Andy Lau is waiting for you at the Olympic Games tonight

  After a lapse of five years, Andy Lau will hold a solo concert at the Olympic Games at 8 o’clock tonight! The reporter learned that Andy Lau will sing here for three hours tonight, and will also present exciting musical clips, which will make fans addicted.

  Classic songs will have

  It is understood that Andy’s entire repertoire will be dominated by classic Mandarin songs, such as "Forgetting Love", "Love You for 10,000 Years", "Thank You for Your Love", "It’s Not a Sin for a Man to Cry", "Ice Rain", "Ronin Love Song", "Me and My Pursuit of Dreams", "Going to Have Sex Alone"… In addition, Andy will also bring his own new songs in recent years: "Heartfelt Baby" written by him for hepatitis B patients, and "One" written by Fang Wenshan for him. In addition to his hot songs and dancing, Andy Lau will also perform in musicals: when singing the songs of "Pastoral Flute", "Half-Life Fate", and "Acacia Causes Disaster", he will perform the life and death parting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl with his female dance partner.

  Two "sons" will appear

  For a long time, there were no guests at Andy Lau’s concerts, but since Andy Lau had two "sons", Ando and Hei Zai, these two little guys often followed their "mother" everywhere. At tonight’s concert, these two "sons" will also appear and become the only guests. At concerts in other cities, one of the two "sons" will sing "Infernal Affairs" with "mother".

  Go to rehearsal 7 hours early

  The reporter learned that in order to prepare for the evening concert, at 1 noon today, Andy Lau will secretly enter the Olympic Sports Center, first for rehearsal, then makeup and other preparations, until the end of the evening performance, even dinner will be eaten in the Olympic Sports. The hotel where he stayed will also prepare meals as required, and will be sent to the Olympic Sports scene by a special person. According to reports, Andy Lau stayed in the hotel room all day yesterday to rest, and the night before yesterday, he had a dinner with more than 200 of his concert creative team in the hotel.

  The manuscript in this column was selected and written by journalist Kang Yanfang intern Gao Jie

  3 ways to help fans prevent fake tickets

  The organizers recently specially produced a detailed diagram of "How to distinguish the authenticity of tickets" to tell the audience how to distinguish the authenticity. This newspaper also summarized three tricks to help the audience protect their rights and interests.

  1 Look at the anti-counterfeiting diagram in detail

  The tickets for Andy Lau’s concert are divided into three parts: the ticket holder, the ticket holder and the electronic chip card, all of which have anti-counterfeiting organs. As can be seen in the anti-counterfeiting diagram released by the organizers, next to the words "Andy Lau China Tour Concert" on the ticket holder, if irradiated with an ultraviolet pen, it will show a red mark; on the electronic chip card and the card holder, there are clear lines similar to those on the RMB, and the lines of counterfeit tickets are generally blurred.

  2 Purchase tickets at the designated ticket point of the organizing committee

  Outside the Olympic Games tonight, there will definitely be many scalpers selling tickets there, but in order to ensure the authenticity of the tickets, the audience is reminded again that they must go to the ticket office designated by the organizing committee to buy tickets.

  3 free ticket inspection points can be checked

  For the audience who bought tickets in the hands of "scalpers" at the scene or through other channels, the organizing committee has also set up a number of free ticket inspection points, so it is hoped that fans will go to these ticket inspection points to identify the authenticity before the final transaction, but the organizing committee also reminds fans that after the ticket inspection, they should prevent criminals from changing packages.

  (Source of this article: Chongqing Evening News)

Editor in charge: Cheng Chong

"Hua Xizi’s public relations department or collective resignation" rushed to hot search! Zeng sent a long letter apologizing that netizens did not buy it.

On the evening of September 19, an insider close to Hua Xizi told reporters,The content of the brand-related statement has nothing to do with Huaxi’s public relations department, which is not written by the company’s public relations department. "At the time of release, the whole public relations team was unaware of it."

On September 20 th, the topic "Hua Xizi Public Relations Department or Collective Resignation" rushed to the hot search.


The above-mentioned insiders also revealed that the relevant decision-making level of the public relations department has left. The reporter also noticed that some Huaxizi public relations staff have left a message on social media saying that they have left their jobs.

It is also known that there are still several employees in Huaxizi Public Relations Department, but they also tend to leave or have decided to leave.

On the evening of September 19th, Weibo, the official official of Hua Xizi, released a letter to the public, which responded to the "79 yuan eyebrow pencil" incident for the first time. Hua Xizi said in the letter, "I am very sorry for taking up too many public resources. Thank you for your encouragement. We have fully recorded the relevant opinions, and the team is comparing, revising and upgrading them one by one, adhering to the initial intention, bringing you better products and providing better services. In the future, we will continue to share with you what the brand is doing, so that everyone can understand Hua Xizi in more forms. Down-to-earth, steady and far-reaching; A hundred flowers blossom, and domestic products are self-reliant. "

However, for this "apology", netizens did not buy it. Some netizens think that Hua Xizi didn’t respond more to the "79 yuan eyebrow pencil" incident, apologizing for his lack of sincerity, and half of them promoted the brand.

Subsequently, some media initiated a vote on "How to treat Hua Xizi’s apology", and 46,000 people participated in the voting. Among them, 15,000 netizens thought that Hua Xizi did not respond to the price issue, more than 7,600 netizens thought that its response was too late, and more than 7,200 netizens thought it was like brand promotion and a thank-you letter.

There are also media comments, which can roughly divide this 451-word letter into three parts: 154 words of sorry, 218 words of publicity, and 12+67 words of rhetoric. If such a division is made, we can clearly feel that this letter gives people a feeling of "chicken thief", and they are not willing to clearly explain their own problems, but also want to get rid of negative public opinion easily.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News Yangcheng School Comprehensive The Paper, @ 亵亵亵亵亵亵, Red Star News, etc
Editor | Yang Chuying

How to exercise reasonably after being shocked?

Q: How to exercise reasonably after a fright?

A:Winter brings us not only cold but also stiffness: the functions of various organs of the body, such as internal organs and muscles, are at a low level, and bones and ligaments are prone to sports injuries.
Sting is a good time to exercise, but the intensity should not be too high. It is suitable for aerobic outdoor activities such as playing Tai Ji Chuan, doing aerobics, flying kites, hiking and climbing mountains, which can effectively enhance the body’s immunity and disease resistance.

-Personal Health Manual (24 solar terms, shocking articles).


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This is what winter should look like.

Text | Zu Xinlan
Recently, Shandong Wucheng Meteorological Observatory has continuously issued a cold wave warning. Experienced people know that New Year’s Day is the coldest season of the year. According to the statistics of meteorological monitoring station, the historical extreme lowest temperature in Wucheng County since meteorological data were available was -21.6℃, which appeared on January 26th, 1981. On the morning of January 7th this year, the lowest temperature in Wucheng County has reached -20℃, which is close to the historical lowest temperature peak. It seems that tomorrow will be another sunny day, and I can’t help rubbing my hands in anticipation.
I like winter, it can temper people’s will and stimulate their inner potential. As a runner, I am basically unaffected by the cold wave, but my own equipment is harder. It is enough to add a pair of knee pads in the morning and put a pair of warm and elastic running shoes on my feet. As the saying goes, practicing Sanjiu in winter means that the colder it is, the more you should keep exercising, and insisting on outdoor exercise for three or nine days can improve your immunity to cold. Taking willpower to challenge the comfort zone, I left the warm bed at dawn, and felt cold from head to toe when I went out. My nose and ears ached with cold, and my hands were stiff and almost unconscious. When I came to the sports square, I did some stretching exercises for a while, and then started slowly. Facing the first dawn in the morning, I breathed in fresh and clean air, and I controlled my body to adjust my pace and breathing. When I ran for about 2 kilometers, my whole body began to get hot, and my footsteps became lighter and lighter. When I unconsciously ran for 5 kilometers, my breathing was smooth and my whole body was transparent. Only those who have witnessed monsoon rains’s unremitting sports all year round can experience the wonderful beauty of being outdoors in winter. Think about the dog days when the heat is unbearable and there is nowhere to escape. I still love this cool feeling. The experience of winter makes me feel that my youth has always been there, and my years have never grown old.
I like winter, everything seems quiet and orderly. In the dormant season, the withered willow tips on the roadside also hang down, quietly gestating new life. The Sugar-Coated Berry peddled by street vendors is crystal clear. The colder the weather is, the more solid and beautiful the transparent sugar skin wrapped by hawthorn is, and it seems to shine in the warm sun, adding a beautiful warm color to the small town in the north. Unable to resist the temptation of bright red hawthorn, I bought Sugar-Coated Berry and took a bite, which made it more sweet and crisp in this cold winter. The freshness of hawthorn with the sweetness of rock sugar is a wonderful taste bud enjoyment. On the balcony in winter, the restless old mother has begun to make dried bacon sausages, which are delicious food for the New Year. The smell of fireworks on earth is the most touching to the hearts of ordinary people. Through a string of incense sausages, I seem to smell the breath of Chinese New Year. What I look forward to most is the next heavy snow, which can purify the air. In the snowy weather, suddenly it is a world wrapped in silver outside, sitting in a warm study, making a cup of hot black tea, holding a book that I haven’t finished reading in the past, and that kind of long-lost warmth and tranquility slowly ripples in my heart. Keeping company with books nourishes the soul. "is like a spring gale, come up in the night, blowing open the petals of ten thousand pear trees" is definitely the simplest visual enjoyment in winter.
I like winter, which awakens many fond memories of my childhood. In the freezing morning, the glass on the balcony is covered with a thick layer of ice flowers, such as colorful leaves and undulating mountains. Different shapes of graphics moisten the winter color, which makes people think, and the past time is presented in front of them. The winter in childhood was colder, the wind blew more bitterly, and the soil pavement was frozen and cracked. I can’t forget waking up in the morning as a child, putting on my mother’s warm cotton-padded jacket and trousers on the kang, and playfully doodling on the ice flowers on my window glass; I can’t forget how many cold days I ran outdoors to play hide-and-seek and throw sandbags, and soon I forgot the cold. Although my face was frozen like a red apple, I enjoyed it with white heat in my mouth when I spoke. I can’t forget that under the low eaves of the old house, there is a sharp and crystal clear ice valve hanging upside down, and the natural carved cone shape is beautiful and attractive. I always secretly move a chair to climb and break off an ice valve while adults are not paying attention, and show it off to my friends in my hand. The greedy child can’t help sticking out his tongue and licking it. Once, it was the happiest time in my memory when I was flattered in winter.
It is the law of nature that the cold season can be bitterly cold. In the cold winter, the splendor of plants and trees has gradually become a thing of the past, and everything has accumulated its inner strength, and it will shine when it blooms in the spring next year. The love of winter is not the yearning for new vitality. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? This is what winter should look like!
Yidianhao Niu Niu’s Shuxiang Cabin