Changzhou Xingyue L Zhiqing’s price reduction is coming, with a special price of 152,700! Today’s juhui

Welcome to pay attention to the preferential promotion channel in Changzhou, car home, to bring you real-time auto market dynamics. At present, the high-profile models are undergoing a high-profile preferential activity. In Changzhou, a city, consumers can enjoy a car purchase discount of up to 7,000 yuan, which makes the already cost-effective Xingyue L Zhiqing model more affordable. The minimum starting price has been adjusted to 152,700 yuan, which is an opportunity not to be missed. For more details and higher discounts, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and take immediate action to seize the opportunity to buy a car.

The car system Xingyue L Zhiqing shows its side charm with its exquisite body proportion, and its dimensions of length 4795mm, width 1895mm and height 1689mm provide a steady body posture. The wheelbase reaches 2845mm, which ensures the comfort and practicability of the internal space. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, showing the combination of strength and elegance. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1610mm, ensuring driving stability. Tyre size is 235/50 R19, with exquisite rim design, which not only enhances the visual effect, but also provides good grip and mute effect for driving.

Xingyue L Zhiqing’s interior is exquisite and full of technology. The advanced leather steering wheel provides manual up-and-down and forward-and-backward adjustment functions to ensure the driver’s comfortable control. The central control area is equipped with a 12.3-inch large-size touch screen, which integrates various functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, and supports voice recognition, making it easy to realize intelligent operation. The seat is made of imitation leather, and the main and passenger seats support multi-directional adjustment, such as front and rear, backrest, height and waist support, to meet the needs of different drivers. The driver’s seat is also equipped with heating and ventilation functions, as well as electric seat memory, which adds comfort to long-distance driving. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion to realize flexible space utilization.

The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which has a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 255nm, providing abundant power output. Matching with 3-speed DHT transmission, it brings efficient and smooth driving experience to drivers.

To sum up, Xingyue L Zhiqing won the appreciation of car home car owners by virtue of its high-quality design and inherent scientific and technological strength. He described it as "a standard car for a successful man", which shows that it can not only satisfy the driver’s pursuit of performance, but also reflect the low-key luxury temperament in details. With so many bright spots, Xingyue L Zhiqing has become a popular model, which deserves more car owners to experience and explore.

Go to "Mei" and make flowers step by step! Haiwan Town Parent-child Healthy Hiking and National Fitness Community Games opened.

Walk towards "Mei"

Step by step gives birth to flowers.

Haiwan Town Parent-child Healthy Hiking and National Fitness Community Games opened.

On March 16th, 2024, the opening ceremony of "Walking to Plum" and the community sports meeting for all started in Meiyuan, Gulf National Forest Park, which is full of spring and flowers. This activity took families as a unit, shuttled between Shili Meilin through the form of fun sports punching cards, and used the indomitable image of plum blossoms to let the participating families feel the beauty of spring, enjoy sports fun and promote the fitness for all in the Gulf.


Good time

In this season when plum blossoms are in full bloom, 200 groups of families from all over the city participated in this grand national fitness event with the meaning and fragrance of plum blossoms, which injected deeper connotation into the national fitness campaign in Bay Town.


Vitality time



There are 6 punch-in points in this activity. At the first point, the IP images "Mable" and "Ye Bao" of the Gulf Cultural and Sports Brigade are ready to go, inviting participating families to take a picture of the most beautiful corner of Meiyuan in a huge movie frame, detonating the whole network and "occupying" everyone’s circle of friends.




The following three punch-in points are scattered in the Mei Hall in Sui, Tang and Song San. Based on the history, rich traditional games are set up, which endows each punch-in point with a thicker humanistic background, so that every family can experience a cultural feast while being healthy.





The hidden points carefully set by the organizers have ignited the fighting spirit of several groups of "game king" families, which has added a lot of highlights to this event. On the day of the event, the main venue lawn also set up a colorful characteristic market, and the families participating in the event watched, played, ate and strolled in the Meiyuan, truly achieving "flowers" step by step.

nationwide fitness campaign 

National fitness is an important aspect of the people’s yearning for a better life, an important way for the whole town to enhance their physical fitness and health, and an important content of building a national sports and leisure town in the Gulf. In recent years, Bay Town has been committed to promoting the development of national fitness, continuously promoting the accessibility of sports fitness facilities, the vitality of sports fitness organizations, the richness and diversity of sports events, the professional and efficient scientific fitness guidance, and the upgrading of the wisdom of public sports services, and actively creating a national fitness urban environment of "fitness everywhere, fitness every day, and fitness for everyone" to achieve the deep integration of national fitness and national health.

This activity not only showed the natural scenery, leisure characteristics and humanistic charm of the Bay Town, but also reflected the achievements of the development of sports in the Bay Town. The participating families enjoyed the fun of sports and felt the beauty and happiness of the happy Bay in the beautiful Hangzhou Bay and the fragrant Meiyuan forest!

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Submitted by: Jiang Qinqin (Haiwan Town)

Original title: "Go to" Mei "and make flowers step by step! Haiwan Town Parent-child Healthy Hiking and the Opening of National Fitness Community Games "

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The popularity of online novel "Shuang Wen" or the medicine for readers to decompress.

  Beijing, Sept. 7 (Xinhua)-The popularity of "Shuang Wen" can it be a good medicine for readers to decompress?

  Reporter Shangguan Yun

  In the prison, the air is not smooth and it smells musty.

  "Today I come, is ready to tell you clearly. Thank the duke, the reason why you lost &hellip; &hellip;” Mei Changsu’s eyes like ice blowing on the prisoner’s face, slowly spit out a few words, "because you are stupid".

  Condescending, mocking the opponent who becomes a prisoner, will this plot look very enjoyable?

  If you feel the same way, then congratulations, you have entered the pit of "Shuang Wen". And this is indeed a very popular type of online novel recently.

  Character setting under the aura of the protagonist

  "Shuang Wen", as its name implies, is an article that looks hearty.

  This kind of novel is not how good the writing is, but that the protagonist is either extremely clever and undertakes the heavy responsibility of guarding the whole life; Either you are born in a flat place, you will be helped by nobles, and you will be upgraded all the way; Or it is shrouded in the aura of the protagonist, and it is safe to act out of line.

  For example, "nirvana in fire" mentioned at the beginning is an outstanding representative of the popular "Shuang Wen" in recent years. Some netizens said that watching Mei Changsu Zhibo, a "unicorn genius", avenge the wrongs for many years, which made people feel very happy.

  If you still can’t get the point of "cool writing", you can look at the popular Story of Yanxi Palace: the heroine Wei Yiluo was born in the bottom, and her embroidery skills were superb. She not only succeeded in revenge, but was loved by "Gao Fushuai" Fu Heng, and finally became a favorite princess who helped Qianlong prosper.

  This drama, which has the characteristics of "cool writing", frequently boarded the hot search when it was broadcast, earning enough attention.

  Typical "cool writing" also includes "Choosing a Day", "Whirling" and "Fighting and Doing Kun" &hellip; &hellip; The article is on fire, and the adapted film and television drama is also on fire.

  Those routines in "Shuang Wen"

  Dong Jiangbo, the editor-in-chief of Tianxia Book League Novel Network, once divided it into several different types, such as "cultivating immortals and upgrading", "big women fighting in the palace" and "workplace counterattack". The plot is slightly different but the routine is basically the same: the protagonist is frustrated but always has a hundred times the opportunity to achieve a brilliant life.

  Some "cool writing" plots will be a bit "cruel", such as "Hua Qiangu", but this does not prevent the heroine from having a halo-filled life: "When she was born, all the flowers in the city withered" and she was accepted as an apprentice by Bai Zihua, the "tallest person in the Six Realms".

  It looks boring, but many "cool articles" have been published and adapted, which is quite popular. For example, "Breaking the Sky", considered as the originator of "Shuang Wen", has about 186,301,700 total members clicked on a website, and the number is still growing. The TV series of the same name is also being broadcasted.

  "No doubt, just check an online literature website, and the top ten hits are mostly &lsquo; Shuangwen &rsquo; 。” An online writer said.

  Readers who love it are humbled?

  Why can "Shuang Wen" have so many audiences?

  Perhaps it is because in real life, there are too many things that people want to do but dare not and can’t do, but "cool writing" can make people escape from reality for a short time.

  Chen Jiang is a middle-level manager of an enterprise. It is common to stay up until two or three o’clock in the morning, and he has to go to the company at seven o’clock in the morning. Sitting down is a flood of to-do items, and there is a slight omission. He was once called by the leader and scolded for two hours.

  "My lungs are exploding, and I especially want to shout: quit!" I think so in my heart, but I can’t really do it. Even in late 2016, due to too much pressure, he was hospitalized due to illness. "The mortgage and car loans are still there, and I can’t afford to gamble."

  However, in the "cool" world, these are not problems at all. There are often similar plots in Chen Jiang’s favorite works: the protagonist suffers a lot, shouts "quit" and leaves smartly, and he meets a wealthy man who silently appreciates him at the corner and gets a better job, or has another adventure.

  His resentful emotions found sustenance and vent in "Shuang Wen", and he often felt that it should be his true self, "I know there is &lsquo; Shuangwen &rsquo; The style is not high, and the plot can’t stand scrutiny, but they have relieved my mental stress very well. "

  The heaviness of the real world is being experienced by myself, so I don’t want to read the same story again.

  The satisfaction of the virtual world’s "counterattack"

  On the other hand, "Shuang Wen" is also in the virtual world, which provides the satisfaction of "counterattack" for ordinary little people.

  Wang Ting is an ordinary white-collar worker, in her thirties, single, with an ordinary job and average ability. Like many people floating in big cities, she is under pressure from all aspects: work, rent, food and clothing and other living expenses.

  If you want to get a promotion and raise your salary, you have limited opportunities and limited strength. She often feels that there is no hope after hard work. "As written in the paragraph, I am quite confused: Who am I? Where Am I? What am I going to do? "

  "I like to watch fantasy &lsquo; Shuangwen &rsquo; It is a pastime. " Wang Ting said that watching the protagonist from a small person, all the way to "blame and upgrade", there is a reward for paying, especially a sense of substitution. "It seems that those wishes that cannot be realized in reality have been fulfilled for you, and he is in a good mood."

  She lamented that too many people in life are not so happy, and the status quo is not as good as expected. Although the protagonist in Shuangwen is not always smooth sailing, he can always get help, not as helpless as in reality.

  "If you can’t turn over the salted fish, don’t occasionally indulge in the literary world?" Wang Ting said a little helplessly that the reason why she watched "Shuang Wen" was "perhaps because we were too tired in life".

  What nerve did the fire of "Shuang Wen" touch the readers?

  Some critics have analyzed that most of the "Shuang Wen" world outlook is simple, the story is fast, the language is popular and straightforward, and most of them are not nutritious in terms of plot alone, but they are a good relaxation tool for people who are under too much pressure. It is normal to like to watch it.

  The previously published "Investigation Report on the Living Conditions of White-collar Workers in 2018" shows that 94.9% of white-collar workers in the workplace have anxiety, which has become a daily life. As for the specific source of anxiety, some people jokingly summarized it as "poor and confused".

  "Not only white-collar workers, but most of them have &lsquo; Heroic dream &rsquo; , but just ordinary people, squeezed by life; See &lsquo; Shuangwen &rsquo; At that time, I always felt that my thoughts were confirmed and I got psychological compensation. " Chen Jiang said that in reality, all kinds of unsatisfied desires and intense emotions can be vented, and they can vent themselves briefly.

  Life is so hard, why don’t you feel bad when reading?

  Some netizens concluded that this is just like everyone knows that reading only "successful learning" can’t be successful, but they can’t help reading one by one, and then comfort themselves with various cases and fantasies.

  In life, everyone comes from different backgrounds and encounters, and always chooses different types of novels according to their own needs, which also gives birth to various types of "cool writing". With the accelerated pace of life and increased pressure, this "family" may also grow stronger.

  "Shuang Wen" is in the limelight, but where it will go in the end is still largely unknown. However, perhaps we should pay more attention to the present. After all, people still have to live in reality and get rid of the overhead world of "cool writing". You are just the reader who brushes the article. (Chen Jiang and Wang Ting are pseudonyms)

The first in China! The immersive experience of "Holographic Zoo" appeared in the Natural Museum!

Life scenes of ancient creatures

What’s it like to be close at hand?

The First Holographic Zoo in China

What are the highlights of immersive experience?

On February 24th, the "Holographic Zoo" immersive experience project in Shanghai Natural Museum was launched in the b1 Pro Exhibition Hall. The audience can immerse themselves in the life scenes of various rare dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex growling at you, pterosaurs passing overhead, little dinosaurs breaking out of their shells and confusing dragons passing you by. Let’s have a look.

Walking into the 19-meter "Holographic Gallery" in the Holographic Zoo, the scene of paleontology life in front of you has a visual impact instantly. The huge creatures in ancient times seem to be in front of you. Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterosaurs and other creatures will suddenly run in front of you, and even feel their snorts and experience an unprecedented sense of presence. The audience will then become time travelers and travel through the ancient world.

"Holographic Zoo" of Shanghai Natural Museum

Project coordinator Zhou Ming introduced:

"The Shanghai Museum of Natural History has more than 280,000 exhibits, of which more than 8,000 are paleontological collections. In fact, there is a big difference between paleontology and living organisms. Their active period is too far away from us, which may be because it is out of reach, making it more difficult for the public to imagine or grasp their living habits and body characteristics, including their living environment and their relationship. The immersive experience of holographic zoo is mainly to make the collection glow with new life through advanced digital technology, break the gap between time and space, bring distant paleontology to the public, and let the audience get in touch with them at close range. "

According to reports, the "Holographic Zoo" project adopts ultra-short focus holographic projection technology, includingHolographic Theater, Holographic Corridor and Holographic FenceThe three sections lead the audience into the mysterious ancient world from a new perspective and get in touch with prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs. In the "holographic fence", the audience can overlook all kinds of dinosaurs and insects 30 meters underground, and observe the living habits of dinosaurs and reptiles of different sizes at close range.

Zhang Xuebing, founder and ceo of Shanghai Youliyun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. said: "The Holographic Zoo uses our projection technology of the world’s leading holographic corridor, which is actually one of the best invention awards of the year selected by American Time Magazine in 2023. In this holographic zoo, we use a comprehensive holographic projection, coupled with the dynamic tracking technology of the position, which can let our audience have a full immersion experience of perfect angle. "

It is understood that the project was exhibited in the Australian Museum, and this is the first exhibition in China, allowing the audience to feel, understand and care for nature in a more diverse way.

ShangguanNo. Author: Shanghai Jing ‘an