Titanium media stocks have long known that humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight

Must-read news 1: The number of M9 bookings in the world exceeds 20,000 units, or it is expected to build another explosion model.

According to the industry media reports, AITO Jiejie Automobile released a poster announcing that the booking order of Jiejie M9 model has exceeded 20,000 units. The car was jointly designed by Huawei and Cyrus and will be officially launched in December.

The M9 has been warmly expected by consumers before it went public, and will be released as scheduled in December. Guosheng Securities believes that the blind subscription data of the M9 this time exceeded expectations, which may be due to the fact that the sales volume of the new version of M7 continued to exceed expectations, which aroused the interest of the market. The pre-sale price range of the M9 is 500,000-600,000 yuan, which is expected to create another explosive model. According to Huawei official website, the M9 will be equipped with Huawei AR-HUD and Huawei ADAS2.0, which is expected to further lead the market technology direction, drive the penetration rate of intelligent driving function in the industry to increase rapidly, and gradually enter the era of "software-defined cars".

Must-read news 2: humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight.

The agency pointed out that the price of rare earths has stabilized and the performance has improved. Q3 rare earth plate revenue was +4% month-on-month, and net profit attributable to the mother was+57% month-on-month; The second batch of rare earth indicators have been released. With the improvement of demand, it is expected that the subsequent rare earth prices will mainly fluctuate, and the development of emerging fields such as downstream industrial motors and humanoid robots is expected to drive the demand for NdFeB to continue to grow.

Ping An Securities pointed out that according to the statistics of Baichuan Yingfu, the price of praseodymium neodymium oxide has dropped by nearly 30% since the beginning of the year, which has been at a relatively low level since 2021. Under the strict control policy of the supply side, the supply and demand pattern of rare earths is mainly stable, and there is more room for upward price flexibility. Looking forward to the market outlook, the permeability of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets at the terminal is expected to continue to increase, while the supply growth rate is narrowed, the supply and demand of rare earths are tight or push the price back. In addition, Debon Securities said that according to Musk’s prediction of 10 billion humanoid robots in the long term, it is predicted that the demand for NdFeB finished products by humanoid robots in the long term will be 20 million tons, and humanoid robots will open the ceiling of NdFeB demand.

Must-read news 3: digital currency Bridge, a multilateral central bank, will be launched next year, which will drive the demand for software and hardware system transformation.

According to media reports, on November 2, Bénédicte Nolens, director of the Hong Kong Center under the Innovation Hub of the Bank for International Settlements, said at the Financial Technology Week that the digital currency mBridge project of the multilateral central bank has entered the simplest and feasible product development stage, and in the coming months, it will study different forms of market connections, as well as some public-private cooperation to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the project, and further enhance anti-money laundering solutions and the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. The HKMA predicts that the simplest and most feasible product of mBridge will be launched next year, and it will be ready for the system to finally be put into operation.

Not only the international digital currency is constantly advancing, but the domestic digital currency pilot has moved from the preparatory stage to the promotion stage with more perfect mechanism construction and deeper application scenarios. Ping An Securities pointed out that with the increase of digital RMB user base and the deepening of application scenarios, it will lead to the demand for software and hardware system transformation, and it is also expected to break the monopoly of third-party payment in China and build a new payment pattern. All participants in the payment industry chain (commercial banks, third-party payment institutions and related manufacturers) should actively embrace the opportunity of digital currency promotion.

Must-read news 4: the loading rate is approaching 30%! The battle of intelligent network connection from "partial discipline" to "all-round" started.

From the early intelligent cockpit (Zebra, BYD DiLink) to the later intelligent driving (Ideal, NOA in Tucki), and then to the wave of integration of central computing and cabin driving this year, automobile intelligence is moving from a partial discipline to a global intelligence. According to the exclusive data released by the Institute of Intelligent Automobile of Hi-Tech, from January to September, 2023, 4,162,900 new cars were delivered with intelligent cockpit+car networking +OTA+ intelligent assisted driving (L2 as the baseline) as standard in China market, with a year-on-year increase of 67.64%, and the front-loading rate rose to 28.09%.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been frequent policies to promote intelligent networked vehicles. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places have rapidly promoted the construction of intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration roads and smart highways that support vehicle-road coordination. On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Administration Committee jointly issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of National Vehicle Networking Industry Standard System (Intelligent Networked Vehicle) (2023 Edition)", proposing that by 2025, the system will form an intelligent networked vehicle standard system that can support the general functions of combined driving assistance and automatic driving. Great Wall Guorui Securities pointed out that the current automobile industry is undergoing the most profound changes in the past 100 years. Electrification is only the prelude, and intelligence and networking are considered as the focus of future competition. Under the resonance of policy, market and technology, it is expected that the domestic V2X industrial chain will face the golden 10-year strategic opportunity period.

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The vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has lost his other post, which you can’t imagine.

  CCTV News:At 9: 00 a.m. on April 25th, 2018, a brand-new working day just started. The website of the State Supervision Commission of CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released a message: Bai Xiangqun, vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government, was suspected of serious violation of discipline and law and accepted the disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  Hit another tiger! This is the third middle-ranking cadre who has been dismissed since the establishment of the State Supervision Commission on March 23rd. The first two are Wang Xiaoguang, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, and Lai Xiaomin, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd..

  Bai Xiangqun became the first tiger in Inner Mongolia since the 19th National Congress, the fifth tiger in Inner Mongolia since the 18th National Congress, and the 10th middle-ranking cadre in 2018. It is worth noting that in February 2013, at the first session of the 12th National People’s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bai Xiangqun and Pan Yiyang were elected as vice-chairmen of the autonomous region, and Pan Yiyang was the standing committee member and executive vice-chairman of the Party Committee of the autonomous region, ranking above Bai Xiangqun. In September 2014, Pan Yiyang was investigated, opened in October 2015, and was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in April 2017. A year later, following in the footsteps of his old colleague Pan Yiyang, Bai Xiangqun became the second highest-ranking leading cadre in Inner Mongolia after the 18th National Congress.

  According to Bai Xiangqun’s resume published online by the Inner Mongolia government, Bai Xiangqun entered the official career after graduating from college in 1984, starting as a cadre of Chifeng Education Bureau, serving as the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Chifeng Education Bureau in 1986, and starting his 17-year youth league work career until he became the deputy secretary of Wuhai Municipal Committee in 2003. During his work in Wuhai, Bai Xiangqun received a doctorate in economics. In May 2012, Bai Xiangqun was elected as the vice-chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, ranking among the sub-provinces, assisting the chairman of the Autonomous Region in charge of education, civil affairs, land and resources, urban and rural construction, environmental protection and civil air defense.

   According to public reports, Bai Xiangqun’s last public appearance was on April 23, 2018. According to the official website of the Sports Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on the same day, Bai Xiangqun came to Ordos Sports Center to investigate the youth campus football work, where he watched the training of elite players of U9 and U10 campus football clubs in Ordos City and had in-depth exchanges with the parents of the players.

   Speaking of football, I have to mention another position of Bai Xiangqun. For a long time, football has been a luxury in Inner Mongolia. Not to mention the top professional teams, even the players can hardly board the professional stadium. In 2014, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was listed as the first "pilot province for football reform" in China. In the same year, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government established a team headed by Bai Xiangqun, vice chairman. After the leading group of 23 departments and units, including sports, education, development and reform, and finance, promoted the reform and development of football, the new Inner Mongolia Football Association was re-elected, with Bai Xiangqun as the chairman of the Inner Mongolia Football Association.

  In March 2016, the "Inner Mongolia Football Channel" was launched. Gradually, in Inner Mongolia, you can play football when you leave home and watch the ball when you turn on the TV. In August 2017, "Inner Mongolia Football Channel" was upgraded to "Football Channel", and its viewing range was expanded from Inner Mongolia to the whole country, which became an important ideological position for football reform. On March 29th, 2018, Bai Xiangqun delivered a speech at the ceremony to star the football channel in Beijing. (Text/Zhu Xinyu)

Go to bed early and get up late, and don’t make up 10 rules for winter health, so as to refuel your health.

  Editor’s note:Winter is the season when vitality lurks and hides. It is the end of one year and the beginning of the next. As the saying goes, "Spring grows, summer grows, autumn harvests, and winter hides", so it is very important to keep in good health in winter. Look at the key points of winter health care!

  Keep healthy in winter, go to bed early and get up late.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, man and nature are a whole, and man should adapt to the four seasons changes of nature and arrange his daily life and rest reasonably. Hong Zhaoguang, chief physician of Beijing anzhen hospital, pointed out that when the sun rises, the body clock will send out instructions and the sympathetic nerves will start to get excited, which means you should get up.

  In winter, the days are shortened and the nights are increased. People should also follow the principle of "winter storage", appropriately extend their sleep time, and adjust their work and rest to "go to bed early and get up late", sleeping one or two hours earlier than in other seasons and getting up one or two hours later. Liu Dequan, chief physician of Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Geriatric Hospital, reminded. Old people who are weak in yang should wait until the sun comes out to avoid cold evil. Otherwise, it is likely to cause respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs and asthma, and even induce accidents such as angina pectoris.

  Keep healthy in winter, have breakfast late, have dinner early.

  Get up late in winter, breakfast should also be postponed. When people sleep, the digestive system is still working hard to digest the food they eat in a day. If you eat breakfast too early, it will make your digestive system tired. After getting up, you can drink a little water first, and then prepare breakfast in a leisurely way, leaving enough rest time for the digestive system.

  The habit of going to bed early at night also determines that dinner should be eaten early in winter, especially for the elderly, whose digestive function is weak, so it is more necessary to eat early to ensure that the body has enough time to digest food thoroughly. This can not only avoid food accumulation at night, but also ensure good sleep quality.

  Eating "hard" early and drinking thin late in winter

  The "hard" eating early here actually doesn’t mean something with hard taste, but food with rich nutrition and high energy. Liu Dequan said that a good breakfast can better ensure the energy needed for a day’s activities. Such as lean meat and cereal. However, the elderly with weak digestive function should also consider whether the food is digestible.

  After dinner, people’s activities will be reduced. In order to avoid food accumulation, we should eat less and choose digested food, porridge is better, and meat and spicy food are best avoided. Eating porridge for dinner also has the functions of nourishing the stomach and calming the nerves. It is recommended that the elderly can eat some yam porridge, lotus seed porridge, jujube porridge and so on.

  Drinking water early and honey late in winter.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine: "Drink salt water early and honey late". Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained that salt has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood, detoxifying and nourishing kidney. Drinking a glass of light salt water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is helpful to reduce fire and benefit the kidney, relieve constipation and improve the digestive function of the stomach, and is also good for those who get angry and have sore throat. However, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and people with poor renal function should drink carefully; Generally, the salt in 100ml water should not exceed 0.9g, so as not to increase the burden on kidneys and heart.

  Drinking honey water at night can help digestion and sleep. Before going to bed every day, you can scoop a spoonful of honey and mix it with warm water. But people who have the habit of getting up at night had better not drink honey at night, because its sugar content is high, which is easy to cause polyuria; People with diabetes should also drink carefully.

  Doing morning exercises in winter is late, late and early.

  Whether you get up early or exercise in the evening, you also need to adapt to the seasonal characteristics of winter. Liu Dequan believes that a major principle in choosing exercise time is: don’t exercise until you see the sun. Therefore, the morning exercise should wait until the sun comes out, and the evening exercise should be before the sun goes down. Only in this way can we ensure that the yang in the human body is not damaged. Therefore, in winter, the time of morning exercise is later than other seasons, and the exercise in the evening is earlier than other seasons.

  In addition, the temperature is low in the morning and evening in winter, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. If you go out to exercise too early, you are more likely to catch cold, and your blood pressure may rise due to vasoconstriction, which may cause physical discomfort. Exercise too late at night may also lead to discomfort due to temperature problems, especially for the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  In winter, keeping in good health, exercising early, exercising quietly, exercising late and exercising more.

  Some people like doing exercises and boxing, while others like running and dancing. We should choose different exercise methods according to different physical conditions. Wu Wenqiang, an associate professor at the School of Education of Beijing Sport University, believes that people just wake up from sleep in the morning, and the whole body is still in a state of "inhibition". Proper exercise can help restore vitality. However, the awakening of the human body needs a process, which should be gradual, so you should not do more strenuous exercise in the morning, and you can do morning exercises and play Tai Chi.

  In the evening, the human body is basically active. Research by British sports physiologists also found that after 4 pm and at night, people’s physical strength, responsiveness and adaptability will reach a better state, and their heartbeat and blood pressure will be relatively stable. Therefore, you can do a little more intense activities, such as playing ball and running, and the elderly can also choose dancing, brisk walking and other sports. However, if the exercise time is arranged 20 minutes after dinner or 10 minutes before going to bed, it should be as gentle and gentle as possible, such as walking.

  Keep healthy in winter, get up early in the sun and soak your feet at night.

  Sunbathing helps to supplement calcium and cheer up the spirit. Liu Dequan suggested sunbathing more in the morning for 15 minutes, which can help to improve the level of vitamin D in the human body and promote calcium absorption. In Japan, sunbathing regularly after getting up early is regarded as a kind of sleep therapy, because sunbathing can make the biological clock in the human body gradually return to normal, which is one of the keys to relieve insomnia.

  Soaking feet with hot water helps blood circulation and improves sleep quality, so it is recommended to do it before going to bed. After a day’s activity, I feel tired at night, and my liver and kidney are in urgent need of rest and recuperation. Yang Li said that the best way to recuperate at this time is to soak your feet. Liu Dequan also suggested that you should soak your feet in water at about 40 degrees Celsius for half an hour before going to bed, so that you can get hot, but you can’t sweat obviously. After soaking your feet, it is suggested that you should stop doing other activities and fall asleep every few minutes, which is better.

  Tonifying health in winter is not a mistake.

  Many people think that winter is a golden season for tonic. When winter comes, all kinds of tonics are eaten in large quantities, and many businesses have launched various "packages" and "partners" to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, it is enough to make up for it properly in winter. In winter, it is mainly closed, not leaked. Excessive tonic will lead to the disorder of body balance, especially the excessive use of nourishing yang and invigorating qi will lead to the leakage of essence in the body, resulting in "no essence in winter". Therefore, in winter, it should be properly supplemented, and it is not possible to make up for it. In particular, ginseng, velvet antler and other "sharp tools" for invigorating qi and tonifying yang should be more cautious.

  Love to eat in winter, but don’t eat in error.

  It’s freezing in winter, eating a spicy hot pot and sweating all over, and many people will feel very comfortable, but they don’t know that this is dissipating the yang of the human body. In winter, we should give priority to nourishing yin essence, and we must not use hot products indiscriminately. Of course, you can’t eat some cold products in winter, so as not to damage spleen yang, affect spleen and stomach transport and destroy digestive system. In short, in winter, we should give priority to a peaceful and moist diet, such as drinking more porridge, putting some jujube, medlar, longan, tremella and lily appropriately, and adding a small amount of ginger as appropriate, which can be tonic but not greasy, moist and not dry, and is a good tonic for winter. Taboo a large number of hot products such as mutton, pepper, etc., and a large number of cold products such as fruits and ice cream.

  Want to drink in winter health, don’t drink in vain.

  In winter, many people like to drink some white wine to warm themselves up. In fact, moderate drinking is beneficial to health, which can warm the blood vessels, dispel the wind and dispel the cold. The common recipe for postpartum biochemical soup is to take it with white wine. However, liquor is a warm product after all. Excessive drinking will dissipate human yang, and excessive drinking will also cause dampness and phlegm, which will make people feel dizzy and depressed. Nowadays, many young people like to drink drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can easily lead to obesity. In winter, drinking too much drinks will damage spleen yang and lead to indigestion. At the same time, some drinks also contain a lot of gas, which can easily lead to bloating after drinking. Therefore, you should not drink too much white wine or drink too many cold drinks in winter. In fact, red wine, as the most natural healthy drink, has the merit of beauty beauty and can be used as a good health product in winter. In addition, black tea is sweet in taste, warm in nature, good at storing yang, generating heat and warming the abdomen, which can enhance the human body’s resistance to cold, and also has the functions of removing greasy food, appetizing and refreshing, so it is very suitable for drinking in winter. (Source: Life Times, China Chinese Medicine News)