Provide a variety of power options, Jetway Traveler 2.0T version of the real car exposure, or will be listed in September.

A few days ago, we saw the declaration information of Jetway Voyager 2.0T fuel version from the latest batch of declaration information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in official website. The new car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, which will focus on the light off-road market. In addition to the 2.0T fuel version, it will also provide 1.5T fuel version and 1.5T plug-in version. It is reported that Jetway Traveler will be listed in September, the fuel version will be delivered at the end of September, and the mixed version is expected to be delivered at the end of the year.

In terms of appearance, the front face of Jetway Voyager 2.0T fuel version continues to be equipped with an air intake grille consisting of six black square plaques, and the English logo "JETOUR" is embedded in it, which can also be lit. The headlights on both sides are also square, and the internal light sources are arranged in parallel, which is quite unique. The bottom is provided with an obvious black front bumper protruding outward, which has a strong hard-line off-road atmosphere. In addition, four LED auxiliary lighting lamps are equipped on both sides of the front bumper to improve the lighting range in the wild environment.

Although it is an SUV that focuses on light off-road, the side of the new car still enhances its hard-core off-road atmosphere through a more square shape, and there are obvious lines above the front and rear wheel eyebrows, showing a good sense of muscle. The A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar and D-pillar are blackened to create the visual effect of the suspended roof, and the rear privacy glass is optional.

The tail presents a shape with a narrow top and a wide bottom, which looks quite heavy. The internal structure of the taillight group echoes the headlights, but the size is larger, and the lamp cavity is blackened. The tailgate adopts the side opening common on off-road vehicles, and is equipped with an external spare tire, and a silver and black mixed spare tire cover is added to help enhance the sense of exquisiteness. The rear bumper is also wider and incorporates reflective lights and trailer hooks. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4785/2006/1880(1915)mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm respectively.

In the car, Jietu Traveler has a different style from the appearance, taking the scientific route, equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch floating central control panel, and basically can’t see many physical buttons, showing a high simplicity. The air-conditioning outlets on both sides are designed to be vertical and slightly protruding outward, which also looks very distinctive. The three-spoke steering wheel adopts the shape of double flat bottom, the central channel area is symmetrical, the front is the wireless charging panel of the mobile phone, and the shape of the electronic lever is quite unique, and handrails are added on the left and right sides to give consideration to certain practicality.

The central control panel has built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 intelligent cockpit chip, which supports online music, online navigation and intelligent voice recognition control. In addition, the whole car is equipped with multiple radars and cameras, which can realize L2.5 intelligent assisted driving functions such as agile navigation, adaptive cruise, automatic parking and automatic switching between far and near lights. In terms of seat layout, 5-seat and 7-seat versions are available.

In the power part, the maximum power of the 2.0T engine equipped with Jetway Voyager 2.0T fuel version is 187 kW, and the new car is also qualified for towing. The total mass of the trailer without braking is 750 kg, and the total mass of the trailer with braking is 1600 kg.

In addition, Jietu Traveler will also provide 1.5T fuel version and C-DM plug-in hybrid version, and be equipped with XWD intelligent four-wheel drive system and electronic limited-slip differential, which can automatically intervene according to the vehicle condition without manual operation, with good ride comfort and NVH performance. It is worth mentioning that the new car adopts a load-bearing body structure, so it is essentially an SUV with urban working conditions.

In recent years, more and more brands have begun to focus on the hard-core off-road market, and Jietu, as a brand positioned as "Travel+",undoubtedly fits well with hard-core off-road. Jietu Traveler’s most direct competitor is Haval’s second-generation big dog, and judging from the product strength displayed by the new car at present, it can’t pick out too many faults in the exterior and interior design, and it has a variety of power options of fuel/plug-in. If a more sincere price can be given, it has great hope to achieve good sales results. Finally, how much do you think Jetway travelers should pay? (Text/Comfort)

With over 100 million anchor accounts, what did live stream economy’s popularity bring?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 20th Question: With the number of anchor accounts exceeding 100 million, what did live stream economy bring?

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xinxin

  The recently released "Report on the Development of Network Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020" shows that by the end of 2020, the number of live broadcast users in China has reached 617 million, and the total number of network anchor accounts in the whole industry has exceeded 130 million. Content creation, knowledge payment, live broadcast with goods … … Live stream economy, which became popular rapidly, has hatched many new models and formats, and also brought many new experiences.

  On May 16th, two days before the International Museum Day, the Shanxi Museum held a 7-hour slow live broadcast in Tik Tok. Museum lecturers relay the explanation, and netizens watch the exhibition around the clock.

  It’s not just the Shanxi Museum, but also the cultural relics and props of many museums, such as the Capital Museum and the Inner Mongolia Museum, which meet netizens on the "cloud" through live broadcast.

  It’s not just museums that move to the "cloud". The exhibitors broadcast live online, and the e-commerce platform invited well-known online celebrity to bring goods on site & HELIP; … In many exhibitions, live broadcast has become a key word.

  Online exhibition, live broadcast with goods and online teaching … … Today, live broadcast has almost penetrated into all walks of life and entered every aspect of life.

  According to the Report on the Development of Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020 released by the Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Branch of China Performance Industry Association, the market scale of online performance (Live Broadcasting) industry in China will reach 193.03 billion yuan in 2020.

  According to the data of Tianyancha Professional Edition, there are currently more than 1,500 live broadcast e-commerce related enterprises and nearly 28,000 live webcast marketing related enterprises in China. In 2020, more than 13,000 online live marketing related enterprises will be added, which is six times the number added in 2019.

  The rapid development of the live broadcast industry has changed many fields such as e-commerce and cultural communication. Under the growth trend of live stream economy, more and more online cultural enterprises and traditional enterprises add business content or enter the field of live webcasting, and realize transformation and upgrading through the form of "live broadcast+".

  In September 2020, he settled in Tik Tok. In October, he began to sell handmade porcelain and tea live. The first live broadcast sold more than 300,000 yuan … … The live broadcast not only made Liao Oduo, a "post-80 s" Chaozhou hand-pulled pot craftsman, recognize the identity of the anchor, but also spread the traditional handicraft skills more widely. Liao Ao said with emotion that in the eyes of many friends, craftsmanship can really make a name for itself. "Live+"allows craftsmen to find more creative "confidence".

  While empowering cultural industries and craftsmen, live broadcast also promotes the gradual dilution of boundaries in many fields such as consumption and manufacturing.

  Outside the workshop, the anchor with exquisite makeup is showing a moisturizing mask; In the workshop, the aseptic filling equipment intelligently produces and forms hyaluronic acid skin care products at one time. In the unique "live studio" of hyaluronic acid manufacturer Huaxi Bio, the "integration" of advanced manufacturing and new retail has spawned many "explosive products".

  Live broadcast on the production line, moving the market into the factory; Use live big data to guide production, and connect supply and demand with "cloud" to reduce inventory pressure … … Live stream economy keeps manufacturers close to the front end of the market. "It is not so much a technological upgrade as a change of thinking." Ye Shouzeng, founder of clothing brand Zhihe, said that since last year, about 30% of sales of Zhihe have been promoted through new media.

  Taobao live broadcast report shows that in 2020, nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of over 100 million yuan were born in Taobao, among which the number of live broadcast rooms of merchants accounted for more than 55%. More and more brands quickly try, run in and establish a talent matrix suitable for brand development, and acquire and precipitate users in self-broadcasting channels. Sharing lifestyle-related content such as wearing, fitness and travel experience, the "shared live broadcast" explored by Xiaohongshu has become another mode of live broadcast.

  Live stream economy has accelerated the intelligent transformation of many industries. However, it is undeniable that the industry is also facing problems such as homogenization of content, some of which are suspected of vulgarity, and the standards need to be further established and improved.

  Experts believe that when live stream economy presses the "acceleration button", it should pay special attention to promoting the healthy development of the industry. For example, anchor popularity should be based on righteousness, live broadcast with goods is not about "destocking" and "rushing sales", but about honesty, standardization and improvement of the whole process of service. Live broadcast platforms should not only focus on heat regardless of quality, but also create high-quality live broadcasts with good value and technology, etc., to encourage innovation, standardize industries, and make the new economy and new formats stable and far-reaching.

The joint money is sold out in 2 hours! Traveling in spring, wearing a fire and hot search, Hanfu transactions doubled year-on-year

  Plunge into the spring, how do you plan to "spend the spring"? On the social platform, buying a Hanfu suit suitable for traveling and taking photos has become a ceremonial feeling for young people to welcome spring.

  The temperature is rising, and the seasonal wardrobe of Hang Cheng netizens is full of "new Chinese style". "I have already stocked up the thin Hanfu, just waiting for the beautiful weather."

  "I can’t buy it, I can’t buy it at all, and I beg the merchants to step on the sewing machine." On social platforms, some netizens said that they didn’t expect to find an explosion all by hand.

  On March 18th, the spring Chinese clothing series "Spring and Jingming" jointly signed by Taobao Clothing and Nanjing Museum was launched. Inspired by the cultural relics collected by Nanjing Museum, such as Qingganlong Furong Stone Flattened Ear Cover Furnace (Small Powder Furnace), this joint series invited many Taobao original Chinese clothing stores such as Chuandai, Yuanshanqiao and Anytime to create designs together.

  Xiao Juan’s favorite is a three-piece suit of powder crystal, jade and pink gradient printing, which is inspired by the "small powder furnace". The fabric material is jacquard yarn and jacquard satin, the skirt is decorated with embroidery, and the furnace shape is outlined with gold thread, which is full of details. "It was sold out soon after it went online, just waiting for the follow-up replenishment notice." It is understood that 4 days after the launch, the total transaction amount of Nanbo joint-name Hanfu was nearly one million, and the explosion was sold out in less than 2 hours.

  According to the data of Taobao New Power Week in Spring and Summer, this year, the sales of Hanfu, new Chinese style and other clothing have risen. In March, the sales of Hanfu increased by 115% year-on-year, with an average of over 1 million people searching for Hanfu on Taobao every day. In the industry’s view, national style is one of the most popular trend styles in the clothing industry in the past two years, and more and more young people are willing to wear cultural self-confidence.

  In addition, on March 20th, at the Red Man Night event site, Taobao specially awarded the annual Red Man Award for Guofeng, a new track, and arranged a wonderful 12-flower God Guofeng catwalk to show the ultimate oriental aesthetics. "The influence of traditional culture continues to be released, which has also driven the demand for new national style to continue to heat up." Taobao said.

  It is worth mentioning that this year’s 2024 "Silver Needle Clothing Guide" of Taobao Clothing also split the new Guofeng track into new Hanfu and new Chinese style, providing more display channels for Guofeng merchants.

  Among them, the turnover of "New Chinese Style" award-winning shops increased by 161% in the first three days of the opening of New Power Week, and the national style is becoming daily.

  March is a season suitable for traveling in spring, and many consumers are getting used to buying a new Hanfu in spring. According to the analysis of Taobao Hanfu team, as China people’s own "holiday clothes", before the May Day holiday, the new national costume will usher in a small growth peak.

Concept and trend of new car display of the world’s first car at Guangzhou Auto Show

    Compared with previous sessions, the biggest highlight of this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show is the emergence of the world’s first car. For the Guangzhou Auto Show, which is five years old, this is a landmark. In addition, 16 new cars of multinational brands and domestic cars made their debut in Asia and China. At the beginning of the new moon, it is amazing and fantastic … enough for fans to enjoy.

    Domestic debut

    ●Infiniti British finidi M35—— 2008-the power of elegance

    The brand-new Infiniti British-finidi M35 2008 high-end luxury sedan newly listed in North America made a high-profile debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which was also its first appearance in China. Like all M series, "the power of elegance" is the best interpretation of the 2008 M35. Its appearance perfectly combines sport and elegance. The "core driving force" VQV6 engine of Infiniti British-finidi family makes this gentle and tasteful luxury car a passionate car with 280 horsepower and the highest torque of 363Nm/4800/rpm.

    ● The brand-new Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T6-"Saab Doctrine" is soaring.

    Shanghai GM unveiled the booth with the China launch of the new Saab 9-3 series. The new Saab 9-3 series is the latest endorsement of the cutting-edge design concept of "Saab Saab Doctrine". Its appearance is inspired by Saab Aero X concept car, and its brushwork is bold and avant-garde. The rich Scandinavian style is everywhere. Turbine power, which has always been proud of, will present new surprises, and the brand-new Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T V6, which debuted in China for the first time, makes people feel the power surge inherited by Saab Aviation.

    ● MG 3 Streetwise-the most popular British trend

    MG3 Streetwise, China’s first British hatchback with cross-border style, made its debut in China for the first time. This product, which combines the personalization of hatchback with the urbanization consumption of SUV, has become the most popular model in Britain and even in continental Europe. MG MG introduced this fashion trend to China, expecting it to bring a brand-new British strong wind to the domestic hatchback market. The power of MG 3 Streetwise surpasses that of the same class in an all-round way, and it is the first car in its class to adopt a 1.8L super-high-power all-aluminum racing-class engine, and the other 1.4L all-aluminum engine has the largest power of its class. For the first time, it introduced B-class car equipment such as 205 wide tires, 16-inch rims and sub-frames into the hatchback camp.

    ● Beijing Hyundai HDC-the most ideal compact model

    The new Elantra HDC, a medium-sized car tailored for China market by Hyundai, will be listed at Guangzhou Auto Show. The prototype of HDC is Hyundai New Elantra of Korea, which has been praised by the industry overseas and won the Auto Pacific Best Compact Model Award in July 2007. The curves of HDC models with new designs are more youthful and dynamic, and there is no lack of exquisite and mellow oriental flavor in details. With an overall size of 4542×1775×1485mm and a wheelbase of 2650mm, HDC has become the most spacious mid-level car. HDC will be equipped with 1.6L and 1.8L displacement in the future.

    ● Subaru’s new Impreza Leopard hatchback version-classic continuation

    At this exhibition, Subaru brought the new Impreza Impreza model with a new evolutionary design to China for the first time. The new Impreza Impreza hatchback version adopts a breakthrough five-door hatchback design, and its appearance is avant-garde and elegant. The Subaru horizontally opposed 2.0-liter engine with abundant power and smooth output is designed to be placed at a slightly lower position of the chassis. The technically designed chassis tested by WRC (World Rally Championship) improves the anti-collision performance. Under the fashionable and cool appearance of the new Impreza hatchback version, it further emphasizes the comfort, convenience and more spacious driving space. The application of many new technologies makes the new Impreza hatchback model have more excellent active safety performance.

    world premiere

    Ford is undoubtedly the lucky star of Guangzhou Auto Show. At this Guangzhou Auto Show, the Ford Verve sedan small concept car, which is full of movement and looks like a sports car, showed a gorgeous posture to the world for the first time at the 2007 Guangzhou Auto Show, clearly showing the design direction of Ford brand small cars in the future. Ford Motor Company plans to launch a full range of Ford Verve small concept cars to the whole world before the end of January next year. The Ford Verve sedan small concept car that made a stunning appearance at this year’s auto show is the second of the three series models, and it is also the first concept car launched in the world in the history of Guangzhou Auto Show. Thus, Asia, especially China, plays an important role in Ford’s global strategy. The unique appearance of Ford Verve sedan small concept car inherits the characteristics of Ford hatchback small concept car. The concept of "dynamic design" is perfectly manifested in the tough front face design. With the listing of Mondeo-Zhisheng, this bold new front face is increasingly recognized.

    Asia premiere

    ● Ford Verve hatchback small concept car

    Ford Verve hatchback small concept car also held a high-profile Asian launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show. In its evaluation, the word "charming" was first used to describe a concept car. The last of the three Ford Verve small concept cars will debut in Detroit north american international auto show in January next year.

    ● Genesis of modern E-class car

    Genesis, Hyundai’s first rear-wheel drive model, will make its debut in Asia at Guangzhou Auto Show. It made its debut at the New York International Auto Show earlier this year. Genesis was born in a newly-developed rear-wheel drive platform, equipped with the latest TAU 4.6-liter 32-valve V8 engine of Hyundai Motor and the SHIFTRONIC 6-speed automatic manual transmission provided by ZF. This power combination enables Genesis to accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in 6 seconds. Rohens is a modern name specially named for Genesis in China market. (Liu Xiaolin)

Editor: Liu Li

"In the Mood for Love" leads the 250 "most acclaimed movies in the 21st century" in the United States.

        American film website TSPDT is an organization specializing in film ranking and selection. "The 21st Century’s Most Acclaimed Films" is the ranking list updated by the website every year, and it has been updated to the seventh edition this year.

        This year, TSPDT is still under calculation, sorting out the 250 most acclaimed films from 2000 to 2013 from the list of various excellent films of film critics, film journalists and film scholars around the world (250 films stand out from 3018 competitors). Among them, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love topped the list, while Yang Dechang’s 11th and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were among the top ten.

        In addition to the above three films, there are 16 Chinese directors on the list: Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain ranks 27th, and Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 ranks 59th; Jia Zhangke, the director of China mainland, has been shortlisted for four films: Platform (17), The Three Gorges Good Man (64), The World (87) and Ren Xiaoyao (160). It is also a literary fan, and Cai Mingliang, who is based in Taiwan Province, has two pieces on the list: "Don’t come loose" (65) and "What time are you there" (166); Taiwan Province film director Hou Xiaoxian also made the list with four films: Journey of the Red Balloon (117), Millennium Mambo (129), Jiaxuan Time (144) and Best Time (204). China mainland film director Zhang Yimou was shortlisted for Hero (84) and House of Flying Daggers (141) respectively. Wang Bing, an independent film director in China, was shortlisted for the documentary Tiexi District Part I: Factory (55). In Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs (218), co-directed by Liu Weiqiang and Siu Fai Mak, made the list.

        Compared with last year, this year’s list has remained basically unchanged, with only nine "new films" on the list, including drama films "Drunk Hometown Folk Songs", "12 Years a Slave", "She", "Love Before Midnight", "Battle of Heaven", "Gravity" and "Frances Ha", as well as documentaries "Killing Deduction" and "Los Angeles Shadow Talk".

"In the Mood for Love" and "One by One" still maintained their high popularity last year, while Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon jumped from 12th place last year to 10th place. Unfortunately, The Story We Tell, american hustle and Adele’s Life, which were all hot before, failed to make the list, but they are likely to be shortlisted in 2015.

        In the opinion of TSPDT commentator Bill Georgaris, Taboo, released by Portuguese director miguel gomez in 2012, is the most impressive film he has seen recently. "This film really deserves a place in the’ 21st century’ list."

        In addition to the list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century", TSPDT also has a list of "the 1000 greatest movies in film history" which is updated regularly every year. Citizen Kane, which was directed and performed by the late American director orson welles in 1941, continues to sit firmly at the top of the list of the greatest movies this year, while Vertigo, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tale of Tokyo, Rules of the Game and Eight. Of all the 28 Chinese films on the list, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love still leads, ranking 58th (according to the website’s February 2014 data).

2014 list of "the most acclaimed movies in the 21st century"

        Film title type director country


1. In the Mood for Love

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        2. Mulholland Dr Mulholland Road.

        Suspense david lynch French/American


Three, one one

        Plot Yang Dechang Taiwan Province

        4. Spirited Away

        Animation Miyazaki Hayao Japanese

        5. Whale Circus Werckmeister Harmonies

        Suspense Bela Tarr Hungarian

        6. Tree of Life

        Science fiction terrence malick USA

        7. There Will Be Blood.

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        8. Russian Ark Russian Ark

        Plot alexander sokurov Russian

        9, hide the camera Cache

        Suspense michael haneke French


10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

        Plot Ang Lee Taiwan Province


        11. Warm and contained light Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

        Plot michel gondry USA

        12, tropical disease Tropical Malady

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        13. Tell her Talk to Her

        Plot pedro almodovar Spanish

        14, private love disorder Punch-Drunk Love

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        15. Bless Blissfully Yours

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        16. Death of Mr. Lazarescu without medical reliability

        Plot Cristi Puiu French

Platform movie poster.

        17. Platform

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        18. Robot Story WALL-E

        Animation andrew stanton USA

        19. Dancer in the Dark

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        20. Les glaneurs et la glaneuse, gleaner

        Documentary Agnès Varda French


        21. City of God

        Plot Kátia Lund/fernando meirelles Brazil

        22. Lost in Translation in Tokyo

        Plot Sofia Coppola USA

        23. Far from Heaven Far from Heaven

        Plot Todd Haynes USA

        24.dogville, Dogville

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        25. Zodiac

        Plot david fincher USA

        26. History of Violence

        Plot david cronenberg USA

Brokeback Mountain movie poster.

        27. brokeback mountain

        Plot Ang Lee USA

        28. So is your mother.

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón USA

        29. No Country for Old Men in No Country for Old Men

        Plot Cohen brothers America

        30. Hurt Locker Hurt Locker

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA


        31. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence

        Plot Steven Allan Spielberg USA

        32. Le fils, the son of others

        Plot Luc Dardenne French

        33. A Separation

        Plot asghar farhadi Iranian

        34. Royal Tenenbaums, Genius Family

        Plot wes anderson USA

        35. Melancholia

        Plot Lars von Trier Danish

        36. Uncle Boonmei who can recall his past life can be recalled.

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        37. Life with a glass of wine Sideways

        Plot alexander payne USA

        38. Social Network

        Plot david fincher USA

        39. White Ribbon

        Plot michael haneke German


        40. Love Before Sunset at sunset

        Plot richard linklater USA

        41. Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        42. Four months, three weeks and two days in April.

        Plot chris Tiane Mungi Romanian

        43. Memento mori Memento

        Plot Christopher Nolan USA

        44. Lord of the Rings 1: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        45. Love syndrome Syndromes and a Century

        Plot apichatpong weerasethakul Thailand

        46. Forward Youth Colossal Youth

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

        47. Turin Horse, turin horse

        Plot Bela Tarr Hungarian

        48. Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        49. Inland Empire inland empire

        Plot david lynch USA

        50. Angels love beautiful Amelie

        Plot Jean-Pierre Genè ne France


        51. Distant from afar

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

        52.Elephant elephant

        Plot gus van sant USA

        53. Pan’s Labyrinth, the labyrinth of Pan God

        Plot guillermo del toro Mexican

        54. Piano Teacher Piano Teacher

        Plot michael haneke German

Tiexi District Part I: Factory Movie Posters.

        55. Tiexi District Part I: Factory

        Documentary Wang Bing China

        56. Songs from the Second Floor.

        Plot roy andersson Sweden

        57. Paris ukiyo-e Code Unknown

        Plot michael haneke German

        58. Wanda’s room

        Plot pedro costa Portuguese

2046 movie poster.

        59. 2046

        Plot Wang Jiawei Hong Kong

        60. Moulin Rouge!

        Song and Dance baz luhrmann USA


        61. eavesdropping storm Lives of Others

        Plot Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck German

        62. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        63. Silent Light

        Plot carlos reygadas Mexican

Three Gorges Good Man Movie Poster.

        64. The Three Gorges Good Man

        Plot Jia Zhangke China


Stick to the movie poster.

        65. Do not leave.

        Plot Cai Mingliang Taiwan Province

        66. Hunting bin Laden Zero Dark Thirty

        Plot kathryn bigelow USA

        67. swamp Cienaga, La

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        68. Headless Woman headless woman

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine

        69. Love is a bitch Amores perros

        Plot Alessandro Gonzalez Inarido Mexican


        70. Donnie Darko manages Donnie Darko.

        Plot Chad Kelly USA

        71. Synecdoche, New York synecdoche

        Plot Charlie Kaufman USA

        72. Inglourious Basterds, Inglourious Basterds

        Plot quentin tarantino USA

        73. Finding Nemo

        Animation andrew stanton/lee unkrich USA

        74. Grizzly bear Grizzly Man

        Documentary werner herzog

        75. Children of Men, Son of Man

        Plot Alfonso Cuarón Mexican

        76. Adaptation of the script

        Plot Spike Jonze USA

        77. love Amour

        Plot michael haneke German

        78. the rhythm of Ten periods of life ten

        Plot Abbas Chiaro Stamey Iranian

        79. superman story Incredibles

        Animation Brad Bird USA

        80. Infernal Affairs Departed

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        81. Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3

        Animation lee unkrich USA

        82. Winter’s Bone.

        Plot Debra Granik USA

        83. old boys Oldboy

        Plot Park Chan-wook Korea

Hero movie poster.


        Plot Zhang Yimou China

        85. Ghost World Ghost World

        Plot terry zwigoff USA

        86. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty

        Documentary Jonas Mekas USA

World movie poster.

        87. World

        Plot Jia Zhangke China

        88. Children L’enfant

        Plot Luc Dardenne Belgian

        89. Irrevocable irrecoverable

        Plot Gaspar Noe Argentine

        90. Let the Right One In Let the Right One In

        Plot Tomas Alfredson Sweden


        91. mysterious river

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        92. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner.

        Plot Zacharias Kunuk Canada

        93. Black Swan

        Plot darren aronofsky USA

        94. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

        Plot Peter Jackson USA

        95.Hunger hunger

        Plot steve mcqueen England

        96. Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom

        Plot wes anderson USA

        97. Master

        Plot paul thomas anderson USA

        98. Travel Notes of Flying House Circle Up

        Animation Pete Docter USA

        99. Borat, Polat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

        Comedy Larry Charles USA

        100. Serious Man

        Plot Cohen brothers America


        101. New World New World

        Plot terrence malick USA

        Flight 102 and 93 United 93

        Plot paul greengrass USA

        103. Go forward Gegen die Wand

        Plot fatih akin German

        104. American Splendor is the glory of America

        Plot Robert Pulcini/Shari Springer Berman USA

        105. Letters from Iwo Jima

        Plot Clint Eastwood USA

        106. Hugo Hugo

        Plot martin scorsese USA


        Plot Bong Joon ho Korea

        108. Queen

        Stephen Frears, England

        109, whales and whales Squid and the Whale

        Plot noah baumbach USA

        You Can Count on Me.

        Plot kenneth lonergan USA


        111. Intruder

        Plot claire danes French

        112. Circle of life

        Plot jafar panahi Iranian

        113. The Pianist

        Plot roman polanski French

        114. Drunk hometown folk song Inside Llewyn Davis

        Plot Joel Coen/Ethan Coen USA

        115. A man without a past

        Plot aki kaurismaki Finland

        116, Anatolia past Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

        Plot nuri bilge ceylan Turkey

Red balloon travel movie poster.

        117, the red balloon travel Flight of the Red Balloon

        Plot Hou Xiaoxian France

        118, 35 cups of rum 35 rhums

        Plot claire danes French

        119、Waiting for Happiness

        Abderrahmane Sissako France

        120. Holy Girl

        Plot lucrecia martel Argentine


        The children are all right.

        Plot lisa cholodenko USA

        122. Summer Hours

        Plot olivier assayas French

        123, Paris commune Commune (Paris, 1871)

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The annual customs recorded by writers: ancestor worship, temple fairs, sending lanterns and burning lanterns. ……

At the end of the year, it has been a Chinese custom for thousands of years to pursue the future cautiously and reunite with the family. It’s just that the taste of the year is getting thinner and thinner in the metropolis, and the unique ceremony and attention have become superstitions. For the older generation, there is still some interest in childhood memories; Young people who struggle outside find themselves constantly wavering between competitive pressure and customs, and their belief in going home for the New Year is no longer so strong; For younger children, the Chinese New Year is almost the same as usual, nothing more than eating a good meal and receiving a lot of lucky money. For what is lost, we can only look for it in the past. If we want to find the pure flavor of the year, we have to look at it in the writer’s pen.

Send the kitchen god

In the old days, children were probably given a holiday on the 19th of the twelfth lunar month, in order to spend the next year with their families on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month. This year is very similar to the rehearsal of the new year. According to common sense, there are many vendors buying maltose in the streets these days, which is said to be used in king of people. Lao She wrote clearly in "The Spring Festival in Beijing", "Every family in king of people started to ring as soon as it wiped black firecrackers. With the sound of guns, the paper image of the kitchen king was incinerated, and it was euphemistically called sending the kitchen king to heaven. A few days ago, there were more or less people selling maltose and glutinous rice sugar on the street, and the sugar shape was either rectangular or melon-shaped. According to the old saying: if there is sugar sticking to the mouth of the kitchen king, he will not report the bad things in his family to the jade emperor when he gets to heaven. "

Obviously, king of people’s experience left children with an unforgettable experience. Many writers think of the Chinese New Year and never forget to mention it. However, Lao She ate the flavor of Beijing, while Chen Zhongshi found the flavor of Shaanxi. "On the 23rd night of the twelfth lunar month, it was the day of offering sacrifices to the kitchen god. According to folklore, on this night, the kitchen god will return to heaven to report the food and clothing on earth, and every family will make a small round cake with five flavors, which will take him a long way to heaven for dry food and curry favor with him. That night, the spiced round cakes baked in the first pot were first presented to the hanging statue of the kitchen god. I was so greedy that I grabbed the remaining round cakes and bit them. I ate steamed buns with corn flour all winter. This spiced round cake baked with pure white flour is not to mention how fragrant it is. " ("Chinese New Year: Guns of Dreams in Hometown")

After the twenty-first day of the twelfth lunar month, every household entered a tense preparatory stage, and the year ended in near you. There are two things that are most important, one is to clean the house, that is, to clean it up, and at the same time, to count the best things in the house. The second is to prepare new year’s goods, because according to the old custom, all shops should rest before the fifth day, and no knives should be used at home, otherwise it is unlucky. Liang Shiqiu described it well. "Every family is busy taking out the tin incense burner, tin wax label, tin fruit bowl and tin saucer from the cobweb-dusted box for an annual big scrub. Palace lanterns, gauze lanterns and horn lanterns are all out of the cage. New year’s goods should also be prepared as early as possible, including dry goods used in the kitchen, dried apples used to worship the gods and ancestors, peony daffodils provided in the house, and mixed food for children. Honey supply has been ordered in Baiyun Temple for a long time, and it will be delivered to the door in a bowl of paper baskets. The size of the home, going in and out, is like a wind demon. " (See "The Year of Beiping")

family reunion during the Spring Festival

Before the League Year, we need to worship our ancestors first. There are many ambiguities among different writers about ancestor worship. Full of critical spirit, for example, Ba Jin refers to it as a feudal patriarchal tradition in "Home". "Lights are hung in the hall, and red satin embroidered screens are hung on the wooden walls on both sides. The portraits of the ancestors who lie high in the box are also taken out and hung on the wall in the middle in turn to enjoy this annual offering. " The old and young in Gao Mansion are listed in front of the shrine according to the order of male, female and left, and then the old man is invited to take the lead in greeting his ancestors. After worshipping his ancestors, each room kowtows to the old man, followed by children to their parents and servants to their masters. The hierarchy is strictly distinct.

On the other hand, Liang Shiqiu is obviously better at capturing the interest of life. He looked at the whole process with trepidation like a child, only to find that everyone was thinking about the table of New Year’s Eve. Even the portraits of ancestors are vivid. "ancestor worship is one of the climaxes of the new year. Images of ancestors hung above the hall, all of them were in their seventies and eighties, some were grinning and some were glaring, enjoying steaming amid cigarette smoke. In fact, at this time, the dutiful son and grandson kowtowed like garlic, but for some reason, they didn’t mean to pursue the distance cautiously, but everyone was busy with offering sacrifices, burning incense, lighting candles and kowtowing, followed by withdrawing sacrifices and eating New Year’s Eve dinner, so it was too late to pursue the distance cautiously.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone writes one after another, one is more wonderful than the other, and the other is more attractive. Liang Shiqiu and Wang Zengqi both wrote about the year of Beijing. The dishes of the former look rougher but have Beijing flavor. "Eating is the main program of Chinese New Year. New year’s dishes are standardized, and every family is the same. People with a large population should go into the whole pig, even take the pig’s head into the water and deal with it separately. A pot of stew, plus mushrooms is a bowl, plus vermicelli is a bowl, plus yam is a bowl, a large basin of mustard mound, fish jelly, meat skin hot sauce, a jar of pickled cabbage, mustard bumps-enough. "

Wang Lao’s description is even more mouth-watering. He talked about pickled mustard. "In winter, pickled mustard. Pickling’ spicy vegetables’-Chinese cabbage is dried to remove water, pickled with mustard, and opened in the New Year. The color is as light as gold, and the spicy taste is very fragrant. I have never eaten such delicious pickles since I left my hometown. " (My Grandparents)

He also spent a lot of time describing the extreme delicacy of the New Year’s Eve dinner, and even the millet porridge was so sweet that it was amazing. "Eat jiaozi during the Spring Festival, than households. Some old Beijingers are vegetarian in jiaozi, and take vegetables, fried cakes and Kaoru Miki diced as stuffing to make them fresh and refreshing. Beginning of spring eats spring cakes every day. Shred shallot (raw), green leek or covered leek (stir-fried), mung bean sprouts, radish, sauced meat, sauced chicken and sauced duck, scrambled eggs, add less sweet flour sauce, and roll them with lotus leaf thin cakes. Everything has its own flavor, which is not confused, and it is extremely fragrant and beautiful, which is called’ five spicy dishes’. Shredded radish is essential. Beginning of spring eats radish, which is called "biting spring". It is poetic to bite in spring. When the cake is almost full, drink a bowl of stick slag porridge or millet porridge, which is called’ slip seam’, such as building a wall and grouting. " ("Four Seasons")

There is also a beautiful custom, which is probably the midnight snack on New Year’s Eve. The filial daughter-in-law will put a mark on the old man’s jiaozi and put coins in it to show good luck in the coming year to win the joy of her parents-in-law. Mo Yan wrote in "The Past Years" that "jiaozi was wrapped in money at night. My family used to wrap copper coins in the Qing Dynasty, but jiaozi, who wrapped copper coins, had a strong patina that could not be swallowed, which was equivalent to wasting a precious jiaozi, and later switched to coins. Now that I think about it, the coin is also badly dirty … Some filial daughters-in-law marked the dumpling skin when they wrapped jiaozi during the day, and when they filled jiaozi at night, they filled their in-laws’ bowls with money, so as to win the joy of the old man. One year, in order to eat jiaozi with money, I ate three bowls at a time, but the money was not eaten. As a result, my stomach was broken and I almost died. "

temple fair

On New Year’s Day, men often visit relatives and friends and pay New Year greetings everywhere. And women have been busy for a whole year, and finally they can put down their housework and go out. Of course, the shops are closed, but many monasteries inside and outside the city are open. Business-minded vendors can set up stalls outside the temple and earn a small sum of money. Some buy buy antiques and jades, some show variety, and some prepare some special food in winter.

Lao She is an authentic Beijinger. He directly told the readers that "the Dazhong Temple outside the North City, the Baiyun Temple outside the West City, and the Fire Temple (Factory Dian) in the South City are the most famous … Except for a small hole in the door of the oil and salt shop, the shops are all on the board, and there are often gongs and drums ringing, pounding and knocking, and it is said that the guys are there to vent their accumulated grievances for a year. The girls and kannika nimtragol are all out, and the mothers in Sanhe County have put a trembling red velvet flower in their heads. Where there are big girls and little wives out there, there are more hairy boys crawling around. So the factory was packed, and there was nothing to see in Haiwang Village except a few open-air teahouses and children with runny noses, but the entrance could crowd people to death! The antique jade stall in the Temple of Fire and the bookstall and painting shed in the Land Temple are much more busy than buying things. It’s sunny and snowy, and the streets are muddy. When the cool wind blows, the water drops into ice, and people roll in the snow and ice, so they are as sweet as a clam. Drink bean juice, and you’ll get pickled vegetables, glass horns and big sand geese’, which still has enough temptation for everyone. In addition, such as the Temple of Wealth, Baiyun Temple and Yonghe Palace, people are crowded and people look at people. When you go, your nose and ears will be red with cold. "

If you like playing mahjong, you can also go to the eight hutongs. The original gambling ban was lifted even before the Lantern Festival. "There are excellent dominoes, hardwood tables and beautiful women. However, during the Chinese New Year, almost every family gambles, pushing Pai Jiu, Zhuang Yuanhong, and yelling for six, Xian Yi, young and old. " (Lao She’s Spring Festival in Beijing)

Burn a lamp

For children, perhaps the most anticipated thing in the New Year is firecrackers. According to the calendar, from the first day to the twelfth day, it is called "sending lights", and from the thirteenth to the fifteenth day, it is called "burning lights", and burning lights has become a small competition for fireworks. In front of us, we talked more about the Spring Festival in the north, so we might as well look back at Shen Congwen, a talented person in western Hunan.

The firecrackers simply became a symbol of courage. "As usual, I with urchin qualification, and hundreds of size urchin, follow the team everywhere, and everyone in the fireworks to kill. Those who play with lights should not only rely on strength, but also be brave. To show that the hero is fearless, every time the fireworks in the stadium rise, the white light pours down several feet, and some of them roar like thunder. However, these people have to go into battle shirtless as usual, regardless of whether it’s "thunderbolt" or "tiger coming down the mountain". We are too young to participate in such strenuous activities, so we can only cheer while we are busy. Because we can always follow the team, the horses don’t stray, until it is almost white, and everyone is burned out and exhausted. The team was accompanied by an old fisherman and a clam shell essence. As usual, the clam shell essence chose a handsome boy of 12 or 13 years old to act as it. The old fisherman’s white beard and white hair were all in their original shape, which was ridiculous. "

Of course, girls also like to play. Perhaps everyone still has some impressions of Bing Xin’s favorite "Didi Jin", because it is the most reassuring fireworks for parents. "It’s just that I can’t squeeze into their band! I can only set off some firecrackers that my father bought for us during the day and some fireworks at night. The big one is put on the ground in a tube, and the fire tree and silver flowers are very bright! My favorite is the smallest and simplest’ Didi Jin’. It’s a small paper twist with a little gunpowder, which can be lit in your hand and sniffed, and a little spark will burst out. " (Spring Festival in Childhood)

Ba Jin also saw the social suffering behind "burning lamps". Most people who play dragon lanterns are lean laborers, but they become cruel victims in the carnival of everyone. The bearers took turns to "shoot fireworks at the naked upper body of the dragon lantern player." Burning these people "has changed the color of their flesh", but the cheerful audience did not give up, but continued to "burn desperately" with fireworks. Chueh-hui couldn’t help asking, "Do you think a person should base his happiness on the suffering of others? Do you think you can burn other people’s bodies with fireworks as long as you pay? "

Some of the above customs, dishes and fastidiousness about the Chinese New Year are outdated, perhaps disgusting, while others are sadly disappearing. But it is important to let people give the best expectation for life in a specific ceremony at the moment when the old and the new are alternating, to relive the acquaintance with the really important people, and to remember the hidden and forgotten interest in life itself.