Follow-up to "online celebrity Park is Questioned for Over-transformation": The reporter’s return visit to the signpost has been improved.

  With a ceiling-level sunset ferris wheel seascape and sunny lawn … Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park has become an excellent place for Shenzhen people to relax and look at the sea. On March 30th, when Southern Reporter visited, he found that a large area of the park was under renovation, but the seaside area was still open, so many citizens would go to the park to play. However, at this stage, the only temporary entrance to the park was short of obvious entrance signs, and many citizens and tourists wandered around the park in vain, which attracted attention after being reported by Southern. (online celebrity Park was closed for 2 years, and the public questioned the excessive transformation, and the relevant departments in Shenzhen responded)

  Visiting many entrances on the site, the signs have been improved and updated, and the gravel road will be rectified and upgraded.

  On the afternoon of April 3, the reporter visited the Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park again. The traffic guidance work around the line and the temporary entrance passage have been rectified and upgraded, and several entrances have been improved and updated.


  The reporter learned from the Qianhai Administration that the project construction unit has added 25 park guides and guide card at the locations along the roads, intersections and corners around the project, including: 5 park announcements and admission guide boards at the intersections around the Qianhai Stone Park project; There are 20 guide card in the coastal open area of the park along Guiwan subway station, Jin ‘an North Street and Linhai Avenue.


  Near the evening, the most beautiful seaside sunset in Shenzhen arrived as scheduled. The reporter saw at the entrance of the park that some citizens were talking and laughing with their children to enter the park, and some were pulling carts full of camping tools. "The directions at the intersection are very clear, so you don’t have to take detours when you come to the park." Ms. Liu, who came to camp with her family, was surprised by these details, but she also mentioned that the thin wooden boards on the gravel road were removed, but the stones were very scattered and sharp, and the vehicles easily slipped after passing. After learning about this situation, Qianhai Administration indicated that it would urge the operation department to upgrade and rectify the gravel road.


  Park upgrade leads to excessive transformation concerns? The latest response from Qianhai Administration

  In addition to the improvement of traffic guidance facilities and temporary passages, the Qianhai Administration has further dispelled doubts about the excessive transformation of the park by some citizens and tourists. The predecessor of the Guiwan section of Qianhai Stone Park, "Qianhai Performing Arts Park", was a public green space temporarily covered with green after the formation of the land in the Guiwan area of Qianhai in the early days, in order to improve the basement environment of Qianhai and solve the problem of loess exposure.

  In order to further strengthen the connection and connectivity between Baozhong area and Sanwan area in Qianhai, promote the economic and social development of all areas in Qianhai after the expansion, and implement the plan of "connecting mountains and seas", Qianhai coordinated and promoted the opening of the "tangible boundary" caused by the division of the original administrative areas, and reconstructed and constructed the Shigui Bay section of Qianhai (including the estuary of Shuangjie River) here. After the project is completed, it will completely solve the problem that the promenade from Qianhai Stone Park to Happy Harbor is not connected, which will greatly facilitate citizens to pass quickly, stroll around the bay and play.


  "I have lived near this park for four or five years. It turned out to be a very beautiful park, and the natural environment and ecological environment have been formed. Will the traces of labor after the transformation be too big? " In response to the public’s concerns, the relevant person in charge of the Qianhai Stone Park project introduced that it would respect the original topography and site characteristics, move the removed trees back as the basis of site landscaping, and optimize the service function of the park.

  According to reports, the project will not only increase 450 underground parking spaces, but also create high-quality urban ecological green spaces such as sea-watching book house, starry lawn, art exhibition gallery, rain-sheltering gallery, sea-watching steps, pedestrian landscape bridge, interesting sports ground, children’s play area and sea-watching grass steps, in order to enhance the cultural connotation of the park, and meet the multi-level leisure needs of citizens and tourists.


  Nandu reporter learned that in order to meet the citizens’ play needs, the project of Shiguiwan section of Qianhai (including Shuangjiehe estuary) implemented the strategy of "phased construction, partial enclosure and zoning opening". The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2025, and the Shuangjiehe estuary park is planned to be completed and opened by the end of 2024.