Volvo’s European shares plunged 11% to a record low after Geely sold its shares at a discount.

  Source: Wall Street News

  After the sale, Geely will still hold 78.7% of the shares of Volvo. According to reports, the price of Geely’s related shares is about 37 Swedish kronor per share, and the total selling amount is about 350 million US dollars. The financial report released by Volvo last month showed that the company’s adjusted operating profit in the third quarter was 19.11 billion Swedish kronor, a year-on-year increase of 61%, far exceeding expectations.

  Geely will sell about 100 million shares of Volvo Cars. Geely said that the sale accounted for 3.4% of the issued share capital of Volvo Cars and 4.1% of Geely’s shareholding in Volvo. Before the sale, Geely held a series of shares in European automobile business, including 82% of Volvo;After the sale, Geely will still hold 78.7% of the shares of Volvo.

  According to media reports,Geely’s relevant shares were sold at a large discount, at a price of about SEK 37 per share, with a total sale of about US$ 350 million.

  Regarding the reason for the sale, Geely explained that this is in line with the company’s long-term strategy, which can increase Volvo’s liquidity and provide more opportunities for institutional and retail investors to create sustainable long-term value.

  Li Donghui, CEO of Geely, said in a statement released on Friday, "As a major shareholder, we are still firmly committed to continuing to support the transformation of Volvo Cars into an all-electric vehicle manufacturer, and we look forward to continuing this continuous success story."

  After the news of Geely’s massive sale was announced, Volvo Car’s share price plummeted 14% in intraday trading, hitting a record low of 35.25 Swedish kronor, which was close to Geely’s selling price in this transaction, and closed down 11% to close at 36.29 Swedish kronor. So far this year, Volvo’s share price has fallen by more than 23%.

  The financial report released by Volvo last month showed that the company’s adjusted operating profit in the third quarter was SEK 19.11 billion, a year-on-year increase of 61%, and the market expectation was SEK 16.27 billion.

  On November 12th last week, Volvo’s first pure electric MPV EM 90 debuted in China, with a price of 818,000 yuan. This car is built on the SEA platform, positioning pure electric medium and large MPV, with the longest battery life of 738 kilometers. Luo Wenjin, President and CEO of Volvo, said that EM 90 plays an important role in Volvo, bringing Volvo’s historical heritage in the security field and its industry-leading security technology into the new pure electric MPV market. Yuan Xiaolin, president and CEO of Volvo Car Asia Pacific, told Wall Street that the listing of EM 90 allowed Volvo to re-plan the once blank MPV range. Next, with the improvement of Volvo’s product array, Volvo’s New Year is coming.

  Risk warning and exemption clause

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BYD Tang Glory Edition is listed at a price of 21.98-26.98 million.

  On April 22, BYD’s medium-sized SUV, Tang Glory Edition, was officially launched, and a total of six models were launched, with a price range of 219.8-269.8 million yuan. Among them, there are 3 models of Tang EV Glory Edition, and the price is 21.98-26.98 million yuan; Tang DM-p Glory Edition has two models, with a price of 229.8-249.8 million yuan; The 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition has a total of one model with a price of 269,800 yuan. At the same time, BYD has also prepared multiple glory privileges for users, including "2 big rejuvenation car purchase policies, 2 big worry-free car guarantees, 5 big exclusive VIP services and 5 big Zhilian online services".

  In terms of appearance, BYD Tang EV Glory Edition and Tang DM-p Glory Edition continue the Dragon Face design language. The former adopts a closed front grille, while the latter is a Long Lin-style front grille. The penetrating silver decorative strip above is the embodiment of the dragon beard, and the headlights on both sides are sharp in shape, and the front enclosure adopts a sports design. In terms of rear design, the new car adopts a penetrating Chinese knot element LED taillight group, which has high recognition. In terms of color matching, the new car offers silver glaze white, glacier blue and silver sand black for consumers to choose from.

  In terms of configuration, BYD Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition have a high overall configuration level. The new car adopts a fully upgraded smart cockpit high-end version of DiLink 100. With the help of DiPilot 10, the new car can achieve L2+ intelligent driving assistance level, and has the functions of BSD blind spot monitoring, DOW door opening warning and so on. In terms of other configurations, the new car has a 12-speaker HiFi-class custom-made Dana audio, ventilation/heating/electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats, and the large 6-seat version has added functions such as ventilation, heating and 10-point massage of the second row of seats.

  In terms of power, BYD Tang EV Glory Edition is equipped with AC permanent magnet synchronous motor. The total motor power of single motor version is 168Kw/180kW, and the total motor torque is 350N?m;. The dual-motor version has a total motor power of 380kW and a total motor torque of 700N?m. In terms of battery, according to different configurations, it is equipped with 90.3kWh and 108.8kWh battery packs, with corresponding cruising ranges of 600km, 730km and 635km.

  BYD Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Ares Edition adopt a hybrid system consisting of Xiaoyun-Plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine and motor, with the maximum power of 102kW and the maximum torque of 231N?m. The total motor power is 360kW and the total motor torque is 675Nm. The NEDC battery life of the new car is 215km, and the fuel consumption is 6.5L/100km.

  Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition come standard with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system. Yunnian -C can realize stepless adaptive adjustment of damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of shock absorber to adjust damping. When the vehicle passes through the bumpy road, the comfort control strategy of high frequency and small damping is adopted to make the chassis "soft". When the vehicle is in rapid cornering, acceleration and braking, the maneuverability control strategy of low frequency and large damping is adopted to make the chassis "hard". Compared with the traditional passive suspension, Yunqi -C makes the vehicle achieve a "qualitative" improvement in driving comfort, while taking into account the handling of the vehicle.


  As the flagship SUV of BYD brand, BYD Tang has a stable performance in the medium-sized SUV market. With the launch of Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition, its overall competitiveness will be further enhanced. Compared with the old Tang EV, Tang EV Glory Edition not only lowered the price threshold by 63,000 yuan, but also improved the configuration level, which will naturally bring great help to the sales increase.

Veteran Yang Jinyuan: A novel blew the "assembly number"


  Photo of Yang Jinyuan when he joined the army Source: Liberation Army Daily


  Xiaogang Feng is with Yang Jinyuan. Source: Liberation Army Daily

  "Every sacrifice is immortal!" The New Year’s blockbuster "Assembly" directed by Xiaogang Feng received rave reviews from the audience as soon as it was released. Yang Jinyuan, the author of the original film "Lawsuit", a retired sailor and editor-in-chief of Overseas Chinese Times in Putian City, Fujian Province, quickly became a hot figure.

  After graduating from high school, Yang Jinyuan entered the military camp and became a sailor in a frigate brigade of the Shanghai base of the East China Sea Fleet. Looking back on his military career, Yang Jinyuan often lamented: "It was six years as a sailor, which gave me the precipitation of military life and made me create military themes. My fate with Lawsuit and Assembly also comes from the military complex in my bones. "

  Yang Jinyuan said that the novel "Lawsuit" was written by accident, and it was more due to his sensitivity to an event. It was one day six years ago, Yang Jinyuan was watching TV with his family, and the talk show People’s Story of CCTV caught his attention. The film tells the story that all the comrades-in-arms of a veteran were killed in a battle of the liberation war, and only he survived the injury. For a long time, the veteran has been looking around for the remains of his comrades-in-arms to prove that they are not missing persons but martyrs. In order to remember his comrades-in-arms, the old man moved his home near the military camp. Whenever the bugle sounded, he always appeared at the gate of the military camp. "Although it took only two minutes for TV programs to tell this story, the two images of bugles and veterans immediately aroused my strong interest. I thought at that time that I could write a novel about it, just about war, commitment and credit! " Yang Jinyuan was deeply moved by the war friendship forged in the gunfire and smoke, and his creative inspiration poured out.

  So, Yang Jinyuan wrote this true story into the novel "Lawsuit". In order to cover the transfer of large troops, the persistent "one-track-minded" company, Elder Valley, was ordered to fight a war of resistance, and made an appointment with the colonel, taking the assembly number at midnight as the order to retreat. However, the old valley and the brothers of the whole company killed from day to midnight, and then from midnight to dawn, waiting hard in the fight of life until the whole company was killed one after another, leaving only the old valley injured and surviving, and did not hear the assembly number blowing. Did the colonel forget to let the trumpeter play the trumpet, or did the troops leave the whole company behind? This question has been puzzling the old valley. After being separated from his troops, Lao Gu spent decades looking for the head of the regiment, trying to "make a statement", only to learn that the head of the regiment had died in the Korean battlefield. The novel was first published in the April issue of Fujian Literature in 2002, and then reprinted in the June issue of Novel Monthly. Later, Zhang Guoli, a famous actor, discovered The Lawsuit and recommended it to Xiaogang Feng, a famous director. The film Assembly has a story template.

  From an early age, Yang Jinyuan often heard his family tell him "revolutionary fragments". "After a place, my parents will tell me that it was here decades ago that they ventured through the blockade to survive. At the time of the war, big or small dangers often come. In the open and dark battles between the enemy and me, life and death are often in a flash. " Fujian is an old revolutionary base area. In wartime, "missing" soldiers are not uncommon. In the chaos of war and chaos, troops often reduce their numbers or temporarily increase their numbers. The people who lead the troops often can’t know exactly how many people were in the army yesterday and how many people are today. It is even more difficult to find out how some people are missing afterwards. Therefore, in post-war statistics, the number of "unknown martyrs" far exceeds that of famous martyrs with surnames. According to the pension statistics of the Ministry of Civil Affairs at the beginning of liberation, there were more than 1 million famous martyrs in the revolutionary war, and the unknown martyrs were at least several times this number. After the diffuse smoke clears, some things are often ignored or even forgotten.

  For such a thing, Yang Jinyuan gradually developed a sense of responsibility to "reflect it". In 1991, Yang Jinyuan, who had returned from the army to work in Putian, began to take over the task of shooting a feature film on revolutionary themes. During that time, he traveled all over the old revolutionary base areas in Putian, surrounded by past details every day. "It is difficult for people to recall something completely. He doesn’t know what a feature film wants. Although the past history is grand, all the people in the authorities will know are some details, and what he tells you are some personal feelings," Yang Jinyuan said. "Later, I thought it might be more appropriate to write this history in the form of a novel." If we carefully taste Yang Jinyuan’s war novels, we should pay attention to individual destiny, which is the "central idea" of his creation. On the contrary, war becomes blurred and becomes the background of the fate of the characters, because in his view, the novels focus on people and their thoughts and souls.

  Yang Jinyuan has his own understanding that his novel "Lawsuit" can be seen by Xiaogang Feng and made into such a blockbuster with strong repercussions: "In the past, military movies and TV shows, such as Heroes and Children, Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North, etc., all highlighted the lofty image of soldiers, but now such films have begun to change to describe the inner heart of the characters, such as Bright Sword, Years of Burning Passion and so on. And "Lawsuit" is all about the fate of small people from beginning to end. I discuss the problem of human nature and look back at the war from human nature. Perhaps this attracted Feng Dao. "

  This cooperation with Xiaogang Feng is not the first "electric shock" for Yang Jinyuan. Before Lawsuit, he also wrote many works, such as A Woman with a Sword in Her Life, Don’t Marry Me If I’m Not a Virgin, The Courtyard, The Conscript, etc. Among them, The Courtyard and The Conscript have all been adapted into TV dramas and broadcast on CCTV.

  Now, the bugle of Assembly has not fallen, and Yang Jinyuan’s other military novel Breakthrough has also emerged. The famous director Huang Jianzhong personally prefaces the publication of the book and is preparing to make it into a 30-episode TV series. (Liberation Army Daily/Xu Outline Wang Jinping Chen Ji)

Editor: Cao Jin

It snows in Guangdong!

Snow, snow!

It snows in Guangdong! !

The first wave of strong cold air hit in 2024.

Qingyuan ushered in the first snow.

According to @ Qingyuan Weather: This morning, the first snow in Guangdong in 2024 started in Qingyuan, and there was snow or road ice on the Nanfengyu road in Lianzhou.

"On Guangdong people’s persistence in watching snow"

No matter how cold the weather is

Can’t stop Cantonese.

The enthusiasm for going out to see the snow at 7 o’clock in the morning.

In addition, it snows in other provinces in southern China.

According to netizens’ photos

The snow in Jiangxi is really heavy.

Photo courtesy: Gao Mei.

It’s snowing in downtown Hangzhou, too


Yellow warning signal of cold in Shenzhen

It’s taking effect!

Central Meteorological Observatory this morning

Three warnings of cold wave, blizzard and strong wind are issued simultaneously!

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave blue warning at 06: 00 on January 22.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow warning of blizzard at 06: 00 on January 22.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a gale blue warning at 06: 00 on January 22.

Multiple cold warning signals come into effect

As of 7:25 this morning,

Guangdong province has a total of

230 cold warning signals are in effect.


Cold red warning 12

82 cold orange warnings

136 cold yellow warnings

Future weather in Shenzhen

It is estimated that there will be scattered light rain on cloudy days in our city today, and the temperature will continue to drop to around 9℃, with the maximum gust of 7-8 in coastal areas, highlands and sea areas;

There was light rain from the night to the 23rd today, and the temperature continued to drop. The lowest temperature dropped to about 5℃, and the highest temperature dropped to about 8℃, which made me feel cold.

At present, the temperature in Shenzhen is about 13-15℃, so friends who go out can use onion dressing method.

Suggestion: thick coat+long sleeves+bottoming, not afraid of cold friends suggestion: thick coat+long sleeves. You can take off your coat when you feel hot indoors.

Some sections of Beijing-Zhuhai North Expressway are closed

On January 21st, affected by strong cold air, the temperature in the northern section of Shaoguan of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway dropped significantly. At 20: 00 on January 21st, the road surface temperature was 0.9℃ at Yunyan section of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway.

In order to ensure traffic safety, according to the emergency plan, the No.1 Brigade of Traffic Police Detachment of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau, after consultation with Beijing-Zhuhai North Company, the relevant departments decided to take temporary traffic control measures on some sections of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway:

First, the control time: it will be implemented at 0: 00 on January 22, and the time for lifting the control will depend on the weather changes.

2. Control measures: Meihua Station of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway is diverted to Guangzhou, and Daqiao Station is diverted to Hunan; The entrance of Meihua Station to Guangzhou is closed, and the entrance of Daqiao Station to Hunan is closed.

Blizzard is coming

Everyone must pay close attention to the weather changes.

Pay attention to cold and warmth and travel safety.

(Source: Shenzhen News Network)

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