Gao Yuanyuan acted in a movie with Hu Ge after 9 years, but the audience burst into laughter?

1905 movie network feature "Hello everyone, I’m Feng Liuliu’s actor."At the premiere of the film shortlisted for the "Temple of Heaven Award" at the Northern Film Festival, the high round suit was unveiled with a long dress, which was still elegant.It has been nine years since she last attended the premiere of a film as a starring role.

Returning to the big screen after many years, Gao Yuanyuan unexpectedly chose a light comedy directed by a new director.This is somewhat unexpected.

Also surprising was another leading actor.From the male god of ancient costumes to the male protagonist of literary films, "comedy" is also a field he rarely dabbles in.

In this way, when "Muse" meets "Male God", just when the audience thinks the style of painting will develop as expected, this "Stop and Go" will give you a 180-degree reversal.

In the first half of the journey, the useless screenwriter played by Hu Ge was full of embarrassment, causing the audience to burst into laughter.In the second half of the journey, life and family ties make people cry silently, and the harvest is full of healing.

Most of the first round of word-of-mouth was four to five-star praise, and "exceeded expectations", "surprise", and "dark horse" also becameclosekeyWord.Healing but not chicken soup, hitting the pain points and tears of "crispy youth", this light comedy "Stop and Go" starring Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan is scheduled to be an annual hit?

"Hu Ge should have done a comedy!"

At the opening ceremony of the Northern Film Festival the night before, "Uncle", who had worked with Hu Ge, learned that "Stop and Go" was a light comedy, so he couldn’t help but raise a big thumbs and bluntly say that Hu Ge, who is full of humor in life, should have taken the step of comedy.

The story of the film is very simple. Wu Di (played by Hu Ge), a screenwriter who has been working hard in Beijing for many years but has achieved nothing, decides to return to his hometown after being frustrated with his relationship and career.

After returning home, Wu Di has to face the need to rebuild "intimate relationships" with his family on the one hand, and also to find a new direction in life on the other hand, which has triggered a series of ironic daily routines.

At first glance, Hu Ge played a "North Drift" screenwriter after hearing good, but the two characters have obvious differences in base color.

Beijing "roll can’t move" and return to his hometown. At the same time, he also wants to fight again. He repeatedly sits up between lying down and rolling. Wu Di is more like every ordinary migrant worker.

Hu Ge also vividly interpreted the little death of this useless young man, showing a sense of humor that was once "visible" only to friends and fans.

The director revealed that many of the scenes are of Hu Ge, and his impromptu performances at the scene often surprise the crew.

Through this down-to-earth little character, Hu Ge’s performance is more relaxed and natural, with a sense of life. The rhythm of the comedy in the first half is well controlled, and the emotional surge in the second half of the heart-to-heart play is also delicate and moving.

The performance of the other lead actor, Gao Yuanyuan, was also full of surprises. If her previous roles were mostly "Muse", this time Feng Liuliu was closer to an ordinary "young woman in a small town". For example, the scene of eating noodles with Hu Ge on the roadside at the beginning was full of fireworks.

She also fully immerses herself in the role, and many of the "documentary" shots in the film were shot by the photographer in the play herself.

Not only Hu Ge and Gao Yuanyuan, but also the supporting actors’ performances were outstanding. In particular, the two "drama bones" made the daily life of an elderly couple "love and kill each other" real and cute.

The years of precipitation are all reflected in the details of the performance. With just one expression and one look, the audience can burst into laughter or tears.

In fact, it is easy to create such so-called "Chinese-style parents" in a rut, nothing more than a three-piece set of "urging marriage", "urging parenting" and "urging work", but "Stop and Go" tries to avoid this from the script to the performance.

This is also the style of the whole play. There is no chicken soup or preaching, and there is no need to be deliberately funny or sensational. The laughs and tears are naturally bursting out in the stories and performances of the life stream, with a light and fresh beauty that makes people feel like a spring breeze.


Going back to the title of the movie "Stop and Go", go and stop are not only "roll" and "lie down", but also "distant" and "hometown".We have read too much inspirational or chicken soup literature about this proposition.

But "Stop and Go" wants to tell you in a lightweight way that walking and stopping are the norm, and you must learn to accept your own ordinary and life’s shortcomings.

Wu Di Beipiao has achieved nothing for many years, and he has returned to his hometown to start "eating old", which is undoubtedly a loser in the secular sense.

But the life of returning to his hometown also allowed him to rediscover his family and himself, and to find the strength to start again.

Not only Wu Di, but Gao Yuanyuan’s Feng Liuliu, Yue Hong’s mother, and us in front of the screen have all faced similar choices.

Every path has its own gains and losses, and once chosen, it becomes the only path in life.

Just like my mother’s line, "No one’s life is perfect, and it’s normal to have regrets."

As for the definition of success and failure, there is no standard answer.If you are careful enough, you will send a video with a simple English title, "gold or shit".If it succeeds, it must begoldchildLife should not have such a binary evaluation system.

Just as at the premiere, someone called Wu Di a "crispy young man", Hu Ge responded: "Everyone loves to label a person too much now!Everyone may not have to take the path that everyone agrees with, and life is ultimately their own. "

He also said that he liked the ending of the film, where Wu Di and Feng Liuliu meet on a traffic-choked highway, and the two cars stop and stop on their own tracks, constantly alternating.It not only echoes the title of the film, but also the epitome of life. Stop and go, stop and go, cry and laugh, how many people have lived their lives like this.

This is also the most touching part of "Stop and Go". It is not artificial or pretentious. In this era when everyone wants to "go crazy", it reminds us that the most simple life has the longest flavor.

Wu Di’s favorite Japanese director said: "The so-called couple is the taste of this bowl of tea bubble rice."This is not the taste of life, dull but sweet.

Wisdom Morning Post: BAIC New Energy will rise by more than 18% on the first day of listing of Yunmi on September 27th.

Original title: Zhidong Morning Post: BAIC New Energy will rise by more than 18% on the first day of listing of Yunmi on September 27.

"Wisdom Things" Morning Post No.1050
Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

# Today’s news #

1. Beiqi New Energy will be officially listed on the A-share market on September 27th.

On September 25th, it was reported that BAIC New Energy will be officially listed on the A-share market on September 27th. According to industry insiders, becoming a listed company can bring better capital liquidity to BAIC New Energy, and it has the advantage of rushing in many dimensions such as brand. However, in order to maintain sound development after listing, Beijing New Energy still faces the test of poor product structure and tightening industrial policies. It is reported that Beiqi New Energy has completed all the preparatory work before listing and renamed the shell company as "S Blue Valley".

2. The first day of Yunmi Technology’s listing: the intraday price rose by more than 18%.

3. GM will push the world’s first unmanned vehicle without steering wheel pedal.

On September 25th, it was reported that recently, General Motors announced that it would participate in the 2018 China International Import Expo held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, at which a series of advanced technologies and innovative ideas such as pure electric vehicles, autonomous driving and V2X car networking will be displayed. The Cruise AV self-driving car that will be unveiled at that time will be the first mass-produced car in the world that can drive safely without a driver, steering wheel and pedals. The model has been tested in public road environment in San Francisco and other places in the United States, and it is planned to be put into large-scale commercial application next year.

# Artificial Intelligence #

1. Beiming Star Eye completed tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing.

On September 25th, it was reported that Beiming Xingmu, a human-computer interaction solution company, recently completed tens of millions of yuan of Pre-A financing, which was led by Sanjiang Holding Group. Based on the self-developed logical bionic architecture, Beiming Xingmu has created a companion "AI health consultant" product. At present, Beiming Xingmu has built a Sanjiang Beiming platform with Sanjiang Group for the research and development of AI health consultants. By the end of this year, the preliminary products will enter 30-40 chain pharmacies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in the form of APP.

2. Kai-Fu Lee: Three misunderstandings of China AI by the United States.

On September 25th, it was reported that Kai-Fu Lee wrote in the column of new york Times that there are several common misunderstandings about the current situation of AI in China in American scientific and technological circles, such as: 1. They often attribute the advantages of massive data to the large number of people in China. 2. China’s competitive AI business environment and technological development are based on intellectual property theft. 3. The China government supports AI companies by giving them huge subsidies to protect them from foreign competitors. He said that China still needs to learn from the United States in forward-looking research. However, with the application of AI becoming the trend of the times, there are many aspects that the United States needs to learn from China.

3. Google uses AI technology to forecast floods for Indians.

On September 25 th, it was reported that Google was using AI technology to detect and release flood forecast. The project was first launched in India. Google is using historical event data and river water level readings, topography and altitude in a specific area to train its AI model, which can accurately predict the possible location, time and severity of floods.

It is reported that Google cooperated with the country’s Central Water Affairs Commission last month and issued the first alert in Bihar, India. Its alarm system is integrated in real-time services such as Google Search and Google Maps.

4. Jietong Huasheng’s new round of financing led by nearly 100 million deep ventures.

On September 25 th, it was reported that recently, Jietong Huasheng announced the completion of a new round of billion-dollar financing, which was led by Shenzhen Venture Capital and the Seven Wolves Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Fund.It will be used to consolidate its industrial position in the field of artificial intelligence and accelerate the implementation of strategic layout in technology, products and market.

It is reported that Jietong Huasheng is an artificial intelligence technology and product service provider integrating more than ten technologies such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, intelligent semantics and biometric identification.

5. Microsoft announced a $40 million AI humanitarian rescue plan.

On September 25th, according to foreign media reports, on September 24th, local time, Microsoft launched a five-year $40 million "Humane AI Action" plan, which will be used to create tools and services to help mankind. It is reported that the plan will focus on four specific areas: refugees and homeless people, children’s needs, disaster relief and human rights. It is reported that more news is expected to be announced at the Ignite conference.

Microsoft first announced this project last year, when it introduced that the project would contribute to the development of AI technology on earth, and it would help support the development of biodiversity, biological protection and climate change.

6. Zhongtong Tianhong received tens of millions of A rounds of financing from Lanchi Venture Capital.

On September 25th, it was reported that Zhongtong Tianhong, a cloud communication service provider, announced today that it had received tens of millions of A rounds of investment from Lanchi Venture Capital. It is reported that in the first half of 2018, Zhongtong Tianhong has achieved operating income of over 100 million yuan and will start a new round of financing.

Zhongtong Tianhong is a familyBased on cloud computing and AI technology, a company that provides enterprises with communication platform PaaS services and SaaS software services including call center CTI-PLUS, work order/customer management, online customer service, IM robot, intelligent knowledge base, intelligent quality inspection, BI big data platform and voice robot.

7. Microsoft and Shell use artificial intelligence to monitor smokers.

On September 25th, it was reported that Microsoft and Shell are currently cooperating in a pilot project, using AI to identify people who smoke at gas stations and give an alarm. Shell gas station will install a camera and run a Microsoft cloud intelligence program, Azure loT Edge. The camera will send pictures that may contain cigarettes to the micro-Azure cloud. Azure cloud will use AI to identify whether someone is smoking and send an alarm to the gas station administrator. It is reported that the team also plans to apply AI to Shell’s offshore drilling sites and refineries, and use AI to predict when equipment parts need maintenance and remind employees to repair or replace parts.

# New trip #

1. The United States has invested heavily in road construction to support Foxconn unmanned vehicle transportation.

On September 25th, according to foreign media reports, China Foxconn Group is investing $10 billion to build a large LCD panel base in Wisconsin. It is reported that in order to support Foxconn transportation, Wisconsin will invest heavily in upgrading roads and become an intelligent road system supporting self-driving cars. Because this section of the road will become an important channel for materials to enter and exit the LCD panel base of Foxconn Group, especially to and from Mitchell International Airport, and Foxconn is ready to deploy self-driving vehicles.

2, Uber push real-time traffic function Didi has been used for 16 years.

On September 25 th, according to foreign media reports, Uber is testing the function of displaying traffic forecast on the end map, and marking it in blue, yellow and red according to the congestion situation. It is reported that Uber has tested this feature on the Android platform in the past few months, and recently promoted this feature to the iOS platform. Similar to this in-terminal road condition display function based on big data and real-time analysis, Didi has been put into use in 2016.

3. Volkswagen will push three electric vehicles with a minimum battery life of 330km next year.

On September 25 th, it was reported that recently, the public said,estimateNext year, a mass-produced electric vehicle based on the electric concept car I.D. will be launched. This electric vehicle based on MEB platform will provide three different battery pack configurations, corresponding to three levels of cruising range, so as to adapt to different budget groups. According to the endurance figures tested by the World Light Vehicle Test Program (WLTP), the WLTP mileage of the entry-level version of the car is 330km;; Its starting price is expected to be around $30,000 (about RMB205,800). Medium-sized models, the official revealed that its cruising range is close to 450km, while the cruising range of high-sized models will reach 600km.

4. Tesla has started to produce the European version of Model 3.

5. Oufei Technology said that it is expected to mass-produce parking service products during the year.

On September 25 th, it was reported that Oufei Technology said today that in the smart car business, the company gradually released orders in hand and has become the main supplier of many mainstream auto manufacturers in China. It is said that the company has actively laid out new products, including car display module, instrument central control integrated host, streaming media rearview mirror system, car fingerprint identification system, etc., and has acquired the park’s autonomous driving technology through the introduction of talents and investment in research and development, which is expected to mass-produce products with parking service function within this year.

6, Beijing unmanned vehicle road test qualification list announced.

On September 25 th, according to the official website of the Smart Car Alliance Industrial Innovation Center, there are currently 34 vehicles with self-driving road test qualifications in Beijing, including 25 in Baidu, 2 in Daimler, 2 in Didi and 2 in Xiaoma Zhixing, and 1 in Weilai, Beijing New Energy Automobile and Tencent. According to official data, as of August, the road test of self-driving vehicles in Beijing has safely traveled more than 45,000 kilometers, and 44 roads with a total of 123 kilometers have been opened for testing.

7. Tencent obtained the license for road test of Beijing self-driving vehicles.

8. The new energy vehicle company Diageo One-dimensional A+round financing tens of millions.

On September 25th, it was reported that Diageo 1D, a new energy vehicle developer, recently completed tens of millions of A+rounds of financing, with Huaying Industrial Fund as the investor. It is reported that,Established in February 2017, Diageo 1D is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pure electric vehicles, which is jointly funded by Jiangsu yueda Venture Capital Co., Ltd., IDG Capital and Beijing Liandong Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd.. Customer orientation is mainly a young group in first-and second-tier cities.At present, the prototype of the company has entered the experimental stage, and the product development of the whole vehicle has completed the design and entered the engineering manufacturing stage.

9. Suzuki will test 50 electric prototypes in India.

According to foreign media reports, Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, will test electric vehicles in India in October, and plans to launch the first electric vehicle in 2020. Suzuki will carry out functional and other tests on 50 electric prototypes, and the first electric vehicle will be built based on Suzuki Wagon R.

According to the agreement signed between Suzuki and Toyota in November 2017, Toyota needs to provide technical support for electric vehicles produced by Suzuki in India, and Suzuki needs to provide such vehicles to Toyota. In addition, the two sides will jointly train engineers.

10. Applied Intuition A raised USD 11.5 million.

On September 25th, it was reported that recently, Applied Intuition completed a series of financing of $11.5 million. This round of financing was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Floodgate, with Liquid2, Haystack, AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Lax Capital participating. Previously, Applied Intuition had been operating in secret. It is reported that this is a company that provides automatic driving simulators for developers.Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, it provides more than 100,000 different driving scenarios for autonomous driving tests. The clients are mainly entrepreneurs who have no resources and time to create their own virtual simulators.

11. Nissan sylphy pure electric version will be listed tonight with a battery life of 338km.

On September 25th, it was reported that the Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy pure electric version will be officially launched tonight. The new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 38kWh, and the cruising range under comprehensive working conditions is 338km. The previously announced pre-sale price is 166,000 yuan before the subsidy. It is reported that the length, width and height of the new car are 4677/1760/1520mm and the wheelbase is 2700mm respectively.Equipped with remote real-time monitoring, on-board Wi-Fi hotspot, OTA online upgrade and other current mainstream electric vehicle configurations. The new car can support 50kW DC fast charging and 6.6kW AC slow charging. It takes 8 hours to fully charge slowly, and it can charge the battery from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes in fast charging mode.

12. Li Yinan holds 44% of the shares for the largest shareholder of Mavericks Electric.

13. Porsche will stop production of diesel vehicles and produce pure trams next year.

On September 25th, it was reported that Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, said in an interview with German media that due to stricter carbon emission regulations, Porsche will stop supplying diesel fuel for existing models, and only sell gasoline vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the future, and will start producing pure electric vehicles in 2019. Porsche plans to invest 6 billion euros in electric vehicle technology development by 2022.

# Smart Home #

1. Yilian and Microsoft jointly released a new generation of intelligent video equipment.

On September 25th, it was reported that recently, Yilian Network and Microsoft jointly released a new generation of intelligent collaboration scheme, and jointly launched a series of new audio and video devices supporting Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, as well as team collaboration devices such as video conference terminal VC200. These new products will cover a variety of office scenes. It is expected that new video products will be launched in 2019.

2. Facebook will launch the AI video chat device Portal.

On September 25 th, it was reported that Facebook will launch an AI-driven video chat device Portal next week, which can be regarded asOn the basis of the smart speaker, a screen and a wide-angle camera are added, which can watch videos or make video calls. With the support of AI, Portal can connect users with their Facebook accounts. It is reported that there are two versions of Portal, and the regular version costs about 400 dollars, about 2700 yuan; The small version costs about 300 dollars, about 2000 yuan.

# Robots/drones #

Astro boy robot will be sold in Japan in October.

On September 25th, NTT DoCoMo official website showed that Astro Boy, a home robot based on the protagonist of Astro Boy, will be sold in home appliance stores all over Japan on October 1st. It can not only make dance movements like traditional robots, but also have face recognition function, and can talk to users through AI function. The NTT "natural dialogue platform" carried by the robot is one of its main features. It is reported that the selling price of this robot will be 212,900 yen (excluding tax, about RMB13,000).

# New progress #

1. FCA intends to appoint Gorlier as the head of business in Europe.

On September 25th, according to foreign media reports, Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company (FCA) intends to appoint Pietro Gorlier, the chief operating officer of its parts business, as the head of its business in Europe, which is part of FCA’s extensive restructuring plan, and the restructuring result will be announced as early as this week.

It is reported that Gorlier is the main candidate to succeed Alfredo Altavilla. The latter left at the end of August after the FCA board of directors chose Mike Manley, the head of its Jeep brand, to succeed Malchow. According to people familiar with the matter, FCA has not yet made a final decision, and other senior executives are also under consideration. The FCA declined to comment.

2. Google appoints Chief Privacy Officer to deal with data control.

On September 25th, it was reported that Google recently appointed Keith EnPark Jung Su as its chief privacy officer and formulated a series of corporate policies to deal with possible federal data control. EnPark Jung Su said, "It is indeed necessary to set basic regulations for privacy protection at present, and Google welcomes this and supports comprehensive basic privacy protection supervision." It is reported that John Thun, the chairman of the expert group and Republican Senator of South Dakota, said that he would propose legislation on privacy issues. Park Jung Su will testify at a hearing organized by the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation of the United States Senate. Executives from AT&T, Amazon and other companies are also expected to attend.

3. Uber open source deep learning database Petastorm.

On September 25th, it was reported that Uber recently announced the open source of Petastorm, a data access library developed by Uber ATG, which can directly perform stand-alone or distributed training and deep learning model evaluation based on several TB Apache Parquet format data sets. Petastorm supports popular Python-based machine learning (ML) frameworks, such as Tensorflow, Pytorch and PySpark, and can also be directly used in Python code. This data set is generated by Python interface PySpark of Apache Spark and will be used in machine learning training.

4. Bloomberg: Yunmi Technology IPO is priced at $9 per share.

On September 25 th, according to Bloomberg News, Yunmi Technology IPO was priced at $9 per ADS. It is reported that Yunmi Technology submitted the IPO (initial public offering) listing application documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the end of August, and plans to list on Nasdaq with the stock code "VIOT", and plans to raise up to 150 million US dollars.

5. Mavericks Electric’s revenue in the first half of the year was 560 million, a year-on-year increase of 95%.

On September 25 th, it was reported that the Mavericks electric prospectus showed that the net revenue of Mavericks electric in 2017 was 769.4 million (about 116.3 million US dollars), an increase of 116.8% year-on-year. The net loss in 2017 was 184.7 million (about 27.9 million US dollars), compared with 232.7 million in the same period last year. The net revenue of Mavericks Electric in the first half of 2018 was 557.1 million (about 84.2 million US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 95.4%. The net loss in the first half of the year was 314.9 million (about 47.6 million US dollars), compared with the net loss of 96.6 million in the same period of last year.The net loss rate increased from 33.9% to 56.5%.


1. Magic Leap will provide AR glasses for the US Army.

On September 25 th, according to foreign media reports, Magic Leap is advancing a contract with the US Army to manufacture AR equipment for soldiers for combat missions. According to the military’s description of the project, the project will enhance the military’s ability to investigate, decide and act before the enemy, so as to enhance its combat effectiveness. The military may buy more than 100,000 pairs of glasses, which is only part of its $500 million project. It is reported that Microsoft is also interested in this project.

2. VR startup Torch 3D launched AR modeling application.

On September 25 th, it was reported that recently, VR startup Torch3D launched the AR modeling application TorchAR to enable users to quickly build interactive 3D models. This program allows users to build interactive prototypes and use existing 3D and 2D files and tools to collaborate in real time. And can use AR functions, such as image detection, and other mobile functions, such as payment, voice input, social media sharing and GPS.


1. Baidu and Intel set up a 5G+AI edge computing laboratory.

On September 25th, it was reported that the "5G+AI Edge Computing Joint Lab" jointly sponsored by Baidu and Intel was officially unveiled today, aiming at accelerating the research and development of domestic edge computing (MEC) technology. The two sides will jointly promote the research and development of OTE platform, realize the unified management of Internet-side edge computing such as cloud edge infrastructure, distributed computing resources, mobile network edge and intelligent terminals, and accelerate the launch of related commercial products.

2. Canada: There is no need to ban Huawei’s 5G network construction.

On September 25th, according to foreign media reports, Canadian cyber security executives said that Ottawa is confident that it has adequate security measures to deal with the risk of hackers or spies in China, and that it is unnecessary to follow the example of the United States and Australia to exclude China telecom giant Huawei from participating in the next generation of 5G network construction. Scott Jones, the new head of the Canadian Cyber Security Center in Ottawa, said that Ottawa has a sound system for testing Huawei equipment and software to prevent security vulnerabilities.

3. Intel organized Mobile Unicom Telecom to show 5G cards.

On September 25th, Intel held a 5G network summit in Beijing today, and invited three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom), Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, Tencent and Ziguang Zhanrui to support the platform. Mobile plans to realize the "three steps" of 5G construction, and will carry out 9 categories of 5G application demonstrations in 12 cities next year; Telecom has raised several "anxieties" in the 5G era; Unicom introduced 5G landing projects such as the 5G network that cooperated with Intel to build the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics; Huawei, Baidu, Tencent and Ziguang Zhanrui respectively introduced their cooperation with Intel in 5G or their own 5G plans.

# bike-sharing #

1. It was reported that ofo used GSE for financing. The official said that the news was untrue.

On September 25th, a few days ago, some media reported that ofo had used digital currency GSE to conduct a round of financing for itself in July. Ofo officials responded in Weibo today, saying that the content of the report was seriously inaccurate, and that there was no such thing as "ofo using GSE for a new round of financing" because the relationship between ofo and GSE was only a market partnership. For the statement that "ofo’s fundraising is cheating money, because ofo has no money", ofo officials even call it "nonsense". Ofo said that it will reserve the right to resort to law for irresponsible behavior of relevant media.

# Apple Pie #

1. Apple turned a large number of XR OEM orders to Foxconn.

On September 25 th, according to foreign media reports, due to capacity problems and delayed shipment of some key components, Apple has shifted a large number of new iPhone XR OEM orders from Heshuo to Foxconn. Initially, Apple handed over the OEM orders for iPhone XR with LCD screen to Foxconn and Pegatron respectively. Among them, Pegatron took about 60% share, while Foxconn took 30%. After the adjustment, Heshuo’s current OEM share of iPhoneXR has dropped to less than 30%, while Foxconn’s OEM share has ushered in a sharp increase.

2. Apple earns $241 more for each 512G iPhone XS.

On September 25th, according to Bloomberg News, the 512G version of Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max earned $241 more than the 64G version. Its storage cost is about 25 cents per GB, but Apple charges customers about 78 cents. Apple will charge an extra $350 to jump from the minimum 64GB to the new 512GB iPhone XS.

In addition, high-storage iPhone devices may cause users to increase their expenses in other aspects. Some people who are used to unlimited downloads on their mobile phones are more likely to use more music, applications, movies and subscriptions to fill their devices, which will also increase Apple’s service revenue.

Ten thousand steps to the auto show | booth map teaches you where to see heavy new cars and concept cars.

As the first and possibly the only international Class A auto show in the world this year, the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has attracted much attention, attracting almost all brands from all over the world.

The major car companies participating in the exhibition are also eager to release concept cars, heavy new cars and corporate strategies. According to incomplete statistics, among the 8 exhibition halls of 360,000 square meters, there will be 60 first-time models, and hundreds of new cars will be listed.

General plan of exhibition hall

The Paper, combined with the booth map published at the Shanghai Auto Show, taught everyone how to find these concept cars and heavy new cars as quickly as possible, enjoy the concept cars with forward-looking design concepts and advanced technology configuration, and taste the heavy new cars with design and technical vane significance.

No.3 hall

1. Cadillac LYRIQ concept car

From fuel vehicles to electrification, this major change requires traditional car companies to bid farewell to "oil to electricity" and come up with a native proprietary pure electric vehicle platform. Last year, GM’s BEV3 pure electric platform was officially unveiled. Now, the Cadillac LYRIQ concept car, the first model built by BEV3 platform, will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

In terms of appearance, the LYRIQ concept car is very sci-fi in shape, and the front of the car has a luminous brand LOGO and radial light strips. Push-down car side contour and stretched roof line give consideration to both technology and artistic atmosphere. The taillight design of the concept car is complicated, with a large number of horizontal and vertical line elements added, showing strong visual tension.

The car is equipped with a whole 33-inch screen, which integrates the functions of dashboard, infotainment, navigation, lighting control, air conditioning control and so on. In addition, the car is also equipped with GM’s latest "Super Cruise" super cruise driver assistance system and dual-view laser holographic reality enhanced HUD head-up display function.

The LYRIQ concept car will use the universal Ultium battery pack with a cruising range of about 483 kilometers, and provide two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models to meet the needs of different users.

2, MG Cyberster concept car

The concept of pure electricity super runs MG Cyberster’s low body, exaggerated mouth and oval headlights hidden inside the body create a concept of violent aesthetics with strong visual impact. Moreover, an "LED waistline" extends from the fender position, which is highly recognizable.

The interior of MG Cyberster is also sporty and sci-fi. The steering wheel similar to the gamepad is matched with a large-size LCD instrument and an "e-sports seat", which looks very combative.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, MG will start the crowdfunding of the MG Cyberster concept car, with a target of 50 million yuan, and the mass production of the vehicle will begin as soon as it reaches the standard.

3. SAIC Chase MIFA EV concept car

This concept car has only appeared in the manuscript and renderings.

After completing the "business transfer", SAIC Chase MAXUS began to develop the latest pure electric architecture-MIFA architecture, which can be compatible with various new energy power systems such as HEV, PHEV, EV and FCV, and covers SUV, MPV and other models.

SAIC Chase MIFA EV concept car is based on MIFA architecture, and the design is inspired by the space capsule. The overall shape is very avant-garde science fiction, and it is expected to have a brand-new intelligent cockpit and advanced human-computer interaction, intelligent driving assistance and other systems. The new car is expected to be released during the year. Production model.

4. Buick Angkewei Plus

Angkewei was first launched in 2014, and its sales volume in China market has exceeded one million. The Angkor Plus launched this time is based on the general medium-sized luxury SUV architecture. It has undergone a new design from the outside to the inside, and its size has been improved. It provides five-seat/seven-seat seating layouts, and the power part is equipped with a 2.0T engine+48V light mixing system. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 9-speed automatic manual transmission.

In the future, the new car will compete with Tiguan L, brand-new Highlander and Sharp.

No.4 hall

5. Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept car

At last year’s CES show in the United States, Mercedes-Benz released the latest concept car VISION AVTR, which will also be officially unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

The new car design is inspired by Avatar, and the biggest highlight is the bionic design, and the overall visual effect is extremely sci-fi. The brand LOGO and wheels of the vehicle have luminous function, completely transparent gull-wing door design, and scale-like solar panels on the roof.

VISION AVTR can realize automatic driving, which also makes its interior very simple and sci-fi, eliminating the traditional steering wheel, throttle, brakes and various buttons. In addition to the seat, there is only a display screen and a light controller in the car, and the people in the car can control the functions in the car through the controller. In terms of power, VISION ATVR is equipped with four independent motors with a maximum power of 350kW.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept car not only highlights the design concept of science and technology, but also shows the harmony between man and nature with bionic design, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly materials and pollution-free and degradable graphene-based organic chemical batteries.

6. Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS is the first model born in the pure electric architecture of Mercedes-Benz EVA, and it is also the flagship model in EQ brand. It can be understood as the S-class in EQ family. The new car adopts the brand-new design language of EQ family, integrates AMG sports style, and is designed with hidden door handles and penetrating light strips, which has a sense of sports and technology.

The new car WLTP has a battery life of up to 770km, which will realize L3 automatic driving, AI artificial intelligence with learning ability and OTA of the whole vehicle.

The new car comes standard with a rear wheel steering system (4.5/10 after OTA) and a 108.7kWh lithium battery, and a 90kWh version will be available later. EQS 580 4MATIC with dual-motor four-wheel drive has a maximum power of 385kW, a peak torque of 828N·m and an acceleration of only 4.1 seconds per 100 km.

No.5 hall

7. Star Way Eta Ursae Majoris Concept Car

Eta Ursae Majoris (English name: Stellar), the first concept SUV built by Starway with new energy architecture, will make its first global public appearance.

Judging from the preview of the current exposure, Eta Ursae Majoris will adopt a brand-new design, with a penetrating light strip on the upper part of the front face and C-shaped light groups on both sides below.

8、SAIC Audi A7L

The domestic Audi A7L can be said to be a heavyweight model with high attention at this auto show, which symbolizes that SAIC has opened a brand-new luxury car battlefield since then.

Audi A7 has always been famous for its high value among Audi brands by virtue of its coupe body lines. However, after the domestic extension, many people are concerned about whether the overall proportion will be out of balance and what kind of quality can be achieved after domestic production.

9. Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron concept car is built on Volkswagen MEB pure electric platform, and its overall shape is full of "muscle". In terms of interior design, Audi Q4 e-tron is expected to be equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, an embedded MMI touch screen and AR HUD real-life navigation for head-up display. In terms of battery life, Audi Q4 e-tron is expected to provide two kinds of battery packs, with sizes of 82kWh and 55kWh respectively, and single and double motors are available. WLTP has a maximum battery life of 520 kilometers.

10. Volkswagen ID.6

Volkswagen ID.4 The "Big Brother" ID.6 of two models has also arrived.

In terms of body size, ID.6 locates medium and large pure electric SUV, and adopts 3 rows and 7 seats layout. The body dimensions are: 4891/1848/1679mm, and the wheelbase is 2965mm.

Like ID.4, ID.6 will also launch two different models of "North-South Volkswagen".

No.6 hall


11. Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept Electric

At the beginning of the month, Lexus launched a brand-new LF-Z Electrified concept electric vehicle in the world. The vehicle adopts BEV special platform and is equipped with "DIRECT4" brand-new four-wheel driving force control technology, which can freely control each wheel by making the motor driving force instantly responsive, thus achieving highly flexible driving performance.

The cockpit is based on the concept of "Tazuna". The functions of AR head-up display, instrument and touch screen are highly integrated, and the driving-related functions are concentrated around the steering wheel. This layout will become the design direction of the next generation of Lexus models.

12. Jennisseth X concept car

At the beginning of April, luxury car brand Janice officially announced its landing in China market. The Genesis X concept car will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is positioned in a medium-sized and large coupe with a pure electric powertrain. This is the fifth concept car of the Janice brand after the NEW YORK, GV80, Essentia and Mint concept cars.

Jennisseth X is more avant-garde while continuing the family-style design, making full use of the unique double-line design elements. For example, the double-line LED strip on both sides of the large-area air intake grille in the front of the car and the double-line LED taillights at the rear.

The internal design is also very subversive. The center console of the vehicle extends from the instrument part and follows the driver’s trend downwards. With the bucket seat, it presents a strong sense of embrace for the driver. None of Jennisseth’s products live up to the style of its luxury brand and perform well in quality creation, but as a new brand, it is not well known in China at present.

13. The new Land Rover Defender 90

Defender 90 is a short-axis version of the brand-new Land Rover Defender, with a personalized three-door double-row seat design. The design language of the new car is basically the same as that of the Guardian 110. The length, width and height of the new car are 4583/2105/1969 mm and the wheelbase is 2587 mm.

It is understood that the P400 model of Guardian 90 adopts the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine of Yingjieli series with a 48-volt light mixing system, with a maximum power of 394 HP and a peak torque of 550 Nm, and an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. In addition, Land Rover’s all-terrain off-road mode will not be absent.

The new Land Rover Defender 90 will announce the price at the Shanghai Auto Show.

14. Lincoln’s brand-new mid-size car

The internal code of the new car, CD764, remained mysterious until the auto show. It is reported that this car is specially built for the China market and is expected to be sold to the global market in the future.

From the poster, we can see that the new car has a slender shape, elegant body lines and the tail of the slip back design, which makes it look very harmonious and dynamic. It is reported that this brand-new luxury mid-size sedan will replace Lincoln MKZ and become Lincoln’s latest entry-level sedan.

No.7 hall

15. BMW Vision M NEXT concept car 

At this Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought innovative pure electric BMW iX and Vision M NEXT concept car, of which the latter is the successor model of BMW i8.

Being part of BMW M-series supercar concept car, Vision M NEXT continues some design elements of i8, and also uses more racing elements in body color and aerodynamic suite.

The car also has interactive communication and entertainment facilities, and is equipped with more racing driving system equipment.

In the power part, in addition to driving the rear wheel by a four-cylinder engine, M NEXT also has a motor on the front axle and the rear axle, so that the vehicle can realize rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive in pure electric state. It is reported that the maximum output power of the transmission system is 600 horsepower, and it takes only 3 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h.

16. BMW iX 

Unlike BMW iX3, which has been listed before, iX adopts a brand-new design, which represents the design trend of BMW electric family in the future.

The center console consists of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 14.9-inch central touch screen, and is equipped with the eighth generation iDrive system to create a better human-computer interaction experience. In terms of power, BMW iX is equipped with the new fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology, providing 90kWh and 120kWh lithium-ion batteries. The maximum cruising range of WLTP may reach 600km, and all of them will provide dual-motor four-wheel drive.

17. SAIC R concept car ES33

As the latest high-end smart brand of SAIC, the concept car ES33 of SAIC R is equipped with R-TECH high-energy intelligent body technology to position the flagship SUV.

The design of the ES33 concept car has a strong sense of future science and technology. It adopts a three-dimensional multi-line design, especially the two "deep" air inlets on the front hatch cover, with the design of sliding back and the two-color suspended roof, which adds a sense of super-running to this car.

Based on R-TECH, R cars can more accurately predict the behaviors and action trajectories of pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles. In the aspect of energy supplement ecology, R automobile provides a variety of energy supply schemes that can be recharged, exchanged, upgraded and mutually recharged. It is reported that its new production version will be officially launched in the second half of 2022.

18. Extremely Fox Alpha S

This is the second car under the polar fox brand and the first car product of the brand. The length, width and height of the new car are 4930/1940/1599 mm and the wheelbase is 2915 mm, which has reached the level of medium-sized cars.

The biggest highlight of the product is its intelligence. The new car is equipped with Alpha -OS in-vehicle intelligent system, which supports three-screen linkage, face recognition and 8-inch head-up display (HUD).

The most noteworthy thing is that Alfa S is the first product under Huawei’s empowerment. It is equipped with Huawei HI autopilot solution and intelligent hardware such as laser radar, which enables the car to achieve automatic driving ability in some scenes.

19. Geely Xingyue L.

Xingyue L can be said to be one of the most anticipated self-owned brand models in the first half of the year. Based on CMA architecture, it is the third "Star" generation model after Xingyue and Xingrui.

The appearance of the new car adopts the latest 4.0 design language, the length, width and height are 4770/1895/1689mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2845mm, so the space is very pleasant. The interior is designed in a minimalist style. In addition, it is equipped with three large screens.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with the Volvo Drive-E series 2.0T engine, which has two adjustments of low and high power, with the maximum power of 218 HP and 238 HP respectively. It is reported that the new car will also be equipped with Borgwarner’s sixth-generation four-wheel drive system, which will bring stronger handling performance and off-road performance.

No.8 hall

20. Honda SUV e concept

Honda SUV e concept was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show last year, and the products released at the Shanghai Auto Show are more biased towards the production version. The closed front grille, slender LED headlights, luminous LOGO, butterfly doors and penetrating light strips all make the vehicle look very scientific and technological.

The oversized touch screen of the center console inside the vehicle integrates all the functions of the vehicle, and the physical buttons are basically invisible.

The car will be equipped with the latest "Honda CONNECT" intelligent guidance interconnection system, which supports functions such as assistant, car video call, automatic parking and OTA.

21. Porsche 911 Turbo 

As a popular role-playing game "Cyberpunk 2077" in 2020, Porsche is indispensable. The 911 Turbo appeared in the game is modified from the 1974 model, and the vehicle still retains its classic appearance, except that a laser radar, a set of sensors, some elements of Cyberpunk, and a built-in electronic lens with a monitor are added at the front to meet the future identity in 2077.

In reality, this 911 Turbo has been designed by Porsche 1: 1, and it can drive normally like the previous Crystal 992. This 911 Turbo will be used for real-life shooting of commercial advertisements and participate in major game exhibitions.

22. GAC Toyota brand new Highlander

The new Highlander domestic version is finally coming, and the biggest change compared with the cash is the use of TNGA architecture.

In terms of appearance, the new car has changed greatly compared with the cash, and the brand-new design language has brought about a double promotion of fashion sense and sports sense. In terms of power, the new car abandoned the 2.0T engine on the cash and replaced it with a 2.5L hybrid system, which has the advantage of being more fuel-efficient and conforms to Highlander’s partial home positioning.

Of course, there are more new cars worthy of attention. For more new cars, please pay attention to the special report of The Paper 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.


Titanium media stocks have long known that humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight

Must-read news 1: The number of M9 bookings in the world exceeds 20,000 units, or it is expected to build another explosion model.

According to the industry media reports, AITO Jiejie Automobile released a poster announcing that the booking order of Jiejie M9 model has exceeded 20,000 units. The car was jointly designed by Huawei and Cyrus and will be officially launched in December.

The M9 has been warmly expected by consumers before it went public, and will be released as scheduled in December. Guosheng Securities believes that the blind subscription data of the M9 this time exceeded expectations, which may be due to the fact that the sales volume of the new version of M7 continued to exceed expectations, which aroused the interest of the market. The pre-sale price range of the M9 is 500,000-600,000 yuan, which is expected to create another explosive model. According to Huawei official website, the M9 will be equipped with Huawei AR-HUD and Huawei ADAS2.0, which is expected to further lead the market technology direction, drive the penetration rate of intelligent driving function in the industry to increase rapidly, and gradually enter the era of "software-defined cars".

Must-read news 2: humanoid robots will open the ceiling of industry demand, and the upstream supply and demand structure is still tight.

The agency pointed out that the price of rare earths has stabilized and the performance has improved. Q3 rare earth plate revenue was +4% month-on-month, and net profit attributable to the mother was+57% month-on-month; The second batch of rare earth indicators have been released. With the improvement of demand, it is expected that the subsequent rare earth prices will mainly fluctuate, and the development of emerging fields such as downstream industrial motors and humanoid robots is expected to drive the demand for NdFeB to continue to grow.

Ping An Securities pointed out that according to the statistics of Baichuan Yingfu, the price of praseodymium neodymium oxide has dropped by nearly 30% since the beginning of the year, which has been at a relatively low level since 2021. Under the strict control policy of the supply side, the supply and demand pattern of rare earths is mainly stable, and there is more room for upward price flexibility. Looking forward to the market outlook, the permeability of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets at the terminal is expected to continue to increase, while the supply growth rate is narrowed, the supply and demand of rare earths are tight or push the price back. In addition, Debon Securities said that according to Musk’s prediction of 10 billion humanoid robots in the long term, it is predicted that the demand for NdFeB finished products by humanoid robots in the long term will be 20 million tons, and humanoid robots will open the ceiling of NdFeB demand.

Must-read news 3: digital currency Bridge, a multilateral central bank, will be launched next year, which will drive the demand for software and hardware system transformation.

According to media reports, on November 2, Bénédicte Nolens, director of the Hong Kong Center under the Innovation Hub of the Bank for International Settlements, said at the Financial Technology Week that the digital currency mBridge project of the multilateral central bank has entered the simplest and feasible product development stage, and in the coming months, it will study different forms of market connections, as well as some public-private cooperation to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the project, and further enhance anti-money laundering solutions and the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. The HKMA predicts that the simplest and most feasible product of mBridge will be launched next year, and it will be ready for the system to finally be put into operation.

Not only the international digital currency is constantly advancing, but the domestic digital currency pilot has moved from the preparatory stage to the promotion stage with more perfect mechanism construction and deeper application scenarios. Ping An Securities pointed out that with the increase of digital RMB user base and the deepening of application scenarios, it will lead to the demand for software and hardware system transformation, and it is also expected to break the monopoly of third-party payment in China and build a new payment pattern. All participants in the payment industry chain (commercial banks, third-party payment institutions and related manufacturers) should actively embrace the opportunity of digital currency promotion.

Must-read news 4: the loading rate is approaching 30%! The battle of intelligent network connection from "partial discipline" to "all-round" started.

From the early intelligent cockpit (Zebra, BYD DiLink) to the later intelligent driving (Ideal, NOA in Tucki), and then to the wave of integration of central computing and cabin driving this year, automobile intelligence is moving from a partial discipline to a global intelligence. According to the exclusive data released by the Institute of Intelligent Automobile of Hi-Tech, from January to September, 2023, 4,162,900 new cars were delivered with intelligent cockpit+car networking +OTA+ intelligent assisted driving (L2 as the baseline) as standard in China market, with a year-on-year increase of 67.64%, and the front-loading rate rose to 28.09%.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been frequent policies to promote intelligent networked vehicles. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places have rapidly promoted the construction of intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration roads and smart highways that support vehicle-road coordination. On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Administration Committee jointly issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of National Vehicle Networking Industry Standard System (Intelligent Networked Vehicle) (2023 Edition)", proposing that by 2025, the system will form an intelligent networked vehicle standard system that can support the general functions of combined driving assistance and automatic driving. Great Wall Guorui Securities pointed out that the current automobile industry is undergoing the most profound changes in the past 100 years. Electrification is only the prelude, and intelligence and networking are considered as the focus of future competition. Under the resonance of policy, market and technology, it is expected that the domestic V2X industrial chain will face the golden 10-year strategic opportunity period.

Taixiaogu titanium media finance research institute


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Which key to press for Apple’s computer switching system [method introduction]

  From mobile phones to computers, Apple has made its own style, unique shape design, unique system and unique security management. Many users will also install two systems on their own Apple books, so that they can better use Apple computers. For old Apple users, they can skillfully master the switching between the two systems, but for those who have just come into contact with Apple computers, they will not be so handy. Today, let’s explain which key is pressed by Apple’s computer switching system and how it works.

  Many people are not used to the Macos system of Apple computers, especially after frequently using win7 and xp systems, people’s thinking habits have stayed on windows, so many Apple computers are equipped with dual systems, which are convenient for work and switching. Let’s talk briefly about how to switch from Apple system to windows system.

  Press Opiton key to enter disk switching when booting.

  When starting or restarting the computer, press and hold the Opiton key, that is, Alt key, for 2~3 seconds, and it will switch to the display screen, and select windows disk to start, so it is simple to switch to the windows system.

  Has entered the Apple system and then switched to the windows system.

  When you have entered the Apple system, you can switch to the windows system without restarting the computer. Select "System Preferences" on the computer desk.

  Enter the "System Preferences" interface and select the "System" column-> "Boot Disk".

  Select "windows Disk" in the pop-up startup disk dialog box, and then click the "Restart" button below. When you re-enter the system, it is the windows system.

  You can also click the "Apple" icon at the top of the desktop, enter "System Preferences", and then enter the startup disk to start the windows system.

  Operation steps:

  Press the power button to start the machine, and the sound of starting the machine will remind you. When the screen appears gray, press the Option button immediately, and then let go until the system startup selection interface appears. Then the system selection interface will appear. Press the left and right arrow keys to select the system we need to start. After selecting it, click with the left mouse button directly or press Enter to confirm.

  Apple officials and websites basically use the phrase "hold down the Option button when turning on the phone", and rarely specify when it is most appropriate to press this button. In fact, users who have used Apple for a period of time will have some such experiences. Sometimes we haven’t pressed the Option key, and it has entered the system by default. Or sometimes we press it for a long time, only to find that the screen has been in a gray state. In both cases, it is basically because we pressed the Option key late. When this happens, we can only restart it or turn off the power button and then restart it. Some users who are new to Mac have no idea about how long this Option button will be pressed, thinking that it is enough to press it once, and it is not enough to let go when it is turned on.

  Try and see if you can switch!

  Installing dual system on Mac is a very common system selection scheme. Switching between dual systems is not unfamiliar to users who use Mac, but for many users who are new to Mac system, there are also many who don’t know how to switch between dual systems and how to set the default entry system. Although it is only a small skill, users who are new to the Mac system will have some trouble if they don’t know this.

  There are also several ways to switch between two systems and set the default startup of the system.

  First, press the Option key when booting.

  This method is the most used method and the most commonly used method. This is actually very simple, that is, after booting, keep pressing the Option key until the system selection interface appears, press the left and right arrow keys to select the system we need to start, and then click with the left mouse button directly or press Enter to confirm.

  Some points to note:

  The time when the Option key was pressed.

  Apple officials and websites basically use the phrase "hold down the Option button when turning on the phone", and rarely specify when it is most appropriate to press this button. In fact, users who have used Apple for a period of time will have some such experiences. Sometimes we haven’t pressed the Option key, and it has entered the system by default. Or sometimes we press it for a long time, only to find that the screen has been in a gray state. In both cases, it is basically because we pressed the Option key late. When this happens, we can only restart it or turn off the power button and then restart it.

  There are also some users who are new to Mac, and they don’t have an idea about how long this Option key will be pressed. They think that it is enough to press it once, and it is not enough to let go when it is turned on. )

  Generally speaking, the best time to press the Option key is after pressing the power button, when the boot sound comes to mind, press the Option key immediately when the gray screen appears on the screen, and then loosen it until the system startup selection interface appears.

  For notebook users or users who use wired keyboards, this is actually very simple. We just need to hold down the Option key, and then press the power button to boot until the system startup selection interface appears.

  Users who use iMac actually need some skills, because iMac comes standard with a wireless keyboard. Before the system is started, the keyboard and the computer have not been connected directly, so it is useless to press the Option key at this time, but if you press it late, it will easily lead to staying in the gray screen interface or directly entering the system. Therefore, users of iMac system should grasp the time of pressing the Option key as mentioned above.

  There are many ways for Apple computers to switch systems. The most common way is to press the option button all the time after our Apple computers are turned on, and then the system will display the interface for selecting systems. We just need to select the system we want to enter and press Enter. We can also choose to boot by default in the system settings of Apple computer, and choose our commonly used system, so that we can avoid the step of switching systems. Apple computer switching system can be realized by pressing the option button, which is very simple and fast.

Computer control of 45 lighting operation modes in Olympic badminton venues

  On the 10th of this month, the "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 International Badminton Invitational Tournament started in the Gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology. The China team sent first-line players such as Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Xie Xingfang and Zhang Ning. In addition, the National Youth Team also handed in a list of 22 players. An invitational tournament without Olympic points, as for listing such a huge lineup?

  "Adapt to the venue!" Li Yongbo, head coach of the national badminton team, made clear the main tasks of this competition before the competition. As a venue for hosting badminton and rhythmic gymnastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we certainly want to take this opportunity to feel it in advance.

  The steel dome spans 93 meters.

  The gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology is located in the campus of Beijing University of Technology on the East Fourth Ring Road in the shape of "flat badminton". When I walked into the gymnasium of Polytechnic University, the first feeling was as if I was immersed in a "blue ocean", with blue seats, blue fences and blue carpets.

  "The use of blue as the background tone is not a whim of our team, but a consideration based on the characteristics of badminton. The image landscape of badminton needs to highlight the word "elegance". Secondly, the rules of badminton require that the background is dark, and colors such as red and yellow cannot be used, so we finally chose blue. This also makes it easier for athletes to identify white badminton during the competition. " Xue Qiang, the image and landscape manager of the venue, explained that in the next rhythmic gymnastics competition, the venue will use more colorful colors such as yellow and pink.

  In the museum, if you look up a little, you will find that five circumferential steel cables and 56 radial steel tie rods at the top of the museum are woven into a fishnet in the air. This steel structure, which is about 150 meters long and 120 meters wide, has also created a record in the history of world architecture-the world’s largest span prestressed suspen-dome, with a maximum span of 93 meters.

  Clever design to avoid the influence of airflow

  Ji Xinpeng, a former Olympic champion and now the coach of the China badminton team, told the players: "Adapting to the venue is mainly to adapt to the romantic situation in the venue." During next year’s Olympic Games, Beijing is in the hot summer. In this museum which can accommodate more than 7,000 people, how to keep the indoor temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius without disturbing the competition? Can Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium do it? The "answer sheet" was handed in in advance in this invitational tournament, and national players such as Lin Dan expressed their satisfaction with the venue.

  Zhang Ailin went on to tell reporters that the gymnasium adopted the air-conditioning design of air supply under the auditorium, and more than 9,100 air outlet holes with a diameter of 13 cm were hidden under the seats. Because the air return opening was designed between the two floors of the auditorium, the vortex airflow was avoided, and the air-conditioning air supply was finally "broken into parts", which could completely meet the standard set by the International Badminton Federation that the air flow speed within 9 meters from the ground was not more than 0.2 m/s.

  45 kinds of lighting operation modes

  "The conditions of the venue are quite good, except that the lighting is a little dazzling. It would be very good if the lighting could be adjusted again." Gao Kun, who is already the mixed doubles champion of Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games, put forward his own little suggestions for this newly completed Olympic stadium after his personal experience in this invitational tournament.

  As a professional badminton gymnasium, lighting is an important evaluation index. Wang Puen, the lighting project manager of the venue, said, "One of the most important features of the lighting facilities of the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is that the light bulbs in the whole competition venue can be adjusted up and down, and the lighting system is intelligently controlled. After setting, it is adjusted by computer instead of manual manipulation."

  In view of the fact that players occasionally feel strong side light when they compete in the venue, Wang Puen said that it can be solved by adjusting the position and illumination angle of the light. The whole system is divided into 45 operation modes according to the needs of the competition.

  ■ Post-game use

  Will become an important cultural heritage of the school

  In Beijing, there are six Olympic venues located in university campuses. Are they different from other Olympic venues? According to Zhang Ailin, vice president of Beijing University of Technology, at the beginning of designing the gymnasium, Beijing University of Technology re-planned the whole campus to achieve harmony and beauty among people, nature, architecture and environment.

  "Considering that Beijing University of Technology is still short of stadiums and student activity centers, the completion of this Olympic stadium has a prominent feature-combining sports and education. After the Beijing Olympic Games, it will become a heavy cultural heritage, staying in the campus with a strong university atmosphere and serving the teachers and students." Zhang Ailin said.

  Of course, as the only Olympic venue in the southeast of Beijing, the post-games function of Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is not only that, it will also be opened to the surrounding residents as a community fitness and cultural and sports activity center in this area. At that time, there will be basketball, volleyball, table tennis and other training venues in the gymnasium, as well as dance, vocal music and band rehearsal halls. In addition, it also includes a venue for various reports, group training, skills training, and exhibitions of cultural and scientific works.

  ■ Volunteers in the stadium

  Self-designed chest logo only serves better.

  In the previous "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, we met some volunteers who wore the "smiley face" logo on their chests. However, in this International Badminton Invitational Tournament, we saw "smiling faces", "cute cars" and "dialogue boxes in comic books" … Every volunteer in the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology has a round logo on his chest.

  Ren Wei, a volunteer at the Badminton Hall of Beijing University of Technology, said, "This way, when you pass by any volunteer, you can immediately know which position he comes from. The little sign on their chest says everything." According to Ren Wei, there are a total of 674 volunteers in the Beijing University of Technology Stadium, distributed in 18 business openings, and the logo of each business is different. For example, the audience service volunteers wear a "smiling face", the language service volunteers wear a "dialog box" and the catering volunteers wear a "knife and fork". In short, each pattern can easily remind people of its meaning.

  These volunteer logos are the first of the Olympic venues that have hosted the "Good Luck Beijing" series of test competitions, and the designer Ren Wei admits that such inspiration comes from the "smiling faces" of audience service volunteers. "Since they can have a’ smiling face’, do students in other business areas also have their own logos, so that others can know which position they are in when they see the logos?"

  ■ Olympic preparations

  Gao Kun: Who said that I am old and still want to play women’s singles?

  Gao Kun lost. In the mixed doubles final of the "Good Luck Beijing" test competition, she and her partner Zheng Bo lost 2-0 to her teammates Xie Zhongbo and Zhang Yawen. Laughing, she didn’t stop her bright smile because she missed the championship. From the first day of the competition, Gao Kun’s purpose was very clear. "This is just a test match, or it is mainly to adapt to the venue."

  Although it is only an invitational tournament, it can be seen that the training rhythm of Gao Kun is basically the "Olympic rhythm". In the previous Macau Open, Gao Kun gave up the mixed doubles competition and focused on women’s doubles. In this competition, she abstained in the women’s doubles competition and fully prepared for the mixed doubles competition, which inevitably makes people wonder, which is the main event of Gao Kun, the women’s doubles or the mixed doubles? "Some time ago, because the women’s doubles points fell, I focused on women’s doubles. This competition is mainly to adapt to the venues, and we still have to make more preparations for the future points competition. I can play both women’s doubles and mixed doubles. " I see! Unexpectedly, Gao Kun then added: "If the team allows, I want to play three more events and also play the women’s singles."

  Gao Kun already has the glory of champion in Sydney Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games. Although it is not an exaggeration to be called "veteran" by reporters, Gao Kun protested loudly: "Who says I am old, I am quite young!" Four years will soon become history again. Different from the previous two Olympic Games, there is Gao Kun’s mixed doubles partner. When it comes to Zheng Bo, who is three years younger than herself, she joked again: "He, if you want to fight, you have to scold. Of course, encouragement cannot be less. " Then, Gao Kun spoke his mind, "Zheng Bo’s skill is good. He has played doubles before, so he is basically satisfied with the cooperation. Although we haven’t been partners for a long time, I think there should still be room for improvement on the ball road, and I will give some technical guidance and help when necessary. There is also the need to rely on the two of us to slowly run in. "

  ■ Venue business card

  beijing university of technology gymnasium

  Uses during the Olympic Games: badminton, rhythmic gymnastics.

  Building area (㎡): 24383

  Fixed number of seats: 5,800

  Number of temporary seats: 1,700

  Construction commencement date: June 30, 2005

  Post-game function: the cultural and sports activity center of teachers and students; Provide training bases for badminton teams of the International Badminton Federation and the State Sports General Administration; At the same time, it is moderately open to society.

  ■ Reporter’s Notes

  Marriage between Olympic Games and Universities

  I don’t know when it started, but it became popular to integrate large-scale sports venues with domestic universities. But this is definitely a good phenomenon. In July this year, the volleyball final of the Six Cities Games held in Wuhan was held in the Optics Valley Gymnasium of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  Would colleges and universities build such high-standard venues if it weren’t for the upcoming large-scale events? Because the construction of a high-standard venue is not just a house built with bricks, it is related to the initial demolition, design, capital and other aspects.

  After the games, these venues will basically become sports venues for teachers and students of the school. Can you exercise and learn about sports in the venues used by professional athletes and even the world’s top players? Is that the same feeling as before? I remember a volleyball fan described to me after stepping on the floor of the volleyball final venue of the Sixth City Games: "It feels really different, and now I don’t want to graduate, because only in this way can I play more games here."

  Zhang Ailin, Vice President of Beijing University of Technology, put it well. As a heavy cultural heritage, this venue will become one of the landmark buildings of Beijing University of Technology. Suppose you have such a stadium in your present or former school, I believe that even if you don’t like sports, you will definitely talk about your university campus without it!

  (Source: Changjiang Business Daily)

Editor: Zhu Xinrui

The spy war film "Target No.1" exposed the theme poster Angel’s comeback.

"Goal One" exposure poster

    A spy war blockbuster directed and produced by Chen Guofu and starring Angel, Liu Xiaofeng, Sun Xi and Zhang Yao will be released on May 23rd. Recently, the film officially exposed the theme poster of the film, and the relationship between the characters in the poster began to show signs, and the atmosphere was tense and suffocating. With this film, Angel officially made a comeback, and staged many wonderful opposite plays with Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker". The first cooperation between them was teased by netizens, and Aunt Park Sunseeker met Queen Chunyuan.

"Goal One" Exposes the Mysterious Theme Poster

    The exposure of the "Goal One" poster is set in the streets of Nanjing in the 1930s, and the three main characters are presented in turn from far to near. The woman on the left is wearing a blue printed cheongsam, with a graceful figure, a handbag on the left and a spear on the right. The true face is dense and not leaking, and the mysterious spy war atmosphere is rendered; The silhouette man in the middle, wearing a hat and a suit, is tall and straight. Who are they and what are their identities?

    On the right rear, Lu Yiran, played by Angel, leans against the car door, dressed in a long trench coat, and Leng Yan is dazzling. It seems to be quietly monitoring the emergence of "No.1 target". The whole poster outlines the overall character relationship and the background of the times, and at the same time successfully conveys the atmosphere of spy war, which is full of mystery.

Angel plays an agent in Target One.

Angel’s "Goal No.1" came back to ridicule the role like a mouse

    Target No.1 is Angel’s first spy war movie after her marriage. In the film, she plays the role of special agent Lu Yiran, and is called: "The characters who can scare women, fight men, play tricks and plot are great challenges to their brains and physical strength." Angel quipped, "In the movie, I am an agent, and my task is to monitor the target 24 hours a day, ‘ Special agent ’ It sounds quite scary, but I have to stay in a dark little room every day. This kind of character lives like a mouse. "

    When it comes to the reason for accepting this play, Angel said that she has been waiting for such a role. "This is different from the role I played before. I don’t need to be beautiful or glamorous here. I am more looking forward to this kind of creation. I have been waiting for a role I like, not to satisfy others, but to entertain myself. Lu Yiran resonates with me very much. The calm surface can’t hide the inner waves. She is full, three-dimensional and has her own spiritual world. I hope everyone will like her and I hope that my shaping will satisfy everyone. "

Sun Xi joined Goal One.

Angel and "Aunt Park Sunseeker" meet to play the enemy.

    The "Queen of Pure Yuan", which is widely heard in Empresses in the Palace, is the love of Chen Jianbin, the "emperor" in the play. As the wife of Teacher Chen Jianbin in real life, Angel was elected as the most suitable "Queen of Pure Yuan" by netizens. Sun Xi, the "Aunt Park Sunseeker", also revealed to reporters that the original "Zhen Xuan" production team also warmly invited Angel to play the role of "Queen of Pure Yuan", but unfortunately it failed to come true.

    This time, the gathering of the two in the movie "Goal One" also attracted great attention from netizens: "The Queen of Chunyuan finally got together with Aunt Xi." "Is this really good? What do you think?" "Ask Teacher Chen Jianbin to take a group photo!" Talking about their cooperation, Angel said, "Cici is more familiar with my husband. This time, the two of us are the feelings of the needle tip to Maimang. It is a pity that Chun Yuan and Xi Xi are not on the same front this time. "

    Sun Xi also revealed to reporters that she is one of Angel’s leading roles in Goal One, saying: "My role is somewhat similar to that of Park Sunseeker in Empresses in the Palace, both of which are calm on the surface, but it may be necessary to show some inner things of the characters here. This time, I was very happy to play with Qinqin, and finally I met the real Pure Yuan Queen, which really fulfilled our long-cherished wish in the crew. " 

Literary publishing and film adaptation strongly promote novel creation.

  The prosperity of novels is closely related to the changes of external factors. Since the beginning of the new century, famous literary journals such as Harvest, October and Dangdai have published special issues or serialized novels, and large literary journals such as Selected Novels have been launched. Major publishing houses are committed to publishing masterpieces, and novels have a broader publishing platform. At the same time, online literature has been developing continuously, favored by the capital market, and film and television adaptation is in full swing.

  The publishing industry is more likely to achieve two benefits.

  Literary periodicals and publishing houses provide a high-quality platform for the publication of novels, and the supervision, encouragement and assistance of literary editors are even more essential for writers.

  In recent years, People’s Literature magazine has published a series of masterpieces that have an important influence in the literary world. This year’s Mao Dun Literature Award-winning works "Leading the Wind" and "The Leading Role" were first published in People’s Literature. Shi Zhanjun, the editor-in-chief, said: "In recent years, we have intensified the excavation and editing of literary creation with revolutionary historical themes and realistic themes, and deeply participated in the creation, revision, publication and promotion of works from the front end to the terminal, and achieved good results. The works such as The Leading Role, Jing Shan Hai and Spring and Autumn by the Sea won the 15th spiritual civilization construction ‘ Five One Project Awards ’ This year, a sci-fi literature novel — — Wang Jinkang’s Cosmic Egg. "

  October magazine, founded in 1978, published many novels in 1980s and 1990s, which had great influence in China, such as No.5 Garden Street, Heavy Wings, Song of Garlic Moss in Paradise and so on. In 2004, October Novel was published in October, and published six times a year. Chen Dongjie, editor-in-chief of October, said: "The huge volume can express more complicated social reality, and the feedback from readers gives us confidence in publishing a long story." Cheng Yongxin, editor-in-chief of Harvest magazine, feels the same way. From 2001, Harvest published an annual long special issue; From 2002 to 2016, two long special issues were launched every year, namely, spring and summer volumes and autumn and winter volumes. Since 2017, the long special issue of Harvest has cooperated with Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House and expanded into four issues a year, which are divided into spring rolls, summer rolls, autumn rolls and winter rolls. This year’s Mao Dun Literature Award-winning work Ying Wu Xiong was published on it.

  The communication and collision between literary editors and writers also inspired the writers’ creative inspiration. Xu Zechen once said that the origin of Northbound came into contact with Han Jingqun, editor-in-chief of Beijing October Literature and Art Publishing House. "In 2014, shortly after I finished writing Jerusalem, in a chat, Mr. Han said that it was better to write about the canal, and I began to have this idea."

  Talking about why the publishing house has a special liking for novels, Song Qiang, director of the planning department of People’s Literature Publishing House, said: "Novels are the most popular and eye-catching literary category. Compared with poetry, novels have a wider audience, and readers can get a deep and lasting reading experience, which is more likely to resonate. Our manuscripts to writers are mainly about novels. " Among the books published by Literature and Art Publishing House every October, there are about half of novels. Lu Yingxiong, president of Writers Publishing House, said: "For publishing houses, it is easier to achieve better social and economic benefits by publishing more excellent novels that conform to the melody of the times. Furthermore, novels are also the basis of film and television adaptation, which contains huge market potential.

  Film adaptation is the potential driving force.

  Not long ago, The Longest Day In Chang’an, an online drama adapted from a novel of the same name, captured a large audience with excellent pictures and gripping stories. According to the data released by Shuqi Fiction and Tmall Books in early August, the number of e-book readers and the sales of paper books in The Longest Day In Chang’an increased by 818% and 862% respectively in the past month.

  In recent years, after the hit of some TV dramas, the sales of original books showed a rapid upward trend. Lu Yao’s novel Ordinary World, which won the Mao Dun Literature Prize, has attracted wide attention because of the great influence of the original. The movie Wolf Totem appeared on the screen in February 2015, and it was only released for half a month. While earning more than 500 million yuan at the box office, it also promoted the sales of the original novel to surge by 20 times compared with last month. At the beginning of 2017, with the popularity of TV series to the sky kingdom, the original paper books also increased fivefold, and its Kindle e-books increased more than 20 times.

  The film and television drama market is optimistic about novels. Writers have tasted the sweetness of increasing book sales and increasing popularity, and their creative enthusiasm has been constantly stimulated. Film and television adaptation has even become the reason for the birth of some novels.

  Different from the mode of finding original works, adapting and shooting by producers, some novels are specially created for the production of film and television dramas. Zhao Yong, a professor at Beijing Normal University, introduced the reasons for the creation of Yan Geling’s novel "Youth": Xiaogang Feng, the director, wanted to present his experience as a literary and art soldier in the past through movies, so Yan Geling cooperated with him to write the novel "Youth" to provide story content for the film. The adaptation of film and television plays has become a looming subconscious in the writer’s creation. Nowadays, when some writers create novels, they hope that their works will be taken into account by famous directors, so they will consciously or unconsciously consider the factors of film and television in the future.

  In addition to the adaptation of film and television dramas, creating cultural IP of novels in all directions has also become a new phenomenon in the cultural industry market in recent years. "Now it is the development of the whole industry chain. After the hit of film and television dramas, the original novels have been adapted into other big IP, and more artistic styles have been exhausted for the original works, such as the development of animation and games to maximize the benefits." Dai Qing, a professor at China Communication University, said. (Zhang Pengyu, Li Yuqing, Pan Junyu)