The "High-speed Rail 4S Store" Chongqing West Railway Station opened today, forming two high-speed rail hubs, and 5 pairs of short-distance buses will be added from now on

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In the future, citizens will have one more option to "call a car" for travel.

Today (18), the country’s first "zero commission" online car-hailing service platform – "Jiujiu Car-hailing" officially launched on the road in the Torch Internet Industrial Park of Chongqing High-tech Zone. The first batch of 200 vehicles were launched in the city, and 500 vehicles were added one after another during the year.

So far, there are 11 online car-hailing platform companies that have obtained business qualifications in our city.

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Unified models do not accept private cars to join, and platform service assessment standards are formulated      

In May this year, Chongqing Jiujiu Honghai Technology Co., Ltd.’s online car-hailing service platform "Jiujiu car-hailing" settled in Chongqing High-tech Zone Torch Internet Industrial Park; in June, after pre-practice running and software platform testing, the platform was jointly approved by eight departments, Chongqing Road Transport Administration issued the "Network Booking Taxi Business License" to it, with a service scope of the whole country.

With the increasing popularity of online car-hailing, citizens have higher and higher requirements for the safe operation and service quality of online car-hailing. How can "Jiujiu Car-hailing" seize the market in the new round of competition and ensure safe operation? According to Jiang Xiaoyong, the person in charge of the platform, in order to ensure that all vehicles and drivers have legal qualifications and ensure the safe travel of passengers. All vehicles on the platform are launched with new cars, unified models and logos, and foreign vehicles such as private cars are not accepted.

In addition, the platform has also established strict service assessment standards and is open to passenger supervision, ensuring that each complaint is handled promptly, effectively, and impartially.

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The first batch of 200 vehicles was launched in the city 30 city layouts will be completed next year   

It is understood that in order to reduce the pressure on drivers to operate, give drivers a high degree of autonomy, improve service quality and passenger satisfaction, the platform has also launched the country’s first "zero commission" online car-hailing operation model.

Drivers can apply to become platform drivers, enjoy the company’s social security and monthly salary; they can also purchase vehicles from the platform with a mortgage, pay the down payment, and obtain the right to operate the vehicle independently, paying the platform 990 yuan per month for management fees.

The first batch of 200 vehicles will be launched in the city, and 500 vehicles will be added one after another during the year. The platform plans to set up branches in 10 major cities and apply for business licenses during the year, and is expected to launch 13,000 vehicles. In 2019, the platform will complete the layout of 30 cities, and the number of vehicles is expected to reach 40,000, providing travel services of more than 100 million passengers. 

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There are 11 online car-hailing platforms in Chongqing       

The reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Management Bureau that as of now, there are 11 online car-hailing platform companies that have obtained business qualifications in the city. The 11 online car-hailing APPs that have obtained the Chongqing "Online Booking Taxi Business License" include Ding Ding, Yuke, Call Me Travel, Shouqi Car, Shenzhou Special Car, Brake a Foot, Cao Cao Special Car, Bangbang, Wanshun Car, Xuanxuan Travel, and Jiujiu Car, which just hit the road today.

Among them, the first five companies received the city’s first batch of online car-hailing business qualifications in June last year, and the last six companies entered the Chongqing market this year and have successively obtained the "Online Booking Taxi Business License".

At present, the number of online taxis in Chongqing has reached more than 11,000, while the total number of taxis in our city is 15,000. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of online taxis in the main city may reach 19,000, exceeding the current number of taxis.

Previously, the Municipal Planning Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Planning Research Institute released the city’s online car-hailing big data report, showing that the average daily online car-hailing travel volume in the main city is about 230,000 people, and people aged 20-40 are the "main force" of online car-hailing consumption.

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