Jetway Auto 2nd Travel+Conference, Jetway "Traveler" made its debut.

On March 1st, the 2nd Travel+Conference of Jietu Automobile with the theme of "Seeing the World through Travel" was held in Guiyang, Lincheng. During the period when the tourism market is picking up, the second Jetway Travel+Conference not only released the annual travel bonus of Jetway users, but also made the debut of Jetway "Traveler", and set up ecological products and scenes such as wild kitchen, accompanying show and inspiration workshop around the travel ecological elements, so that the journey is not far away, and you can see it immediately after departure.


"Travel+"strategy upgrade, grasp the main tone of future travel

Since the brand was released, Jietu Automobile has been firmly on the road of "Travel+".The second Travel+Conference of Jietu Automobile is not only a grand ceremony for the automobile industry, but also an annual award for the travel industry, creating an IP summit for cross-border travel in the automobile industry.


Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Holding Group, said in his speech: Jietu’s development path is the concentrated embodiment of Chery’s strategy, the inheritor, innovator and breakthrough, representing the group’s determination and practice to open up users’ thinking and Internet thinking, and contributing irreplaceable "ecological power" to the group’s development. As one of the "double mainstream" brands of Chery Group, Jietu Automobile should continue to strengthen users’ thinking, innovate continuously in key areas such as products, marketing, ecology and service, and build an upward pyramid.


Focusing on "Travel+"is the foundation for Jetway to grasp the future travel. Focusing on users and experiences, we actively expand a new chapter in the "Travel+"strategy, and Jietu Automobile adheres to the positioning of the "Travel+"travel eco-leading brand to achieve leap-forward development. Li Xueyong, general manager of Jietu Automobile, said in his speech: Travel is exploration, public welfare and culture. Jietu firmly implements the "Travel+"strategy, and has not changed its original intention along the way, constantly expanding the "Travel+"ecosystem and enriching the "Travel+"products, bringing more surprises and joys to users during their travels, and also broadening the boundaries and horizons of Jietu, providing more development possibilities. Jietu is born for travel, and travel is more colorful because of Jietu.


Subsequently, the debut of Jietu "Traveler" pushed the atmosphere to a climax. As a brand-new product in the era of "Travel+"2.0, Jetway Traveler was designed by former Porsche design director Hakan Saracoglu, focusing on free and comfortable travel experience, redefining unruly and free travel life with the core of science and technology, fully considering the travel needs of users in multiple scenarios, and boldly trying and exploring to open up a new blue ocean in the global automobile market.

Jietu "traveler" is born for travel.

Jetway "Traveler" embodies Jetway’s deep understanding and insight into the values of users, and will become the best travel companion for users to explore unknown boundaries.


Jietu "Traveler" combines the design language of "Vertical and Horizontal Way" with the concept of "Travel+",and explores all things in nature with surging power, showing the beauty of toughness. In terms of appearance, the posture of the whole vehicle is square and powerful, with sharp lines and full profile coexisting, and the sense of strength is bursting out. The central control panel in the interior is angular, simple and powerful. The combination of 15.6-inch central control panel and 10.25-inch instrument panel, and the leapfrog configuration such as suede seat and crystal bumper further enhance the luxury of the whole vehicle.


Jetway "Traveler" adopts many leapfrog luxury configurations in intelligent driving, healthy cockpit and ecological services. The industry’s first XWD intelligent four-wheel drive+double lock, equipped with 8155 intelligent cockpit and 2.0TGDI Kunpeng power, creates a 5-year healthy cockpit environment, and launches 20+ "Travel+"ecological products to realize travel camping, travel leisure and entertainment.

Use the power of ecology to see the bigger world.

Integrating well-known domestic tourism resources and providing value-added rights for users’ travel, Jetway Automobile fully focuses on users’ travel needs, making "Travel+"more warm and allowing users to enjoy their travel. At present, it has joined forces with 80+ ecological partners to create 100+ rights, covering more than 100 cities across the country.


At the scene, Jietu Automobile and Mawei released the self-driving list of "Discovering the New Secret of China in 2023" and the list of "Making your camping life more comfortable in the campsite", which provided more high-quality routes and destination references for users’ self-driving travel and improved the convenience and comfort of travel.


At the conference, alliance partners such as Discovery and Mawei were invited to show users the yearning and scenes of beautiful travel. Wei Keran, vice president of Warner Bros. Discovery Media Group, said in his speech at the scene that Jetway advocates "defining the journey with action", which not only emphasizes the value of vehicles as a travel tool, but also highlights a spirit of immediate action and exploring the distance, which coincides with the brand concept of Discovery.


At the same time, Jetway Auto and Mawei released the list of the most influential "dream-seeking travelers", and invited 5 travelers and 10 Jetway owners to convey the travel culture with their personal experiences, so that Jetway’s brand concept of "Travel+"can be more deeply and stereoscopically presented to users.


Jia Zhongxing (net name: visionary japaul), the owner of Jietu, delivered a speech as a guest representative. He said: Travel should make people be a "monkey sleeping on colorful auspicious clouds", which is comfortable, safe and happy, just like Jietu’s products, and it embodies the creation of a "convenient journey" for users everywhere.


Zhang Chunwei, general manager of Jietu Automobile Marketing Company, said in his speech: In the past five years, Jietu Automobile has gained the choice and trust of 660,000 car owners and 23.81 million fans. Because of the support of users, Jietu Automobile has created a record of the growth rate of its own SUV and has the speed of Jietu that makes all Jietu people proud. In 2022, Jetway’s total sales volume ranked first in the 7-seat SUV with independent fuel, and Jetway was grateful to users for their peers.

Subsequently, the release of the annual travel bonus of Jetway users once again pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Jietu Auto and Eco-Alliance partners have brought users exclusive value-added rights and interests belonging to Jietu users, including the Jietu rights and interests plan. A total of 9,217 hotels in the national 30+ hotel brand matrix have a minimum of 20% discount, and there are more than 10 value-added rights and interests; Jietu travel plan, 50% off the national 5A scenic spots, so that users can love to travel, go to travel, start a new journey and enjoy travel. Relevant rights and interests will be officially launched during the spring equinox on March 21, when users can receive corresponding benefits in Jetway APP. The release of the annual travel bonus of Jetway users is a further advancement of Jetway’s "Travel+"travel ecology. With the exclusive bonus available, the travel experience can be maximized and the leading brand of "Travel+"travel ecology can be fully implemented.


At the end of this Travel+Conference, Jetway Auto also signed a contract with 10 eco-alliance units including Pathfinder, Mawei, Tongcheng Travel, Tuju Camping, Qiuyedi and Jinjiang Hotel. In the future, Jetway Auto will work with eco-alliance partners to continuously expand the ecological construction of "Travel+"and enrich the connotation and extension of "Travel+".

Based on the continuous landing of the "Travel+"strategy, Jietu Automobile has added a distinctive footprint to the automobile industry. Now, a new journey is about to begin. After the second Travel+Conference, Jetway will present the vision of "seeing the world through travel" in a more diversified and personalized way, and write the "Travel+"story of the new era with a firm attitude.

Titanium media stocks have long known that humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight

Must-read news 1: The number of M9 bookings in the world exceeds 20,000 units, or it is expected to build another explosion model.

According to the industry media reports, AITO Jiejie Automobile released a poster announcing that the booking order of Jiejie M9 model has exceeded 20,000 units. The car was jointly designed by Huawei and Cyrus and will be officially launched in December.

The M9 has been warmly expected by consumers before it went public, and will be released as scheduled in December. Guosheng Securities believes that the blind subscription data of the M9 this time exceeded expectations, which may be due to the fact that the sales volume of the new version of M7 continued to exceed expectations, which aroused the interest of the market. The pre-sale price range of the M9 is 500,000-600,000 yuan, which is expected to create another explosive model. According to Huawei official website, the M9 will be equipped with Huawei AR-HUD and Huawei ADAS2.0, which is expected to further lead the market technology direction, drive the penetration rate of intelligent driving function in the industry to increase rapidly, and gradually enter the era of "software-defined cars".

Must-read news 2: humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight.

The agency pointed out that the price of rare earths has stabilized and the performance has improved. Q3 rare earth plate revenue was +4% month-on-month, and net profit attributable to the mother was+57% month-on-month; The second batch of rare earth indicators have been released. With the improvement of demand, it is expected that the subsequent rare earth prices will mainly fluctuate, and the development of emerging fields such as downstream industrial motors and humanoid robots is expected to drive the demand for NdFeB to continue to grow.

Ping An Securities pointed out that according to the statistics of Baichuan Yingfu, the price of praseodymium neodymium oxide has dropped by nearly 30% since the beginning of the year, which has been at a relatively low level since 2021. Under the strict control policy of the supply side, the supply and demand pattern of rare earths is mainly stable, and there is more room for upward price flexibility. Looking forward to the market outlook, the permeability of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets at the terminal is expected to continue to increase, while the supply growth rate is narrowed, the supply and demand of rare earths are tight or push the price back. In addition, Debon Securities said that according to Musk’s prediction of 10 billion humanoid robots in the long term, it is predicted that the demand for NdFeB finished products by humanoid robots in the long term will be 20 million tons, and humanoid robots will open the ceiling of NdFeB demand.

Must-read news 3: digital currency Bridge, a multilateral central bank, will be launched next year, which will drive the demand for software and hardware system transformation.

According to media reports, on November 2, Bénédicte Nolens, director of the Hong Kong Center under the Innovation Hub of the Bank for International Settlements, said at the Financial Technology Week that the digital currency mBridge project of the multilateral central bank has entered the simplest and feasible product development stage, and in the coming months, it will study different forms of market connections, as well as some public-private cooperation to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the project, and further enhance anti-money laundering solutions and the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. The HKMA predicts that the simplest and most feasible product of mBridge will be launched next year, and it will be ready for the system to finally be put into operation.

Not only the international digital currency is constantly advancing, but the domestic digital currency pilot has moved from the preparatory stage to the promotion stage with more perfect mechanism construction and deeper application scenarios. Ping An Securities pointed out that with the increase of digital RMB user base and the deepening of application scenarios, it will lead to the demand for software and hardware system transformation, and it is also expected to break the monopoly of third-party payment in China and build a new payment pattern. All participants in the payment industry chain (commercial banks, third-party payment institutions and related manufacturers) should actively embrace the opportunity of digital currency promotion.

Must-read news 4: the loading rate is approaching 30%! The battle of intelligent network connection from "partial discipline" to "all-round" started.

From the early intelligent cockpit (Zebra, BYD DiLink) to the later intelligent driving (Ideal, NOA in Tucki), and then to the wave of integration of central computing and cabin driving this year, automobile intelligence is moving from a partial discipline to a global intelligence. According to the exclusive data released by the Institute of Intelligent Automobile of Hi-Tech, from January to September, 2023, 4,162,900 new cars were delivered with intelligent cockpit+car networking +OTA+ intelligent assisted driving (L2 as the baseline) as standard in China market, with a year-on-year increase of 67.64%, and the front-loading rate rose to 28.09%.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been frequent policies to promote intelligent networked vehicles. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places have rapidly promoted the construction of intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration roads and smart highways that support vehicle-road coordination. On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Administration Committee jointly issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of National Vehicle Networking Industry Standard System (Intelligent Networked Vehicle) (2023 Edition)", proposing that by 2025, the system will form an intelligent networked vehicle standard system that can support the general functions of combined driving assistance and automatic driving. Great Wall Guorui Securities pointed out that the current automobile industry is undergoing the most profound changes in the past 100 years. Electrification is only the prelude, and intelligence and networking are considered as the focus of future competition. Under the resonance of policy, market and technology, it is expected that the domestic V2X industrial chain will face the golden 10-year strategic opportunity period.

Taixiaogu titanium media finance research institute


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The second World Media Conference of Hangzhou Asian Games was held in Hangzhou.

On June 29th, the results conference of the 2nd World Media Conference of Hangzhou Asian Games was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center, attended by Zhou Jian, director of the News, Radio and Television Department of the Olympic Council of Asia, Xu Deqing, director of the Propaganda Department of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee and vice minister of the Propaganda Department of Hangzhou Municipal Committee.

At the meeting, Xu Deqing introduced a series of achievements and consensus reached by the Second World Media Conference of the Hangzhou Asian Games. "Everyone agrees that the Hangzhou Asian Games is a grand event that the whole of Asia is looking forward to, a grand event with remarkable results in preparation and a grand event with great potential for the media."

At present, all 45 national and regional Olympic committees of the Olympic Council of Asia have signed up for the competition. At the same time, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has tested and improved the facilities, technical systems, competition organization, service guarantee and venue operation of the Asian Games venues, which has been fully recognized by the outside world.

Xu Deqing said that the presentation of a wonderful tournament is inseparable from the strong support of the news media. The conference introduced the preparations for the Games, competition events, schedule and media operation in detail for the media friends, took them to visit and inspect the Asian Games venues on the spot, and answered questions from international news agencies such as Xinhua News Agency, Associated Press, AFP and Reuters, mainstream Asian media and domestic media. At present, the Hangzhou Asian Games has entered the sprint period, the critical period of image building and the heavy period of atmosphere building. The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign media and strive to provide the most professional and thoughtful services for the media.

Regarding the progress of the construction of the main media center, which many journalists are concerned about, Xu Deqing introduced that according to the requirements of complete functions, thoughtful service and display of China culture, the main media center has realized the integrated planning of ABCD four halls and prologue halls of about 50,000 square meters and peripheral traffic stations of about 34,000 square meters, greatly optimizing the spatial layout, and the overall space is second to none in the history of the Asian Games. At present, the exhibition work of the center is being stepped up. It is expected that the overall construction will be completed in mid-July, and the trial operation will begin on September 9 and officially run on September 18.

Zhou Jian said that the OCA fully recognized and was satisfied with the achievements of this conference, and the Director-General spoke highly of the promotion and media operation of the Asian Games. He shared his feelings of participating in the conference with four key words: "comprehensive, professional, intuitive and enthusiastic".

"Through the visits and exchanges in the past few days, the OCA has every reason to believe that the Hangzhou Asian Games has the ability to do a good job in media services and contribute to a successful sports event." Zhou Jian said that the OCA will also work closely with the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee to gain a deeper understanding of media needs and improve services, so as to provide more support and help for journalists and friends to have a pleasant, successful and fruitful reporting experience during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

At present, as the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games approaches, the atmosphere of the Asian Games is getting stronger and stronger. Next, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee will further create a healthy and enthusiastic atmosphere for welcoming the Asian Games in the whole society from three aspects: promoting the all-round application of Asian Games aesthetic culture, creating popular Asian Games songs, and bringing forth new and high-quality cultural activities.

The Nanjing Forest Music Festival was accused of the singer’s performance time shrinking, and the cultural department intervened to understand.

  On October 5, the two-day 2019 Nanjing Forest Music Carnival ended in Jiangning, Nanjing. However, after the "carnival", the "aftermath" was not over, and the organizers of the music festival were accused by the audience of problems such as the singer’s performance time "shrinking", the VIP exclusive service that failed to fulfill the promise, and the on-site fare increase.

  In response to this matter, The Paper learned from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiangning District of Nanjing on the 6th that the bureau has not received any relevant complaints yet, but it has understood the situation from the relevant units and coordinated the handling.

  Photo courtesy of crowded interviewees in VIP viewing area

  Some singers were accused of shortening the performance time by half.

  Miss Li, who came to Nanjing from Beijing to attend the Music Festival, is a fan of singers Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong, and this trip is specially for idols. To this end, she also specially purchased a VIP one-day ticket of 698 yuan.

  According to public information, Nanjing Forest Music Carnival has been held for five times so far this year. This music carnival is implemented by Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Company, a subsidiary of Nanjing Wentou Group. Tickets range from 280 yuan to 1,540 yuan, and singers and bands such as Hebe Tien, Vae, Zheng Yunlong, Ayanga, Jony J and Sunset Speeder all appeared.

  The Paper noted that the organizers of the music festival said in the pre-publicity that the audience who bought VIP tickets would enjoy 10 VIP rights, such as exclusive toilets, exclusive performance areas, fast admission channels and exclusive rest areas.

  According to the performance schedule announced by the organizer of the festival, Miss Li and other audiences will watch the performances of Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong from 20:00 to 20:40 on October 5th, lasting 40 minutes.

  However, after watching the performance, Miss Li bluntly said that she was "cheated".

  Miss Li told the The Paper reporter that the 40-minute performance of Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong, which was publicized by the organizer in the early stage, was only about 20 minutes that night, which was "compressed by half". The singer Vae, who also performed that night, performed for 40 minutes in the performance schedule announced by the organizer, but the real performance duration was only 25-30 minutes.

  The shortening of the performance duration also occurred during the performance of singer Jony J on the evening of October 4. Some viewers pointed out that the organizer’s early promotion of Jony J will bring two hours of special singing, but it only sang for about one and a half hours that night, which was at least half an hour shorter than the publicity performance.

  On October 6th, Tao Jingjing, the person in charge of Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Company, who performed the music festival, responded to The Paper, saying that it was "normal" for singers to shorten their performance time, mainly because of the short interaction between singers and fans, which led to the overall shortened performance time.

  "If some singers are particularly excited on stage, they may sing a little more, while others will sing a little less." Tao Jingjing also said that the number of songs performed by singers at the festival has not decreased.

  According to the performance schedule announced by the organizer, singers Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong will perform for 40 minutes. Screenshot of WeChat public account "Nanjing Forest Concert"

  VIP rights are accused of not being fulfilled.

  In addition to the sharp reduction in the performance duration of favorite singers, Miss Li is puzzled that the organizers have not fully fulfilled the VIP rights they promised when purchasing VIP tickets.

  Miss Li said that the organizer promised in advance that the audience who bought VIP could enjoy the exclusive bathroom in the VIP lounge, but she didn’t find the so-called VIP exclusive bathroom at the scene. If she wanted to go to the bathroom, she still needed to go to the public bathroom.

  A number of spectators who bought VIP tickets told reporters in The Paper that when they asked the staff of the music festival whether there was a VIP-only bathroom, they all said no.

  What makes Miss Li feel even more incredible is that the organizer told WeChat official account many times before the performance that the VIP tickets were sold out, but some staff at the scene said that as long as they were handed over to 300 yuan, they could directly "upgrade" to the VIP viewing area to watch the performance.

  The bill shows that the 300 yuan payee who "upgraded" at the scene provided pictures for the respondents of the music festival executive company.

  A bill provided to The Paper by an audience who paid 300 yuan’s "upgrade" to the VIP viewing area shows that the payee of the transaction is the executive company of the music festival — — Nanjing Dahua film and television culture media co., ltd. The audience believes that the organizer’s move is different from the previous ticket sold out.

  Part of the audience in the VIP viewing area told The Paper that the organizers did not control the number of people when they went through the "upgrade" at the scene, which led to the crowded VIP viewing area, and "the crowd was so crowded that it could not stand at all". One viewer said that he was pushed forward several times in the middle and was "almost pushed down".

  On-site photos show that the VIP viewing area is very crowded.

  The organizer was accused of "false propaganda"

  All this was pointed out by the audience, including Miss Li, that the organizers of the music festival had "false propaganda" and other problems in the early publicity.

  As of press time, Weibo’s topic "False Propaganda of Nanjing Forest Music Festival" has been read by more than 4 million people, and many viewers like Miss Li expressed their dissatisfaction with such behavior of Nanjing Forest Music Carnival.

  The relevant person in charge of Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. did not explain the situation to The Paper for failing to provide the promised VIP exclusive service and selling tickets at a higher price on the spot when the tickets were sold out.

  According to the communication documents between the audience representatives and the on-site staff provided by Miss Li, the organizers of the Nanjing Forest Music Festival said that they would investigate the "false propaganda" reflected by the audience, give the audience a reply within one week, and announce the investigation results through official channels.

  On October 6th, The Paper reporter called Nanjing Wentou Group several times to try to verify the authenticity of this document, but as of press time, he could not get through.

  On the same day, The Paper learned from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiangning District that the bureau, as a territorial unit, mainly provided on-site basic guarantee for the music festival. No complaints have been received yet, but it has learned from the relevant units and coordinated the handling.

  It is also known that Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and other departments have paid attention to this matter.

Sichuan emergency notice: the wild scenic areas such as canyons should be guarded by special personnel.

  On August 13th, a flash flood broke out in Longcaogou, Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. At present, the number of victims has risen to 7.

  On the evening of the 13th, the Sichuan Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office issued an urgent notice, requiring all localities to urgently investigate the wading scenic spots and wild scenic areas such as beaches and canyons that are prone to multiple dangers within their jurisdiction, organize multi-departments to jointly carry out dynamic patrol, and implement special personnel to keep an eye on patrol at important points, make warning tips, prohibit any outdoor exploration and wading activities under extreme weather conditions, promptly discourage wild travel and camping in mountain valleys and shallow waters, and resolutely ensure the safety of personnel.

  According to the information published by the WeChat public account of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department on August 14th, the above-mentioned Sichuan Provincial Defense Office’s "Emergency Notice on Deeply Learning Lessons and Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Response of Local Short-term Heavy Rainfall" pointed out that all localities should deeply understand that the current flood control is in a critical period, and droughts and floods coexist and turn sharply. While preventing high temperature and drought, we must be highly alert to the possible disaster risks caused by local short-term heavy rainfall, further strengthen the bottom line thinking and extreme thinking, and do a good job in prevention and response scientifically and accurately. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the requirements of special rectification work for flood control and disaster reduction, and timely rectify key links and key tasks such as hidden danger investigation, risk aversion transfer and emergency rescue.

  "All localities should strengthen the coordination and cooperation of departments, improve the information notification and communication mechanism, and share information such as rain, water and flood dispatching in a timely manner. The upstream areas should take the initiative to inform the downstream areas of the incoming water and promptly remind them of disaster prevention and avoidance. "Notice requirements, in view of the current extreme weather sudden, short-term, local and other characteristics, it is necessary to establish a point-to-point notification mechanism, reduce intermediate links, efficiently transmit information, and effectively organize risk avoidance and disaster reduction. It is necessary to further strengthen the linkage of early warning and response, implement early warning and mass transfer measures at the grassroots level according to the monitoring and forecasting of rain and flood conditions, and ensure timely response, timely disposal and timely transfer.

  The notice also stressed that it is necessary to strengthen disaster risk reminders in key areas, increase the publicity of flood control and risk avoidance knowledge, guide summer tourists and outdoor explorers to travel rationally, stay calm in case of danger, and avoid danger and evacuate correctly.

  According to the report of Pengzhou Emergency Management Bureau, at 14: 37 p.m. on August 13th, Longmenshan Town of Pengzhou City received a weather forecast, and convective clouds were generated in its jurisdiction, which would be accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall. After receiving the report, Longmenshan Town Government immediately organized town and village (community) cadres, patrol members and volunteers to persuade the tourists playing in the water along the river in its jurisdiction. At 15: 30, a flash flood broke out in Longcaogou, Xiaoyudong community, and tourists who had not been evacuated from the river were involved in the flash flood.

  According to the news released by the WeChat public account of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department on the evening of August 13th, at about 15: 30 on the 13th, it rained in the back hill of Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, causing sudden flash floods in the Longcaogou area, causing people to be trapped.

  In the early morning of August 14th, Pengzhou Rong Media Center reported that as of 24: 00 on August 13th, three seriously injured people died after being rescued by provincial and municipal expert groups. At present, the disaster has caused 7 deaths, and 3 minor injuries have been hospitalized for observation, and their vital signs are stable. The reporter learned from the search and rescue site that the search and rescue work is still in progress.