There are many people who are red! Take stock of those stars who have been praised as red and then hacked.

A star who became popular and then hacked.

1905 movie network news There is no shortage of news in the entertainment circle, whether it is red or black. There is such a kind of people who are popular because they participated in a program or a TV series or sang a few songs, but unfortunately they are targeted by the "disciplinary Committee of the entertainment circle". The major entertainment media deeply dig their black spots and spit on the Internet, causing heated discussion among netizens who eat melons. The heat is coming, the flow is coming, and the purpose is achieved. And the phrase "there are many people who are red" is just right for the entertainment circle.


A song "Serious Snow" is popular all over the country, but after silence, it finally stays open but is badly hacked.


Late last night, it was revealed that a online celebrity had "kept" Joker Xue. But I found that Joker Xue was "insincere" and stayed with her in order to cheat money. After two years, give up this relationship. Yesterday, online celebrity may have accumulated grievances for a long time, and there was nowhere to vent his sufferings. He posted sympathy on the Internet, looking like a pitiful victim, and it did get the attention and sympathy of many netizens. This matter has also successfully caused heated discussion among netizens.

 A online celebrity exposed himself to being cheated by Joker Xue.

Joker Xue in the past two years has been a big hit. From the very old people to the children with yellow mouths, most of them have heard Joker Xue’s name and Joker Xue’s songs. In 2015, Joker Xue got divorced from Gao Leixin when she got on the hot search. Two days ago, they got back together, which made many netizens believe in love again. There are many people who are red, and this is not Joker Xue’s exposure to black material, and it is a big material. This is to get you to collapse. Subsequently, Joker Xue was exposed to have an affair with an actress named L, while Loura, Li XiaoLu and other stars were lying with guns. In addition, it was revealed that Joker Xue had dated many girls, but the truth remains to be determined. There is no room for you to breathe before and after this news. We agreed in advance: you expose it, I expose it, and everyone exposes it. Anyway, you are red and you are exposed.

 Netizen exposed Joker Xue once about X.

The "screen lovers" in Princess Pearl have so many grievances.


In Princess Pearl, Ruby Lin’s "Ziwei" and Zhou Jie’s "Erkang" became a much-told story. And this Qiong Yao drama is very classic, leaving many people with good memories. However, a few days ago, the tears caused by "Ziwei" and "Erkang" on the Internet made many people with fond memories of "Princess Huanzhu" prick their hearts. What is even more surprising is that the two have been at odds and have been feuding for a long time.

 Former lovers of Ruby Lin and Zhou Jie in Princess Pearl

On July 31st, 2016, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo got married in Bali, and gave birth to "Little Angel" at the beginning of this year. In 2017, the suspense film "The Sacrifice of Suspect X" specially starred by Ruby Lin set a box office record for domestic suspense films, breaking 400 million. It’s really enviable that everyone has a double harvest in family and career. In the past two years, although Ruby Lin’s film and television dramas are not productive, they often attend major events and are quite active, and their popularity is still high. In contrast, Zhou Jie, once a couple on the screen, has rarely been active on the TV screen. In July this year, Zhou Jie participated in a program and talked about being made into an expression pack, which also caused a lot of discussion on the Internet.

Zhou Jie responded by making an expression pack, saying that you play with your other @ me.


The two seem to have no intersection, but with the exposure of a video, they are pushed to the forefront.

Previously, Weibo V exposed the video of Lin Xin’s participation in a program, and Ruby Lin broke the news in the program. When filming Princess Pearl, Zhou Jie was too involved in the performance, not only forcing her tongue into Ruby Lin’s mouth, but also pushing her teeth.

Ruby Lin was exposed by french kiss, Zhou Jie.

On September 6, Zhou Jie denied the story of "french kiss" Ruby Lin in Weibo, and said, "If I really forced someone in french kiss, why didn’t she protest on the spot in their crew?" Later, Ruby Lin Studio also responded: "The character is free from people’s hearts, and it is useless to talk more, but we don’t agree with the rhythm." Then on September 9th, in the early morning, Zhou Jie reprinted an article to prove his innocence. On September 10th, Ruby Lin also responded to the overwhelming abuse by asking, "You’ve scolded enough" and accompanying it with a long article. In the early morning of September 12, Zhou Jie voiced this matter for the third time, saying: "I have been slandered for so many years for the simple reason that I refused to bow my head and refuse to yield." A popular actress, a washed-up actor, just played a Qiong Yao drama on the Internet. And 13 years of gratitude and resentment, after a lapse of today, is there really something else to hide, and I can’t bear it any longer? Or do you want to ask for heat with the mentality of "speculation", whether you are born or cooked?

Ruby Lin Zhou Jie online tearing war


Netizens also revealed that Ruby Lin Wallace Huo didn’t donate money to Bazaar Charity Night, and then he dug up a clip of Zhao Wei’s villain doll. On the 10th, He Xiuqiong, the producer of Princess Pearl, sent a message to clarify that it was specially arranged by the program group, but it didn’t let the incident subside, and a war of words was set off on the Internet.


He Xiuqiong, the producer of Princess Huanzhu, issued a document to clarify.

There are many rights and wrongs when people are red. If Ruby Lin is not red, there will not be so many rights and wrongs. At present, netizens and fans hold their own words, true and false, false and true entertainment circle, can you tell the truth from the truth?


In "Hip-hop in China", the champion PG One is right and wrong. Is it a bad character or someone is making trouble?

With the popularity of PG One with "Hip Hop in China", there have been many things recently.ninemoon10sun,PG OneGo on a hot search with Bella becausePG OneSing a passage while attending a program.rap"Then I’ll send you to see Bella" in the lyrics caused dissatisfaction among fans and netizens. Some people said.PG OneIt’s for rhyme, but it’s really inappropriate to consume the dead.

PG OneIn the lyrics, "Then I’ll send you to see Bella."


Singer PG One has a nickname "Wan Ciwang", but it has the same name as the superhero in the American Marvel Comics series. Wan Ciwang’s super topic, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc. were all replaced by singer PG One, which caused dissatisfaction among Marvel Comics fans. Subsequently, Disney Company and Flowserve Company responded to this matter and are actively investigating.

 Marvel Comics fans ask PG One fans to leave Wan Ciwang.

The song "The Return of Heroes" once created by PG One was accused of plagiarism, and the theme song recently produced by PG One for the movie "Spider-Man" was also accused of plagiarism. Recently, the Momo account suspected of PG One was pulled out by netizens. The account has sent many photos of PG One, with a huge amount of information. In June this year, a photo of drugs was also exposed, and the text "About" caused an uproar on the Internet.

PG OneMomo account suspected of being exposed


Jason Wu’s "Wolf Warriors 2" summer file was hot, but unexpectedly got into a lawsuit.


Wolf Warriors 2, a domestic drama, won 5.6 billion yuan and attracted attention from all walks of life. Such a red movie also made many people jealous. On August 9, four companies, including Beijing Wanda Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Changyou Jingmaodian Film Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Times Advertising (Beijing) Co., Ltd., jointly sued Wolf Warriors 2 with their seals, because the mother disc of Wolf Warriors 2 was loaded with five notices without paying the fees, which harmed the legitimate rights and interests of the cinema advertising agency.

"Wolf Warriors 2" wasFour companies jointly sued with seals.


It is reported that the total length of five previews of "Wolf Warriors 2" is 2 minutes and 39 seconds, and some people conservatively estimate that the value is not less than 1 billion. After the lawyer questioned the passport and the Chinese opera teacher criticized it bitterly, this is another matter. It seems that after "Wolf Warriors 2" became popular, many people were waiting to share 5.6 billion cakes.


Henry V said to the Queen of France, "Don’t bow your head. The crown will fall. Don’t cry, the bad guys will laugh. If you want to wear its crown, you must bear its weight. " When people become popular, they will certainly be criticized. Some of them are black materials, while others are criticisms made out of nothing. I hope that good people will be "hacked" as the driving force and can fish in troubled waters in the entertainment circle.

Weilai’s first 150-degree battery pack went offline: the battery life broke thousands of kilometers.

Weilai's first 150-degree battery pack went offline: the battery life broke thousands of kilometers.

Weilai announced that the first 150-degree mass-produced battery pack was officially launched, and it is expected to be loaded in the second quarter. The battery pack has a battery life of 1,055 kilometers, but its price is relatively high. It is revealed that the price equivalent to an ET5 is about 300,000 yuan.

Qin Lihong, president of Weilai, has publicly stated that the cost of a 150-degree battery pack is very high, which is equivalent to an ET5. Considering the starting price of ET5 is 298,000 yuan, it can be predicted that the price of 150-degree battery pack will far exceed other ordinary battery packs on the market at present.

Nevertheless, this large-capacity battery pack provides users with more choices. At present, Weilai has launched 75-degree and 100-degree versions of battery packs, and there are obvious differences in prices. If the price of 150-degree battery pack is too high, it may limit its market prospect.

It is worth noting that although the 150-degree battery pack has a large capacity advantage, it is still a question whether the average user really needs such a large capacity battery. Therefore, it is difficult to make an accurate evaluation of its subsequent market performance before determining the price.

You can’t drink five kinds of water after getting up, which destroys immunity and induces high blood pressure … It’s not good for your health.

Editor’s note: Many health-preserving people are keen on drinking a glass of water in the morning, which can not only quench their thirst but also be beneficial to human health. But if you don’t drink it right, it may hurt your health!

Source: People’s Daily

Editor: Huang Zhongshu

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You can’t drink five kinds of water after getting up, which destroys immunity and induces high blood pressure … It’s not good for your health.

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There is not a spring that will not come. These five Wuhan stories have warmed everyone.


  Cctv news(Reporter Xu Hui) On February 23rd, at 4pm, the State Council Press Office held a press conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and invited five ordinary workers to tell the story of their United struggle in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan.

  Encourage each other to overcome the epidemic together.

  Yu Ting, director of the South Fourth Ward of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, said that since December 29 last year, he and a team of 6 doctors and 20 nurses have been fighting for more than 50 days, and nearly 200 patients with COVID-19 have been treated and 150 patients have been discharged.

  Yu Ting said that every day, medical staff entered the ward in airtight protective clothing, and when they left the ward, they were all sweaty and the screen was full of water. In order to protect their families, medical staff are afraid to go home. Some doctors and nurses live in the duty room, and some doctors and nurses live in nearby hotels, so it is convenient to assemble immediately in case of emergency.

  Medical staff treat patients day and night in the front line, encouraging patients to enhance their confidence and overcome the epidemic. A compliment from the patient and a small move also encouraged these medical staff.

  Yu Ting introduced that an 82-year-old grandfather was seriously ill when he was admitted to the hospital, and he could not take care of himself. He couldn’t get out of bed for two steps and spoke intermittently. After 14 days of careful treatment by medical staff, the old man recovered and could be discharged.

  After learning the news of discharge, the old man excitedly took Yu Ting’s hand and said, "Director Yu, thank you, thank you for saving my life. Can I make a small request? Can you take a picture with me? This will be the most precious photo in my life. "

  On the day of discharge, facing the camera, the old man and the medical staff shouted the slogan "Come on, Jinyintan! Come on in Wuhan! Come on, China! "

  "Give your family to us, please rest assured!"

  It has been 20 days since Zhao Peiyu, the head of the nursing team of the medical aid team of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, came to Wuhan. In these 20 days, she and her colleagues have treated more than 60 critically ill patients. At present, 20 patients have recovered smoothly and been discharged.

  "I feel very honored to be selected as a member of the medical aid team in Hubei and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. As a party member, I feel very honored." Zhao Peiyu said that whether it was the phrase "Everything is fine at home, don’t worry" from her family, the phrase "I wish you an early triumph" from her colleagues in Beijing, or the thumbs-up from her patients, she was greatly encouraged and moved.

  A critically ill female patient underwent a bronchotomy and used a ventilator. When Zhao Peiyu visited the ward, the patient wrote on the quilt by hand. Zhao Peiyu came closer and saw that she was writing "water".

  Zhao Peiyu said, "Auntie, are you thirsty"? The patient winked. Zhao Peiyu said, "Aunt, you can’t drink water now. Would you please hold on a little longer?" The patient blinked again and gave a thumbs-up sign.

  "I can feel the patients’ longing for life and their trust and support for medical staff." Zhao Peiyu said.

  After careful treatment, the patient has been successfully offline and is now in a state of recovery.

  "We are confident and capable of winning this battle. I want to say to the families of our patients, give your family to us, please rest assured! " Zhao Peiyu said.

  It is the duty and mission of the people’s police that the police do not retreat at present.

  Zhang Xiaohong is the director of Qiaokou Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. After receiving the order at 1: 30 am on January 23 this year, he completed the assembly of a team of 300 police officers within two hours to implement traffic control at Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

  More than a month has passed, and 1,500 policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have been fighting day and night, undertaking the work of intersection control, community blockade control, hospital prevention and control, public security patrol control and serving the masses.

  Zhang Xiaohong said that what impressed me the most in the past month or so was the police spirit embodied by the grassroots police. Qiaokou police stationed at 47 hospital isolation points, including a shelter hospital. Six party member police officers took the initiative to write an invitation letter and stayed there for 28 days without going home.

  The police, together with nurses in the hospital, help patients, comfort patients, patrol on duty, mediate disputes, and are in danger of being infected at any time. Zhang Xiaohong also asked his players if they were afraid, and the response was: When people are afraid, who will the police not fuck?

  Last week, a patient couldn’t take care of himself and suddenly fell ill and went to the hospital. After receiving the alarm, Yi Xin, a 24-year-old policeman from Zongguan Police Station, rushed to the patient’s home. Without an elevator, Yi Xin walked to the patient’s residence on the sixth floor and carried the patient down. During the process of going downstairs, the patient vomited a lot and vomited on the back of the police. In order to alleviate the patient’s pain, the police carried the patient from the 6th floor to the 1st floor step by step, and drove the patient to pulmonary hospital in a police car. The family members of the patient kept nagging all the way with four words: Thank you, police.

  Up to now, Qiaokou police have transported more than 1,200 sick people to the hospital.

  “‘ Fight the epidemic and win with me ’ It is the slogan circulated by Qiaokou Public Security Bureau. In this battle without smoke, every instruction of the ministries and agencies and the municipal bureau, and all the policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have accomplished their tasks brilliantly. I am deeply proud and proud of the comrades-in-arms of these heroes. " Zhang Xiaohong said.

  At present, the police will not retreat. This is the language written by the police in the invitation letter, which is also the duty and mission of the people’s police.

  "As long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!"

  The work of riders has been given a new meaning under the COVID-19 epidemic, and they have become "ferrymen" to maintain the normal operation of the city. Wu Hui is such a "ferryman".

  Wu Hui is an ordinary takeaway rider. He studied in Wuhan for four years, and he has a special feeling for this place. In July last year, he returned to Wuhan and became a takeaway rider.

  In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, Wu Hui was afraid, but on New Year’s Eve, Wu Hui, who had planned to rest, saw on the Internet that medical staff could only eat instant noodles, and decided to stand up and do something.

  The first order on New Year’s Day is sent to the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Central South Hospital. "At that time, I was a little drumming, but later I saw that everything in the hospital was in order, so I was relieved."

  From then on, Wu Hui received orders from all directions, met all kinds of people, and was moved by all kinds of warmth. He recorded all these warmth and feelings on Weibo, and received the support and encouragement from tens of thousands of netizens all over the country. All these support and encouragement, as well as the mutual help of more and more riders and brothers, made Wu Hui no longer afraid.

  "I believe that as long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!" Wu Hui said.

  "Warm others, but also warm yourself."

  Hua Yuchen, a music teacher at Ganghua Primary School in Qingshan District, Wuhan, is also a native of post-90s generation in Wuhan.

  Hua Yuchen has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in COVID-19, but it’s not that doctors can’t go to the front to help patients. As a young man in Wuhan, she is particularly anxious. So, she signed up as a volunteer and stood up to do her part.

  As a volunteer, you should go wherever you need it. Hua Yuchen has worked as a driver to pick up and drop off medical staff, a thermometer to measure body temperature on bridges and toll stations, and a porter to carry materials.

  Now Hua Yuchen has a new identity — — A volunteer announcer at Castle Peak Shelter Hospital. Play music, recite beautiful words and broadcast relevant news every day to calm the mood of patients in the cabin.

  "Maybe we are not the people who want to be with each other most, but at the moment we are really together. I appeal to my friends to give a smile to the people around us, give them a blessing and express a thank you to our medical staff. Let’s meet together, get well soon and go home together."

  Although separated by a wall, Hua Yuchen didn’t know the reaction and expression of people inside, but later I heard that patients listened to her radio and encouraged each other. "I feel that I finally have a little effect, warming others and warming myself."

Huafu Fashion: the net purchase of financing is 6,294,100 yuan, and the balance of financing is 385 million yuan (01

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