Can Hua Xizi, who publicly apologizes, win back the hearts of "all girls"?

  The netizens in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi lost "all the girls", and the related topics continued to be hot. However, another protagonist in the live broadcast room, Hua Xizi, a domestic beauty brand, did not officially issue an apology statement until today.

  Hua Xizi admits that he has received great attention from the whole network in the past week, and he is fearful and at a loss. Although the brand has not made a sound, during this time, it has continuously absorbed everyone’s criticisms, opinions and suggestions. Huaxizi brand expresses its gratitude for everyone’s urging, and the relevant opinions have been fully recorded. The team is also comparing, revising and upgrading one by one, adhering to the initial intention, bringing better products and providing better services to everyone. This statement immediately triggered a hot discussion on the whole network, and related topics quickly reached the top of Weibo Hot Search. Up to now, the reading volume has exceeded 300 million.

  Hua Xizi’s apology statement emphasizes that Hua Xizi is an out-and-out brand in China, and hopes to tell the story of China and inherit the beauty of the East. This not only reveals Hua Xizi’s cultural orientation and brand concept, but also highlights his respect and admiration for China’s traditional culture. The sincere expression in the letter of apology will undoubtedly help to enhance Hua Xizi’s public image and leave room for its future development.

  However, after the apology statement was released, some netizens did not buy it. Some netizens said: the eyebrow pencil has risen to 119 and apologized. It’s really thick-skinned. Such remarks are directed at the price increase of Huaxi’s products. This is also the direct reaction of "all girls" to the product quality and price. After all, the eyebrow pencil is for use, not for display. However, Hua Xizi did not directly reply to the price increase issue that consumers are most concerned about in the statement. This also reminds all enterprises that consumers pay attention not only to the tonality and reputation of the brand, but also to whether the product price is fair and the cost performance is reasonable.

  Earlier, some netizens turned over past reports that when the average rebate rate in the industry was 20%, Hua Xizi raised the proportion with a wave of his hand, and some anchors even got 60% to 80% rebates. At that time, related topics such as "more than 20% of Huaxizi’s revenue comes from Li Jiaqi" and "Huaxizi responds to Li Jiaqi’s high commission" also appeared in hot search. On the evening of September 11th, Hua Xizi responded to the The Paper reporter that the information on the Internet about Hua Xizi’s rebate to Li Jiaqi was as high as 60% to 80%, or even more than 100%, which was false rumor, and the proportion of cooperation rebate between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi was the industry average. But it also reminds enterprises that the distribution of benefits with partners should be fair and just, and transparent cooperation will not make consumers suspect that their profits are "cheap" for the anchor, but they are not used to improve product quality and serve consumers.

  In this competitive market environment, every move of an enterprise may become the focus of public attention. In order to gain a foothold in the turbulent market and even lead the development of the industry, the core problem of enterprises is not to compete for eloquent anchors or to "inherit the beauty of the East" marketing, but to pay attention to the quality and cost performance of products.

  Hua Xizi’s apology statement, to a certain extent, shows his attention to the topic of public concern and the maintenance of brand image. This is undoubtedly a positive gesture, but more importantly, Hua Xizi needs to implement these commitments in future actions. Whether the product quality is controlled or the pricing is reasonable or not, we need to take concrete actions and stand the test of consumers. Only in this way can we gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.

  As an emerging domestic beauty brand, Hua Xizi has taken a solid step. This storm is both a challenge and an opportunity. In the future, we expect Hua Xizi to face consumers’ doubts about prices, make corresponding improvements and upgrades, and implement the promises to better respond to consumers’ expectations.

  Generally speaking, the huge public opinion caused by the rollover of the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and the subsequent surge in domestic sales of other brands, made "all girls" get rid of the fancy marketing fog of the brand and pay attention to and think about the quality and price of the products themselves. As a brand, no matter how big or small it is, it should put consumers’ needs first, respect consumers’ opinions and respond to consumers’ demands with practical actions, so as to be stable and far-reaching in various crises and challenges.

Night reading | He said that life is a tearful smile.

  CCTV News:His life was full of ups and downs, and he began his literary creation when he was nearly puzzled, but he became one of the "three great short story masters in the world". He has left nearly 300 novels in his creative career for more than ten years, including Sacrifice of Love, Gift of Maggie, and The Last Leaf … … Articles are literary classics; He wrote "a tearful smile" with his own experience, enlightening the world that "as long as you believe, there will always be miracles".

  He is O. Henry.

  1862-O Henry, a famous American short story writer, was born. Tonight, review his classic works and feel the love and hope in life.

Maggie’s gift

(with deletion)

  Life is made up of sobs, sobs and smiles, and sobs occupy most of them.

  One yuan and eighty-seven cents. It’s all here, including 60 cents in coppers. This is saved by bargaining from grocery store owners, vegetable vendors and butcher’s shops, and I feel ashamed every time. I deeply feel that this kind of deal is really embarrassing. Della counted it three times, and it was still 1.87 yuan, and the next day was Christmas. 

  Obviously, there is no other way but to throw yourself on that shabby nap chair and cry. 

  Della did this, but her spiritual feelings came to life. Life is made up of sobs, sobs and smiles, and sobs occupy most of them.

  After Della finished crying, she smeared powder on her cheeks. She stood at the window and stared at a gray cat walking on a gray fence in the gray backyard. Only one yuan and eighty-seven cents to buy Jim a present, her Jim! How many days did she spend planning to give him a lovely gift, an exquisite, rare and expensive gift — — At least something worthy of Jim.

  The couple each have something they are particularly proud of. One is Jim’s gold watch; The other is Della’s hair. 

  There is a wall mirror between the two windows in the room. Suddenly, she whirled around from the window and stood in front of the wall mirror. Her eyes were crystal clear, but her face lost its luster within twenty seconds. She tore her hair apart quickly and let it splash completely. 

  The couple each have something they are particularly proud of. One is Jim’s gold watch, which was handed down from his grandfather to his father and from his father to his family heirloom. The other is Della’s hair. 

  At this moment, Della’s hair splashed around her, and the microwave fluctuated and shone like a brown waterfall. Her hair is knee-length, like a robe for her. Then, she quickly combed her hair nervously, hesitated for a minute, and stood there motionless, splashing a tear or two on the worn red carpet. 

  She bought it for twenty-one dollars. With the gold watch and this chain, Jim can look at the time without shame on any occasion.

  She put on the old brown coat and hat, and there were glittering and translucent tears in her eyes. As soon as her skirt swung, she floated out of the door and went downstairs to the street. 

  She stopped at a sign that said, "Mrs. Sofroni — — Specializing in all kinds of hair. " Della ran up the stairs, panting and composed. That lady is fat, too pale and as cold as ice, which simply doesn’t match the nickname of "Sofroni". 

  "Do you want to buy my hair?" Della asked. 

  "I buy hair," said the lady. "Take off your hat and let me see the hair sample." 

  The brown waterfall splashed down. 

  "Twenty dollars," said the lady, grasping her hair expertly. 

  "Give me the money quickly," said Della. 

  Oh, the next two hours seemed to fly by happily with wings. She searched everywhere for a present for Jim. 

  She finally found it. It must be specially made for Jim. It’s a simple platinum watch chain, engraved with patterns, which is just right for Jim’s gold watch. She bought it for twenty-one dollars and hurried home, leaving only eighty-seven cents. The gold watch matches this chain, so Jim can look at the time without shame on any occasion. 

  After Della came home, her ecstasy became a little cautious and rational. She found out the curling iron, lit the gas, and began to repair the damage caused by the generosity of love. Within forty minutes, her head was covered with small curls that clung to her scalp, and she looked like a little boy playing truant.

  "If Jim looks at me and doesn’t kill me," she said to herself, "he will say that I look like a singing girl in Coney Island, but what can I do — — Alas, there is only one yuan and eighty-seven cents. What can I do? " 

  She held her hair comb to her chest, and after a long time, she raised her tearful eyes and smiled and said, "My hair grows very fast, Jim!" " 

  At seven o’clock, she made coffee, put the frying pan on the hot stove, and could make steak at any time. 

  Jim always comes home on time. The door opened, Jim stepped in and closed the door behind him. His eyes were fixed on Della, and her expression made her unable to understand and made her hair stand on end. It was neither anger nor surprise, nor dissatisfaction, nor disgust, and it was not any expression she had expected at all. He stared at della with this expression. 

  Della twisted her waist, jumped off the table and walked over to him. 

  "Jim, honey," she cried, "don’t stare at me like that. I cut off my hair and sold it, because I can’t spend Christmas without giving you a present. Hair will grow back — — You won’t mind, will you? I have to do this. My hair is growing very fast. Say ‘ Merry Christmas ’ Ok! Jim, let’s be happy. You’ll never guess what a nice, beautiful and exquisite gift I bought you! " 

  "Have you cut off your hair?" Jim asked laboriously, as if he had racked his brains and failed to understand the obvious fact. 

  "Cut it off and sell it," said Della. "Anyway, don’t you also like me? Without long hair, I am still me, right? " 

  Jim looked around the room strangely. 

  "Did you say your hair was gone?" He asked almost like an idiot. 

  "Stop looking," said Della. "To tell you, I have sold it — — It’s sold. It’s gone. Treat me well, it’s for you. Maybe I can count my hair, "she suddenly said softly," but no one can count my love for you. Shall I cook steak, Jim? " 

  Jim seemed to wake up from a trance and held Della tightly in his arms. Jim took a small bag from his coat pocket and threw it on the table. 

  "Don’t get me wrong, Del," he said. "When you open that bag, you will know why I looked like that just now." 

  White fingers deftly untied the rope and opened the paper bag. Followed by ecstatic screams, suddenly turned into women’s neurotic tears and crying, in urgent need of the male host to do everything possible to comfort. 

  Because it’s a comb on the table — — Full set of combs. It was something that Della had seen and envied to death in a Broadway window a long time ago. These wonderful hair combs are made of pure tortoiseshell, and the edges are inlaid with jewels — — Its color just matches her lost hairdressing. She knows that this set of combs is really too expensive. For this, she was only envious and eager before, and never thought about getting them. Now, all this actually belongs to her, but unfortunately the beautiful long hair that is qualified to wear this coveted ornament has disappeared without a trace. 

  However, she still held her hair comb to her chest, and it took a long time before she raised her tearful eyes and smiled and said, "My hair grows very fast, Jim!" " 

  I sold my gold watch and bought a hair comb for you.

  Then Della jumped up like a scalded kitten and cried, "Oh! Oh! " Jim hasn’t seen his beautiful gift yet.

  Della spread out her palm and reached out to him. "Isn’t it beautiful, Jim? I searched all over the city before I found it. Now, you can watch the time a hundred times a day. Give me the watch, I want to see how it matches it. " 

  Instead of following her instructions, Jim collapsed on the couch with his hands under his head and smiled slightly. 

  "Del," he said, "let’s put Christmas presents aside. They are too good to be used at present. I sold my gold watch and bought a hair comb for you. Now, you make the steak. " 


△ Figure from British illustrator David Renshaw

▽ Sketch | O Henry

  O Henry, born on September 11th, 1862, was originally named william sydney porter. He created the precedent of modern American short stories, and was called "the three great short story masters in the world" together with French Mo Bosang and Russian Chekhov.

  After a lifetime of ups and downs, I began to create in prison when I was near confusion.

  In 1898, O Henry, who worked as a cashier in a bank, was jailed for "embezzlement" because of problems in the bank accounts he handled. In order to make a living, he began to write short stories in prison, nearly 30 years old. Because of the prisoner’s identity, he dared not use his real name, so he took the abbreviation "O Henry" of a French pharmacopoeia editor as his pen name.

  In 1901, after serving more than three years in prison, O Henry was released early, and then he devoted himself to writing. But just when his creativity was at its peak, his health began to deteriorate and he died in 1910. 

  "Smile with tears" and "O ‘Henry-style ending" are well-known in the literary world.

  "Smile with tears" — — The organic combination of comedy form and tragedy connotation is the creative style of O ‘Henry’s novels. In his works, the kind and kind poor people have no food to eat and no shelter. He profoundly revealed the soul and fate of the little people in American society at the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, which constituted the unique humanistic care in his novels.

  O Henry is also famous for being good at endings. At the end of his works, the fate of the hero is often suddenly reversed, or the psychological situation of the characters is unexpectedly changed. This is an unexpected and reasonable ending, which is specially called "O Henry’s ending" by American literary circles.

  More than ten years of writing time has left nearly 300 short stories.

  Although he has only spent more than ten years in his life writing novels, O Henry is a prolific writer. He left behind a novel "Cabbage and the Emperor" and nearly 300 short stories, including the famous novels "Sacrifice of Love", "Police and Hymns", "The Gift of Maggie", "A Room with Furniture for Rent", "The Last Leaf" and "Twenty Years Later".

  In 1918, the United States set up the "O Henry Memorial Award" to reward the best short stories every year.

Draw a leaf for life,

As long as you believe, there will always be miracles.

Although the hope is slim, it will last forever.

— — O Henry’s The Last Leaf

Bosideng: Tell the brand story with design and convey the power of oriental aesthetics and fashion.

With the continuous evolution of fashion trends, down jacket, as an indispensable clothing in winter, is gradually changing from a single warm-keeping function to fashion and technology. In this process, Bosideng, as a well-known brand in down jacket industry, has become a leader in leading the trend with its ingenious design and excellent quality. Bosideng’s new year of the loong series down jackets perfectly combine Chinese traditional culture with fashion elements, tell warm brand stories with design, and show unique oriental aesthetics and fashion strength.

Bosideng is well aware of the importance of scientific and technological innovation, and has always started from the two dimensions of "fashion innovation" and "functional innovation", integrated global high-quality resources and adopted exclusive innovative fabrics to create a series of down jacket products with scientific and technological functions. This persistent pursuit of quality and technology makes Bosideng’s down jacket not only have excellent thermal insulation performance, but also reach the leading level in fashion, comfort and durability.

In order to meet consumers’ more demand for down jacket products, Bosideng has been innovating in design and has launched many eye-catching works. Among them, Bosideng year of the loong series down jackets skillfully integrate the dragon elements in Chinese traditional culture into the design, and combine traditional oriental aesthetics with modern fashion, inspired by Long Lin, showing a unique charm.

In addition to its unique style, Bosideng year of the loong series down jackets have also made great efforts in comfort. The selected fabric is soft and breathable, which ensures the comfort of wearing; Careful workmanship and strict quality control make every detail show quality; Specially designed zipper and lining make it more convenient to put on and take off, and at the same time increase the durability of use. It is worth mentioning that Bosideng’s innovation in design is not only reflected in style and comfort. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, Bosideng has also deeply integrated the new generation of digital technology with the traditional business model of down jackets, built a national-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory, built an industry-leading central intelligent distribution center, and built the largest modern clothing manufacturing system in the domestic down jacket industry. This series of measures has made Bosideng stand out in the down jacket industry and become a leader in the industry.

Bosideng’s efforts in technological innovation and digital transformation have also been recognized by the market and consumers. In recent years, Bosideng’s performance has achieved high compound growth, and its brand value has also increased rapidly. It has been selected as "Top 50 Most Valuable Clothing Brands in the World" by Brand Finance for two consecutive years, and its market share, brand first mention rate, popularity and reputation rank first in the industry all the year round. These honors and achievements are the best proof of Bosideng’s design innovation and quality pursuit.

In addition to efforts in product design and technological innovation, Bosideng has always been adhering to the feeling of "warming the family in China for 48 years". This feeling stems from deep concern for the family and deep affection for China culture. Bosideng always insists on taking consumers as the center and constantly meets their needs and expectations for down jacket products. And this kind of feelings and ideas is also an important reason why Bosideng can stand in the down jacket industry and continue to develop.

With its ingenious design, excellent quality and deep understanding of technological innovation and consumer demand, Bosideng not only sets a new benchmark in the down jacket industry, but also shows the perfect combination of oriental aesthetics and fashion power. In the future, Bosideng will continue to lead the trend and development of down jacket industry and bring more wonderful products and services to consumers around the world.

Comment on Exhibition | "Old Man Older than Us" Where did Huang Yongyu’s early optimistic innocence go?

[Editor’s Note] The column of "The Paper Art Review" comments on recent hot exhibitions with personal exhibition experience and independent perspective. The critical exhibitions include "Huang Yongyu Zodiac Art Exhibition" in National Museum, "Peng Wei’s solo exhibition: I think of you" in Suzhou Museum and "Song Dong: I don’t know destiny" in Shanghai Bund Art Museum. Contributions are welcome in this column, and the remuneration is preferential. It is required to express feelings, have substance in words, form an article or speak in a few words. The submission email address:, and the email title should be marked with "surging exhibition evaluation".

Twelve Twelve Months: Huang Yongyu Zodiac Art Exhibition

Venue: National Museum (Beijing)

Time: January 19-February 12, 2017

Ticket price: free of charge

Comments: First of all, Huang Yongyu, a 90-year-old painter, should be congratulated for holding an exhibition. Besides, Huang Yongyu’s zodiac paintings do have a unique sense of humor. Huang Yongyu’s most famous Zodiac paintings are the monkey tickets for the Year of Gengshen drawn in 1980. It is said that there is a huge room for appreciation. Huang Yongyu’s subsequent painting market is also booming, becoming an old man with much more money than "those old men who are older than him". It seems that an exhibition will be held in the National Museum every year in recent years. However, congratulations go back to congratulations. Some of Huang Yongyu’s Zodiac paintings are really talented and ingenious, but compared with his Gengshen monkey paintings, they lack an inherent simplicity. In the final analysis, these Zodiac paintings on display are still just cartoons, and most of the satire lacks connotation and aftertaste, and the calligraphy style of the inscription is artificial. For example, in the painting, a fat pig is painted, and the inscription is "People lose weight themselves but are afraid that I will lose weight", and the mouse is pointed at a cat with a big belly and pregnancy. Compared with their early paintings, these paintings are bright and simple, which makes people sigh!

Huang Yongyu’s early woodcut works are full of talent, folk decoration, and an optimistic innocence, which was once admired by Wang Zengqi. When he was young, he was very friendly with Wang Zengqi and Huang Shang, and developed in his later years. It is said that he loved to show off and his pen and ink seemed to be frivolous.

澎湃 star rating: two stars

Poster of Huang Yongyu Zodiac Exhibition

On the eve of the Lunar Year of the Rooster, Huang Yongyu held a "Zodiac Painting Exhibition" in the National Museum, in which he showed 168 paintings of the Zodiac in the last 12 years (12 paintings of the Zodiac are created every year, which are assembled into a monthly calendar, plus the cover painting and the explanatory text of Huang Yongyu’s calligraphy, totaling 14 paintings every year).

Huang Yongyu painted the zodiac monkey.

Peng Wei solo exhibition: I think of you.

Venue: Suzhou Museum

Time: January 14-March 12, 2017

Ticket price: free of charge

Comments: As a young female artist, Peng Wei, who is obsessed with ancient charm and physical properties, has a kind of aura, which can be felt from the exhibition itself in Suzhou Museum even if she doesn’t look at her works. Wu Hongliang, the curator and director of the Art Museum of Beijing Academy of Painting, has a kind of persistent thinking about the presentation of the exhibition hall effect. As he said, "Your (Peng Wei’s) works often give people the impression of being too clever and too relaxed. So, I was a little worried at first when I looked at your paintings, but I got in touch with you, listened to you, and understood what you were thinking. It turned out to be really like this, and I was relieved as a friend. Therefore, this exhibition, just do it with your heart. " It should be said that this exhibition has achieved Mr. Wu Hongliang’s goal, and the ancient charm and modernity of the paintings are also in good agreement with the atmosphere of Suzhou Museum. However, going back to the painting itself, Peng Wei’s strength is cleverness, and her weakness seems to be cleverness. As far as landscape painting is concerned, the lines of pen and ink still need to be improved, and the pursuit of Mo Yun and artistic conception can still be deepened. However, the artist is still young and there is still a long way to go.

澎湃 star rating: Samsung and a half

"Peng Wei solo exhibition: I think of you" exhibition site

After the Renaissance sketch exhibition in the British Museum, the modern hall of Suzhou Museum has once again undergone a poetic transformation. Peng Wei, an artist, with more than 50 works in the past five years, has created a dialogue field that blends Chinese and western cultures with ink in the garden space designed by I.M. Pei.

Installation works

This exhibition, curated by Wu Hongliang, deputy director of the Art Museum of Beijing Academy of Painting, is the first appearance of Peng Wei’s new series "Ya Yi" and the boldest exhibition of Subo Modern Hall: the whole space will be wrapped in translucent materials and divided into continuous spaces, based on the texture of the silk used by Peng Wei’s well-known "yes man", inspired by the twists and turns of Suzhou gardens and the geometric straight lines designed by I.M. Pei in Suzhou Museum.

Song Dong: I don’t know my destiny

Venue: Shanghai Bund Art Museum

Time: January 21-March 26, 2017

Ticket price: 30 yuan

Comments: It is said that this is a grounded exhibition of Shanghai Bund Art Museum. The mirror that permeates the walls, the window frames that make up the room, and the slogan "Don’t do it for nothing", Song Dong used these daily things to occupy the whole exhibition hall space. At the opening session of the exhibition, the artist invited guests to eat the whole city made of biscuits. However, I heard that there are many rats in the Bund Art Museum. In case a diner sees a small footprint on a half-bitten wafer, how to react at this time may test everyone’s wisdom. As a performance art, such "eating a city" may still be a gimmick.

澎湃 star rating: Samsung and a half


In the art season, Song Dong is decorating a biscuit house, and "Eating a City" is one of the opening activities.

When the curator went to greet the reporters attending the press conference, the artist Song Dong still stayed in his biscuit house, and built a tall building with sticks, pizza and waffles. The whole building of the Bund Art Museum was filled with a strange smell of cream. Song Dong filled the Bund Art Museum with his 66 works, which also made this space, which always seemed quite cold, lively.

Exhibition 6 th floor space

This is perhaps the most grounded exhibition in the history of the Bund Art Museum. The mirror that permeates the walls, the window frames that make up the room, and the slogan "Don’t do it for nothing", Song Dong used these daily things to occupy the whole exhibition hall space. On a certain floor, the audience will face the queuing guardrail that is often used in public places, which is covered with daily propaganda slogans. It takes a long time to walk around the guardrail before entering the end of the room, where there stands a square monument without words. In a thousand words, or without a word, daily life invades the space of the art museum, calling for wisdom from Chang Min.

Although the contents of the exhibition are uneven and polymorphic, the artist himself has not made a condescending gesture. In "Thirty-six Calendars", he tells his own story frankly, such as growing up, falling in love, the arrival of children, attending exhibitions, and his mother falling to save a bird. In another place, the artist hangs his own photos in a small space, as if it were his own living room, and 50 enlarged dolls show the artist’s self-disclosure.

A calendar in "Thirty-six Calendars" tells that my mother fell to save a bird.

Each floor of the art museum has been turned into a theater with an independent theme, and at the same time, some spaces are connected with each other. Artists have also made some arrangements in the unconventional exhibition space of the art museum, and the audience may have some special experiences.

More exhibition information:

James Terrell retrospective exhibition

Venue: Shanghai Long Art Museum (West Coast Pavilion)

Time: January 22–May 21, 2017

This exhibition covers the artist’s works of art in the past 50 years, including his representative lighting and space installations and selected photography and printmaking works. Terrier’s brand-new site-specific works based on the spatial design of the Dragon Art Museum will also be highlighted in the exhibition.

Auspicious Antai: Exhibition of Welcome Paintings and Calligraphy by Famous Maritime Artists

Venue: Duoyun Art Museum

Time: January 18th-February 8th, 2017

On the occasion of resigning the old year and welcoming the new year, Duo Yunxuan brought calligraphers Liu Xiaoqing, Liu Yiwen, Zhang Weisheng and Ding Shenyang, painters Gong Jixian, Yang Zhengxin, Che Pengfei and Le Zhenwen, seal engravers Lu Kang, Sun Weizu, Wu Chengbin and Yuan Huimin with auspicious and auspicious paintings and calligraphy exhibitions. I wish you good luck and peaceful future!

It’s warmest here in the New Year.

Venue: apparent horizon Art (Shanghai Red Square)

Time: January 21st-February 15th, 2017

In this exhibition, courtyard furnishings, desk ornaments and modern sculpture installations are displayed side by side. Among them, two huge sculptures show the artistic features of the artist Pin Mi, and there are also works by Inoue, Ding Xiongquan, Ding Liren, xia yang, Yao Xingwen and Qin Yifeng.


Buddhist Biography in Vietnam and Southeast China: Buddhist Events, Scenery and Relic

Venue: Gushan Hall, Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Time: January 13-March 27, 2017

The 111 pieces (groups) of Buddhist relics exhibited in the exhibition are mostly from pagodas, underground palaces, kiln sites and tombs in Southeast Zhejiang Province. Most of the gold and copper statues unearthed from pagodas in the period from Wu Yueguo to Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, as well as other Buddhist statues, scriptures, relic containers, and Brahma bells and chimes used in temples, especially the gold and copper statues in the period of Wu Yueguo in the Five Dynasties have the largest number and the most content.

Let go of the hills and valleys: an exhibition of landscape paintings by Xin’ an painting school

Venue: Wulin Hall, Zhejiang Museum

Time: January 21st-February 19th, 2017

This exhibition will display 70 pieces (groups) of Xin ‘an Painting School’s works from Anhui Museum and Zhejiang Museum, showing the artistic style and development process of this painting school. The exhibits include Sun Yi’s "A Picture of a Creek", Cheng Sui’s "Walking Alone to Autumn Mountain", Jian Jiang’s "A Picture of a Happy Forest" and Cha Shibiao’s "A Picture of a Landscape Imitating Yuan People".


Happy ever after: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ancient Life Exhibition (Art)

Venue: Tianjin Museum

Time: January 20th-February 19th, 2017

This exhibition is jointly organized by the Capital Museum, Tianjin Museum and Hebei Museum. More than 190 ancient artworks collected by the three museums will be exhibited, including more than 90 first-class and second-class cultural relics, presenting the artistic life and spiritual world of ancient people in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The exhibition shows literati paintings, porcelain, lacquerware, and unearthed cultural relics from kiln sites in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.


Art Home: Hidden House inshow Art Collection Exhibition

Venue: Yinshe inshow Art Center, Shenzhen

Time: January 18th-March 10th, 2017

In addition to the works of Xu Hongfei, Hu Jiefeng, Lu Zengkang, Gu Cunyan, Matsuo Ichiro, Xu Yuling, Matsui Kakuko, etc., this exhibition also presents modern epigraphy and calligraphy of Qi Baishi, Chen Julai and Wang Fuchang, aiming at guiding urbanites to learn, appreciate and collect their lifestyles.

New Zealand:

Zeng Sankai and Wang Li’s two-person exhibition of ink and wash at the stop of the sea

Venue: Blue Butterly Art Space, Auckland, New Zealand

Time: January 18th-February 20th, 2017

This exhibition is planned by Jin Jiangbo, an artist and curator, and shows more than 40 works recently created by two China artists. Among them, Zeng Sankai used books to paint, and he was good at exploring the true meaning of China landscape in brushwork; The characters in Wang Li’s works are quite interesting, which shows his artistic ideal of lifting weights easily.

Shanghai International Beauty Festival opens, bringing together new trends of global beauty products.

On May 11th, the launching ceremony of "2023 4th Shanghai International Beauty Festival" was held in moho Outdoor Plaza in Jing ‘an District. As one of the important activities of the "May 5th Shopping Festival" in Shanghai, the "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" is one of the important engines to promote consumption and steady growth, bringing together new global beauty products, new trends, new scenes and new models, which will help shape high-quality brands and stimulate a symbolic activity platform for rich consumption supply.

This year, the theme of "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" is "Beautiful New Order, Foreseeing the Future". During a one-month period, well-known beauty brands, head e-commerce platforms and high-quality commercial carriers will be invited to gather together and resonate on the same frequency. By adhering to "government+market", we will gather "international+domestic", link "brand+industry" and integrate "online+industry"

Focusing on the first economic "innovation", "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" actively builds a global beauty brand gathering place and a consumption innovation place. Major well-known brands at home and abroad will launch concentrated new products with high frequency and high energy level. At the launching ceremony, 11 international and domestic brands jointly brought a variety of new products launched in the world or the whole country, including ud meteorite powder, Lan Zhi Golden Three-tube essence and Dorset skin care gift box set. From May to June, L ‘Oré al Group will bring with it more than 20 characteristic brands, including the world’s first store, two new consumption scenes, three major beauty technologies, four high-end services and the first five-color product environmental impact disc in North Asia, including the world’s first flagship salon of L ‘Oré al pro, which will be opened in Tongren 88, Jing ‘an in mid-May. The first virtual human Tik Tok shop and virtual idol meta-cosmic tide makeup created by professional makeup brands in reverse color. Fresh Frestech, a high-end skin care brand under lvmh Group, and Tmall Black Box are working together to create a new product debut show for young consumers through big data empowerment. The first overseas laboratory of Clarins brand in Jing ‘an, together with the French headquarters, made renewed efforts to jointly develop and launch the world’s first new product, a brand-new lightweight version of Essence Dew. The new domestic skin care brand Youshiyan launched the new anti-aging product "Black Gravity Essence 2.0" which is more suitable for Chinese skin.

"Shanghai International Beauty Festival" will empower the innovation of consumption patterns, mobilize key business districts, carriers, brands and platforms to the greatest extent, and actively carry out business district linkage, live broadcast, community marketing and experience sharing. Online, Weibo, spokesman of Tmall, and Li Jiaqi, the anchor of Super Head Talent, were invited as "the recommender of good things in the 2023 Shanghai International Beauty Festival" to carry out live broadcast, and mk- Liangliang, the anchor of Xiaohongshu’s head, was invited to release a special live broadcast. Off-line, the trend art installation "Nature in Wonderland" was placed in moho outdoor square and new products were exhibited to attract young people from "punching cards in online celebrity" to "draining consumption"; At the same time, the major shopping malls in Jing ‘an District were linked to launch a number of theme festivals and special consumption promotion activities during the Beauty Festival.

The relevant person in charge of Jing ‘an District said that "Shanghai International Beauty Festival" will actively create a new scene of international consumption gathering area on Nanjing West Road, accelerate the construction of Jing ‘an "global new product launch demonstration area", and help Shanghai build a global beauty consumption highland.

The reporter learned from the ceremony that Jing ‘an District has attracted a large number of well-known domestic and foreign beauty companies to settle in for many years, with many well-known brands and strong strength. The concentrated development of beauty industry has become a major feature and highlight of Jing ‘an District’s business. The beauty companies that have settled in Jing ‘an cover makeup, skin care, nursing, beauty, functional beauty and other fields, with complete series and rich categories. In 2022, despite the epidemic, 11 major cosmetics enterprises in the region completed a total retail sales of 34.109 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.84%; The 14 major cosmetics enterprises in the region have achieved a total sales volume of 81.282 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.59%; Nanjing West Road Business Circle attracted seven first beauty shops, including one in Asia and two in China.

Author: Tang Ye