The release of AITO M7 brings new choices to six large luxury SUV markets.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 4th, at Huawei’s flagship new product launch conference in summer, AITO brand officially launched its second product, the luxury and smart large-scale electric SUV AITO Wenjie M7. With the deep empowerment of Huawei, Wenjie M7 is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive extended range platform, bringing six large spaces, AITO zero-gravity seats and a newly upgraded HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit. The national suggested retail price is 319,800-379,800 yuan.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "With the joint empowerment of Huawei and Cyrus, the AITO brand has created a record of the fastest delivery of a new brand and a single model. In June, it broke through 10,000 and reached a new high, and it has become the fastest growing smart electric car brand. With the arrival of M7, more people will feel the new smart travel experience brought by AITO. "

Classic family design redefines six large spaces.

The M7 body of Wenjie continues the family design language of AITO brand. The iconic hexagonal grille and eagle wing penetrating taillights are highly recognizable, and the exclusive projection welcome lights are full of ritual. The interior reflects the people-oriented minimalist design style. The 10.25-inch curved full LCD instrument panel and the 15.6-inch 2K HDR central control large screen bring more sense of science and technology. The details such as microfiber suede, cherry wood texture and crystal diamond retaining handle show ingenuity. There are six body colors and four interior colors in the M7 range, which meet the individual choices of different users.

As a standard large-scale SUV, the length of the car M7 is 5020mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm, so that the full-size space and the coupe can have both. The original six-in-one range extender powertrain expands the forward space of the passenger compartment, making the longitudinal length reach 2605mm and the space conversion rate reach 92.4%, leaving more space for users with less "sharing". Sectional panoramic skylight with electric sunshade realizes 100% shading rate and creates private space. In addition, the M7 car has 14 places and 23 storage spaces, such as carry-on documents and ladies’ handbags, which can easily find suitable storage spaces and make life more elegant.

The experience of the industry’s first commercial zero-gravity seat surpassing luxury MPV.

The M7 meets users’ pursuit of comfortable travel with humanized technology, and brings an experience beyond luxury MPV. The back of the rear seat supports six-speed adjustment up to 33 degrees, and is equipped with independent audio, air conditioning air outlet, lighting and other configurations. The industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat adopts zero-pressure sensing ergonomic design to create a seat back cushion with ultra-uniform pressure distribution, which can more effectively relieve physical and mental stress and fatigue than a flat seat; The most comfortable zero-gravity sitting posture can be realized by the user’s voice or one-button opening. Combined with the brand-new nap mode, you can quickly switch to the exclusive rest space.

Every detail in the M7 car is made according to the user’s needs. It adopts three-sided double-decker sound insulation glass, and cooperates with active noise reduction, vehicle sealing protection, multi-layer chassis isolation and other mute technologies to create a quiet space in the music hall, so that no matter the emergency video conference or the family’s leisure time, it will not be disturbed by the environment outside the car. The design of dimmable and soft cosmetic mirror, dual 40W wireless fast charging, RGB 128 color AI rhythmic stepless color-changing atmosphere lamp and ICAS intelligent cabin cleaning system integrates convenience and technology.

Mobile phone eco-boarding smart cockpit evolved again.

The highly acclaimed HarmonyOS smart cockpit has evolved again. The new super desktop function allows the mobile phone application to directly access the M7 car. Users can operate the mobile phone application through the big screen, and the software interface will be adaptive according to the screen, which is convenient for editing WeChat documents with the big screen or shooting Vlog with the car camera. You can also choose car home KTV, high-quality audio and video, immersive game mode and 19-unit HUAWEI SOUND audio to enjoy happy moments with your family. The first car-machine multi-task center can quickly switch between different applications and easily switch between interfaces such as navigation, music and games.

HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit inherits the excellent smooth experience of Huawei terminal, and endows M7 with convenient multi-device interconnection capability. Petal Maps navigation is always new, which can seamlessly flow between different devices and synchronize location information with one button. Voice assistant Xiaoyi has intelligent four-tone area accurate recognition, which can be seen and understood. For example, if the rear passenger says "I am cold", the vehicle will automatically adjust the temperature of the rear air outlet.

Super-reliable and safe travel experience with comfort and control.

Wenjie M7 is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive range extension platform, and the 1.5T four-cylinder range extender 3.0 specially built for the range extension system can generate 3.13 kWh per liter of oil. Urban commuting electricity, CLTC’s pure battery life can reach more than 200 kilometers; When driving for a long distance, the cruising range of CLTC can reach 1220 kilometers and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 5.8L. The V2L external discharge function supports high-power appliances such as electric ovens, and it is the standard for exquisite camping activities. The dual-motor four-wheel drive system combines the maximum output power of 330kW and the acceleration of 4.8s per 100 km. With the carefully adjusted all-aluminum chassis and suitable wheelbase design, the comfort and sportiness are perfectly unified.

AITO always pays attention to the safety of users’ travel, and the M7 is designed according to the latest 2021 version of C-NCAP five-star safety standard, and escorts every trip with rich active and passive safety configurations. The battery pack has multiple protections such as heat insulation, active cooling and explosion protection to avoid thermal runaway; The industry-leading battery VHR technology supports real-time early warning, AI learning and cloud-end-service collaborative protection, just like a reliable housekeeper provides all-weather protection for batteries.

High-quality service experience to stabilize the high-end SUV market

After setting a record of breaking 10,000 in sales of new brand and single vehicle, the M5 has achieved a monthly fixed quantity of breaking 10,000, and has firmly occupied a place in the high-end SUV market. AITO’s service network is becoming more and more perfect. At present, the charging network supports 180,000+public charging piles in 300+ cities nationwide. In addition, there are 600+ Huawei stores nationwide that can experience and test drive products, and 122+ AITO user centers covering 109+ cities to provide users with high-quality service experience.

As an advanced work of AITO brand, the M7 has more space, more comfortable cockpit and smarter experience. From July 4th, the real car will be displayed in 600+ Huawei stores in 150+ cities nationwide, and the test drive will be officially started on July 23rd.

Popular science | spring is well covered, and the disease goes around! Don’t wear too much spring clothes, these four places are enough.

The temperature rises gradually in spring,
Make everyone feel comfortable.
But the cold air kills a comeback from time to time,
Let the temperature rise and fall.
I just took off my long pants and found that it had cooled down;
I put on my winter clothes again, but I was sweating from the heat.
This cold-hot change,
People will get sick if they are not careful.
As the saying goes, "Spring covers autumn, and old people get sick",
In spring, you still have to cover it!
Spring covers everywhere, miscellaneous diseases are not born.
Cover your wrists: keep your whole body blood.
The heart is in charge of the blood vessels of the whole body, and warms the whole body by conveying qi and blood, while the original point is the point that is in charge of the vitality of the viscera and the motive force of life.
Shenmen point, as the original point of the heart meridian of hand shaoyin, is the first key part of spring cover.
Location: Shenmen point is located on the wrist transverse striation, on the inner side of the tendon below the wrist on the little finger side of the hand.
Health care method: Press Shenmen point repeatedly with the thumb tip for 30 times when it is normal, which can remove irritability and calm the nerves. When pressing this point, you don’t need too much force, and you don’t have to pursue a feeling of soreness.
Cover your waist and back: Everything will be fine if your kidney is good.
The root of yang in human body is the kidney, and the waist is the house of the kidney. When the kidney is yang-deficient, the waist will be sore, afraid of cold, frequent urination and prone to fatigue.
Massage the Shenshu point on the waist, which can nourish yin and strengthen yang, tonify kidney and strengthen waist.
Location: Shenshu point is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra and at the width of the left and right fingers.
Health care method: you can make a fist with both hands, put the protrusion of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the index finger on Shenshu point located on both sides of the waist and back, first press and knead it clockwise for 9 times, then press and knead it counterclockwise for 9 times, and so on for 36 times.
Hot compress or moxibustion with hot water bottle can also warm kidney yang.
Covering feet and calves: gathering yang, causing pain in one year.
In spring, many elderly people will have migraine or small abdominal pain, even nausea, vomiting, eye pain and other manifestations of liver-yang deficiency.
This suggests that we should focus on protecting the feet and calves, and applying more hot compress to the point near weeping on weekdays can improve this discomfort.
Location: The point of Zulinqi is located on the outside of the dorsum of the foot, between the metatarsal bones of the fourth toe and the little toe.
Health care method: place the thumb and finger surfaces of both hands on the point near the foot, press vertically, press down and rub it, then slowly flex and stretch the toes, so that the stimulation can fully reach the deep layer of muscle tissue. After 20 ~ 30 seconds, gradually relax, and then gently rub the part. Repeat this operation for 5-10 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Cover your navel: nourish yang and help you live longer.
Traditional Chinese medicine calls navel Shenque point, which can inspire spleen and stomach yang. Especially for people who often have cold pain and diarrhea in the stomach, special attention should be paid to the warmth of this part.
Health care method: massage method can be used to maintain Shenque point, that is, on an empty stomach before going to bed every night, rub your hands hot, put them on your navel at the bottom left and top right, and massage them clockwise for 360 times each time.
These people have to "cover up"
Gastropathy patient
Low-temperature stimulation can cause capillary contraction, affect gastric acid secretion and blood circulation in the stomach, thus causing acute stomach spasm, gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis and so on.
Such people need to increase or decrease their clothes in time to prevent their abdomen from catching cold.
Pay attention to warm and nourish the stomach, drink more hot water, eat less cold food and eat on time. Exercise in moderation, not too much exercise and sweating.
Arthropathy patient
The recurrence of most joint diseases is related to cold.
In the early spring, when the temperature is changeable, patients with arthropathy should pay more attention to protecting the important joints of the whole body to avoid the invasion of cold air.
After cold air stimulation, it will lead to decreased airway immunity and impaired function, and then increase airway responsiveness, causing cough, chest tightness and even asthma and dyspnea.
Therefore, when the temperature drops suddenly, patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis had better go out less. When they have to go out, they can wear masks, add clothes, and pay attention to keeping their head, chest, back and feet warm to avoid catching cold.
coronary heart patient
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "blood coagulates when it meets cold", which means that cold stimulation will cause blood vessels to contract and spasm, and the blood flow will not be smooth, and at the same time increase the burden on the heart, thus easily inducing cardiovascular diseases.
Therefore, for patients with coronary heart disease, it is necessary to keep warm the chest and back at this time.
In addition, rational medication is needed to control blood pressure. If you have chest tightness, dull pain or palpitation, even if the attack time is very short, you should pay special attention.
Patients with cerebrovascular disease
Spring is the season of high incidence of cerebral infarction, especially during this period, the large temperature difference between day and night, low air pressure and high humidity are easy to stimulate the nerves that control vascular activity in the body, resulting in continuous spasm of arterioles and sudden rise of blood pressure.
Therefore, for middle-aged and elderly people, once they find symptoms such as numbness or weakness of one limb, numbness or skew of one face, unclear speech, dizziness with vomiting, they must be highly vigilant and should go to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately.
Matters needing attention in spring cover
Whether it is covered in spring depends on the weather. Generally speaking, the temperature difference between day and night is large in spring.When it is cold in the morning and evening, cover it properly..
Clothes can be reduced appropriately when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius at noon; When there is a "cold spring", we must abide by the way of "spring cover"; When the "warm spring" comes, that is, when the maximum daily temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius for several days in a row, it can’t be "covered".
If two kinds of extreme weather alternate, you should dress and undress more frequently.
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