The new car express will be pre-sold for 90,000 yuan, and the Great Wall commercial pickup truck will be listed on March 22.

A few days ago, the car dealer learned from the official that the commercial pickup king kong gun under the Great Wall Gun will be listed on March 22, and the new car will be pre-sold for 90,000-120,000 yuan. The appearance of King Kong Gun adopts a brand-new design, with many design elements of Tank 500. In terms of power, King Kong Gun provides 2.0T gasoline/diesel engines and two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive to meet the diverse needs of users.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of the King Kong gun is younger and more fashionable than that of the current commercial gun. The front face is made of honeycomb chrome-plated mesh, which is matched with the new headlight group shape on both sides, and has some feeling of tank 500. The brand-new light blue car paint is not greasy at all, and it is more youthful with the wheels with novel shapes. In addition, the new car also uses a sturdy side pedal and gantry design, which is more wild. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5635/1880/1815(1840)mm and its wheelbase is 3410mm respectively.

In terms of interior, the new car is more like a luxury city SUV, with contrasting colors combined with two large screens to kill a lot of competitors. Under the suspended display screen in the central control area of the car, there is an air-conditioning air outlet. It is worth noting that the central air outlet and the two sides are decorated with gold decorative strips, which makes the whole more simple and beautiful.

In terms of configuration, the car networking system equipped with the new car provides intelligent voice, intelligent car control, intelligent service and other functions and supports FOTA upgrade. Among them, intelligent speech recognition can realize scenes such as playing music, browsing information and intelligent conversation. In addition, the car can also remotely control the door lock, engine and air conditioner through intelligent car control.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a Great Wall 2.0T diesel engine and a 2.0T gasoline engine. The maximum power of the diesel engine is 163 HP and the peak torque is 400 Nm. The maximum power of the gasoline engine is 197 HP and the peak torque is 360 Nm. In terms of transmission, it will match the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Major events in the science and technology week (October 23rd-29th): Xiaomi’s launch of OS and Xiaomi 14 series new products, the rendezvous and docking of Shenzhou 17 and the space station, and the a

"Science and Technology Week Events" reviews the important events in the science and technology industry in the past week (October 23 -29), and the following broadcast begins:

In view of the topic "QQ mailbox begins to provide paid membership service", Weibo of QQ mailbox issued a document saying that basic functions such as sending and receiving emails are completely unaffected, and the free capacity of 16GB mailbox can meet the needs of most users. Member services are introduced to meet some users with higher requirements, including capacity expansion services such as mailbox capacity of 2048G, transfer station capacity of 2048G, and a single oversized accessory of transfer station 10G, as well as value-added services such as 90-day validity period of oversized accessories of transfer station, online decompression and VIP email address. > > view details

On the evening of October 23, the official account of Huawei Group issued a statement saying that some of the so-called "Huawei will launch 10,000 6G mobile low-orbit satellites" from the media were purely rumors. The online rumor that "Huawei will launch 10,000 6G mobile low-orbit satellites" is purely a rumor. The rumor maker has no basis and makes much ado about nothing. The same information is spread on multiple platforms and accounts. Please don’t believe it, don’t pass it on, and report it decisively. > > view details

On October 23, "the whole department price plummeted" rushed to the top of the hot search. According to reports, the current 128GB version of 15/15 Plus is priced at 5198 yuan and 6098 yuan on individual e-commerce platforms, while its official website price is 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively, which is more than that of 800 yuan. At the same time, the channel price difference between the two series of 256GB versions is generally around 800 yuan to 1000 yuan. > > view details

According to The Paper, it was learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that several core business leaders of PICO have recently left their posts and been transferred. In the first half of this year, Ren Lifeng, vice president of PICO, was actually in a state of resignation, and he was not responsible for the business management of PICO for a long time, but he still worked in the company. At present, Ren Lifeng’s status of "flying books" in ByteDance’s internal system is "asking for leave". According to informed sources, Ren Lifeng will officially leave his post at the end of this year. > > view details

Hurun Research Institute released the Hurun Rich List in 2023 on October 24th. Zhong Shanshan, a 69-year-old farmer from Nongfu Spring, became the richest man in China for the third time with 450 billion yuan. Tencent’s 52-year-old Ma Huateng’s wealth increased by 65 billion (30%) compared with last year, reaching 280 billion yuan, returning to the second place after 2020, up 3 places from last year; Pinduoduo’s 43-year-old Huang Zheng’s wealth increased by 100 billion yuan (59%) compared with last year. He is the entrepreneur with the largest increase in wealth on this year’s list. He entered the top three for the first time with 270 billion yuan, up seven places from last year. > > view details

Qualcomm held the Snapdragon Summit in the early morning of October 25th, and officially announced the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which will become the flagship standard processor in 2024. According to Qualcomm, the performance of the new 8 Gen 3 is 30% higher than that of the previous generation, and the energy efficiency is 20% higher. It also provides 25% GPU performance improvement and 20% energy efficiency improvement. Adreno 750 GPU GPU supports hardware ray tracing and 240 FPS games. > > view details

In the early morning of October 25th, Apple announced the second autumn activity in 2023, which is scheduled to be held at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday October 30th, which is converted to 5: 00 am Beijing time on October 31st. The event in October is expected to focus on Mac series computer products, and Apple is expected to update iMac. > > view details

On October 25th, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice on the specific arrangements for the holidays of New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2024.

"Late Auto" reported on October 25th that all the salespeople in the international community will join Huawei’s wholly-owned subsidiary "Shenzhen Huitong Business Co., Ltd." and become Huawei’s supernumerary employees, and the renewal will be completed next year.

In this regard, Huawei and AITO Automobile both responded that the information was untrue. > > view details

According to CCTV news reports, on the morning of October 25th, the National Data Bureau was officially unveiled. The National Bureau of Data is responsible for coordinating and promoting the construction of data basic system, coordinating the integration, sharing, development and utilization of data resources, and coordinating the planning and construction of digital China, digital economy and digital society, which is managed by the National Development and Reform Commission. > > view details

At the new product launch conference on the evening of October 26th,Xiaomi 14 mobile phoneOfficially released, the machine adopts a 6.36-inch small screen, the narrowest vertical frame is 1.61mm, and it is designed with rounded corners. The glass version is 8.29mm thick and weighs 193g, and the nano leather version is 8.28mm thick and weighs 188g g. The specific price is as follows:

Xiaomi has launched a brand newXiaomi 14 Pro Cell phone. This phone is divided into three versions:

Other contents include:

The State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information of domestic online games in October 2023 on October 26th. It is found that games such as "Great Immortal Training Simulator" and "Sword Net 3 Boundless" are on the list, while Netease has a "Shooting Carving" that has passed the examination and approval, and Tencent has not reviewed any games this month. > > view details

According to the latest report released by Counterpoint Research, the sales volume of smart phone market in China in the third quarter of 2023 decreased by 3% year-on-year, which narrowed the year-on-year decline. It is believed that the market has bottomed out, releasing a signal of recovery.

According to statistics, thanks to the newly launched glory X50 and glory 90 mobile phones, glory leads the market with 18.3% market share. Driven by competitive promotion prices, sales of Redmi K and Note series are strong, with Xiaomi increasing by 5% year-on-year. > > view details

On October 26th, the Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft successfully docked at the forward port of the space station and the core module, and three astronauts then entered the space station and the core module.

On the morning of October 26th, Shenzhou 17 was successfully launched. The Shenzhou 17 spacecraft docked with the forward port of the core module of China Space Station, forming a three-module Mifune assembly. After the handover with the Shenzhou 17 spacecraft crew, the Shenzhou 16 crew will return to Earth on October 31, ending the "business trip" in space for nearly half a year. > > view details

Previously, the online transmission of Weilai NIO Phone was OEM by OPPO, and the built-in system SkyUI was based on Meizu’s Flyme. Li Wei, the head of Weilai Drivers’ Internet, responded by saying, "I did talk to these two companies (OPPO and Meizu) about cooperation, but unfortunately, it didn’t succeed." > > view details

According to the foreign media "Hollywood Reporter", "Wandering Earth 2" has entered the exclusive streaming media service in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which means that the film will compete for the Best International Film Award in 2024 on behalf of China. > > view details

According to CCTV news reports, according to the scheduled plan, the crew of Shenzhou 16 astronauts will return to the Dongfeng landing site in the near future. On October 27th, the landing site has organized all search and rescue forces to launch the last comprehensive system-wide drill, including more than 10 search and rescue forces, 5 helicopters, and nearly 100 vehicles and equipment such as command vehicles, search vehicles, medical supervision and rescue vehicles and disposal vehicles. According to reports, all preparations are now ready, waiting for Shenzhou to go home. > > view details

Does the company have Sora related application software? Jingwei shares responded

Every time after the AI ? ? news, some investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: Does the company have Sora related application software?

Jingwei Co., Ltd. (301390.SZ) said on the investor interaction platform on February 20 that the company has no such application software for the time being. The company will continue to pay attention to and track the latest technologies and applications.

(Reporter Bi Luming)

Disclaimer: The contents and data in this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Please verify before use. Operate accordingly at your own risk.

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There is not a spring that will not come. These five Wuhan stories have warmed everyone.


  Cctv news(Reporter Xu Hui) On February 23rd, at 4pm, the State Council Press Office held a press conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and invited five ordinary workers to tell the story of their United struggle in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan.

  Encourage each other to overcome the epidemic together.

  Yu Ting, director of the South Fourth Ward of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, said that since December 29 last year, he and a team of 6 doctors and 20 nurses have been fighting for more than 50 days, and nearly 200 patients with COVID-19 have been treated and 150 patients have been discharged.

  Yu Ting said that every day, medical staff entered the ward in airtight protective clothing, and when they left the ward, they were all sweaty and the screen was full of water. In order to protect their families, medical staff are afraid to go home. Some doctors and nurses live in the duty room, and some doctors and nurses live in nearby hotels, so it is convenient to assemble immediately in case of emergency.

  Medical staff treat patients day and night in the front line, encouraging patients to enhance their confidence and overcome the epidemic. A compliment from the patient and a small move also encouraged these medical staff.

  Yu Ting introduced that an 82-year-old grandfather was seriously ill when he was admitted to the hospital, and he could not take care of himself. He couldn’t get out of bed for two steps and spoke intermittently. After 14 days of careful treatment by medical staff, the old man recovered and could be discharged.

  After learning the news of discharge, the old man excitedly took Yu Ting’s hand and said, "Director Yu, thank you, thank you for saving my life. Can I make a small request? Can you take a picture with me? This will be the most precious photo in my life. "

  On the day of discharge, facing the camera, the old man and the medical staff shouted the slogan "Come on, Jinyintan! Come on in Wuhan! Come on, China! "

  "Give your family to us, please rest assured!"

  It has been 20 days since Zhao Peiyu, the head of the nursing team of the medical aid team of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, came to Wuhan. In these 20 days, she and her colleagues have treated more than 60 critically ill patients. At present, 20 patients have recovered smoothly and been discharged.

  "I feel very honored to be selected as a member of the medical aid team in Hubei and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. As a party member, I feel very honored." Zhao Peiyu said that whether it was the phrase "Everything is fine at home, don’t worry" from her family, the phrase "I wish you an early triumph" from her colleagues in Beijing, or the thumbs-up from her patients, she was greatly encouraged and moved.

  A critically ill female patient underwent a bronchotomy and used a ventilator. When Zhao Peiyu visited the ward, the patient wrote on the quilt by hand. Zhao Peiyu came closer and saw that she was writing "water".

  Zhao Peiyu said, "Auntie, are you thirsty"? The patient winked. Zhao Peiyu said, "Aunt, you can’t drink water now. Would you please hold on a little longer?" The patient blinked again and gave a thumbs-up sign.

  "I can feel the patients’ longing for life and their trust and support for medical staff." Zhao Peiyu said.

  After careful treatment, the patient has been successfully offline and is now in a state of recovery.

  "We are confident and capable of winning this battle. I want to say to the families of our patients, give your family to us, please rest assured! " Zhao Peiyu said.

  It is the duty and mission of the people’s police that the police do not retreat at present.

  Zhang Xiaohong is the director of Qiaokou Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. After receiving the order at 1: 30 am on January 23 this year, he completed the assembly of a team of 300 police officers within two hours to implement traffic control at Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

  More than a month has passed, and 1,500 policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have been fighting day and night, undertaking the work of intersection control, community blockade control, hospital prevention and control, public security patrol control and serving the masses.

  Zhang Xiaohong said that what impressed me the most in the past month or so was the police spirit embodied by the grassroots police. Qiaokou police stationed at 47 hospital isolation points, including a shelter hospital. Six party member police officers took the initiative to write an invitation letter and stayed there for 28 days without going home.

  The police, together with nurses in the hospital, help patients, comfort patients, patrol on duty, mediate disputes, and are in danger of being infected at any time. Zhang Xiaohong also asked his players if they were afraid, and the response was: When people are afraid, who will the police not fuck?

  Last week, a patient couldn’t take care of himself and suddenly fell ill and went to the hospital. After receiving the alarm, Yi Xin, a 24-year-old policeman from Zongguan Police Station, rushed to the patient’s home. Without an elevator, Yi Xin walked to the patient’s residence on the sixth floor and carried the patient down. During the process of going downstairs, the patient vomited a lot and vomited on the back of the police. In order to alleviate the patient’s pain, the police carried the patient from the 6th floor to the 1st floor step by step, and drove the patient to pulmonary hospital in a police car. The family members of the patient kept nagging all the way with four words: Thank you, police.

  Up to now, Qiaokou police have transported more than 1,200 sick people to the hospital.

  “‘ Fight the epidemic and win with me ’ It is the slogan circulated by Qiaokou Public Security Bureau. In this battle without smoke, every instruction of the ministries and agencies and the municipal bureau, and all the policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have accomplished their tasks brilliantly. I am deeply proud and proud of the comrades-in-arms of these heroes. " Zhang Xiaohong said.

  At present, the police will not retreat. This is the language written by the police in the invitation letter, which is also the duty and mission of the people’s police.

  "As long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!"

  The work of riders has been given a new meaning under the COVID-19 epidemic, and they have become "ferrymen" to maintain the normal operation of the city. Wu Hui is such a "ferryman".

  Wu Hui is an ordinary takeaway rider. He studied in Wuhan for four years, and he has a special feeling for this place. In July last year, he returned to Wuhan and became a takeaway rider.

  In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, Wu Hui was afraid, but on New Year’s Eve, Wu Hui, who had planned to rest, saw on the Internet that medical staff could only eat instant noodles, and decided to stand up and do something.

  The first order on New Year’s Day is sent to the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Central South Hospital. "At that time, I was a little drumming, but later I saw that everything in the hospital was in order, so I was relieved."

  From then on, Wu Hui received orders from all directions, met all kinds of people, and was moved by all kinds of warmth. He recorded all these warmth and feelings on Weibo, and received the support and encouragement from tens of thousands of netizens all over the country. All these support and encouragement, as well as the mutual help of more and more riders and brothers, made Wu Hui no longer afraid.

  "I believe that as long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!" Wu Hui said.

  "Warm others, but also warm yourself."

  Hua Yuchen, a music teacher at Ganghua Primary School in Qingshan District, Wuhan, is also a native of post-90s generation in Wuhan.

  Hua Yuchen has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in COVID-19, but it’s not that doctors can’t go to the front to help patients. As a young man in Wuhan, she is particularly anxious. So, she signed up as a volunteer and stood up to do her part.

  As a volunteer, you should go wherever you need it. Hua Yuchen has worked as a driver to pick up and drop off medical staff, a thermometer to measure body temperature on bridges and toll stations, and a porter to carry materials.

  Now Hua Yuchen has a new identity — — A volunteer announcer at Castle Peak Shelter Hospital. Play music, recite beautiful words and broadcast relevant news every day to calm the mood of patients in the cabin.

  "Maybe we are not the people who want to be with each other most, but at the moment we are really together. I appeal to my friends to give a smile to the people around us, give them a blessing and express a thank you to our medical staff. Let’s meet together, get well soon and go home together."

  Although separated by a wall, Hua Yuchen didn’t know the reaction and expression of people inside, but later I heard that patients listened to her radio and encouraged each other. "I feel that I finally have a little effect, warming others and warming myself."

The annual customs recorded by writers: ancestor worship, temple fairs, sending lanterns and burning lanterns. ……

At the end of the year, it has been a Chinese custom for thousands of years to pursue the future cautiously and reunite with the family. It’s just that the taste of the year is getting thinner and thinner in the metropolis, and the unique ceremony and attention have become superstitions. For the older generation, there is still some interest in childhood memories; Young people who struggle outside find themselves constantly wavering between competitive pressure and customs, and their belief in going home for the New Year is no longer so strong; For younger children, the Chinese New Year is almost the same as usual, nothing more than eating a good meal and receiving a lot of lucky money. For what is lost, we can only look for it in the past. If we want to find the pure flavor of the year, we have to look at it in the writer’s pen.

Send the kitchen god

In the old days, children were probably given a holiday on the 19th of the twelfth lunar month, in order to spend the next year with their families on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month. This year is very similar to the rehearsal of the new year. According to common sense, there are many vendors buying maltose in the streets these days, which is said to be used in king of people. Lao She wrote clearly in "The Spring Festival in Beijing", "Every family in king of people started to ring as soon as it wiped black firecrackers. With the sound of guns, the paper image of the kitchen king was incinerated, and it was euphemistically called sending the kitchen king to heaven. A few days ago, there were more or less people selling maltose and glutinous rice sugar on the street, and the sugar shape was either rectangular or melon-shaped. According to the old saying: if there is sugar sticking to the mouth of the kitchen king, he will not report the bad things in his family to the jade emperor when he gets to heaven. "

Obviously, king of people’s experience left children with an unforgettable experience. Many writers think of the Chinese New Year and never forget to mention it. However, Lao She ate the flavor of Beijing, while Chen Zhongshi found the flavor of Shaanxi. "On the 23rd night of the twelfth lunar month, it was the day of offering sacrifices to the kitchen god. According to folklore, on this night, the kitchen god will return to heaven to report the food and clothing on earth, and every family will make a small round cake with five flavors, which will take him a long way to heaven for dry food and curry favor with him. That night, the spiced round cakes baked in the first pot were first presented to the hanging statue of the kitchen god. I was so greedy that I grabbed the remaining round cakes and bit them. I ate steamed buns with corn flour all winter. This spiced round cake baked with pure white flour is not to mention how fragrant it is. " ("Chinese New Year: Guns of Dreams in Hometown")

After the twenty-first day of the twelfth lunar month, every household entered a tense preparatory stage, and the year ended in near you. There are two things that are most important, one is to clean the house, that is, to clean it up, and at the same time, to count the best things in the house. The second is to prepare new year’s goods, because according to the old custom, all shops should rest before the fifth day, and no knives should be used at home, otherwise it is unlucky. Liang Shiqiu described it well. "Every family is busy taking out the tin incense burner, tin wax label, tin fruit bowl and tin saucer from the cobweb-dusted box for an annual big scrub. Palace lanterns, gauze lanterns and horn lanterns are all out of the cage. New year’s goods should also be prepared as early as possible, including dry goods used in the kitchen, dried apples used to worship the gods and ancestors, peony daffodils provided in the house, and mixed food for children. Honey supply has been ordered in Baiyun Temple for a long time, and it will be delivered to the door in a bowl of paper baskets. The size of the home, going in and out, is like a wind demon. " (See "The Year of Beiping")

family reunion during the Spring Festival

Before the League Year, we need to worship our ancestors first. There are many ambiguities among different writers about ancestor worship. Full of critical spirit, for example, Ba Jin refers to it as a feudal patriarchal tradition in "Home". "Lights are hung in the hall, and red satin embroidered screens are hung on the wooden walls on both sides. The portraits of the ancestors who lie high in the box are also taken out and hung on the wall in the middle in turn to enjoy this annual offering. " The old and young in Gao Mansion are listed in front of the shrine according to the order of male, female and left, and then the old man is invited to take the lead in greeting his ancestors. After worshipping his ancestors, each room kowtows to the old man, followed by children to their parents and servants to their masters. The hierarchy is strictly distinct.

On the other hand, Liang Shiqiu is obviously better at capturing the interest of life. He looked at the whole process with trepidation like a child, only to find that everyone was thinking about the table of New Year’s Eve. Even the portraits of ancestors are vivid. "ancestor worship is one of the climaxes of the new year. Images of ancestors hung above the hall, all of them were in their seventies and eighties, some were grinning and some were glaring, enjoying steaming amid cigarette smoke. In fact, at this time, the dutiful son and grandson kowtowed like garlic, but for some reason, they didn’t mean to pursue the distance cautiously, but everyone was busy with offering sacrifices, burning incense, lighting candles and kowtowing, followed by withdrawing sacrifices and eating New Year’s Eve dinner, so it was too late to pursue the distance cautiously.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone writes one after another, one is more wonderful than the other, and the other is more attractive. Liang Shiqiu and Wang Zengqi both wrote about the year of Beijing. The dishes of the former look rougher but have Beijing flavor. "Eating is the main program of Chinese New Year. New year’s dishes are standardized, and every family is the same. People with a large population should go into the whole pig, even take the pig’s head into the water and deal with it separately. A pot of stew, plus mushrooms is a bowl, plus vermicelli is a bowl, plus yam is a bowl, a large basin of mustard mound, fish jelly, meat skin hot sauce, a jar of pickled cabbage, mustard bumps-enough. "

Wang Lao’s description is even more mouth-watering. He talked about pickled mustard. "In winter, pickled mustard. Pickling’ spicy vegetables’-Chinese cabbage is dried to remove water, pickled with mustard, and opened in the New Year. The color is as light as gold, and the spicy taste is very fragrant. I have never eaten such delicious pickles since I left my hometown. " (My Grandparents)

He also spent a lot of time describing the extreme delicacy of the New Year’s Eve dinner, and even the millet porridge was so sweet that it was amazing. "Eat jiaozi during the Spring Festival, than households. Some old Beijingers are vegetarian in jiaozi, and take vegetables, fried cakes and Kaoru Miki diced as stuffing to make them fresh and refreshing. Beginning of spring eats spring cakes every day. Shred shallot (raw), green leek or covered leek (stir-fried), mung bean sprouts, radish, sauced meat, sauced chicken and sauced duck, scrambled eggs, add less sweet flour sauce, and roll them with lotus leaf thin cakes. Everything has its own flavor, which is not confused, and it is extremely fragrant and beautiful, which is called’ five spicy dishes’. Shredded radish is essential. Beginning of spring eats radish, which is called "biting spring". It is poetic to bite in spring. When the cake is almost full, drink a bowl of stick slag porridge or millet porridge, which is called’ slip seam’, such as building a wall and grouting. " ("Four Seasons")

There is also a beautiful custom, which is probably the midnight snack on New Year’s Eve. The filial daughter-in-law will put a mark on the old man’s jiaozi and put coins in it to show good luck in the coming year to win the joy of her parents-in-law. Mo Yan wrote in "The Past Years" that "jiaozi was wrapped in money at night. My family used to wrap copper coins in the Qing Dynasty, but jiaozi, who wrapped copper coins, had a strong patina that could not be swallowed, which was equivalent to wasting a precious jiaozi, and later switched to coins. Now that I think about it, the coin is also badly dirty … Some filial daughters-in-law marked the dumpling skin when they wrapped jiaozi during the day, and when they filled jiaozi at night, they filled their in-laws’ bowls with money, so as to win the joy of the old man. One year, in order to eat jiaozi with money, I ate three bowls at a time, but the money was not eaten. As a result, my stomach was broken and I almost died. "

temple fair

On New Year’s Day, men often visit relatives and friends and pay New Year greetings everywhere. And women have been busy for a whole year, and finally they can put down their housework and go out. Of course, the shops are closed, but many monasteries inside and outside the city are open. Business-minded vendors can set up stalls outside the temple and earn a small sum of money. Some buy buy antiques and jades, some show variety, and some prepare some special food in winter.

Lao She is an authentic Beijinger. He directly told the readers that "the Dazhong Temple outside the North City, the Baiyun Temple outside the West City, and the Fire Temple (Factory Dian) in the South City are the most famous … Except for a small hole in the door of the oil and salt shop, the shops are all on the board, and there are often gongs and drums ringing, pounding and knocking, and it is said that the guys are there to vent their accumulated grievances for a year. The girls and kannika nimtragol are all out, and the mothers in Sanhe County have put a trembling red velvet flower in their heads. Where there are big girls and little wives out there, there are more hairy boys crawling around. So the factory was packed, and there was nothing to see in Haiwang Village except a few open-air teahouses and children with runny noses, but the entrance could crowd people to death! The antique jade stall in the Temple of Fire and the bookstall and painting shed in the Land Temple are much more busy than buying things. It’s sunny and snowy, and the streets are muddy. When the cool wind blows, the water drops into ice, and people roll in the snow and ice, so they are as sweet as a clam. Drink bean juice, and you’ll get pickled vegetables, glass horns and big sand geese’, which still has enough temptation for everyone. In addition, such as the Temple of Wealth, Baiyun Temple and Yonghe Palace, people are crowded and people look at people. When you go, your nose and ears will be red with cold. "

If you like playing mahjong, you can also go to the eight hutongs. The original gambling ban was lifted even before the Lantern Festival. "There are excellent dominoes, hardwood tables and beautiful women. However, during the Chinese New Year, almost every family gambles, pushing Pai Jiu, Zhuang Yuanhong, and yelling for six, Xian Yi, young and old. " (Lao She’s Spring Festival in Beijing)

Burn a lamp

For children, perhaps the most anticipated thing in the New Year is firecrackers. According to the calendar, from the first day to the twelfth day, it is called "sending lights", and from the thirteenth to the fifteenth day, it is called "burning lights", and burning lights has become a small competition for fireworks. In front of us, we talked more about the Spring Festival in the north, so we might as well look back at Shen Congwen, a talented person in western Hunan.

The firecrackers simply became a symbol of courage. "As usual, I with urchin qualification, and hundreds of size urchin, follow the team everywhere, and everyone in the fireworks to kill. Those who play with lights should not only rely on strength, but also be brave. To show that the hero is fearless, every time the fireworks in the stadium rise, the white light pours down several feet, and some of them roar like thunder. However, these people have to go into battle shirtless as usual, regardless of whether it’s "thunderbolt" or "tiger coming down the mountain". We are too young to participate in such strenuous activities, so we can only cheer while we are busy. Because we can always follow the team, the horses don’t stray, until it is almost white, and everyone is burned out and exhausted. The team was accompanied by an old fisherman and a clam shell essence. As usual, the clam shell essence chose a handsome boy of 12 or 13 years old to act as it. The old fisherman’s white beard and white hair were all in their original shape, which was ridiculous. "

Of course, girls also like to play. Perhaps everyone still has some impressions of Bing Xin’s favorite "Didi Jin", because it is the most reassuring fireworks for parents. "It’s just that I can’t squeeze into their band! I can only set off some firecrackers that my father bought for us during the day and some fireworks at night. The big one is put on the ground in a tube, and the fire tree and silver flowers are very bright! My favorite is the smallest and simplest’ Didi Jin’. It’s a small paper twist with a little gunpowder, which can be lit in your hand and sniffed, and a little spark will burst out. " (Spring Festival in Childhood)

Ba Jin also saw the social suffering behind "burning lamps". Most people who play dragon lanterns are lean laborers, but they become cruel victims in the carnival of everyone. The bearers took turns to "shoot fireworks at the naked upper body of the dragon lantern player." Burning these people "has changed the color of their flesh", but the cheerful audience did not give up, but continued to "burn desperately" with fireworks. Chueh-hui couldn’t help asking, "Do you think a person should base his happiness on the suffering of others? Do you think you can burn other people’s bodies with fireworks as long as you pay? "

Some of the above customs, dishes and fastidiousness about the Chinese New Year are outdated, perhaps disgusting, while others are sadly disappearing. But it is important to let people give the best expectation for life in a specific ceremony at the moment when the old and the new are alternating, to relive the acquaintance with the really important people, and to remember the hidden and forgotten interest in life itself.