Follow-up to "online celebrity Park is Questioned for Over-transformation": The reporter’s return visit to the signpost has been improved.

  With a ceiling-level sunset ferris wheel seascape and sunny lawn … Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park has become an excellent place for Shenzhen people to relax and look at the sea. On March 30th, when Southern Reporter visited, he found that a large area of the park was under renovation, but the seaside area was still open, so many citizens would go to the park to play. However, at this stage, the only temporary entrance to the park was short of obvious entrance signs, and many citizens and tourists wandered around the park in vain, which attracted attention after being reported by Southern. (online celebrity Park was closed for 2 years, and the public questioned the excessive transformation, and the relevant departments in Shenzhen responded)

  Visiting many entrances on the site, the signs have been improved and updated, and the gravel road will be rectified and upgraded.

  On the afternoon of April 3, the reporter visited the Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park again. The traffic guidance work around the line and the temporary entrance passage have been rectified and upgraded, and several entrances have been improved and updated.


  The reporter learned from the Qianhai Administration that the project construction unit has added 25 park guides and guide card at the locations along the roads, intersections and corners around the project, including: 5 park announcements and admission guide boards at the intersections around the Qianhai Stone Park project; There are 20 guide card in the coastal open area of the park along Guiwan subway station, Jin ‘an North Street and Linhai Avenue.


  Near the evening, the most beautiful seaside sunset in Shenzhen arrived as scheduled. The reporter saw at the entrance of the park that some citizens were talking and laughing with their children to enter the park, and some were pulling carts full of camping tools. "The directions at the intersection are very clear, so you don’t have to take detours when you come to the park." Ms. Liu, who came to camp with her family, was surprised by these details, but she also mentioned that the thin wooden boards on the gravel road were removed, but the stones were very scattered and sharp, and the vehicles easily slipped after passing. After learning about this situation, Qianhai Administration indicated that it would urge the operation department to upgrade and rectify the gravel road.


  Park upgrade leads to excessive transformation concerns? The latest response from Qianhai Administration

  In addition to the improvement of traffic guidance facilities and temporary passages, the Qianhai Administration has further dispelled doubts about the excessive transformation of the park by some citizens and tourists. The predecessor of the Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park, "Qianhai Performing Arts Park", was a public green space temporarily covered with green after the formation of the land in the Guiwan area of Qianhai in the early days, in order to improve the basement environment of Qianhai and solve the problem of loess exposure.

  In order to further strengthen the connection and connectivity between Baozhong area and Sanwan area in Qianhai, promote the economic and social development of all areas in Qianhai after the expansion, and implement the plan of "connecting mountains and seas", Qianhai coordinated and promoted the opening of the "tangible boundary" caused by the division of the original administrative areas, and reconstructed and constructed the Shigui Bay section of Qianhai (including the estuary of Shuangjie River) here. After the project is completed, it will completely solve the problem that the promenade from Qianhai Stone Park to Happy Harbor is not connected, which will greatly facilitate citizens to pass quickly, stroll around the bay and play.


  "I have lived near this park for four or five years. It turned out to be a very beautiful park, and the natural environment and ecological environment have been formed. Will the traces of labor after the transformation be too big? " In response to the public’s concerns, the relevant person in charge of the Qianhai Stone Park project introduced that it would respect the original topography and site characteristics, move the removed trees back as the basis of site landscaping, and optimize the service function of the park.

  According to reports, the project will not only increase 450 underground parking spaces, but also create high-quality urban ecological green spaces such as sea-watching book house, starry lawn, art exhibition gallery, rain-sheltering gallery, sea-watching steps, pedestrian landscape bridge, interesting sports ground, children’s play area and sea-watching grass steps, in order to enhance the cultural connotation of the park, and meet the multi-level leisure needs of citizens and tourists.


  Nandu reporter learned that in order to meet the citizens’ play needs, the project of Shiguiwan section of Qianhai (including Shuangjiehe estuary) implemented the strategy of "phased construction, partial enclosure and zoning opening". The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2025, and the Shuangjiehe estuary park is planned to be completed and opened by the end of 2024.

The joint money is sold out in 2 hours! Traveling in spring, wearing a fire and hot search, Hanfu transactions doubled year-on-year

  Plunge into the spring, how do you plan to "spend the spring"? On the social platform, buying a Hanfu suit suitable for traveling and taking photos has become a ceremonial feeling for young people to welcome spring.

  The temperature is rising, and the seasonal wardrobe of Hang Cheng netizens is full of "new Chinese style". "I have already stocked up the thin Hanfu, just waiting for the beautiful weather."

  "I can’t buy it, I can’t buy it at all, and I beg the merchants to step on the sewing machine." On social platforms, some netizens said that they didn’t expect to find an explosion all by hand.

  On March 18th, the spring Chinese clothing series "Spring and Jingming" jointly signed by Taobao Clothing and Nanjing Museum was launched. Inspired by the cultural relics collected by Nanjing Museum, such as Qingganlong Furong Stone Flattened Ear Cover Furnace (Small Powder Furnace), this joint series invited many Taobao original Chinese clothing stores such as Chuandai, Yuanshanqiao and Anytime to create designs together.

  Xiao Juan’s favorite is a three-piece suit of powder crystal, jade and pink gradient printing, which is inspired by the "small powder furnace". The fabric material is jacquard yarn and jacquard satin, the skirt is decorated with embroidery, and the furnace shape is outlined with gold thread, which is full of details. "It was sold out soon after it went online, just waiting for the follow-up replenishment notice." It is understood that 4 days after the launch, the total transaction amount of Nanbo joint-name Hanfu was nearly one million, and the explosion was sold out in less than 2 hours.

  According to the data of Taobao New Power Week in Spring and Summer, this year, the sales of Hanfu, new Chinese style and other clothing have risen. In March, the sales of Hanfu increased by 115% year-on-year, with an average of over 1 million people searching for Hanfu on Taobao every day. In the industry’s view, national style is one of the most popular trend styles in the clothing industry in the past two years, and more and more young people are willing to wear cultural self-confidence.

  In addition, on March 20th, at the Red Man Night event site, Taobao specially awarded the annual Red Man Award for Guofeng, a new track, and arranged a wonderful 12-flower God Guofeng catwalk to show the ultimate oriental aesthetics. "The influence of traditional culture continues to be released, which has also driven the demand for new national style to continue to heat up." Taobao said.

  It is worth mentioning that this year’s 2024 "Silver Needle Clothing Guide" of Taobao Clothing also split the new Guofeng track into new Hanfu and new Chinese style, providing more display channels for Guofeng merchants.

  Among them, the turnover of "New Chinese Style" award-winning shops increased by 161% in the first three days of the opening of New Power Week, and the national style is becoming daily.

  March is a season suitable for traveling in spring, and many consumers are getting used to buying a new Hanfu in spring. According to the analysis of Taobao Hanfu team, as China people’s own "holiday clothes", before the May Day holiday, the new national costume will usher in a small growth peak.

Concept and trend of new car display of the world’s first car at Guangzhou Auto Show

    Compared with previous sessions, the biggest highlight of this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show is the emergence of the world’s first car. For the Guangzhou Auto Show, which is five years old, this is a landmark. In addition, 16 new cars of multinational brands and domestic cars made their debut in Asia and China. At the beginning of the new moon, it is amazing and fantastic … enough for fans to enjoy.

    Domestic debut

    ●Infiniti British finidi M35—— 2008-the power of elegance

    The brand-new Infiniti British-finidi M35 2008 high-end luxury sedan newly listed in North America made a high-profile debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which was also its first appearance in China. Like all M series, "the power of elegance" is the best interpretation of the 2008 M35. Its appearance perfectly combines sport and elegance. The "core driving force" VQV6 engine of Infiniti British-finidi family makes this gentle and tasteful luxury car a passionate car with 280 horsepower and the highest torque of 363Nm/4800/rpm.

    ● The brand-new Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T6-"Saab Doctrine" is soaring.

    Shanghai GM unveiled the booth with the China launch of the new Saab 9-3 series. The new Saab 9-3 series is the latest endorsement of the cutting-edge design concept of "Saab Saab Doctrine". Its appearance is inspired by Saab Aero X concept car, and its brushwork is bold and avant-garde. The rich Scandinavian style is everywhere. Turbine power, which has always been proud of, will present new surprises, and the brand-new Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T V6, which debuted in China for the first time, makes people feel the power surge inherited by Saab Aviation.

    ● MG 3 Streetwise-the most popular British trend

    MG3 Streetwise, China’s first British hatchback with cross-border style, made its debut in China for the first time. This product, which combines the personalization of hatchback with the urbanization consumption of SUV, has become the most popular model in Britain and even in continental Europe. MG MG introduced this fashion trend to China, expecting it to bring a brand-new British strong wind to the domestic hatchback market. The power of MG 3 Streetwise surpasses that of the same class in an all-round way, and it is the first car in its class to adopt a 1.8L super-high-power all-aluminum racing-class engine, and the other 1.4L all-aluminum engine has the largest power of its class. For the first time, it introduced B-class car equipment such as 205 wide tires, 16-inch rims and sub-frames into the hatchback camp.

    ● Beijing Hyundai HDC-the most ideal compact model

    The new Elantra HDC, a medium-sized car tailored for China market by Hyundai, will be listed at Guangzhou Auto Show. The prototype of HDC is Hyundai New Elantra of Korea, which has been praised by the industry overseas and won the Auto Pacific Best Compact Model Award in July 2007. The curves of HDC models with new designs are more youthful and dynamic, and there is no lack of exquisite and mellow oriental flavor in details. With an overall size of 4542×1775×1485mm and a wheelbase of 2650mm, HDC has become the most spacious mid-level car. HDC will be equipped with 1.6L and 1.8L displacement in the future.

    ● Subaru’s new Impreza Leopard hatchback version-classic continuation

    At this exhibition, Subaru brought the new Impreza Impreza model with a new evolutionary design to China for the first time. The new Impreza Impreza hatchback version adopts a breakthrough five-door hatchback design, and its appearance is avant-garde and elegant. The Subaru horizontally opposed 2.0-liter engine with abundant power and smooth output is designed to be placed at a slightly lower position of the chassis. The technically designed chassis tested by WRC (World Rally Championship) improves the anti-collision performance. Under the fashionable and cool appearance of the new Impreza hatchback version, it further emphasizes the comfort, convenience and more spacious driving space. The application of many new technologies makes the new Impreza hatchback model have more excellent active safety performance.

    world premiere

    Ford is undoubtedly the lucky star of Guangzhou Auto Show. At this Guangzhou Auto Show, the Ford Verve sedan small concept car, which is full of movement and looks like a sports car, showed a gorgeous posture to the world for the first time at the 2007 Guangzhou Auto Show, clearly showing the design direction of Ford brand small cars in the future. Ford Motor Company plans to launch a full range of Ford Verve small concept cars to the whole world before the end of January next year. The Ford Verve sedan small concept car that made a stunning appearance at this year’s auto show is the second of the three series models, and it is also the first concept car launched in the world in the history of Guangzhou Auto Show. Thus, Asia, especially China, plays an important role in Ford’s global strategy. The unique appearance of Ford Verve sedan small concept car inherits the characteristics of Ford hatchback small concept car. The concept of "dynamic design" is perfectly manifested in the tough front face design. With the listing of Mondeo-Zhisheng, this bold new front face is increasingly recognized.

    Asia premiere

    ● Ford Verve hatchback small concept car

    Ford Verve hatchback small concept car also held a high-profile Asian launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show. In its evaluation, the word "charming" was first used to describe a concept car. The last of the three Ford Verve small concept cars will debut in Detroit north american international auto show in January next year.

    ● Genesis of modern E-class car

    Genesis, Hyundai’s first rear-wheel drive model, will make its debut in Asia at Guangzhou Auto Show. It made its debut at the New York International Auto Show earlier this year. Genesis was born in a newly-developed rear-wheel drive platform, equipped with the latest TAU 4.6-liter 32-valve V8 engine of Hyundai Motor and the SHIFTRONIC 6-speed automatic manual transmission provided by ZF. This power combination enables Genesis to accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in 6 seconds. Rohens is a modern name specially named for Genesis in China market. (Liu Xiaolin)

Editor: Liu Li

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  On January 1st, in his annual New Year speech to overseas audiences, the director of the Central Radio and Television General Station criticized the western media for "selective blindness" and "treating news as fiction", which attracted the attention of public opinion in many countries. Media in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India, South Africa, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Malaysia and Thailand, reprinted and quoted them.

  On January 1 ST,American business news networkThat is, more than 1,000 words of review articles were published on the home page.Director of the Central Radio and Television General Station: Western media reported on China "treating news as a novel"..

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  The article points out that in the annual New Year speech issued by China Central Radio and Television General Station,"Criticizing some Western media for engaging in China-related reports with prejudice, and even compiling false news like literary novels, which deviates from the objective and true journalistic ethics.. "The article said:"After introducing the friendly exchanges and cooperation with the heads of more than 150 international media organizations in the past year, the director of the General Desk turned his head and accused some western counterparts without concealment.He said:Some Western media have appeared in some reports concerning China ‘ Selective blindness ’ Even hearsay or false rumors are regarded as news releases, resulting in distortion and inaccuracy, and some news reports are no different from literary novels.. "

  The article further analyzes:Judging from the western media criticized by the Central Radio and Television General Station since last year, most of them have been repeatedly accused by China official institutions and the media of "ulterior motives" or "spreading rumors" in reports on the anti-amendment storm in Hong Kong, the death of illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, and social governance against Uighurs in Xinjiang. Interestingly, the director of the reception desk quoted Khazri, an English essayist in the 18th century, as saying that "prejudice is the child of ignorance" to prove the urgency of the media to pursue the truth and eliminate prejudice.Observers believe that this is intended to "slap" the British media with the famous words of British celebrities.

  French mainstream financial weekly "Entrepreneurship" websiteReports were also published on the same day.The director of the Central Radio and Television General Station criticized some western media for engaging in biased reports on China.. The article quoted Shen Haixiong’s New Year speech, pointing out thatSome western media have appeared "selective blindness" in their reports about China.,Even hearsay or false rumors are regarded as news release, which leads to distortion and inaccuracy.Faced with such untrue reports, the article quoted Shen Haixiong as saying,The Central Radio and Television General Station will continue to uphold an objective and fair position and spread the truth and the voice of justice to the international community.

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  Argentina’s national newspaper "Twelve Pages"On January 1 ST, it was published in a prominent position entitledDirector of China Central Headquarters: Some news stories in the West are like making up novels.The article. The article points out that in his New Year speech,Remind the western media to pay attention to their role in the "fake news" tide, and warn that if you report by imagination and mistake news for fiction, it will seriously hurt the credibility of the media.

  The article quoted the original speech and thought that the media should uphold an objective and fair position. “Facts are the life of news reports. If you report by imagination and mistake news as a novel, it will seriously damage the credibility of any media. This is also worthy of the vigilance of every member of the media who insists on professional ethics. "

  Russian RT TV English networkReview released on January 3The director of the Central Radio and Television General Station criticized some western media for engaging in biased reports on China..The article quotes the original text of the New Year speech in detail, pointing out that facts are the life of news reports. If you report by imagination and mistake news for fiction, it will seriously damage the credibility of any media.The article also emphasizes that Shen Haixiong called on world media leaders to be alert to similar situations. RT TV Russian official website also reprinted this report in full.

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  Kenya National Television (KBC)The new media was broadcast on January 1st.Speech by the Director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station, Media Peer Seeking Common GroundThe report. KBC pointed out in the article:"The director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station delivered a speech to the world’s media peers, emphasizing the strengthening of Sino-foreign exchanges on the basis of equality, openness and cooperation."KBC emphasized the conclusion of the speech by the Chief Desk Officer:"The Central Radio and Television General Station will record the times with professional standards of Excellence and perfection, spread more stories that are happening in China and the world for friends, and provide more positive energy for promoting the building of a community of human destiny."

  American WATV, American Chinese website, Russian newspaper official website, Russian New Network and satellite network under the Russian International News Agency today, Radio FM102.4 website in St. Petersburg, Russia, Record China website in Japan, infoseek portal, Three o’clock newspaper in Chile, Brazilian standard-bearer TV station, Truth and Face website in Uruguay, Rainbow FM station in Lisbon, Portugal, Ora Media Group in Albania, 24-hour website in Bulgaria, Nedeljnik Weekly website in Serbia, Osiyek website in Croatia today, North Macedonian Albanian News Agency, Kazakhstan’s Industrial News, Indonesia’s Elshinta Radio, Pakistan’s FM98 China-Pakistan Friendship Station, Mongolia’s National Public Radio, Myanmar’s media "opinion leader", Philippine National Radio, Thailand’s famous current affairs news website "The Country", Turkey Sky News Network, India’s Daily Morning News, Iran Majcher Network, Jordan Global Radio Facebook, Egypt’s Daily News website, Many overseas media, such as Tanzania Daily News, Nigeria Pilotage and South Africa Bito News, also paid close attention to the criticism of false reports of western media in their speeches, and published news and comments one after another.

  People from many countries and overseas audiences deeply agree and appreciate the comprehensive, objective and fair reporting attitude of the reception desk, and believe that the pursuit of truth should be the initial heart and criterion of every media person.

  Italian expert on China, Francesco MaringioAccording to the e-mail, China Central Radio and Television General Station has carried out a number of important tasks in recent two years, attracting the attention of more and more users around the world. They all hope to get information and content that is not influenced by mainstream western media and biased by western news values.

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  American current affairs commentator Ken HammingMr. Shen’s speech objectively and modestly summed up China’s great achievements, but also pointed out some shortcomings in our world and raised many hopes. Personally, I think that China has no intention to dominate the world, but only set an example for the world to seek peaceful development. I also believe that as time goes by, more and more people will see this. Among the American people, this awareness is also awakening.

  Indian senior current affairs commentator MalanI regret to see that some western media still publish some reports with prejudice and subjective imagination, especially some reports related to China. I think this is something that shames the media. I doubt whether the western countries are still immersed in the original world pattern. So that when you see the rapid development of some countries, you will show a jealous attitude. India is often plagued by such inaccurate reports. So I thank my colleagues in China for being able to speak out for these countries that have been damaged by inaccurate news.

The media hotly discussed that the director of the Central Radio, Film and Television General Station approved the western media to "treat news as a novel"

  Farr, Senior Adviser to the Afghan President on Media Affairs and Chairman of Shamshad Media Group.The article said: I totally agree with the speech of my colleague from China, especially the content about media communication. The communication between the media is not only of great significance to the media itself, but also to the economic and cultural exchanges between different countries, and it is very necessary to eliminate the barriers and even misunderstandings between some countries and people. I always appreciate the report of the Central Radio and Television General Station, adhere to objectivity and fairness, and pursue Excellence.

  Meng Yuwa Angxin, editor-in-chief of the democratic wave, the party magazine of Myanmar’s ruling National League for Democracy.It is their practice that some western media are selectively blind, as Mr. Shen said ‘ Facts are the life of news reports ’ I personally agree with this point. The media should convey fair and true information, which is the basic professional ethics of media people. Pursuing the truth is the initial intention and criterion of every media person.

Musk, the richest man in the world: Being fool in love in the love affair with "Crazy Beauty" Amber.

The women that Musk, the richest man in the world, likes all have the same characteristics, they are beautiful and have high IQ.

Amber Heard, a Hollywood actress, has a perfect face, stunning appearance, clean and cold temperament, and a bit like a girl next door.

Musk couldn’t resist such a beauty and plunged into the love affair with Amber.

He only saw the beauty of Amber, but he didn’t know there was a crazy soul under the beautiful skin.

Amber is a typical crazy beauty, which makes him eat up the pain of love.

In 2013, Musk met Amber. At that time, he had the idea of pursuing beauty and invited each other to dinner.

At that time, Amber and Johnny Depp were madly in love and didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

Depp, who starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, became the top stream in Hollywood and got the title of captain.

Amber and Depp got married in 2015, and after only one year of marriage, they got divorced.

Amber looks like a girl next door on the surface, quiet and beautiful, but in reality it’s crazy.

In terms of feelings, it is not uncommon for her to eat for all ages, for both men and women, and for her to tread more than one boat.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they were accused of excreting in his bed.

I should know something about Amber’s crazy Musk, which didn’t scare him off.

These are not problems for him, but a little crazy can be used as a substitute for life and make life more interesting.

When he entered this relationship, he found that Amber’s madness far exceeded his imagination and brought him great pain.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they walked down the red carpet once and met Musk by chance.

Seeing that Amber was alone, Musk took the initiative to go forward and ask questions.

In this chat, the two exchanged contact information, and Musk began to pursue Amber.

Musk’s way of pursuing beauty is as domineering as the president in Ba Zong’s novel.

Amber complained to him that Depp had domestic violence.

This aroused his strong desire for protection and provided her with 24-hour uninterrupted security service.

As a science and technology madman, he thinks it’s romantic to show someone he likes high technology.

He took Amber to the launch site of Rocket Falcon 9.

Musk successfully caught up with the goddess in his heart.

There are also many happy and sweet moments between them.

Have dinner together happily, walk hand in hand in the street, kiss and hug in public.

In order to make Musk happy, Amber tailored the costume for him.

Happy moments are just embellishments, and the main tone of this relationship is black and violent.

No one knows what Amber thinks in her heart. In this relationship, she especially likes to create chaos and sabotage.

She and Musk often quarreled, and they quarreled all night and endlessly.

Such a day is a kind of torture for each other.

There is love between the two people, and they torture each other, sometimes breaking up and sometimes getting back together.

Musk said that Amber broke up more times than he did.

He really loves Amber.

He is reluctant to leave each other, but it is very painful to be together. This relationship makes him feel "too cruel".

Musk’s relatives and friends don’t like this tossing Amber, saying that she is the most unbearable of all Musk’s girlfriends.

Musk’s younger brother thinks that this woman is "too poisonous", which makes his brother suffer greatly but can’t stop.

This relationship is also quite strong.

The two broke up after dating for more than a year.

After breaking up, Musk often locked himself in a dark room, and the whole person seemed to be in a coma.

This situation lasted for a year and a half.

When Musk told others about his feelings during that time, he said that it was the most painful moment in his life, which was unbelievable.

When the relationship is over, Musk still can’t forget Amber. When he meets the opportunity, he will come to a hero to save the beauty.

After Amber played Hai in Warner’s Neptune, the film received a good response.

The divorce case between Amber and Depp was raging and their reputation was greatly affected.

In 2021, when Warner filmed Aquaman 2, it didn’t want to use Amber any more for fear of affecting the box office.

As the ex-boyfriend of Amber, Musk was very dissatisfied after hearing about it and gave a letter to the film producer.

The general meaning of the letter is that if Amber is not allowed to participate in the filming of the sequel to Neptune, he will burn down the house.

Who is not afraid of the threat of the world’s richest man and scientific genius, Musk has this ability.

So, people saw Amber again in Aquaman 2.

When Musk’s biographer asked him why he fell in love with a woman who was "mean" to him, he replied that he was a fool in love.

Extreme success must be accompanied by extreme personality.

Musk has indeed achieved extreme success in his career and technology. Of course, his personality is also extreme in some aspects.

I often do something that looks silly in love. If I don’t have the aura of the richest man, I will be really stupid in people’s eyes.

This is what winter should look like.

Text | Zu Xinlan
Recently, Shandong Wucheng Meteorological Observatory has continuously issued a cold wave warning. Experienced people know that New Year’s Day is the coldest season of the year. According to the statistics of meteorological monitoring station, the historical extreme lowest temperature in Wucheng County since meteorological data were available was -21.6℃, which appeared on January 26th, 1981. On the morning of January 7th this year, the lowest temperature in Wucheng County has reached -20℃, which is close to the historical lowest temperature peak. It seems that tomorrow will be another sunny day, and I can’t help rubbing my hands in anticipation.
I like winter, it can temper people’s will and stimulate their inner potential. As a runner, I am basically unaffected by the cold wave, but my own equipment is harder. It is enough to add a pair of knee pads in the morning and put a pair of warm and elastic running shoes on my feet. As the saying goes, practicing Sanjiu in winter means that the colder it is, the more you should keep exercising, and insisting on outdoor exercise for three or nine days can improve your immunity to cold. Taking willpower to challenge the comfort zone, I left the warm bed at dawn, and felt cold from head to toe when I went out. My nose and ears ached with cold, and my hands were stiff and almost unconscious. When I came to the sports square, I did some stretching exercises for a while, and then started slowly. Facing the first dawn in the morning, I breathed in fresh and clean air, and I controlled my body to adjust my pace and breathing. When I ran for about 2 kilometers, my whole body began to get hot, and my footsteps became lighter and lighter. When I unconsciously ran for 5 kilometers, my breathing was smooth and my whole body was transparent. Only those who have witnessed monsoon rains’s unremitting sports all year round can experience the wonderful beauty of being outdoors in winter. Think about the dog days when the heat is unbearable and there is nowhere to escape. I still love this cool feeling. The experience of winter makes me feel that my youth has always been there, and my years have never grown old.
I like winter, everything seems quiet and orderly. In the dormant season, the withered willow tips on the roadside also hang down, quietly gestating new life. The Sugar-Coated Berry peddled by street vendors is crystal clear. The colder the weather is, the more solid and beautiful the transparent sugar skin wrapped by hawthorn is, and it seems to shine in the warm sun, adding a beautiful warm color to the small town in the north. Unable to resist the temptation of bright red hawthorn, I bought Sugar-Coated Berry and took a bite, which made it more sweet and crisp in this cold winter. The freshness of hawthorn with the sweetness of rock sugar is a wonderful taste bud enjoyment. On the balcony in winter, the restless old mother has begun to make dried bacon sausages, which are delicious food for the New Year. The smell of fireworks on earth is the most touching to the hearts of ordinary people. Through a string of incense sausages, I seem to smell the breath of Chinese New Year. What I look forward to most is the next heavy snow, which can purify the air. In the snowy weather, suddenly it is a world wrapped in silver outside, sitting in a warm study, making a cup of hot black tea, holding a book that I haven’t finished reading in the past, and that kind of long-lost warmth and tranquility slowly ripples in my heart. Keeping company with books nourishes the soul. "is like a spring gale, come up in the night, blowing open the petals of ten thousand pear trees" is definitely the simplest visual enjoyment in winter.
I like winter, which awakens many fond memories of my childhood. In the freezing morning, the glass on the balcony is covered with a thick layer of ice flowers, such as colorful leaves and undulating mountains. Different shapes of graphics moisten the winter color, which makes people think, and the past time is presented in front of them. The winter in childhood was colder, the wind blew more bitterly, and the soil pavement was frozen and cracked. I can’t forget waking up in the morning as a child, putting on my mother’s warm cotton-padded jacket and trousers on the kang, and playfully doodling on the ice flowers on my window glass; I can’t forget how many cold days I ran outdoors to play hide-and-seek and throw sandbags, and soon I forgot the cold. Although my face was frozen like a red apple, I enjoyed it with white heat in my mouth when I spoke. I can’t forget that under the low eaves of the old house, there is a sharp and crystal clear ice valve hanging upside down, and the natural carved cone shape is beautiful and attractive. I always secretly move a chair to climb and break off an ice valve while adults are not paying attention, and show it off to my friends in my hand. The greedy child can’t help sticking out his tongue and licking it. Once, it was the happiest time in my memory when I was flattered in winter.
It is the law of nature that the cold season can be bitterly cold. In the cold winter, the splendor of plants and trees has gradually become a thing of the past, and everything has accumulated its inner strength, and it will shine when it blooms in the spring next year. The love of winter is not the yearning for new vitality. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? This is what winter should look like!
Yidianhao Niu Niu’s Shuxiang Cabin

How to win the best spa brand for nine consecutive years?

In the increasingly busy urban life of modern people, the importance of physical and mental health is becoming more and more prominent. As a place to seek relaxation and relaxation, sauna has become one of people’s first choices. When it comes to the best sauna in Hong Kong, Oriental Shuihui Sauna has naturally become a choice not to be missed. It won the yellow pages Hong Kong people’s feelings-the best spa brand award for nine consecutive years, which is amazing. So, how does it maintain its leading position for a long time?
Geographical location and environmental advantages
Dongfang Shuihui Sauna is located in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui East Hotel and Business District (basement of Gangjing Center, No.100 East Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon), only 5 minutes away from Hung Hom Station, with convenient transportation. After renovation in 2018, it covers an area of 30,000 feet and has many services such as therapeutic and preventive massage, spa, beauty salon, haircut and free catering services. Its comfortable environment allows you to glow with infinite vitality in a paradise-like quiet atmosphere.
Description of honorary awards
The success of Oriental Shuihui Sauna not only benefits from its geographical location and environmental advantages, but also because of the high-quality service over the years, the diversified and high-quality food is provided free of charge, which has been praised by many guests. No matter the quality of service, food and careful supporting services have been recognized by the industry and customers. For nine consecutive years, he won the Yellow Pages Hong Kong People’s Hong Kong Love-Best Spa Brand Award and many other industry awards. These awards prove that Dongfang Shuihui Sauna is in a leading position in the industry and is a sauna that customers trust.
Equipment introduction
When it comes to saunas, the quality and quantity of equipment and facilities are very important. Oriental Shuihui Sauna has performed well in this respect. Its facilities and equipment are very modern and luxurious, so that every guest can enjoy the highest level of service. First of all, the Oriental Shuihui Sauna has a large-scale cold and hot massage pool, among which the largest thermal massage pool in the male guest area in Hong Kong is a popular facility. In addition, there are a number of large-scale spa pools. The water quality of the pools is guaranteed by the government Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and monitored by employees with water quality control licenses. The water quality is verified and cleaned by special personnel every day to ensure safety and hygiene. For people who like saunas and showers, the facilities of Dongfang Shuihui Sauna are among the best. It has a number of steam bathrooms, and after the steam bath, cold water can be washed with cold water showers in the bathrooms to increase skin elasticity. Articles such as towels and bathrobes are provided to the guests after disinfection procedures, and the supply is very sufficient, which makes the guests have a more comfortable experience.
In addition to the facilities mentioned above, Dongfang Shuihui Sauna also provides some other special equipment and facilities, such as frozen water pool and independent VIP lounge. The frozen pool is a very interesting facility, which allows guests to soak in cold water after finishing the sauna to improve the skin luster. The VIP lounge is a private space specially designed for VIPs, providing exquisite and elegant surroundings, so that guests can better relax after enjoying massage service. In addition, the Oriental Shuihui Sauna also provides a gourmet restaurant, which provides convenience for guests to taste unique food and drinks.
In a word, the facilities and equipment of Dongfang Shuihui Sauna are fully prepared, and all kinds of facilities and equipment are in the leading position in the industry, and a number of special equipment and facilities are provided. Also, joining members can get more and more quality services, such as providing free parking spaces; Developing high-quality supporting services that are not available in the industry can enable guests to enjoy the highest level of service experience and supporting services. At the same time, it will also provide preferential treatment to customers from time to time, and it will be named "warm sauna" by the customers.
Introduction of featured services
Dongfang Shuihui Sauna provides customers with many special services. For women to provide exclusive beauty programs, a number of facial care courses are readily available, and high-grade genuine beauty products are selected to achieve the best beauty effect for guests. For women’s hydrotherapy courses, a variety of unique hydrotherapy courses are designed to make the body fully relaxed. Traditional lymphatic massage can effectively relieve stress, muscle pain and fatigue, and regular lymphatic massage can help expel body toxins. These services benefit from thoughtful service attitude and professional skills, which is a great advantage of Oriental Shuihui Sauna.
To sum up, it is no accident that Dongfang Shuihui Sauna won the best spa brand for nine consecutive years. Whether it is geographical advantage, honor award, equipment introduction or special service introduction, it can be seen that it is in a leading position in the industry. If you want to get rid of the hectic life and enjoy the feeling of relaxation, relaxation and pleasure, Oriental Shuihui Sauna is the best choice you can’t miss!