"Silent Witness" Yang Zi incarnates as a "Super A beating girl" and beats Ren Xianqi

1905 movie network news Today, directed by Renee Haring, the film starring Zhang Jiahui, Yang Zi, and Ren Xianqi released a special episode of "Rip-resistant and Fight-resistant". Yang Zi changed her sweet image in the past and challenged the intense action drama for the first time in her career. In the film, she punched Ren Xianqi, kicked all the bandits, and turned into "Super A beat girl" in seconds!


Yang Zi turned into "Fighting Girl" Ren Xianqi was tragically "headshot"

In the newly exposed "Tear-resistant and Fight-resistant" special, Yang Zi appeared as a capable short-haired image, with sharp eyes and well-placed movements, full of "Super A beating girl" character. The forensic doctor Jolene she plays is not only stylish, but also more talented. One second, she kicks the outlaw, and the next second punches the gangster, all of whom are clean and neat. As an opponent, Ren Xianqi was killed by a glass bottle "headshot" by her.

And Yang Zi also said in the interview that there are many scenes in the whole play where she hits others, but there are also many who are beaten, and there are many "tragic" pictures of her being choked, thrown, and slapped in the special. Of course, fierce fights always lead to injuries. In this regard, Yang Zi joked that "the bruises on her body have never been down, this one is fine, that one is injured again, and the new one stacks the old one, and finally I get used to it." In the special, the scene of Yang Zi covering the sore part of her body and limping off the scene after a play is stopped really makes people feel that it is not easy to beat a girl.


The first action drama broke through the past, and Yang Zi lamented that "the challenge is quite big"

Since her debut, Yang Zi has participated in various types of works and tried different styles of roles. However, this time she starred in "Silent Witness", which required a lot of intense action scenes, which was a great breakthrough for Yang Zi. She admitted that the moves she had learned before were not real fights, but "good-looking" to win, and in this movie, it was a real fight with fists and meat. It required strength and ingenuity, which challenged her quite a lot, but Yang Zi also said that "this kind of authenticity actually allows the audience to experience the feeling of being there, and it will feel breathless when watching."

At the same time, against her childhood idols Zhang Jiahui and Ren Xianqi, Yang Zi, who is used to seeing big scenes, also laughed and said that "the pressure is very high". When talking about Yang Zi’s first action performance, Ren Xianqi, who was repeatedly "lectured" in the film, couldn’t help but boast, "After she threw herself into the role, she was very selfless, and her performance was great. She was a rare opponent. She could fight and was very smart, which caused us a lot of trouble.

The movie "Silent Witness" tells the story of two forensic doctors, Chen Jiahao (Zhang Jiahui) and Qiao Lin (Yang Zi), in order to protect the evidence and uncover the truth, together with the bandit leader SANTA (Ren Xianqi) and his gang, in the forensic center. It will be released nationwide on August 2.

Positioning the flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30.

  Chery Tiggo 9 will be officially launched on May 30th. The new car has been pre-sold, and the pre-sale price is 155,000-175,000 yuan, with a total of 3 models. Tiggo 9 is based on the Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, which represents the highest standard of Chery Automobile and is also the new generation of global flagship SUV of Chery Automobile. Tiggo 9 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with five seats or three rows of seven seats, equipped with a 2.0T and hybrid system from Kunpeng. In addition, CDC "magnetic suspension", 24.6-inch curved screen +50-inch AR-HUD, L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system and 10 airbags including remote airbags are all embodied on it.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image001

  As the flagship product of Chery, the front face of Tiggo 9 adopts a big mouth shape, and at the same time, the grille is replaced with a polygonal outline, which is particularly exquisite with a straight waterfall chrome strip. Tiggo 9 headlights are not the kind of split-type design with small squints. The traditional heavy eyebrows and big eyes are exchanged for an awkward appearance. For such a tall SUV, the higher light group is actually a simpler and more effective way to get better lighting at night.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image002

  The side lines of the new car adopt a smooth design like a yacht, and with the suspended roof, the visual effect is very slender. The new car also uses a hidden door handle and a 20-inch rim, which is full of details and texture. Tiggo 9 has a length, width and height of 4820/1930/1699mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, respectively. The rear of the new car has a distinct sense of hierarchy. The letter "CHERY" is embedded in the penetrating taillights, and the rear bumper is integrated with a bilateral rectangular exhaust design, which highlights the sporty texture.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image003

  The interior of Tiggo 9 will bring you freshness from the color matching first. The clean and home-style light-colored interior has never appeared on Chery models in the past. The wood decorative board, zigzag air outlet and black paint panel in the control area are used, and the color matching and overall material embellishment further enhance the cabin luxury.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image004

  Almost all the functions and operations are completed through the 24.6-inch dual screen. The built-in Snapdragon 8155 chip has excellent fluency when sliding the large screen, and the rich and practical APP can be described as the mainstream level in the industry. There is also a 50-inch AR-HUD in front of the driver, so that the driver can try not to bow his head, and important information can be directly projected at a glance. In terms of space, the front queen’s co-pilot still has it. The electric leg rest and massage mode have raised the comfort to a higher level. In addition, the configurations including fragrance and rhythmic atmosphere lights can also form high-quality cockpit enjoyment. Good relaxation requires not only comfortable seats, but also a set of surround sound system to help out. Tiggo 9 is equipped with Sony 14 speaker sound. After the optimization of the interior space layout, passengers in each row are not treated differently, and the immersive audio-visual entertainment experience comes out at once.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image005

  On the basis of a long wheelbase, there is no need to worry about the performance of the rear seat of the Tiggo 9, and the backrest angle also supports a large adjustment. When running long distances, it is no problem to lean back, and the central floor is completely flat, so the flexibility of riding is greatly increased. The configuration of the back row is not the same. The functions of independent air conditioning, seat heating, charging port and sunshade, which can enhance privacy and grade, are all fully equipped. Another advantage brought by the five seats is that it has an oversized trunk, and the internal layout is very regular. When the back of the rear seat is laid down, it gets a fully flat trunk, which increases the space utilization. And a large storage box is cleverly designed under the cover plate. If you are a space storage controller, you will never be allowed to waste every inch of space in this car.

  Tiggo 9 comes from the self-evolving EEA electronic and electrical architecture, with Gigabit Ethernet as the backbone network to build a vehicle data highway; Based on AUTOSAR software architecture, the software can be separated from the hardware and software, and the software can be iterated continuously. The 44 controllers of the whole vehicle support departure, reservation and remote OTA upgrade to meet the upgrade requirements of users. In addition, it also has the Chery Pilot L2.9 intelligent driver assistance system, which can fully perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle and achieve 360-degree full coverage with the blessing of 28 high-sensing sensors (including 6 forward-looking and around-the-clock cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, etc.). In addition, it also has 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent driving functions. The Tiggo 9 high-profile vehicle will be equipped with CDC "magnetic suspension", which can realize global vehicle chassis adjustment and verification, so as to match the user’s expectation of balance between handling and comfort. Its advantages also include: real-time collection and monitoring of vehicle attitude information through vehicle state monitoring sensors, stepless adjustment of damping through unique AI algorithm, accurate control of vehicle attitude, and keeping the vehicle elegant and balanced.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image006

  Tiggo 9 also adopts steel-aluminum mixed+die-casting body, which has appeared in many new models before. However, whether it is a multinational brand Tesla or a China brand Weilai, the models are in the range of 200,000-500,000 yuan, and the brand-new Tiggo 9 also has this series of "advanced" technologies, plus 85% of high-strength steel applications, which has established a foundation for building a more passive car body safety.

Positioning flagship SUV Tiggo 9 will be launched on May 30th _fororder_image007

  The Tiggo 9 is equipped with a 2.0TGDI engine from Kunpeng Power and matched with Aisin 8AT gearbox. The maximum output power is 192 kW and the maximum torque is 400 Nm. It is worth mentioning that the new car can only be filled with 92# fuel, and 95# fuel can bring more powerful power performance. Tiggo 9 is also equipped with a full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system. The hybrid model accelerates for 4.5 seconds in 100 kilometers, and at the same time, it can achieve a comprehensive battery life of 1,300 km+.After charging for 18 minutes, the power can be charged from 30% to 80%. Tiggo 9 not only provides the "Kunpeng Fuel Power" version, but also provides the "Kunpeng Super Intelligent Hybrid" version for users to choose from. (Photo courtesy of Chery Automobile)

With over 100 million anchor accounts, what did live stream economy’s popularity bring?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 20th Question: With the number of anchor accounts exceeding 100 million, what did live stream economy bring?

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xinxin

  The recently released "Report on the Development of Network Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020" shows that by the end of 2020, the number of live broadcast users in China has reached 617 million, and the total number of network anchor accounts in the whole industry has exceeded 130 million. Content creation, knowledge payment, live broadcast with goods … … Live stream economy, which became popular rapidly, has hatched many new models and formats, and also brought many new experiences.

  On May 16th, two days before the International Museum Day, the Shanxi Museum held a 7-hour slow live broadcast in Tik Tok. Museum lecturers relay the explanation, and netizens watch the exhibition around the clock.

  It’s not just the Shanxi Museum, but also the cultural relics and props of many museums, such as the Capital Museum and the Inner Mongolia Museum, which meet netizens on the "cloud" through live broadcast.

  It’s not just museums that move to the "cloud". The exhibitors broadcast live online, and the e-commerce platform invited well-known online celebrity to bring goods on site & HELIP; … In many exhibitions, live broadcast has become a key word.

  Online exhibition, live broadcast with goods and online teaching … … Today, live broadcast has almost penetrated into all walks of life and entered every aspect of life.

  According to the Report on the Development of Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Industry in China in 2020 released by the Online Performance (Live Broadcasting) Branch of China Performance Industry Association, the market scale of online performance (Live Broadcasting) industry in China will reach 193.03 billion yuan in 2020.

  According to the data of Tianyancha Professional Edition, there are currently more than 1,500 live broadcast e-commerce related enterprises and nearly 28,000 live webcast marketing related enterprises in China. In 2020, more than 13,000 online live marketing related enterprises will be added, which is six times the number added in 2019.

  The rapid development of the live broadcast industry has changed many fields such as e-commerce and cultural communication. Under the growth trend of live stream economy, more and more online cultural enterprises and traditional enterprises add business content or enter the field of live webcasting, and realize transformation and upgrading through the form of "live broadcast+".

  In September 2020, he settled in Tik Tok. In October, he began to sell handmade porcelain and tea live. The first live broadcast sold more than 300,000 yuan … … The live broadcast not only made Liao Oduo, a "post-80 s" Chaozhou hand-pulled pot craftsman, recognize the identity of the anchor, but also spread the traditional handicraft skills more widely. Liao Ao said with emotion that in the eyes of many friends, craftsmanship can really make a name for itself. "Live+"allows craftsmen to find more creative "confidence".

  While empowering cultural industries and craftsmen, live broadcast also promotes the gradual dilution of boundaries in many fields such as consumption and manufacturing.

  Outside the workshop, the anchor with exquisite makeup is showing a moisturizing mask; In the workshop, the aseptic filling equipment intelligently produces and forms hyaluronic acid skin care products at one time. In the unique "live studio" of hyaluronic acid manufacturer Huaxi Bio, the "integration" of advanced manufacturing and new retail has spawned many "explosive products".

  Live broadcast on the production line, moving the market into the factory; Use live big data to guide production, and connect supply and demand with "cloud" to reduce inventory pressure … … Live stream economy keeps manufacturers close to the front end of the market. "It is not so much a technological upgrade as a change of thinking." Ye Shouzeng, founder of clothing brand Zhihe, said that since last year, about 30% of sales of Zhihe have been promoted through new media.

  Taobao live broadcast report shows that in 2020, nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of over 100 million yuan were born in Taobao, among which the number of live broadcast rooms of merchants accounted for more than 55%. More and more brands quickly try, run in and establish a talent matrix suitable for brand development, and acquire and precipitate users in self-broadcasting channels. Sharing lifestyle-related content such as wearing, fitness and travel experience, the "shared live broadcast" explored by Xiaohongshu has become another mode of live broadcast.

  Live stream economy has accelerated the intelligent transformation of many industries. However, it is undeniable that the industry is also facing problems such as homogenization of content, some of which are suspected of vulgarity, and the standards need to be further established and improved.

  Experts believe that when live stream economy presses the "acceleration button", it should pay special attention to promoting the healthy development of the industry. For example, anchor popularity should be based on righteousness, live broadcast with goods is not about "destocking" and "rushing sales", but about honesty, standardization and improvement of the whole process of service. Live broadcast platforms should not only focus on heat regardless of quality, but also create high-quality live broadcasts with good value and technology, etc., to encourage innovation, standardize industries, and make the new economy and new formats stable and far-reaching.

The joint money is sold out in 2 hours! Traveling in spring, wearing a fire and hot search, Hanfu transactions doubled year-on-year

  Plunge into the spring, how do you plan to "spend the spring"? On the social platform, buying a Hanfu suit suitable for traveling and taking photos has become a ceremonial feeling for young people to welcome spring.

  The temperature is rising, and the seasonal wardrobe of Hang Cheng netizens is full of "new Chinese style". "I have already stocked up the thin Hanfu, just waiting for the beautiful weather."

  "I can’t buy it, I can’t buy it at all, and I beg the merchants to step on the sewing machine." On social platforms, some netizens said that they didn’t expect to find an explosion all by hand.

  On March 18th, the spring Chinese clothing series "Spring and Jingming" jointly signed by Taobao Clothing and Nanjing Museum was launched. Inspired by the cultural relics collected by Nanjing Museum, such as Qingganlong Furong Stone Flattened Ear Cover Furnace (Small Powder Furnace), this joint series invited many Taobao original Chinese clothing stores such as Chuandai, Yuanshanqiao and Anytime to create designs together.

  Xiao Juan’s favorite is a three-piece suit of powder crystal, jade and pink gradient printing, which is inspired by the "small powder furnace". The fabric material is jacquard yarn and jacquard satin, the skirt is decorated with embroidery, and the furnace shape is outlined with gold thread, which is full of details. "It was sold out soon after it went online, just waiting for the follow-up replenishment notice." It is understood that 4 days after the launch, the total transaction amount of Nanbo joint-name Hanfu was nearly one million, and the explosion was sold out in less than 2 hours.

  According to the data of Taobao New Power Week in Spring and Summer, this year, the sales of Hanfu, new Chinese style and other clothing have risen. In March, the sales of Hanfu increased by 115% year-on-year, with an average of over 1 million people searching for Hanfu on Taobao every day. In the industry’s view, national style is one of the most popular trend styles in the clothing industry in the past two years, and more and more young people are willing to wear cultural self-confidence.

  In addition, on March 20th, at the Red Man Night event site, Taobao specially awarded the annual Red Man Award for Guofeng, a new track, and arranged a wonderful 12-flower God Guofeng catwalk to show the ultimate oriental aesthetics. "The influence of traditional culture continues to be released, which has also driven the demand for new national style to continue to heat up." Taobao said.

  It is worth mentioning that this year’s 2024 "Silver Needle Clothing Guide" of Taobao Clothing also split the new Guofeng track into new Hanfu and new Chinese style, providing more display channels for Guofeng merchants.

  Among them, the turnover of "New Chinese Style" award-winning shops increased by 161% in the first three days of the opening of New Power Week, and the national style is becoming daily.

  March is a season suitable for traveling in spring, and many consumers are getting used to buying a new Hanfu in spring. According to the analysis of Taobao Hanfu team, as China people’s own "holiday clothes", before the May Day holiday, the new national costume will usher in a small growth peak.

Fierce controversy! With the rise of football in China, fans are constantly cursing.

After the news that the main players of China football team were injured in Thailand came out, it caused extensive controversy and discussion. According to media reports, Titipan, the main midfielder of Thailand team, needs a long recovery period of at least 8 months because of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of his knee. The striker of Thailand, Dangda, also missed at least four weeks due to injury, making it difficult for him to play against China on November 16th. In this regard, Soccer reported that China became the winner because Thailand lost important players before the preliminaries. However, such a report attracted a lot of fans’ scolding. Some fans said that China football now needs to rely on the injury of its opponent to win, which is really disgusting. They think that the football level in China is so low that it has fallen to the point where people want to be injured or even sent off, which is really worrying.

There are also fans who believe that the China men’s soccer team seems unable to win no matter whether the main players of Thailand are injured or not. They are pessimistic about the future of football in China, and think that China can’t win against Japanese teams and strong European teams, and they are still discussing how to beat Thailand and Vietnam, which is ridiculous. However, some fans are optimistic about China football. They believe that the China team can play its own strength in the face of stable opponents. They mentioned the fierce confrontation between the Japanese team and the European powers, and thought that China could meet the challenges of Thailand and Viet Nam as long as it played steadily. In any case, China Football got some good news in the news that the main players of Thailand were injured. Fans have different expectations and views on the performance of China team.

Whether optimistic or pessimistic, only when the China team can prove its strength in the competition can the fans have more confidence in it.

The above contents and materials are all from the internet, and the relevant data, and the theoretical research is based on the internet data, does not mean that the author agrees with the laws, rules, opinions and behaviors in the article and is responsible for the authenticity of the relevant materials. I am not responsible for any problems arising from the above or related issues, and the author of this article does not bear any direct or indirect legal responsibilities.

Breaking the situation of "Yin flourishes while Yang declines", the future of China Swimming Corps is worth looking forward to.

Topic: picture channel

  Zhang Lin, a 21-year-old Beijinger, won the silver medal in the 400-meter freestyle, creating the best result for China men’s swimmers in Olympic history.

  Although due to the lack of top talents and other reasons, almost no event of China Swimming can stand out in the world swimming world after retiring due to illness in Luo Xuejuan. However, under the continuous efforts, China swimming is still surpassing itself silently and continuously in the rapid development of world swimming. In the past two days, China players have created their own personal best time and time again. Zhang Lin of the men’s team fought his way out and won a silver medal in the Olympic Games with Park Tae hwan in the front and Hackett in the back. What’s more gratifying is that some young teenagers, after being baptized by such a big competition as the Olympic Games, may help China to achieve greater breakthroughs in swimming in the future.

  It is expected to bring more surprises

  In recent two years, swimming in China has been relatively quiet, so before the Olympic Games, few people had much hope for the future of swimming in China in this Olympic Games. However, the China Swimming Team did not give up because of this. Although they failed to reach the highest podium, compared with their previous achievements, China has made great progress in swimming.

  It should be said that this achievement is closely related to this year’s training.

  Before this year’s winter training and the Olympic Games, several groups of the China Swimming Team conducted altitude training. The three-week altitude training before the competition didn’t end until late July. In international swimming, plateau training is considered as an effective way to improve one’s ability. Hiroji Ueno, head coach of the Japanese swimming team, once revealed to reporters: "Before the competition, Kosuke Kitajima will basically go to the plateau, and he will also choose a training place in the United States with a higher altitude than Kunming, where he will train at the most critical stage during the preparation."

  Of course, you can’t improve as soon as you go to high school, which requires the coach to grasp and control the training. From the two-day competition, the altitude training before the game was basically successful. Zhou Yafei improved her performance in the women’s 100m butterfly to 57.68 seconds, the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay also set an Asian record, and the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay also broke the Asian record, and finally ranked 12th. Therefore, judging from this trend, it may be difficult for China to win the gold medal in swimming in the next few days, but they may still bring surprises to everyone.

  Wu Peng and Zhang Lin are the most optimistic.

  In previous competitions, China’s swimming was almost always dominated by yin and yang, but this pattern may be completely changed in this competition. Considering the competition of the Beijing Olympic Games in the next few days and the current swimming situation in China, the hope of male athletes should be greater than that of female athletes.

  The most anticipated events are the men’s 200m butterfly in Wu Peng and the men’s 1500m freestyle in Zhang Lin. After winning the silver medal in the men’s 400m freestyle, Zhang Lin greatly boosted his confidence. "The pass of the 400-meter race is not good for me to observe the swimming degree of my opponent, because there is an American Jenson in the middle, which blocks my view. I always thought Hackett was ahead, but I didn’t expect Park Tae hwan to be there. " Zhang Lin’s implication is that he still has the potential to swim better, and at that time, Zhang Lin was only 0.58 seconds behind champion Park Tae hwan.

  What’s more worth mentioning is that the 1500m freestyle is the main event in Zhang Lin’s training, and his strength in this event should be stronger than that in the 400m freestyle. For Park Tae hwan, his 400-meter freestyle is better. As for another opponent, Hackett of Australia, although the 1500m freestyle is his strong point, judging from the 400m race, Hackett’s current state is not ideal. Therefore, we still have some expectations for Zhang Lin in the men’s 1500m freestyle final on the last swimming competition day on August 17th.

  Another favorite is Wu Peng. Two years ago, Wu Peng won the men’s 200m butterfly with a broken toe at the World Short-course Swimming Championships in Shanghai, which greatly boosted the team’s morale. A year ago, at the Melbourne World Swimming Championships, Wu Peng reappeared "Wu’s Overtaking", and in the last 50 meters, she overtook her opponent and came from behind, winning the silver medal in this event, which brought a glimmer of hope to China, who was in trouble. Of course, there is a "God Man" Phelps in this project, and Wu Peng’s hope of winning the gold medal is very slim. Wu Peng himself admitted that "Phelps is an out-and-out swimming genius, which is really great. There is still a big gap between me and him. We have played against each other many times. Usually, the gap is about two positions, and the smallest one is also in one position. For me, it is very difficult to surpass him, and I can only keep narrowing the gap with him. Of course, without Phelps, I hope to win the gold medal in the Olympic Games. "

  Of course, women athletes are not without any hope. Women’s 200m butterfly like Jiao Liuyang has certain strength. At last year’s Melbourne World Championships, Jiao Liuyang won the fourth place in this event, and his performance was really impressive. At the Japan Open, she set a personal best of 2 minutes 07.06, which brought people more expectations.

  Young players make their mark.

  However, it will take some time for China to swim like a duck to water. But as gratifying as the breakthrough made by the male players, the young players have made their mark in this competition.

  Among the athletes who participated in this Olympic Games, young athletes who participated for the first time accounted for a large proportion, and many of them were only children in their teens and under 20 years old. Although it was their first time to participate in the Olympic Games, they still performed well ――14-year-old Li Xuanxu entered the women’s 400-meter medley final, and 19-year-old Sun Ye entered the women’s 100-meter breaststroke final. Even Sun Yang, who didn’t reach the final, showed his potential. He is only 17 years old and 1.98 meters tall. He has been regarded as Zhang Lin’s successor. Zhang Yadong, head coach of China Swimming Team, said in an interview that it takes time and space for young athletes to grow up, but he believes that Asian countries, including China, may still get a piece of their own cake in the changing world swimming pattern. (Reporter Gan Hui)

Editor: Meng Xu