"Qi" birthday, Cleer × Ren Xianqi presents you a limited number of free birthday cakes!

June 23rd Qigi · 2024 Ren Xianqi Chengdu Concert is coming soon! Because it coincides with Ren Xianqi’s birthday, this concert has been given more meaning. As the acoustic brand endorsed by Xiao Qi for the first time, the international intelligent acoustic brand Cleer warmly congratulates Ren Xianqi: Happy Birthday! To celebrate Xiao Qi’s birthday, after last year’s exclusive seven-concert tour of Xiao Qi’s 5 cities, Cleer not only once again exclusively named Xiao Qi’s Chengdu station, but also sent birthday eggs and cakes in its Douyin live stream to celebrate his birthday with Xiao Qi and fans.

Speaking of Ren Xianqi, he was an indispensable part of 8090’s youth! Back then, from "The Heart Is Too Soft" to "The Girl Opposite Look Over", his songs accompanied countless people’s youth. As an international smart acoustic brand focusing on acoustic technology, Cleer is also a leader in the field of smart acoustics and has always been committed to providing users with high-quality audio experiences. The cooperation between the two can be described as a complement to each other, jointly interpreting the perfect combination of music and technology.

This time, Cleer brand once again exclusively named Ren Xianqi’s concert tour, which is not only a recognition of Xiao Qi’s musical talent, but also a deepening of the cooperative relationship between the two parties. On the occasion of Xiao Qi’s birthday, Cleer made an ingenious attempt to send birthday eggs and cakes to fans who had the same birthday as Xiao Qi through the Douyin live stream. This wave of operation not only showed their intentions and creativity, but also made fans feel the double love from idols and brands. I give full marks for this emotional card!

It is worth mentioning that for the birthday of the brand spokesperson, Cleer is still the first to send eggs and cakes to fans. It has to be said that the Cleer brand is really out of mind this time, and people can’t help but want to give Cleer a thumbs up!

What’s even more heartening is that not only is the brand giving benefits to fans, but also Cleer President Wu Haiquan personally went to Chengdu to attend Ren Xianqi’s concert. It is said that Cleer President will also give a mysterious gift to Xiao Qi at the concert. Although the details of this gift have not been disclosed, it has aroused heated discussions and speculation among fans. Guess what?

It’s not a good idea.Ren Xianqi’s choice, Cleer with equal emphasis on temperature and strength

Cleer’s brand can sit firmly in the acoustic arena, not only by the "warm man" temperament, but also by the hard power of the straightforward-A student level, which can be called a model of strength in the acoustic industry. Not only with its advanced innovation and design capabilities, it has won more than 60 international innovation and creative awards including the American Good & Design Award, CES Innovation Award, China Contemporary Good Design Award, German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, etc., which is simply the rhythm of "getting the award and getting the soft hand"! At the same time, Cleer has a deep accumulation of intellectual property rights in acoustic technology, industrial design and other fields, with more than 1,300 patent certificates. The parent company behind it, Guanxu Electronics, has been deeply involved in the field of acoustics for 27 years. It is not only one of the few first-class acoustic manufacturers in China with its own acoustic laboratories, but also ranks seventh in the world in the number of intelligent patent applications, closely following Apple (fifth) and Qualcomm (sixth). This strength is truly worthy of praise!

So far, Cleer’s business network has spread to more than 5,000 offline experience stores across the country, covering trendy chains, communication chains, book stores, audio specialty stores, etc., to achieve full coverage of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. At the same time, it is also exported to many countries and regions in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and has settled in international luxury general merchandise – Harrods general merchandise in the UK and Selfridges general merchandise; in flagship stores in many cities in the United States, such as B & H, Best Buy and other professional electronic specialty stores, there are counters for sale. Today, consumers around the world can easily experience Cleer’s intelligent acoustic products with both performance and appearance.

In short, the Cleer brand is like a low-key straightforward-A student in the acoustic industry. It usually doesn’t show off, but it can produce a series of amazing transcripts at critical moments. No wonder it can become the acoustic brand that the powerful musician Ren Xianqi cooperates with for the first time. After all, who can refuse a Cleer brand that has both beauty and strength, but also gives warmth?

It’s not a good idea.Ren Xianqi sports new partner: Cleer ARC 3 arc

Friends who often follow Xiao Qi Ge should also be able to see that Cleer’s new Cleer ARC 3 sound arc launched in April this year has become Ren Xianqi’s new sports partner. It is understood that the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc, as the flagship of the Cleer brand this year, has not only reached the master level in terms of sound quality, but also added a super algorithm AI chip, which integrates AI intelligent technology, which can provide sports enthusiasts with unprecedented comfort and immersive listening experience!

In terms of sound quality, the Cleer ARC 3 arc joins the world’s leading Dolby sound effects and Dolby head tracking technology. It is the world’s first open-ended headset certified by Dolby Atmos, allowing you to feel that the sound is coming from all directions, rather than a single flat sound source. Dolby head tracking further enhances this immersion. When you turn your head, the direction of the sound will be adjusted accordingly, simulating the real-world auditory experience, making you feel as if you are in the center of the music. For example, when you watch a movie, you can clearly feel the sound of raindrops falling on the roof of the car and planes flying overhead, as if you are in the middle of a movie scene, and the 3D surround immersion brought by it is directly pulled.

Secondly, in terms of intelligence, the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc is the first to integrate cutting-edge AI technology, including smart chips, advanced algorithms and high-precision 6-axis sensors. The combination of these technologies makes the ARC 3 sound arc a true AI headset, leading the open headset into the AI era. Among them, the ARC 3 sound arc is equipped with advanced AI chips combined with AI algorithms, which can process complex audio data and environmental information in real time. There is no need to wake up words, just "answer the phone", "next song" and other simple shortcut instructions, which can easily complete playback, pause, volume adjustment and other operations, greatly improving the user experience. At the same time, the AI sound environment can automatically adjust the audio output effect according to your environment, ensuring that you can get a high-quality listening experience whether it is on a noisy street or in a quiet library. There are also innovative AI somatosensory controls that answer the phone by nodding, shake your head to hang up, and even swing your head left and right to switch songs, making the operation of the headset more intuitive and natural.

Of course, the highlights of the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc don’t stop there, but I won’t go into too much detail here. It has to be said that the Cleer ARC 3 sound arc does meet the multiple needs of users for sound quality, intelligence and comfort, and redefines the new standard of sports headphones through its excellent performance and user-friendly design. No wonder it can become the new sports partner of Xiao Qi Ge!

In addition, if you are the lucky goose who has the same birthday in the same month as Brother Qi, then place an order in the Cleer Douyin live stream from June 21 to 23, and the top 100 friends will have the opportunity to get a free birthday egg from Cleer and Brother Qi! Hurry up and go to the Cleer live stream to get your own egg, cake!

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"Dune 2" exposure role poster sweet tea Zendaya appeared in Sao Paulo Comic-Con

1905 movie network news The Hollywood sci-fi giant directed by the new godfather of sci-fi movies (provisional translation) released posters of ultra-luxury lineup roles, and all forces appeared. How does Paul, the "chosen son" from the Cui Di family, integrate into the indigenous people of freeman on Dune Planet after his family was wiped out? What kind of secret weapon will the brutal Harkonan family use? What kind of shocking conspiracy is the mysterious sisterhood manipulating? The appearance of the emperor and princess pushed the trend of the universe empire to a more complicated situation.

The film is based on Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi novel Dune, starring,,,,,,,, and so on. It will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

The luxury character lineup has been upgraded in an all-round way, and the battle of ultimate fate has officially begun.  

In the eleven posters of the ultra-luxury lineup released this time, the main characters and brand-new characters of this series all appeared. The sandstorm rises, and the tonal vision of yellow sand all over the sky perfectly shows the iconic characteristics of sand dune planet desert and spices. Directed by denis villeneuve, the aesthetic style of Dune 2 will continue to add a lot of color to the big screen.

Paul (Timothée Chalamet), the chosen son, and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), dressed as the Virgin of freeman, seem to have completely integrated into the life of local freeman people. Mother and son, like freeman, an indigenous people of Dune Planet, have blue eyes caused by inhaling and eating spices. Paul’s lovers, namely freeman’s female warrior Cheney (Zendaya) and freeman’s leader Stig (javier bardem), look grim and ready to go. Will they and other freeman people follow Paul and embark on the battle of fate together? Elder brother (josh brolin), the valiant soldier of the Cui Di family, is also pleasantly surprised to return, and her messy long hair is even more tenacious.

In the poster of the villain Harkonan family, the baron (Stellan Skarsgard) lurks like a poisonous snake, while the beast Laban (Dave Batista) growls angrily. The new character "Killing Machine" in the Harkonan family is also the opponent of Paul’s fate — — Fidel Rosa Harkonan (austin butler) makes a positive appearance, with a grim and evil face like death arrival. Emperor Padisha (christopher walken) and Princess Ilelang (Florence Pew) dressed in luxurious royal costumes look serious and contemptuous, symbolizing the supreme power to control the empire. The most mysterious one is Lady Margot (Léa Seydoux), who represents the sisterhood. Only they know whether the birth of the "chosen son" and the direction of the cosmic empire are a fate or a conspiracy. What will be the outcome of the battle of fate?

The director of Dune 2 (tentative translation) came to the exhibition in Sao Paulo with a surprise, and the atmosphere was warm.

In 2023, the exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil officially kicked off, and the major booths were carefully built, and many Hollywood stars appeared. Among them, the most eye-catching scene is the appearance of the creators of Dune 2 (provisional translation): director denis villeneuve attended with four leading actors, namely, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, austin butler and Florence Pew. The four young stars are the most popular young actors in Hollywood at present, and they are also high-quality actors with both face value and strength. Both Timothée Chalamet and austin butler were nominated for Oscar at a young age, as if they were fated "chosen sons" in and out of the play.

The atmosphere was warm, and four young actors appeared one by one with the role posters appearing in turn on the big screen, which brought the audience to a boil. Comic-Con showed a feature clip of Dune 2, including the shocking picture of Paul’s first attempt to ride a sandworm on Dune Planet! This classic scene made the audience stunned and ecstatic, and looked forward to the day when the movie was released on the big screen. Director denis villeneuve said that the audience was the first audience in the world to see the content of the feature film.

The Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece Dune 2 (tentative translation) was jointly created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Exploration Group, and will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, so stay tuned!

The company earned 1 billion in the stock market for two months and was fined 5.6 billion.

CCTV News: Recently, CCTV reporters, together with the Inspection Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, successfully investigated and dealt with a huge stock manipulation case after months of unannounced visits.

After investigation, Beibadao Group and its actual controller used 1 billion yuan of funds to manipulate the stock prices of several sub-new shares in a short period of two months, and made a profit of 1 billion yuan. The CSRC intends to impose a fine of 5.67 billion yuan on the enterprise and its actual controller, and the case has become the largest stock market manipulation case investigated by the CSRC.

Company involved

Company involved

From February to May, 2017, Beibadao Group and its actual controllers set up and controlled a trading team with a clear division of labor, raised billions of yuan through a number of fund intermediaries, used 301 securities accounts, and used abnormal trading techniques such as frequent reverse transactions, intraday price hikes, and rapid daily limit closures to speculate on multiple sub-new shares, which was suspected of manipulating the market.

Inspectors of CSRC:After our preliminary investigation, we found that the related accounts involved were actually manipulated and controlled by a Beibadao Group, a private logistics group in Xiamen, whose main business is railway transportation.

Small-cap stocks with "ferocious" tactics have experienced ups and downs.

In February 2017, the sub-new shares of several banks led by "Jiangyin Bank" and "Zhangjiagang Bank" were collectively speculated, which caused great concern in the market.

A stock that has been manipulated for speculation.

A stock that has been manipulated for speculation.

Inspectors of CSRC:Take the behavior of Zhangjiagang as an example. It started to be listed on January 24th, and then we, the main manipulator, started to manipulate it in early February, that is, it just went on the market for a few days, using their capital advantages and shareholding advantages to earn chips in the hands of retail investors, and then after their chips reached a certain level, they attracted the follow-up funds in the market, and then they suddenly removed their chips, so that they could easily make quick money.

Second, raise huge sums of money to fund the one-stop service of the company

In the investigation, the inspectors of the CSRC also found that the principal of Beibadao Group’s one billion yuan was not their own, and they all found the so-called — — Fund-raising company.

Inspectors of CSRC:Mainly use some underground fund-raising intermediaries in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to contact the fund-raiser. The fund-raiser will give these accounts and his own money to these fund-raising intermediaries, and then the fund-raising intermediaries will give them to the Beibadao Group, and then the Beibadao Group will use these accounts to manipulate the market. These fund-raisers here will get 10% of the fixed annualized income, and then the fund-raising intermediaries will generally get about 1% of the intermediary service fee, and the remaining excess income will be.

There are many accounts involved in the "busy" trading.

During the investigation, the inspectors of the CSRC saw rows of tables and chairs and some computers that had not been evacuated before in a villa of more than 1,000 square meters. It is reported that this is the private trading hall of Beiba Road. At the busiest time, at least 100 computers and more than 10 traders were engaged in illegal trading, and each trader controlled two or three stock accounts.

Inspectors of CSRC:In two months’ time, we just went to more than ten provinces and cities to visit the owners of these nominal accounts involved to determine whether they are using this account themselves or giving it to others.

Although the sources of funds are all over the world, the illegal funds earned by manipulating the stock market eventually fell into the private accounts of more than 10 financial personnel of Beibadao Group.

The CSRC interviewed the suspect for violent resistance to the law.

company personnel

Employees of the company involved violently resisted the law.

After basically grasping the criminal facts of Beibadao, the inspectors of the CSRC arrived at Beibadao Company, but the relevant personnel of the case refused to talk.

There is a conflict between the inspector of CSRC and the object of investigation.

The two ladies in the camera, one is the company treasurer and the other claims to be the legal representative. When the inspectors of the CSRC obtained the company’s financial information, they actually tore up the documents and even threw them out of the window.

Fined a fine of 5.67 billion yuan from the CSRC.

Inspectors of CSRC:The most typical harm of this case is that it has affected the fairness and justice of this market and caused great fluctuations in the market. I will plan to impose a top penalty on its Beibadao Group. So far, it is the case with the highest amount of administrative penalty imposed by the CSRC.