The hottest survival show "Golden Game" Spice Girl contestant Olga interferes with her opponent with her tight suit!

The hottest survival show "Golden Game" Spice Girl contestant Olga interferes with her opponent with her tight suit!

2023-11-28 20:04:40.0 Source: China Net – Sports Channel

In the podcast bar alone "GoG Gold Game" with its 16 big-name players tacit performance, quickly won the audience love, audience rating rising. Unique game settings, entertaining challenges in the fourth episode of the program, hot, beautiful female contestant Olga ( in order to interfere with the opponent to wear a little perspective tight shirt, good figure at a glance, the program continues to create high ratings.

Interestingly, before the start, it seemed that the opponent had not been injured in the slightest, but the teammate couldn’t bear to look directly at it. The more happy the teammate smiled, the more successful the tactic was.

The fourth round of the game will be played by Jason Koon, the most powerful brain Fedor Holz, the crazy savage JungleMan, and the wily Williams, and the strongest finale of each team is approaching.

As the game became more and more intense, when JungleMan confronted Fedor Holz for a particularly crucial hand, Williams did not know which one was wrong and began to chat at the side, causing serious interference, causing JungleMan to think about the time to forcibly fold the card. This result made JungleMan point directly at Williams: Please don’t talk in the middle of the game, this is very rude.

Seeing this situation, the teammates in the lounge have been particularly nervous that the two will clash.

The exciting world’s first reality show "GoG Gold Game" is not over yet. If you want to watch the exciting survival reality show, you must not miss it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm "Podcast Bar" Exclusive Chinese broadcast, there is also a Q & A lottery, don’t be wrong.

The new car express will be pre-sold for 90,000 yuan, and the Great Wall commercial pickup truck will be listed on March 22.

A few days ago, the car dealer learned from the official that the commercial pickup king kong gun under the Great Wall Gun will be listed on March 22, and the new car will be pre-sold for 90,000-120,000 yuan. The appearance of King Kong Gun adopts a brand-new design, with many design elements of Tank 500. In terms of power, King Kong Gun provides 2.0T gasoline/diesel engines and two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive to meet the diverse needs of users.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of the King Kong gun is younger and more fashionable than that of the current commercial gun. The front face is made of honeycomb chrome-plated mesh, which is matched with the new headlight group shape on both sides, and has some feeling of tank 500. The brand-new light blue car paint is not greasy at all, and it is more youthful with the wheels with novel shapes. In addition, the new car also uses a sturdy side pedal and gantry design, which is more wild. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5635/1880/1815(1840)mm and its wheelbase is 3410mm respectively.

In terms of interior, the new car is more like a luxury city SUV, with contrasting colors combined with two large screens to kill a lot of competitors. Under the suspended display screen in the central control area of the car, there is an air-conditioning air outlet. It is worth noting that the central air outlet and the two sides are decorated with gold decorative strips, which makes the whole more simple and beautiful.

In terms of configuration, the car networking system equipped with the new car provides intelligent voice, intelligent car control, intelligent service and other functions and supports FOTA upgrade. Among them, intelligent speech recognition can realize scenes such as playing music, browsing information and intelligent conversation. In addition, the car can also remotely control the door lock, engine and air conditioner through intelligent car control.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a Great Wall 2.0T diesel engine and a 2.0T gasoline engine. The maximum power of the diesel engine is 163 HP and the peak torque is 400 Nm. The maximum power of the gasoline engine is 197 HP and the peak torque is 360 Nm. In terms of transmission, it will match the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Have you ever heard of the original Tik Tok online celebrity beauty singer?

Original title: Tik Tok online celebrity beauty singer, have you all heard of it?

Tik Tok’s more popular beauty singer, have you brushed it? Come and have a look. In no particular order.

First place, Little Seven.

In September 2019, Xiao Aqi’s first original song "Wave" was launched. In October 2019, singing in the streets of Guangzhou became popular with a song "The Girl Told Me", which gained a lot of popularity overnight and successfully gained 10 million fans.

She often shows roadshows and sends videos frequently, so she is a very hard-working girl.

I prefer to wear this kind of beggar’s pants, and I was joked by netizens that I was too poor to buy pants, saying that I would buy a good pair of pants for Xiao Aqi when I got paid.

What Xiao Aqi was criticized for was nothing more than his short head and high shoes. In fact, appearance is not important, but strength and heat are important.

No.2 Ayouyou

Ayouyou, because of the cover of the song "Acacia", quickly became popular on major online platforms.

Released the single "Boring" on September 30, 2019; On April 22, 2020, the single "An Old Dream" was released.

Ayouyou’s popularity is a cover of "A Song of Acacia" at the wedding. If nothing unexpected happens, it is the result of capital operation.

However, Ayou’s special voice impressed people once.

A long leg is also a feature, and there are often many comments like "this leg is really nice" in the comment area.

Third place Dai Yutong

On July 28, 2017, the single "Letter" was released. On October 9, 2019, the single "Gray Zone" was released; On November 27th, the single "Gorgeous Loneliness" was released. On July 14th, 2020, the single "I want to be nice to you" was released. In addition, she also participated in the recording of Hunan Satellite TV variety show "Sing Up".

Dai Yutong’s business operation is very successful and her appearance is fashionable and beautiful.

Dai Yutong is slim and has a unique voice, which is known as "the voice kissed by an angel".

Dai Yutong also has the reputation of "long-legged singer" and has thousands of fans.

No.4 fish sparkles

On January 16th, 2021, he participated in the YY 2020 annual grand ceremony of "Gathering Power", and sang live broadcasts such as "One Drunk", "Chicken Beeping", "Snowing Harbin", "Telling the Truth", "You are an April Day on Earth" and "My Good Brother" with Han Yale, Wen er, Tai Qing and Xiao Aqi.

On September 9, 2022, he participated in the meta-cosmic variety show "Super Music Collection".

On February 26th, 2023, he participated in YY2022 Peak Festival, and performed "Long Road with You" with Xinqiao Wushu Lion Dance Team in Fanyu District.

The fish is shiny and beautiful, with fair skin.

Fish sparkles and Xiao Qiqi cooperate to send a video.

Fish sparkle also has a pair of beautiful legs. In her comment area, someone always deliberately described her as Dai Yutong. Strangely, no one mentioned fish sparkle in Dai Yutong’s comment area.

Fish often wears a navel dress in sparkling videos, but because the navel is low and not often exposed, it is joked by fans that "Sparkling has no belly button".

No.5 fansisi

Representative works include In Fairy Tales, Appearance, Initial Heart, Snow and Ice City. Fansisi became popular on various platforms with its gentle voice and sweet voice.

With a good voice, Fansisi is famous in Tik Tok. Under the appearance of Japanese Lori, she has a natural royal elder sister voice, which is extremely explosive and stands out in online celebrity.

Most of the videos of Fansisi are cute and cute.

Fansisi covers many songs. Recently, the comment area has been talking about whether she has plastic surgery.

This is the thinking of rice from the perspective of passers-by, which is a little short. But cute.

No.6 Wang Yumeng

Wang Yumeng is a talented woman who combines beauty and talent. Her voice is gentle and beautiful, or very "soft and sweet". Her image is lovely and lovely, giving people a comfortable and clear feeling.

Wang Yumeng is good at singing styles of various voices, which can be sad, lyrical and cheerful. There is nothing too grandiose in her video, just quietly covering songs in front of the camera and conquering many netizens.

Wang Yumeng has a gentle voice and a lovely image.

Wang Yumeng is good at singing styles with multiple voices.

7 th wild pony

At the beginning of 2018, he joined Tik Tok for the first time and released his first Tik Tok; On June 28th, Wild Pony started his live broadcast in Tik Tok. On August 12 th, the cover song "I don’t understand more and more" made more netizens know the wild pony.

At present, there are many original songs and two solo concerts have been successfully held.

The appearance is pure and sweet, the skin is white and delicate, just like the flowers of nature, brilliant and dazzling, with elegant temperament, and singing is not ostentatious or grandiose.

The face value of the wild pony is also very good, and the casual dress with a white and flawless smile looks really cured, giving people a feeling of first love for a girl.

No.8 Tang Yi

On July 14, 2020, the single "Moth to the Fire" was released; On July 23, the single "Stab in the Heart" was released; On August 15th, the single "You Kill Me with Love" was released. On September 12th, the single "The Most Regretful Man" was released.

Tang Yi live broadcast room is very popular, full of singing atmosphere, singing and dancing songs.

Compared with other singers in online celebrity, she is older and criticized for singing by yelling. In fact, this is also a matter of opinion.

In the era of traffic, short videos and live broadcasts bring us more entertainment and choices, and also let us get to know singers at close range. These beautiful singers from online celebrity? Do you have anything you like? Welcome to leave a comment.

Editor in charge:

The spy war film "Target No.1" exposed the theme poster Angel’s comeback.

"Goal One" exposure poster

    A spy war blockbuster directed and produced by Chen Guofu and starring Angel, Liu Xiaofeng, Sun Xi and Zhang Yao will be released on May 23rd. Recently, the film officially exposed the theme poster of the film, and the relationship between the characters in the poster began to show signs, and the atmosphere was tense and suffocating. With this film, Angel officially made a comeback, and staged many wonderful opposite plays with Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker". The first cooperation between them was teased by netizens, and Aunt Park Sunseeker met Queen Chunyuan.

"Goal One" Exposes the Mysterious Theme Poster

    The exposure of the "Goal One" poster is set in the streets of Nanjing in the 1930s, and the three main characters are presented in turn from far to near. The woman on the left is wearing a blue printed cheongsam, with a graceful figure, a handbag on the left and a spear on the right. The true face is dense and not leaking, and the mysterious spy war atmosphere is rendered; The silhouette man in the middle, wearing a hat and a suit, is tall and straight. Who are they and what are their identities?

    On the right rear, Lu Yiran, played by Angel, leans against the car door, dressed in a long trench coat, and Leng Yan is dazzling. It seems to be quietly monitoring the emergence of "No.1 target". The whole poster outlines the overall character relationship and the background of the times, and at the same time successfully conveys the atmosphere of spy war, which is full of mystery.

Angel plays an agent in Target One.

Angel’s "Goal No.1" came back to ridicule the role like a mouse

    Target No.1 is Angel’s first spy war movie after her marriage. In the film, she plays the role of special agent Lu Yiran, and is called: "The characters who can scare women, fight men, play tricks and plot are great challenges to their brains and physical strength." Angel quipped, "In the movie, I am an agent, and my task is to monitor the target 24 hours a day, ‘ Special agent ’ It sounds quite scary, but I have to stay in a dark little room every day. This kind of character lives like a mouse. "

    When it comes to the reason for accepting this play, Angel said that she has been waiting for such a role. "This is different from the role I played before. I don’t need to be beautiful or glamorous here. I am more looking forward to this kind of creation. I have been waiting for a role I like, not to satisfy others, but to entertain myself. Lu Yiran resonates with me very much. The calm surface can’t hide the inner waves. She is full, three-dimensional and has her own spiritual world. I hope everyone will like her and I hope that my shaping will satisfy everyone. "

Sun Xi joined Goal One.

Angel and "Aunt Park Sunseeker" meet to play the enemy.

    The "Queen of Pure Yuan", which is widely heard in Empresses in the Palace, is the love of Chen Jianbin, the "emperor" in the play. As the wife of Teacher Chen Jianbin in real life, Angel was elected as the most suitable "Queen of Pure Yuan" by netizens. Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker", also revealed to reporters that the original "Zhen Xuan" production team also warmly invited Angel to play the role of "Queen of Pure Yuan", but unfortunately it failed to come true.

    This time, the gathering of the two in the movie "Goal One" also attracted great attention from netizens: "The Queen of Chunyuan finally got together with Aunt Xi." "Is this really good? What do you think?" "Ask Teacher Chen Jianbin to take a group photo!" Talking about their cooperation, Angel said, "Cici is more familiar with my husband. This time, the two of us are the feelings of the needle tip to Maimang. It is a pity that Chun Yuan and Xi Xi are not on the same front this time. "

    Sun Xi also revealed to reporters that she is one of Angel’s leading roles in Goal One, saying: "My role is somewhat similar to that of Park Sunseeker in Empresses in the Palace, both of which are calm on the surface, but it may be necessary to show some inner things of the characters here. This time, I was very happy to play with Qinqin, and finally I met the real Pure Yuan Queen, which really fulfilled our long-cherished wish in the crew. " 

The Nanjing Forest Music Festival was accused of the singer’s performance time shrinking, and the cultural department intervened to understand.

  On October 5, the two-day 2019 Nanjing Forest Music Carnival ended in Jiangning, Nanjing. However, after the "carnival", the "aftermath" was not over, and the organizers of the music festival were accused by the audience of problems such as the singer’s performance time "shrinking", the VIP exclusive service that failed to fulfill the promise, and the on-site fare increase.

  In response to this matter, The Paper learned from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiangning District of Nanjing on the 6th that the bureau has not received any relevant complaints yet, but it has understood the situation from the relevant units and coordinated the handling.

  Photo courtesy of crowded interviewees in VIP viewing area

  Some singers were accused of shortening the performance time by half.

  Miss Li, who came to Nanjing from Beijing to attend the Music Festival, is a fan of singers Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong, and this trip is specially for idols. To this end, she also specially purchased a VIP one-day ticket of 698 yuan.

  According to public information, Nanjing Forest Music Carnival has been held for five times so far this year. This music carnival is implemented by Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Company, a subsidiary of Nanjing Wentou Group. Tickets range from 280 yuan to 1,540 yuan, and singers and bands such as Hebe Tien, Vae, Zheng Yunlong, Ayanga, Jony J and Sunset Speeder all appeared.

  The Paper noted that the organizers of the music festival said in the pre-publicity that the audience who bought VIP tickets would enjoy 10 VIP rights, such as exclusive toilets, exclusive performance areas, fast admission channels and exclusive rest areas.

  According to the performance schedule announced by the organizer of the festival, Miss Li and other audiences will watch the performances of Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong from 20:00 to 20:40 on October 5th, lasting 40 minutes.

  However, after watching the performance, Miss Li bluntly said that she was "cheated".

  Miss Li told the The Paper reporter that the 40-minute performance of Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong, which was publicized by the organizer in the early stage, was only about 20 minutes that night, which was "compressed by half". The singer Vae, who also performed that night, performed for 40 minutes in the performance schedule announced by the organizer, but the real performance duration was only 25-30 minutes.

  The shortening of the performance duration also occurred during the performance of singer Jony J on the evening of October 4. Some viewers pointed out that the organizer’s early promotion of Jony J will bring two hours of special singing, but it only sang for about one and a half hours that night, which was at least half an hour shorter than the publicity performance.

  On October 6th, Tao Jingjing, the person in charge of Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Company, who performed the music festival, responded to The Paper, saying that it was "normal" for singers to shorten their performance time, mainly because of the short interaction between singers and fans, which led to the overall shortened performance time.

  "If some singers are particularly excited on stage, they may sing a little more, while others will sing a little less." Tao Jingjing also said that the number of songs performed by singers at the festival has not decreased.

  According to the performance schedule announced by the organizer, singers Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong will perform for 40 minutes. Screenshot of WeChat public account "Nanjing Forest Concert"

  VIP rights are accused of not being fulfilled.

  In addition to the sharp reduction in the performance duration of favorite singers, Miss Li is puzzled that the organizers have not fully fulfilled the VIP rights they promised when purchasing VIP tickets.

  Miss Li said that the organizer promised in advance that the audience who bought VIP could enjoy the exclusive bathroom in the VIP lounge, but she didn’t find the so-called VIP exclusive bathroom at the scene. If she wanted to go to the bathroom, she still needed to go to the public bathroom.

  A number of spectators who bought VIP tickets told reporters in The Paper that when they asked the staff of the music festival whether there was a VIP-only bathroom, they all said no.

  What makes Miss Li feel even more incredible is that the organizer told WeChat official account many times before the performance that the VIP tickets were sold out, but some staff at the scene said that as long as they were handed over to 300 yuan, they could directly "upgrade" to the VIP viewing area to watch the performance.

  The bill shows that the 300 yuan payee who "upgraded" at the scene provided pictures for the respondents of the music festival executive company.

  A bill provided to The Paper by an audience who paid 300 yuan’s "upgrade" to the VIP viewing area shows that the payee of the transaction is the executive company of the music festival — — Nanjing Dahua film and television culture media co., ltd. The audience believes that the organizer’s move is different from the previous ticket sold out.

  Part of the audience in the VIP viewing area told The Paper that the organizers did not control the number of people when they went through the "upgrade" at the scene, which led to the crowded VIP viewing area, and "the crowd was so crowded that it could not stand at all". One viewer said that he was pushed forward several times in the middle and was "almost pushed down".

  On-site photos show that the VIP viewing area is very crowded.

  The organizer was accused of "false propaganda"

  All this was pointed out by the audience, including Miss Li, that the organizers of the music festival had "false propaganda" and other problems in the early publicity.

  As of press time, Weibo’s topic "False Propaganda of Nanjing Forest Music Festival" has been read by more than 4 million people, and many viewers like Miss Li expressed their dissatisfaction with such behavior of Nanjing Forest Music Carnival.

  The relevant person in charge of Nanjing Dahua Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. did not explain the situation to The Paper for failing to provide the promised VIP exclusive service and selling tickets at a higher price on the spot when the tickets were sold out.

  According to the communication documents between the audience representatives and the on-site staff provided by Miss Li, the organizers of the Nanjing Forest Music Festival said that they would investigate the "false propaganda" reflected by the audience, give the audience a reply within one week, and announce the investigation results through official channels.

  On October 6th, The Paper reporter called Nanjing Wentou Group several times to try to verify the authenticity of this document, but as of press time, he could not get through.

  On the same day, The Paper learned from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiangning District that the bureau, as a territorial unit, mainly provided on-site basic guarantee for the music festival. No complaints have been received yet, but it has learned from the relevant units and coordinated the handling.

  It is also known that Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and other departments have paid attention to this matter.

How to exercise reasonably after being shocked?

Q: How to exercise reasonably after a fright?

A:Winter brings us not only cold but also stiffness: the functions of various organs of the body, such as internal organs and muscles, are at a low level, and bones and ligaments are prone to sports injuries.
Sting is a good time to exercise, but the intensity should not be too high. It is suitable for aerobic outdoor activities such as playing Tai Ji Chuan, doing aerobics, flying kites, hiking and climbing mountains, which can effectively enhance the body’s immunity and disease resistance.

-Personal Health Manual (24 solar terms, shocking articles).


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Breaking Through is showing the speed and passion, and he shot it!

Special feature of 1905 film network "We have the confidence and strength to strive for higher honor for the motherland!"Sports movies focusing on the first gold story of China Winter OlympicsBreaking ThroughIt’s showing.


The film tells the touching story of China’s short track speed skating national team, which finally stood on the highest podium with arduous training and unyielding will, in order to achieve the breakthrough of gold medal zero in the Winter Olympics.

 As the first short-track speed skating film shot by modern film means, Breaking Through team has developed a shooting system that combines real shooting with special effects almost from scratch. How to show the speed and passion of athletes and how to grasp the balance between art and sports? In this issue of Behind the Scene, let’s follow Breaking Through’s photography director Liu Yizeng to explore the world on ice.  

Professional athletes palm the mirror 

"Crossing the river by feeling the stones" is an apt saying to describe Breaking Through’s creative process. For the short track speed skating theme, there is no relevant case for reference. Liu Yizeng’s first thought was to let the photographer learn to skate, and he had to give up after practicing for a while. "I really can’t skate, my legs are no longer on myself." On the contrary, Liu Yizeng thought that it would be better to train professional skaters into photographers.

In this way, after two or three months of training, three "foreign photographers" made their debut. "Short track speed skating is extremely competitive. We want to really bring the audience to the arena. Let the athletes operate the camera to shoot, and the sense of immersion and presence is definitely the best, "Liu Yizeng said.

The training of this group of special photographers is mainly carried out from two aspects. First, the equipment guarantee, the team tailored a set of wearable photographic equipment for them to adapt to the special angle of skating. "In filming in Steadicam, moving lenses are very common, that is, hanging the camera with a vest. We also use a vest that fits well and a modified bracket to support the camera. We specially choose the resolution and comprehensive indicators, and it is also the lightest equipment."

On the other hand, these athletes should cultivate certain photographic thinking on the basis of mastering equipment skillfully. "At first, they did some actions in a mandatory way. Later, the camera sense became better and better. I already understood what you said was a little looser and tighter. What is this sense of rhythm? We have become more and more tacit."

When it comes to short track speed skating competition, the first thing that comes to mind is the scene of athletes competing for gold and silver in TV broadcast pictures. What’s the difference between TV language and movie language? This is also the core issue that Liu Yizeng and director Fangfang Wang first thought of. "We can’t let the audience into the cinema like watching TV, so we have different designs for each game. The overall logic is’ go high and go high’. " The so-called "walking on a high level" means that a large number of macro perspectives similar to TV broadcasts were adopted in the small competition at the beginning. Later, when the competition became more and more fierce and the athletes collided more and more, they began to focus on subjective perspectives, and magnified the dramatic key moments in the competition, giving the audience a sense of being there, breathing with the protagonist and fighting together. 

"black technology" helps out

In addition to the "vest" mentioned above, the Breaking Through crew also used and even invented a lot of "black technology" equipment. For example, in the real shooting on the ice, in order to shoot the zoom lens, a simple flat sliding device will be set up on the ice to simulate the sliding state and complete the close-up shooting of the face.

In order to capture the details of the feet and skates, the team skillfully used a rehabilitation device attached to the legs to link the back with the camera and record the moments full of impact.

The picture of john young winning the first gold medal in the Olympic Games and gliding with the national flag held high moved the audience, and a photographic system called "Spider" was indispensable behind it. "The machine is pulled by four Weiya ropes. We shoot a 360-degree panoramic view around the actor according to the speed, height and back of the actor, and then follow her to raise the national flag and become a panoramic view to show this exciting moment."

For some close-ups that are too difficult to shoot, the crew specially designed and built a huge and complex cage rotating device, which can move horizontally and vertically, simulate the state of athletes turning and overtaking in the stadium, and cooperate with the green screen to shoot special effects. Liu Yizeng explained that the significance of this device is not only to help the actors complete their professional movements, but also to provide real physical feedback to the actors through the inclination and movement of the crawler, so that their performances are more "fake". "This sense of reality has always been our goal."

The balance between truth and art

Breaking Through’s touching place lies not only in the exciting competition scene, but also in the delicate description of family, teacher-student relationship and love for the country. Liu Yizeng said frankly that there is no drama or action drama, and all shooting techniques should serve the overall audio-visual style of the film, which he and the director first determined.

 "This movie started with the story of the 1980s. The director and I referred to many old films with similar themes and decided to use modern audio-visual language to make a nostalgic story. The audio-visual language is new, but the light and color have a nostalgic atmosphere." Proceeding from this idea, Liu Yizeng chose a lot of scheduling of small and long shots to immerse the audience in stories and emotions when shooting literary dramas.

In the design of action scenes, the photography team did not deliberately show off their skills, but found a presentation that was both authentic and artistic through repeated rehearsals, bringing an immersive experience to the audience. "Some games have more long shots, strong sense of coherence, some are broken and strong sense of editing. This is the result of repeated watching, rehearsal and self-overthrow by us and the director, which also saves a lot of time for on-site scheduling."

Talking about the balance between sports and art, Liu Yizeng gave a very detailed example — — Ice flakes splashed by the collision between skates and ice. "It’s true that the ice flowers splashed by athletes at the moment of starting off are higher than people, but from the perspective of TV broadcast, few people notice this detail, so we want to capture it with high-speed close-ups. This sense of power brings the audience a very strong visual freshness and impact."

Flying dreams are implied by the splash of ice flowers, and the creative process of the film Breaking Through is also a process of continuous breakthrough and joint efforts of the creative team to dream. Liu Yizeng is particularly sympathetic to the sportsmanship of perseverance and courage to climb the peak. "What you challenge is also what you love, and it is precisely because this love supports you to move forward." This is what sports people and filmmakers have in common.