The first in Xuzhou! Kaijian! The robot parking service.

Let’s just say,

This technology is really getting more and more developed.

This parking lot in Xuzhou.

There is a robot "parking service"!

It’s downtown

Exhibition hall underground parking lot!


Construction has officially started!


Intelligent parking service robot underground parking

Environmental effect diagram

Xuzhou shouge AGV wisdom parking lot

It is understood that the plots around the exhibition hall are mainly for cultural facilities, commercial and residential land, and the parking demand is large. The purpose of building underground parking lot of exhibition hall is to alleviate the problem of parking around and improve traffic.

According to the person in charge of the Municipal Parking Office, the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall is invested, constructed and operated by the Municipal Transportation Holding Group. The project is located in the northwest of the intersection of Huaihai West Road and Lida Road. The original design plan has a total of 117 parking spaces, including 15 rechargeable parking spaces and 4 barrier-free parking spaces. However, at the planning review meeting held in our city on January 29th this year, the participants thought that there was a big contradiction between supply and demand of parking around the project, and the parking land resources were scarce, so the project design should be as intelligent and intensive as possible, and relevant amendments should be put forward to form a new final plan.

Intelligent parking service robot underground parking environment

The new scheme of the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall, the setting area and land area remain unchanged, and the more advanced AGV "robot handling" parking spaces are adopted to increase to 236 and the charging parking spaces to 28!

Car shops and pedestrian entrances and exits are set up on Lida Road, parking rooms are set up in the northeast corner, and fire rescue ladders, fire control rooms and exhaust booths are set up in the southwest corner. The underground parking lot is designed to be two floors underground, and the intelligent parking service robot is used for automatic parking. No one stays in the underground space and it is not connected with the subway station.

"This is the first AGV parking lot in our city, which is a parking lot with robots’ help’." The person in charge said that the total investment of the parking lot is about 60 million yuan, and it is planned to be completed in March next year.

Robot-assisted parking is smarter

The person in charge said that when the citizens drive to the door of the parking room, the garage door will automatically open and go straight ahead. There is a parking notice screen at a conspicuous position in front of the vehicle, and two green horizontal lines indicate that the vehicle has been parked. After a series of operations such as closing the window, turning off the engine and pulling the hand brake, finally, a simple message is confirmed on the parking screen at the door of the parking room, and the parking can be completed by receiving the QR code receipt.

The robot is ready to drive the car into the parking space.

A two-dimensional code corresponds to a berth, and the robot will automatically move to the bottom of the vehicle. Using machine vision and laser navigation technology, unmanned driving and intelligent control of the system can be realized, and the car can be transported to the designated parking space with a positioning accuracy of 5 mm.

When citizens pick up the car, they can click on the scan code in the waiting area to pick up the car and then scan the QR code. The license plate number and the photo of the car will be displayed on the screen, and the robot will carry the car to the pick-up position after checking it correctly. If the QR code receipt is lost, you can enter the license plate to pick up the car.

One-click car retrieval

"With the help of robots, we can avoid the embarrassment that vehicles are not easy to park, and we can also avoid the helplessness of not finding a parking space when parking and not finding a car when picking up the car. In addition, it can effectively improve the parking space and increase the parking density. " The person in charge told the reporter that there are five elevator devices in the parking room, which are used in succession, and the average time for parking and picking up the car is no more than 5 minutes.

"It can realize automatic charging of new energy vehicles. Using peak-shifting charging, time-sharing charging and alternating charging, 28 charging piles can provide charging services for at least 78 new energy vehicles every day. "

The person in charge said that the underground parking lot of the exhibition hall is based on the concept of high parking capacity and high-tech parking service, with the goal of alleviating the surrounding parking tension as much as possible, and adding intelligent parking robot technology on the basis of modern intelligent parking and intelligent management parking.

The building incorporates Chinese cultural elements.

The reporter learned that according to the characteristics of the buildings around the project, the above-ground part of the parking lot, mainly parking rooms, will be integrated into the surrounding building environment to the greatest extent, and the materials and colors similar to those of the surrounding buildings will be used in the building materials; Taking modern architectural style as the main tone, and integrating traditional Chinese cultural architectural elements.

"The facade design of the parking room extracts the artistic symbols of Xuzhou Han cultural elements and the square cultural elements art wall as the window opening form of the building facade to enhance the architectural cultural connotation; The building material adopts the form of steel structure, supplemented by the form of window opening with certain cultural connotation, which has a simple and light architectural effect; The building height is as simple as possible on the basis of meeting the necessary structural dimensions. The floor height of the parking room in the current scheme is 3.65m m. "

According to the person in charge, the overall layout mainly considers minimizing the obstruction to the exhibition hall building and the coordination with the surrounding environment. The single building on the ground avoids the layout of the main entrance of the exhibition hall and the core area of the square, and at the same time minimizes the modeling volume to create a harmonious area of Xuzhou Exhibition Hall, leisure square and intelligent technology parking. At the same time, considering the possible influence of the streamline of the vehicle on the square, the parking room will be arranged on the east side of the square, facing the opening of Lida Road, so as to avoid the traffic cutting the square.

Through this arrangement, the vehicles on Lida Road turn right directly into the parking buffer zone, and then enter the parking room for parking. After the vehicles on Huaihai West Road and Shaohua Street merge into Lida Road, continue to drive north for a certain distance, then turn around, and then turn right into the parking room to park. After picking up the car for the driver, turn right along Lida Road and leave on Huaihai West Road.

Reporter Lu Ming correspondent Xu Peng

Original title: "The first one in Xuzhou! Kaijian! Robot "parking service"

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Have you ever heard of the original Tik Tok online celebrity beauty singer?

Original title: Tik Tok online celebrity beauty singer, have you all heard of it?

Tik Tok’s more popular beauty singer, have you brushed it? Come and have a look. In no particular order.

First place, Little Seven.

In September 2019, Xiao Aqi’s first original song "Wave" was launched. In October 2019, singing in the streets of Guangzhou became popular with a song "The Girl Told Me", which gained a lot of popularity overnight and successfully gained 10 million fans.

She often shows roadshows and sends videos frequently, so she is a very hard-working girl.

I prefer to wear this kind of beggar’s pants, and I was joked by netizens that I was too poor to buy pants, saying that I would buy a good pair of pants for Xiao Aqi when I got paid.

What Xiao Aqi was criticized for was nothing more than his short head and high shoes. In fact, appearance is not important, but strength and heat are important.

No.2 Ayouyou

Ayouyou, because of the cover of the song "Acacia", quickly became popular on major online platforms.

Released the single "Boring" on September 30, 2019; On April 22, 2020, the single "An Old Dream" was released.

Ayouyou’s popularity is a cover of "A Song of Acacia" at the wedding. If nothing unexpected happens, it is the result of capital operation.

However, Ayou’s special voice impressed people once.

A long leg is also a feature, and there are often many comments like "this leg is really nice" in the comment area.

Third place Dai Yutong

On July 28, 2017, the single "Letter" was released. On October 9, 2019, the single "Gray Zone" was released; On November 27th, the single "Gorgeous Loneliness" was released. On July 14th, 2020, the single "I want to be nice to you" was released. In addition, she also participated in the recording of Hunan Satellite TV variety show "Sing Up".

Dai Yutong’s business operation is very successful and her appearance is fashionable and beautiful.

Dai Yutong is slim and has a unique voice, which is known as "the voice kissed by an angel".

Dai Yutong also has the reputation of "long-legged singer" and has thousands of fans.

No.4 fish sparkles

On January 16th, 2021, he participated in the YY 2020 annual grand ceremony of "Gathering Power", and sang live broadcasts such as "One Drunk", "Chicken Beeping", "Snowing Harbin", "Telling the Truth", "You are an April Day on Earth" and "My Good Brother" with Han Yale, Wen er, Tai Qing and Xiao Aqi.

On September 9, 2022, he participated in the meta-cosmic variety show "Super Music Collection".

On February 26th, 2023, he participated in YY2022 Peak Festival, and performed "Long Road with You" with Xinqiao Wushu Lion Dance Team in Fanyu District.

The fish is shiny and beautiful, with fair skin.

Fish sparkles and Xiao Qiqi cooperate to send a video.

Fish sparkle also has a pair of beautiful legs. In her comment area, someone always deliberately described her as Dai Yutong. Strangely, no one mentioned fish sparkle in Dai Yutong’s comment area.

Fish often wears a navel dress in sparkling videos, but because the navel is low and not often exposed, it is joked by fans that "Sparkling has no belly button".

No.5 fansisi

Representative works include In Fairy Tales, Appearance, Initial Heart, Snow and Ice City. Fansisi became popular on various platforms with its gentle voice and sweet voice.

With a good voice, Fansisi is famous in Tik Tok. Under the appearance of Japanese Lori, she has a natural royal elder sister voice, which is extremely explosive and stands out in online celebrity.

Most of the videos of Fansisi are cute and cute.

Fansisi covers many songs. Recently, the comment area has been talking about whether she has plastic surgery.

This is the thinking of rice from the perspective of passers-by, which is a little short. But cute.

No.6 Wang Yumeng

Wang Yumeng is a talented woman who combines beauty and talent. Her voice is gentle and beautiful, or very "soft and sweet". Her image is lovely and lovely, giving people a comfortable and clear feeling.

Wang Yumeng is good at singing styles of various voices, which can be sad, lyrical and cheerful. There is nothing too grandiose in her video, just quietly covering songs in front of the camera and conquering many netizens.

Wang Yumeng has a gentle voice and a lovely image.

Wang Yumeng is good at singing styles with multiple voices.

7 th wild pony

At the beginning of 2018, he joined Tik Tok for the first time and released his first Tik Tok; On June 28th, Wild Pony started his live broadcast in Tik Tok. On August 12 th, the cover song "I don’t understand more and more" made more netizens know the wild pony.

At present, there are many original songs and two solo concerts have been successfully held.

The appearance is pure and sweet, the skin is white and delicate, just like the flowers of nature, brilliant and dazzling, with elegant temperament, and singing is not ostentatious or grandiose.

The face value of the wild pony is also very good, and the casual dress with a white and flawless smile looks really cured, giving people a feeling of first love for a girl.

No.8 Tang Yi

On July 14, 2020, the single "Moth to the Fire" was released; On July 23, the single "Stab in the Heart" was released; On August 15th, the single "You Kill Me with Love" was released. On September 12th, the single "The Most Regretful Man" was released.

Tang Yi live broadcast room is very popular, full of singing atmosphere, singing and dancing songs.

Compared with other singers in online celebrity, she is older and criticized for singing by yelling. In fact, this is also a matter of opinion.

In the era of traffic, short videos and live broadcasts bring us more entertainment and choices, and also let us get to know singers at close range. These beautiful singers from online celebrity? Do you have anything you like? Welcome to leave a comment.

Editor in charge:

Computer control of 45 lighting operation modes in Olympic badminton venues

  On the 10th of this month, the "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 International Badminton Invitational Tournament started in the Gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology. The China team sent first-line players such as Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Xie Xingfang and Zhang Ning. In addition, the National Youth Team also handed in a list of 22 players. An invitational tournament without Olympic points, as for listing such a huge lineup?

  "Adapt to the venue!" Li Yongbo, head coach of the national badminton team, made clear the main tasks of this competition before the competition. As a venue for hosting badminton and rhythmic gymnastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we certainly want to take this opportunity to feel it in advance.

  The steel dome spans 93 meters.

  The gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology is located in the campus of Beijing University of Technology on the East Fourth Ring Road in the shape of "flat badminton". When I walked into the gymnasium of Polytechnic University, the first feeling was as if I was immersed in a "blue ocean", with blue seats, blue fences and blue carpets.

  "The use of blue as the background tone is not a whim of our team, but a consideration based on the characteristics of badminton. The image landscape of badminton needs to highlight the word "elegance". Secondly, the rules of badminton require that the background is dark, and colors such as red and yellow cannot be used, so we finally chose blue. This also makes it easier for athletes to identify white badminton during the competition. " Xue Qiang, the image and landscape manager of the venue, explained that in the next rhythmic gymnastics competition, the venue will use more colorful colors such as yellow and pink.

  In the museum, if you look up a little, you will find that five circumferential steel cables and 56 radial steel tie rods at the top of the museum are woven into a fishnet in the air. This steel structure, which is about 150 meters long and 120 meters wide, has also created a record in the history of world architecture-the world’s largest span prestressed suspen-dome, with a maximum span of 93 meters.

  Clever design to avoid the influence of airflow

  Ji Xinpeng, a former Olympic champion and now the coach of the China badminton team, told the players: "Adapting to the venue is mainly to adapt to the romantic situation in the venue." During next year’s Olympic Games, Beijing is in the hot summer. In this museum which can accommodate more than 7,000 people, how to keep the indoor temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius without disturbing the competition? Can Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium do it? The "answer sheet" was handed in in advance in this invitational tournament, and national players such as Lin Dan expressed their satisfaction with the venue.

  Zhang Ailin went on to tell reporters that the gymnasium adopted the air-conditioning design of air supply under the auditorium, and more than 9,100 air outlet holes with a diameter of 13 cm were hidden under the seats. Because the air return opening was designed between the two floors of the auditorium, the vortex airflow was avoided, and the air-conditioning air supply was finally "broken into parts", which could completely meet the standard set by the International Badminton Federation that the air flow speed within 9 meters from the ground was not more than 0.2 m/s.

  45 kinds of lighting operation modes

  "The conditions of the venue are quite good, except that the lighting is a little dazzling. It would be very good if the lighting could be adjusted again." Gao Kun, who is already the mixed doubles champion of Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games, put forward his own little suggestions for this newly completed Olympic stadium after his personal experience in this invitational tournament.

  As a professional badminton gymnasium, lighting is an important evaluation index. Wang Puen, the lighting project manager of the venue, said, "One of the most important features of the lighting facilities of the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is that the light bulbs in the whole competition venue can be adjusted up and down, and the lighting system is intelligently controlled. After setting, it is adjusted by computer instead of manual manipulation."

  In view of the fact that players occasionally feel strong side light when they compete in the venue, Wang Puen said that it can be solved by adjusting the position and illumination angle of the light. The whole system is divided into 45 operation modes according to the needs of the competition.

  ■ Post-game use

  Will become an important cultural heritage of the school

  In Beijing, there are six Olympic venues located in university campuses. Are they different from other Olympic venues? According to Zhang Ailin, vice president of Beijing University of Technology, at the beginning of designing the gymnasium, Beijing University of Technology re-planned the whole campus to achieve harmony and beauty among people, nature, architecture and environment.

  "Considering that Beijing University of Technology is still short of stadiums and student activity centers, the completion of this Olympic stadium has a prominent feature-combining sports and education. After the Beijing Olympic Games, it will become a heavy cultural heritage, staying in the campus with a strong university atmosphere and serving the teachers and students." Zhang Ailin said.

  Of course, as the only Olympic venue in the southeast of Beijing, the post-games function of Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is not only that, it will also be opened to the surrounding residents as a community fitness and cultural and sports activity center in this area. At that time, there will be basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other training venues in the gymnasium, as well as dance, vocal music and band rehearsal halls. In addition, it also includes a venue for various reports, group training, skills training, and exhibitions of cultural and scientific works.

  ■ Volunteers in the stadium

  Self-designed chest logo only serves better.

  In the previous "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, we met some volunteers who wore the "smiley face" logo on their chests. However, in this International Badminton Invitational Tournament, we saw "smiling faces", "cute cars" and "dialogue boxes in comic books" … Every volunteer in the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology has a round logo on his chest.

  Ren Wei, a volunteer at the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology, said, "This way, when you pass by any volunteer, you can immediately know which position he comes from. The little sign on their chest says everything." According to Ren Wei, there are a total of 674 volunteers in the Beijing University of Technology Stadium, distributed in 18 business openings, and the logo of each business is different. For example, the audience service volunteers wear a "smiling face", the language service volunteers wear a "dialog box" and the catering volunteers wear a "knife and fork". In short, each pattern can easily remind people of its meaning.

  These volunteer logos are the first of the Olympic venues that have hosted the "Good Luck Beijing" series of test competitions, and the designer Ren Wei admits that such inspiration comes from the "smiling faces" of audience service volunteers. "Since they can have a’ smiling face’, do students in other business areas also have their own logos, so that others can know which position they are in when they see the logos?"

  ■ Olympic preparations

  Gao Kun: Who said that I am old and still want to play women’s singles?

  Gao Kun lost. In the mixed doubles final of the "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, she and her partner Zheng Bo lost 2-0 to her teammates Xie Zhongbo and Zhang Yawen. Laughing, she didn’t stop her bright smile because she missed the championship. From the first day of the competition, Gao Kun’s purpose was very clear. "This is just a test match, or it is mainly to adapt to the venue."

  Although it is only an invitational tournament, it can be seen that the training rhythm of Gao Kun is basically the "Olympic rhythm". In the previous Macau Open, Gao Kun gave up the mixed doubles competition and focused on women’s doubles. In this competition, she abstained in the women’s doubles competition and fully prepared for the mixed doubles competition, which inevitably makes people wonder, which is the main event of Gao Kun, the women’s doubles or the mixed doubles? "Some time ago, because the women’s doubles points fell, I focused on women’s doubles. This competition is mainly to adapt to the venues, and we still have to make more preparations for the future points competition. I can play both women’s doubles and mixed doubles. " I see! Unexpectedly, Gao Kun then added: "If the team allows, I want to play three more events and also play the women’s singles."

  Gao Kun already has the glory of champion in Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games. Although it is not an exaggeration to be called "veteran" by reporters, Gao Kun protested loudly: "Who says I am old, I am quite young!" Four years will soon become history again. Different from the previous two Olympic Games, there is Gao Kun’s mixed doubles partner. When it comes to Zheng Bo, who is three years younger than herself, she joked again: "He, if you want to fight, you have to scold. Of course, encouragement cannot be less. " Then, Gao Kun spoke his mind, "Zheng Bo’s skill is good. He has played doubles before, so he is basically satisfied with the cooperation. Although we haven’t been partners for a long time, I think there should still be room for improvement on the ball road, and I will give some technical guidance and help when necessary. There is also the need to rely on the two of us to slowly run in. "

  ■ Venue business card

  beijing university of technology gymnasium

  Uses during the Olympic Games: badminton, rhythmic gymnastics.

  Building area (㎡): 24383

  Fixed number of seats: 5,800

  Number of temporary seats: 1,700

  Construction commencement date: June 30, 2005

  Post-game function: the cultural and sports activity center of teachers and students; Provide training bases for badminton teams of the International Badminton Federation and the State Sports General Administration; At the same time, it is moderately open to society.

  ■ Reporter’s Notes

  Marriage between Olympic Games and Universities

  I don’t know when it started, but it became popular to integrate large-scale sports venues with domestic universities. But this is definitely a good phenomenon. In July this year, the volleyball final of the Six Cities Games held in Wuhan was held in the Optics Valley Gymnasium of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  Would colleges and universities build such high-standard venues if it weren’t for the upcoming large-scale events? Because the construction of a high-standard venue is not just a house built with bricks, it is related to the initial demolition, design, capital and other aspects.

  After the games, these venues will basically become sports venues for teachers and students of the school. Can you exercise and learn about sports in the venues used by professional athletes and even the world’s top players? Is that the same feeling as before? I remember a volleyball fan described to me after stepping on the floor of the volleyball final venue of the Sixth City Games: "It feels really different, and now I don’t want to graduate, because only in this way can I play more games here."

  Zhang Ailin, Vice President of Beijing University of Technology, put it well. As a heavy cultural heritage, this venue will become one of the landmark buildings of Beijing University of Technology. Suppose you have such a stadium in your present or former school, I believe that even if you don’t like sports, you will definitely talk about your university campus without it!

  (Source: Changjiang Business Daily)

Editor: Zhu Xinrui