The price reduction of Xingyue L Zhiqing in Yulin area is coming! The latest offer is 152,700, so act quickly.

The price reduction promotion is in full swing in car home Yulin preferential promotion channel! As a highly regarded SUV, this model is currently offering a maximum discount of 0.7 million in Yulin. The minimum starting price is 152,700 yuan. If you are interested in this model, I suggest you click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get higher preferential information.

Xingyue L Zhiqing is an SUV model integrating fashion, technology and sports. Its front face design adopts a large-area air intake grille, with exquisite LED headlights and streamlined front bumper, creating a strong dynamic atmosphere. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is fashionable. The air intake grille of this car series adopts a unique family-style design, which shows the design concept of the brand. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the lines of the roof are smooth, which shows the sports style of the brand. The rear part of the car adopts the exhaust layout of two sides, and with the through LED taillights, the whole car rear is very dynamic. In addition, the car also uses a variety of colors and materials, providing a variety of personalized choices to meet the different needs of consumers.

The car system Xingyue L Zhiqing is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4795*1895*1689 mm, a wheelbase of 2845 mm, and a front track and a rear track of 1610 mm.. The body lines are smooth and the outline is full, showing a strong sense of movement. The side lines of the vehicle are smooth, extending from the front fender to the rear of the vehicle. The lines are simple and smooth, and with the front and rear tires of 245/45 R20 specifications, it presents a dynamic appearance. The wheel rim adopts multi-spoke design, which adds a sense of luxury to the vehicle. In terms of details, the car system Xingyue L Zhiqing adopts a unique C-pillar design, which makes the side lines of the car smoother and increases the sense of space inside the car. Generally speaking, the design of the car is fashionable and dynamic, which leaves a deep impression on people.

The interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very elegant, using high-quality materials and sophisticated technology to create a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather material, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can make personalized adjustments according to their own needs. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, and is equipped with multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner, skylight, window and other voice recognition control systems, which is convenient for drivers to operate. The front seats are made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height and lumbar support, while the co-pilot’s seat supports two-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height. At the same time, the main driver’s seat also has heating and ventilation functions. The front row is also equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for users to charge. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion, increasing the flexibility of the interior space. In short, the interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is both luxurious and practical, bringing comfortable and convenient driving experience to drivers and passengers.

Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with a 1.5T 163 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 255n m.. This engine uses an advanced 3-speed DHT gearbox, which can provide a smooth shift experience for the vehicle. At the same time, the engine has high power output, which can meet the daily driving and overtaking needs. In addition, the engine also adopts advanced technology, which has good fuel economy and reliability. Whether it is urban roads or highways, it can bring excellent driving experience to drivers.

On the exterior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing, car home car owners spoke highly of it. He/she said that the appearance of Xingyue L Zhiqing is very atmospheric, the prominent shape of the front face makes the car look more atmospheric, and the stylish matrix headlights are also very beautiful. In addition to its appearance, Xingyue L Zhiqing also performed well in terms of configuration and performance, bringing excellent driving experience to car owners. For example, it is equipped with the latest intelligent technology, such as L2 automatic driving system, which makes driving easier and safer. At the same time, it is also equipped with a powerful 2.0T engine, providing sufficient power output. In short, Xingyue L Zhiqing is an SUV with atmospheric appearance, excellent performance and advanced configuration, which deserves consumers’ attention and choice.

The 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show opened on September 30th.

   The 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show will open at Nanjing International Expo Center on September 30th, with a duration of 6 days. This year’s auto show attracted 80 brands to participate in the exhibition, with more than 1,000 vehicles on display and an indoor and outdoor exhibition scale of 100,000 square meters.

Guided by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and sponsored by Jiangsu Automobile Industry Association and Nanjing Aoyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd., this auto show strives to present a wonderful automobile culture conference for Nanjing and surrounding citizens in the golden autumn festival. This year is a year of boosting consumption and the 70th anniversary of the development of China’s automobile industry. In the second half of 2023, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a number of policies, such as "Twenty Measures for Restoring and Expanding Consumption" and "Several Policies and Measures for Nanjing to Fully Promote the Sustained Economic Recovery". From the central government to the local government, promoting automobile consumption and making consumption kinetic energy "strong" are the focus of the current automobile economy. The 2023 Nanjing International Auto Show was held in the important season of "Golden September and Silver 10", creating a high-quality, diversified and professional integrated trade exhibition, which has become the preferred platform for many car companies to launch new cars, promote brands and conduct market research.

Fuel vehicle, product iterative technology upgrade

With excellent brand strength and good industry reputation, mainstream brands are still strong. At this auto show, well-known German, Japanese, American, Korean, French, British and independent brands all participated in the exhibition with a large lineup. The new cars in the year include FAW Toyota Asia Dragon BZ, Chevrolet Pioneer, Dongfeng Honda CR-V, Buick E5, GAC Toyota Highlander, WEY Wei brand Gaoshan DHT-PHEV, tank 400HI4-T, GAC Chuanqi Zhidian New Energy E9, Dongfeng Nissan brand new hacker, Dongfeng Peugeot New 408, FAW-Volkswagen ID. Family 2024, Mazda CX-50 line, Geely.

Luxury brands such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Cadillac, Janice, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, British finidi, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, etc. Keeping pace with the transformation of the automobile industry, luxury brands are also deepening and iterating over technologies and products: BMW’s pure electric family lineup is expanded again, and the "youngest" pure electric BMWix 1 takes pure driving pleasure as its initial intention and continues to expand the infinite possibilities of electric travel; SAIC Audi and FAW Audi have both luxury new power models and pure electric elements; Land Rover’s new generation Range Rover Sport Edition, on-site display of fierce performance and luxury style; Integrating the trend of electrification and intelligence, Volvo brings the luxury pure electric flagship Suvex 90; Mercedes-AMG GT four-door sports car and Mercedes-Benz V-class MPV made heavy appearances, showing Mercedes-Benz flavor; As a master of the "dynamic elegance" design concept of the Jennisseth brand, the flagship luxury car G90 will partner with G70, G80 and other models to show the brand elegance; American luxury brands Cadillac and Lincoln will bring new cars of the year-brand new XT4 and brand new navigator respectively.

New energy vehicles, with considerable sales, overtaking in corners.

From "emerging" to "overtaking in corners", the focus of the global automobile market has been replaced by the emerging new energy automobile industry and market in China. Those who get the technology win the world. In the Red Sea track of new energy vehicles, various car companies continue to dig deep into the fields of three-electric system, human-vehicle interaction, intelligent cockpit and automatic driving. At this auto show, 90% of the booths have new energy vehicles. New energy automobile brands such as BYD, Tesla, Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Krypton, Zhiji, Tengshi, Aito Wenjie, Aouita, Extremely Fox, Lantu, Euler, Wuling, Smart, Haobo, Extremely Yue, Nezha, Deep Blue Automobile, Zero Run, Ford Electric Horse, Galaxy, GAC Ai ‘an, Feifan and Geometry were all present.

All models of BYD’s Dynasty Network and Ocean Network gathered at this auto show, bringing a rich product matrix including plug-in hybrid models and pure electric vehicles; Model 3, Tesla’s best-selling model, was refreshed for the first time after six years; Weilai ES6 based on the new NT 2.0 platform made a heavy appearance; LI brings the full product lineup of Ideal L7, Ideal L8 and Ideal L9; All models in Tucki are super smart coupe P7I, ultra-fast fully intelligent pure electric SUV Tucki G9, and super smart coupe SUV Tucki G6 bloom on the same stage; There are three classic models of extreme krypton brand: luxury hunting coupe extreme krypton 001, the world’s first original pure electric luxury MPV extreme krypton 009 and new luxury all-round SUV extreme krypton X; High-value medium and large smart coupe SUV Zhiji LS6 made a stunning debut.

In order to stand out from the new power brands, many car companies have started the brand-up attempt, and the luxury electric track is also facing fierce competition. Haobo debuted with the ace model Haobo HyperGT, and the wind-dancing rotor has a super-large opening angle of up to 43, and the super-running design is stunning; Huawei’s deeply empowered new Aito asks M7 to upgrade heavily; The brand-new high-end smart car robot brand brings the first model, Ji Yue 01. After Baidu joins, the new car has the advantages of Baidu smart cockpit and AI technology. Aouita 11 HarmonyOS version of the brand-new car is integrated into the HarmonyOS system, and the car experience will be a brand-new upgrade.

Multi-display and in-depth experience of automobile culture

Since its establishment in 2002, Nanjing International Auto Show has kept up with the development trend of the industry and continuously integrated new sections and elements. In order to further upgrade the interactive experience of the auto show and lead the new trend, this year’s auto show will be linked with brands related to off-road pickup trucks, refits, motorcycles, car models and camping and self-driving, focusing on creating outdoor off-road challenges, the carnival of car refitting, the 2nd Nanjing Locomotive Culture Festival, the pickup truck camping exhibition area of Nanjing International Auto Show and the centennial car model exhibition, which will be full of one-stop experiences of seeing, playing and enjoying cars on the spot, and will become a gathering place for cross-circle communication between different car categories and riders.

The 2023 Nanjing International Auto Show opened a field test ride for the audience. The Land Rover brand, which focuses on hard-core off-road, brought Pagoda off-road challenges. Through complex terrain combinations and harsh ramps, it fully demonstrated its all-terrain strength and conveyed the fearless "challenger spirit". Audiences who like off-road and Land Rover brands can experience it on the spot and personally feel the unique performance of Land Rover’s new generation of Range Rover sports models.

Car modification carnival, dozens of personalized modification exhibition cars from players all over the country show the charm of modification on the spot, and pay tribute to car culture lovers. At the same time, there are many activities such as drill pipe race, loud voice challenge, balloon pressure challenge, etc., and the car modification is one stop in the end; The 2nd Nanjing Motorcycle Culture Festival gathered brands such as Harley, Yamaha, Chunfeng, Vespa, Peugeot, Seclon, Zeeho, etc., and got in touch with the latest motorcycle models and felt the trend motorcycle culture. The pickup truck exhibition area, which gives consideration to strength aesthetics and philosophy of life, gathers many popular models such as Great Wall Shanhai Gun/Passenger Gun/Firebomb Edition, Raptor, Jiangxi Isuzu New DMAX/New Lingtuo, Beiqi Calorie, Wuling Journey, etc. There are also exquisite camping related products brought by the outdoor brand "Northland" on site, which shows the unique charm of pickup trucks and outdoor camping. The century-old automobile model exhibition focuses on nearly 3,000 models of cars, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, racing cars, motorcycles and various special vehicles, which shows the century-old history of the automobile industry and feels the intersection of history and automobile culture.

Preferential policies to actively help automobile consumption

As one of the series activities of "2023 Nanjing International Consumer Festival", this year’s Nanjing Auto Show will further help upgrade the regional consumption. The organizers of the auto show have promoted a million car purchase subsidy activities: every audience who buys a car at the exhibition site can get a car purchase subsidy of 500-3000 yuan every day after registering with the car purchase order and the owner’s ID card. In addition, all visitors can voluntarily participate in the "National Day Auto Show to Win Gifts Every Day" activity, and they can participate in the event through the Nanjing Auto Show applet, and have the opportunity to win the Sony PS5, Huawei Tablet and Northland camping gift package awards.

Brand gathering, new cars gathering, car buying, and in-depth experience of car culture, from September 30th to October 5th, 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show is a visit and interactive experience!


Computer control of 45 lighting operation modes in Olympic badminton venues

  On the 10th of this month, the "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 International Badminton Invitational Tournament started in the Gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology. The China team sent first-line players such as Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Xie Xingfang and Zhang Ning. In addition, the National Youth Team also handed in a list of 22 players. An invitational tournament without Olympic points, as for listing such a huge lineup?

  "Adapt to the venue!" Li Yongbo, head coach of the national badminton team, made clear the main tasks of this competition before the competition. As a venue for hosting badminton and rhythmic gymnastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we certainly want to take this opportunity to feel it in advance.

  The steel dome spans 93 meters.

  The gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology is located in the campus of Beijing University of Technology on the East Fourth Ring Road in the shape of "flat badminton". When I walked into the gymnasium of Polytechnic University, the first feeling was as if I was immersed in a "blue ocean", with blue seats, blue fences and blue carpets.

  "The use of blue as the background tone is not a whim of our team, but a consideration based on the characteristics of badminton. The image landscape of badminton needs to highlight the word "elegance". Secondly, the rules of badminton require that the background is dark, and colors such as red and yellow cannot be used, so we finally chose blue. This also makes it easier for athletes to identify white badminton during the competition. " Xue Qiang, the image and landscape manager of the venue, explained that in the next rhythmic gymnastics competition, the venue will use more colorful colors such as yellow and pink.

  In the museum, if you look up a little, you will find that five circumferential steel cables and 56 radial steel tie rods at the top of the museum are woven into a fishnet in the air. This steel structure, which is about 150 meters long and 120 meters wide, has also created a record in the history of world architecture-the world’s largest span prestressed suspen-dome, with a maximum span of 93 meters.

  Clever design to avoid the influence of airflow

  Ji Xinpeng, a former Olympic champion and now the coach of the China badminton team, told the players: "Adapting to the venue is mainly to adapt to the romantic situation in the venue." During next year’s Olympic Games, Beijing is in the hot summer. In this museum which can accommodate more than 7,000 people, how to keep the indoor temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius without disturbing the competition? Can Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium do it? The "answer sheet" was handed in in advance in this invitational tournament, and national players such as Lin Dan expressed their satisfaction with the venue.

  Zhang Ailin went on to tell reporters that the gymnasium adopted the air-conditioning design of air supply under the auditorium, and more than 9,100 air outlet holes with a diameter of 13 cm were hidden under the seats. Because the air return opening was designed between the two floors of the auditorium, the vortex airflow was avoided, and the air-conditioning air supply was finally "broken into parts", which could completely meet the standard set by the International Badminton Federation that the air flow speed within 9 meters from the ground was not more than 0.2 m/s.

  45 kinds of lighting operation modes

  "The conditions of the venue are quite good, except that the lighting is a little dazzling. It would be very good if the lighting could be adjusted again." Gao Kun, who is already the mixed doubles champion of Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games, put forward his own little suggestions for this newly completed Olympic stadium after his personal experience in this invitational tournament.

  As a professional badminton gymnasium, lighting is an important evaluation index. Wang Puen, the lighting project manager of the venue, said, "One of the most important features of the lighting facilities of the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is that the light bulbs in the whole competition venue can be adjusted up and down, and the lighting system is intelligently controlled. After setting, it is adjusted by computer instead of manual manipulation."

  In view of the fact that players occasionally feel strong side light when they compete in the venue, Wang Puen said that it can be solved by adjusting the position and illumination angle of the light. The whole system is divided into 45 operation modes according to the needs of the competition.

  ■ Post-game use

  Will become an important cultural heritage of the school

  In Beijing, there are six Olympic venues located in university campuses. Are they different from other Olympic venues? According to Zhang Ailin, vice president of Beijing University of Technology, at the beginning of designing the gymnasium, Beijing University of Technology re-planned the whole campus to achieve harmony and beauty among people, nature, architecture and environment.

  "Considering that Beijing University of Technology is still short of stadiums and student activity centers, the completion of this Olympic stadium has a prominent feature-combining sports and education. After the Beijing Olympic Games, it will become a heavy cultural heritage, staying in the campus with a strong university atmosphere and serving the teachers and students." Zhang Ailin said.

  Of course, as the only Olympic venue in the southeast of Beijing, the post-games function of Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is not only that, it will also be opened to the surrounding residents as a community fitness and cultural and sports activity center in this area. At that time, there will be basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other training venues in the gymnasium, as well as dance, vocal music and band rehearsal halls. In addition, it also includes a venue for various reports, group training, skills training, and exhibitions of cultural and scientific works.

  ■ Volunteers in the stadium

  Self-designed chest logo only serves better.

  In the previous "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, we met some volunteers who wore the "smiley face" logo on their chests. However, in this International Badminton Invitational Tournament, we saw "smiling faces", "cute cars" and "dialogue boxes in comic books" … Every volunteer in the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology has a round logo on his chest.

  Ren Wei, a volunteer at the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology, said, "This way, when you pass by any volunteer, you can immediately know which position he comes from. The little sign on their chest says everything." According to Ren Wei, there are a total of 674 volunteers in the Beijing University of Technology Stadium, distributed in 18 business openings, and the logo of each business is different. For example, the audience service volunteers wear a "smiling face", the language service volunteers wear a "dialog box" and the catering volunteers wear a "knife and fork". In short, each pattern can easily remind people of its meaning.

  These volunteer logos are the first of the Olympic venues that have hosted the "Good Luck Beijing" series of test competitions, and the designer Ren Wei admits that such inspiration comes from the "smiling faces" of audience service volunteers. "Since they can have a’ smiling face’, do students in other business areas also have their own logos, so that others can know which position they are in when they see the logos?"

  ■ Olympic preparations

  Gao Kun: Who said that I am old and still want to play women’s singles?

  Gao Kun lost. In the mixed doubles final of the "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, she and her partner Zheng Bo lost 2-0 to her teammates Xie Zhongbo and Zhang Yawen. Laughing, she didn’t stop her bright smile because she missed the championship. From the first day of the competition, Gao Kun’s purpose was very clear. "This is just a test match, or it is mainly to adapt to the venue."

  Although it is only an invitational tournament, it can be seen that the training rhythm of Gao Kun is basically the "Olympic rhythm". In the previous Macau Open, Gao Kun gave up the mixed doubles competition and focused on women’s doubles. In this competition, she abstained in the women’s doubles competition and fully prepared for the mixed doubles competition, which inevitably makes people wonder, which is the main event of Gao Kun, the women’s doubles or the mixed doubles? "Some time ago, because the women’s doubles points fell, I focused on women’s doubles. This competition is mainly to adapt to the venues, and we still have to make more preparations for the future points competition. I can play both women’s doubles and mixed doubles. " I see! Unexpectedly, Gao Kun then added: "If the team allows, I want to play three more events and also play the women’s singles."

  Gao Kun already has the glory of champion in Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games. Although it is not an exaggeration to be called "veteran" by reporters, Gao Kun protested loudly: "Who says I am old, I am quite young!" Four years will soon become history again. Different from the previous two Olympic Games, there is Gao Kun’s mixed doubles partner. When it comes to Zheng Bo, who is three years younger than herself, she joked again: "He, if you want to fight, you have to scold. Of course, encouragement cannot be less. " Then, Gao Kun spoke his mind, "Zheng Bo’s skill is good. He has played doubles before, so he is basically satisfied with the cooperation. Although we haven’t been partners for a long time, I think there should still be room for improvement on the ball road, and I will give some technical guidance and help when necessary. There is also the need to rely on the two of us to slowly run in. "

  ■ Venue business card

  beijing university of technology gymnasium

  Uses during the Olympic Games: badminton, rhythmic gymnastics.

  Building area (㎡): 24383

  Fixed number of seats: 5,800

  Number of temporary seats: 1,700

  Construction commencement date: June 30, 2005

  Post-game function: the cultural and sports activity center of teachers and students; Provide training bases for badminton teams of the International Badminton Federation and the State Sports General Administration; At the same time, it is moderately open to society.

  ■ Reporter’s Notes

  Marriage between Olympic Games and Universities

  I don’t know when it started, but it became popular to integrate large-scale sports venues with domestic universities. But this is definitely a good phenomenon. In July this year, the volleyball final of the Six Cities Games held in Wuhan was held in the Optics Valley Gymnasium of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  Would colleges and universities build such high-standard venues if it weren’t for the upcoming large-scale events? Because the construction of a high-standard venue is not just a house built with bricks, it is related to the initial demolition, design, capital and other aspects.

  After the games, these venues will basically become sports venues for teachers and students of the school. Can you exercise and learn about sports in the venues used by professional athletes and even the world’s top players? Is that the same feeling as before? I remember a volleyball fan described to me after stepping on the floor of the volleyball final venue of the Sixth City Games: "It feels really different, and now I don’t want to graduate, because only in this way can I play more games here."

  Zhang Ailin, Vice President of Beijing University of Technology, put it well. As a heavy cultural heritage, this venue will become one of the landmark buildings of Beijing University of Technology. Suppose you have such a stadium in your present or former school, I believe that even if you don’t like sports, you will definitely talk about your university campus without it!

  (Source: Changjiang Business Daily)

Editor: Zhu Xinrui

"New Three Kinds" Leading Foreign Trade Export

  A few days ago, in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, a special train of Xiang ‘ou Banlie new energy vehicles was ready to go at Liugang Freight Yard in Xiangyang Free Trade Zone, Hubei Province. Xie Yongshe (People’s Vision)

  A few days ago, foreign buyers learned about China’s new energy automobile products in the newly set new energy and intelligent networked automobile exhibition area of the Canton Fair. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei photo

  In the first quarter of this year, China’s foreign trade exports improved month by month, achieving a good start. Among them, electric manned vehicles, lithium batteries and solar cells, which are known as the "new three kinds" of foreign trade, performed brilliantly. In the first quarter, the total export increased by 66.9%, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100 billion yuan, which increased the overall export growth rate by 2 percentage points.

  Clothing, furniture and household appliances are often called the "old three" in foreign trade. Nowadays, while the "old three kinds" are steadily and steadily, the "new three kinds" have sprung up everywhere and become a vivid footnote for China’s foreign trade upgrading.

  "New Three Kinds" Become New Kinetic Energy for Growth

  Recently, the ro-ro ship "Anji Phoenix", the largest carrying capacity of SAIC, carried the first batch of new cars of MG brand, and sailed from the exclusive ro-ro terminal of Ningde Port in Fujian to the port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico. This series of cars sell well in nearly 20 countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand and Chile.

  Since the beginning of this year, the overseas orders of many car companies have increased significantly. Zhang Cailiang, sales manager of Beijing Automobile Factory (Qingdao) Import and Export Co., Ltd. said: "We just received an order for 1,000 new energy vehicles in Turkey, and now the factory is running at full capacity." According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "China Automobile Association"), in the first quarter of this year, China exported 248,000 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 1.1 times. Among them, BYD exported a total of 43,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 12.8 times. At present, BYD’s new energy passenger car footprint has spread all over 51 countries and regions around the world.

  Among the "new three kinds", the export growth rate of new energy vehicles is leading. In the first quarter, the export of electric manned vehicles was 64.75 billion yuan, up by 122.3%, accounting for 5.1 percentage points of China’s automobile exports, reaching 43.9%.

  The export of lithium batteries is also hot. A batch of lithium batteries from a battery company in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province will be sent to South Africa soon. The person in charge of the enterprise said: "This year, overseas customers’ demand for household energy storage has further increased, and we have added a production line for lithium batteries." Guangdong Aucler Group Co., Ltd. is a lithium iron phosphate battery and lead-acid battery manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the external market demand has increased significantly this year.

  Driven by multiple factors, such as strong demand in foreign electric vehicles and energy storage markets, China’s lithium battery exports reached 109.79 billion yuan in the first quarter, with a growth rate of 94.3%.

  Solar cells have become a new business card for China’s foreign trade export. At the 133rd Canton Fair being held, all solar cell companies are full of harvest, welcoming a batch of buyers from Europe, North America and other places. In the first quarter, China’s solar cell exports exceeded 90 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6%.

  The bright performance of the "new three" did not begin this year. In the first quarter of last year, the export of solar cells, lithium batteries and automobiles in China achieved high growth, with growth rates of 100.8%, 53.7% and 83.4% respectively. The export of "New Three Samples" led the whole foreign trade in 2022. The export of electric vehicles increased by 131.8%, the photovoltaic products mainly based on solar cells increased by 67.8%, and the lithium batteries increased by 86.7%.

  "As a new kinetic energy for growth, ‘ Three new samples ’ The products reflect the effective improvement of China’s export quality and reasonable growth in quantity, and also make positive contributions to the global green and low-carbon transformation in China. " Lu Daliang, spokesman of the General Administration of Customs and director of the Statistical Analysis Department, said.

  Sold to more than 200 countries and regions.

  Who is buying the "new three"? According to customs data, in the first quarter of this year, China’s "New Three Samples" exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, among which exports to the top five markets of the European Union, the United States, ASEAN, South Korea and the United Kingdom increased by 88.7%, 88.1%, 103.5%, 121.7% and 118.2% respectively, accounting for 71% of the total export value of the "New Three Samples".

  Why can the "new three kinds" be popular all over the world?

  Gao Shiwang, spokesman of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, analyzed that the "new three products" are all mechanical and electrical products, and the high growth rate of exports is mainly based on three reasons: market opportunities brought by industrial changes, China’s complete industrial chain and supply capacity, and the promotion of relevant policies.

  With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the emphasis on sustainable development, the new energy industry has gradually become a global hotspot. In recent years, the government of China has vigorously promoted the development of new energy industry, and new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and solar cells have gradually emerged in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, China’s continuous policy of opening wider to the outside world has also laid the foundation for the rapid growth of "new three kinds" exports. At the 133rd Canton Fair, Frederic, a buyer from Sweden, said: "Sweden and other Nordic countries have great demand for solar energy products. Because we value China products and China technology, we want to do business with China."

  While the iron is hot, it needs to be hard by itself. Behind the booming export of "new three kinds" is the continuous improvement of the comprehensive strength of related industries in China. Consumers in China are increasingly accepting new energy vehicles, and the demand for new energy vehicles in China is growing, attracting more and more enterprises to join in this field. Under the fierce market competition and high R&D investment, the key technologies of electric manned vehicles have been continuously improved and made breakthroughs, and the cost has been continuously reduced and more competitive. At the same time, China has a complete industrial chain and supply chain system, which can meet all kinds of raw materials and parts needed for the production of "New Three Kinds" and promote these three industries to scale and level quickly. In the first quarter, private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises and other business entities all achieved rapid growth in exports of the "New Three Kinds", among which private enterprises accounted for 65.4% of the total export value of the "New Three Kinds", which was higher than the proportion of private enterprises in the total export.

  In recent years, in order to better expand overseas markets, related China enterprises have laid out their industrial chains overseas, which further promoted the export of related industries. Taking new energy vehicles as an example, SAIC has built a full value chain of the automobile industry including innovative R&D centers, production bases, marketing centers, supply chain centers and financial companies overseas, and its products and services have entered more than 90 countries and regions around the world. After BYD’s first overseas passenger car production base is put into production in Thailand, the vehicles in the Thai market will not have to go through long export shipping and customs clearance procedures from placing orders to delivery, and the delivery efficiency will be greatly improved. According to the analysis of China Automobile Association, building a factory in the sea can also effectively reduce the cost of transportation and avoid the impact of exchange rate.

  "The international market for ‘ Three new samples ’ The demand is growing, and China can provide competitive high-quality products. At the same time, China has maintained its position as the largest country in goods trade for six consecutive years and is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world, naturally becoming a major supplier in many countries. " Hong Yong, an associate researcher at the Institute of Electronic Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

  "The country’s forward-looking and sustainable policies have supported all kinds of enterprises in ‘ Three new samples ’ The development of exports has played an important guiding role. " Liu Chun, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, said.

  Open up diversified export markets

  Products with high technology, high added value and leading green transformation, such as "New Three Samples", have become new export growth points, reflecting the effective improvement of China’s export quality and reasonable growth in quantity, which is an important embodiment of the high-quality development of China’s foreign trade.

  Hong Yong analyzed that the export growth of "New Three Kinds" shows that China’s new energy vehicles and other industries have already possessed international competitiveness and can compete with other countries’ products in the international market. China’s foreign trade is upgrading from low-end processing to high-end manufacturing.

  In terms of achieving high-quality development, the export of "new three kinds" shows that China’s related industries have been able to occupy a place in the global market and have strong competitiveness and innovation ability. This also shows that China is accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, from traditional low-end processing and manufacturing to high-end manufacturing and service industries, and has achieved high-quality development.

  Looking to the future, the environment facing China’s foreign trade is still severe and complicated, and the penetration rate of "New Three Samples" in major national markets is still low. How will China continue to maintain the good trend of "new three kinds" exports?

  Enhance overseas operation capability — — Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued "Opinions on Promoting the Stable Scale and Optimal Structure of Foreign Trade", suggesting that local and business associations should organize direct passenger docking between automobile enterprises and shipping enterprises, and guide automobile enterprises to sign medium-and long-term agreements with shipping enterprises. Encourage Chinese banks and their overseas institutions to innovate financial products and services and provide financial support for auto companies overseas under the premise of legal compliance and controllable risks. All localities further support automobile enterprises to establish and improve the international marketing service system, and enhance their ability to carry out brand promotion, display sales and after-sales service overseas.

  Actively expand diversified markets — — Hong Yong suggested that in order to enhance the recognition of China’s "new three products" in the international market, relevant enterprises should actively participate in international technical exchanges, project cooperation and other activities, strengthen cooperation with other countries in the field of new energy, improve the brand image of China enterprises, and then expand market share. It is understood that in order to make the supply chain and export destination layout more diversified, since last year, China’s "new three kinds" exports to emerging countries and regions are also growing rapidly. In March this year, BYD entered Jordan’s new energy passenger car market; The listing of the star model "BYD ATTO 3" in Thailand triggered local users to snap up in the middle of the night, and became the champion of new energy vehicle sales in Thailand in the first quarter of this year. This model won the single-model sales champion in Israel for five consecutive months.

  Hong Yong said that the "new three" export enterprises need to constantly expand new markets and reduce their dependence on a single market to reduce risks. At the same time, we should also get rid of the internal friction competition such as simple price war in the past, and take building sustainable industrial competitiveness and increasing international market share as the core goal to continuously improve the quality and reputation of products.

  According to expert analysis, the "new three kinds" belong to the industry of "long slope and thick snow". With the continuous innovation of related technologies and the continuous improvement of product quality, it is expected that the export volume of "new three kinds" will continue to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth in the future.

Night reading | He said that life is a tearful smile.

  CCTV News:His life was full of ups and downs, and he began his literary creation when he was nearly puzzled, but he became one of the "three great short story masters in the world". He has left nearly 300 novels in his creative career for more than ten years, including Sacrifice of Love, Gift of Maggie, and The Last Leaf … … Articles are literary classics; He wrote "a tearful smile" with his own experience, enlightening the world that "as long as you believe, there will always be miracles".

  He is O. Henry.

  1862-O Henry, a famous American short story writer, was born. Tonight, review his classic works and feel the love and hope in life.

Maggie’s gift

(with deletion)

  Life is made up of sobs, sobs and smiles, and sobs occupy most of them.

  One yuan and eighty-seven cents. It’s all here, including 60 cents in coppers. This is saved by bargaining from grocery store owners, vegetable vendors and butcher’s shops, and I feel ashamed every time. I deeply feel that this kind of deal is really embarrassing. Della counted it three times, and it was still 1.87 yuan, and the next day was Christmas. 

  Obviously, there is no other way but to throw yourself on that shabby nap chair and cry. 

  Della did this, but her spiritual feelings came to life. Life is made up of sobs, sobs and smiles, and sobs occupy most of them.

  After Della finished crying, she smeared powder on her cheeks. She stood at the window and stared at a gray cat walking on a gray fence in the gray backyard. Only one yuan and eighty-seven cents to buy Jim a present, her Jim! How many days did she spend planning to give him a lovely gift, an exquisite, rare and expensive gift — — At least something worthy of Jim.

  The couple each have something they are particularly proud of. One is Jim’s gold watch; The other is Della’s hair. 

  There is a wall mirror between the two windows in the room. Suddenly, she whirled around from the window and stood in front of the wall mirror. Her eyes were crystal clear, but her face lost its luster within twenty seconds. She tore her hair apart quickly and let it splash completely. 

  The couple each have something they are particularly proud of. One is Jim’s gold watch, which was handed down from his grandfather to his father and from his father to his family heirloom. The other is Della’s hair. 

  At this moment, Della’s hair splashed around her, and the microwave fluctuated and shone like a brown waterfall. Her hair is knee-length, like a robe for her. Then, she quickly combed her hair nervously, hesitated for a minute, and stood there motionless, splashing a tear or two on the worn red carpet. 

  She bought it for twenty-one dollars. With the gold watch and this chain, Jim can look at the time without shame on any occasion.

  She put on the old brown coat and hat, and there were glittering and translucent tears in her eyes. As soon as her skirt swung, she floated out of the door and went downstairs to the street. 

  She stopped at a sign that said, "Mrs. Sofroni — — Specializing in all kinds of hair. " Della ran up the stairs, panting and composed. That lady is fat, too pale and as cold as ice, which simply doesn’t match the nickname of "Sofroni". 

  "Do you want to buy my hair?" Della asked. 

  "I buy hair," said the lady. "Take off your hat and let me see the hair sample." 

  The brown waterfall splashed down. 

  "Twenty dollars," said the lady, grasping her hair expertly. 

  "Give me the money quickly," said Della. 

  Oh, the next two hours seemed to fly by happily with wings. She searched everywhere for a present for Jim. 

  She finally found it. It must be specially made for Jim. It’s a simple platinum watch chain, engraved with patterns, which is just right for Jim’s gold watch. She bought it for twenty-one dollars and hurried home, leaving only eighty-seven cents. The gold watch matches this chain, so Jim can look at the time without shame on any occasion. 

  After Della came home, her ecstasy became a little cautious and rational. She found out the curling iron, lit the gas, and began to repair the damage caused by the generosity of love. Within forty minutes, her head was covered with small curls that clung to her scalp, and she looked like a little boy playing truant.

  "If Jim looks at me and doesn’t kill me," she said to herself, "he will say that I look like a singing girl in Coney Island, but what can I do — — Alas, there is only one yuan and eighty-seven cents. What can I do? " 

  She held her hair comb to her chest, and after a long time, she raised her tearful eyes and smiled and said, "My hair grows very fast, Jim!" " 

  At seven o’clock, she made coffee, put the frying pan on the hot stove, and could make steak at any time. 

  Jim always comes home on time. The door opened, Jim stepped in and closed the door behind him. His eyes were fixed on Della, and her expression made her unable to understand and made her hair stand on end. It was neither anger nor surprise, nor dissatisfaction, nor disgust, and it was not any expression she had expected at all. He stared at della with this expression. 

  Della twisted her waist, jumped off the table and walked over to him. 

  "Jim, honey," she cried, "don’t stare at me like that. I cut off my hair and sold it, because I can’t spend Christmas without giving you a present. Hair will grow back — — You won’t mind, will you? I have to do this. My hair is growing very fast. Say ‘ Merry Christmas ’ Ok! Jim, let’s be happy. You’ll never guess what a nice, beautiful and exquisite gift I bought you! " 

  "Have you cut off your hair?" Jim asked laboriously, as if he had racked his brains and failed to understand the obvious fact. 

  "Cut it off and sell it," said Della. "Anyway, don’t you also like me? Without long hair, I am still me, right? " 

  Jim looked around the room strangely. 

  "Did you say your hair was gone?" He asked almost like an idiot. 

  "Stop looking," said Della. "To tell you, I have sold it — — It’s sold. It’s gone. Treat me well, it’s for you. Maybe I can count my hair, "she suddenly said softly," but no one can count my love for you. Shall I cook steak, Jim? " 

  Jim seemed to wake up from a trance and held Della tightly in his arms. Jim took a small bag from his coat pocket and threw it on the table. 

  "Don’t get me wrong, Del," he said. "When you open that bag, you will know why I looked like that just now." 

  White fingers deftly untied the rope and opened the paper bag. Followed by ecstatic screams, suddenly turned into women’s neurotic tears and crying, in urgent need of the male host to do everything possible to comfort. 

  Because it’s a comb on the table — — Full set of combs. It was something that Della had seen and envied to death in a Broadway window a long time ago. These wonderful hair combs are made of pure tortoiseshell, and the edges are inlaid with jewels — — Its color just matches her lost hairdressing. She knows that this set of combs is really too expensive. For this, she was only envious and eager before, and never thought about getting them. Now, all this actually belongs to her, but unfortunately the beautiful long hair that is qualified to wear this coveted ornament has disappeared without a trace. 

  However, she still held her hair comb to her chest, and it took a long time before she raised her tearful eyes and smiled and said, "My hair grows very fast, Jim!" " 

  I sold my gold watch and bought a hair comb for you.

  Then Della jumped up like a scalded kitten and cried, "Oh! Oh! " Jim hasn’t seen his beautiful gift yet.

  Della spread out her palm and reached out to him. "Isn’t it beautiful, Jim? I searched all over the city before I found it. Now, you can watch the time a hundred times a day. Give me the watch, I want to see how it matches it. " 

  Instead of following her instructions, Jim collapsed on the couch with his hands under his head and smiled slightly. 

  "Del," he said, "let’s put Christmas presents aside. They are too good to be used at present. I sold my gold watch and bought a hair comb for you. Now, you make the steak. " 


△ Figure from British illustrator David Renshaw

▽ Sketch | O Henry

  O Henry, born on September 11th, 1862, was originally named william sydney porter. He created the precedent of modern American short stories, and was called "the three great short story masters in the world" together with French Mo Bosang and Russian Chekhov.

  After a lifetime of ups and downs, I began to create in prison when I was near confusion.

  In 1898, O Henry, who worked as a cashier in a bank, was jailed for "embezzlement" because of problems in the bank accounts he handled. In order to make a living, he began to write short stories in prison, nearly 30 years old. Because of the prisoner’s identity, he dared not use his real name, so he took the abbreviation "O Henry" of a French pharmacopoeia editor as his pen name.

  In 1901, after serving more than three years in prison, O Henry was released early, and then he devoted himself to writing. But just when his creativity was at its peak, his health began to deteriorate and he died in 1910. 

  "Smile with tears" and "O ‘Henry-style ending" are well-known in the literary world.

  "Smile with tears" — — The organic combination of comedy form and tragedy connotation is the creative style of O ‘Henry’s novels. In his works, the kind and kind poor people have no food to eat and no shelter. He profoundly revealed the soul and fate of the little people in American society at the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, which constituted the unique humanistic care in his novels.

  O Henry is also famous for being good at endings. At the end of his works, the fate of the hero is often suddenly reversed, or the psychological situation of the characters is unexpectedly changed. This is an unexpected and reasonable ending, which is specially called "O Henry’s ending" by American literary circles.

  More than ten years of writing time has left nearly 300 short stories.

  Although he has only spent more than ten years in his life writing novels, O Henry is a prolific writer. He left behind a novel "Cabbage and the Emperor" and nearly 300 short stories, including the famous novels "Sacrifice of Love", "Police and Hymns", "The Gift of Maggie", "A Room with Furniture for Rent", "The Last Leaf" and "Twenty Years Later".

  In 1918, the United States set up the "O Henry Memorial Award" to reward the best short stories every year.

Draw a leaf for life,

As long as you believe, there will always be miracles.

Although the hope is slim, it will last forever.

— — O Henry’s The Last Leaf

[Asian Games Watch] The world record has been refreshed again, showing the strength of competition organization and sports charm.

  The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou is in full swing, and athletes from all over the world are amazing. From 24th to 25th, two days after the start of the competition.Sixteen events broke the Asian Games record, 10 events broke the Asian record and 3 events broke the world record.. The emergence of these new records not only reflects the level of competition organization, but also highlights the unique charm of sports breaking through itself and exceeding the limit. It is this unique charm that makes sports widely concerned and loved around the world.

[Asian Games Watch] The world record has been refreshed again, showing the strength of competition organization and sports charm.

  China’s 18-year-old Sheng Lihao set a new world record and won the men’s 10m air rifle individual competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jia Haocheng photo

  The three world records are men’s 10m air rifle individual and men’s 25m pistol rapid-fire team, which were won by China. Men’s 10m air rifle team, won by India.

  Zhu Qinan, spokesman of the Competition Command Center of Hangzhou Asian Games, said at the press conference held on 25th that the current competition operation can be summarized in eight words: "Smooth, wonderful, harmonious and thorough".

  "The first is smooth. Hangzhou Asian Games is the Asian Games with the largest number of events and the largest number of athletes in previous Asian Games. Since the start of the game on September 19, various projects have been carried out in an orderly manner according to the event plan. " Zhu Qinan said.

  Zhu Qinan said that the second is wonderful. Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has always maintained a positive attitude, always adhered to the concept of taking athletes as the core, kept close contact with Asian individual sports organizations and the Olympic Council of Asia, and constantly improved the technical requirements of each event. Through joint efforts, Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee gave full play to the level of participating athletes, left the most exciting story in their careers, and created an excellent and excellent competition environment.

  "Harmony again. The Asian Games is not only a sports event, but also a platform for friendly exchanges between countries and regions. Since the start of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the organization of each competition project has been meticulous and rigorous, and the process is transparent and controllable. Technical officials are impartial in ruling and fulfilling their duties; The majority of athletes strive hard and respect each other. The audience and friends in the stadium kept cheering for the athletes, and this wonderful moment vividly explained ‘ Faster, higher, stronger and more United ’ The Olympic spirit. " Zhu Qinan said.

  There is a famous saying in sports, "One minute on the stage, ten years off the stage". Zhu Qinan said that the wonderful presentation of the Hangzhou Asian Games not only included the wonderful performances of athletes, but also included a series of meticulous and meticulous organization and management of events. "We have set up relevant competition information service desks in the Asian Games Village and each village. Since the start of the competition, we have completed and handled about 5,000 consultations for delegations, effectively solving many competition issues such as training reservation, information consultation, result release and reminder, which provided a strong guarantee for them to achieve excellent results."

  Every Asian Games will produce countless new records, and athletes from every country and region are striving for honor and breaking personal limits. The birth of these new records is not only an honor, but also the best reward for the athletes’ hard training and hard work. With their own strength and efforts, they have won glory for the country and made great contributions to the development of sports.

  26th is the third competition day after the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and 31 gold medals were decided today. In the women’s and men’s team cycling qualifying competitions that ended in the morning, both the men’s and women’s teams of China won the first place in the group, both of which broke the Asian Games record.

  The birth of the new record will inspire more people who love sports to pursue Excellence and break through themselves. Whether participating in competitions or watching competitions, everyone can feel the strength and charm brought by sports. Let’s cheer for the athletes’ achievements and encourage them to continue to create new records and glory in future competitions! (Reporter Liu Xiyu, Zhang Xiaorong)