Veteran Yang Jinyuan: A novel blew the "assembly number"


  Photo of Yang Jinyuan when he joined the army Source: Liberation Army Daily


  Xiaogang Feng is with Yang Jinyuan. Source: Liberation Army Daily

  "Every sacrifice is immortal!" The New Year’s blockbuster "Assembly" directed by Xiaogang Feng received rave reviews from the audience as soon as it was released. Yang Jinyuan, the author of the original film "Lawsuit", a retired sailor and editor-in-chief of Overseas Chinese Times in Putian City, Fujian Province, quickly became a hot figure.

  After graduating from high school, Yang Jinyuan entered the military camp and became a sailor in a frigate brigade of the Shanghai base of the East China Sea Fleet. Looking back on his military career, Yang Jinyuan often lamented: "It was six years as a sailor, which gave me the precipitation of military life and made me create military themes. My fate with Lawsuit and Assembly also comes from the military complex in my bones. "

  Yang Jinyuan said that the novel "Lawsuit" was written by accident, and it was more due to his sensitivity to an event. It was one day six years ago, Yang Jinyuan was watching TV with his family, and the talk show People’s Story of CCTV caught his attention. The film tells the story that all the comrades-in-arms of a veteran were killed in a battle of the liberation war, and only he survived the injury. For a long time, the veteran has been looking around for the remains of his comrades-in-arms to prove that they are not missing persons but martyrs. In order to remember his comrades-in-arms, the old man moved his home near the military camp. Whenever the bugle sounded, he always appeared at the gate of the military camp. "Although it took only two minutes for TV programs to tell this story, the two images of bugles and veterans immediately aroused my strong interest. I thought at that time that I could write a novel about it, just about war, commitment and credit! " Yang Jinyuan was deeply moved by the war friendship forged in the gunfire and smoke, and his creative inspiration poured out.

  So, Yang Jinyuan wrote this true story into the novel "Lawsuit". In order to cover the transfer of large troops, the persistent "one-track-minded" company, Elder Valley, was ordered to fight a war of resistance, and made an appointment with the colonel, taking the assembly number at midnight as the order to retreat. However, the old valley and the brothers of the whole company killed from day to midnight, and then from midnight to dawn, waiting hard in the fight of life until the whole company was killed one after another, leaving only the old valley injured and surviving, and did not hear the assembly number blowing. Did the colonel forget to let the trumpeter play the trumpet, or did the troops leave the whole company behind? This question has been puzzling the old valley. After being separated from his troops, Lao Gu spent decades looking for the head of the regiment, trying to "make a statement", only to learn that the head of the regiment had died in the Korean battlefield. The novel was first published in the April issue of Fujian Literature in 2002, and then reprinted in the June issue of Novel Monthly. Later, Zhang Guoli, a famous actor, discovered The Lawsuit and recommended it to Xiaogang Feng, a famous director. The film Assembly has a story template.

  From an early age, Yang Jinyuan often heard his family tell him "revolutionary fragments". "After a place, my parents will tell me that it was here decades ago that they ventured through the blockade to survive. At the time of the war, big or small dangers often come. In the open and dark battles between the enemy and me, life and death are often in a flash. " Fujian is an old revolutionary base area. In wartime, "missing" soldiers are not uncommon. In the chaos of war and chaos, troops often reduce their numbers or temporarily increase their numbers. The people who lead the troops often can’t know exactly how many people were in the army yesterday and how many people are today. It is even more difficult to find out how some people are missing afterwards. Therefore, in post-war statistics, the number of "unknown martyrs" far exceeds that of famous martyrs with surnames. According to the pension statistics of the Ministry of Civil Affairs at the beginning of liberation, there were more than 1 million famous martyrs in the revolutionary war, and the unknown martyrs were at least several times this number. After the diffuse smoke clears, some things are often ignored or even forgotten.

  For such a thing, Yang Jinyuan gradually developed a sense of responsibility to "reflect it". In 1991, Yang Jinyuan, who had returned from the army to work in Putian, began to take over the task of shooting a feature film on revolutionary themes. During that time, he traveled all over the old revolutionary base areas in Putian, surrounded by past details every day. "It is difficult for people to recall something completely. He doesn’t know what a feature film wants. Although the past history is grand, all the people in the authorities will know are some details, and what he tells you are some personal feelings," Yang Jinyuan said. "Later, I thought it might be more appropriate to write this history in the form of a novel." If we carefully taste Yang Jinyuan’s war novels, we should pay attention to individual destiny, which is the "central idea" of his creation. On the contrary, war becomes blurred and becomes the background of the fate of the characters, because in his view, the novels focus on people and their thoughts and souls.

  Yang Jinyuan has his own understanding that his novel "Lawsuit" can be seen by Xiaogang Feng and made into such a blockbuster with strong repercussions: "In the past, military movies and TV shows, such as Heroes and Children, Fighting in the South and Fighting in the North, etc., all highlighted the lofty image of soldiers, but now such films have begun to change to describe the inner heart of the characters, such as Bright Sword, Years of Burning Passion and so on. And "Lawsuit" is all about the fate of small people from beginning to end. I discuss the problem of human nature and look back at the war from human nature. Perhaps this attracted Feng Dao. "

  This cooperation with Xiaogang Feng is not the first "electric shock" for Yang Jinyuan. Before Lawsuit, he also wrote many works, such as A Woman with a Sword in Her Life, Don’t Marry Me If I’m Not a Virgin, The Courtyard, The Conscript, etc. Among them, The Courtyard and The Conscript have all been adapted into TV dramas and broadcast on CCTV.

  Now, the bugle of Assembly has not fallen, and Yang Jinyuan’s other military novel Breakthrough has also emerged. The famous director Huang Jianzhong personally prefaces the publication of the book and is preparing to make it into a 30-episode TV series. (Liberation Army Daily/Xu Outline Wang Jinping Chen Ji)

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Shooting Jin Yong’s novels is not afraid of being scolded. Zhang Jizhong claims to be "not a fragile person"

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Zhang Jizhong

  BEIJING, Nov. 13 (Xinhua)-Producer Zhang Jizhong is familiar, questioned and even reviled by the public because of his persistent remake of Jin Yong’s dramas for ten years. The legendary swordsman, The Condor Heroes, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Duke Of Mount Deer, The Eight Dragons, sword stained with royal blood, and The Dragon Slayer, which is currently being filmed in Wudang Mountain, have brought him numerous controversies and criticisms. People can’t understand, why does he focus on these good things of the Chinese nation and refuse to let go? Why is it that almost all the people in the country are scolding him, but he can still be so rock-solid and unmoved? In November, 2008, Zhang Jizhong, a controversial figure, accepted an exclusive interview with the program "Phoenix Network Extraordinary Road". Although it was only a short hour, fortunately, he was honest enough with his chivalrous demeanor, and he even took the initiative to mention and give an account of many questions that people were puzzled, puzzled and concerned about.

  Responding to the remake: I shot Jin Yong’s novels because I like to have pleasure.

  Phoenix Net Extraordinary Road: Why do you keep remaking Jin Yong’s dramas?

  Zhang Jizhong: Actually, my purpose is not so clear. I just like Jin Yong’s works better. Secondly, I feel like a series of projects. When I was filming his novel, I felt a sense of pleasure. The humanistic spirit depicted in his novel, I think every play is different, and every play has its own wonderful place.

  I am a person who likes China culture very much. I really hope to spread China culture to everyone in such an entertaining way. No matter how much you accept it, you will accept it anyway. Even if you accept a little, it is our work. I think it is also meaningful, so we keep doing it.

  Phoenix Net Extraordinary Road: Are you going to keep filming like this? We have to finish the remaining films.

  Zhang Jizhong: I’m like this. Originally, I had this plan to make it into a group, that is, Mr. Jin Yong’s is relatively complete. But now I have to prepare for The Journey to the West, so if The Journey to the West shoots it, it will take up a lot of my time, and it will be impossible to shoot anything else for two or three years. Therefore, Jin Yong’s drama is here for a while.

  I think in the future, if I have the energy first, the time second, and someone third is willing to pay for it, then I am willing to shoot it.

  Responding to being scolded: "I" is not a very fragile person. I care about whether I am satisfied or not when I shoot Jin Yong’s drama.

  "Phoenix Net Extraordinary Road": Do you know that many people scold you online? How can you be completely unmoved?

  Zhang Jizhong: First of all, I don’t read it very much. First of all, I don’t have time to browse these online. I am very concerned about what netizens say about me. I don’t think it matters. You said what you thought of me, and then it got in my mood or something. I don’t think so. I think when we do these things, firstly, we have no more selfish interests, right? I don’t think so. I just like Jin Yong’s works, and I just do this job. It is the biggest gain for me that I can do something I like so much. I am not filming for some people, or I am filming for someone. I really don’t read what those comments are, just like what I said on the Internet a few days ago. I feel that I am crying and laughing. I didn’t look for them, and I don’t know where they are. I don’t think these things will affect me.

  In fact, I also have a lot of netizens who are very concerned about me, young people who are filming. They are very rude when they talk, but I can accept it. I can see their expectations of me from this sharpness. I also have some exchanges with them, such as short messages. Sometimes I will say something, and I will forget about it, because a few short sentences can’t explain many complicated phenomena. Just like there are a lot of people who are scolding me and saying why I don’t look for it (who will play who), in fact, I don’t need to explain it, because there are many factors layer by layer.

  Phoenix Net Extraordinary Road: Are you a real person at heart?

  Zhang Jizhong: Yes, I’m not a very fragile person. I’m called a silly person. I don’t think it’s necessary to be so precise when I do things. You said I was going to haggle over whether Jin Yong was satisfied or not, who was satisfied or not, my teacher and my classmates were satisfied or not, so I couldn’t live. So I think the first thing is whether I am satisfied or not. There is nothing wrong with our direction. Our direction is a catharsis of China’s traditional culture, right? Excellent traditional culture.

  Responding to the hype: We are interdependent with the media.

  "Phoenix Net Extraordinary Road": It is said that Zhang Jizhong is good at hype, and you don’t agree with it. You said all the reporters came to see you, and you never invited them here. Then, you have suffered a lot from journalists, why do you always treat those journalists well and give interviews? Why not refuse?

  Zhang Jizhong: We (and the media) are interdependent. The reporter wants you, and his newspaper wants to survive. We also want to spread our creative ideas through these media. We didn’t talk about our gossip. When did we tell reporters about the gossip of our crew? Right? No. We are all talking about our creative ideas, and we all hope that a newspaper can correctly convey the connotation and meaning we want to express. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, some media like this kind of gossip, so you can’t help it. Many of them are nonsense, so I like having this camera very much. When you have a camera, he won’t distort you. Many times, it’s basically written. Some journalists are doing such things.

  We don’t mean to start a business by his hype, he is willing to do so. I think people have found you. I think people respect you. As for me, I don’t think I have much spectrum. Aren’t we just a TV producer? How big do you think you are? You said you had to put on airs with these young people. All journalists are young people. They want to eat. Do you think they can stop eating?

  What about some young people? You should also know that they also want to get ahead. Let’s just understand more. I think so. Because why? Let me tell you something. Once a girl from a newspaper and a reporter came to interview me. After she came in, she almost cried when she saw me. I said, what’s the matter with you? She said you don’t know. I was very nervous when I came here today. I was an intern reporter. I walked around for a long time and finally got up the courage to come in. I thought you were a very strict person, but after I came, I found that you were very kind to me. And then I was about to cry. I said don’t cry, don’t cry, that’s it.

  That girl actually gave me a big shock, because I was young, and we suffered a lot of rejections in the process of trying to join this ranks. I was just after the Cultural Revolution. Because of family background, you wanted to find a job. Because of political problems, no one would help you. I asked many people, but they were all rejected. So like these, I think, you say we must reject these young journalists? I don’t think it’s necessary. They want to eat. There is also the problem of positioning yourself, right? That is, you should not make yourself look like a person who is difficult to contact, so as to show your status or how. I don’t think so.

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Why is Meng Qi, the largest English training institution for children in Hong Kong, a thousand miles away?

Meng Qi Qianli, a local English training institution for children in Hong Kong, submitted an application for listing in Hong Kong.
Author | Matcha Latte
Source | IPO that thing
Data Support | Pythagorean Big Data
Friends who like to watch variety shows have probably seen a program of Hunan Satellite TV called "Where is Dad going?". In the program, two small Hong Kong men-Feynman, the son of Wu Zhenyu, and Jasper, the son of Jordan chan-are both very popular second generation stars. Apart from being from Hong Kong, they all have one obvious thing in common, that is, they all speak fluent English, which is also one of the great highlights of the program. Outside the program, we can easily conclude that Hong Kong people attach importance to English from dolls, which largely depends on the historical development, cultural atmosphere, economic strength, government support and other factors of the city. Including the author’s study in Hong Kong, I also found that most of the Local students around me are proficient in English, which must be inseparable from their childhood language influence.
In addition to the training of schools and families, extracurricular English training institutions are naturally indispensable. According to the consulting report, from 2014 to 2018, the tuition income of English learning centers for children (aged 2 to 12) in Hong Kong increased from 1.379 billion (HK$, the same below) to 2.056 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%, and will continue to grow to 3.327 billion from 2018 to 2023.
On July 8th, Meng Qi Qianli Group Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meng Qi Qianli"), a local children’s English training institution in Hong Kong, submitted an application for listing in Hong Kong, showing that the exclusive sponsor was Ballas Capital. Meng Qi Qianli was established in 2009, mainly providing English courses for children aged 3-12. At present, there are 77 Monkey Tree learning centers, and about 96% of its income comes from the Hong Kong market.
In this way, the business involved in Meng Qi Trinidad should be regarded as a good business in Hong Kong. Then, can Meng Qi’s next capital road be smooth?
The largest supplier of English learning courses for children in Hong Kong market.
Meng Qi Qianli is a Hong Kong-based English learning course provider for children, which mainly provides English courses for students aged 3 to 12 under the brand of "Monkey Tree". Up to now, there are 77 Monkey Tree learning centers in Meng Qi Qianli, including 18 self-operated centers in Hong Kong and 43, 3 and 13 franchised centers in Hong Kong, Macau and China.
According to the consulting report, children’s English learning industry in Hong Kong is still relatively scattered, and competition is expected to intensify in the future. According to the revenue in 2018, the total market share of the five major market participants is about 29.5%, among which Meng Qi Qianli ranks first with a market share of about 9.9%.
As far as courses are concerned, most of Meng Qi Qianli employ English-speaking teachers to educate students in a relatively small-scale learning environment, with no more than eight students in each classroom, thus improving the teaching quality through close interaction with teachers. At the same time, Meng Qi Qianli also indicated in the prospectus that it would design interactive activities and games for the classroom, such as singing and role-playing, to stimulate students’ interest and stickiness.
It is worth noting that the Monkey Tree Learning Center (self-operated+franchised) of Meng Qi Qianli Line is unified in the process of site selection and opening, teacher recruitment, training and support, marketing, curriculum outline and course textbook production, and can enjoy a certain degree of economies of scale and reproducibility.
The business income structure is single, and the future expansion growth rate is doubtful.
Let’s take a look at the financial performance of Meng Qi Qianli. Note that the node of its financial year is March 31st every year.
In fiscal years 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Monkey Tree Learning Center enrolled 14,745 students, 17,023 students and 19,248 students respectively, among which 4,635 students enrolled in the self-operated center, 6,103 students enrolled in the self-operated center and 6,793 students enrolled in the franchise center, respectively.
From the perspective of revenue structure, Meng Qi Qianli’s revenue mainly comes from self-operated centers, accounting for 92.7%, 92.8% and 92.2% of the total revenue in fiscal year 2017-2019, respectively, while the total revenue of affiliated centers and facilities does not exceed 8% of the total revenue, resulting in a relatively simple revenue structure of the company. In terms of regional distribution, since the company’s 18 self-operated centers are all located in Hong Kong, its revenue mainly comes from Hong Kong, accounting for 98.8%, 98% and 96% of the total revenue in fiscal year 2017-2019, respectively, while Macau and Chinese mainland account for very little. The income structure and regional distribution are relatively simple, which will hinder the sustained growth of Meng Qi Qianli’s future income. In particular, the English learning market for children in Hong Kong is still scattered, with fierce competition, and the size and space of the population are relatively limited compared with the mainland.
At the same time, although it is the "main force" of Meng Qi Qianli business, the operating conditions of Monkey Tree self-operated center in Hong Kong have been deteriorating in recent years. In fiscal years 2017, 2018 and 2019, four, three and two were added (one was closed) respectively, and the local expansion was slightly weak. In FY 2019, the number of students enrolled in the self-operated center of Meng Qi Qianli increased by 11.3% year-on-year, which was slightly lower than that of the affiliated center (14.1%).
Facing the resistance of business expansion, on the one hand, Meng Qi Qianli decided to enhance the competitiveness of self-operated centers and franchise centers, systematically renovate Hong Kong self-operated centers and franchise centers in the future, and develop online teaching research and teaching teams. On the other hand, the company also plans to establish branches in mainland cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Hangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou and Zhongshan, and extend its self-operated centers out of Hong Kong.
In terms of net profit, in fiscal years 2017, 2018 and 2019, Meng Qi Qianli recorded 13.678 million, 14.063 million and 19.264 million respectively, with growth rates of 2.8% and 37.0%. In fiscal year 2019, the company’s net profit increased greatly, mainly due to the improvement of operating efficiency, and the net profit increased by 1.7 percentage points to 11.2%. Among them, the advertising and promotion expenses of the company accounted for only about 2.2% of the total revenue during the period, and the cost of obtaining customers was low, thanks to the excellent popularity of Monkey Tree in Hong Kong. However, if the company enters the mainland market in the future and stands out among many extracurricular brands, it is necessary to increase the publicity of "burning money" and the profit rate is difficult to maintain. More importantly, there is also uncertainty about the effect obtained after vigorous publicity.
In addition to the pressure of business expansion, Meng Qi Qianli is a little strange in assets. For example, in FY 2019, although the total assets in Meng Qi Qianli’s account increased year-on-year, the fixed assets in current assets dropped sharply, which was replaced by the increase in receivables in current assets, including many sensitive transactions such as directors and affiliated companies.
Is it happy or sad that the sprint capital hits the compulsory education "citizens recruit together"?
Interestingly, on July 8th, the same day that Meng Qi Qianli submitted its application for listing, the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening Education and Teaching Reform and Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education in an All-round Way. According to the opinion, the enrollment of private compulsory education schools is included in the unified management of examination and approval, and enrollment is synchronized with public schools; If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment plan, computer random admission will be implemented.
For training institutions, under the dual influence of citizens’ common recruitment and over-computer random enrollment in private schools, the trend and uncertainty of parents’ school choice have been further enhanced, and the willingness and demand for subject-based remedial training caused by anxiety for further studies have cooled down, which may not be a good thing for K12 extracurricular training institutions, and may have a certain negative effect on Meng Qi Qianli, which intends to develop its business in mainland China.
Although it is the first English learning brand for children in Hong Kong, it should be certain that Meng Qi Qianli will enter the mainland in a large scale in the future if it wants to seek sustained and rapid growth in profits. However, there are many brands of children’s extracurricular learning online and online in the Mainland. In order to gain a foothold, the brand "Monkey Tree" will inevitably need to increase investment in advertising and marketing, which may put pressure on the company’s short-term net interest rate. In the absence of unique business characteristics in the learning center, there are doubts about whether the brand can successfully open the market. Riding the wind of the reform and upgrading of compulsory education, how should Meng Qi take the next road?
Disclaimer: The content is for reference only. Please make investment decisions carefully according to it.

Network car new deal encounters "difficulty in landing" Expert advice: stimulate market vitality

  The drastic changes and interest pattern adjustment brought by the new economy are fully reflected in the field of online car rental. On the one hand, the platform and networking characteristics of the new economy expand the scope and depth of the impact of contradictions. On the other hand, the new policy of online car rental involves a wide range, and the interest game increases the difficulty of landing the new policy.

  The reporter of the Economic Information Daily learned that the Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Booking of Taxi Operating Services has been implemented for more than half a year, and the implementation rules of many local governments have not yet been issued. Some cities that have issued rules but have higher thresholds are facing "landing difficulties".

  Many people in the industry and experts suggest that we should be fully aware of the pulling effect of the sharing economy represented by the online car ride on social employment and the revolutionary role of the social management model, and suggest using the "subtraction" of power in exchange for the "multiplication" of market vitality.

  Some cities’ new policies about car network are "difficult to land"

  The reporter learned that as of April 24, 2017, 85 cities have issued detailed rules for the implementation of the network car, 115 cities have completed soliciting opinions, and more than 100 cities have not yet completed soliciting opinions.

  In some areas where the New Deal has been introduced, the policy landing still faces a game situation. The reporter learned that there are two main focuses of the game between policy requirements and platform interests: first, whether to implement household registration, vehicles, wheelbase and other requirements; The second is to what extent the operational data accessing the supervision platform needs to be reached and what content it contains.

  In the actual operation process, some cities have imposed many restrictions on drivers’ household registration and vehicle price wheelbase, taking into account the local taxi market capacity and the strategic needs of urban development. Some platforms have found that the implementation of the New Deal in cities with higher thresholds will reduce the network car capacity by more than 90%, which is a heavy blow to the platform.

  At the same time, the platform-based characteristics of the online car-sharing platform have broken the tradition of "the company is local" in the past. If the online car-sharing platform does not set up a local subsidiary, the local management department may not find a communication partner during supervision, which aggravates the difficulty of solving the problem.

  On the other hand, the new economy, represented by the online car-hailing platform, quickly seized market share through subsidies and financing, but this fast pace had a great impact on the balance pattern of the traditional taxi industry in a short time. At the same time, in some higher threshold areas, it has also caused a greater "crowding out effect" on the network car drivers. These factors have led to constant friction between cruise car drivers and network car drivers in some places.

  The new policy of network car has a wide range of influence groups. According to Didi’s travel statistics, as of February 2017, the total number of drivers registered on Didi platform reached more than 17.5 million. There are 2 million active drivers on Didi Platform, and the per capita daily income exceeds that of 160 yuan, while the total number of taxi drivers in cities across the country has reached 2 million. At the same time, there are thousands of software and algorithm engineer behind Didi.

  The parties have different reactions to the new policy of online car.

  The reporter learned that the situation of the New Deal landing across the country varies widely, and the views of all parties on the network car industry have also wavered.

  In some places, the implementation period of the New Deal has passed, but the non-compliant network car is still in operation. The driver of the cruise car doesn’t know whether to stay at his job, and the driver of the network car doesn’t know whether to change careers.

  According to the statistics of the Transportation Bureau of Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications, after the appearance of the network car, the income of cruise car drivers dropped from about 6,500 yuan in 2013 to about 4,500 yuan in the first half of 2016. From 2014 to 2016, the driver team lost nearly 10,000 people. However, taxi operation has improved recently.

  A Didi executive, who asked not to be named, said that after the introduction of the New Deal, Didi’s car business also experienced a sharp decline, and drivers were losing a lot.

  At the same time, passengers’ choice of online car has also wavered. According to reports, before the Spring Festival in 2017, the average number of taxi calls per day of passengers in some big cities soared from more than 300,000 to 900,000, and the response rate of taxis on the Didi platform was only 40%. In addition, after the New Deal gradually landed, the capacity of Didi Express bus decreased, and the response rate dropped from 90% in October 2016 to about 50% in March 2017, which greatly reduced the travel experience of passengers.

  The capital market has also begun to hesitate and "can’t figure out" the market prospect of the online car platform. Due to the impact of the New Deal on the market, the market valuation of many online car platform companies has declined, which has also affected the layout of enterprises at home and abroad. Some insiders said that the upsurge of domestic venture capital in sharing the economy such as online car rental has subsided.

  The New Deal is hard to reflect management anxiety.

  The Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Booking Taxi Management Service has been implemented for more than half a year, but the detailed rules for implementation in many places have not yet been promulgated.

  The demand for online car is different from place to place. Some places think that cities should give priority to the development of public transport, and the online car ride is only a supplement, and it should be more "high-end" than cruise taxis. Therefore, set a higher model, price, displacement and wheelbase threshold for the network car. There are also some places that hope that the network car will take into account the high, medium and low-end needs. For example, Haikou cancels the restrictions on the displacement of the network car, while Lijiang and Hanzhong choose to connect the cruise taxis to the network car platform as a whole.

  Wei Dong, CEO of the First Automobile Car Company, said that road traffic congestion in first-tier cities in China is serious, and it is reasonable for local management departments to choose to raise the threshold for online car booking. However, the taxi market in second-and third-tier cities is not saturated, so the policy of online car booking can be relaxed.

  As for whether the number of taxis should be controlled. A grassroots cadre said that the Ministry of Construction issued the Code for Planning and Design of Urban Road Traffic in 1995, which stipulated that the number of taxis in big cities should be 20 per 10,000 people and 15 in small and medium-sized cities, which became the standard for calculating and controlling the number of taxis in most cities.

  However, there are also views that this standard has not changed for many years, and the network car is not the main cause of road traffic congestion, and the quantity control should be released in due course. The Research Group of Professor Yan Xuedong of Beijing Jiaotong University released the Analysis Report on Beijing Road Traffic Operation Based on Didi Big Data in October 2016, which holds that the network car uses economic laws as a lever to adjust the supply and demand of the traffic market, and information symmetry as the core to match the demand, which helps to reduce the empty driving rate of vehicles.

  Interest game increases the difficulty of landing the New Deal. In many places, the development of online car rental has caused the price of taxi licenses to shrink, and some taxi drivers and agents who speculate on licenses have been seriously damaged. For example, in some cities, taxi licenses have increased from 200,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan in the past, and have been reduced to 400,000 yuan due to the competition of online car rental.

  Some people in the industry said that the formulation of the local version of the new network car deal faces multiple interests considerations. Before the reform of taxi industry, drivers had a license for life, which made them lack the motivation to improve their services. However, if the local taxi companies are accelerated to withdraw by means of license depreciation and redemption, these companies may find it difficult to accept.

  The law enforcement of the network car has also caused administrative reconsideration in various places. An executive of a car rental company in Nanjing said that private cars in Nanjing were converted into operating vehicles, and the passenger management office of the Transportation Bureau allowed it when accessing the platform, but the vehicle management office of the Public Security Bureau failed the annual inspection. It is difficult for many private cars to access the network car platform.

  An official of Kunshan Municipal Transportation Bureau said that some platforms openly resisted the law, not only encouraging vehicles punished in Kunshan to file administrative reconsideration, but also reimbursing fines. Some local transportation management departments frequently receive administrative reconsideration of the network car, and basically can’t do other things.

  Xu Kangming, an expert on taxi reform, believes that after the release of the local New Deal, measures should be taken to let illegal personnel and vehicles withdraw, otherwise it will destroy the fair market environment. On the one hand, cruise taxi companies can’t expand their scale, on the other hand, law-abiding online car companies will pay a great price.

  Caring for the "source of vitality" of the sharing economy

  Some interviewed experts believe that we should be fully aware of the pulling effect of the sharing economy represented by the online car ride on social employment and the revolutionary role of the social management model, and suggest using the "subtraction" of power in exchange for the "multiplication" of market vitality.

  In-depth research network car companies, scientific evaluation. The sharing economy, represented by the online car ride, poses a new challenge to the urban traffic management model. Behind the transformation of the kinetic energy of the old and new economies is the differentiation of the benefit groups of the old and new economies. The insiders believe that the beneficiary groups in the old economy are relatively concentrated and highly organized, but the beneficiary groups in the new economy are more extensive and their voices are more dispersed. Therefore, we should consider the affordability of the old economic benefit groups and the extensiveness of the new economic benefit groups in policy formulation.

  There is strong capital support behind the rise of platform economies such as Didi, Ali and Tencent, which has also benefited many people. Moreover, the credit economy, platformization and big data management may give birth to new technologies such as intelligent transportation, driverless driving and car networking, which are the trend of future economic and social development and the important support for the government to build new management functions, and should be treated with a more open mind.

  An executive of Didi said that although the "zombie car" of Didi Platform is not easy to manage, it indicates that the surplus capacity of social vehicles can be fully released when the urban capacity is tight. Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Didi Chuxing, said that it is a great opportunity for China to transform its traditional industrial industries with Internet thinking if it wants to overtake western industrial powers in corners.

  On the one hand, formulate a relatively scientific withdrawal and compensation mechanism to alleviate the anxiety of social groups in transition. During the transition period of the New Deal, many full-time online car drivers may lose their jobs. It is suggested that relevant policy explanations and guidance should be carried out in a targeted manner to attract them to work part-time on platforms such as car rental companies.

  On the other hand, scientifically foresee the challenges that part-time taxis may bring. The sharing economy model may bring drivers a wider range of part-time jobs, which will increase the difficulty of management and may also impact the average income level of the taxi industry. Car rental companies can be encouraged to increase their own vehicles to cope with the ebb and flow of Internet supply, and monitor and evaluate the average income of the taxi industry, so as to scientifically guide the development of the industry.