Ten thousand steps to the auto show | booth map teaches you where to see heavy new cars and concept cars.

As the first and possibly the only international Class A auto show in the world this year, the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has attracted much attention, attracting almost all brands from all over the world.

The major car companies participating in the exhibition are also eager to release concept cars, heavy new cars and corporate strategies. According to incomplete statistics, among the 8 exhibition halls of 360,000 square meters, there will be 60 first-time models, and hundreds of new cars will be listed.

General plan of exhibition hall

The Paper, combined with the booth map published at the Shanghai Auto Show, taught everyone how to find these concept cars and heavy new cars as quickly as possible, enjoy the concept cars with forward-looking design concepts and advanced technology configuration, and taste the heavy new cars with design and technical vane significance.

No.3 hall

1. Cadillac LYRIQ concept car

From fuel vehicles to electrification, this major change requires traditional car companies to bid farewell to "oil to electricity" and come up with a native proprietary pure electric vehicle platform. Last year, GM’s BEV3 pure electric platform was officially unveiled. Now, the Cadillac LYRIQ concept car, the first model built by BEV3 platform, will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

In terms of appearance, the LYRIQ concept car is very sci-fi in shape, and the front of the car has a luminous brand LOGO and radial light strips. Push-down car side contour and stretched roof line give consideration to both technology and artistic atmosphere. The taillight design of the concept car is complicated, with a large number of horizontal and vertical line elements added, showing strong visual tension.

The car is equipped with a whole 33-inch screen, which integrates the functions of dashboard, infotainment, navigation, lighting control, air conditioning control and so on. In addition, the car is also equipped with GM’s latest "Super Cruise" super cruise driver assistance system and dual-view laser holographic reality enhanced HUD head-up display function.

The LYRIQ concept car will use the universal Ultium battery pack with a cruising range of about 483 kilometers, and provide two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models to meet the needs of different users.

2, MG Cyberster concept car

The concept of pure electricity super runs MG Cyberster’s low body, exaggerated mouth and oval headlights hidden inside the body create a concept of violent aesthetics with strong visual impact. Moreover, an "LED waistline" extends from the fender position, which is highly recognizable.

The interior of MG Cyberster is also sporty and sci-fi. The steering wheel similar to the gamepad is matched with a large-size LCD instrument and an "e-sports seat", which looks very combative.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, MG will start the crowdfunding of the MG Cyberster concept car, with a target of 50 million yuan, and the mass production of the vehicle will begin as soon as it reaches the standard.

3. SAIC Chase MIFA EV concept car

This concept car has only appeared in the manuscript and renderings.

After completing the "business transfer", SAIC Chase MAXUS began to develop the latest pure electric architecture-MIFA architecture, which can be compatible with various new energy power systems such as HEV, PHEV, EV and FCV, and covers SUV, MPV and other models.

SAIC Chase MIFA EV concept car is based on MIFA architecture, and the design is inspired by the space capsule. The overall shape is very avant-garde science fiction, and it is expected to have a brand-new intelligent cockpit and advanced human-computer interaction, intelligent driving assistance and other systems. The new car is expected to be released during the year. Production model.

4. Buick Angkewei Plus

Angkewei was first launched in 2014, and its sales volume in China market has exceeded one million. The Angkor Plus launched this time is based on the general medium-sized luxury SUV architecture. It has undergone a new design from the outside to the inside, and its size has been improved. It provides five-seat/seven-seat seating layouts, and the power part is equipped with a 2.0T engine+48V light mixing system. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 9-speed automatic manual transmission.

In the future, the new car will compete with Tiguan L, brand-new Highlander and Sharp.

No.4 hall

5. Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept car

At last year’s CES show in the United States, Mercedes-Benz released the latest concept car VISION AVTR, which will also be officially unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

The new car design is inspired by Avatar, and the biggest highlight is the bionic design, and the overall visual effect is extremely sci-fi. The brand LOGO and wheels of the vehicle have luminous function, completely transparent gull-wing door design, and scale-like solar panels on the roof.

VISION AVTR can realize automatic driving, which also makes its interior very simple and sci-fi, eliminating the traditional steering wheel, throttle, brakes and various buttons. In addition to the seat, there is only a display screen and a light controller in the car, and the people in the car can control the functions in the car through the controller. In terms of power, VISION ATVR is equipped with four independent motors with a maximum power of 350kW.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept car not only highlights the design concept of science and technology, but also shows the harmony between man and nature with bionic design, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly materials and pollution-free and degradable graphene-based organic chemical batteries.

6. Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS is the first model born in the pure electric architecture of Mercedes-Benz EVA, and it is also the flagship model in EQ brand. It can be understood as the S-class in EQ family. The new car adopts the brand-new design language of EQ family, integrates AMG sports style, and is designed with hidden door handles and penetrating light strips, which has a sense of sports and technology.

The new car WLTP has a battery life of up to 770km, which will realize L3 automatic driving, AI artificial intelligence with learning ability and OTA of the whole vehicle.

The new car comes standard with a rear wheel steering system (4.5/10 after OTA) and a 108.7kWh lithium battery, and a 90kWh version will be available later. EQS 580 4MATIC with dual-motor four-wheel drive has a maximum power of 385kW, a peak torque of 828N·m and an acceleration of only 4.1 seconds per 100 km.

No.5 hall

7. Star Way Eta Ursae Majoris Concept Car

Eta Ursae Majoris (English name: Stellar), the first concept SUV built by Starway with new energy architecture, will make its first global public appearance.

Judging from the preview of the current exposure, Eta Ursae Majoris will adopt a brand-new design, with a penetrating light strip on the upper part of the front face and C-shaped light groups on both sides below.

8、SAIC Audi A7L

The domestic Audi A7L can be said to be a heavyweight model with high attention at this auto show, which symbolizes that SAIC has opened a brand-new luxury car battlefield since then.

Audi A7 has always been famous for its high value among Audi brands by virtue of its coupe body lines. However, after the domestic extension, many people are concerned about whether the overall proportion will be out of balance and what kind of quality can be achieved after domestic production.

9. Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron concept car is built on Volkswagen MEB pure electric platform, and its overall shape is full of "muscle". In terms of interior design, Audi Q4 e-tron is expected to be equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, an embedded MMI touch screen and AR HUD real-life navigation for head-up display. In terms of battery life, Audi Q4 e-tron is expected to provide two kinds of battery packs, with sizes of 82kWh and 55kWh respectively, and single and double motors are available. WLTP has a maximum battery life of 520 kilometers.

10. Volkswagen ID.6

Volkswagen ID.4 The "Big Brother" ID.6 of two models has also arrived.

In terms of body size, ID.6 locates medium and large pure electric SUV, and adopts 3 rows and 7 seats layout. The body dimensions are: 4891/1848/1679mm, and the wheelbase is 2965mm.

Like ID.4, ID.6 will also launch two different models of "North-South Volkswagen".

No.6 hall


11. Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept Electric

At the beginning of the month, Lexus launched a brand-new LF-Z Electrified concept electric vehicle in the world. The vehicle adopts BEV special platform and is equipped with "DIRECT4" brand-new four-wheel driving force control technology, which can freely control each wheel by making the motor driving force instantly responsive, thus achieving highly flexible driving performance.

The cockpit is based on the concept of "Tazuna". The functions of AR head-up display, instrument and touch screen are highly integrated, and the driving-related functions are concentrated around the steering wheel. This layout will become the design direction of the next generation of Lexus models.

12. Jennisseth X concept car

At the beginning of April, luxury car brand Janice officially announced its landing in China market. The Genesis X concept car will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is positioned in a medium-sized and large coupe with a pure electric powertrain. This is the fifth concept car of the Janice brand after the NEW YORK, GV80, Essentia and Mint concept cars.

Jennisseth X is more avant-garde while continuing the family-style design, making full use of the unique double-line design elements. For example, the double-line LED strip on both sides of the large-area air intake grille in the front of the car and the double-line LED taillights at the rear.

The internal design is also very subversive. The center console of the vehicle extends from the instrument part and follows the driver’s trend downwards. With the bucket seat, it presents a strong sense of embrace for the driver. None of Jennisseth’s products live up to the style of its luxury brand and perform well in quality creation, but as a new brand, it is not well known in China at present.

13. The new Land Rover Defender 90

Defender 90 is a short-axis version of the brand-new Land Rover Defender, with a personalized three-door double-row seat design. The design language of the new car is basically the same as that of the Guardian 110. The length, width and height of the new car are 4583/2105/1969 mm and the wheelbase is 2587 mm.

It is understood that the P400 model of Guardian 90 adopts the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine of Yingjieli series with a 48-volt light mixing system, with a maximum power of 394 HP and a peak torque of 550 Nm, and an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. In addition, Land Rover’s all-terrain off-road mode will not be absent.

The new Land Rover Defender 90 will announce the price at the Shanghai Auto Show.

14. Lincoln’s brand-new mid-size car

The internal code of the new car, CD764, remained mysterious until the auto show. It is reported that this car is specially built for the China market and is expected to be sold to the global market in the future.

From the poster, we can see that the new car has a slender shape, elegant body lines and the tail of the slip back design, which makes it look very harmonious and dynamic. It is reported that this brand-new luxury mid-size sedan will replace Lincoln MKZ and become Lincoln’s latest entry-level sedan.

No.7 hall

15. BMW Vision M NEXT concept car 

At this Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought innovative pure electric BMW iX and Vision M NEXT concept car, of which the latter is the successor model of BMW i8.

Being part of BMW M-series supercar concept car, Vision M NEXT continues some design elements of i8, and also uses more racing elements in body color and aerodynamic suite.

The car also has interactive communication and entertainment facilities, and is equipped with more racing driving system equipment.

In the power part, in addition to driving the rear wheel by a four-cylinder engine, M NEXT also has a motor on the front axle and the rear axle, so that the vehicle can realize rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive in pure electric state. It is reported that the maximum output power of the transmission system is 600 horsepower, and it takes only 3 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h.

16. BMW iX 

Unlike BMW iX3, which has been listed before, iX adopts a brand-new design, which represents the design trend of BMW electric family in the future.

The center console consists of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 14.9-inch central touch screen, and is equipped with the eighth generation iDrive system to create a better human-computer interaction experience. In terms of power, BMW iX is equipped with the new fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology, providing 90kWh and 120kWh lithium-ion batteries. The maximum cruising range of WLTP may reach 600km, and all of them will provide dual-motor four-wheel drive.

17. SAIC R concept car ES33

As the latest high-end smart brand of SAIC, the concept car ES33 of SAIC R is equipped with R-TECH high-energy intelligent body technology to position the flagship SUV.

The design of the ES33 concept car has a strong sense of future science and technology. It adopts a three-dimensional multi-line design, especially the two "deep" air inlets on the front hatch cover, with the design of sliding back and the two-color suspended roof, which adds a sense of super-running to this car.

Based on R-TECH, R cars can more accurately predict the behaviors and action trajectories of pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles. In the aspect of energy supplement ecology, R automobile provides a variety of energy supply schemes that can be recharged, exchanged, upgraded and mutually recharged. It is reported that its new production version will be officially launched in the second half of 2022.

18. Extremely Fox Alpha S

This is the second car under the polar fox brand and the first car product of the brand. The length, width and height of the new car are 4930/1940/1599 mm and the wheelbase is 2915 mm, which has reached the level of medium-sized cars.

The biggest highlight of the product is its intelligence. The new car is equipped with Alpha -OS in-vehicle intelligent system, which supports three-screen linkage, face recognition and 8-inch head-up display (HUD).

The most noteworthy thing is that Alfa S is the first product under Huawei’s empowerment. It is equipped with Huawei HI autopilot solution and intelligent hardware such as laser radar, which enables the car to achieve automatic driving ability in some scenes.

19. Geely Xingyue L.

Xingyue L can be said to be one of the most anticipated self-owned brand models in the first half of the year. Based on CMA architecture, it is the third "Star" generation model after Xingyue and Xingrui.

The appearance of the new car adopts the latest 4.0 design language, the length, width and height are 4770/1895/1689mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2845mm, so the space is very pleasant. The interior is designed in a minimalist style. In addition, it is equipped with three large screens.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with the Volvo Drive-E series 2.0T engine, which has two adjustments of low and high power, with the maximum power of 218 HP and 238 HP respectively. It is reported that the new car will also be equipped with Borgwarner’s sixth-generation four-wheel drive system, which will bring stronger handling performance and off-road performance.

No.8 hall

20. Honda SUV e concept

Honda SUV e concept was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show last year, and the products released at the Shanghai Auto Show are more biased towards the production version. The closed front grille, slender LED headlights, luminous LOGO, butterfly doors and penetrating light strips all make the vehicle look very scientific and technological.

The oversized touch screen of the center console inside the vehicle integrates all the functions of the vehicle, and the physical buttons are basically invisible.

The car will be equipped with the latest "Honda CONNECT" intelligent guidance interconnection system, which supports functions such as assistant, car video call, automatic parking and OTA.

21. Porsche 911 Turbo 

As a popular role-playing game "Cyberpunk 2077" in 2020, Porsche is indispensable. The 911 Turbo appeared in the game is modified from the 1974 model, and the vehicle still retains its classic appearance, except that a laser radar, a set of sensors, some elements of Cyberpunk, and a built-in electronic lens with a monitor are added at the front to meet the future identity in 2077.

In reality, this 911 Turbo has been designed by Porsche 1: 1, and it can drive normally like the previous Crystal 992. This 911 Turbo will be used for real-life shooting of commercial advertisements and participate in major game exhibitions.

22. GAC Toyota brand new Highlander

The new Highlander domestic version is finally coming, and the biggest change compared with the cash is the use of TNGA architecture.

In terms of appearance, the new car has changed greatly compared with the cash, and the brand-new design language has brought about a double promotion of fashion sense and sports sense. In terms of power, the new car abandoned the 2.0T engine on the cash and replaced it with a 2.5L hybrid system, which has the advantage of being more fuel-efficient and conforms to Highlander’s partial home positioning.

Of course, there are more new cars worthy of attention. For more new cars, please pay attention to the special report of The Paper 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.


Three cars on one roof! Xingyue L Hi·P is listed, is 250,000 worth it?

Let’s look at a set of data first. In the first 10 months of 2022, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 5 million, doubling the year-on-year growth rate and maintaining a high growth trend. Explain that the rapid growth of new energy is no longer policy-oriented, but more about the rapid changes in consumers’ concepts and acceptance.

And independent brands in the matter of new energy, the contribution is definitely a big part. Among them, from January to October this year, Geely Automobile’s cumulative sales of new energy has reached 249,500 units, and the achievements of new energy transformation have been highlighted. In addition to several independent new energy brands, the launch of Geely’s "Raytheon Hybrid" also plays an important role in boosting the brand’s new energy running.

One car is worth three cars, so you can earn it?

As the first product equipped with Raytheon hybrid, the launch of the fuel version has let us see its leapfrog product strength and high quality and price ratio. Then Raytheon’s mixed blessing was even more icing on the cake. On November 25th, the extended range version of Xingyue L Hi·P was officially launched. Two new models were launched, and the price after comprehensive subsidy was 239.7-253.7 thousand yuan.

Xingyue L Hi·P is built based on the e-CMA intelligent ultra-electric architecture. The new car has three electric modes: "pure electricity, extended range and electric hybrid", and has four innovative electric properties: "urban pure electricity, long-distance power generation, fast charging and camping discharge", covering the whole travel scene. It can be said that it has the hard-core strength of "one car for three cars".

In fact, the extended-range model is not much different from the hybrid one in terms of design and interior, mainly by making adjustments in some details. For example, the redesigned fog light area on the front bumper is not only more closed, but also the design with the same color as the car body further enhances the vehicle recognition. Others generally still use a relatively three-dimensional front face and a semi-enclosed air intake grille. With the shape of a square light group, the whole front face is still quite imposing in visual effect.

Xingyue L Hi·P has a body size of 4770*1895*1689mm and a wheelbase of 2845mm, which is consistent with Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·F version. Although it is officially positioned as a compact SUV, from the size point of view, it can be seen that it is larger than many joint venture medium-sized SUVs, which means a bit of a dimension reduction blow.

The value of "China Star" highlights the development of Raytheon’s mixed blessing

For new cars, the biggest highlight is of course the power system. Xingyue L Hi·P is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor, which is actually a hybrid system of Leishen Intelligent Engine. The key point is that Xingyue L Hi·P comes standard with a CTP flat battery of 41.2kWh, which is close to the popular extended-range models. Take Li one as an example, its battery capacity is 40.5kWh. This also provides a basis for the extended range mode of xingyue l hi p. Under the working condition of WLTC, the pure battery life can reach 205km, far exceeding the plug-in and hybrid models of the same class.

Thanks to its pioneering 3-speed frequency conversion electric drive, Raytheon intelligent energy management technology can realize full-speed serial-parallel connection, 3-speed electric drive and intelligent adjustment of 20 working modes. In terms of energy supplement, Xingyue L Hi·P comes standard with a maximum of 85kW DC fast charge, and it takes only 27 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%. In addition, 6.6kW household slow charge is standard, while 3.3kW external discharge can meet the demand for camping electricity for more than 12 hours.

Since Geely launched the China Star high-end series, its products have been selling well. In the past 10 months, the China Star Series has exceeded 30,000 vehicles, an increase of about 32% from the previous month, among which the sales of popular models Xingyue L and Xingrui both exceeded 10,000. By the end of October, the cumulative sales volume of China Star will soon exceed 500,000, and the brand will continue to be promoted with high-value products.

Among them, the launch of the Xingyue L Raytheon series enriches the vehicle configuration, covering three power systems: fuel, hybrid and plug-in, which meet the different needs of users. At the same time, according to the data, the cumulative sales volume of Raytheon Hybrid has reached 48,570 vehicles from January to October, and the acceleration is still increasing.

Written at the end: From the sales structure of Geely in the past two years, it can be seen that the entry-level scooters, etc., which used to be used in the past, are quietly moving in the direction of high value, high quality and price ratio, and the overall sales "gold content" is constantly rising. As a brand-new masterpiece of Geely brand electrification development, Xingyue L Hi·P will accelerate the transformation of Geely automobile to intelligent electrification with its technical strength beyond its competitors and its official listing.

Major events in the science and technology week (October 23rd-29th): Xiaomi’s launch of OS and Xiaomi 14 series new products, the rendezvous and docking of Shenzhou 17 and the space station, and the a

"Science and Technology Week Events" reviews the important events in the science and technology industry in the past week (October 23 -29), and the following broadcast begins:

In view of the topic "QQ mailbox begins to provide paid membership service", Weibo of QQ mailbox issued a document saying that basic functions such as sending and receiving emails are completely unaffected, and the free capacity of 16GB mailbox can meet the needs of most users. Member services are introduced to meet some users with higher requirements, including capacity expansion services such as mailbox capacity of 2048G, transfer station capacity of 2048G, and a single oversized accessory of transfer station 10G, as well as value-added services such as 90-day validity period of oversized accessories of transfer station, online decompression and VIP email address. > > view details

On the evening of October 23, the official account of Huawei Group issued a statement saying that some of the so-called "Huawei will launch 10,000 6G mobile low-orbit satellites" from the media were purely rumors. The online rumor that "Huawei will launch 10,000 6G mobile low-orbit satellites" is purely a rumor. The rumor maker has no basis and makes much ado about nothing. The same information is spread on multiple platforms and accounts. Please don’t believe it, don’t pass it on, and report it decisively. > > view details

On October 23, "the whole department price plummeted" rushed to the top of the hot search. According to reports, the current 128GB version of 15/15 Plus is priced at 5198 yuan and 6098 yuan on individual e-commerce platforms, while its official website price is 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively, which is more than that of 800 yuan. At the same time, the channel price difference between the two series of 256GB versions is generally around 800 yuan to 1000 yuan. > > view details

According to The Paper, it was learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that several core business leaders of PICO have recently left their posts and been transferred. In the first half of this year, Ren Lifeng, vice president of PICO, was actually in a state of resignation, and he was not responsible for the business management of PICO for a long time, but he still worked in the company. At present, Ren Lifeng’s status of "flying books" in ByteDance’s internal system is "asking for leave". According to informed sources, Ren Lifeng will officially leave his post at the end of this year. > > view details

Hurun Research Institute released the Hurun Rich List in 2023 on October 24th. Zhong Shanshan, a 69-year-old farmer from Nongfu Spring, became the richest man in China for the third time with 450 billion yuan. Tencent’s 52-year-old Ma Huateng’s wealth increased by 65 billion (30%) compared with last year, reaching 280 billion yuan, returning to the second place after 2020, up 3 places from last year; Pinduoduo’s 43-year-old Huang Zheng’s wealth increased by 100 billion yuan (59%) compared with last year. He is the entrepreneur with the largest increase in wealth on this year’s list. He entered the top three for the first time with 270 billion yuan, up seven places from last year. > > view details

Qualcomm held the Snapdragon Summit in the early morning of October 25th, and officially announced the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which will become the flagship standard processor in 2024. According to Qualcomm, the performance of the new 8 Gen 3 is 30% higher than that of the previous generation, and the energy efficiency is 20% higher. It also provides 25% GPU performance improvement and 20% energy efficiency improvement. Adreno 750 GPU GPU supports hardware ray tracing and 240 FPS games. > > view details

In the early morning of October 25th, Apple announced the second autumn activity in 2023, which is scheduled to be held at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday October 30th, which is converted to 5: 00 am Beijing time on October 31st. The event in October is expected to focus on Mac series computer products, and Apple is expected to update iMac. > > view details

On October 25th, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice on the specific arrangements for the holidays of New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2024.

"Late Auto" reported on October 25th that all the salespeople in the international community will join Huawei’s wholly-owned subsidiary "Shenzhen Huitong Business Co., Ltd." and become Huawei’s supernumerary employees, and the renewal will be completed next year.

In this regard, Huawei and AITO Automobile both responded that the information was untrue. > > view details

According to CCTV news reports, on the morning of October 25th, the National Data Bureau was officially unveiled. The National Bureau of Data is responsible for coordinating and promoting the construction of data basic system, coordinating the integration, sharing, development and utilization of data resources, and coordinating the planning and construction of digital China, digital economy and digital society, which is managed by the National Development and Reform Commission. > > view details

At the new product launch conference on the evening of October 26th,Xiaomi 14 mobile phoneOfficially released, the machine adopts a 6.36-inch small screen, the narrowest vertical frame is 1.61mm, and it is designed with rounded corners. The glass version is 8.29mm thick and weighs 193g, and the nano leather version is 8.28mm thick and weighs 188g g. The specific price is as follows:

Xiaomi has launched a brand newXiaomi 14 Pro Cell phone. This phone is divided into three versions:

Other contents include:

The State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information of domestic online games in October 2023 on October 26th. It is found that games such as "Great Immortal Training Simulator" and "Sword Net 3 Boundless" are on the list, while Netease has a "Shooting Carving" that has passed the examination and approval, and Tencent has not reviewed any games this month. > > view details

According to the latest report released by Counterpoint Research, the sales volume of smart phone market in China in the third quarter of 2023 decreased by 3% year-on-year, which narrowed the year-on-year decline. It is believed that the market has bottomed out, releasing a signal of recovery.

According to statistics, thanks to the newly launched glory X50 and glory 90 mobile phones, glory leads the market with 18.3% market share. Driven by competitive promotion prices, sales of Redmi K and Note series are strong, with Xiaomi increasing by 5% year-on-year. > > view details

On October 26th, the Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft successfully docked at the forward port of the space station and the core module, and three astronauts then entered the space station and the core module.

On the morning of October 26th, Shenzhou 17 was successfully launched. The Shenzhou 17 spacecraft docked with the forward port of the core module of China Space Station, forming a three-module Mifune assembly. After the handover with the Shenzhou 17 spacecraft crew, the Shenzhou 16 crew will return to Earth on October 31, ending the "business trip" in space for nearly half a year. > > view details

Previously, the online transmission of Weilai NIO Phone was OEM by OPPO, and the built-in system SkyUI was based on Meizu’s Flyme. Li Wei, the head of Weilai Drivers’ Internet, responded by saying, "I did talk to these two companies (OPPO and Meizu) about cooperation, but unfortunately, it didn’t succeed." > > view details

According to the foreign media "Hollywood Reporter", "Wandering Earth 2" has entered the exclusive streaming media service in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which means that the film will compete for the Best International Film Award in 2024 on behalf of China. > > view details

According to CCTV news reports, according to the scheduled plan, the crew of Shenzhou 16 astronauts will return to the Dongfeng landing site in the near future. On October 27th, the landing site has organized all search and rescue forces to launch the last comprehensive system-wide drill, including more than 10 search and rescue forces, 5 helicopters, and nearly 100 vehicles and equipment such as command vehicles, search vehicles, medical supervision and rescue vehicles and disposal vehicles. According to reports, all preparations are now ready, waiting for Shenzhou to go home. > > view details

"Dune 2" exposure role poster sweet tea Zendaya appeared in Sao Paulo Comic-Con

1905 movie network news The Hollywood sci-fi giant directed by the new godfather of sci-fi movies (provisional translation) released posters of ultra-luxury lineup roles, and all forces appeared. How does Paul, the "chosen son" from the Cui Di family, integrate into the indigenous people of freeman on Dune Planet after his family was wiped out? What kind of secret weapon will the brutal Harkonan family use? What kind of shocking conspiracy is the mysterious sisterhood manipulating? The appearance of the emperor and princess pushed the trend of the universe empire to a more complicated situation.

The film is based on Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi novel Dune, starring,,,,,,,, and so on. It will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

The luxury character lineup has been upgraded in an all-round way, and the battle of ultimate fate has officially begun.  

In the eleven posters of the ultra-luxury lineup released this time, the main characters and brand-new characters of this series all appeared. The sandstorm rises, and the tonal vision of yellow sand all over the sky perfectly shows the iconic characteristics of sand dune planet desert and spices. Directed by denis villeneuve, the aesthetic style of Dune 2 will continue to add a lot of color to the big screen.

Paul (Timothée Chalamet), the chosen son, and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), dressed as the Virgin of freeman, seem to have completely integrated into the life of local freeman people. Mother and son, like freeman, an indigenous people of Dune Planet, have blue eyes caused by inhaling and eating spices. Paul’s lovers, namely freeman’s female warrior Cheney (Zendaya) and freeman’s leader Stig (javier bardem), look grim and ready to go. Will they and other freeman people follow Paul and embark on the battle of fate together? Elder brother (josh brolin), the valiant soldier of the Cui Di family, is also pleasantly surprised to return, and her messy long hair is even more tenacious.

In the poster of the villain Harkonan family, the baron (Stellan Skarsgard) lurks like a poisonous snake, while the beast Laban (Dave Batista) growls angrily. The new character "Killing Machine" in the Harkonan family is also the opponent of Paul’s fate — — Fidel Rosa Harkonan (austin butler) makes a positive appearance, with a grim and evil face like death arrival. Emperor Padisha (christopher walken) and Princess Ilelang (Florence Pew) dressed in luxurious royal costumes look serious and contemptuous, symbolizing the supreme power to control the empire. The most mysterious one is Lady Margot (Léa Seydoux), who represents the sisterhood. Only they know whether the birth of the "chosen son" and the direction of the cosmic empire are a fate or a conspiracy. What will be the outcome of the battle of fate?

The director of Dune 2 (tentative translation) came to the exhibition in Sao Paulo with a surprise, and the atmosphere was warm.

In 2023, the exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil officially kicked off, and the major booths were carefully built, and many Hollywood stars appeared. Among them, the most eye-catching scene is the appearance of the creators of Dune 2 (provisional translation): director denis villeneuve attended with four leading actors, namely, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, austin butler and Florence Pew. The four young stars are the most popular young actors in Hollywood at present, and they are also high-quality actors with both face value and strength. Both Timothée Chalamet and austin butler were nominated for Oscar at a young age, as if they were fated "chosen sons" in and out of the play.

The atmosphere was warm, and four young actors appeared one by one with the role posters appearing in turn on the big screen, which brought the audience to a boil. Comic-Con showed a feature clip of Dune 2, including the shocking picture of Paul’s first attempt to ride a sandworm on Dune Planet! This classic scene made the audience stunned and ecstatic, and looked forward to the day when the movie was released on the big screen. Director denis villeneuve said that the audience was the first audience in the world to see the content of the feature film.

The Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece Dune 2 (tentative translation) was jointly created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Exploration Group, and will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

Sports history-the birth of football: a football teenager’s foul.

In the English dictionary, Rugby has two meanings: one is football; The second is the place name. rugby, a small town in Warwickshire, England, is the hometown of rugby. 198 years ago, on the lawn of Rugby College, a 16-year-old football boy ran with the ball in his arm, which was an obvious foul, but it finally became a sport. This boy is wilhelm weber Webbellis.
Portrait of wilhelm weber EllisAn ordinary moment of gloryTo discuss the origin of rugby, we should start with the life of wilhelm weber Ellis.
William’s life is both plain and legendary. On November 24th, 1806, he was born in Salford, Lancashire, England. He was the son of a soldier, and his father, James Ellis, was a cornet player in the Dragon Riding Team. By 1809 at the latest, James had been promoted to lieutenant and was stationed in Portugal with the troops. In 1804, James Ellis married wilhelm weber’s daughter Anne Webb in Exeter, England. In 1812, when William was only 6 years old, his father was killed in the Spanish War of Independence, and Anne received a pension of 30 pounds from the army. This pension became the basis of William’s attachment to football.
After her father died, Anne, who lost her financial resources, decided to move to rugby with her family. At that time, it was a small town with only a few thousand people, and the only thing that made the town famous in China was Rugby College. Rugby College was founded in 1567 as a grammar school. In the 1820s and 1930s, Rugby College, under the leadership of its president, Thomas Arnold, has become a famous public school in England. The public school here is different from its literal meaning, and it promotes elite-oriented secondary education. Rugby College enrolls boys within 10 miles of Fiona Fang with the town clock as the center. In 1816, 10-year-old William began his nine-year study here. During his study, William gave the impression of being "a good student and cricketer". However, some people have noticed that William is not a disciplined cricketer because "he always tends to gain an advantage through unfair cheating". This evaluation was quickly confirmed in an accident.
One day in 1823, in a fierce football match, William, who was thin, failed to get the ball several times. In desperation, he actually picked up the football and ran to the opponent’s goal. When the opponent stopped him, he ignored it and rushed straight ahead. For the established football rules at that time, you can kick the ball with your feet or even handball, but you can’t run with the ball in the game, which will be regarded as cheating. However, at that time, this foul did not attract much attention. This is because in the early 19th century, there were many student football clubs in rugby, with hundreds of large clubs and only a dozen small ones. Because the rules of modern football have not been determined, many rules were agreed temporarily before the game, and the use of hands was not absolutely prohibited during the game, William’s foul was not so eccentric.
The portrait of the game in 1823, the act of running with the ball, was only an episode in the game and did not have any influence on William’s life track. After studying in rugby for nine years, William entered Brecci North College of Oxford University (former British Prime Minister David Cameron also graduated from this college), where he participated in cricket matches between Oxford and Cambridge. In 1829, he got a bachelor’s degree, and in 1831, he got a master’s degree in literature at Oxford. Since then, he has become an evangelical priest, who went to the front to preach during the Crimean War. In 1872, at the age of 65, William died in Montone, southern France. He never married and had no children. He donated 9,000 pounds to the church, which was a huge sum at that time.If it weren’t for the title of inventor of rugby, William’s life would be unremarkable. If it weren’t for people’s exploration and pursuit later, that accidental running with the ball would be just an episode, and it would soon be lost in the long bells of the small town church.
"Collusion" between Antique Collectors and Students
As mentioned above, the invention of football happened by accident, and even the parties may not realize it. So, by what historical chance, wilhelm weber Ellis was finally established as the inventor of rugby? How did rugby become an independent sport?
The status of William as an inventor was first recorded by Mathew Bloxam, a local antique collector. In October, 1876, he wrote an article for the first time in the magazine Meteor of Rugby School. He learned from an unnamed source that "a boy who received a scholarship in this town, his name was wilhelm weber Ellis, and he ran forward with the ball in a game in 1824".
However, this account is too brief, and it also raises questions about William’s inventor. Maybe it’s to prove that what you said is true. On December 22, 1880, Matthew Brockham published an article in Meteor again, which was much more detailed than the first article. He wrote:
This boy named wilhelm weber Ellis is a scholarship kid in the town. In the football match in 1823, he grabbed the football and put it under his arm. In the football rules at that time, he should kick the ball back to the backcourt as much as possible and try not to separate it from the ball. Because the opponent can only go forward to where he catches the ball, and can’t go forward unless he kicks the ball forward or passes it to other players to kick it. In the situation at that time, most successful attacks were scored in this way. But at that time, at the moment when the ball hit the ground, the opponent might be eager to attack, which made Ellis ignore the rules for the first time. Instead of retreating as required by the rules, he grabbed the ball with his hand and rushed forward. Although I don’t know what the final result is, I don’t know what happened after this famous foul, and I don’t know when it became a common rule.
Soon after the publication of these two articles, it caused doubts from the outside world, which have not been completely eliminated until today. The doubts about William’s inventor of "rugby" mainly focus on three points: First, the time of the game. In an article in 1876, Matthew said the time of the competition was 1824, and four years later, he changed the time point to 1823, because William was not in school in 1824. This serious injury greatly reduced the reliability of Matthew’s account. The second is about the time of publication. When Matthew’s argument was published, William had died for four years, and there was no evidence from other parties in the argument, only the so-called "unnamed channel". The third is the content of the discussion. As long as we compare the two expositions in 1876 and 1880, we will find that the second one is much more detailed than the first one, which is quite a bit suspicious of the ancient school’s "making history by layers". Later expositions are to prove that the above descriptions are not empty, but it is difficult to verify whether they are true or false.
To this end, in 1895, the local old rugby association decided to investigate the origin of the sport, but the investigation team has been suffering from "unable to obtain first-hand evidence of the incident." Subsequently, a pair of brothers named Harris once testified to the investigation team that William did "gain an unfair advantage" in the football match, but whether this was the origin of rugby was not conclusive.
Compared with the origin of disagreement, William’s practice seems to be more helpful for rugby to become an independent sport. In August 1845, three students of Rugby College, Walter Shere, William Arnold and Friedlich Hutsis, got together and formulated the first rugby rules carefully. "The collision before kick-off, after the ball touches the ground or when the player’s body is empty is illegal; When a player is injured, the game must be stopped so that the injured can receive treatment … "In this rule, there are also modern rugby terms such as pre-beat, pre-pass and offside. Through the terms of these rules, we can feel the "Fair play" of the British who advocate fair competition, and we can also read out the respect for the participants. This respect is reflected in two aspects, on the one hand, it is to protect the physical safety of the contestants, on the other hand, it is to respect the sportsmanship.
This rule is printed into a pocket-sized booklet, which is all the rage on campus. Once students encounter differences in the competition, they will stop the competition and take out the rules from their backpacks to find a solution. After the rules were determined, rugby soon spread in elite schools such as Harrow and Eton, and these students brought it to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, followed by the birth of a number of rugby clubs. On January 26th, 1871, the English Rugby League was founded in London, with 21 clubs participating. On March 27th of the same year, the world’s first international rugby match was held in Edinburgh, against England and Scotland.
The vigorous development of rugby makes rugby proud. In 1895, a stone tablet was erected in Rugby College, which read: "I hereby commemorate wilhelm weber Ellis, who ignored the football rules at that time and ran with the ball for the first time, thus drawing a clear line between football and rugby."
A memorial tablet in Rugby College about William’s invention of rugby. At this time, wilhelm weber Ellis has been dead for 23 years. The inventor didn’t know that with the help of an antique collector and classmate, rugby became a formal sport, and he was crowned as the inventor of rugby.Gentlemen’s games played by hooligans and hooligans’ games played by gentlemen.
No matter whether local antique collectors diligently research past anecdotes or Rugby college students painstakingly put the established rules into words, all they do is to distinguish rugby from football. From this perspective, rugby is not "invented", but is born out of football.
Interestingly, in the mid-19th century, when the children of Rugby College were carefully drafting the rules of rugby, football gradually entered a mature stage. In 1848, the Cambridge Rules, the first written rule of football, was born, which defined for the first time the number of participants in a football match and the form of football goals, that is, the ball needs to cross the space between or above the goalposts, no matter how high it is, as long as it is not thrown, thrown or hit by hands, it is counted as a point. In addition, the players are not allowed to wear any equipment that may threaten the lives of others. On October 26th, 1853, the Football Association held its first plenary session in a pub in London. At the meeting, Hebrew Cobo Morey, the first secretary-general, read out the Charter of Modern Football, which stipulated: "It is strictly forbidden to stumble and kick people, and all players are not allowed to catch or push the ball with their hands." These two texts define the restrictions on the use of hands in football and draw the boundaries between football and rugby.
Not only in terms of rules, football and football began to "cut", but also in terms of participants and spectators, football and football began to go their separate ways. From the middle and late 19th century, a proverb gradually spread in British society, "Football is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans; Rugby is a rogue game played by gentlemen. " This proverb vividly illustrates the personality differences between the two sports. Why is there such a personality difference between football and rugby, and what impact will this personality difference have on their development? This is also a topic worthy of elaboration.
In fact, this is still rooted in the origin of these two sports. Since its birth, football has found a bosom friend in the northern part of England where the industrial revolution sprouted. Its fans and participants are industrial workers, and they gradually turn playing football into a profession. Today, Manchester and Liverpool, located in the north of England, are traditional football towns with strong sports foundation. In rugby and other southern regions, because football originated from the campus, most of the participants are students. As an old-fashioned prestigious school, rugby’s graduates often go to prestigious schools like Oxford and Cambridge for further study, which naturally brings this sport to the ivory tower. Because the participants are mainly students, rugby has been defined as a "non-professional sport" since its birth, and most fans just rely on interest and will not earn a penny from this sport. This unprofessional watershed retains the gentleman’s reserve, but limits the development space of this sport. Money and fans flock to football, while rugby gradually declines. Even in his hometown of rugby, except for the monuments and towering goals on campus, it is hard to find traces of football.
Rugby College’s erected rugby gate. Fortunately, rugby is "doomed". Since the middle and late 19th century, with the pace of colonial expansion of the British Empire, rugby has traveled across the ocean, rapidly spreading in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, and has become a hot project. With the internationalization of this sport, it has also begun to become attached to the modern Olympic movement. In 1883, Pierre De Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Movement, began to pay attention to school physical education in Britain. He believed that the failure of France in the Franco-Prussian War was partly due to the weak school physical education, in which England was far ahead. After visiting many schools in England, Coubertin noticed that rugby has become a popular sport in English campuses. Driven by it, in 1900, at the second Olympic Games, rugby was listed as an official event. With Coubertin’s resignation in 1925, his successor, Henri de Baye-latour, was not interested in the team events in the Olympic Games, so rugby was disqualified from the Olympic events. On October 9, 2009, at the plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held in Singapore, rugby sevens was confirmed as the official event of the 2016 Olympic Games. Although the number of participants, rules and forms are different from the traditional 15-a-side rugby, it can still be regarded as the return of rugby games in the Olympic Games.Despite the ups and downs in the Olympic Games, rugby has always been the darling of Commonwealth countries. In 1987, Australia and New Zealand jointly hosted the first Rugby World Cup, which has been held for nine consecutive times. Among them, in the 3rd Rugby World Cup held in South Africa, the South African springbok team, which was dominated by whites, went out as the national team and finally won the championship, which also became a landmark event of racial reconciliation in the rainbow country. Outside the Commonwealth countries, rugby has gradually evolved into a more intense and professional American football in North America, and the National Football League (NFL) plays an important role in the professional sports map of the United States. The Super Bowl, the annual finals of the American Professional Football League, is usually held on the first Sunday of February every year, which is also called "Super Sunday" and enjoys the reputation of "American Spring Festival Evening".
The hustle and bustle of rugby seems to have nothing to do with the quiet town of rugby. But the statue of wilhelm weber Ellis outside Rugby College must have witnessed the ups and downs of this sport. This statue fixed him at the age of 16, holding a football in his left hand, flying his right foot and running on the grassy field.
Statue of wilhelm weber Ellis outside Rugby College (this article is from The Paper, please download the "The Paper" APP for more original information).