Gao Yuanyuan acted in a movie with Hu Ge after 9 years, but the audience burst into laughter?

1905 movie network feature "Hello everyone, I’m Feng Liuliu’s actor."At the premiere of the film shortlisted for the "Temple of Heaven Award" at the Northern Film Festival, the high round suit was unveiled with a long dress, which was still elegant.It has been nine years since she last attended the premiere of a film as a starring role.

Returning to the big screen after many years, Gao Yuanyuan unexpectedly chose a light comedy directed by a new director.This is somewhat unexpected.

Also surprising was another leading actor.From the male god of ancient costumes to the male protagonist of literary films, "comedy" is also a field he rarely dabbles in.

In this way, when "Muse" meets "Male God", just when the audience thinks the style of painting will develop as expected, this "Stop and Go" will give you a 180-degree reversal.

In the first half of the journey, the useless screenwriter played by Hu Ge was full of embarrassment, causing the audience to burst into laughter.In the second half of the journey, life and family ties make people cry silently, and the harvest is full of healing.

Most of the first round of word-of-mouth was four to five-star praise, and "exceeded expectations", "surprise", and "dark horse" also becameclosekeyWord.Healing but not chicken soup, hitting the pain points and tears of "crispy youth", this light comedy "Stop and Go" starring Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan is scheduled to be an annual hit?

"Hu Ge should have done a comedy!"

At the opening ceremony of the Northern Film Festival the night before, "Uncle", who had worked with Hu Ge, learned that "Stop and Go" was a light comedy, so he couldn’t help but raise a big thumbs and bluntly say that Hu Ge, who is full of humor in life, should have taken the step of comedy.

The story of the film is very simple. Wu Di (played by Hu Ge), a screenwriter who has been working hard in Beijing for many years but has achieved nothing, decides to return to his hometown after being frustrated with his relationship and career.

After returning home, Wu Di has to face the need to rebuild "intimate relationships" with his family on the one hand, and also to find a new direction in life on the other hand, which has triggered a series of ironic daily routines.

At first glance, Hu Ge played a "North Drift" screenwriter after hearing good, but the two characters have obvious differences in base color.

Beijing "roll can’t move" and return to his hometown. At the same time, he also wants to fight again. He repeatedly sits up between lying down and rolling. Wu Di is more like every ordinary migrant worker.

Hu Ge also vividly interpreted the little death of this useless young man, showing a sense of humor that was once "visible" only to friends and fans.

The director revealed that many of the scenes are of Hu Ge, and his impromptu performances at the scene often surprise the crew.

Through this down-to-earth little character, Hu Ge’s performance is more relaxed and natural, with a sense of life. The rhythm of the comedy in the first half is well controlled, and the emotional surge in the second half of the heart-to-heart play is also delicate and moving.

The performance of the other lead actor, Gao Yuanyuan, was also full of surprises. If her previous roles were mostly "Muse", this time Feng Liuliu was closer to an ordinary "young woman in a small town". For example, the scene of eating noodles with Hu Ge on the roadside at the beginning was full of fireworks.

She also fully immerses herself in the role, and many of the "documentary" shots in the film were shot by the photographer in the play herself.

Not only Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan, but also the supporting actors’ performances were outstanding. In particular, the two "drama bones" made the daily life of an elderly couple "love and kill each other" real and cute.

The years of precipitation are all reflected in the details of the performance. With just one expression and one look, the audience can burst into laughter or tears.

In fact, it is easy to create such so-called "Chinese-style parents" in a rut, nothing more than a three-piece set of "urging marriage", "urging parenting" and "urging work", but "Stop and Go" tries to avoid this from the script to the performance.

This is also the style of the whole play. There is no chicken soup or preaching, and there is no need to be deliberately funny or sensational. The laughs and tears are naturally bursting out in the stories and performances of the life stream, with a light and fresh beauty that makes people feel like a spring breeze.


Going back to the title of the movie "Stop and Go", go and stop are not only "roll" and "lie down", but also "distant" and "hometown".We have read too much inspirational or chicken soup literature about this proposition.

But "Stop and Go" wants to tell you in a lightweight way that walking and stopping are the norm, and you must learn to accept your own ordinary and life’s shortcomings.

Wu Di Beipiao has achieved nothing for many years, and he has returned to his hometown to start "eating old", which is undoubtedly a loser in the secular sense.

But the life of returning to his hometown also allowed him to rediscover his family and himself, and to find the strength to start again.

Not only Wu Di, but Gao Yuanyuan’s Feng Liuliu, Yue Hong’s mother, and us in front of the screen have all faced similar choices.

Every path has its own gains and losses, and once chosen, it becomes the only path in life.

Just like my mother’s line, "No one’s life is perfect, and it’s normal to have regrets."

As for the definition of success and failure, there is no standard answer.If you are careful enough, you will send a video with a simple English title, "gold or shit".If it succeeds, it must begoldchildLife should not have such a binary evaluation system.

Just as at the premiere, someone called Wu Di a "crispy young man", Hu Ge responded: "Everyone loves to label a person too much now!Everyone may not have to take the path that everyone agrees with, and life is ultimately their own. "

He also said that he liked the ending of the film, where Wu Di and Feng Liuliu meet on a traffic-choked highway, and the two cars stop and stop on their own tracks, constantly alternating.It not only echoes the title of the film, but also the epitome of life. Stop and go, stop and go, cry and laugh, how many people have lived their lives like this.

This is also the most touching part of "Stop and Go". It is not artificial or pretentious. In this era when everyone wants to "go crazy", it reminds us that the most simple life has the longest flavor.

Wu Di’s favorite Japanese director said: "The so-called couple is the taste of this bowl of tea bubble rice."This is not the taste of life, dull but sweet.

The 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show opened on September 30th.

   The 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show will open at Nanjing International Expo Center on September 30th, with a duration of 6 days. This year’s auto show attracted 80 brands to participate in the exhibition, with more than 1,000 vehicles on display and an indoor and outdoor exhibition scale of 100,000 square meters.

Guided by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and sponsored by Jiangsu Automobile Industry Association and Nanjing Aoyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd., this auto show strives to present a wonderful automobile culture conference for Nanjing and surrounding citizens in the golden autumn festival. This year is a year of boosting consumption and the 70th anniversary of the development of China’s automobile industry. In the second half of 2023, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a number of policies, such as "Twenty Measures for Restoring and Expanding Consumption" and "Several Policies and Measures for Nanjing to Fully Promote the Sustained Economic Recovery". From the central government to the local government, promoting automobile consumption and making consumption kinetic energy "strong" are the focus of the current automobile economy. The 2023 Nanjing International Auto Show was held in the important season of "Golden September and Silver 10", creating a high-quality, diversified and professional integrated trade exhibition, which has become the preferred platform for many car companies to launch new cars, promote brands and conduct market research.

Fuel vehicle, product iterative technology upgrade

With excellent brand strength and good industry reputation, mainstream brands are still strong. At this auto show, well-known German, Japanese, American, Korean, French, British and independent brands all participated in the exhibition with a large lineup. The new cars in the year include FAW Toyota Asia Dragon BZ, Chevrolet Pioneer, Dongfeng Honda CR-V, Buick E5, GAC Toyota Highlander, WEY Wei brand Gaoshan DHT-PHEV, tank 400HI4-T, GAC Chuanqi Zhidian New Energy E9, Dongfeng Nissan brand new hacker, Dongfeng Peugeot New 408, FAW-Volkswagen ID. Family 2024, Mazda CX-50 line, Geely.

Luxury brands such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Cadillac, Janice, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, British finidi, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, etc. Keeping pace with the transformation of the automobile industry, luxury brands are also deepening and iterating over technologies and products: BMW’s pure electric family lineup is expanded again, and the "youngest" pure electric BMWix 1 takes pure driving pleasure as its initial intention and continues to expand the infinite possibilities of electric travel; SAIC Audi and FAW Audi have both luxury new power models and pure electric elements; Land Rover’s new generation Range Rover Sport Edition, on-site display of fierce performance and luxury style; Integrating the trend of electrification and intelligence, Volvo brings the luxury pure electric flagship Suvex 90; Mercedes-AMG GT four-door sports car and Mercedes-Benz V-class MPV made heavy appearances, showing Mercedes-Benz flavor; As a master of the "dynamic elegance" design concept of the Jennisseth brand, the flagship luxury car G90 will partner with G70, G80 and other models to show the brand elegance; American luxury brands Cadillac and Lincoln will bring new cars of the year-brand new XT4 and brand new navigator respectively.

New energy vehicles, with considerable sales, overtaking in corners.

From "emerging" to "overtaking in corners", the focus of the global automobile market has been replaced by the emerging new energy automobile industry and market in China. Those who get the technology win the world. In the Red Sea track of new energy vehicles, various car companies continue to dig deep into the fields of three-electric system, human-vehicle interaction, intelligent cockpit and automatic driving. At this auto show, 90% of the booths have new energy vehicles. New energy automobile brands such as BYD, Tesla, Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Krypton, Zhiji, Tengshi, Aito Wenjie, Aouita, Extremely Fox, Lantu, Euler, Wuling, Smart, Haobo, Extremely Yue, Nezha, Deep Blue Automobile, Zero Run, Ford Electric Horse, Galaxy, GAC Ai ‘an, Feifan and Geometry were all present.

All models of BYD’s Dynasty Network and Ocean Network gathered at this auto show, bringing a rich product matrix including plug-in hybrid models and pure electric vehicles; Model 3, Tesla’s best-selling model, was refreshed for the first time after six years; Weilai ES6 based on the new NT 2.0 platform made a heavy appearance; LI brings the full product lineup of Ideal L7, Ideal L8 and Ideal L9; All models in Tucki are super smart coupe P7I, ultra-fast fully intelligent pure electric SUV Tucki G9, and super smart coupe SUV Tucki G6 bloom on the same stage; There are three classic models of extreme krypton brand: luxury hunting coupe extreme krypton 001, the world’s first original pure electric luxury MPV extreme krypton 009 and new luxury all-round SUV extreme krypton X; High-value medium and large smart coupe SUV Zhiji LS6 made a stunning debut.

In order to stand out from the new power brands, many car companies have started the brand-up attempt, and the luxury electric track is also facing fierce competition. Haobo debuted with the ace model Haobo HyperGT, and the wind-dancing rotor has a super-large opening angle of up to 43, and the super-running design is stunning; Huawei’s deeply empowered new Aito asks M7 to upgrade heavily; The brand-new high-end smart car robot brand brings the first model, Ji Yue 01. After Baidu joins, the new car has the advantages of Baidu smart cockpit and AI technology. Aouita 11 HarmonyOS version of the brand-new car is integrated into the HarmonyOS system, and the car experience will be a brand-new upgrade.

Multi-display and in-depth experience of automobile culture

Since its establishment in 2002, Nanjing International Auto Show has kept up with the development trend of the industry and continuously integrated new sections and elements. In order to further upgrade the interactive experience of the auto show and lead the new trend, this year’s auto show will be linked with brands related to off-road pickup trucks, refits, motorcycles, car models and camping and self-driving, focusing on creating outdoor off-road challenges, the carnival of car refitting, the 2nd Nanjing Locomotive Culture Festival, the pickup truck camping exhibition area of Nanjing International Auto Show and the centennial car model exhibition, which will be full of one-stop experiences of seeing, playing and enjoying cars on the spot, and will become a gathering place for cross-circle communication between different car categories and riders.

The 2023 Nanjing International Auto Show opened a field test ride for the audience. The Land Rover brand, which focuses on hard-core off-road, brought Pagoda off-road challenges. Through complex terrain combinations and harsh ramps, it fully demonstrated its all-terrain strength and conveyed the fearless "challenger spirit". Audiences who like off-road and Land Rover brands can experience it on the spot and personally feel the unique performance of Land Rover’s new generation of Range Rover sports models.

Car modification carnival, dozens of personalized modification exhibition cars from players all over the country show the charm of modification on the spot, and pay tribute to car culture lovers. At the same time, there are many activities such as drill pipe race, loud voice challenge, balloon pressure challenge, etc., and the car modification is one stop in the end; The 2nd Nanjing Motorcycle Culture Festival gathered brands such as Harley, Yamaha, Chunfeng, Vespa, Peugeot, Seclon, Zeeho, etc., and got in touch with the latest motorcycle models and felt the trend motorcycle culture. The pickup truck exhibition area, which gives consideration to strength aesthetics and philosophy of life, gathers many popular models such as Great Wall Shanhai Gun/Passenger Gun/Firebomb Edition, Raptor, Jiangxi Isuzu New DMAX/New Lingtuo, Beiqi Calorie, Wuling Journey, etc. There are also exquisite camping related products brought by the outdoor brand "Northland" on site, which shows the unique charm of pickup trucks and outdoor camping. The century-old automobile model exhibition focuses on nearly 3,000 models of cars, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, racing cars, motorcycles and various special vehicles, which shows the century-old history of the automobile industry and feels the intersection of history and automobile culture.

Preferential policies to actively help automobile consumption

As one of the series activities of "2023 Nanjing International Consumer Festival", this year’s Nanjing Auto Show will further help upgrade the regional consumption. The organizers of the auto show have promoted a million car purchase subsidy activities: every audience who buys a car at the exhibition site can get a car purchase subsidy of 500-3000 yuan every day after registering with the car purchase order and the owner’s ID card. In addition, all visitors can voluntarily participate in the "National Day Auto Show to Win Gifts Every Day" activity, and they can participate in the event through the Nanjing Auto Show applet, and have the opportunity to win the Sony PS5, Huawei Tablet and Northland camping gift package awards.

Brand gathering, new cars gathering, car buying, and in-depth experience of car culture, from September 30th to October 5th, 2023 (21st) Nanjing International Auto Show is a visit and interactive experience!


Remind! In 2018, the timetable for research was released, and the "gold content" of these 10 certificates was super high!

  CCTV News:Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice on the 2018 Professional and Technical Personnel Qualification Examination Plan and Related Issues, announced the 2018 professional and technical personnel qualification examination work plan, and made arrangements for relevant issues.

  The economic professional and technical qualification examination is fully implemented by computer examination.

  In 2018, the economic professional and technical qualification examination (primary and intermediate) will be fully implemented by computer, so please prepare for the corresponding examination.

  The tenderer will conduct a one-time final exam.

  The State Council has cancelled the professional qualification of the bid inviter, and the 2018 bid inviter exam is a one-time final exam. Candidates whose qualified subjects are still valid as of 2017 can sign up for the exam. After the end of this examination, those who have passed all the examination subjects will be awarded the professional qualification certificates of the original tenderers in accordance with the Interim Provisions on the Professional Qualification System for Tenderers (No.19 [2013] of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).

  The certificate can be used as a certificate with corresponding professional and technical ability and level.


  The national vocational qualification examination has a unified outline, unified proposition and unified organization, and qualified professional and technical personnel should obtain corresponding vocational qualification certificates through the examination. The majority of candidates should register and take exams through formal channels according to regulations, and do not believe in false propaganda.

  At the same time, the state has not designated any training institutions to carry out vocational qualification examination training, and those who cheat or organize cheating on illegal training institutions under the guise of "guaranteeing" will be seriously investigated for their legal responsibilities according to law.

  These 10 certificates are very valuable ↓

  1. Certificate of Certified Public Accountant

  CPA(Certified PublicAccountant) is the abbreviation of certified public accountant. In large and medium-sized enterprises, most of them need to hold a certified public accountant certificate to recruit positions such as chief accountant, financial manager, chief financial officer and chief accountant.

  CPA is the highest-level certificate in the accounting field in China, and it is also the only official certificate with "signature right". Therefore, if you want to be a certified public accountant, you must first get the CPA. According to the latest data of AICPA, there are 235,398 registered accountants in China, including 104,913 practicing accountants and 130,485 non-practicing accountants, but they still cannot meet the social demand for senior accountants.

  Registration conditions:Have graduated from a junior college or above, or have intermediate or above technical titles in accounting or related majors.

  2. Legal professional qualification certificate

  According to the provisions of the Judges Law, the Prosecutors Law, the Lawyers Law and the Notarization Law, newly appointed judges, newly appointed prosecutors, applicants for lawyer practice and notaries must pass the national judicial examination and obtain legal professional qualification certificates.

  The national judicial examination can be regarded as the entry threshold for practitioners in the judicial industry in China. It is extremely difficult and the annual pass rate is about 10%.

  2017 is the last year of the national judicial examination. After that, the judicial examination system will be adjusted to the national unified legal professional qualification examination system.

  Application conditions:Bachelor’s degree in law in colleges and universities, or bachelor’s degree in non-law in colleges and universities, and have legal professional knowledge.

  3. International Certified Public Accountant Certificate (ACCA)

  ACCA, a chartered certified accountants, is also commonly known as the International Certified Public Accountant in China, and its popularity is second only to CPA. With the characteristics of all-English exams, many subjects, great difficulty and high gold content, its position in the accounting field is unshakable. At present, it has more than 20,000 members and more than 40,000 students in China, especially favored by the College Students’ Textual Research Party.

  ACCA applies international accounting standards. With the accelerated development of economic globalization, many foreign companies in China and state-owned enterprises going abroad need ACCA holders. Accounting firms also need ACCA holders who are familiar with international accounting standards when auditing listed companies such as US stocks.

  Registration conditionsYou can register at least 16 years old. ACCA is a certificate that only a few freshmen can apply for and finish their studies before graduation.

  4. Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate

  CharteredFinancialAnalyst (CFA), also known as "Chartered Financial Analyst", has always been regarded as an MBA in the financial investment field. CFA qualification certificates are awarded to a wide range of professionals in various investment fields, including fund managers, securities analysts, chief financial officers, investment consultants and so on.

  The examination content is divided into three different levels, namely LEVEL Ⅰ, LEVEL Ⅱ and LEVEL Ⅲ. Examinations are held in all parts of the world, and each candidate must complete three different levels of examinations in turn. CFA qualification examination is conducted in English.

  Qualification certification:Candidates are required to have a comprehensive and profound grasp of financial knowledge and have four years of relevant work experience.

  5. Chinese actuary certificate

  The actuary is a profession with an annual salary of over one million abroad and a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan at home, which is called "the golden collar among the golden collars". In China, it is said that there are only more than 400 actuaries at present, but there are less than 50 actuaries recognized by the world insurance industry. The market demand for actuaries will reach 5,000 in the future, and the number of people applying for actuarial examinations will also increase year by year.

  Application conditions:The test is divided into two levels: quasi-actuary and actuary. Applicants for quasi-actuaries need to have a bachelor’s degree or above, and applicants for actuaries need to have the qualification of quasi-actuaries in China.

  6, practicing doctor certificate

  The qualification certificate of medical practitioner is the most important criterion to judge whether a doctor has the qualification to practice medicine. The so-called "doctor" who has not obtained the qualification certificate of medical practitioner belongs to "illegal medical practice". The country’s requirements for practicing qualifications are more and more strict, and legal practice, the sooner the qualification certificate of practicing doctors is obtained, the better.

  Application conditions (meet one of the following conditions):

  Having a bachelor’s degree or above in medical major in an institution of higher learning, and having completed a probation period of one year in a medical, preventive and health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner;

  Having obtained the practicing certificate of practicing assistant physician, having a medical college degree in an institution of higher learning and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for two years;

  Having a medical degree in a secondary specialized school and having worked in a medical, preventive and health care institution for five years.

  In addition, those who have a medical college degree in a higher school or a medical college degree in a secondary specialized school, have completed a one-year probationary period in a medical, preventive or health care institution under the guidance of a medical practitioner, or have studied traditional medicine for three years or have expertise in medical skills for many years can also take the qualification examination for medical practitioners.

  7. Teacher qualification certificate

  Teacher’s qualification certificate is an essential certificate for teachers in the education industry. As a statutory certificate with nationally recognized teacher qualifications, it is uniformly printed by the education administrative department of the State Council. Since 2015, the teacher qualification certificate has taken the form of a unified national examination.

  8. Certificate of Human Resource Manager

  The human resources department, the finance department and the marketing department are also called the "troika" that drives enterprises, and human resources management is one of the few occupations that continue to be bullish.

  There are four levels of human resource managers, namely: level 4 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 4), level 3 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 3), level 2 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 2) and level 1 enterprise human resource managers (national vocational qualification level 1).

  9, psychological counselor certificate

  With the increasing attention to mental health in China, the psychological counseling industry will be paid more and more attention. Persons who have been or are going to be engaged in the profession of psychological counselors should receive special vocational training and obtain the "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Professional Qualification Certificate" issued by psychological counselors nationwide before engaging in corresponding psychological counseling activities.

  Application conditions:Psychological counselors are divided into one or two grades, and the standard conditions for entering the exam are different. Educational background in psychology, pedagogy and medicine is generally required.

  10, the national translation professional qualification certificate (level)

  As a national evaluation system for translation talents, the Translation Qualification Examination has been praised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and senior experts in the industry for many times. The leader of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has said many times: "We chose the Foreign Languages Bureau to organize the examination correctly … … The examination has had a good influence at home and abroad, and it is one of the most successful projects in the national vocational qualification examination at present. "

   Application conditions:Anyone who has a certain level of foreign language, regardless of age, education, qualifications and identity, can sign up for the corresponding language level 2 and 3 exams.

  Are you going to do textual research in 2018?

Go to bed early and get up late, and don’t make up 10 rules for winter health, so as to refuel your health.

  Editor’s note:Winter is the season when vitality lurks and hides. It is the end of one year and the beginning of the next. As the saying goes, "Spring grows, summer grows, autumn harvests, and winter hides", so it is very important to keep in good health in winter. Look at the key points of winter health care!

  Keep healthy in winter, go to bed early and get up late.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, man and nature are a whole, and man should adapt to the four seasons changes of nature and arrange his daily life and rest reasonably. Hong Zhaoguang, chief physician of Beijing anzhen hospital, pointed out that when the sun rises, the body clock will send out instructions and the sympathetic nerves will start to get excited, which means you should get up.

  In winter, the days are shortened and the nights are increased. People should also follow the principle of "winter storage", appropriately extend their sleep time, and adjust their work and rest to "go to bed early and get up late", sleeping one or two hours earlier than in other seasons and getting up one or two hours later. Liu Dequan, chief physician of Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Geriatric Hospital, reminded. Old people who are weak in yang should wait until the sun comes out to avoid cold evil. Otherwise, it is likely to cause respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs and asthma, and even induce accidents such as angina pectoris.

  Keep healthy in winter, have breakfast late, have dinner early.

  Get up late in winter, breakfast should also be postponed. When people sleep, the digestive system is still working hard to digest the food they eat in a day. If you eat breakfast too early, it will make your digestive system tired. After getting up, you can drink a little water first, and then prepare breakfast in a leisurely way, leaving enough rest time for the digestive system.

  The habit of going to bed early at night also determines that dinner should be eaten early in winter, especially for the elderly, whose digestive function is weak, so it is more necessary to eat early to ensure that the body has enough time to digest food thoroughly. This can not only avoid food accumulation at night, but also ensure good sleep quality.

  Eating "hard" early and drinking thin late in winter

  The "hard" eating early here actually doesn’t mean something with hard taste, but food with rich nutrition and high energy. Liu Dequan said that a good breakfast can better ensure the energy needed for a day’s activities. Such as lean meat and cereal. However, the elderly with weak digestive function should also consider whether the food is digestible.

  After dinner, people’s activities will be reduced. In order to avoid food accumulation, we should eat less and choose digested food, porridge is better, and meat and spicy food are best avoided. Eating porridge for dinner also has the functions of nourishing the stomach and calming the nerves. It is recommended that the elderly can eat some yam porridge, lotus seed porridge, jujube porridge and so on.

  Drinking water early and honey late in winter.

  There is a saying in Chinese medicine: "Drink salt water early and honey late". Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained that salt has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood, detoxifying and nourishing kidney. Drinking a glass of light salt water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is helpful to reduce fire and benefit the kidney, relieve constipation and improve the digestive function of the stomach, and is also good for those who get angry and have sore throat. However, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and people with poor renal function should drink carefully; Generally, the salt in 100ml water should not exceed 0.9g, so as not to increase the burden on kidneys and heart.

  Drinking honey water at night can help digestion and sleep. Before going to bed every day, you can scoop a spoonful of honey and mix it with warm water. But people who have the habit of getting up at night had better not drink honey at night, because its sugar content is high, which is easy to cause polyuria; People with diabetes should also drink carefully.

  Doing morning exercises in winter is late, late and early.

  Whether you get up early or exercise in the evening, you also need to adapt to the seasonal characteristics of winter. Liu Dequan believes that a major principle in choosing exercise time is: don’t exercise until you see the sun. Therefore, the morning exercise should wait until the sun comes out, and the evening exercise should be before the sun goes down. Only in this way can we ensure that the yang in the human body is not damaged. Therefore, in winter, the time of morning exercise is later than other seasons, and the exercise in the evening is earlier than other seasons.

  In addition, the temperature is low in the morning and evening in winter, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. If you go out to exercise too early, you are more likely to catch cold, and your blood pressure may rise due to vasoconstriction, which may cause physical discomfort. Exercise too late at night may also lead to discomfort due to temperature problems, especially for the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  In winter, keeping in good health, exercising early, exercising quietly, exercising late and exercising more.

  Some people like doing exercises and boxing, while others like running and dancing. We should choose different exercise methods according to different physical conditions. Wu Wenqiang, an associate professor at the School of Education of Beijing Sport University, believes that people just wake up from sleep in the morning, and the whole body is still in a state of "inhibition". Proper exercise can help restore vitality. However, the awakening of the human body needs a process, which should be gradual, so you should not do more strenuous exercise in the morning, and you can do morning exercises and play Tai Chi.

  In the evening, the human body is basically active. Research by British sports physiologists also found that after 4 pm and at night, people’s physical strength, responsiveness and adaptability will reach a better state, and their heartbeat and blood pressure will be relatively stable. Therefore, you can do a little more intense activities, such as playing ball and running, and the elderly can also choose dancing, brisk walking and other sports. However, if the exercise time is arranged 20 minutes after dinner or 10 minutes before going to bed, it should be as gentle and gentle as possible, such as walking.

  Keep healthy in winter, get up early in the sun and soak your feet at night.

  Sunbathing helps to supplement calcium and cheer up the spirit. Liu Dequan suggested sunbathing more in the morning for 15 minutes, which can help to improve the level of vitamin D in the human body and promote calcium absorption. In Japan, sunbathing regularly after getting up early is regarded as a kind of sleep therapy, because sunbathing can make the biological clock in the human body gradually return to normal, which is one of the keys to relieve insomnia.

  Soaking feet with hot water helps blood circulation and improves sleep quality, so it is recommended to do it before going to bed. After a day’s activity, I feel tired at night, and my liver and kidney are in urgent need of rest and recuperation. Yang Li said that the best way to recuperate at this time is to soak your feet. Liu Dequan also suggested that you should soak your feet in water at about 40 degrees Celsius for half an hour before going to bed, so that you can get hot, but you can’t sweat obviously. After soaking your feet, it is suggested that you should stop doing other activities and fall asleep every few minutes, which is better.

  Tonifying health in winter is not a mistake.

  Many people think that winter is a golden season for tonic. When winter comes, all kinds of tonics are eaten in large quantities, and many businesses have launched various "packages" and "partners" to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, it is enough to make up for it properly in winter. In winter, it is mainly closed, not leaked. Excessive tonic will lead to the disorder of body balance, especially the excessive use of nourishing yang and invigorating qi will lead to the leakage of essence in the body, resulting in "no essence in winter". Therefore, in winter, it should be properly supplemented, and it is not possible to make up for it. In particular, ginseng, velvet antler and other "sharp tools" for invigorating qi and tonifying yang should be more cautious.

  Love to eat in winter, but don’t eat in error.

  It’s freezing in winter, eating a spicy hot pot and sweating all over, and many people will feel very comfortable, but they don’t know that this is dissipating the yang of the human body. In winter, we should give priority to nourishing yin essence, and we must not use hot products indiscriminately. Of course, you can’t eat some cold products in winter, so as not to damage spleen yang, affect spleen and stomach transport and destroy digestive system. In short, in winter, we should give priority to a peaceful and moist diet, such as drinking more porridge, putting some jujube, medlar, longan, tremella and lily appropriately, and adding a small amount of ginger as appropriate, which can be tonic but not greasy, moist and not dry, and is a good tonic for winter. Taboo a large number of hot products such as mutton, pepper, etc., and a large number of cold products such as fruits and ice cream.

  Want to drink in winter health, don’t drink in vain.

  In winter, many people like to drink some white wine to warm themselves up. In fact, moderate drinking is beneficial to health, which can warm the blood vessels, dispel the wind and dispel the cold. The common recipe for postpartum biochemical soup is to take it with white wine. However, liquor is a warm product after all. Excessive drinking will dissipate human yang, and excessive drinking will also cause dampness and phlegm, which will make people feel dizzy and depressed. Nowadays, many young people like to drink drinks. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can easily lead to obesity. In winter, drinking too much drinks will damage spleen yang and lead to indigestion. At the same time, some drinks also contain a lot of gas, which can easily lead to bloating after drinking. Therefore, you should not drink too much white wine or drink too many cold drinks in winter. In fact, red wine, as the most natural healthy drink, has the merit of beauty beauty and can be used as a good health product in winter. In addition, black tea is sweet in taste, warm in nature, good at storing yang, generating heat and warming the abdomen, which can enhance the human body’s resistance to cold, and also has the functions of removing greasy food, appetizing and refreshing, so it is very suitable for drinking in winter. (Source: Life Times, China Chinese Medicine News)