Buy "one room and two halls" in the early 300 thousand! The Great Wall free artillery car is on sale, and C2 can drive it.

For the marketing of Great Wall Motor in recent years, "CAR Road" really has to sigh that "the city will play"! Such as "Big Dog", "Black Cat", "White Cat", "First Love" and so on, although the names are full of a little "earthy flavor", this novel naming method can really make consumers remember it better, and at the same time enhance the popularity of models and brands in the market. With the blooming of its own SUVs, pickups and new energy vehicles, the Great Wall has turned its attention to the RV field.

Today (March 3), the Great Wall Gun (parameter picture) RV manufactured by Great Wall Motor and Hebei Lanzhong RV was officially named "Free Gun" RV, and the pre-sale price was 318,800-358,800 yuan. For this naming, it really makes people think about it, and it always feels that it has a deeper meaning. According to the official explanation of the Great Wall, the new car is based on its "Gun" series, and the name "Freedom" is also because the car meets consumers’ desires for freedom and freedom, so that consumers can pursue their own poems and distant places.

More than 300,000 yuan to buy "one room and two halls", cross-country is not a problem.

In fact, this kind of case of "pickup truck changing into RV" is not the first case. For example, SAIC Chase T60, Jiangxi Isuzu D-MAX and other models have used similar "Sao operation" before, and of course, they have won the recognition of many RV enthusiasts. Judging from the pictures of the "Freedom Gun" RV, the front face of the new car basically follows the design of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck, and the overall high saturation visual experience also highlights the simplicity and toughness of the RV, which is more in line with the aesthetic choice of young people.

Of course, the appearance is only second, and the interior is unique. At first glance, it is simply a reduced version of "luxury one room and two halls"! Such as bathroom, kitchen, meeting area and rest area, etc., the zoning is very reasonable, and intelligent and comfortable configurations such as sofa, double bed, 24-inch TV, 660L super-large through luggage compartment, independent kitchen, storage stove and expandable small table are also available. Imagine that if you are in a first-and second-tier city, it is estimated that more than 300,000 yuan is not enough for the down payment of a small set, but the "Freedom Gun" RV allows you to reach the designated position in one step. It is still very cost-effective to think about it.

As for power, the new car is equipped with two 2.0T engines, diesel and gasoline, matching ZF 8AT automatic transmission, which means C2 can drive. At the same time, the new car and the high-profile model also match the Borgwarner intelligent four-wheel drive control system+rear axle differential lock, and the power performance and the ability to get out of trouble are self-evident, which can meet the driving needs of more scenes. Imagine spending more than 300,000 yuan to buy a room card model with good off-road performance and luxurious interior. Isn’t it fragrant?

Sales are growing against the trend, and the RV market may usher in spring.

Compared with the booming RV market abroad, the domestic RV market started late and developed slowly, but the domestic consumers’ consumption concept of RV is gradually changing, coupled with the continuous introduction of supporting policies for tourism and campsites, which makes the domestic RV market very hot. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the sales volume of domestic RV is expected to exceed 33,000 in 2021, an increase of nearly 10% compared with last year. In such a special period, the sales volume of RV is still growing against the trend. It is foreseeable that the RV market may usher in the spring of development.

Judging from the current domestic RV market, the high-end market mainly includes Yutong, Jinlong, Beifang, Zhongtian and other enterprises, the mid-end market is mainly Great Wall, Yate, Springfield, Zhongyi, Jiangling and so on, while the low-end market is mainly Dream Tour, Tiantan, Kerry RV and so on. From the perspective of the proportion of sales, the largest domestic sales are hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of self-propelled RVs. Of course, imported RVs also have a relatively large market in China, but the prices are all over one million. With the addition of the "Freedom Gun" RV, its main focus is the field of 300,000-class mid-to high-end RV, which can be regarded as filling the market gap in this field.

Overall, the overall performance of this "Freedom Gun" RV is very good. Whether it is the price level, internal comfort and passing performance, it actually performs better than some imported RVs, and the cost performance is also highlighted. Coupled with the guidance of the wave of buying RV in China, it is expected that the "Freedom Gun" RV will have a good market performance in the future. Finally, if you have a budget of more than 300,000 yuan, would you choose it? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss!