Huang Jin, chief strategy officer of Huawei Cloud, attended the forum and delivered a speech, discussing with the guests how the media can use new technologies to fulfill new missions and show new achievements under the background of profound changes in the world pattern and the ecology of public opinion.

Every technological breakthrough brings innovation leap for partners and the whole ecosystem. It provides leading technologies and solutions to companies from all walks of life around the world, empowering industry partners to create more fruitful results in digital transformation and future value shaping.

Huawei builds a media content ecosystem based on terminal applications by expanding media partners and attracting content creators. On the one hand, Huawei’s content applications have established cooperative relationships with media and platform organizations to meet the content needs of end users. For example, Huawei Video cooperates with Mango TV, Tencent Video, Youku and other partners to create a one-stop integrated video window; Huawei Music cooperates with hundreds of record companies around the world, and at the same time cooperates with audio content service providers such as Himalayan and Dragonfly FM to expand the content of head anchor; Huawei Reading has also reached partnerships with Palm Reading Technology and Alibaba Literature, and put forward the idea of "building a global reading ecology", and combined with Huawei’s cloud cross-device reading function to optimize readers’ reading experience. On the other hand, Huawei actively attracts developers and creators to optimize the terminal content ecology with platform capabilities and creative technologies. It has developed a series of open platforms to absorb high-quality content, such as Huawei’s "Baihua" video content open cooperation platform, Audio Connect audio capability platform, VR audio and video ecological platform and so on.

While integrating content, Huawei pays attention to the guidance of values and emphasizes the quality of content. In the video field, Huawei focuses on three core directions: information, film and television, and knowledge, and works with creators to "build a new ecology of safe, healthy and high-quality content creation", and in the near future, it focuses on topics such as the founding of the party for a hundred years, accurate poverty alleviation, and traditional culture. In the future, Huawei will continue to be committed to "telling the story of China with partners and helping high-quality Chinese content go global".

In June, Huawei officially released the "Cloud-Cloud Collaboration" strategy, which deeply coordinated Huawei Cloud and Huawei Terminal Cloud, and provided a through service for partners including the media from institutional transformation to content distribution. For the audio-visual industry, Huawei released an "end-to-end audio-visual solution" based on "Yunyun Collaboration", which accelerated the production process of audio-visual products with Huawei Cloud, and then distributed and operated with Huawei Video as the core of the terminal cloud platform. In the field of information content, Huawei’s "Huawei Information Flow Engine" (HNC) based on "Yunyun Collaboration" has reached cooperation with partners such as People’s Daily Online, World Wide Web, Shanghai Newspaper, Sina News, etc., providing rich cloud native capabilities in content creation based on technologies such as big data and AI, and helping information content reach Huawei end users with a little access to Huawei terminal cloud.

"Yunyun Collaboration", in addition to tilting the existing traffic of Huawei’s terminal cloud service to media partners, also proposes to support cooperative organizations in the terminal installation of media applications, forming a good industry application ecology. Based on the "Yaoxing Plan" initiated by Huawei Developers Alliance, Huawei released the "Yaoxing Media Plan" specifically for media application integration and innovation, providing media industry partners with resources to promote and support Huawei’s application market. The collaboration of the two clouds allows Huawei to provide users with a better content experience while serving the media. For the media, Huawei has opened the terminal cloud user traffic to media organizations that have established deep cooperation with Huawei Cloud, providing more opportunities for its integration and development.

Co-existence and win-win and long-term interests of partners are the key elements to build a digital industry ecosystem. Huawei practices the promise of "leaving simplicity to customers and partners, and leaving complexity to itself", and provides partners with support such as empowerment and operation, so that partners can gain greater benefits in the big market of digital transformation.

Secret of emotional live broadcast routine: writing scripts, acting and speculating, selling miserable goods

  ● In the field of emotional live broadcast, there are many phenomena of finding actors, writing scripts and acting, and even a special industrial chain has been formed. There are anchors, actors and directors, and the actors who are connected with emotional anchors are called Mai Shou.

  ● With the increasingly accurate portraits of the audience, many emotional anchors set traps in the live broadcast, carry out false propaganda and emotional entanglement, and induce middle-aged and elderly people who lack the ability of network judgment and trust the anchor to buy fakes in the live broadcast, or even directly defraud their property.

  ● If the emotional anchor brings goods in the live broadcast, it becomes a commercial advertising activity, and the behavior of bringing goods is bound by the advertising law and other relevant laws.

  □ Our reporter Han Dandong

  □ Intern of this newspaper Wang Qi

  "The wife raised the children alone, but she was left out in the cold at home", "The husband died for six years and met again on the way to work" and "The husband cheated and the wife had an affair" … … On the short video platform, there are such a group of emotional anchors who help netizens solve emotional problems or family disputes. Under their mediation, all kinds of absurd emotional stories will eventually come to a perfect ending, and the middle-aged and elderly fans who watch the live broadcast will be satisfied and clap their hands.

  However, the so-called "emotional mediation" may just be the cover and chip for the anchors to attract money. According to a survey conducted by the reporter of the Rule of Law Daily, many emotional anchors will earn money by bringing goods live, including selling "three noes" products and fakes, and even directly defrauding property. Moreover, it is understood that many bizarre stories in emotional live broadcast are mostly performed according to scripts, and a complete industrial chain from screenwriters and actors to actor training services has been generated behind them.

  Live mediation of family disputes

  Fans are mostly middle-aged and elderly people.

  The rise of the live broadcast industry has brought fire to many anchors. In addition to cargo anchors and entertainment anchors, there is also an emotional anchor, and some wonderful emotional stories can always be heard in their live broadcasts. From the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to partner’s infidelity, from the dispute over the support of the elderly to the abuse of the girl by her stepmother, they can handle many unclear and inseparable housework in life.

  There is such a case: my mother-in-law called and said that her ex-daughter-in-law would not come back to see her granddaughter; The son said that his ex-wife was lazy and didn’t work at home, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was not good and they quarreled every day. The ex-wife said that her mother-in-law disliked giving birth to her daughter, so she didn’t want to go back to see the children because of various contradictions between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law.

  After receiving help, the anchor began to call her mother-in-law, who realized her mistake and was willing to apologize to her ex-daughter-in-law. The anchor called his son, and the son changed his mind and said that his ex-wife was very kind to him, but his mother’s approach was a little extreme, and persuaded her to apologize to her ex-wife. The ex-wife also changed her previous attitude of old age and death and accepted her mother-in-law’s apology. Finally, the anchor tried to persuade his ex-wife and son to remarry on the grounds that he wanted to give the child a happy family. A barrage was painted in the live broadcast room: "Go home."

  This kind of family trifles and emotional disputes are most likely to attract the attention of middle-aged and elderly people, and the tortuous story and happy ending can meet the psychological needs of middle-aged and elderly people.

  "My mother’s favorite anchor, to put it mildly, is a straightforward female man, but the offensive point is a village woman’s pungent. The words are very rude. If you don’t agree with a word, you will open your mouth, shout at your voice, criticize from a moral height, or threaten in other ways. " Bing Xu (pseudonym), a Beijing resident, spoke out.

  In fact, for the emotional problems between husband and wife, the so-called mediation of emotional anchors usually uses some gentle and considerate words to let the woman vent her emotions, get the man’s privacy from the woman, and then irritate the man with provocative and even insulting tone and words, and even scold him, making him lose his temper. However, they often scold the wrong person because of one-sided words. As a result, after listening to what the woman said, she began to scold the man; After listening to what the man said, he went on to scold the woman. If I make a mistake, I will prevaricate on the grounds that "the other party didn’t tell me about it, and I don’t know". In addition, there are anchors who directly pretend to be staff members of state organs to ask each other and act as "law enforcers" in the live broadcast room.

  Some netizens questioned the practice of this kind of emotional anchor: "If he is really an enthusiastic person who likes to solve emotional disputes, he can be a professional emotional counselor or lawyer, not an anchor. It is better to tear down ten temples than ruin a marriage. The anchors are in harmony, and they go up to add fire to people and incite emotions. Will what people say and make decisions when they are out of control be rational? "

  Fabricate stories to attract traffic

  The story is absurd and bizarre

  In June, 2020, in order to improve the effect of the program, Wang, a man in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, fabricated the plot that the woman was personally assaulted in Aauto Quicker live broadcast, and fabricated the plot that the woman spent more than 400,000 yuan to buy a car for the man (in fact, the woman only paid the down payment and the rest was repaid by the man’s loan). In the subsequent telephone connection, deliberately created a more intense scene of verbal conflict.

  After the broadcast of the program, it aroused strong resentment and anger among netizens, and a large number of netizens reported to the Aauto Quicker platform and network police one after another. After Wang’s account was blocked by the platform, he changed another nickname to continue the live broadcast. On June 23, 2020, Daqing police stopped Wang’s live program according to law and summoned Wang to the public security organ for investigation.

  With the continuous expansion of the scale of emotional anchors in the live broadcast platform, the stories in the live broadcast room become more and more outrageous. For example, a young girl marries a fool and is bullied by her stepmother and mother-in-law; The vicious mother married her daughter to a 46-year-old uncle regardless of her paralyzed husband; One year after his son died, his daughter-in-law suddenly became pregnant. Some of the stories are still "series", in which the anchor first helps the girl get paid, then helps her get rid of her marriage, and then helps her find her biological mother.

  Some anchors changed from simple voice connection to live video tracking to solve problems on the spot.

  In a live broadcast, a woman was in pain and wanted to jump into the river to die. However, eagle-eyed netizens found that at the moment of despair, the woman did not forget to wear a mask, a hat and armed to the teeth, as if she knew someone was going to shoot. Some netizens found that the same story was staged in several live broadcast rooms, and the emotional anchors of the whole network were all broadcast live.

  In fact, most of these stories have complete scripts behind them. The "Rule of Law Daily" reporter learned that in the field of emotional live broadcast, there are many phenomena of finding actors, writing scripts and acting, and even a special industrial chain has been formed. There are anchors, actors and directors, and actors who are connected with emotional anchors are called wheat hands.

  In an article entitled "Mai Shou Lian Manual", the reporter of "Rule of Law Daily" learned that Mai Shou can be divided into single wheat and multi-wheat. Single wheat means that one person tells a story and the anchor is connected with a single line, and multi-wheat means that many people are connected with wheat, and two or more people communicate with the anchor. Duomai team needs to find a suitable partner from around or online, which can be temporary or long-term cooperation. The necessary qualities of wheat hand include: knowing the rules of live broadcast and avoiding violations; On-site adaptability; Ability to express language and quickly understand each other’s meaning; Innovation and performance ability; Have professional quality. The most popular plots are cheating, liking cousins, country plots, bitterness, domestic violence and so on.

  These actors have brought huge traffic to the live broadcast room. Among the emotional anchors, the number of fans is more than 10 million, and there are tens of thousands of fans. Just click on an anchor with 2 million fans, and the number of live broadcasts will reach more than 200,000.

  Live broadcast hidden cargo routine

  Acting, selling badly, inducing orders

  With the increasingly accurate portraits of the audience, many emotional anchors set traps in the live broadcast, carry out false propaganda and emotional entanglement, and induce middle-aged and elderly people who lack the ability of network judgment and trust the anchor to buy fakes in the live broadcast, and even directly defraud their property.

  Under the emotional entanglement of the anchor, some middle-aged and elderly people who never shop on the e-commerce platform have also begun to place orders in the emotional live broadcast room. Some netizens accidentally saw an anchor collecting money for a leukemia child while brushing Tik Tok. Out of sympathy, they placed an order for 35 items including wool quilts, which cost nearly 10,000 yuan. When I received the goods, I found that the filler in the wool quilt was not wool at all, and it smelled bad.

  On March 18th this year, Tik Tok Security Center released the "Public Notice of Punishment for Violation of Selling Miserable Goods and Performing Speculation", which revealed that emotional anchors would take various ways to bring goods. Some anchors make up stories about mother-in-law conflicts, infidelity, bankruptcy, minors looking for their mothers, etc. in the live broadcast room, and deduce exaggerated plots such as mediating family conflicts, emotional disputes and personal changes, so as to gain the sympathy of users and induce them to buy goods sold in the live broadcast room. For example, "Let’s lend a helping hand to reunite the mother and daughter who have been separated for 20 years. Every time you buy a bracelet, you are doing your part for their reunion."

  There are also anchors who stage plots such as team conflicts and debt disputes in the live broadcast room, and increase the drama of price reduction, thus exaggerating the price advantage of goods. There are often excessive performances such as shouting, quarreling, throwing things and even physical conflicts. For example, "I can’t afford to pay my child’s tuition. I helped him collect debts today. I have blocked the owner of the indebted factory in the warehouse. The original price of the ring of 3,999 yuan is now reduced to 99 yuan, first come first served!"

  According to the above publicity, Tik Tok Platform handled 446 illegal live broadcast rooms and banned 33 illegal accounts, including 10 anchors with more than one million fans.

With over 100 million anchor accounts, what did live stream economy’s popularity bring?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 20th Question: With the number of anchor accounts exceeding 100 million, what did live stream economy bring?

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xinxin

  The recently released "Report on the Development of Network Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020" shows that by the end of 2020, the number of live broadcast users in China has reached 617 million, and the total number of network anchor accounts in the whole industry has exceeded 130 million. Content creation, knowledge payment, live broadcast with goods … … Live stream economy, which became popular rapidly, has hatched many new models and formats, and also brought many new experiences.

  On May 16th, two days before the International Museum Day, the Shanxi Museum held a 7-hour slow live broadcast in Tik Tok. Museum lecturers relay the explanation, and netizens watch the exhibition around the clock.

  It’s not just the Shanxi Museum, but also the cultural relics and props of many museums, such as the Capital Museum and the Inner Mongolia Museum, which meet netizens on the "cloud" through live broadcast.

  It’s not just museums that move to the "cloud". The exhibitors broadcast live online, and the e-commerce platform invited well-known online celebrity to bring goods on site & HELIP; … In many exhibitions, live broadcast has become a key word.

  Online exhibition, live broadcast with goods and online teaching … … Today, live broadcast has almost penetrated into all walks of life and entered every aspect of life.

  According to the Report on the Development of Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020 released by the Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Branch of China Performance Industry Association, the market scale of online performance (Live Broadcasting) industry in China will reach 193.03 billion yuan in 2020.

  According to the data of Tianyancha Professional Edition, there are currently more than 1,500 live broadcast e-commerce related enterprises and nearly 28,000 live webcast marketing related enterprises in China. In 2020, more than 13,000 online live marketing related enterprises will be added, which is six times the number added in 2019.

  The rapid development of the live broadcast industry has changed many fields such as e-commerce and cultural communication. Under the growth trend of live stream economy, more and more online cultural enterprises and traditional enterprises add business content or enter the field of live webcasting, and realize transformation and upgrading through the form of "live broadcast+".

  In September 2020, he settled in Tik Tok. In October, he began to sell handmade porcelain and tea live. The first live broadcast sold more than 300,000 yuan … … The live broadcast not only made Liao Oduo, a "post-80 s" Chaozhou hand-pulled pot craftsman, recognize the identity of the anchor, but also spread the traditional handicraft skills more widely. Liao Ao said with emotion that in the eyes of many friends, craftsmanship can really make a name for itself. "Live+"allows craftsmen to find more creative "confidence".

  While empowering cultural industries and craftsmen, live broadcast also promotes the gradual dilution of boundaries in many fields such as consumption and manufacturing.

  Outside the workshop, the anchor with exquisite makeup is showing a moisturizing mask; In the workshop, the aseptic filling equipment intelligently produces and forms hyaluronic acid skin care products at one time. In the unique "live studio" of hyaluronic acid manufacturer Huaxi Bio, the "integration" of advanced manufacturing and new retail has spawned many "explosive products".

  Live broadcast on the production line, moving the market into the factory; Use live big data to guide production, and connect supply and demand with "cloud" to reduce inventory pressure … … Live stream economy keeps manufacturers close to the front end of the market. "It is not so much a technological upgrade as a change of thinking." Ye Shouzeng, founder of clothing brand Zhihe, said that since last year, about 30% of sales of Zhihe have been promoted through new media.

  Taobao live broadcast report shows that in 2020, nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of over 100 million yuan were born in Taobao, among which the number of live broadcast rooms of merchants accounted for more than 55%. More and more brands quickly try, run in and establish a talent matrix suitable for brand development, and acquire and precipitate users in self-broadcasting channels. Sharing lifestyle-related content such as wearing, fitness and travel experience, the "shared live broadcast" explored by Xiaohongshu has become another mode of live broadcast.

  Live stream economy has accelerated the intelligent transformation of many industries. However, it is undeniable that the industry is also facing problems such as homogenization of content, some of which are suspected of vulgarity, and the standards need to be further established and improved.

  Experts believe that when live stream economy presses the "acceleration button", it should pay special attention to promoting the healthy development of the industry. For example, anchor popularity should be based on righteousness, live broadcast with goods is not about "destocking" and "rushing sales", but about honesty, standardization and improvement of the whole process of service. Live broadcast platforms should not only focus on heat regardless of quality, but also create high-quality live broadcasts with good value and technology, etc., to encourage innovation, standardize industries, and make the new economy and new formats stable and far-reaching.

Can Hua Xizi, who publicly apologizes, win back the hearts of "all girls"?

  The netizens in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi lost "all the girls", and the related topics continued to be hot. However, another protagonist in the live broadcast room, Hua Xizi, a domestic beauty brand, did not officially issue an apology statement until today.

  Hua Xizi admits that he has received great attention from the whole network in the past week, and he is fearful and at a loss. Although the brand has not made a sound, during this time, it has continuously absorbed everyone’s criticisms, opinions and suggestions. Huaxizi brand expresses its gratitude for everyone’s urging, and the relevant opinions have been fully recorded. The team is also comparing, revising and upgrading one by one, adhering to the initial intention, bringing better products and providing better services to everyone. This statement immediately triggered a hot discussion on the whole network, and related topics quickly reached the top of Weibo Hot Search. Up to now, the reading volume has exceeded 300 million.

  Hua Xizi’s apology statement emphasizes that Hua Xizi is an out-and-out brand in China, and hopes to tell the story of China and inherit the beauty of the East. This not only reveals Hua Xizi’s cultural orientation and brand concept, but also highlights his respect and admiration for China’s traditional culture. The sincere expression in the letter of apology will undoubtedly help to enhance Hua Xizi’s public image and leave room for its future development.

  However, after the apology statement was released, some netizens did not buy it. Some netizens said: the eyebrow pencil has risen to 119 and apologized. It’s really thick-skinned. Such remarks are directed at the price increase of Huaxi’s products. This is also the direct reaction of "all girls" to the product quality and price. After all, the eyebrow pencil is for use, not for display. However, Hua Xizi did not directly reply to the price increase issue that consumers are most concerned about in the statement. This also reminds all enterprises that consumers pay attention not only to the tonality and reputation of the brand, but also to whether the product price is fair and the cost performance is reasonable.

  Earlier, some netizens turned over past reports that when the average rebate rate in the industry was 20%, Hua Xizi raised the proportion with a wave of his hand, and some anchors even got 60% to 80% rebates. At that time, related topics such as "more than 20% of Huaxizi’s revenue comes from Li Jiaqi" and "Huaxizi responds to Li Jiaqi’s high commission" also appeared in hot search. On the evening of September 11th, Hua Xizi responded to the The Paper reporter that the information on the Internet about Hua Xizi’s rebate to Li Jiaqi was as high as 60% to 80%, or even more than 100%, which was false rumor, and the proportion of cooperation rebate between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi was the industry average. But it also reminds enterprises that the distribution of benefits with partners should be fair and just, and transparent cooperation will not make consumers suspect that their profits are "cheap" for the anchor, but they are not used to improve product quality and serve consumers.

  In this competitive market environment, every move of an enterprise may become the focus of public attention. In order to gain a foothold in the turbulent market and even lead the development of the industry, the core problem of enterprises is not to compete for eloquent anchors or to "inherit the beauty of the East" marketing, but to pay attention to the quality and cost performance of products.

  Hua Xizi’s apology statement, to a certain extent, shows his attention to the topic of public concern and the maintenance of brand image. This is undoubtedly a positive gesture, but more importantly, Hua Xizi needs to implement these commitments in future actions. Whether the product quality is controlled or the pricing is reasonable or not, we need to take concrete actions and stand the test of consumers. Only in this way can we gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.

  As an emerging domestic beauty brand, Hua Xizi has taken a solid step. This storm is both a challenge and an opportunity. In the future, we expect Hua Xizi to face consumers’ doubts about prices, make corresponding improvements and upgrades, and implement the promises to better respond to consumers’ expectations.

  Generally speaking, the huge public opinion caused by the rollover of the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and the subsequent surge in domestic sales of other brands, made "all girls" get rid of the fancy marketing fog of the brand and pay attention to and think about the quality and price of the products themselves. As a brand, no matter how big or small it is, it should put consumers’ needs first, respect consumers’ opinions and respond to consumers’ demands with practical actions, so as to be stable and far-reaching in various crises and challenges.

Remind! In 2018, the timetable for research was released, and the "gold content" of these 10 certificates was super high!

  CCTV News:Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice on the 2018 Professional and Technical Personnel Qualification Examination Plan and Related Issues, announced the 2018 professional and technical personnel qualification examination work plan, and made arrangements for relevant issues.

  The economic professional and technical qualification examination is fully implemented by computer examination.

  In 2018, the economic professional and technical qualification examination (primary and intermediate) will be fully implemented by computer, so please prepare for the corresponding examination.

  The tenderer will conduct a one-time final exam.

  The State Council has cancelled the professional qualification of the bid inviter, and the 2018 bid inviter exam is a one-time final exam. Candidates whose qualified subjects are still valid as of 2017 can sign up for the exam. After the end of this examination, those who have passed all the examination subjects will be awarded the professional qualification certificates of the original tenderers in accordance with the Interim Provisions on the Professional Qualification System for Tenderers (No.19 [2013] of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).

  The certificate can be used as a certificate with corresponding professional and technical ability and level.


  The national vocational qualification examination has a unified outline, unified proposition and unified organization, and qualified professional and technical personnel should obtain corresponding vocational qualification certificates through the examination. The majority of candidates should register and take exams through formal channels according to regulations, and do not believe in false propaganda.

  At the same time, the state has not designated any training institutions to carry out vocational qualification examination training, and those who cheat or organize cheating on illegal training institutions under the guise of "guaranteeing" will be seriously investigated for their legal responsibilities according to law.

  These 10 certificates are very valuable ↓

  1. Certificate of Certified Public Accountant

  CPA(Certified PublicAccountant) is the abbreviation of certified public accountant. In large and medium-sized enterprises, most of them need to hold a certified public accountant certificate to recruit positions such as chief accountant, financial manager, chief financial officer and chief accountant.

  CPA is the highest-level certificate in the accounting field in China, and it is also the only official certificate with "signature right". Therefore, if you want to be a certified public accountant, you must first get the CPA. According to the latest data of AICPA, there are 235,398 registered accountants in China, including 104,913 practicing accountants and 130,485 non-practicing accountants, but they still cannot meet the social demand for senior accountants.

  Registration conditions:Have graduated from a junior college or above, or have intermediate or above technical titles in accounting or related majors.

  2. Legal professional qualification certificate

  According to the provisions of the Judges Law, the Prosecutors Law, the Lawyers Law and the Notarization Law, newly appointed judges, newly appointed prosecutors, applicants for lawyer practice and notaries must pass the national judicial examination and obtain legal professional qualification certificates.

  The national judicial examination can be regarded as the entry threshold for practitioners in the judicial industry in China. It is extremely difficult and the annual pass rate is about 10%.

  2017 is the last year of the national judicial examination. After that, the judicial examination system will be adjusted to the national unified legal professional qualification examination system.

  Application conditions:Bachelor’s degree in law in colleges and universities, or bachelor’s degree in non-law in colleges and universities, and have legal professional knowledge.

  3. International Certified Public Accountant Certificate (ACCA)

  ACCA, a chartered certified accountants, is also commonly known as the International Certified Public Accountant in China, and its popularity is second only to CPA. With the characteristics of all-English exams, many subjects, great difficulty and high gold content, its position in the accounting field is unshakable. At present, it has more than 20,000 members and more than 40,000 students in China, especially favored by the College Students’ Textual Research Party.

  ACCA applies international accounting standards. With the accelerated development of economic globalization, many foreign companies in China and state-owned enterprises going abroad need ACCA holders. Accounting firms also need ACCA holders who are familiar with international accounting standards when auditing listed companies such as US stocks.

  Registration conditionsYou can register at least 16 years old. ACCA is a certificate that only a few freshmen can apply for and finish their studies before graduation.

  4. Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate

  CharteredFinancialAnalyst (CFA), also known as "Chartered Financial Analyst", has always been regarded as an MBA in the financial investment field. CFA qualification certificates are awarded to a wide range of professionals in various investment fields, including fund managers, securities analysts, chief financial officers, investment consultants and so on.

  The examination content is divided into three different levels, namely LEVEL Ⅰ, LEVEL Ⅱ and LEVEL Ⅲ. Examinations are held in all parts of the world, and each candidate must complete three different levels of examinations in turn. CFA qualification examination is conducted in English.

  Qualification certification:Candidates are required to have a comprehensive and profound grasp of financial knowledge and have four years of relevant work experience.

  5. Chinese actuary certificate

  The actuary is a profession with an annual salary of over one million abroad and a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan at home, which is called "the golden collar among the golden collars". In China, it is said that there are only more than 400 actuaries at present, but there are less than 50 actuaries recognized by the world insurance industry. The market demand for actuaries will reach 5,000 in the future, and the number of people applying for actuarial examinations will also increase year by year.

  Application conditions:The test is divided into two levels: quasi-actuary and actuary. Applicants for quasi-actuaries need to have a bachelor’s degree or above, and applicants for actuaries need to have the qualification of quasi-actuaries in China.

  6, practicing doctor certificate

  The qualification certificate of medical practitioner is the most important criterion to judge whether a doctor has the qualification to practice medicine. The so-called "doctor" who has not obtained the qualification certificate of medical practitioner belongs to "illegal medical practice". The country’s requirements for practicing qualifications are more and more strict, and legal practice, the sooner the qualification certificate of practicing doctors is obtained, the better.

  Application conditions (meet one of the following conditions):

  Having a bachelor’s degree or above in medical major in an institution of higher learning, and having completed a probation period of one year in a medical, preventive and health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner;

  Having obtained the practicing certificate of practicing assistant physician, having a medical college degree in an institution of higher learning and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for two years;

  Having a medical degree in a secondary specialized school and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for five years.

  In addition, those who have a medical college degree in a higher school or a medical college degree in a secondary specialized school, have completed a one-year probationary period in a medical, preventive or health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner, or have studied traditional medicine for three years or have expertise in medical skills for many years can also take the qualification examination for medical practitioners.

  7. Teacher qualification certificate

  Teacher’s qualification certificate is an essential certificate for teachers in the education industry. As a statutory certificate with nationally recognized teacher qualifications, it is uniformly printed by the education administrative department of the State Council. Since 2015, the teacher qualification certificate has taken the form of a unified national examination.

  8. Certificate of Human Resource Manager

  The human resources department, the finance department and the marketing department are also called the "troika" that drives enterprises, and human resources management is one of the few occupations that continue to be bullish.

  There are four levels of human resource managers, namely: level 4 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 4), level 3 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 3), level 2 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 2) and level 1 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 1).

  9, psychological counselor certificate

  With the increasing attention to mental health in China, the psychological counseling industry will be paid more and more attention. Persons who have been or are going to be engaged in the profession of psychological counselors should receive special vocational training and obtain the "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Professional Qualification Certificate" issued by psychological counselors nationwide before engaging in corresponding psychological counseling activities.

  Application conditions:Psychological counselors are divided into one or two grades, and the standard conditions for entering the exam are different. Educational background in psychology, pedagogy and medicine is generally required.

  10, the national translation professional qualification certificate (level)

  As a national evaluation system for translation talents, the Translation Qualification Examination has been praised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and senior experts in the industry for many times. The leader of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has said many times: "We chose the Foreign Languages Bureau to organize the examination correctly … … The examination has had a good influence at home and abroad, and it is one of the most successful projects in the national vocational qualification examination at present. "

   Application conditions:Anyone who has a certain level of foreign language, regardless of age, education, qualifications and identity, can sign up for the corresponding language level 2 and 3 exams.

  Are you going to do textual research in 2018?

The China Housing Society suggests fine-tuning the current real estate regulation and control policies.

go downstairs

Help me!

Break the confession?

  "It is best for the real estate industry to prepare for the’ winter’." After the rare "cold snap" attack in the first half of the year, the top management and scholars in the domestic real estate industry generally maintained a more cautious attitude towards the market in the second half of the year at the "China Real Estate 30-Year Summit Forum" held yesterday. However, there is also a good news that makes the real estate industry feel a little warm in the "winter".

  Zhu Zhongyi, vice president and secretary general of China Real Estate Association, revealed that in view of the current situation and trend of China real estate market, China Housing Association has reported relevant suggestions on how to maintain the stability of the real estate market to the central authorities, and the suggestions on fine-tuning the current real estate control policies have been taken seriously by the central leaders.

  And more real estate developers began to "save themselves" at the "crossroads". The giants in the real estate industry also opened a series of "prescriptions" on the forum.

  "Short-term hardship and long-term optimism"

  Recently, the real estate industry is expecting the government to "rescue the market". However, at yesterday’s "China Real Estate 30-year Summit Forum", Dr. Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, reminded domestic real estate giants: "The real estate industry had better make full preparations for the winter."

  However, when talking about the trend of the real estate market in the second half of the year, Zhu Zhongyi is cautiously optimistic. Zhu Zhongyi summed it up in three sentences: First, it is difficult in the short term and optimistic in the long term; Second, there are great regional differences, which cannot be generalized; Third, there are two possibilities of getting better and getting worse.

  Zhu Zhongyi believes that the development of the real estate market is likely to improve in the second half of the year. Under the circumstances of reasonable pricing of enterprises, moderate adjustment of policies, guaranteed loans, moderate stimulus and support for consumption, the market will develop in the direction of basically balanced total volume and basically stable prices. With the care and support of all parties, there is a great possibility of a good trend.

  The proposal of the China Housing Society is not simply to "save the market"

  At yesterday’s forum, Zhu Zhongyi revealed to the outside world for the first time that the China Housing Society reported to the Ministry of Construction, the General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on how to stabilize the real estate market, and its opinions were taken seriously by the Central Committee.

  Reportedly, the China Housing Association suggested that the government should make appropriate adjustments to some control measures based on the current changes in the domestic and international economic environment and the real estate market while maintaining relatively stable macro-control policies.

  However, Zhu Zhongyi also hopes that the proposal of the China Housing Society to stabilize the real estate market should not be simply regarded as a "bailout" proposal or understood in words and phrases.

  "In view of the significant changes in the economic and social environment at home and abroad, more significant changes may still be brewing." Mei Xinyu believes that "it is reasonable to adjust the orientation of macro-control in a timely and moderate manner, and the key lies in the timing, intensity and prevention of deviation."

Go to bed early and get up late, and don’t make up 10 rules for winter health, so as to refuel your health.

  Editor’s note:Winter is the season when vitality lurks and hides. It is the end of one year and the beginning of the next. As the saying goes, "Spring grows, summer grows, autumn harvests, and winter hides", so it is very important to keep in good health in winter. Look at the key points of winter health care!

  Keep healthy in winter, go to bed early and get up late.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, man and nature are a whole, and man should adapt to the four seasons changes of nature and arrange his daily life and rest reasonably. Hong Zhaoguang, chief physician of Beijing anzhen hospital, pointed out that when the sun rises, the body clock will send out instructions and the sympathetic nerves will start to get excited, which means you should get up.

  In winter, the days are shortened and the nights are increased. People should also follow the principle of "winter storage", appropriately extend their sleep time, and adjust their work and rest to "go to bed early and get up late", sleeping one or two hours earlier than in other seasons and getting up one or two hours later. Liu Dequan, chief physician of Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Geriatric Hospital, reminded. Old people who are weak in yang should wait until the sun comes out to avoid cold evil. Otherwise, it is likely to cause respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs and asthma, and even induce accidents such as angina pectoris.

  Keep healthy in winter, have breakfast late, have dinner early.

  Get up late in winter, breakfast should also be postponed. When people sleep, the digestive system is still working hard to digest the food they eat in a day. If you eat breakfast too early, it will make your digestive system tired. After getting up, you can drink a little water first, and then prepare breakfast in a leisurely way, leaving enough rest time for the digestive system.

  The habit of going to bed early at night also determines that dinner should be eaten early in winter, especially for the elderly, whose digestive function is weak, so it is more necessary to eat early to ensure that the body has enough time to digest food thoroughly. This can not only avoid food accumulation at night, but also ensure good sleep quality.

  Eating "hard" early and drinking thin late in winter

  The "hard" eating early here actually doesn’t mean something with hard taste, but food with rich nutrition and high energy. Liu Dequan said that a good breakfast can better ensure the energy needed for a day’s activities. Such as lean meat and cereal. However, the elderly with weak digestive function should also consider whether the food is digestible.

  After dinner, people’s activities will be reduced. In order to avoid food accumulation, we should eat less and choose digested food, porridge is better, and meat and spicy food are best avoided. Eating porridge for dinner also has the functions of nourishing the stomach and calming the nerves. It is recommended that the elderly can eat some yam porridge, lotus seed porridge, jujube porridge and so on.

  Drinking water early and honey late in winter.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine: "Drink salt water early and honey late". Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained that salt has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood, detoxifying and nourishing kidney. Drinking a glass of light salt water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is helpful to reduce fire and benefit the kidney, relieve constipation and improve the digestive function of the stomach, and is also good for those who get angry and have sore throat. However, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and people with poor renal function should drink carefully; Generally, the salt in 100ml water should not exceed 0.9g, so as not to increase the burden on kidneys and heart.

  Drinking honey water at night can help digestion and sleep. Before going to bed every day, you can scoop a spoonful of honey and mix it with warm water. But people who have the habit of getting up at night had better not drink honey at night, because its sugar content is high, which is easy to cause polyuria; People with diabetes should also drink carefully.

  Doing morning exercises in winter is late, late and early.

  Whether you get up early or exercise in the evening, you also need to adapt to the seasonal characteristics of winter. Liu Dequan believes that a major principle in choosing exercise time is: don’t exercise until you see the sun. Therefore, the morning exercise should wait until the sun comes out, and the evening exercise should be before the sun goes down. Only in this way can we ensure that the yang in the human body is not damaged. Therefore, in winter, the time of morning exercise is later than other seasons, and the exercise in the evening is earlier than other seasons.

  In addition, the temperature is low in the morning and evening in winter, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. If you go out to exercise too early, you are more likely to catch cold, and your blood pressure may rise due to vasoconstriction, which may cause physical discomfort. Exercise too late at night may also lead to discomfort due to temperature problems, especially for the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  In winter, keeping in good health, exercising early, exercising quietly, exercising late and exercising more.

  Some people like doing exercises and boxing, while others like running and dancing. We should choose different exercise methods according to different physical conditions. Wu Wenqiang, an associate professor at the School of Education of Beijing Sport University, believes that people just wake up from sleep in the morning, and the whole body is still in a state of "inhibition". Proper exercise can help restore vitality. However, the awakening of the human body needs a process, which should be gradual, so you should not do more strenuous exercise in the morning, and you can do morning exercises and play Tai Chi.

  In the evening, the human body is basically active. Research by British sports physiologists also found that after 4 pm and at night, people’s physical strength, responsiveness and adaptability will reach a better state, and their heartbeat and blood pressure will be relatively stable. Therefore, you can do a little more intense activities, such as playing ball and running, and the elderly can also choose dancing, brisk walking and other sports. However, if the exercise time is arranged 20 minutes after dinner or 10 minutes before going to bed, it should be as gentle and gentle as possible, such as walking.

  Keep healthy in winter, get up early in the sun and soak your feet at night.

  Sunbathing helps to supplement calcium and cheer up the spirit. Liu Dequan suggested sunbathing more in the morning for 15 minutes, which can help to improve the level of vitamin D in the human body and promote calcium absorption. In Japan, sunbathing regularly after getting up early is regarded as a kind of sleep therapy, because sunbathing can make the biological clock in the human body gradually return to normal, which is one of the keys to relieve insomnia.

  Soaking feet with hot water helps blood circulation and improves sleep quality, so it is recommended to do it before going to bed. After a day’s activity, I feel tired at night, and my liver and kidney are in urgent need of rest and recuperation. Yang Li said that the best way to recuperate at this time is to soak your feet. Liu Dequan also suggested that you should soak your feet in water at about 40 degrees Celsius for half an hour before going to bed, so that you can get hot, but you can’t sweat obviously. After soaking your feet, it is suggested that you should stop doing other activities and fall asleep every few minutes, which is better.

  Tonifying health in winter is not a mistake.

  Many people think that winter is a golden season for tonic. When winter comes, all kinds of tonics are eaten in large quantities, and many businesses have launched various "packages" and "partners" to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, it is enough to make up for it properly in winter. In winter, it is mainly closed, not leaked. Excessive tonic will lead to the disorder of body balance, especially the excessive use of nourishing yang and invigorating qi will lead to the leakage of essence in the body, resulting in "no essence in winter". Therefore, in winter, it should be properly supplemented, and it is not possible to make up for it. In particular, ginseng, velvet antler and other "sharp tools" for invigorating qi and tonifying yang should be more cautious.

  Love to eat in winter, but don’t eat in error.

  It’s freezing in winter, eating a spicy hot pot and sweating all over, and many people will feel very comfortable, but they don’t know that this is dissipating the yang of the human body. In winter, we should give priority to nourishing yin essence, and we must not use hot products indiscriminately. Of course, you can’t eat some cold products in winter, so as not to damage spleen yang, affect spleen and stomach transport and destroy digestive system. In short, in winter, we should give priority to a peaceful and moist diet, such as drinking more porridge, putting some jujube, medlar, longan, tremella and lily appropriately, and adding a small amount of ginger as appropriate, which can be tonic but not greasy, moist and not dry, and is a good tonic for winter. Taboo a large number of hot products such as mutton, pepper, etc., and a large number of cold products such as fruits and ice cream.

  Want to drink in winter health, don’t drink in vain.

  In winter, many people like to drink some white wine to warm themselves up. In fact, moderate drinking is beneficial to health, which can warm the blood vessels, dispel the wind and dispel the cold. The common recipe for postpartum biochemical soup is to take it with white wine. However, liquor is a warm product after all. Excessive drinking will dissipate human yang, and excessive drinking will also cause dampness and phlegm, which will make people feel dizzy and depressed. Nowadays, many young people like to drink drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can easily lead to obesity. In winter, drinking too much drinks will damage spleen yang and lead to indigestion. At the same time, some drinks also contain a lot of gas, which can easily lead to bloating after drinking. Therefore, you should not drink too much white wine or drink too many cold drinks in winter. In fact, red wine, as the most natural healthy drink, has the merit of beauty beauty and can be used as a good health product in winter. In addition, black tea is sweet in taste, warm in nature, good at storing yang, generating heat and warming the abdomen, which can enhance the human body’s resistance to cold, and also has the functions of removing greasy food, appetizing and refreshing, so it is very suitable for drinking in winter. (Source: Life Times, China Chinese Medicine News)