Positioning the flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30.

  Chery Tiggo 9 will be officially launched on May 30th. The new car has been pre-sold, and the pre-sale price is 155,000-175,000 yuan, with a total of 3 models. Tiggo 9 is based on the Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, which represents the highest standard of Chery Automobile and is also the new generation of global flagship SUV of Chery Automobile. Tiggo 9 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with five seats or three rows of seven seats, equipped with a 2.0T and hybrid system from Kunpeng. In addition, CDC "magnetic suspension", 24.6-inch curved screen +50-inch AR-HUD, L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system and 10 airbags including remote airbags are all embodied on it.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image001

  As the flagship product of Chery, the front face of Tiggo 9 adopts a big mouth shape, and at the same time, the grille is replaced with a polygonal outline, which is particularly exquisite with a straight waterfall chrome strip. Tiggo 9 headlights are not the kind of split-type design with small squints. The traditional heavy eyebrows and big eyes are exchanged for an awkward appearance. For such a tall SUV, the higher light group is actually a simpler and more effective way to get better lighting at night.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image002

  The side lines of the new car adopt a smooth design like a yacht, and with the suspended roof, the visual effect is very slender. The new car also uses a hidden door handle and a 20-inch rim, which is full of details and texture. Tiggo 9 has a length, width and height of 4820/1930/1699mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, respectively. The rear of the new car has a distinct sense of hierarchy. The letter "CHERY" is embedded in the penetrating taillights, and the rear bumper is integrated with a bilateral rectangular exhaust design, which highlights the sporty texture.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image003

  The interior of Tiggo 9 will bring you freshness from the color matching first. The clean and home-style light-colored interior has never appeared on Chery models in the past. The wood decorative board, zigzag air outlet and black paint panel in the control area are used, and the color matching and overall material embellishment further enhance the cabin luxury.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image004

  Almost all the functions and operations are completed through the 24.6-inch dual screen. The built-in Snapdragon 8155 chip has excellent fluency when sliding the large screen, and the rich and practical APP can be described as the mainstream level in the industry. There is also a 50-inch AR-HUD in front of the driver, so that the driver can try not to bow his head, and important information can be directly projected at a glance. In terms of space, the front queen’s co-pilot still has it. The electric leg rest and massage mode have raised the comfort to a higher level. In addition, the configurations including fragrance and rhythmic atmosphere lights can also form high-quality cockpit enjoyment. Good relaxation requires not only comfortable seats, but also a set of surround sound system to help out. Tiggo 9 is equipped with Sony 14 speaker sound. After the optimization of the interior space layout, passengers in each row are not treated differently, and the immersive audio-visual entertainment experience comes out at once.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image005

  On the basis of a long wheelbase, there is no need to worry about the performance of the rear seat of the Tiggo 9, and the backrest angle also supports a large adjustment. When running long distances, it is no problem to lean back, and the central floor is completely flat, so the flexibility of riding is greatly increased. The configuration of the back row is not the same. The functions of independent air conditioning, seat heating, charging port and sunshade, which can enhance privacy and grade, are all fully equipped. Another advantage brought by the five seats is that it has an oversized trunk, and the internal layout is very regular. When the back of the rear seat is laid down, it gets a fully flat trunk, which increases the space utilization. And a large storage box is cleverly designed under the cover plate. If you are a space storage controller, you will never be allowed to waste every inch of space in this car.

  Tiggo 9 comes from the self-evolving EEA electronic and electrical architecture, with Gigabit Ethernet as the backbone network to build a vehicle data highway; Based on AUTOSAR software architecture, the software can be separated from the hardware and software, and the software can be iterated continuously. The 44 controllers of the whole vehicle support departure, reservation and remote OTA upgrade to meet the upgrade requirements of users. In addition, it also has the Chery Pilot L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system, which can fully perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle and achieve 360-degree full coverage with the blessing of 28 high-sensing sensors (including 6 forward-looking and around-the-clock cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, etc.). In addition, it also has 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent driving functions. The Tiggo 9 high-profile vehicle will be equipped with CDC "magnetic suspension", which can realize global vehicle chassis adjustment and verification, so as to match the user’s expectation of balance between handling and comfort. Its advantages also include: real-time collection and monitoring of vehicle attitude information through vehicle state monitoring sensors, stepless adjustment of damping through unique AI algorithm, accurate control of vehicle attitude, and keeping the vehicle elegant and balanced.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image006

  Tiggo 9 also adopts steel-aluminum mixed+die-casting body, which has appeared in many new models before. However, whether it is a multinational brand Tesla or a China brand Weilai, the models are in the range of 200,000-500,000 yuan, and the brand-new Tiggo 9 also has this series of "advanced" technologies, plus 85% of high-strength steel applications, which has established a foundation for building a more passive car body safety.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image007

  The Tiggo 9 is equipped with a 2.0TGDI engine from Kunpeng Power and matched with Aisin 8AT gearbox. The maximum output power is 192 kW and the maximum torque is 400 Nm. It is worth mentioning that the new car can only be filled with 92# fuel, and 95# fuel can bring more powerful power performance. Tiggo 9 is also equipped with a full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system. The hybrid model accelerates for 4.5 seconds in 100 kilometers, and at the same time, it can achieve a comprehensive battery life of 1,300 km+.After charging for 18 minutes, the power can be charged from 30% to 80%. Tiggo 9 not only provides the "Kunpeng Fuel Power" version, but also provides the "Kunpeng Super Intelligent Hybrid" version for users to choose from. (Photo courtesy of Chery Automobile)

"New Three Kinds" Leading Foreign Trade Export

  A few days ago, in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, a special train of Xiang ‘ou Banlie new energy vehicles was ready to go at Liugang Freight Yard in Xiangyang Free Trade Zone, Hubei Province. Xie Yongshe (People’s Vision)

  A few days ago, foreign buyers learned about China’s new energy automobile products in the newly set new energy and intelligent networked automobile exhibition area of the Canton Fair. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei photo

  In the first quarter of this year, China’s foreign trade exports improved month by month, achieving a good start. Among them, electric manned vehicles, lithium batteries and solar cells, which are known as the "new three kinds" of foreign trade, performed brilliantly. In the first quarter, the total export increased by 66.9%, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100 billion yuan, which increased the overall export growth rate by 2 percentage points.

  Clothing, furniture and household appliances are often called the "old three" in foreign trade. Nowadays, while the "old three kinds" are steadily and steadily, the "new three kinds" have sprung up everywhere and become a vivid footnote for China’s foreign trade upgrading.

  "New Three Kinds" Become New Kinetic Energy for Growth

  Recently, the ro-ro ship "Anji Phoenix", the largest carrying capacity of SAIC, carried the first batch of new cars of MG brand, and sailed from the exclusive ro-ro terminal of Ningde Port in Fujian to the port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico. This series of cars sell well in nearly 20 countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand and Chile.

  Since the beginning of this year, the overseas orders of many car companies have increased significantly. Zhang Cailiang, sales manager of Beijing Automobile Factory (Qingdao) Import and Export Co., Ltd. said: "We just received an order for 1,000 new energy vehicles in Turkey, and now the factory is running at full capacity." According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "China Automobile Association"), in the first quarter of this year, China exported 248,000 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 1.1 times. Among them, BYD exported a total of 43,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 12.8 times. At present, BYD’s new energy passenger car footprint has spread all over 51 countries and regions around the world.

  Among the "new three kinds", the export growth rate of new energy vehicles is leading. In the first quarter, the export of electric manned vehicles was 64.75 billion yuan, up by 122.3%, accounting for 5.1 percentage points of China’s automobile exports, reaching 43.9%.

  The export of lithium batteries is also hot. A batch of lithium batteries from a battery company in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province will be sent to South Africa soon. The person in charge of the enterprise said: "This year, overseas customers’ demand for household energy storage has further increased, and we have added a production line for lithium batteries." Guangdong Aucler Group Co., Ltd. is a lithium iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the external market demand has increased significantly this year.

  Driven by multiple factors, such as strong demand in foreign electric vehicles and energy storage markets, China’s lithium battery exports reached 109.79 billion yuan in the first quarter, with a growth rate of 94.3%.

  Solar cells have become a new business card for China’s foreign trade export. At the 133rd Canton Fair being held, all solar cell companies are full of harvest, welcoming a batch of buyers from Europe, North America and other places. In the first quarter, China’s solar cell exports exceeded 90 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6%.

  The bright performance of the "new three" did not begin this year. In the first quarter of last year, the export of solar cells, lithium batteries and automobiles in China achieved high growth, with growth rates of 100.8%, 53.7% and 83.4% respectively. The export of "New Three Samples" led the whole foreign trade in 2022. The export of electric vehicles increased by 131.8%, the photovoltaic products mainly based on solar cells increased by 67.8%, and the lithium batteries increased by 86.7%.

  "As a new kinetic energy for growth, ‘ Three new samples ’ The products reflect the effective improvement of China’s export quality and reasonable growth in quantity, and also make positive contributions to the global green and low-carbon transformation in China. " Lu Daliang, spokesman of the General Administration of Customs and director of the Statistical Analysis Department, said.

  Sold to more than 200 countries and regions.

  Who is buying the "new three"? According to customs data, in the first quarter of this year, China’s "New Three Samples" exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, among which exports to the top five markets of the European Union, the United States, ASEAN, South Korea and the United Kingdom increased by 88.7%, 88.1%, 103.5%, 121.7% and 118.2% respectively, accounting for 71% of the total export value of the "New Three Samples".

  Why can the "new three kinds" be popular all over the world?

  Gao Shiwang, spokesman of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, analyzed that the "new three products" are all mechanical and electrical products, and the high growth rate of exports is mainly based on three reasons: market opportunities brought by industrial changes, China’s complete industrial chain and supply capacity, and the promotion of relevant policies.

  With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the emphasis on sustainable development, the new energy industry has gradually become a global hotspot. In recent years, the government of China has vigorously promoted the development of new energy industry, and new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and solar cells have gradually emerged in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, China’s continuous policy of opening wider to the outside world has also laid the foundation for the rapid growth of "new three kinds" exports. At the 133rd Canton Fair, Frederic, a buyer from Sweden, said: "Sweden and other Nordic countries have great demand for solar energy products. Because we value China products and China technology, we want to do business with China."

  While the iron is hot, it needs to be hard by itself. Behind the booming export of "new three kinds" is the continuous improvement of the comprehensive strength of related industries in China. Consumers in China are increasingly accepting new energy vehicles, and the demand for new energy vehicles in China is growing, attracting more and more enterprises to join in this field. Under the fierce market competition and high R&D investment, the key technologies of electric manned vehicles have been continuously improved and made breakthroughs, and the cost has been continuously reduced and more competitive. At the same time, China has a complete industrial chain and supply chain system, which can meet all kinds of raw materials and parts needed for the production of "New Three Kinds" and promote these three industries to scale and level quickly. In the first quarter, private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other business entities all achieved rapid growth in exports of the "New Three Kinds", among which private enterprises accounted for 65.4% of the total export value of the "New Three Kinds", which was higher than the proportion of private enterprises in the total export.

  In recent years, in order to better expand overseas markets, related China enterprises have laid out their industrial chains overseas, which further promoted the export of related industries. Taking new energy vehicles as an example, SAIC has built a full value chain of the automobile industry including innovative R&D centers, production bases, marketing centers, supply chain centers and financial companies overseas, and its products and services have entered more than 90 countries and regions around the world. After BYD’s first overseas passenger car production base is put into production in Thailand, the vehicles in the Thai market will not have to go through long export shipping and customs clearance procedures from placing orders to delivery, and the delivery efficiency will be greatly improved. According to the analysis of China Automobile Association, building a factory in the sea can also effectively reduce the cost of transportation and avoid the impact of exchange rate.

  "The international market for ‘ Three new samples ’ The demand is growing, and China can provide competitive high-quality products. At the same time, China has maintained its position as the largest country in goods trade for six consecutive years and is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world, naturally becoming a major supplier in many countries. " Hong Yong, an associate researcher at the Institute of Electronic Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

  "The country’s forward-looking and sustainable policies have supported all kinds of enterprises in ‘ Three new samples ’ The development of exports has played an important guiding role. " Liu Chun, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, said.

  Open up diversified export markets

  Products with high technology, high added value and leading green transformation, such as "New Three Samples", have become new export growth points, reflecting the effective improvement of China’s export quality and reasonable growth in quantity, which is an important embodiment of the high-quality development of China’s foreign trade.

  Hong Yong analyzed that the export growth of "New Three Kinds" shows that China’s new energy vehicles and other industries have already possessed international competitiveness and can compete with other countries’ products in the international market. China’s foreign trade is upgrading from low-end processing to high-end manufacturing.

  In terms of achieving high-quality development, the export of "new three kinds" shows that China’s related industries have been able to occupy a place in the global market and have strong competitiveness and innovation ability. This also shows that China is accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, from traditional low-end processing and manufacturing to high-end manufacturing and service industries, and has achieved high-quality development.

  Looking to the future, the environment facing China’s foreign trade is still severe and complicated, and the penetration rate of "New Three Samples" in major national markets is still low. How will China continue to maintain the good trend of "new three kinds" exports?

  Enhance overseas operation capability — — Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued "Opinions on Promoting the Stable Scale and Optimal Structure of Foreign Trade", suggesting that local and business associations should organize direct passenger docking between automobile enterprises and shipping enterprises, and guide automobile enterprises to sign medium-and long-term agreements with shipping enterprises. Encourage Chinese banks and their overseas institutions to innovate financial products and services and provide financial support for auto companies overseas under the premise of legal compliance and controllable risks. All localities further support automobile enterprises to establish and improve the international marketing service system, and enhance their ability to carry out brand promotion, display sales and after-sales service overseas.

  Actively expand diversified markets — — Hong Yong suggested that in order to enhance the recognition of China’s "new three products" in the international market, relevant enterprises should actively participate in international technical exchanges, project cooperation and other activities, strengthen cooperation with other countries in the field of new energy, improve the brand image of China enterprises, and then expand market share. It is understood that in order to make the supply chain and export destination layout more diversified, since last year, China’s "new three kinds" exports to emerging countries and regions are also growing rapidly. In March this year, BYD entered Jordan’s new energy passenger car market; The listing of the star model "BYD ATTO 3" in Thailand triggered local users to snap up in the middle of the night, and became the champion of new energy vehicle sales in Thailand in the first quarter of this year. This model won the single-model sales champion in Israel for five consecutive months.

  Hong Yong said that the "new three" export enterprises need to constantly expand new markets and reduce their dependence on a single market to reduce risks. At the same time, we should also get rid of the internal friction competition such as simple price war in the past, and take building sustainable industrial competitiveness and increasing international market share as the core goal to continuously improve the quality and reputation of products.

  According to expert analysis, the "new three kinds" belong to the industry of "long slope and thick snow". With the continuous innovation of related technologies and the continuous improvement of product quality, it is expected that the export volume of "new three kinds" will continue to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth in the future.

Bosideng: Tell the brand story with design and convey the power of oriental aesthetics and fashion.

With the continuous evolution of fashion trends, down jacket, as an indispensable clothing in winter, is gradually changing from a single warm-keeping function to fashion and technology. In this process, Bosideng, as a well-known brand in down jacket industry, has become a leader in leading the trend with its ingenious design and excellent quality. Bosideng’s new year of the loong series down jackets perfectly combine Chinese traditional culture with fashion elements, tell warm brand stories with design, and show unique oriental aesthetics and fashion strength.

Bosideng is well aware of the importance of scientific and technological innovation, and has always started from the two dimensions of "fashion innovation" and "functional innovation", integrated global high-quality resources and adopted exclusive innovative fabrics to create a series of down jacket products with scientific and technological functions. This persistent pursuit of quality and technology makes Bosideng’s down jacket not only have excellent thermal insulation performance, but also reach the leading level in fashion, comfort and durability.

In order to meet consumers’ more demand for down jacket products, Bosideng has been innovating in design and has launched many eye-catching works. Among them, Bosideng year of the loong series down jackets skillfully integrate the dragon elements in Chinese traditional culture into the design, and combine traditional oriental aesthetics with modern fashion, inspired by Long Lin, showing a unique charm.

In addition to its unique style, Bosideng year of the loong series down jackets have also made great efforts in comfort. The selected fabric is soft and breathable, which ensures the comfort of wearing; Careful workmanship and strict quality control make every detail show quality; Specially designed zipper and lining make it more convenient to put on and take off, and at the same time increase the durability of use. It is worth mentioning that Bosideng’s innovation in design is not only reflected in style and comfort. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, Bosideng has also deeply integrated the new generation of digital technology with the traditional business model of down jackets, built a national-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory, built an industry-leading central intelligent distribution center, and built the largest modern clothing manufacturing system in the domestic down jacket industry. This series of measures has made Bosideng stand out in the down jacket industry and become a leader in the industry.

Bosideng’s efforts in technological innovation and digital transformation have also been recognized by the market and consumers. In recent years, Bosideng’s performance has achieved high compound growth, and its brand value has also increased rapidly. It has been selected as "Top 50 Most Valuable Clothing Brands in the World" by Brand Finance for two consecutive years, and its market share, brand first mention rate, popularity and reputation rank first in the industry all the year round. These honors and achievements are the best proof of Bosideng’s design innovation and quality pursuit.

In addition to efforts in product design and technological innovation, Bosideng has always been adhering to the feeling of "warming the family in China for 48 years". This feeling stems from deep concern for the family and deep affection for China culture. Bosideng always insists on taking consumers as the center and constantly meets their needs and expectations for down jacket products. And this kind of feelings and ideas is also an important reason why Bosideng can stand in the down jacket industry and continue to develop.

With its ingenious design, excellent quality and deep understanding of technological innovation and consumer demand, Bosideng not only sets a new benchmark in the down jacket industry, but also shows the perfect combination of oriental aesthetics and fashion power. In the future, Bosideng will continue to lead the trend and development of down jacket industry and bring more wonderful products and services to consumers around the world.

What is a reading sharing meeting of "reading beauty"? Come to the bottom of Butterfly Mountain to find the answer!

Hualong Net News (Xu Yili) Reading is the living water of teachers’ knowledge and the source of their thoughts. As a teacher, how can I find myself, improve myself and achieve myself by the power of books?

On March 18th, sponsored by the Trade Union Committee of Chongqing University of Technology, and co-organized by the Women Workers Committee of Chongqing University and the School of Mechanical Engineering, the reading sharing activity of "Reading Roses and Reading Beauty" was held in the school.

Speech by Kang Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school 1
Speech by Kang Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair

As one of a series of activities to celebrate the 114th March International Women’s Day, this reading sharing shows the spirit and style of the faculty of Chongqing University of Technology, especially the female faculty, and further promotes the construction and development of campus culture.

A Sharing Meeting of "Reading for Beauty"

Leading teachers to meet "poetic life"

Wang Jia, School of Foreign Languages, shared.
Wang Jia, a teacher at the School of Foreign Languages, shared "The Growth and Transformation of" Sixiang+Reading Club ". Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair
Teacher Zhang Ting, "Life is up to me"
Zhang Ting, a teacher from the Intellectual Property Institute, shared Life by Me. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair

The most important thing is that the book can be far-reaching, and the belly is full of poetry and books.

At the event site, Sun Lizhen, a teacher of the School of Management, shared her reading experience of the award-winning work "The Right Bank of the Ergun River" by Mao Dun. She deeply described the mountains and rivers, the cool breeze and the bright moon, and the unyielding legendary story depicted in the book, which aroused the resonance of the audience present; Wang Jia, a teacher at the School of Foreign Languages, shared how to build a platform for ideological exchange among teachers by using the "thinking+reading club" and improve students’ humanistic quality through collective reading. She emphasized the important role of reading in cross-cultural communication and encouraged everyone to actively participate in reading activities and broaden their horizons. Zhang Ting, a teacher from the Intellectual Property Institute, took the experience of the protagonist in Life is Me as an example to inspire the female readers present to live their own lives, to be brave and forge ahead.

Wechat pictures _20240319222700
Xie Chunlin's Triple Realm of Life Aesthetics
Xie Chunlin, a teacher from the School of Mechanical Engineering, shared The Triple Realm of Life Aesthetics. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair

As the only male sharing teacher, what is the beauty in Xie Chunlin’s eyes? He shared "The Triple Realm of Life Aesthetics" from the perspective of a science and engineering man, which brought us different aesthetic perspectives and thoughts. His sharing made the audience feel the unique charm of life aesthetics.

Li Awen and Tan Cong read "Blooming"
Li Awen, a famous advertisement and documentary voice actor, and the host read the poem "Blooming" together. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair

It is worth mentioning that on the same day, Li Awen, a famous advertisement and documentary voice actor, also read the poem "Blooming" with the host. Teacher Li Awen, with his unique voice and affectionate interpretation, showed the life force in poetry to the fullest and won warm applause from the audience present.

On-site sharing encourages teachers to feel the most beautiful words and sincere emotions in reading, to read with what they feel in life, to live with what they have read and to meet the most poetic life.

Appreciation of Teacher Wang Tingting's Famous Works The Makeup of Life
Appreciation of Teacher Wang Tingting’s Masterpiece The Makeup of Life. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair
Rose book fragrance, reading Yuemei activity site.
Rose book fragrance, reading Yuemei activity site. Photo courtesy of the school Hualong net hair

An important practice in the construction of "scholarly campus"

Inject new vitality into "all-staff education and cultural education"

"At present, the era has entered a new stage, higher education is undergoing profound changes, and heavy engineering is also facing a rare opportunity for entrepreneurial development." In order to inspire all the female faculty members to shoulder the heavy responsibility, to continue to be upward, forward, true, kind and beautiful, Kang Qian, secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing University of Technology, put forward three hopes for the teachers.

Secretary Kang Qian said that I hope everyone will love reading and be "full of poetry and books". Concentrate on educating people, so as to "make the public full of peaches and plums"; Don’t let a man, so that "women can hold up half the sky." He suggested that teachers should take reading as a habit and a way of life, and wander around the sea of books to "read" the richness and beauty of life. Through everyone’s leading reading, the heavy engineering campus will be full of aura, poetry and books.

It is understood that the reading and sharing activity of "Roses are elegant and reading is beautiful" is also one of the series of practices of the school to promote the construction of a scholarly campus. Chongqing University of Science and Technology has always attached great importance to the construction of scholarly campus. In the 2023 "Reading Youth" sponsored by China University Students online, the reading activity of "Linking Books with Growing Road" sponsored by the Party Branch of Chongqing University of Science and Technology Library won the "Excellent Characteristic Activity Award", and the short video of "Reading Books with Emphasis on Science and Technology" produced by the library won the "Most Beautiful Library Award".

The school continues to carry out various reading promotion activities, such as publishing the "Scholar’s Reading List" and "Collection of Hundred Scholars’ Bibliography", reading sharing sessions, recommended books lists, and display of reading resources, injecting new vitality into "all-staff education and cultural education" and striving to promote the construction of a scholarly campus.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou!

Southeast Network is the official news portal of Fujian, which is headed by the Propaganda Department of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and sponsored by Fujian Daily Newspaper Group.

Blessed are the citizens and friends who spend the New Year in Fuzhou!

"the heart of Minjiang river"

Fireworks+drone+light and shadow

The "New Year’s Drama" formed by integration

Officially booked New Year’s Eve

Fireworks drone show is divided into

Good fortune and successive years of happiness

Long Teng Sheng Shi Fu Man Men Ting

The blessed state of Hester’s portal

Sustainable development benefits the people

Four chapters

On New Year’s Eve, Fuzhou is blessed, and the Year of the Dragon is a blessing!



Light and shadow show is divided into

Step by step in Long Xing.

Happy on every occasion

New chapter of sustainable development spectrum

Climbing the Peak by Light in Fuzhou Year

Four chapters

I wish Fuzhou citizens.

Harvest happiness and happiness in the bright light and shadow!

The performance time is

February 9, 20:00-00:24

Specific as follows

20:00-00:00 Light and Shadow Laser Show +MAPPING Blessing;

23:50-00:00 UAV performance;

00:00-00:24 Fireworks drone light and shadow show;

Suggested places to watch: Jasmine Street and Youth Square.

The Year of the Dragon is coming, Xiaoxin wishes everyone.

Long Xing snipe (dá) snipe (dá)

Happy New Year!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve fireworks drone show is coming! It’s here in Fuzhou! 》

Read the original text

Proposal for banning the burning and releasing of fireworks and firecrackers

Dear friends of residents,

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to advocate an environmentally friendly, low-carbon and green lifestyle, further strengthen the safety management of fireworks and firecrackers, ensure the personal health and property safety of residents, and create a peaceful, happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere, we hereby issue the following initiatives to the residents and friends:

First, set an example and take the lead in compliance.Start from yourself, consciously abide by the relevant regulations, do not buy or set off fireworks, do not transport, store, deliver, sell or carry fireworks in violation of regulations, drive and influence people around you with your own actions, and jointly safeguard a beautiful living environment.

Second, remind in time and advise in good faith.Actively publicize and advocate the concept of prohibiting fireworks and firecrackers, persuade family members, neighbors and relatives and friends to respond to the initiative, do not sell, buy, store or set off fireworks and firecrackers, resolutely resist illegal activities, and strive to turn not setting off fireworks and firecrackers into conscious behavior, and gather strong positive energy to protect the environment and live a civilized and healthy year.

Third, advocate science and bid farewell to bad habits.Advocate the new fashion of science and civilization, choose electronic firecrackers, festive music, flowers and other safe, environmentally friendly and low-carbon ways to celebrate the festival, and strive to create a beautiful environment, fresh air, civilized and harmonious holiday atmosphere.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ban burning and releasing. Let’s take active actions to "reduce the burden" for the air and "increase the weight" for health, and strive to be communicators, advocates and practitioners of civilized fashion together. Finally, I wish the residents and friends good health, smooth work, happy family and good luck in the Year of the Dragon!

Kelan county Women’s Federation

January 31, 2024

set off firecrackers and fireworks
The harm of

1. cause air pollution




Setting off fireworks and firecrackers will produce a lot of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and dust of various metal oxides. It strongly stimulates human respiratory tract, makes people cough and causes respiratory diseases such as tracheitis.


2. Produce noise pollution




The loud noise caused by setting off fireworks and firecrackers makes it difficult for the elderly to sleep peacefully, the patients are frightened, and the students can’t study and rest quietly. Many times, pedestrians are frightened by the sudden loud noise during the discharge, which is likely to lead to very serious consequences for people with heart disease.

3.Cause a fire hazard




Especially in urban areas, buildings are getting higher and higher, and the population is relatively dense. The discharge of high-altitude fireworks can easily lead to fires and directly endanger people’s lives and property.

4.Injury accident occurred.




Fireworks and firecrackers can easily cause injuries, especially children!

5. Waste of resources




Precious resources such as paper and chemical raw materials are discharged, which also pollutes the environment and occupies a lot of urban public resources.

6. Create a human burden




A large amount of garbage produced by setting off fireworks and firecrackers has brought a serious cleaning burden to sanitation workers.

The company earned 1 billion in the stock market for two months and was fined 5.6 billion.

CCTV News: Recently, CCTV reporters, together with the Inspection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, successfully investigated and dealt with a huge stock manipulation case after months of unannounced visits.

After investigation, Beibadao Group and its actual controller used 1 billion yuan of funds to manipulate the stock prices of several sub-new shares in a short period of two months, and made a profit of 1 billion yuan. The CSRC intends to impose a fine of 5.67 billion yuan on the enterprise and its actual controller, and the case has become the largest stock market manipulation case investigated by the CSRC.

Company involved

Company involved

From February to May, 2017, Beibadao Group and its actual controllers set up and controlled a trading team with a clear division of labor, raised billions of yuan through a number of fund intermediaries, used 301 securities accounts, and used abnormal trading techniques such as frequent reverse transactions, intraday price hikes, and rapid daily limit closures to speculate on multiple sub-new shares, which was suspected of manipulating the market.

Inspectors of CSRC:After our preliminary investigation, we found that the related accounts involved were actually manipulated and controlled by a Beibadao Group, a private logistics group in Xiamen, whose main business is railway transportation.

Small-cap stocks with "ferocious" tactics have experienced ups and downs.

In February 2017, the sub-new shares of several banks led by "Jiangyin Bank" and "Zhangjiagang Bank" were collectively speculated, which caused great concern in the market.

A stock that has been manipulated for speculation.

A stock that has been manipulated for speculation.

Inspectors of CSRC:Take the behavior of Zhangjiagang as an example. It started to be listed on January 24th, and then we, the main manipulator, started to manipulate it in early February, that is, it just went on the market for a few days, using their capital advantages and shareholding advantages to earn chips in the hands of retail investors, and then after their chips reached a certain level, they attracted the follow-up funds in the market, and then they suddenly removed their chips, so that they could easily make quick money.

Second, raise huge sums of money to fund the one-stop service of the company

In the investigation, the inspectors of the CSRC also found that the principal of Beibadao Group’s one billion yuan was not their own, and they all found the so-called — — Fund-raising company.

Inspectors of CSRC:Mainly use some underground fund-raising intermediaries in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to contact the fund-raiser. The fund-raiser will give these accounts and his own money to these fund-raising intermediaries, and then the fund-raising intermediaries will give them to the Beibadao Group, and then the Beibadao Group will use these accounts to manipulate the market. These fund-raisers here will get 10% of the fixed annualized income, and then the fund-raising intermediaries will generally get about 1% of the intermediary service fee, and the remaining excess income will be.

There are many accounts involved in the "busy" trading.

During the investigation, the inspectors of the CSRC saw rows of tables and chairs and some computers that had not been evacuated before in a villa of more than 1,000 square meters. It is reported that this is the private trading hall of Beiba Road. At the busiest time, at least 100 computers and more than 10 traders were engaged in illegal trading, and each trader controlled two or three stock accounts.

Inspectors of CSRC:In two months’ time, we just went to more than ten provinces and cities to visit the owners of these nominal accounts involved to determine whether they are using this account themselves or giving it to others.

Although the sources of funds are all over the world, the illegal funds earned by manipulating the stock market eventually fell into the private accounts of more than 10 financial personnel of Beibadao Group.

The CSRC interviewed the suspect for violent resistance to the law.

company personnel

Employees of the company involved violently resisted the law.

After basically grasping the criminal facts of Beibadao, the inspectors of the CSRC arrived at Beibadao Company, but the relevant personnel of the case refused to talk.

There is a conflict between the inspector of CSRC and the object of investigation.

The two ladies in the camera, one is the company treasurer and the other claims to be the legal representative. When the inspectors of the CSRC obtained the company’s financial information, they actually tore up the documents and even threw them out of the window.

Fined a fine of 5.67 billion yuan from the CSRC.

Inspectors of CSRC:The most typical harm of this case is that it has affected the fairness and justice of this market and caused great fluctuations in the market. I will plan to impose a top penalty on its Beibadao Group. So far, it is the case with the highest amount of administrative penalty imposed by the CSRC.