The "High-speed Rail 4S Store" Chongqing West Railway Station opened today, forming two high-speed rail hubs, and 5 pairs of short-distance buses will be added from now on

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In the future, citizens will have one more option to "call a car" for travel.

Today (18), the country’s first "zero commission" online car-hailing service platform – "Jiujiu Car-hailing" officially launched on the road in the Torch Internet Industrial Park of Chongqing High-tech Zone. The first batch of 200 vehicles were launched in the city, and 500 vehicles were added one after another during the year.

So far, there are 11 online car-hailing platform companies that have obtained business qualifications in our city.

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Unified models do not accept private cars to join, and platform service assessment standards are formulated      

In May this year, Chongqing Jiujiu Honghai Technology Co., Ltd.’s online car-hailing service platform "Jiujiu car-hailing" settled in Chongqing High-tech Zone Torch Internet Industrial Park; in June, after pre-practice running and software platform testing, the platform was jointly approved by eight departments, Chongqing Road Transport Administration issued the "Network Booking Taxi Business License" to it, with a service scope of the whole country.

With the increasing popularity of online car-hailing, citizens have higher and higher requirements for the safe operation and service quality of online car-hailing. How can "Jiujiu Car-hailing" seize the market in the new round of competition and ensure safe operation? According to Jiang Xiaoyong, the person in charge of the platform, in order to ensure that all vehicles and drivers have legal qualifications and ensure the safe travel of passengers. All vehicles on the platform are launched with new cars, unified models and logos, and foreign vehicles such as private cars are not accepted.

In addition, the platform has also established strict service assessment standards and is open to passenger supervision, ensuring that each complaint is handled promptly, effectively, and impartially.

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The first batch of 200 vehicles was launched in the city 30 city layouts will be completed next year   

It is understood that in order to reduce the pressure on drivers to operate, give drivers a high degree of autonomy, improve service quality and passenger satisfaction, the platform has also launched the country’s first "zero commission" online car-hailing operation model.

Drivers can apply to become platform drivers, enjoy the company’s social security and monthly salary; they can also purchase vehicles from the platform with a mortgage, pay the down payment, and obtain the right to operate the vehicle independently, paying the platform 990 yuan per month for management fees.

The first batch of 200 vehicles will be launched in the city, and 500 vehicles will be added one after another during the year. The platform plans to set up branches in 10 major cities and apply for business licenses during the year, and is expected to launch 13,000 vehicles. In 2019, the platform will complete the layout of 30 cities, and the number of vehicles is expected to reach 40,000, providing travel services of more than 100 million passengers. 

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There are 11 online car-hailing platforms in Chongqing       

The reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Management Bureau that as of now, there are 11 online car-hailing platform companies that have obtained business qualifications in the city. The 11 online car-hailing APPs that have obtained the Chongqing "Online Booking Taxi Business License" include Ding Ding, Yuke, Call Me Travel, Shouqi Car, Shenzhou Special Car, Brake a Foot, Cao Cao Special Car, Bangbang, Wanshun Car, Xuanxuan Travel, and Jiujiu Car, which just hit the road today.

Among them, the first five companies received the city’s first batch of online car-hailing business qualifications in June last year, and the last six companies entered the Chongqing market this year and have successively obtained the "Online Booking Taxi Business License".

At present, the number of online taxis in Chongqing has reached more than 11,000, while the total number of taxis in our city is 15,000. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of online taxis in the main city may reach 19,000, exceeding the current number of taxis.

Previously, the Municipal Planning Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Planning Research Institute released the city’s online car-hailing big data report, showing that the average daily online car-hailing travel volume in the main city is about 230,000 people, and people aged 20-40 are the "main force" of online car-hailing consumption.

Upstream News Reporter, Li Jing, Photographer, Hu Jie, Intern, Wang Tangting

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Extreme Krypton 007 released six exterior car colors, which were delivered on January 1, 2024.

On December 8, Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology released the color configuration information of its pure electric luxury car Extreme Krypton 007. Six car body color schemes originated from natural artistic conception, with the unique views of Krypton on color aesthetics, reflect each other with the minimalist luxury modeling design of Krypton 007, and interpret a brand-new pure electric luxury visual aesthetics between light and shadow and on the surface.

As a work led by Steven Sielaff, the world’s top design master, Krypton 007 adopts the design concept of Hidden Energy to create a shape ahead of the times. Its car body proportion has reached the best visual point of B-class car: the car length is 4865mm, the car width is 1900mm, the car height is 1450mm, the wheelbase is 2928mm, and the perfect 1:2 yellow gold wheel height ratio. The luxurious and smooth surface design on each side creates the most agile and aesthetic body posture for Krypton 007. At the same time, the industry pioneered ZEEKR STARGATE’s integrated intelligent light curtain, which "lights up" luxury with intelligence, and vividly interprets the science and technology aesthetics of Krypton 007.

In order to make the elegant and luxurious appearance more "outstanding", Kyk 007 is unique in the selection and matching of body colors. The six exterior colors brought by Krypton 007 are all inspired by different colors of light and shadow under different weather conditions.

Complementing minimalist luxury design, it interprets a new aesthetic realm of pure electric luxury with "outstanding shape and color". Not only is it beautiful in form, but each color of Krypton 007 also contains rich connotations:

The dawn is brown, the light penetrates the clouds and emits golden brown light. A day in the city opens against the dawn. Extreme Krypton 007 blends emotion and temperature into color, endows everyday moments with extraordinary significance, and creates a sense of life ceremony exclusive to users.

Blue sky, cloudless sky in Wan Li, pure blue is the main color of light and the main color of the world. Extreme krypton 007 gives this bright blue to the golden proportion car body, which is mapped on the smooth surface, and the vision is as wide as the sky.

Clouds are cloudy and silvery, and the sky is densely covered with clouds. The light and shadow flow is unpredictable, emitting a silvery white brilliance. Extreme Krypton 007 picks a minimalist body covered with cloud mist and silver, which complements the hidden front face and writes a light and luxurious style.

Mist and rain, ink and mountains and rivers, drizzle, the city is blurred by poetry to create a unique artistic conception, and the low saturation composes a high-level color scale of light. The inner tranquility and outer warmth of misty rain ash are integrated into the calm elegance of Krypton 007, highlighting the highest realm.

The bright moon is white, on a calm night, the bright moon rises in the clouds, and the light color is moonlight, and the pure white is washed away. Just like Krypton 007′ s hidden luxury design philosophy, it echoes the color aesthetics of Haoyue White.

It is dark at night, and all the light is brighter because of the depth of the night. With the night as the curtain, the vastness of the universe and the vastness of the starry sky attract infinite reverie. Extreme krypton 007 won the essence of color, creating classics and eternity with extremely simple black.

With the inspiration of nature, it responds to the romance of automobile design aesthetics and broadens the value experience of users’ travel life. In addition to color, there are also more thoughts on pure electric luxury cars by Krypton 007.

Extreme Krypton 007 will be released in Hangzhou at 20:00 on December 27th and delivered on January 1st, 2024. More product configuration information will be announced one after another, so stay tuned!

There is not a spring that will not come. These five Wuhan stories have warmed everyone.


  Cctv news(Reporter Xu Hui) On February 23rd, at 4pm, the State Council Press Office held a press conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and invited five ordinary workers to tell the story of their United struggle in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan.

  Encourage each other to overcome the epidemic together.

  Yu Ting, director of the South Fourth Ward of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, said that since December 29 last year, he and a team of 6 doctors and 20 nurses have been fighting for more than 50 days, and nearly 200 patients with COVID-19 have been treated and 150 patients have been discharged.

  Yu Ting said that every day, medical staff entered the ward in airtight protective clothing, and when they left the ward, they were all sweaty and the screen was full of water. In order to protect their families, medical staff are afraid to go home. Some doctors and nurses live in the duty room, and some doctors and nurses live in nearby hotels, so it is convenient to assemble immediately in case of emergency.

  Medical staff treat patients day and night in the front line, encouraging patients to enhance their confidence and overcome the epidemic. A compliment from the patient and a small move also encouraged these medical staff.

  Yu Ting introduced that an 82-year-old grandfather was seriously ill when he was admitted to the hospital, and he could not take care of himself. He couldn’t get out of bed for two steps and spoke intermittently. After 14 days of careful treatment by medical staff, the old man recovered and could be discharged.

  After learning the news of discharge, the old man excitedly took Yu Ting’s hand and said, "Director Yu, thank you, thank you for saving my life. Can I make a small request? Can you take a picture with me? This will be the most precious photo in my life. "

  On the day of discharge, facing the camera, the old man and the medical staff shouted the slogan "Come on, Jinyintan! Come on in Wuhan! Come on, China! "

  "Give your family to us, please rest assured!"

  It has been 20 days since Zhao Peiyu, the head of the nursing team of the medical aid team of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, came to Wuhan. In these 20 days, she and her colleagues have treated more than 60 critically ill patients. At present, 20 patients have recovered smoothly and been discharged.

  "I feel very honored to be selected as a member of the medical aid team in Hubei and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. As a party member, I feel very honored." Zhao Peiyu said that whether it was the phrase "Everything is fine at home, don’t worry" from her family, the phrase "I wish you an early triumph" from her colleagues in Beijing, or the thumbs-up from her patients, she was greatly encouraged and moved.

  A critically ill female patient underwent a bronchotomy and used a ventilator. When Zhao Peiyu visited the ward, the patient wrote on the quilt by hand. Zhao Peiyu came closer and saw that she was writing "water".

  Zhao Peiyu said, "Auntie, are you thirsty"? The patient winked. Zhao Peiyu said, "Aunt, you can’t drink water now. Would you please hold on a little longer?" The patient blinked again and gave a thumbs-up sign.

  "I can feel the patients’ longing for life and their trust and support for medical staff." Zhao Peiyu said.

  After careful treatment, the patient has been successfully offline and is now in a state of recovery.

  "We are confident and capable of winning this battle. I want to say to the families of our patients, give your family to us, please rest assured! " Zhao Peiyu said.

  It is the duty and mission of the people’s police that the police do not retreat at present.

  Zhang Xiaohong is the director of Qiaokou Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. After receiving the order at 1: 30 am on January 23 this year, he completed the assembly of a team of 300 police officers within two hours to implement traffic control at Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

  More than a month has passed, and 1,500 policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have been fighting day and night, undertaking the work of intersection control, community blockade control, hospital prevention and control, public security patrol control and serving the masses.

  Zhang Xiaohong said that what impressed me the most in the past month or so was the police spirit embodied by the grassroots police. Qiaokou police stationed at 47 hospital isolation points, including a shelter hospital. Six party member police officers took the initiative to write an invitation letter and stayed there for 28 days without going home.

  The police, together with nurses in the hospital, help patients, comfort patients, patrol on duty, mediate disputes, and are in danger of being infected at any time. Zhang Xiaohong also asked his players if they were afraid, and the response was: When people are afraid, who will the police not fuck?

  Last week, a patient couldn’t take care of himself and suddenly fell ill and went to the hospital. After receiving the alarm, Yi Xin, a 24-year-old policeman from Zongguan Police Station, rushed to the patient’s home. Without an elevator, Yi Xin walked to the patient’s residence on the sixth floor and carried the patient down. During the process of going downstairs, the patient vomited a lot and vomited on the back of the police. In order to alleviate the patient’s pain, the police carried the patient from the 6th floor to the 1st floor step by step, and drove the patient to pulmonary hospital in a police car. The family members of the patient kept nagging all the way with four words: Thank you, police.

  Up to now, Qiaokou police have transported more than 1,200 sick people to the hospital.

  “‘ Fight the epidemic and win with me ’ It is the slogan circulated by Qiaokou Public Security Bureau. In this battle without smoke, every instruction of the ministries and agencies and the municipal bureau, and all the policemen of Qiaokou Public Security Bureau have accomplished their tasks brilliantly. I am deeply proud and proud of the comrades-in-arms of these heroes. " Zhang Xiaohong said.

  At present, the police will not retreat. This is the language written by the police in the invitation letter, which is also the duty and mission of the people’s police.

  "As long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!"

  The work of riders has been given a new meaning under the COVID-19 epidemic, and they have become "ferrymen" to maintain the normal operation of the city. Wu Hui is such a "ferryman".

  Wu Hui is an ordinary takeaway rider. He studied in Wuhan for four years, and he has a special feeling for this place. In July last year, he returned to Wuhan and became a takeaway rider.

  In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, Wu Hui was afraid, but on New Year’s Eve, Wu Hui, who had planned to rest, saw on the Internet that medical staff could only eat instant noodles, and decided to stand up and do something.

  The first order on New Year’s Day is sent to the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Central South Hospital. "At that time, I was a little drumming, but later I saw that everything in the hospital was in order, so I was relieved."

  From then on, Wu Hui received orders from all directions, met all kinds of people, and was moved by all kinds of warmth. He recorded all these warmth and feelings on Weibo, and received the support and encouragement from tens of thousands of netizens all over the country. All these support and encouragement, as well as the mutual help of more and more riders and brothers, made Wu Hui no longer afraid.

  "I believe that as long as we are all here, Wuhan will not be lonely!" Wu Hui said.

  "Warm others, but also warm yourself."

  Hua Yuchen, a music teacher at Ganghua Primary School in Qingshan District, Wuhan, is also a native of post-90s generation in Wuhan.

  Hua Yuchen has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in COVID-19, but it’s not that doctors can’t go to the front to help patients. As a young man in Wuhan, she is particularly anxious. So, she signed up as a volunteer and stood up to do her part.

  As a volunteer, you should go wherever you need it. Hua Yuchen has worked as a driver to pick up and drop off medical staff, a thermometer to measure body temperature on bridges and toll stations, and a porter to carry materials.

  Now Hua Yuchen has a new identity — — A volunteer announcer at Castle Peak Shelter Hospital. Play music, recite beautiful words and broadcast relevant news every day to calm the mood of patients in the cabin.

  "Maybe we are not the people who want to be with each other most, but at the moment we are really together. I appeal to my friends to give a smile to the people around us, give them a blessing and express a thank you to our medical staff. Let’s meet together, get well soon and go home together."

  Although separated by a wall, Hua Yuchen didn’t know the reaction and expression of people inside, but later I heard that patients listened to her radio and encouraged each other. "I feel that I finally have a little effect, warming others and warming myself."

Proposal for banning the burning and releasing of fireworks and firecrackers

Dear friends of residents,

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to advocate an environmentally friendly, low-carbon and green lifestyle, further strengthen the safety management of fireworks and firecrackers, ensure the personal health and property safety of residents, and create a peaceful, happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere, we hereby issue the following initiatives to the residents and friends:

First, set an example and take the lead in compliance.Start from yourself, consciously abide by the relevant regulations, do not buy or set off fireworks, do not transport, store, deliver, sell or carry fireworks in violation of regulations, drive and influence people around you with your own actions, and jointly safeguard a beautiful living environment.

Second, remind in time and advise in good faith.Actively publicize and advocate the concept of prohibiting fireworks and firecrackers, persuade family members, neighbors and relatives and friends to respond to the initiative, do not sell, buy, store or set off fireworks and firecrackers, resolutely resist illegal activities, and strive to turn not setting off fireworks and firecrackers into conscious behavior, and gather strong positive energy to protect the environment and live a civilized and healthy year.

Third, advocate science and bid farewell to bad habits.Advocate the new fashion of science and civilization, choose electronic firecrackers, festive music, flowers and other safe, environmentally friendly and low-carbon ways to celebrate the festival, and strive to create a beautiful environment, fresh air, civilized and harmonious holiday atmosphere.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ban burning and releasing. Let’s take active actions to "reduce the burden" for the air and "increase the weight" for health, and strive to be communicators, advocates and practitioners of civilized fashion together. Finally, I wish the residents and friends good health, smooth work, happy family and good luck in the Year of the Dragon!

Kelan county Women’s Federation

January 31, 2024

set off firecrackers and fireworks
The harm of

1. cause air pollution




Setting off fireworks and firecrackers will produce a lot of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and dust of various metal oxides. It strongly stimulates human respiratory tract, makes people cough and causes respiratory diseases such as tracheitis.


2. Produce noise pollution




The loud noise caused by setting off fireworks and firecrackers makes it difficult for the elderly to sleep peacefully, the patients are frightened, and the students can’t study and rest quietly. Many times, pedestrians are frightened by the sudden loud noise during the discharge, which is likely to lead to very serious consequences for people with heart disease.

3.Cause a fire hazard




Especially in urban areas, buildings are getting higher and higher, and the population is relatively dense. The discharge of high-altitude fireworks can easily lead to fires and directly endanger people’s lives and property.

4.Injury accident occurred.




Fireworks and firecrackers can easily cause injuries, especially children!

5. Waste of resources




Precious resources such as paper and chemical raw materials are discharged, which also pollutes the environment and occupies a lot of urban public resources.

6. Create a human burden




A large amount of garbage produced by setting off fireworks and firecrackers has brought a serious cleaning burden to sanitation workers.