Volvo’s European shares plunged 11% to a record low after Geely sold its shares at a discount.

  Source: Wall Street News

  After the sale, Geely will still hold 78.7% of the shares of Volvo. According to reports, the price of Geely’s related shares is about 37 Swedish kronor per share, and the total selling amount is about 350 million US dollars. The financial report released by Volvo last month showed that the company’s adjusted operating profit in the third quarter was 19.11 billion Swedish kronor, a year-on-year increase of 61%, far exceeding expectations.

  Geely will sell about 100 million shares of Volvo Cars. Geely said that the sale accounted for 3.4% of the issued share capital of Volvo Cars and 4.1% of Geely’s shareholding in Volvo. Before the sale, Geely held a series of shares in European automobile business, including 82% of Volvo;After the sale, Geely will still hold 78.7% of the shares of Volvo.

  According to media reports,Geely’s relevant shares were sold at a large discount, at a price of about SEK 37 per share, with a total sale of about US$ 350 million.

  Regarding the reason for the sale, Geely explained that this is in line with the company’s long-term strategy, which can increase Volvo’s liquidity and provide more opportunities for institutional and retail investors to create sustainable long-term value.

  Li Donghui, CEO of Geely, said in a statement released on Friday, "As a major shareholder, we are still firmly committed to continuing to support the transformation of Volvo Cars into an all-electric vehicle manufacturer, and we look forward to continuing this continuous success story."

  After the news of Geely’s massive sale was announced, Volvo Car’s share price plummeted 14% in intraday trading, hitting a record low of 35.25 Swedish kronor, which was close to Geely’s selling price in this transaction, and closed down 11% to close at 36.29 Swedish kronor. So far this year, Volvo’s share price has fallen by more than 23%.

  The financial report released by Volvo last month showed that the company’s adjusted operating profit in the third quarter was SEK 19.11 billion, a year-on-year increase of 61%, and the market expectation was SEK 16.27 billion.

  On November 12th last week, Volvo’s first pure electric MPV EM 90 debuted in China, with a price of 818,000 yuan. This car is built on the SEA platform, positioning pure electric medium and large MPV, with the longest battery life of 738 kilometers. Luo Wenjin, President and CEO of Volvo, said that EM 90 plays an important role in Volvo, bringing Volvo’s historical heritage in the security field and its industry-leading security technology into the new pure electric MPV market. Yuan Xiaolin, president and CEO of Volvo Car Asia Pacific, told Wall Street that the listing of EM 90 allowed Volvo to re-plan the once blank MPV range. Next, with the improvement of Volvo’s product array, Volvo’s New Year is coming.

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The best SUV within 10 million? Huawei M9 will be released in December this year.

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi Sun Wenxuan) On the afternoon of September 25th, Huawei held a new product launch conference in autumn. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, announced that M9, the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom, will be released in December this year.

Yu Chengdong said at the scene that the M9 will be "the best SUV within 10 million". This car will bring a brand-new family design, a full-size ever-changing space comparable to MPV, and hard-core black technology such as Huawei’s smart car full-stack technology solutions.

LI’s financial report in the first quarter of 2013 did not consider the coming of pure electricity at a reduced price.

Financial report for the first quarter of 2023: Without considering price reduction, pure electric vehicles are coming soon.

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  • At present, the price reduction is not considered, and the pure electric vehicle will be released in the fourth quarter of 2013.
  • The performance in the first quarter reached a new high, hitting 30,000 deliveries in June.
  • Marketing management fee rate dropped to 9.8%.
  • The company will develop "intelligence" and "electric energy" in the next stage-"dual-energy strategy"

LI’s performance in the first quarter hit a new high, hitting 30,000 deliveries in June.

May 10th, LI (Nasdaq:LI;; 02015.HK) released the financial report for the first quarter of 2023. The financial report shows that LI achieved revenue of 18.79 billion yuan in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 96.5%, a record high, slightly higher than the market estimate of 18.68 billion yuan; The net profit was 934 million yuan, and the net loss in the first quarter of 2022 was 10.9 million yuan, up 252% from 265 million yuan in the fourth quarter of 2022.

LI’s outstanding financial performance in the first quarter was supported by the substantial increase in sales. In terms of delivery volume, in the first quarter of this year, LI delivered a total of 52,600 vehicles, up 65.8% year-on-year, achieving the best single-season delivery result.

For the second quarter of this year, LI gave delivery guidelines of up to 76,000 to 81,000 vehicles, up 164.9% to 182.4% year-on-year; It is estimated that the revenue will reach 24.22 billion yuan to 25.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 177.4%-196.1%.

At the conference call, Li Xiang, CEO of LI, said that the delivery volume of LI will continue to climb in the second quarter, and we should strive to achieve the goal of delivering 30,000 vehicles in a single month in June this year. The pure electric vehicles in LI will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. After the release, they will start the test drive in the store and gradually start the delivery, which will keep the same pace of release and delivery as the L9, L8 and L7 models.

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Sales in management fee rate fell to 9.8%.

At present, the annual gross profit rate target is 20%, and the sales management fee rate is reduced to 9.8%. As far as gross profit rate is concerned, the overall gross profit rate and automobile gross profit rate in LI are both down year-on-year and up month-on-month. The gross profit margin was 20.4% in the first quarter, 22.6% in the same period last year and 20.2% in the fourth quarter of 2022. The gross profit margin of automobiles was 19.8%, compared with 22.4% in the same period last year and 20% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Li Tie, CFO of LI, said that in the first quarter of this year, the overall gross profit margin of vehicles decreased, and it is expected that all sales in Li ONE will be completed in the first half of this year. At the same time, there is still room for improvement in the profit margin of the Air version. However, considering other potential factors, we still maintain the goal of 20% gross profit margin for the whole year.

LI’s R&D expenditure is also rising. In the first quarter, it invested a total of 1.85 billion yuan in R&D, up 34.8% year-on-year, and the R&D expenditure rate remained at around 10%, which was in line with LI’s previous expectations. Li Tie said that the R&D expenditure will remain the original annual plan, at around 10 billion to 12 billion yuan. Sales management expenses depend on the profit level and will be further optimized.

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Due to LI CEO Li Xiang’s speech at the Weibo a few days ago, LI’s expenses have further become the focus of economic industry analysts.

Li Xiang released Weibo and said: "The market expense rate of LI brand is 0.6%, including all public relations, activities, advertisements, auto shows, press conferences, car owners’ operations, etc. I have to approve the expenses of tens of thousands of yuan to avoid wasting money." At the same time, he also mentioned that the market expense ratio of mainstream brands is 2%-3%, which is 4-5 times that of LI.

It has always been called the ideal of "picking factories", and many economic analysts have commented that the expense rate is properly controlled. The financial report for the first quarter shows that in the first quarter of 2023, LI’s sales, general and management expenses were RMB 1.65 billion, up 36.8% year-on-year and 0.9% quarter-on-quarter, accounting for 9.8% of revenue, further decreasing compared with 2022. In 2022, LI’s sales, general and management expenses will be 5.665 billion yuan, accounting for 12.5% of the total revenue, and both of them will exceed 20%.

At present, price reduction is not considered.

At present, the price of lithium carbonate, the raw material for batteries, has dropped sharply. Some analysts asked LI if there was any plan to reduce the price. Li wanted to reply, "There is no consideration of reducing the price at present, because when we made detailed long-term planning and pricing, we have already set the price at the most competitive price in the corresponding price range according to the level and size of each vehicle, and both upward and downward fluctuations will be problematic. This is the fundamental reason why we have been very cautious in pricing and insist on long-term consideration. "

The ideal pure electric vehicle was released in the fourth quarter of 2003.

There are market rumors that LI pure electric vehicles will be postponed until next year. At the earnings conference call, Li Xiang revealed that the pure electric vehicles in LI will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. After the release, they will start the test drive in the store and gradually start the delivery, which will keep the same release and delivery rhythm as the L9, L8 and L7 models. By 2025, the product layout of "1 super flagship model +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles" will be formed, which will face more than 200,000 markets and fully meet the needs of home users.

The ideal pure electric vehicle will use Kirin battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, and the Kirin battery has been mass-produced. According to the technical parameters provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, the volume utilization rate of Kirin battery can reach 72% at the highest. The new battery pack can increase the energy density of ternary battery system to 255Wh/kg, and the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery system to 160Wh/kg. Kirin battery will be suitable for two battery types, which means that the ideal pure electric vehicle will have two battery versions.

At the same time, ideally, it is estimated that more than 3,000 charging stations will be built by 2025.

Changzhou factory has two production lines, and Beijing factory produces pure electric vehicles, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 units in the first phase.

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In terms of production capacity, Ma Donghui, President and Chief Engineer of LI, introduced.

Changzhou factory has two production lines, one is double-shift production, which can produce 20,000-25,000 vehicles per month; Another single-shift production line produces ideal L7 and ideal L8, which can produce 10,000-12,000 vehicles per month. If both production lines are produced in double shifts, the monthly output can reach 50,000 vehicles, which can completely match the current ideal delivery volume.

For pure electric vehicles, the LI factory will plan to design a production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year. At present, the current production capacity of Changzhou factory in LI can fully meet the delivery volume of ideal L-series vehicles. For example, the surge in orders can be solved by scheduling and recruitment functions.

The company will develop "intelligence" and "electric energy" in the next stage-"dual-energy strategy"

At the auto show on April 18th, Ideality released its next stage of development, "Double Energy Strategy".

"Intelligence" and "Electric Energy" —— "Dual Energy Strategy"

"intelligence": the era of intelligent driving 3.0 represented by urban NOA,

"Electric Energy": Opening a new chapter of keeping pace with extended-range electric and high-voltage pure electric.

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It is more convenient to go to the overcharge station than to the gas station.

In terms of urban NOA, Ma Donghui introduced that at the end of this year, the urban NOA function will be pushed to 100 cities across the country, and the order of pushing is related to the logic and the number of local LI models. The technical architecture of an ideal city NOA does not depend on high-precision maps, so theoretically speaking, our city NOA function can be used wherever there is a navigation map. If the number of ideal L9, ideal L8 Max and ideal L7 Max in the city where the user lives is higher, and the number of driving miles is higher, the data packet in this city will be larger, and there will be an opportunity to release the NOA function of the local city earlier.


Liu Yuning of Modern Brothers can get a hot search even after watching TV. Is it still the boiling point?

Why are these hot searches boiling? Yesterday’s "Weibo Hot Search List" analyzed the new gameplay of hot search: there are a lot of people, which is the embodiment of hot discussion. Hot search becomes a hot topic after extensive participation and discussion by users, and it will be upgraded from hot to boiling.

This reminds me of a hot search last week: Liu Yuning has a clear voice.

Maybe many people just saw this hot search word and reacted like me: I don’t know who Liu Yuning is. It turns out that he is the lead singer of the modern brothers band from Tik Tok-Ning Ge Liu Yuning.

In 2014, Liu Yuning, guitarist Azhuo and keyboard player Dafei formed the band "Modern Brothers". With the modern brothers’ covers of "Walking", "Telling the truth", "Answer" and "I shot myself" becoming popular overnight, the popularity of the modern brothers became out of control and became a new force in the music world that cannot be ignored more and more. 

The voice of Liu Yuning, a modern brother, is not only spread by the ubiquitous media such as shops broadcasting in streets and lanes, mobile TV in buses and subways, and mobile phones of pedestrians on the road, but also known by people. Even the little tricks he is used to singing are well known by fans.

Last Sunday, in the program "The Masked Singer Will Guess" of Jiangsu Satellite TV, the masked singer who was fully armed made his debut. He not only attracted the attention of the audience with his cool blue mecha, but also attracted the attention of fans more quickly when he opened his mouth. Isn’t he Liu Yuning, a modern brother, with a height of over 180, a unique voice and a stage trick that can’t be changed even if he is hiding in the mecha? Enthusiastic netizens immediately had a heated discussion about his true identity, never letting go of any clues, and shared them on the internet, which instantly sparked hot spots.

Coincidentally, Liu Yuning also updated his Weibo that night, which made some netizens have to wonder whether he deliberately released smoke bombs to hide his identity, in an attempt to confuse people. Therefore, a large number of netizens flocked to Weibo, Liu Yuning, to ask him for proof.

Whether the real identity of masked singer "Super Change" is Liu Yuning has not yet been determined. But good music should be respected. Many people say that the modern brother Ning Ge became popular overnight, but as long as you know his past, you will know how much effort he has made, and no one can succeed casually. Liu Yuning’s eight years of ups and downs and hard work have brought him today’s achievements. After he became famous, he once said that he can get the love of so many people. In fact, those who work hard will shine one day!

Is "super change" a better brother? We’ll lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s "Masked Singer Will Guess" at 9: 00 on Sunday night, or open Youku Video at 21: 40 to watch the exclusive online video. See you later!

Musk, the richest man in the world: Being fool in love in the love affair with "Crazy Beauty" Amber.

The women that Musk, the richest man in the world, likes all have the same characteristics, they are beautiful and have high IQ.

Amber Heard, a Hollywood actress, has a perfect face, stunning appearance, clean and cold temperament, and a bit like a girl next door.

Musk couldn’t resist such a beauty and plunged into the love affair with Amber.

He only saw the beauty of Amber, but he didn’t know there was a crazy soul under the beautiful skin.

Amber is a typical crazy beauty, which makes him eat up the pain of love.

In 2013, Musk met Amber. At that time, he had the idea of pursuing beauty and invited each other to dinner.

At that time, Amber and Johnny Depp were madly in love and didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

Depp, who starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, became the top stream in Hollywood and got the title of captain.

Amber and Depp got married in 2015, and after only one year of marriage, they got divorced.

Amber looks like a girl next door on the surface, quiet and beautiful, but in reality it’s crazy.

In terms of feelings, it is not uncommon for her to eat for all ages, for both men and women, and for her to tread more than one boat.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they were accused of excreting in his bed.

I should know something about Amber’s crazy Musk, which didn’t scare him off.

These are not problems for him, but a little crazy can be used as a substitute for life and make life more interesting.

When he entered this relationship, he found that Amber’s madness far exceeded his imagination and brought him great pain.

When Amber and Depp divorced, they walked down the red carpet once and met Musk by chance.

Seeing that Amber was alone, Musk took the initiative to go forward and ask questions.

In this chat, the two exchanged contact information, and Musk began to pursue Amber.

Musk’s way of pursuing beauty is as domineering as the president in Ba Zong’s novel.

Amber complained to him that Depp had domestic violence.

This aroused his strong desire for protection and provided her with 24-hour uninterrupted security service.

As a science and technology madman, he thinks it’s romantic to show someone he likes high technology.

He took Amber to the launch site of Rocket Falcon 9.

Musk successfully caught up with the goddess in his heart.

There are also many happy and sweet moments between them.

Have dinner together happily, walk hand in hand in the street, kiss and hug in public.

In order to make Musk happy, Amber tailored the costume for him.

Happy moments are just embellishments, and the main tone of this relationship is black and violent.

No one knows what Amber thinks in her heart. In this relationship, she especially likes to create chaos and sabotage.

She and Musk often quarreled, and they quarreled all night and endlessly.

Such a day is a kind of torture for each other.

There is love between the two people, and they torture each other, sometimes breaking up and sometimes getting back together.

Musk said that Amber broke up more times than he did.

He really loves Amber.

He is reluctant to leave each other, but it is very painful to be together. This relationship makes him feel "too cruel".

Musk’s relatives and friends don’t like this tossing Amber, saying that she is the most unbearable of all Musk’s girlfriends.

Musk’s younger brother thinks that this woman is "too poisonous", which makes his brother suffer greatly but can’t stop.

This relationship is also quite strong.

The two broke up after dating for more than a year.

After breaking up, Musk often locked himself in a dark room, and the whole person seemed to be in a coma.

This situation lasted for a year and a half.

When Musk told others about his feelings during that time, he said that it was the most painful moment in his life, which was unbelievable.

When the relationship is over, Musk still can’t forget Amber. When he meets the opportunity, he will come to a hero to save the beauty.

After Amber played Hai in Warner’s Neptune, the film received a good response.

The divorce case between Amber and Depp was raging and their reputation was greatly affected.

In 2021, when Warner filmed Aquaman 2, it didn’t want to use Amber any more for fear of affecting the box office.

As the ex-boyfriend of Amber, Musk was very dissatisfied after hearing about it and gave a letter to the film producer.

The general meaning of the letter is that if Amber is not allowed to participate in the filming of the sequel to Neptune, he will burn down the house.

Who is not afraid of the threat of the world’s richest man and scientific genius, Musk has this ability.

So, people saw Amber again in Aquaman 2.

When Musk’s biographer asked him why he fell in love with a woman who was "mean" to him, he replied that he was a fool in love.

Extreme success must be accompanied by extreme personality.

Musk has indeed achieved extreme success in his career and technology. Of course, his personality is also extreme in some aspects.

I often do something that looks silly in love. If I don’t have the aura of the richest man, I will be really stupid in people’s eyes.