Gao Yuanyuan acted in a movie with Hu Ge after 9 years, but the audience burst into laughter?

1905 movie network feature "Hello everyone, I’m Feng Liuliu’s actor."At the premiere of the film shortlisted for the "Temple of Heaven Award" at the Northern Film Festival, the high round suit was unveiled with a long dress, which was still elegant.It has been nine years since she last attended the premiere of a film as a starring role.

Returning to the big screen after many years, Gao Yuanyuan unexpectedly chose a light comedy directed by a new director.This is somewhat unexpected.

Also surprising was another leading actor.From the male god of ancient costumes to the male protagonist of literary films, "comedy" is also a field he rarely dabbles in.

In this way, when "Muse" meets "Male God", just when the audience thinks the style of painting will develop as expected, this "Stop and Go" will give you a 180-degree reversal.

In the first half of the journey, the useless screenwriter played by Hu Ge was full of embarrassment, causing the audience to burst into laughter.In the second half of the journey, life and family ties make people cry silently, and the harvest is full of healing.

Most of the first round of word-of-mouth was four to five-star praise, and "exceeded expectations", "surprise", and "dark horse" also becameclosekeyWord.Healing but not chicken soup, hitting the pain points and tears of "crispy youth", this light comedy "Stop and Go" starring Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan is scheduled to be an annual hit?

"Hu Ge should have done a comedy!"

At the opening ceremony of the Northern Film Festival the night before, "Uncle", who had worked with Hu Ge, learned that "Stop and Go" was a light comedy, so he couldn’t help but raise a big thumbs and bluntly say that Hu Ge, who is full of humor in life, should have taken the step of comedy.

The story of the film is very simple. Wu Di (played by Hu Ge), a screenwriter who has been working hard in Beijing for many years but has achieved nothing, decides to return to his hometown after being frustrated with his relationship and career.

After returning home, Wu Di has to face the need to rebuild "intimate relationships" with his family on the one hand, and also to find a new direction in life on the other hand, which has triggered a series of ironic daily routines.

At first glance, Hu Ge played a "North Drift" screenwriter after hearing good, but the two characters have obvious differences in base color.

Beijing "roll can’t move" and return to his hometown. At the same time, he also wants to fight again. He repeatedly sits up between lying down and rolling. Wu Di is more like every ordinary migrant worker.

Hu Ge also vividly interpreted the little death of this useless young man, showing a sense of humor that was once "visible" only to friends and fans.

The director revealed that many of the scenes are of Hu Ge, and his impromptu performances at the scene often surprise the crew.

Through this down-to-earth little character, Hu Ge’s performance is more relaxed and natural, with a sense of life. The rhythm of the comedy in the first half is well controlled, and the emotional surge in the second half of the heart-to-heart play is also delicate and moving.

The performance of the other lead actor, Gao Yuanyuan, was also full of surprises. If her previous roles were mostly "Muse", this time Feng Liuliu was closer to an ordinary "young woman in a small town". For example, the scene of eating noodles with Hu Ge on the roadside at the beginning was full of fireworks.

She also fully immerses herself in the role, and many of the "documentary" shots in the film were shot by the photographer in the play herself.

Not only Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan, but also the supporting actors’ performances were outstanding. In particular, the two "drama bones" made the daily life of an elderly couple "love and kill each other" real and cute.

The years of precipitation are all reflected in the details of the performance. With just one expression and one look, the audience can burst into laughter or tears.

In fact, it is easy to create such so-called "Chinese-style parents" in a rut, nothing more than a three-piece set of "urging marriage", "urging parenting" and "urging work", but "Stop and Go" tries to avoid this from the script to the performance.

This is also the style of the whole play. There is no chicken soup or preaching, and there is no need to be deliberately funny or sensational. The laughs and tears are naturally bursting out in the stories and performances of the life stream, with a light and fresh beauty that makes people feel like a spring breeze.


Going back to the title of the movie "Stop and Go", go and stop are not only "roll" and "lie down", but also "distant" and "hometown".We have read too much inspirational or chicken soup literature about this proposition.

But "Stop and Go" wants to tell you in a lightweight way that walking and stopping are the norm, and you must learn to accept your own ordinary and life’s shortcomings.

Wu Di Beipiao has achieved nothing for many years, and he has returned to his hometown to start "eating old", which is undoubtedly a loser in the secular sense.

But the life of returning to his hometown also allowed him to rediscover his family and himself, and to find the strength to start again.

Not only Wu Di, but Gao Yuanyuan’s Feng Liuliu, Yue Hong’s mother, and us in front of the screen have all faced similar choices.

Every path has its own gains and losses, and once chosen, it becomes the only path in life.

Just like my mother’s line, "No one’s life is perfect, and it’s normal to have regrets."

As for the definition of success and failure, there is no standard answer.If you are careful enough, you will send a video with a simple English title, "gold or shit".If it succeeds, it must begoldchildLife should not have such a binary evaluation system.

Just as at the premiere, someone called Wu Di a "crispy young man", Hu Ge responded: "Everyone loves to label a person too much now!Everyone may not have to take the path that everyone agrees with, and life is ultimately their own. "

He also said that he liked the ending of the film, where Wu Di and Feng Liuliu meet on a traffic-choked highway, and the two cars stop and stop on their own tracks, constantly alternating.It not only echoes the title of the film, but also the epitome of life. Stop and go, stop and go, cry and laugh, how many people have lived their lives like this.

This is also the most touching part of "Stop and Go". It is not artificial or pretentious. In this era when everyone wants to "go crazy", it reminds us that the most simple life has the longest flavor.

Wu Di’s favorite Japanese director said: "The so-called couple is the taste of this bowl of tea bubble rice."This is not the taste of life, dull but sweet.