The first in Xuzhou! Kaijian! The robot parking service.

Let’s just say,

This technology is really getting more and more developed.

This parking lot in Xuzhou.

There is a robot "parking service"!

It’s downtown

Exhibition hall underground parking lot!


Construction has officially started!


Intelligent parking service robot underground parking

Environmental effect diagram

Xuzhou shouge AGV wisdom parking lot

It is understood that the plots around the exhibition hall are mainly for cultural facilities, commercial and residential land, and the parking demand is large. The purpose of building underground parking lot of exhibition hall is to alleviate the problem of parking around and improve traffic.

According to the person in charge of the Municipal Parking Office, the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall is invested, constructed and operated by the Municipal Transportation Holding Group. The project is located in the northwest of the intersection of Huaihai West Road and Lida Road. The original design plan has a total of 117 parking spaces, including 15 rechargeable parking spaces and 4 barrier-free parking spaces. However, at the planning review meeting held in our city on January 29th this year, the participants thought that there was a big contradiction between supply and demand of parking around the project, and the parking land resources were scarce, so the project design should be as intelligent and intensive as possible, and relevant amendments should be put forward to form a new final plan.

Intelligent parking service robot underground parking environment

The new scheme of the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall, the setting area and land area remain unchanged, and the more advanced AGV "robot handling" parking spaces are adopted to increase to 236 and the charging parking spaces to 28!

Car shops and pedestrian entrances and exits are set up on Lida Road, parking rooms are set up in the northeast corner, and fire rescue ladders, fire control rooms and exhaust booths are set up in the southwest corner. The underground parking lot is designed to be two floors underground, and the intelligent parking service robot is used for automatic parking. No one stays in the underground space and it is not connected with the subway station.

"This is the first AGV parking lot in our city, which is a parking lot with robots’ help’." The person in charge said that the total investment of the parking lot is about 60 million yuan, and it is planned to be completed in March next year.

Robot-assisted parking is smarter

The person in charge said that when the citizens drive to the door of the parking room, the garage door will automatically open and go straight ahead. There is a parking notice screen at a conspicuous position in front of the vehicle, and two green horizontal lines indicate that the vehicle has been parked. After a series of operations such as closing the window, turning off the engine and pulling the hand brake, finally, a simple message is confirmed on the parking screen at the door of the parking room, and the parking can be completed by receiving the QR code receipt.

The robot is ready to drive the car into the parking space.

A two-dimensional code corresponds to a berth, and the robot will automatically move to the bottom of the vehicle. Using machine vision and laser navigation technology, unmanned driving and intelligent control of the system can be realized, and the car can be transported to the designated parking space with a positioning accuracy of 5 mm.

When citizens pick up the car, they can click on the scan code in the waiting area to pick up the car and then scan the QR code. The license plate number and the photo of the car will be displayed on the screen, and the robot will carry the car to the pick-up position after checking it correctly. If the QR code receipt is lost, you can enter the license plate to pick up the car.

One-click car retrieval

"With the help of robots, we can avoid the embarrassment that vehicles are not easy to park, and we can also avoid the helplessness of not finding a parking space when parking and not finding a car when picking up the car. In addition, it can effectively improve the parking space and increase the parking density. " The person in charge told the reporter that there are five elevator devices in the parking room, which are used in succession, and the average time for parking and picking up the car is no more than 5 minutes.

"It can realize automatic charging of new energy vehicles. Using peak-shifting charging, time-sharing charging and alternating charging, 28 charging piles can provide charging services for at least 78 new energy vehicles every day. "

The person in charge said that the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall is based on the concept of high parking capacity and high-tech parking service, with the goal of alleviating the surrounding parking tension as much as possible, and adding intelligent parking robot technology on the basis of modern intelligent parking and intelligent management parking.

The building incorporates Chinese cultural elements.

The reporter learned that according to the characteristics of the buildings around the project, the above-ground part of the parking lot, mainly parking rooms, will be integrated into the surrounding building environment to the greatest extent, and the materials and colors similar to those of the surrounding buildings will be used in the building materials; Taking modern architectural style as the main tone, and integrating traditional Chinese cultural architectural elements.

"The facade design of the parking room extracts the artistic symbols of Xuzhou Han cultural elements and the square cultural elements art wall as the window opening form of the building facade to enhance the architectural cultural connotation; The building material adopts the form of steel structure, supplemented by the form of window opening with certain cultural connotation, which has a simple and light architectural effect; The building height is as simple as possible on the basis of meeting the necessary structural dimensions. The floor height of the parking room in the current scheme is 3.65m m. "

According to the person in charge, the overall layout mainly considers minimizing the obstruction to the exhibition hall building and the coordination with the surrounding environment. The single building on the ground avoids the layout of the main entrance of the exhibition hall and the core area of the square, and at the same time minimizes the modeling volume to create a harmonious area of Xuzhou Exhibition Hall, leisure square and intelligent technology parking. At the same time, considering the possible influence of the streamline of the vehicle on the square, the parking room will be arranged on the east side of the square, facing the opening of Lida Road, so as to avoid the traffic cutting the square.

Through this arrangement, the vehicles on Lida Road turn right directly into the parking buffer zone, and then enter the parking room for parking. After the vehicles on Huaihai West Road and Shaohua Street merge into Lida Road, continue to drive north for a certain distance, then turn around, and then turn right into the parking room to park. After picking up the car for the driver, turn right along Lida Road and leave on Huaihai West Road.

Reporter Lu Ming correspondent Xu Peng

Original title: "The first one in Xuzhou! Kaijian! Robot "parking service"

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